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31 JAN 20:  SNEA salutes to the sacrifices of fully devoted Thousands of Executives and Non-Executives in BSNL who opted for VRS 2019 on name of revival of BSNL:

·        It is panic day, today for all the Executives and Non-Executives as more than 50% of their Friends are departing from each due to mass VRS.

·        In a historic and worldwide  record of VRS in any organization, about 78500 devoted, fully dedicated and having to depth of knowledge of Telecom working due to experience of more than 25 to 38 years of hard services will not be attend offices from tomorrow. This is such workforce, who has built BSNL with their day night efforts and has given very important period of their life to BSNL. 

·        When about all other Telecom Companies were/are and are in big losses of thousands of Crores due to unfair tariff war started by R-JIO by officering free data, only BSNL could sustain this pressure for last three years just because of this dedicated workforce.

·        At par with other Telecom Companies, BSNL also has faced critical situation and since last one and half-year, funds were kept on hold from BSNL Corporate Office due to shortage of funds. During this critical period, this workforce fully devoted to the BSNL has paid from pocket for maintaining the services, have used their personal relations for continuing the Electricity connections , requested vendors & contractors and their workers for rendering services to BSNL with firm assurances that their payments will be released.

·        It is important that this workforce was assuring for f payments of these vendors/contractors and their workers when their own salary was kept on hold. It is really painful that on the day of implementation of this mass VRS   the salary of all these Executives and Non-Executives is kept on hold/not released  for Two consecutive months i.e. December 2019 and January 2020 and till everybody  has happily said Good-bye to BSNL. This is greatness of these worriers of BSNL.

·        It is good to see that many of SSA/BA Heads have taken initiatives and used extra personal skills to make the last day of these VRS optees of BSNL services memorable and recognized their devoted services in BSNL.

·        Unfortunately, we have seen somewhat reluctance on part of certain officers from management to arrange farewell functions to recognize the fully devoted services of the Executives/Non Executives in BSNL, which is part of their duty. Few of SSA/Unit Heads continued to work in inhuman approach even on such mass VRS day and did not conduct any Farewell function and are busy in completing the official formalities of tender/quotation for purchase of shawl and Memento, which costs merely Rs 400 to 500per person.

·        SNEA MH feels proud that about all District Branches of SNEA in Maharashtra Circle have arranged respectful, highly impressive, Farewell functions and made the last day of the services of SNEA members very happy and memorable for lifetime. Hundreds of the VRS opted SNEA members throughout have conveyed their gratitude to SNEA for such special approach towards its members while in service and when they are departing from BSNL services. Many of the Non-members also have appreciated approach of SNEA towards its members and respect of left out SNEA leaders/ members leading SNEA towards brothers departing from BSNL.

·        It is painful to say good-bye on single day to all such devoted employees and Executives of BSNL who have worked with us for years together and when we have lot of sweet memories with each other.

·        The workforce departing from BSNL is known for achievement of targets whatever assigned to them and it can be seen that management has unofficially given target of about 80000 VRS and this workforce has achieved this target also as more than 80000 employees and officers have opted for VRS and few of them withdrawn later, but overall target of 80000 VRS was achieved and they have responded to call for BSNL Revival given by Govt of India, Department of Telecommunications and BSNL management.

·        This is proof of their devotion, target oriented working throughout life, and now it is turn of all these three organizations to respond positively for working and giving total support to BSNL for real revival. We do agree with the fact that few of them were not fully devoted and it was failure of management to extract works from them, but majority of the workforce opted for VRS have devoted their tireless and lifelong services of their young years for growth of BSNL. Today, thousands will be departing from BSNL and from tomorrow, its heat will be felt by BSNL and its customers due to big vacuum created due to mass exist.

·        There may not be much effect in office working as being propagated by the certain officers in the Management, but there will be much difficult task in field units as majority of Staff and officers have opted for VRS and there is big vacuum in field units. Now, who propagated that there is excess workforce in BSNL, will have to justify and manage the works with existing workforce, which is impossible.

·        The fact that BSNL has started actions for outsourcing of all works starting from CSCs , Outdoor Plant, MDF, BTS, Exchanges etc and only administrative works will be with BSNL. Many of the SSA/BA Heads have appealed to these VRS opted Executives and Non-Executives to continue to work with BSNL till situation is under control and we are sure all will respond to their call.

·        It was their morale duty to convey to DoT/Govt/BSNL management the fact that it is difficult to manage the works with such heavy reduction of staff and officers, but nobody acted on it and if anybody has acted, his voice was suppressed and could not reach to Govt Of  India, DoT and result is mass VRS with blame of excess and unwanted manpower in BSNL.

·        There was much pressure from DoT and Government on BSNL management that even single case of VRS Option including of that highly technical and very useful officers recommended by officers in filed units in the larger interest of BSNL were not rejected by BSNL management and approved mercilessly.

·        That means who has opted for VRS through ERP window was shown exit door and request/appeal/plea of some of executives and non-Executives to withdraw VRS option was not given consideration and mercilessly all are compelled to go out of BSNL.  

·        No doubt, majority have opted VRS with full satisfaction and its their own decision, but there are certain officers and employees who were not interested for opting VRS and also BSNL was in need of their services, but it has been treated that one who has opted through ERP VRS window has to exit from BSNL doors and get retired from BSNL services and there is no any other option for it.

·        Now, BSNL has brought special policy on name of “BREADS” with relaxation of terms and condition of S& M sales policy for CM cell, especially for BSNL retired workforce for working with BSNL, to use the talent and services of this devoted workforce, and some of them will join back with BSNL as Franchisee, DSA or TIP but majority of them will enjoy the retired life before reaching the age of official retirement.

·        Time will decide, where VRS in in masses was right or wrong and were it was for revival of BSNL in real sense or it was for revival of private telecom companies or for sale of highly valuable and buildings of BSNL located at extra important locations or for any other political agenda etc, but with heavy heart we all have to say good bye to our own friends that to be in such masses.

·        Now it is responsibility of all the left over work force to have extra alert on issues related to loss and profit of BSNL and any action on part of BSNL which is causing loss to BSNL needs to be opposed by tooth and nail. Our entire focus should be on profit of BSNL because already Govt has given us directions for working only for profit and prove its excellence as profit earning PSU.

·        Our 3rd PRC also is related to the profit of the company and our beloved Minister of Communication has assured and directed us for making BSNL profit making organization within period of two years. Hence, there should not be confusion in minds of anyone and we will have to focus only on profit and all loss making units /offices should be closed officially or unofficially.

·        If we do not act in profit making sense, then the day will not be far away, when again second phase of VRS will be implemented in more mercilessly and that to be again by blaming workforce as inefficient workforce when it is failure of management to run the company by using workforce only for profit earning works and stop all works creating losses to BSNL.

·        Anyhow, today everybody including many senior officers in management is emotional and feels sad to say goodbye to the devoted workforce, but by now everybody has prepared his mind for same and all have decided to move ahead with this drastically and dramatically changed scenario and we appreciate this approach towards life. 

·        SNEA MH regret and sincerely apologizes to its members who have opted for VRS without benefits of 3rd PRC, without promotions which they were waiting for years together and without even CPSU Cadre Hierarchy wherein no single penny was to be spent by BSNL or Government.

·        SNEA MH fully recognizes the highly devoted and lifelong services of the VRS Opted Executives as well as Non-Executives for DoT, BSNL and assures that sacrifices of thousands of Executives and Non-Executives by opting VRS for revival of BSNL will not go in vain.

·        With heavy heart and pains of departing of masses, SNEA MH conveys best wishes to all the VRS opted Executives, Non-Executives, and retiring on superannuation today, for their very happy, healthy, wealthy, and Highly successful retired life.

·        Even after mass VRS,SNEA stands with highest Membership all over India and as majority of executives left in BSNL are till members of SNEA and many of young executives have taken position in leadership of SNEA throughout India and now their voice will be given full attention for resolution of all pending HR issues

·        On this Historical day of mass VRS in BSNL, which is also very emotional day of the life of these stalwart Comrades of SNEA retiring in this month, SNEA MH specially salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by towards BSNL & SNEA and on behalf of thousands of comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle we wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.


31 JAN 20:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for transfer of one JE & one JTO from Amravati to WTR at Amravati in the interest of service. Letter <<<>>>


31 JAN 20:  GM Sales BSNL issued orders for relaxation in BSNL Sales and Distribution Policy for CM activities specially for BSNL retired employees. Letter <<<>>>

·        BSNL employee with minimum 15 years’ service in any wing of BSNL can apply for Franchisee ship in vacant territory.

·        There is no need of turnover certificate as required for others.

·        Minimum required office space of 100 to 200 sq. feet is not required at time of application but needs within six months of approval franchisee-ship.

·        This relaxation is applicable for limited period i.e. up to 30/06/2020. 


 30 JAN 20:  GM Fin Mumbai issued directions for procurement of Shawl and Mementos to VRS Optees Executives and Non-Executives in Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>

·        As per these directions, no temporary advances will be granted for procurement of Shawl, Memento and concerned SSA/BAs will have to follow the procedure of Quotation, without quotation and Tender with financial limits thereof.

·        This is nothing but direct denial of the Shawl and Memento to concerned Executives and Non-Executives who have rendered lifelong services to DoT/BSNL. All other Circles are also dealing with this issue, but no such letter has been issued except MH Circle and if it was matter of procedure then it should have decided much earlier and not on day of the Retirement function.

·        There was need of some wise decision to deal with such exigency issue and give good send farewell to the employees and officers in mass, but as usual concerned officers are dealing it with very casual and poor approach, putting salt to wounds of VRS Optees.

·        One side Certificate distribution Functions just to complete formalities of farewell is cancelled with say that new dates will be notified and other side such Red Tape guidelines are issued which in turn is direct denial of right of these Executives and Officers who have sacrificed their Services by opting VRS 2019 for revival of BSNL.

·        Earlier, BSNL Corporate Office did not allot the funds and now when funds are allotted such stringent instructions are issued which has created mass unrest among Retiring Officers and staff.

·        By understanding such thinking of certain officers in Maharashtra Circle, SNEA MH has requested CGMT MH and other concerned officers for having alternate method to respect the sacrifices of VRS Optees either by making this payment to their bank account or give BSNL Mobile Recharge Voucher of similar or higher amount to all VRS Optees which in turn will avoid all such complications pointed out by GM Fin Mumbai.

·        But no such decision is taken and in direct action Temporary advances applied by all units for procurement of Shawl and Memento are rejected and financial limits are put on procurement of Shawl and memento by knowing that no SSA /Unit can procure it within limit of purchase with or without Quotation and if tender are called then no chance of getting shawl and memento by anybody and funds allotted for this work will be either directed or used for any other work.  

·        SNEA MH will again take up this matter with CGMT MH to have respectful farewell to all VRS Optees either by immediately presenting memento & shawl and or by depositing amount designated for their felicitation to their bank account or give recharge coupon of same or more amount to all VRS Optees and we are hopeful for amicable solution for this unwanted and manmade issue. 


30 JAN 20:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued order to fill up vacant post of IFAs in Business Area Units/Units wherein nine AOs are given responsibility of IFA on where it is as it is basis except three transfers in the interest of service from SSA Heads units to BA Head units. Letter <<<>>>


30 JAN 20:    DGM Estt-I  BSNL CO issued procedure for issuing Final Retirement orders for VRES Optees for whom VRS Option is accepted by competent authority. Letter    <<<>>>


30 JAN 20:    AGM Estt-III  BSNL CO issued methodology to deal with the cases of VRS Optee Officials in whose case currency of penalty is completing after 31/01/2020 . Letter    <<<>>>


30 JAN 20:    AGM Vig BSNL CO issued directions and procedure for handing over Charge by Vigilance Head who have opted for VRS 2019. Letter    <<<>>>


30 JAN 20:    AGM Taxation BSNL CO issued letter giving conditions for claiming additional Exemption of Rs Five lakhs in Income Tax under Section 10(10C) by VRS Optees. Letter    <<<>>>


30 JAN 20:    DGM NWO CM II BSNL CO issued additional guidelines for BTS maintenance and mainly clarifying the GSM Core activities to be carried out by in-house workforce of BSNL and activities to be outsourced  to contractors. Letter    <<<>>>


30 JAN 20:  Report for Day II: Delegate Session and Open Session of Circle Conference Mumbai Dated 23rd Dec 2019: {Report by Com. Sachin Sarode, CWC Member SNEA MH}:  After successful deliberations on Day-I which were continued throughout night and till 0700 Hrs in the morning of Day-II, all comrades of SNEA MH gathered in the conference hall by 1030 Hrs to continue deliberations on Day-II.

The proceedings of Day II started with submission of DS reports were and about all the DS submitted their report one by one. The overall demand of the various districts was clear guidelines for work execution after VRS implementation, rationalization of staff and other resources. Immediate fulfillment of store Items including vehicles for network maintenance, strong OFC backbone for data services, parallel deployment of substitute staff before termination of VRS opted employees, immediate settlement of Temporary Advance Cases etc. Then Delegate session discontinued at 1210 Hrs for arrangements of Open Session. 

The Highly Impressive and successful Open Session of the Circle Conference: Highly successful open session of circle conference started at 1230 Hrs in packed Conference hall as well as many comrades seating outside corridor and watching the Open Session on live telecast on projector. This Open Session was witnessed by house full of SNEA comrades and also the invitee comrades of other associations and unions of BSNL. This open session was presided by Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH, and Shri. Manoj Kumar Mishra, CGMT MH Circle was the Chief Guest for Open Session. Apart from this, the following distinguished leaders of SNEA graced the occasion with their presence.

·        The proceedings of Open session started with Deep Prajwalan by the Guest and dignitaries.

·        All the guest and dignitaries were given warm welcome by host branch SNEA Circle office Mumbai with Shawl, Shriphal and bouquets.

·        Then House observed two minutes silence for departed souls and respect of Com W. Shesagiri Rao, the legend of SNEA.

·        Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS SNEA MH in his welcome address of the Open Session gave warm welcome to all the dignitaries and guest and gave brief idea about the Circle Conference of SNEA MH Circle. He summarized issues successfully pursued by SNEA MH over the period and also briefed house about status of some of cases being pursued by SNEA MH. He also updated house about the recent happening within SNEA and against SNEA and how SNEA MH has successfully fighted against all such ill wishes and came up with bright and flying colors with strongest unity of Executives. He shared his experience as CS and how executives have more faith on SNEA. He assured house for resolution of all HR issues and appealed all to keep focus on development issues so that our future is secured. He also conveyed thanks to all leaders and members of SNEA for total and unconditional support the y have extended to him a while discharging his duties as CS SNEA MH. 

·        Com. M. S. Aadsul, CS SNEA MH, in his keynote address gave brief ideas about the challenges before SNEA and before BSNL. He submitted to house that in post-VRS scenario, there will be drastic changes in work culture of BSNL and the expectations of management and functional roles of executives for fulfillment of those expectations will be different. Association is analyzing the situation and though reshuffling is unavoidable, it will suggest for minimum shifting of staff after finalization of norms in this regards. He added that there are many activities carried out in BSNL, which are unproductive, unprofitable, and all such activities needs to be stopped immediately. If BSNL is to be made profitable then only those activities, which are generating profit, should be carried out and all loss making activities and units should be closed immediately. He guided house that VRS was tough decision for all and many have willingly or unwillingly opted for it giving sacrifices for survival of BSNL and we should see that such great scarifies of our beloved comrades does not go in vain. All the left out executives and Non-Executives needs to take more sincere and careful efforts for Revival of BSNL. He appealed VRS opted executives to be in touch with BSNL as their services are badly needed by BSNL. He stated that in this unwanted mass VRS, many good hands are leaving BSNL and it will create big vacuum in BSNL at many positions and it needs to be taken care with due and timely actions. Though, such devoted executives have opted for VRS, even after VRS implementation, they  can serve BSNL and continue to earn regular income by becoming TIP to help BSNL to increase its data services and they can earn good money for themselves too. Considering uncertainty about future of BSNL after VRS implementation in the minds of non-opted staff, he appealed CGMT MH to address the gathering in this regard, so that every single executive become aware about their future and job security. He appealed CGMT MH to look into pending temporary advance cases give justice to Executives who have paid from pocket for BSNL services. He added that he is very much confident that good days will come back very soon and nobody should be doubtful about it. In conclusion, he appealed that everybody to come forward and should be on the right track of development with his 100% contribution by stopping losses to BSNL and assured all that SNEA will be on forefront for safeguarding the interest of BSNL and its working Executives as well Retired executives.

·        Com. A. A. Khan, President SNEA CHQ in the very beginning of his address congratulated the newly elected Circle body and assured full cooperation to them from CHQ. He appealed CGMT MH to recognize the Circle body immediately. In his typical andaz of Shero-Shayari, he assured the young generations of BSNL that the future would be very good as Government identifies BSNL as market regulator; entire country needs BSNL in the situations of turbulence. He added even though many opted VRS due to fear and there is surplus options in MH Circle  with proper restructuring of SSAs and even Circles situation can be handled correctly. He added that for reshaping of BSNL the count of higher officers of DGM and above cadres should also be rationalized and ITS officers should be minimized. There is a great need of making OFC network very strong to fulfill the huge and ever-increasing requirement of bandwidth. He added that the budgetary grant by Government is a big relief and significant for BSNL. In addition, it is estimated that around 7000 Cr will be saved on annual salary of staff. He said executives should be very cautious about every tender and its T&C. One should read very minutely these T&C and may save the BSNL’s money. He added that the 4G tender is coming very soon and 5MHz spectrum of 2100 MHz band along with spare band of BWA spectrum can be optimally utilized for BSNL 4Gservices. Still there are many flaws in tender documents of outdoor plant maintenance and he appealed CGMT MH to give his views to BSNL CO being a head of one of the major circle. To overcome the shortage of staff after VRS implementation he suggested for the deployment of e-offices concept like in many other government offices. Finally, he added that coming days will not be fearful to those who have not opted VRS and everybody needs to give his contribution towards BSNL.

·        Shri. Manoj Kumar Mishra, CGMT MH Circle in his highly motivating and inspiring address while responding very positively to the concerns and points raised by all senior leaders said that management is very well known about all the happenings and is taking very serious efforts to work out the situation. He added that BSNL CO has almost finalized the norms and everything will be taken care with utmost care. He expressed his gratitude and appreciated the BSNL executives for maintaining the services in very critical period for last one and half year. He added, now past is past and management at present has very good relations with the association and hence it will be very much possible to continue on progressive path, Maharashtra being the strategic circle. In Maharashtra, not a single BA is below 30 Crore revenue,   so there is no need to merge any BA with other. He added that tender clauses of O/D plant maintenance are taken care and total access network from MDF to customer premises will be maintained by a single agency. He appreciated the working culture in Maharashtra and said BSNL employees are very much adoptive and he personally witnessed that same set of executives are extending the services from the era of strowger exchanges to very advances mobile and FTTH data services. Even though they belong to technical domain, they have developed themselves for marketing of the services and the sharp growth in EB vertical is the best example of it. He added, reshuffling of staff is very much needed and unavoidable after VRS implementation. Considering a great contribution given to BSNL by all VRS optees for so many years he said a very respectful farewell will be given to them. Coming days will be challenging but we are equipped with skilled staff and now there will be increased responsibility on the shoulders of executive associations to motivate their members. He opined that associations are not different from the management and hence both are equally responsible for the future prospects. He added young recruits are sound and change-adoptive. They all need to be given Contract-Management training. Finally, CGMT MH expressed that good days will come for sure but it will take its own time. By noting concern expressed by CS SNEA MH, he informed that the pending Temporary advance cases of MH Circle will be settled soon and it was responded by house with loud claps. In conclusion, CGMT MH extended best wishes to the newly elected Circle body of SNEA MH and conveyed thanks for inviting him and given opportunity to have direct interaction with Executives in in MH Circle.

·        Com. Bharat Sonwane, CP SNEA MH in his Presidential address summarised overall activities of association and also summarised the deliberation and discussions held in the Circle Conference as well as Open Session. He also conveyed thanks for all comrades for peaceful discussions and actively sharing their views during entire proceedings.

·        Com. H. N. Tipare, CT SNEA MH conveyed Vote of thanks and then Open Session ended with National Anthem at 1530 hrs and lunch thereafter.

·        The Open Session was nicely and beautifully anchored by Com. Mrs. Kamini Singh Executive Member SNEA CO Mumbai and Com. Ankit Gangar, District Secretary SNEA CO Mumbai. 

·        The photography and Video shooting by Com. Shailesh Dhande DP SNEA CO Mumbai and Com. Rakesh Roshan DT SNEA CO Mumbai. 

·        After lunch delegate session continued and the house was addressed by Com. A. A.Khan CHQ President, Com. Padmnabha Rao AGS SNEA CHQ and both the comrades responded to queries and doubts raised by the comrades during discussions continued for more than three hours.

·        After detail, discussions and completing all the formalities related to Circle Conference after two days and one full night proceedings the Circle Conference concluded at 2000 hrs of second day with slogans of Unity, SNEA Zindabad and BSNL Zindabad. 

·        Open Session Photos  <<<>>>

·        The Video of addresses by dignitaries in Open Session will be uploaded shortly.


29 JAN 20:  Finally Payments against long pending Temporary Advances of VRS Opted Executives released: We are glad to inform that finally the long pending payments against expenditure made by the individual officers from their pockets during period of fund crises in BSNL have been released.

·        There was pain in the minds of Executives who have made such expenditure in the larger interest of BSNL and opted for VRS that their concern is not taken care by BSNL.

·        With such feedback from members, SNEA MH has taken up this issue and pursued with officers and offices at all levels  and finally the payments against Temporary Advances of Business Areas namely  Ahmednagar,  Chandrapur,  Jalgaon,  Nagpur, Satara, Solapur have been released and deposited in concerned bank accounts and is received by all concerned Executives who have opted for VRS. 

·        The request received from Business Area namely Nashik, Goa, Pune, Kolhapur, Nanded are under process and will be approved today or tomorrow. Other SSAs/BAs have not given confirmation certificate as asked by Budget Section of Circle Office Mumbai and if certified immediately same also will be pursued by SNEA MH.   

·        The release of long pending Temporary advances has given very positive signal and many of the executives have conveyed their feelings for such good and memorable gesture on part of BSNL and SNEA MH before their retirement from BSNL. 

·        This is special arrangements for VRS opted Executives and the pending Temporary advances of Executives who have not opted for VRS is also being pursued by SNEA MH.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. Manoj Kumar Mishra, CGMT MH Circle and Shri. Vivek Mahavar, GM Fin Mumbai and his team for giving consideration to long pending request and giving pleasant and memorable surprise to VRS opted Executives in Maharashtra Circle and in turn recognizing their devoted and dedicated services towards BSNL.  


29 JAN 20:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer order of DE from Mobile unit Goa to Goa SSA to meet acute shortage of DEs/DGMs in SSA after mass VRS in both the cadres. Letter <<<>>>


29 JAN 20:    AGM BW HR  BSNL CO issued transfer order of SDEs in Civil wing wherein six SDEs  with Circle longest stay are transferred out of Maharashtra Circle and four are posted to Assam Circle while other two are posted to Karnataka Circle . Letter    <<<>>>


29 JAN 20:  AGM Admn Mumbai issued orders for the postponement of Retirement function of employees retiring from Circle Office Mumbai.   Letter I   <<<>>>  Letter II     <<<>>>

·        Earlier it was proposed to hold retirement function and first session of such function was held on 28/01/2020 and all employees and officers in Civil , Electrical, Architecture wing  and Sales &  Marketing unit of Circle Office Mumbai have been given official and formal send off with certificates.

·        It is seen that there was no any other arrangements and only certificates were distributed by hands of vertical heads and many retiring officers have expressed displeasure on such poor and just formal arrangements. Unfortunately, some of certificates were without signature or names were not correctly spelled.

·        On 29/01/2020 also, it was official function for account wing executives and many have come office along with family members, but later the scheduled Retirement cum certificate distribution function for all remaining days including29/01/2020 was postponed.

·        This was formal certificate distribution function and due to financial crises nothing was arranged with due respect which about all retirees deserves after their prolonged and successful services to DoT/BSNL.

·        Meantime, BSNL CO has taken action for allotment of funds for shawl and memento for the retiring executives and accordingly the earlier formal certificate distribution cum retirement function is now postponed and now Retirement function will be held with proper arrangements.

·        But the dates of such retirement function are not declared and by having look at ongoing procedures and actions, it will be held after 31/01/2020 i. e. after date of retirement by VRS Opted Executives/Non Executives and Executives/Non Executives retiring on superannuation on 31/03/2020.

·        Earlier, SNEA MH has suggested to disburse the amount of Shawl and Memento to the bank account of executives or provide recharge coupons of similar or more value to all retiring official and officers as it is/was not possible to purchase Shawl and Memento without tender for such large number of employees retiring on single day.

·        In absence of any action by administration for respectable retirement function, many of the sections/units have arranged farewell function.

·        SNEA also has arranged such special function in respect of the members who have devoted their services to BSNL and SNEA and have presented attractive mementos.

·        Making availability of Mementos and shawls for hundreds of Employees retiring on single day is difficult  task when only few days rather hours  are left for completing official and administrative procedures for procurement of Shawl and Memento before 31/01/2020, but same is not yet responded by management.

·        It was been decided by administration that suitable retirement function will be held after formal retirement of all these employees i.e. after 31/01/2020.

·        Let us hope either immediate date is fixed for retirement function by all SSAs/Units including Circle office Mumbai with due respect to retiring officers and staff or said amount is debited to the salary account of all retiring staff and officers or Recharge Voucher of


29 JAN 20:  AGM MPLS BSNL CO issued orders delegating powers to CGMs to decide on priority and execution of economical OFC routes for Core/EB works to be executed within allotted CAPEX by keeping in mind return on investment. Letter    <<<>>>

·        Such request was also placed by Maharashtra Circle because at many locations, there is need of OFC restoration works, new OFC works and BSNL CO has withdrawn all powers of OFC laying which has affected network badly.

·        Now, CGMs can decide urgency of the OFC work and return of revenue thereof and such proposal can be sanctioned by CGMs within limit of CAPEX budgets.

·        Now SSA/BAs have to decide priority of such OFC routes for Core/EB works and send proposal with full justification mainly justifying return of revenue after such CAPOEX expenditure of improvement of OFC network.


29 JAN 20:  AGM Estt Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO orders defining procedure in respect of employees who have expired/dismissed /retired after submission of Option for VRS 2019.   Letter    <<<>>>


29 JAN 20:   Jt GM Admn BSNL CO issued orders for observing two minutes silence in memory of the Freedom Fighters who gave their lives in struggle of India’s for freedom. Letter    <<<>>>


 29 JAN 20:   CEE Mumbai issued  orders for review of HT connections working in 31 Exchanges directed for its conversion into LT connections and also for reduction of Electricity demand in 79 Exchanges and it is expected that such action will  save  Rs 50 lakhs per year being paid against such unwanted electricity expenditure. Letter <<<>>>


29 JAN 20:   DGM FC Mumbai issued list of 152 Banks  Accounts in Union Bank of India specially opened for Temporary Advances earlier and now closed as per request submitted by concerned individual officers. Letter <<<>>>


Happy Republic Day 


25 JAN 20:  AGM Vig-I Mumbai issued orders for reallocation of charge of Vigilance Officers from different SSAs in Maharashtra Circle in view of VRS 2019 and the charge handing over will be w.e.f. 31/01/2020. Order   <<<>>>


25 JAN 20:  DGM ERP Mumbai writes to all FAs in Maharashtra Circle for ensuring running last salary of all VRS Opted Executives/Non Executives in ERP latest by 31/01/2020. Order   <<<>>>


25 JAN 20:  CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for E1A to E2A TBP Orders for four Account Officers with retrospective date. Order   <<<>>>


25 JAN 20:  AGM Admn Mumbai issued orders for holding Vertical wise Retirement function for all staff and Officers in Circle Office Mumbai who have opted for VRS and this function will be held in phase manner for four days from 28/01/2020. Order   <<<>>>


25 JAN 20:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for relieving of Com. S.S. Somani AGM Aurangabad on his All India Hard Tenure transfer from MH Circle to A&N Circle. Order   <<<>>>


25 JAN 20:  PGM CS & CSC CFA BSNL CO issued orders delegating powers to CGMs concerned to adopt suitable mechanism for Operation and Maintenance of Category III CSCs and also amending clause of Bid Security of this policy. Letter    <<<>>>


25 JAN 20:  PGM CS & CSC CFA BSNL CO issued clarifications on FAQs asked on Policy Guidelines for outsourcing of Operation and Maintenance of CSCs.  Letter    <<<>>>


25 JAN 20:  DGM NWP CFA BSNL CO issued clarifications on FAQs asked on Policy Guidelines for outsourcing of Operation and Maintenance of CSCs.  Letter    <<<>>>


24 JAN 20:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders entrusting charge of TDM w.e.f. 01//02/2020 to Six DEs/AGMs working as DGM under Looking After Arrangements to meet shortage of SSA Heads in post VRS Scenario.  Order   <<<>>>


24 JAN 20:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer order of DEs in which two transfer orders are issued in the interest of service for filling one post at Goa.  Order   <<<>>>

It is understood that one DE from Ahmednagar in Circle long stay list is transferred at Circle Tenure station Goa and to fill up vacancy aroused due to this transfer, one another DE is transferred from Amravati to Ahmednagar. Such transfers will be expensive for cash trapped BSNL as both the transfers are in the interest of service.


24 JAN 20:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer order of PAs within Circle Office Mumbai and two PAs from WTR Mumbai to Circle Office Mumbai.  Order   <<<>>>


24 JAN 20:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders considering request of AGMs  Opted for VRS for their posting to Home/Parent/Choice SSAs before regular arrangements for verification of usage of the Electricity by BSNL and its confirmation for actual usage. Order-I   <<<>>>  Order-II   <<<>>>


24 JAN 20:   By pointing out discrepancies noticed in payment of the electricity bills from four SSAs viz. Pune, Aurangabad, Jalgaon and Raigad SSA,  writes all SSA/BA Heads for regular arrangements for verification of usage of the Electricity by BSNL and its confirmation for actual usage.  Order   <<<>>> 


24 JAN 20:   CAO FC Mumbai calls for Vigilance Clearance for Time Bound Promotion of Account wing officers in E2A Scale to E3 Scale.  Order   <<<>>> 


24 JAN 20:   EE HQ Mumbai issued orders for look after arrangements of the Civil wing officers in West Zone in post VRS scenario.  Order   <<<>>> 


24 JAN 20:   EE HQ Mumbai issued orders for look after arrangements of the Civil wing officers in Mumbai in post VRS scenario.  Order   <<<>>> 


24 JAN 20:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for handing over Charge of GM Co-ordination & Architect) Mumbai to GM L&B Mumbai due to VRS by majority of the officers in Architecture wing.  Order   <<<>>> 


21 JAN 20:   DGM Pers BSNL CO Delhi issued revised timelines for submission of e-APAR of year 2019-20 in lieu of VRS 2019 to be implemented w.e.f. 31/01/2020.  Letter <<<>>>

·        The e-APAR tab login in ERP of VRS Opted executives will be available for period of one month from effective date of VRS i.e. 31/01/2020.

·        The Executives whose either Reporting or Reviewing officer has opted for VRS 2019, then he/she shall initiate their part e-APR of Year 2019-20 latest by 03/02/2020 so that VRS opted Executives can review or report it within period of one month for which window will be open.


21 JAN 20:   DGM Estt –I BSNL CO Delhi issued directions for processing the Pension Cases of VRS opted Executives and Non-Executives and Pension cases of all VRS Opted cases are to be submitted by online as well as in hard copies latest by 27/01/2020. Letter <<<>>>


21 JAN 20:   DGM CA II  BSNL CO Delhi issued orders for enhancement of Upper Celling limit of Gratuity from earlier Rs Ten lakhs to Rs Twenty lakhs and it will be applicable for all cases of retirement w.e.f. 29/03/2018. Letter <<<>>>


21 JAN 20:   AGM Pers PP  BSNL CO Delhi clarified that additional one increment granted in case of promotion to the grade of Sr AO after 01-10-2004 is not admissible and hence needs to be withdrawn immediately along with recovery of excess amount paid. Letter <<<>>>


 21 JAN 20:   AGM Admn Mumbai writes SSA /Unit Heads calling for requirement of Security Guards for maintaining Exchanges, TE Buildings and Stores and information is to be submitted in one days period i.e. latest by 22/01/2020.  Order   <<<>>> 


20 JAN 20:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for Time Bound Promotion of Executives from E4 to E5 and E5 to E6 Scale.  Order I <<<>>>  Order II <<<>>>

·        These cases were pending for long time for different reasons and other similar cases were taken care earlier.

·        Some of the executives opted for VRS 2019, were worried about their last promotion and hence SNEA MH has taken up this issue for timely action.

·        Shri. M. R. Sanap, AD HRD Mumbai and Shri. A. Pradeepan, AGM Estt Mumbai have taken lot of pains to complete this work in time bound manner.

·        SNEA MH conveys thanks to both these officers for taking special efforts to complete this work before implementation of VRS 2019 i.e. 31/01/2020.


20 JAN 20:   EE HQ Civil Mumbai issued transfer orders of SDE Civil in which only one is own cost transfer and other four are in the interest of service.  Letter <<<>>>


20 JAN 20:   AGM Admn Mumbai issued directives to BA/SSA heads for processing Pension Papers of all VRS Optees in Time Bound manner.  Letter <<<>>>


18 JAN 20:   AGM Estt Mumbai issued directives cum guidelines to all Circle/Unit Heads about recovery of outstanding loans/dues payable to Banks /Credit Societies by the VRS opted Employees of BSNL.  Letter <<<>>>

·        The liability for settlement, payments of dues, loans to the banks and credit Societies in responsibility of individual employees. 

·        The VRS opted Employees have to make settlement of all such loans, dues latest by 07/02/2020 or may authorize Banks for recovery of outstanding amount payable to banks/credit societies against Ex-gratia and/or leave encashment.

·        DDOs concerned of BSNL will intimate to concerned banks and credit societies that deduction of EMIs is not possible after 31/01/2020 in respect of VRS Opted Employees having outstanding loans/dues and request them to take action for settlement of outstanding loans.

·        Till the disputed outstanding amount  is not settled, then BSNL will release the amount payable against Ex gratia first installment and leave encashment by withholding such disputed amount payable to banks/credit societies and no interest will be payable on it. 

·        As such all concerned having outstanding dues/loans from banks/or credit societies should take immediate action for final settlement with banks or credit societies and avoid any problem for payment of leave encashment or first installment of ex-gratia.


18 JAN 20:   GM S&M Mumbai writes to BA/SSA Heads for Operations and Maintenance of CSCs through Franchisees, DSA, TIPs of the SSA in post VRS scenario.  Letter <<<>>>

·        As per the guidelines issued by BSNL CO, the work of operation and maintenance of CSCs will be outsourced except CSC, which can be manned by the in house staff of BSNL left out after VRS.

·        There are total 465 CSCs in operational in  Maharashtra Circle and due to mass VRS there will no staff to maintain about 365 CSCs and only 70 CSCs can be managed through left out staff.

·        The listed 30 CSCs and cash counters should remain operational through existing Staff.

·        Total 70 CSCs are to be kept operational by rearrangement of staff left after post VRS scenario.

·        Thus, all these 365 CSCs are to be managed temporarily through Franchisees, DSAs and TIPs by allowing them to conduct Sales and Marketing activities by putting their canopies in premises of BSNL for period of three months.

·        The EOIs for operations and maintenance of CSCs will be floated by SSAs and standard sample tender document will be given by Circle Office Mumbai.


17 JAN 20:   AGM Admn Mumbai issued letter informing that presentation function of Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak Award 2018 will be held at Circle Office Mumbai on 18/01/2020.  Letter <<<>>>      List of Award Winners   <<<>>>    

·        One of the award winners is Com. H. N. Tipre, SDE EB Nagpur who has always given best performance in Enterprise Business. It is matter of pride for all of us that Com. H. N. Tipre is Circle Treasurer of SNEA Maharashtra and he has proved his excellence in every field.

·        SNEA MH congratulates Com. H. N. Tipre, CT SNEA MH and all other award winners for grabbing this prestigious award of Year 2018. 


17 JAN 20:   DGM Admn Mumbai conveys granting of facilities applicable to the office Bearers of Recognized Association in BSNL to the newly Elected Circle Body of SNEA Maharashtra Circle as per REA Rule 2014.  Letter <<<>>> 

·        As per constitution of SNEA amended in All India Conference held at Ludhiana, the period of Circle Body is three years from the date of Elections.

·        The facilities granted as per this letter are up to 28/02/2020 as the period of recognition of SNEA as Majority Association has been extended only up to 28/02/2020.

·        Actually, the membership verification was due in December 2019, but it has been postponed for six months by BSNL CO in view of VRS 2019 and accordingly the recognition of SNEA as Majority association has been extended up to 28/02/2020 and hence Maharashtra Circle has granted facilities up to this date. 

·        BSNL will either conduct Membership verification before 28/02/2020 of which possibility seems to be less or will further extend the recognition period till conduction of fresh membership verification for recognized Association in BSNL.

·        Thus, the recognition of Circle Body will be accordingly extended or there will be fresh membership verification and grant of facilities will be reviewed on basis of outcome of result of Membership Verification.   


17 JAN 20:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders considering request of executives Opted for VRS for their posting to Home/Parent/Choice SSAs before implementation of VRS.  Order   <<<>>> 

·        This is first order and similar such order for DEs, AOs has been under consideration as per request received from individuals.

·        SNEA MH has pursued this matter as per request from individuals to get retired from Home/parent/Choice SSA and hence SNEA MH has successfully pursued it.

·        SNEA MH conveys thanks to CGMT MH for keeping his words and his team for taking timely action for issuing the transfer orders


17 JAN 20:   By giving details of BTS working and connections working in Rural and Urban areas of particular SSA, OSD to CGMT MH calls for data of executives working in different segments of that SSA in Urban and Rural areas.  Letter <<<>>>     

·        These calculations of justification of executives are to be done based on guidelines given by BSNLCO letter. Copy  <<<>>>

·        This data is called as per the information called by GM Restricting BSNL CO.  

·        Any corrections, modifications required in this report is responsibility of SSA Heads hence all should be careful while calculating and sending data by email

·        All DS and COBs are requested to go through data & calculations in excel sheet and confirm that figures shown in excel sheet are authentic mainly in respect of BTS and connections working in Urban and Rural areas.

·        The justification of executives and transfer posting of excess /shortage executives will be on the basis of this data and hence all should be careful in sending data which is required by 18/01/2020 itself

·        If there any other justified posts/works of the executives in any specific SSA, the detail may please added in this report as special note.


17 JAN 20:   GM Restg BSNL CO writes all CGMs calling for information of executives working in units other than Outdoor, BTS and Transmission.  Letter <<<>>>    


17 JAN 20:   PGM CS & CSC CFA BSNL CO issued policy guidelines for operation and Maintenance of Customer Service Centers (CSCs) of BSNL.  Letter <<<>>>    Policy Guidelines <<<>>>      


17 JAN 20:   DGM CS & CSC CFA BSNL CO calls for nominations for Best CSC/Best Maintained Telephone System  Award 2019  and last date for submission of nominations is 31/01/2020.  Letter <<<>>>        


17 JAN 20:   GM Rectt BSNL CO writes CGMT MH Circle for nominating Nodal Officer for pilot project of e-file management system with aim to replacing all hard files with digital files  and this project to be implemented in Circle Office Mumbai before its implementation on PAN India basis.  Letter <<<>>>    


17 JAN 20:   GM Project BSNL CO writes all CGMs for commercial exploitation of vacant built up office spaces and staff quarters in post VRS scenario and revenue generation through its leasing out.  Letter <<<>>>    


17 JAN 20:   AGM S&M CFA Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO orders for grant of 1% discount on digital bill payments.  Letter <<<>>>    

·        This decision is taken in view of mass VRS by CSC staff of BSNL, give boost in collection of outstanding bills and for encouraging BSNL customers for more and more digital payments.

·        This 1% Discount is applicable on all type of CM and CFA customer bills made by way of digital payments i.e. online, ECS or ATMs etc.

·        This discount will be allowed in subsequent bills and will be applicable up to 31/03/2020.


17 JAN 20:   PGM CFA Mumbai calls for details of clusters in semi urban and rural areas for outsourcing of External Plant of copper network.  Letter <<<>>>   

·        It is proposed to add rural and semi urban clusters in the Tender for outsourcing of External Plant of copper network.

·        The Cable maintenance of Primary Cables in Urban areas is to be done as per existing practices.

·        The jointing of cables is to be done by BSNL Staff and assistance required is to be outsourced and SSAs are directed to call tenders for assistance for cable jointing works. 


17 JAN 20:   DGM TP Mumbai calls for details of OFC route and staff engaged in OFC Maintenance of Urban Transmission units and this letter clarifies that the OFC route  in Urban area will be maintained by BSNL in house staff.  Letter <<<>>>    


17 JAN 20:   Sr GM  VAS BSNL CO writes Circle heads about unsolicited messages involved in phishing frauds TRAI has raised concerned that BSNL has become party to such fraudulent activities by allowing telemakers to send unchecked sms through BSNL network and failed to take strict action against them.   Letter <<<>>>   


16 JAN 20:  Update on status of different HR issues in Maharashtra Circle:

·        Consideration of JTO Rule 8 Request Transfers:  JTO Rule 8 Request Transfers for which consent has been already received from different Circle have been processed for approval of CGMT MH and if nothing goes wrong,  the orders of about 20 such JTOs will be also be issued by end of this week. 

·        Request Transfers to Home /Parent SSA by executives opted for VRS:  First lot of request transfers for home/parent/choice SSA for DEs/AGMs has been approved by CGMT MH and such request in SDE/JTO cadre is under process. There was confusion on who will process such request of account wing officers i.e. FC Section or Staff section and finally it has been decided that all such request of account wing ion. Accordingly, files are being processed and first such request transfer order is expected tomorrow. All other orders will be issued by end of this week.

·        Pending Time Bound Promotions of VRS Opted Executives : The work of complying and assessment of data required for TBPs has been completed and all the cases of Time Bound Promotions of VRS opted Executives are at final stage and most probably it will be approved and orders will  be issued within day or two.  

·        Payments against Pending Temporary Advances of VRS opted executives:  The confirmation of about genuineness and pendency of advance with operational bank account in respect of all such pending temporary advances as called by budget section of Circle Office Mumbai has been received from some of SSAs and such confirmation is pending from many SSAs . It is required by SSAs to confirm the status of operational bank account, temporary advance UBI card is not surrendered, certificate from IFA that expenditure already done against   the pending Temporary advance and copy of note sheet of approval of SSA Head. The funds for same are yet to be allotted by BSNL CO and this confirmed amount will be released as and when funds received. Similar steps will be taken for pending advances of Executives who have not opted for VRS. As such, all concerned officers, DS& COBs should look into pending confirmation form their SSA about genuineness and pendency of advance with operational bank account as called by budget section.


16 JAN 20:   AGM S&M CFA Mumbai issued orders for handing over Maintenance of FTTH Connections provided from BSNL OLTs on revenue share basis and in this new Model TIPs will get 8% revenue and BSNL will get 90% revenue share.  Letter <<<>>>    


16 JAN 20:   GM Fin Mumbai issued order for overall working profile of Circle Office Mumbai by assigning works to CAO and DGM level officers and though it is not mentioned in this letter, all these officers are given higher responsibilities under looking after arrangements to meet overall acute shortage of DGMs and CAOs.  Letter <<<>>>    


16 JAN 20:   JAO EPF Mumbai writes to all EPF Nodal Officers, EPF members and SSA/Unit Heads for EPF Pension Procedure instructions after VRS or superannuation pension.  Letter <<<>>>   

Many of the Executives who are recruited for BSNL and not eligible for pension were asking for such procedure at par with the BSNL absorbed executives and these guidelines will clear all such doubts. Till for any issue or doubt, one can contact Shri. Amit Naikwade, JAO EPF Mumbai email: , LL: 022-49780285 Mob: 9421397084 


16 JAN 20:   GM Land Monetization, BSNL CO Delhi writes four CGMs including CGMT MH Circle for carrying out Market rate valuation of land parcel CBSE wherein two land properties of Maharashtra Circle at Balewadi and & Wagheri of Pune city are listed for monetization by sale of these lands.  Letter <<<>>>   


16 JAN 20:   Jt. GM LD BSNL CO Delhi writes to CGMT MH Circle conveying approval for handing over additional space at 3rd floor, C wing , BSNL administrative Building at Santacruz West Mumbai to CCA Mumbai for keeping VRS pension files and service books on rent on commercial terms and after signing agreement with  BSNL.  Letter <<<>>>   


16 JAN 20:   Sr  GM VAS writes to all  CGMs introducing BSNL Video Platform with brand name “bsnltube” and it will be integrated with BSNL intranet Portal.  Letter <<<>>>   


16 JAN 20:   AGM MF CFA, BSNL CO Delhi writes four CGMs to make over charge of all data of DPs/Pillars/MDF and wiring of Transmission systems etc to new staff for smooth functioning of network after VRS 2019.  Letter <<<>>>   

·        It is directed to handover this lineman data to new staff and get certificate from all unit Heads in all SSA latest by 24/01/2020 and send compliance to BSNL CO by email on

·        When  90 to 95% of the line staff has opted for VRS and no new staff is assigned for these works , question arises how the data can be handed over by outgoing staff to new staff and how can one comply with it.

·        Some of SSAs have issued orders for post VRS operations of BSNL network, many SSAs/offices have not yet  issued such orders and till discussions are going on and may are under confusion of action to be taken.

·        In Maharashtra Circle CGMT MH has taken one to one VCs with the all SSA/BA Heads and discussed for post VRS operations in their SSA and directed for taking desired steps and accordingly some of SSA Heads have acted and some are working on it.

·        It is expected that to have smooth operations of BSNL network immediate action is taken to release at least partial payments of the EOI/Contract Labour vendors which are held up for months together and they have stopped works.

·        It is also required that SSA/BA Heads are empowered to engage some manpower among EOIs/Contract labours to meet the exigencies arising immediately after VRS due to mass VRS by line staff and the Circle Office/BSNL Corporate Office may justify EOIs either depending on working lines/BTS or on the basis of revenue generated.

·        BSNL has reduced manpower for saving expenditure and it has reduced revenue, and then expenditure is further reduced due to shortfall of revenue and this cycle is going on for last 2-3 years and there is immediate need of giving full stop to this worst cycle and let us hope it will be taken care in days to come.  

·        It will be best and highly appreciable step on part of BSNL, if loss-making units/offices/exchanges/BTS are shut down officially or unofficially and only profit making units are given priority for generation of revenue. Only such actions can work for revival of BSNL, otherwise the sacrifices of about 75000 employees and officers of BSNL for revival of BSNL will all in vain and Management may again come to conclusion after few months/years that revenue generated is less than salary paid to employees, which has become trap for BSNL and its profit making operations.


SNEA MH wishes a very Happy & Prosperous Makar Sankrati, Lohari and Pongal to all.


15 JAN 20:   DGM NWP CFA Mumbai writes to SSA/BA Heads for utilization of funds allotted for FTTH services during 2019-20.  Letter <<<>>>    

·        FTTH services of BSNL are at high demand in all areas including urban and Rural area but due to many reason we are unable to meet such high demand.

·        It is seen that majority of expenditure for Provision of FTTH connections is being done through Telecom Infrastructure Providers(TIPs) who are getting up to 50% of Revenue earned for supply of equipment’s and material starting from OLT,ONT, ONU, Splinters, OFC etc for provision of FTTH connections.

·        However, BSNL also is having its own OLTs and providing FTTH connections and accordingly funds of Rs. 7.49 Crores are allotted for different SSAs. But same is not utilized by many of SSAs and query is being raised for allotment of funds again.

·        Hence, by this letter, it has been advised to utilize these funds of Year 2019-20, otherwise these funds cannot be utilized or will have to be surrendered by SSA and in turn by MH Circle by end of March 2020, and hence all SSAs should utilize funds and provide more and more FTTH connections.

·        It is important that ARPU (Average Revenue Per Unit) of FTTH connection is about RS 500 and there is also high demand of FTTH connections and if FTTH connections are provided in good numbers it will earn good revenue and it will surely help in revival of BSNL.


15 JAN 20:   GM Restg & WS & I BSNL CO Delhi issued orders under organizational restructuring for merger of Non-Territorial Circles and guidelines thereof.  Letter <<<>>>  Annexure <<<>>>  

·        As per these orders, the Maintenance and Project WTP and WTR   Circles will be merged and new Circle will be designated as Core Network Transmission Circle.

·        This merger will be effective from 01/04/2020 for all Circles except training Circle for which it will be effective w.e.f.01/02/2020. 

·        Thus, the administrative Setup of four Circles will be closed and thus good amount of Money will be saved by BSNL.

·        It was also seen that for many years sufficient work was not available for officers in Project Circle while Regions and Maintenance Circles were not having even minimum required manpower both in executives and Non-Executive Cadres.

·        BSNL has proposal for merger of these Circles for years together, but it could not take place and it has been given final shape under revival package for BSNL. 

·        This merger is started from TOP from Chief General Manager to DGMs and below level merger will automatically take place.

·        Accordingly, all officers in Project and Maintenance regions will be designated as CN Tx, Mtce or Project for their Circle/area.

·        Post Merger all activities related to administrative, finance and tenders will be either at GM CN TX or area HQ.

·        Stores of Projects and Maintenance at same locations and feasible shall me merged and spared store will be handed over to Territorial circles for monetization activities.  

·        Accordingly, WTP and WTR Circles will be merged and this new Circle will be designated as Core Network Transmission West Circle with HQ at Mumbai and it will help to some extent to WTR Circle to meet the manpower requirements of Executives.

·        In this new Circle there will one CGM, ON GM HQ Mtce Mumbai, One GM HQ Projects Mumbai, one GM CN Tx Mumbai, One GM CN TX Pune and one GM TX Nagpur.  

·        The norms for laying and maintenance of OF Cable are revised and in house team of BSNL consisting of one SDE/JTO/JE,  one ATT/TT and two labours with one vehicle, will maintain 350 Kms of OFC network in plain area and 250 Kms of OFC network in Hilly areas.

·        Under SLA based outsourcing, team consisting one SDE/JTO/JE and one vehicle shared between two teams will maintain 1400 Kms of OFC network in plain area and 900 Kms of OFC network in Hilly areas.

·        One AGM will monitor five such teams and concerned SDEs/JTOs of team will take care of indoor works. 

·        All telecom Factories at Mumbai, Kolkata and Jabalpur will be converted in BA and it will be headed by GM level officer reporting to CGM of concerned geographical area w.e.f. 01/02/20120. As such, Telecom Factory Mumbai will be headed by GM level officer and he will report to CGMT MH Circle and similarly GMs of Other telecom factories will report to concerned CGMT.

·        Nodal Centers will be merged with respective Telecom Circles.

·        NCNGN Circle will be merged with BBNW Circle with HQ at Delhi.

·        There will be one Training Circle with HQ at ALTTTC Ghaziabad. ALTTC, BRBRAITT, NAFTAM will be converted into BAs and will be functioning as Profit Making Centers.

·        The existence and requirement of CTTC/DTTC will be reviewed by concerned CGMs and proposed to be closed w.e.f. 01/02/2020.

·        The land of RTCC/CTTC at important locations of big cities will be dislocated and the spared space will be utilized for land monetization.

·        RTCC Nagpur will henceforth report to CGMT MH Circle. 

·        After land monetization, which is expected to be completed in 12 to 24 months, all the RTCCs will be closed. Thereafter only four Zonal Training Centers will continue i.e. for West Zone at Pune, for North Zone at ALTTC Ghaziabad, for Central Zone at BRBAAITT Jabalpur, For South Zone at Mysore, for East Zone at Kalyan and for NE zone at Guwahati.

·        ITPC will continue with its HQ at Pune and Inspection and QA Circle will continue as independent Circle.


15 JAN 20:   DGM TR Mumbai issued instructions for account wing officers for smooth handing over charge from VRS opted Executives to Executive left out after VRS.  Letter <<<>>>    


15 JAN 20:   AGM BP & Ent BSNL CO Delhi issued orders for extension of delegation of powers to field units for participation in Enterprise Business tenders.  Letter <<<>>>    


13 JAN 20:   Important Issues related to VRS Opted Executives in Maharashtra Circle: In continuation to request from our some of members who have opted for VRS, SNEA MH has pursued two important issues related to VRS opted Executives and we are hopeful that both the issues will be settled before implementation of VRS subject to corrective action by concerned SSAs and individuals.

·        Consideration of Request to home/parent/Choice SSA before retirement: SNEA MH has once again discussed this issue with CGMT MH on morning of Friday 10/01/2020 and he has directed to consider all such request with immediate effect. Accordingly the work of consolidation of all such requests has been started. Most probably, all such requests received and available by Staff Section, Circle Office Mumbai will be processed in file by today i.e. Monday 13/01/2020 for issuing their transfer orders. These orders will be for immediate relieving by the working SSAs so that concerned officer can submit his/her retirement documents in the home/parent or choice SSA.  As such, all VRS opted Executives willing for any such transfer for change of SSA before VRS implementation on 31/01/2020 may send their request in signed copy PDF file by email on latest by today afternoon. Its copy may please be sent on for persuasion require if any. It is to further inform that Executives, who want to get retired from working SSA on 31/01/2020, need not apply for change of SSA. 

·        Releasing payment against long pending Temporary Advances for VRS Optee Executives: SNEA MH has details discussions on this issue and we requested for early release of payments. But CGMT MH informed that these payments cannot be released as the bank accounts for all Temporary Advances of VRS Opted Executives have been closed. We have made it clear that it is not situation and somebody has given him wrong information about closure of bank accounts. We informed him that budget section has called such information from SSAs and many SSAs have responded by return reply confirming the operational bank account details. CGMT MH informed that if we have any such list of pending Temporary Advances having Bank accounts operational then same may be handed over to him and assured that he will try to release all such pending payments of Temporary Advances. As such all concerned having pending Temporary advance with Circle Office against payments made from pockets are requested for to see that said confirmation about operational position of Banks accounts has been sent to AO/CAO Budget Mumbai as called vide letter dated. If details are not sent then please see that same are sent by tomorrow afternoon by email on It is further requested that such details may please be sent by email on for further consolidation of data and submission to CGMT MH.  On receipt of this information, we will pursue further for releasing the payments against these Pending Temporary Advances. SNEA MH is also pursuing for releasing any such genuine payment of pending Temporary Advances on salary bank account in case the bank account for Temporary advance is force closed by any office/officer, but it will be last option and it is easy to get all. 

·        Further any case of pending Temporary Advances for which bank account is operational but not covered in the list published by Budget section,  then such cases may also be reported to budget section. 

·        All DS, COBs, DOBs and concerned affected Executives are requested to act both issues and send data as above by today itself. i.e.  by afternoon of 13/01/2019. We are left with short period to complete these activities before implementation of VRS ad hence all are requested to look into both the issues and data is sent by all SSAs in time bound manner.

·        Details of other discussions of meeting held with Shri. Manoj Kumar Mishra CGMT MH Circle on 10/01/2020 in his chamber will be shared shortly.  


11 JAN 20:   AGM Estt-I BSNL issued clarification that payment of Ex-gartia amount  by counting their stay in DOT will not be applicable to officers who have resigned from DoT and joined fresh in BSNL after 01/10/2020.  Letter <<<>>>    

In special offer, only to ITS officers, BSNL has allowed to resign from DOT and then to join in BSNL as fresh Officer and now some of such officers absorbed in BSNL seems to have requested for counting their services in DoT and same has been rejected by BSNL and all such officers will be treated as Direct Recruited Employees of BSNL. 


11 JAN 20:   DGM Pers BSNL CO Delhi issued orders for looking after charge of DGM WTR Ahmedabad by DGM WTP Ahmedabad in Gujarat Circle. Letter <<<>>>    

·        This may be step towards merger of WTP and WTR and in similar manner all the offices of WTR and WTP will start working in synchronization.

·        Accordingly, very shortly WTP and WTR will be single entity and the manpower available after VRS in both the circles will be utilized accordingly.


11 JAN 20:   Director CM BSNL Board issued direction for introduction of system for confirmation from customers by SMS based activation for Value Added Services (VAS) on BSNL Mobile. Letter <<<>>>    

·        In recent past BSNL has received many complaints about force activation of VAS services from BSNL customers and customers were charged heavily for such services.

·        Earlier these services were activated by the vendor with giving IVRS based call to customer and many customers agree to such offers without understanding its impact of billing and payments for such extra services.

·        Such forceful activation has caused heavy loss to customers as well as to BSNL.

·        To avoid such complaints from BSNL customers and to avoid further loss to BSNL and its customers, BSNL has taken precautionary action for confirmation of need of VAS services from concerned customers. 

·        Accordingly, it is decided by BSNL that henceforth VAS services will be activated only after sms base OTP second consent from the customers after first consent for activation of VAS on IVRS call or call from call center employees of VAS vendor.

·        If customer does not confirm the requirement of VAS services by SMS based second consent, VAS services will not be activated.

·        In similar method, earlier BSNL and its broadband customers were looted by M/S Hungama the vendor for VAS services on broadband and same chronology seems to applied by vendor for VAS services on Mobile services of BSNL.

·        But it good move by BSNL that such corrective precautionary action is taken to safeguard interest of BSNL and esteemed customers and we appreciate such move by BSNL.

·        If such steps are taken by BSNL on other issues, then definitely BSNL will be in net profit as major part of BSNL revenue is going on such services and AMCs, Tenders which are not totally useful for BSNL and its customers.

·        This is applicable on PAN India basis and this process of SMS based OTP activation of VAS services will be reviewed in April 2020.


 11 JAN 20:   AGM Rectt BSNL CO calls for data of number of users for e-file system in BSNL and data is to be sent latest by 17/01/2020. Letter <<<>>>    

·        BSNL Management committee has decided to scrap the hard copy filing method in post VRS Scenario and all the office works will be managed through e –File management system.

·        The present method of maintaining physical records in hard copy files will be scrapped and all the records of office will be recorded in digital files by introduction of e-file management system.

·        SNEA MH appreciates this initiative by BSNL management and we expect that BSNL starts e-filing as early as possible and immediately after implementation of VRS.

·        This will give relief to all the officers in maintain duplicate records in Hard copies and soft copies in ERP and henceforth all who will be there in BSNL after VRS will have to learn and go ahead with these digital files and e-file management system.

·        This will definitely save manpower, time in processing files, and will also reduce pressure from higher officers to process the files as per their will and wish and also deliberate delay of the office files by certain officers will be pointed out and hence it will increase speed of office working at all levels. 


11 JAN 20:   AGM NWO CM issued directions to Circles for authorization of faulty/ life expired battery and Power plants of Non BSNL BTS sites. Letter <<<>>>    


 9 JAN 20:   DGM Estt I BSNL CO issued orders endorsing the DPE Orders for increase of IDA w.e.f. 01/01/2020. Letter <<<>>>  DPE Order <<<>>> 


 9 JAN 20:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued letter showing strength of Executives of different Verticals in Circle Office Mumbai after implementation of VRS 2019. Letter <<<>>>

·        In this letter it is proposed to post Six JAOs from Account Wing to Telecom Wing in sections like CGM Secretariat, EB, Sales & Marketing CFA and CFA section Circle office Mumbai.

·        Only AGM working in Secretariat of CGMT is transferred to CFA Section, Circle office Mumbai against vacancy arising out of VRS 2019.

·        JAOs as well as JTO/SDE working in any wing of Circle office Mumbai and willing for change of section or interested in exploring his/her talent in any of these sections/units i.e. CGM Secretariat, EB, Sales & Marketing CFA and CFA section in Circle Office Mumbai, may submit his/her request through proper Channel addressed to GM HR/Admn Mumbai as chances of consideration of such request are more now.


 9 JAN 20:   CAO FC  Mumbai issued Time Bound promotion orders for up gradation of Executives in Account wing under BSNL executive promotion policy from E2A to E-3 pay scale. Letter <<<>>>


 9 JAN 20:   DGM Claims Mumbai issued guidelines for final settlement of GPF Advance along with documents required thereof in respect of VRS Opted Staff and Officers. Letter <<<>>>


 9 JAN 20:   AGM Estt Mumbai endorsed letter by BSNL CO for ensuring availability of prescribed bond for refund of excess amount paid under option exercised by VRS Opted Staff and Officers who have opted for pay fixation under IDA Scale from Date of promotion after formation of BSNL i.e. 01/10/2000.  Letter <<<>>>

The option for Pay Fixation from CDA to IDA Scale after absorption in BSNL was permitted by BSNL and same has been implemented by BSNL throughout India but same has been not updated /allowed by DoT and matter is still under consideration and hence there is conflict in settlement of Retirement cases and issue is seriously raised in view of Mass VRS applied by BSNL employees who were recruited by BSNL and then absorbed in BSNL. 


9 JAN 20:   PGM Pers BSNL CO writes to Circle/Unit Heads for timely relieving of officers under transfer as per orders issued by his office. Letter <<<>>>


 9 JAN 20:   AGM S&M CFA Mumbai endorsed the BSNL CO orders for extension of promotional office of 6 paise Cash back for calls of duration more than  five minutes from BSNL LL/Broadband/FTTH connections for period of two months and this will be applicable till 29/02/2020. Letter <<<>>>


9 JAN 20:   Jt GM WL & Sports BSNL CO issued orders withdrawing cash Gift with limit of Rs 3001 per retiree on day of Retirement and amount expenditure made by BSNL on Shawl and Memento continues. Letter <<<>>>

·        This order is issued in eve of implementation of VRS 2019 and will be directly affecting to more than 75000 BSNL executives and Non Executives who have opted for VRS as it is said that this order will be implemented w.e.f. January 2019. 

·        This is betrayal on part of BSNL management and breach of terms and conditions of VRS 2019 as time and again BSNL has clarified that there is no difference between normal Voluntary/ Superannuation Retirement and retirement under VRS 2019.

·        But last moment such decisions are taken creating panic among affected workforce and disrespecting the services of more than 25 to 35 years rendered by the dedicated workforce of BSNL.

·        It is fact that after VRS 2019, there will be no retirement in BSNL for next 10 years or it may be in very few numbers and expenditure may be about Nil.

·        Many of the VRS Optees have opted for VRS 2019 to support the Plan for Revival of BSNL by Govt Of India and here management is disrespecting these staff and officers just for few thousands of rupees and surely it cannot be part of Revival plan of BSNL.

·        It was quiet possible to avoid such harsh and painful decision at last moment by withdrawing Cash Gift and at least it was quite possible for replacing this cash amount with Talk time in GSM connections of same or more amount.

·        But due care is not taken by the management and in one sided action this cash gift is totally stopped and definitely it is direct attempt to deny dues payable to VRS Optees and hence it has created unrest among the VRS opted workforce of BSNL. 

·        BSNL management needs to review this decision and allow Cash Gift at least till January 2020 and if think fit to withdraw this Cash gift as well as money for Shall and Memento after January 2019 as there will be no/few retirements in days to come and no expenditure in required for it at least for next ten years. 

·        BSNL Management should at least show its great heart in respect of this devoted workforce by giving cash Gift in terms of talk time to all the VRS Optees and correct its painful action just few days before implementation of VRS 2019.

·        Let us hope for any such positive decision from BSNL management with respectful farewell to the dedicated workforce of BSNL.


 9 JAN 20:   GM NWP CFA BSNL CO published outsourcing policy for provision of Landline and Broadband and maintenance of External Plant in Semi-Urban and Rural areas. Letter <<<>>>


 9 JAN 20:   PGM NWO BSNL CO issued instructions for not shifting officers working in Nodal centers or other Nodal Centre equipment till further instructions. Letter <<<>>>

·        This step is taken for ensuring for smooth functioning of Nodal centers after implementation of VRS 2019 and it is temporary measure.

·        It does not mean that all officers in Nodal Centre are protected from transfers to meet shortages in other units but the policy for same is being formulated by BSNL CO and it will be applicable for all in days to come.  


 9 JAN 20:   GM NWP CFA BSNL CO published outsourcing policy for provision of Landline and Broadband and maintenance of External Plant in Semi-Urban and Rural areas. Letter <<<>>>


 9 JAN 20:   GM NWP CFA BSNL CO issued clarification on FAQs on policy of outsourcing model. Letter <<<>>>


 9 JAN 20:  AGM CE BSNL CO published a sample draft tender document for Outsourcing & provisioning in Copper Network to facilitate the filed units for expediting the proposed outsourcing process.  Letter <<<>>>  Draft Tender Document <<<>>>


 7 JAN 20 :  Final Step towards releasing long pending Temporary Advances of Executives:: GM Finance MH Circle Mumbai writes to all SSA/BA Heads in Maharashtra Circle calling for confirmation of Temporary Advances pending in ERP applied by Executives who have opted for VRS 2019. Letter <<<>>> List <<<>>> Corrigendum <<<>>>

·        Due to financial crises in BSNL for about last one year, no funds were granted by BSNL CO  Delhi against Temporary Advances applied by many of the Executives working in different offices/Units for day to day office works and under compulsions these officers have paid money from pockets to maintain services.

·        Mainly majority of the officers working in field units have paid from pockets for maintenance of services with high hopes that one day these temporary advances will be sanctioned.

·        But situation was worst for about last one year, except few special cases, no funds were released by BSNL CO for temporary advances and about Rs. One Crore was paid for different Office works for better maintenance of the Teleom services as minimum requirement by all these officers working in Maharashtra Circle over the period of one year.

·        Some of SSA/BA Heads have taken up matter with GM Fin Mumbai and CGMT MH in writing by giving factual details and except few urgent cases, none of temporary Advances was released in recent past and about lakhs of rupees by some of individuals have paid from pocket for Office works. 

·        In between, VRS 2019 has been introduced and many of these officers have applied for VRS and are worried about the releasing the Temporary Advances and on such requests from concerned members, SNEA MH has taken up matter with Shri. Manoj Kumar Mishra, CGMT MH and Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai and put forth real grivences of these executives and requested for payment of these dues before implementation of VRS 2019. Both these officers have responded very positively and have assured to release these payments against Temporary Advances as early as possible. 

·        The matter was raised with CGMT MH in Circle Conference of SNEA MH held at Mumbai on 23/12/2019 and he has assured to resolve this matter in time bound manner and before implementation of VRS 2019.

·        The matter become more serious when orders were issued for closure of Banks accounts specially opened for these Temporary Advances in respect of all officers who have opted for VRS 2019 by 05/01/2020.

·        SNEA MH has again requested CGMT MH and brought to his notice the real problem and hardship of executives who have opted for VRS and how it is painful for them to leave BSNL under VRS and how it would have been more hurt burning if their due amount paid from pockets for BSNL works is not released in time.

·        But Shri. Manoj Kumar Mishra, CGMT MH Circle was always firm on his stand and with his keen persuasion special request has been sent from MH Circe to BSNL CO asking for special funds for grant of all pending Temporary advances of the Executives who have applied for VRS 2019. 

·        Accordingly, GM Fin Mumbai has issued order and budget section has published data of pending all such temporary Advances calling for confirmation that concerned officers have not yet closed the Bank Accounts for Temporary Advances.

·        The payments against pending Temporary Advances will be released only in case of officers who have not closed the bank accounts for temporary Advances and it will be technically difficult to pay if anybody who has pending temporary advance and has closed the bank account specially opened for Temporary Advances.

·        It is further directed to close all the pending temporary advances for which bank accounts for payment of temporary Advances are surrendered/closed in process of closure.   

·        This will be good gesture by Shri. Manoj Kumar Mishra CGMT MH Circle and Shri Vivek Mahavar , GM Fin Mumbai and many of the active SSA/BA Heads who have recognized the devoted efforts of these filed officers and have pursued matter for releasing of pending Temporary Advances till it has come to present conclusive shape except releasing payments as one time measure for all.

·        The funds for payments of these long pending Temporary advances are being released by BSNL Corporate office on priority and hopefully all concerned executives will be paid the pending amount at the earliest and may be by end of this week.

·        After receipt of these payments, one has to complete procedure for settlement of pending bills against these Temporary advances and then only has to close these advances in ERP.

·        Once the payments are released against temporary advances and amount against pending Temporary Advance are settled, then bank accounts for temporary advances available in Union bank of India for these officers needs to be closed as compliance and final action on subject matter. 

·        There are many other officers, who have also paid for office works from pocket, but not applied for VRS and SNEA MH is also pursuing for releasing these pending payments of the Officers who have not opted for VRS.

·        CGMT MH has also assured to release the payments of pending Temporary Advances of officers who have not opted for VRS at par with the officers, who have opted for VRS 2019, but priority is given to VRS opted executives and payments of officers who have not opted for VRS, will also be released very shortly.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to Shri. Manoj Kumar Mishra CGMT MH Circle and Shri Vivek Mahavar, GM Fin Mumbai and many of the active SSA/BA Heads who have initiated good gesture and pursued matter to release the payments of pending temporary Advance bills.

·        It will be pleasant surprise and return gift from BSNL management from MH Circle for executives who have opted for VRS before actual and final implementation of VRS 2019 which is scheduled to be implemented on 31/01/2020.


7 JAN 20 :  GM Vigilance MH Circle Mumbai writes to SSA/BA/Units Heads in Maharashtra Circle calling names of the officers from JAO/JTO  to SAG level which are to be added in the Agreed list of officers with doubtful integrity on basis of certain predefined grounds and details are to be sent by 10/01/2020. Letter <<<>>>


7 JAN 20:  AGM Pers BSNL CO issued request transfer orders of SDEs on completion of all India hard tenure in which Com. G.R. Sali, SDE is posted from J&K Circle to MH Circle. Letter <<<>>>


 7 JAN 20:  AGM Estt Mumbai endorsed the BSNL CO Orders thereby putting temporary ban on any deputation of BSNL Executives and Non Executives from BSNL to other  outside organizations. Letter <<<>>>

·        It is really painful that one side VRS is implemented as that of CRS on name excess man power in BSNL and at the same time, the ban is put up on deputation to other outside organizations showing shortage of manpower.

·        These two actions are contradictory as both the decisions are being taken at the same time and it seems that someone has made action plan to make certain BSNL Executives and Non Executives jobless at any cost.

·        It is not clear where BSNL management has made wrong assessment about excess manpower, or really BSNL has shortage of Man Power or it is action plan to expel the experienced hands of BSNL by compelling them on name of revival of BSNL. 

·        This ban is temporary and applicable for period of one year


 4 JAN 20:   AGM Estt Mumbai endorsed letter by BSNL Corporate office for role of HoO /DH/Individual Employees and step by step procedure for processing of pension cases through SAMPANN. Letter <<<>>>


 4 JAN 20:   AD Admn Mumbai endorsed the BSNL Corporate Office Circular for provision of GSM Connection in lieu of Residential Service Connections, / Concessional Telephone Facilities to serving/retired BSNL Executives/Non- Executives  Employees wherein area is declared as Technically Not Feasible (TNF) by SSA. Letter <<<>>>

·        This facility will be also available in lieu of closure of WLL Residential/Concessional telephone connections provided earlier.

·        BSNL will supply pre-activated SIM card as per the category of concerned Executive/Non-Executive and concerned person will have to arrange GSM handset.

·        Excess Usage Charges beyond prescribed limits, needs to be paid by individuals.

·        The decision on TNF areas is to be taken at SSA level.  


4 JAN 20:   EEE Mumbai issued  orders for Looking After arrangements for JTO Elect for post SDE Elect at four locations on where it is as it basis. Letter <<<>>>


4 JAN 20:   DGM Regular Finance Wing Mumbai issued orders for approval of VRS applied by Sr Accounts working as JAO in Circle Office Mumbai and accordingly these officers stand relieved from BSNL w.e. f. 31/01/2020.  Letter <<<>>>


2 JAN 20:  Consideration of Request to home/choice SSA by executives opted for VRS 2019: SNEA MH is receiving telephonic requests and queries from some individual for posting of VRS 2019  opted Executives to home/Choice SSA before implementation of VRS 2019.

·        In this regards, it is to inform that all such request will be given consideration by mid or before mid of January 2020 and this will be applicable only case of such written request by individual through proper channel and administration will not transfer anyone without any request. 

·        As such, any such executive working in any SSA and opted for VRS 2019 and desires to get transferred to his/her home/choice SSA before VRS implementation, he/she should apply in writing and wait for submission of retirement documents from the home/choice SSA.

·        It may be please noted by concerned executives that due to financial issues of BSNL, all such requests will be considered at Own cost and not at Company cost and one should apply by taking note of it.

·        SNEA MH has already discussed this matter with Shri. Manoj Kuamr Mishra, CGMT MH Circle and he has assured to given consideration to all such requests.

·        SNEA MH will further pursue for consideration of requests of all such Executives and DS concerned are requested to consolidate list of any such requests from their SSA and email it to at the earliest.


 2 JAN 20:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for Looking After DGMs subject to VCs on where it is as it basis to meet shortages in DGM cadre which will be created after implementation of VRS 2019. Letter <<<>>>

·        This is local arrangement within SSA by giving responsibility of DGM to senior most officers in DE Cadre of that SSA.

·        About all 17 DEs presently working as DGM LA are given orders for continuation of same and additionally seven DEs are orders to look after DGM Charge in that particular SSA and all of them will have discharge their duties as SSA Head.


 2 JAN 20:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer of four DEs to meet acute shortage of DEs and DGMs in Goa and Solapur SSAs. Letter <<<>>>

·        It is seen that about all DEs/DGMs working in Solapur and Goa SSA have opted for VRS 2019 and there is acute shortage in DE and DGM cares in these two SSAs.

·        Accordingly two DEs are transferred to each SSA and one DE transferred will be given DGM charge under Looking After armaments.

·        While posting DEs to Goa, which is Tenure SSA, the list of DEs having longest stay are considered while posting to Solapur which is non-tenure SSA, the DEs surplus in other non-tenure SSA are posted.

·        The shortage in DGM cadres will be taken care by Looking After arrangements by Circle office and shortage in DGM cadres is to be taken care by Looking After arrangements by SSA/BA Heads.


 2 JAN 20:  AGM Staff Mumbai calls for willingness for filling up vacant post of IFAs in Aurangabad, Satara and Kolhapur Business Areas. Letter <<<>>>

·        Henceforth all Transfer Posting work of Account wing Officers will be looked after by GM HR Admn Mumbai in consultation with GM Fin Mumbai.

·        It is reported that there are vacancies of IFAs at Amravati and Jalgaon BAs, but same are not included in the list.

·        Any account wing officer in pay scale of E3/E4/E5 is eligible for these IFA posts and can submit their willingness and last date of submission of willingness by email on is 03.01.2020.


 2 JAN 20 :  AGM VA BSNL CO writes Circle Heads calling for list of officers of Doubtful Integrity (ODI) and Agreed list latest by 17.01.2020. Letter <<<>>>


 2 JAN 20 :  GM Restructuring BSNL CO directions of CGMs of Territorial circles for further consolidation of SSAs having very less Telephone Connections or have less potential to grow resulting in earning low  revenue into  Business Areas {BAs) . Letter <<<>>>

The Circles can modify the exiting BA structure of existing BAs on conditions:

Ø Revenue of BA should be more than 30 Crore.

Ø Merger should be among adjoining SSAs and area should not be large to Control.

Ø Head Quarter of new BA should be HQ of existing BA HQ in this BA.

Ø As on today there are 14 BAs exist in Maharashtra Circle and all are having revenue more than 30 Crores as such there will be no change in existing BAs in Maharashtra Circle in Normal course or as per these guidelines.

Ø But except revenue there is need of review of existing BAs in Maharashtra Circle at least for 2-3 SSAs.

Ø On geographical grounds area of Chandrapur BA, Aurangabad BA and Kolhapur BA is large and sufferers are customers and officers in small area of these BAs.

Ø In geographical area concept Buldhana and Bhandara SSAs are victims as the BA HQs are far away from the SSA HQs and it is badly affecting working of these SSAs as Aurangabad and Chandrapur SSAs are very large to control under BA concept to respectively Buldhana and Bhandara SSAs.

Ø In most growing SSA like Sindhudurg there is high public demand for BSNL services but we as BSNL are unable to meet expectations of these customers. 

Ø Before BA structure introduction, there was regular SSA Head posted for Sindhudurg SSA, but after BA concept its BA HQ is Kolhapur and SSA Head positing is downgraded from GM to DGM. This post of SSA Head Sindhudurg is vacant for years together and show is being managed with looking After DGM.

Ø In recent DGM LA arrangement, one of DE who is recruited as JTO in Year 1997 is giving responsibility of TDM Sindhudurg where as some of other SSA having infrastructure and growth less than Sindhudurg SSA, or certain units are headed by regular GM level officers. Same is case with SSA Head for Bhandara, Buldhana, Gadchiroli, Yavatmal, Wardha, Jalna, Ratnagiri  and Beed SSAs and there is need of posting regular DGM/GM level officers in these SSAs.

Ø As such there is need of review of structure of Chandrapur BA/SSA, Amravati SSA/BA, Sindhudurg SSA, Gadchiroli SSA and Buldhana SSA to make it convenient for working of SSAs in post VRS scenario.

Ø DS and COBs concerned are requested to take up matter with SSA Heads and send their views requirement about restructuring of BAs to CGMT Maharashtra Circle within day or two.

Ø SNEA MH will pursue all such proposals from concern DS and SSA Heads for smooth working of the SSAs/BAs.


 2 JAN 20 :  AGM Estt Mumbai endorsed the clarification issued by BSNL CO for not withholding DCRG in case of BSNL absorbed Employee when he/she is acquitted by Trial Court even though appeal/revision is pending against this acquittal order and matter will be reviewed subject to outcome of appeal/revision. Letter <<<>>>


 2 JAN 20 :  AGM Estate & EO Mumbai calls for applications from the Executives and Non executives who have ted for VRS 2019 for Retention of Staff Quarters after 31/01/2020. Letter <<<>>>

·        This retention of staff quarters will be governed by the BSNL CO letter dated 04/11/2019.

·        One has to submit two cheques along with the application for retention of staff quarters after 31/01/2020.


 2 JAN 20 :  New Year Message to all CGMs by Shri. Vivek Banzal, Director CFA BSNL Board. <<<>>>


 2 JAN 20:  AGM Estt Mumbai endorsed the BSNL letter coveting disposal of requests of all executives for withdrawal and refund of GTI premium deducted from Salary.   Letter <<<>>>

·        This is one of unfortunate and demoralizing letter from BSNL and showing weakness of concerned officers BSNL working in changed scenario.

·        GTI scheme was introduced in last year and its window was Open in ERP and no hard copy request was required.

·        It has reported that this ERP Pop up window was coming frequently and was not allowing works in ERP till action is taken on this GTI Pop up.

·        As such to continue with such works, some of executives not willing for GTI due to heavy premium due age criteria of 50 plus years have knowingly or unknowingly accepted the GTI scheme.

·        Many of them have understood that it is their mistake as amount ranging from 50 to 60 thousands was deducted from Salary of month from all the Executives above age of 50 years and who have accepted ERP request. 

·        All have immediately acted and submitted written requests within no time, but it took one year for concerned officers in BSNL to take up matter with LIC and now after passing one year wherein period of GTI is over, it has been informed that no such refund is possible.

·        Matter was pursued by SNEA CHQ but it could not yield desired results in favor of SNEA members and BSNL has finally decided matter in favor of LIC of India.

·        This is really disgusting that lakhs of rupees of BSNL executives are handed over to LIC by neglecting the genuine and timely requests of these officers and now it is being clarified that all such requests are disposed off.

·        Many of these affected executives have opted for VRS 2019 and such reply from BSNL CO will definitely keep pains of losing thousands of rupees for no mistake on their part due to lack of proper management by the concerned officers in BSNL Corporate office.

·        It was mistake of BSNL that the hard copy request was not introduced after ERP request for confirmation request for acceptance of GTI scheme and let us hope that at least while reviewing GTI Options, concerned officers in BSNL introduces this written request after ERP request for GTI.

·        BSNL should confirm willingness in writing at least from executives who have opted for continuation of GTI scheme with such high premium of more than Rs. 50000.00. 

·        The renewal of GTI Scheme will be in March 2020 and all executives should take care for confirmation of GTI continuation of option with due care to avoid any such unwilling and forceful deduction in future.



SNEA MH wishes 

a Very Happy & Prosperous 

New Year 2020 to all.


 1 JAN 20: Grand, Most Fruitful and Highly Successful 8th Circle Conference of SNEA Maharashtra Circle at Mumbai:    {Report by Com. Sachin Sarode, ACS SNEA MH and CWC Member SNEA MH}: As per notice issued by Com. M. N. Kotambe, Circle Secretary SNEA MH Circle, 8th Circle Conference of SNEA Maharashtra was held at the Jam Packed, Conference Hall of office of CGMT MH Circle, Santacruz West Mumbai 400054 for two Days i.e. on 22nd and 23rd December, 2019.


·        Report for Day I: Delegate Session Date: 22nd December, 2019: On first Day, this Circle conference was attended by Com. Shankarlal Sharma Joint Secretary (West) SNEA CHQ,   Com. Padmanabha Rao, AGS SNEA CHQ, Com. Rajendra Kolapkar, AGS SNEA CHQ and entire team of COBs of SNEA MH Circle, CWC and CEC members and delegates from all the Districts of MH Circle.

·        Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH presided over the entire First day proceedings of the Circle Conference.

·        Proceedings of Day-I, on Sunday 22nd December 2019, started with the hoisting of association flag by the hands of Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH Circle at 1000 hrs and in the presence of hundreds of die-hard SNEA comrades from entire Maharashtra Circles with slogans of unity, SNEA Zindabad, BSNL Zindabad. Thereafter the Garlands were offered to the statutes of Chatrpati Shivaji Maharaj and Bharatratna Dr. Babashab Ambedkar by the hands of SNEA leaders. Thereafter all comrades assembled in the Conference Hall for proceedings of the 8th Circle Conference. 

·        After dais formation with Circle President along with CHQ and Circle leaders, the house observed two minutes silence in the memory of departed souls and mainly gave homage to Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao, the Veteran Leader and Life Time Hero of SNEA.

·        All the guest and leaders have inaugurated the Circle Conference with Deep prajwalan and offering garland to Photo of legend Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao.

·        All the guests were warmly welcomed by the active comrades of host branch SNEA Circle Office Mumbai. Host branch by using creative idea of Com Prayag Pisal, JS Pune SNEA MH, gave special welcome to all the Circle/CHQ leaders by offering pair of handkerchiefs and Chafa flowers. The host branch Circle Office Mumbai gave warm welcome to each and every delegate and observer with handkerchiefs and Chafa flowers thereby giving special fragrance to the Circle Conference. 

·        Com. Ankit Gangar, DS SNEA Mumbai, from the host branch, in his welcome speech gave heartiest and warm welcome to all the CHQ/Circle leaders, delegates and observers attending the Circle Conference. He narrated that this Circle Conference being held at Economical capital of India has special importance in view of many of the officers opting for VRS 2019 and fear in the minds of executives about survival of BSNL in post VRS period. He informed the august gathering about the all out efforts taken by the host branch for smooth deliberations and comfortable stay arrangements of the delegates. He also updated house in brief the activities going on in SNEA Mumbai and how young comrades are being enrolled in SNEA Mumbai as members and leaders. House acknowledged and appreciated the very good efforts of his team.

·        Com. Bharat Sonawane Circle President SNEA MH in his opening remark has appealed house to utilize the time of house in concrete discussions and discussions on issues before VRS and after VRS. He appealed all to have peaceful discussions and assured that all will be given sufficient time for discussions, but everybody should follow time discipline and avoid repetition of the issues.

·        Thereafter, Com. Ankit Gangar, DS SNEA Mumbai handed over the Dias and the august house to Com. Bharat Sonawane, Circle President for further proceedings. Com President put forth the agenda of the Conference in front of house. He read out the agenda for the both days proceedings of circle conference and the house passed it with undoubted majority. Agenda  <<<>>>

·        Com. M. N. Kotambe, CS SNEA MH submitted house the report of activities he has carried out as CS SNEA MH. He gave special thanks to the host branch of SNEA Mumbai for coming forward and taking very good efforts for arrangements of circle conference. He further informed the house about the vindictive actions taken by then CGMT MH on various leaders of SNEA MH Circle and expressed disappointments over direct and indirect support of GS SNEA to then CGMT MH him instead of supporting SNEA MH. He stated that present leadership of GS SNEA CHQ is lacking maturity and did not come forward to settle the issues, instead supported to make it further complicated. Stating his responsibility as care taking CS, he briefed house about the developments during his tenure. He expressed his gratitude towards entire SNEA MH for their support during his tenure. He also made it very clear that even after post VRS scenario SNEA will remain the only majority association with huge margin as compared with any other  second association. Coy of CS Report <<<>>>

·        Com. P N Patil , CT SNEA MH presented his treasurer’s report and updated the house about delay in receiving funds from CHQ which was the basic reason to delay in disbursing the district quota of many of Districts. He expressed in favor of three level distributions of membership quotas so that SSAs as well as Circle may receive funds on time. Few delegates raised queries and doubts about the information provided in the report and same were replied to the total satisfaction of house and thereafter the report submitted by CT SNEA MH was unanimously approved by the house with thundering claps.

·        By the time above proceedings were completed it was 1430 Hrs. and time for lunch break. After lunch break COB reports were started at about 1530 hrs and it was turn of address by COBs and CWC members.

·        Com. Sachin Sarode, ACS SNEA MH in his address said, the agenda of development which was the key agenda of SNEA on any platform is seems to be derailed due to various internal and external dispute. So ignoring all the internal differences of opinion now in the wake of restructuring in BSNL in post-VRS scenario, he appealed that SNEA leaders needs to get united and set an example by showing correct path toward progress to all SNEA comrades. Considering huge fall in overall executive strength in various SSAs of MH Circle he appealed to have rationalization of the available strength with at least minimum justified executive strength in any SSA so that it will be possible to maintain huge assets everywhere. Updating the house about the key importance of CFA sector which is earning about 55% of total revenue at present, he said more attention of Circle management is needed towards replacement of staff outgoing due to VRS and parallel staff must be placed so that knowledge and resources may get handed over to substitute staff well in time. He added, new concepts like BHARAT AIR FIBRE may be launched and deployed speedily and market share for internet services may be increased. He gave best wishes for the election of new Circle body of SNEA MH and appealed for unanimous selection.

·        Com. Prayag Pisal, Joint Secretary Pune, SNEA MH in his address said that VRS was absolutely not required as the HR strength is not the reason for BSNL’s negative growth but only 6000 to 8000 Crores of Rupees were enough to clear the outstanding towards various requirements of BSNL and the smooth run of the services. He appealed VRS optees to invest in BSNL, be a TIP or BEOP franchisee and earn for both BSNL and self. HE also stressed to settle “wrongly opted” GTI cases of 50 plus years staff.

·        Com. S. C. Vete, CWC Member SNEA MH, while expressing concerns over the working of central headquarters said the discussed and passed resolutions in CWC meetings are different and are not followed in true spirit. As VRS is opted by huge number of executives very unwillingly, association needs to take good efforts and the house must pass the resolution that those who have opted for VRS and are in the age group of 50 to 53 years must be brought back to BSNL rejecting their VRS options. He opined that now there is no significance of CPSUCH and legal case in this regard is superfluous. He also opined for unanimous selection of new circle body.

·        Com. Sanjay Dhok, CWC Member SNEA MH commenting on VRS blamed CHQ that it is not educating people about whether to opt or not to opt for VRS. Eleventh hour appeal of GS for taking back the VRS was disappointing and hence BSNL has lost a huge skilled technical staff. While commenting on post VRS staff requirements, he said minimum displacements are needed.

·        Com. S. N. Pawar, Joint Secretary, North SNEA MH  said private companies like Idea-Vodafone, Airtel are also making huge losses and hence big staff strength of BSNL is not the root cause of fall in BSNL revenue but the overall telecom policy of the Government is responsible for such turmoil in telecom sector. He appealed association to take up all these logical issues with BSNL management very strongly and shown his concerns for internal unity.

·        After the reports of various COBs house proceeded towards dissolving existing circle body and electing new set of SNEA office bearers.

·        Before dissolution of existing Circle Body, discussions held for finalization of structure of Circle Body of 13 members as Circle Office Bearers and Sevens CWC Members. New structure of Circle body was finalized by the approval of house and elections officers/observers were nominated.

·         Com. P. C. Ramteke, VP SNEA MH was nominated as Election officer and Com. Tanaji B. Gandhwale, CEC Member, SNEA Kolhapur was nominated as Assistant Election Officer for entire election proceedings. The existing Circle body was dissolved at 5:30PM.

·        Com. M .N. Kotambe, Com. Sudhakar Bhise and Com Hrushikesk Kesale were declared elected unopposed respectively for the post of Asst Circle Secretary –I, Joint Secretary West and Joint Secretary Account Finance.

·        In the election process which continued throughout the night, the panel led by Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH, won the election with thumping majority. The following office Bearers were elected for period of next Three years 2020-2023. 


Post Elected


Desgn & Office


Circle President

Com. B. S. Sonawane

SDE Akurdi % PGMT Pune


Vice President

Com. Sanjay Dhok

SDE Ext %  PGMT Amravati


Circle Secretary

Com. M. S. Adasul 

AGM Mktg CFA %CGMT Mumbai


Asst. Circle Secretary I

Com. M. N. Kotambe

DE Ext Kalyan % PGMT Kalyan


Asst. Circle Secretary II

Com. Amit Kulkarni

JTO Mob Mtce % GMT Jalgaon


Circle Treasurer  

Com. H. N. Tipre

AGM EB % GMT Nagpur


Joint Secretary HQ

Com. Rupesh Kumar



Joint Secretary C&E

Com. Abhay Kesarkar

JTO Elect % CGMT MH Mumbai


Joint Secretary East

Com. Anirudh Kulkarni



Joint Secretary West

Com. S. R. Bhise

SDE Mobile % TDM Sindhudurg


Joint Secretary South

Com. Prayag Pisal



Joint Secretary North

Com. D. R. Bagul

JTO % GMT Dhule


Joint Secretary A&F

Com. Hrushikesh Kesale

AO TR & CMTS  % GMT Jalgaon

Apart from this, the following officer Bearers are elected as CWC Members, who will represent SNEA MH in CWC meetings by SNEA CHQ.


Post Elected


Office of the


CWC Member – I

Com. Sachin Sarode

SDE BB & NIB % GMT Chandrapur


CWC Member – II

Com. Kishor Kapghate

JTO S&M % TDM Gadchiroli


CWC Member –III

Com. V. G. Khiratkar

SDE Mobile % GM NWO CM Nagpur


CWC Member –IV

Com. Tejas Tadsare



CWC Member –V

Com. Sunil Shinde

JTO OFC % PGMT Kolhapur


CWC Member –VI

Com. S. P. Sonawane



CWC Member –VII

Com. Shailendra Solanki


Thereafter, Com. Shankarlal Sharma, Joint Secretary West SNEA CHQ gave the oath of allegiance to all the newly elected office Bearers of SNEA MH at 0700 hrs and proceedings of first day completed at 0715 hrs of second day morning.

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