Last updated on 30 APR 20


30 APR 20:   SNEA MH Circle congratulates,  Com. B. G. Turup, DGM Mumbai   Com. G .K. Gawali, DGM Pune, Com. Mrs. J. M. Mahajan, AGM Pune, Com. D. S. Karape, SDE Kolhapur and  Com. Mrs. Janavhi Surwase, JTO Pune on their peaceful Superannuation Retirement  after completion of long & highly successful service in DoT/BSNL.

·        Com. B. G. Turup, DGM EB Platinum, CO Mumbai {Mob 9422968422} has joined duties in DoT as JE Goa in 1984 worked there for 3 years in Goa. On promotion as JTO, he was posted as JTO Gr and Trunk Shrirampur in Ahmednagar SSA and on SDE promotion; he was posted as SDE Plg Ahmednagar , SDE Udgir in Latur SSA, as SDE MKtg & EB Osmanabad SSA. On his AGM promotion, he was posted as AGM HR & Admn, Circle Office, Mumbai and later as AGM EB Platinum Mumbai then eventually was promoted to DGM EB Platinum Mumbai worked on the post till last day of retirement. During his posting in EB Platinum Unit, Com. Turup has played leading role in achieving Stage 4 Business target of EB Platinum Unit of Rs 734 Crores. During his service in Ahmednagar, he has completed his LLB Degree and during his service in Latur, he has completed his MBA in Marketing and has always proved his excellence. He is die-hard member of SNEA and has always taken part in all association activities. He is known for his smiling face and helping nature and has established very good personal relations during his long and devoted services in DoT and BSNL and is retiring on superannuation after completion of 36 years of his highly successful services.

·        Com G .K. Gawali, DGM Admn Pune {Mob 9422968111} started his carrier in the Year 1984 as JE in P&T Goa SSA. He was promoted as a JTO and worked in different fields such as wireless, C-DOT, Cables, Group in Jalna SSA and Nilanga in Latur SSA. As a SDE worked in Osmanabad &Latur SSA for several years. He was promoted as DE and was posted in Pune SSA. During his tenure as DE, he worked as DE Daund and thereafter he was posted as DE Satara Road. On his DGM promotion, he was posted in as DGM Admn Pune he has handled difficult task including VRS -2019 for Pune SSA. He had played a major contribution with great efforts in completing all the activities and process for BSNL VRS 2019. As DGM Admn Pune, he was very cooperative with all Association and Unions and played significant role in maintaining employee’s welfare. He is very sincere, dedicated, hardworking, kind and respectful to all. He is very active member of SNEA since long and always supported SNEA activities to best possible extent. On completion of 36 years of highly successful services in DoT and BSNL, he is retiring from BSNL on superannuation of services and he was devotedly working till last day of service as DGM Admn Pune.

·        Com. Mrs. J. M. Mahajan, AGM Pune {Mob 9422321199} has started her carrier as JTO in Pune SSA and she had worked as JTO and SDE in Pune SSA in various technologies such as OCB and EWSD in Warje, Kothrud and MKR. On SDE promotions, she had efficiently maintained MKR EWSD/OCB main exchange and connected RSUs. She had taken special efforts for rehabilitation works of Kothrud exchange. On her request, she was posted in Ahmednagar SSA and worked in planning section. She was promoted as AGM Regular and later on posted back to Pune SSA on completion of her tenure. She was very sincere, hardworking and dedicated to her work. She is die-hard member of SNEA and took part in overall activities of SNEA. On completion of total 27 years of highly successful services in DoT as well as BSNL, she has happily opted for VRS in this month. 

·        Com. D. S. Karape, SDE EB Kolhapur {Mob 9423861300} has started his career as operator and later promoted as RSA and subsequently as JTO. He worked on various sections in Kolhapur and Sindhudurg division. He is really a hard and punctual officer and his contribution in each cadre is remarkable and excellent. He proved his extra ordinary ability during Parikh bridge cable theft and restored the services in record break short time. In recent days in EB section, he came in limelight in entire Maharashtra by achieving the targets more than double He was always a guiding force in day today activities and many important events. He is one of the most popular officers among all the staff and best known for his cooperativeness. He has rendered services as Director BSNL Karmachari Credit Society Kolhapur since 1995 to 2000 which itself speaks his popular quality and sincerity among all our staff in three Districts and during his five continuous five tenures he has streamlined many things in credit society which will be remembered for long time. Since beginning, he is devoted member of SNEA and has participated actively in overall association activities of SNEA Kolhapur. On completion of 36 years of highly successful services in DoT and BSNL, he is retiring on superannuation of services by rendering devoted services till last day of his retirement as SDE EB Kolhapur.

·        Com. Mrs. Janavhi Surwase, JTO Trans Pune {Mob 9403100162} joined BSNL as TTA in the year 2008. She worked in NIB and Anandnagar Exchange and on JTO promotion; she was posted in Transmission MKR Exchange and continued in same section till today. She was sincere and dedicated to her work. She has been very active member of SNEA and supported SNEA Pune in every association activity. Due to her personal reason, she has opted for Voluntary Retirement from this month.

On this important day of the life of these stalwart Comrades of SNEA retiring in this month, SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com. B. G. Turup, Com G .K. Gawali, Com. Mrs. J. M. Mahajan, Com. D. S. Karape and Com. Mrs. Janavhi Surwase towards BSNL & SNEA and on behalf of thousands of comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle we wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.


30 APR 20:  AD Staff A Mumbai issued order for  Looking After arrangements for  AGM NOFN Mumbai to fill up post vacant since VRS 2019. Letter <<<>>>

·        There are many such post of DGM, AGM and SDEs vacant in many of the offices after implementation of VRS.

·        SNEA MH has already taken up matter with CGMT MH, who has assured to give consideration to all issues in general for all after receipt of manpower plan, which is under preparations by BSNL Corporate Office and expected at any time in this month.


30 APR 20:  AD Staff B Mumbai issued transfer order of JTO at own cost and request from Bhandara SSA to WTR Gadchiroli to meet shortage in WTR Gadchiroli. Letter <<<>>>


30 APR 20:  AD Staff B Mumbai issued transfer order of JTO from Nanded Mobile to Nanded TD. Letter <<<>>>

·        This is in continuation of decision by CGMT MH to release all officers in Mobile wing to SSAs where no MSC switch is installed and not having sufficient works to justify such special posting only for mobile issues.

·        Hopefully, all such officers if spare will be utilized to meet shortage in field units after VRS 2019.  


30 APR 20:  AD Staff A Mumbai calls for willingness among JEs in Akola SSA for posting on vacant post of JEs in WTR Akola. Letter <<<>>>

·        Though willingness is called from JEs in Akola SSA, willing JEs from other SSA having excess manpower may apply for same as chances of such posting are more in case no desired willingness is received from JEs from Akola SSA.

·        The willingness is to be submitted by email on latest by 04/05/2020.


30 APR 20:  AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders for shifting of charge of BA Head Nanded from GMT Aurangabad to GMT Nagpur with immediate effect. Letter <<<>>>

·        The post of BA Head Nanded is always neglected since its creation as no any senior GM level officer is willing to work at Nanded.

·        Now also this post is vacant for months together and show is being managed by handing over charge to GMs at nearby BA.

·        BSNL CO has posted new GM for Nanded SSA, but he could not join due to lock down and many of works of BA Nanded covering Parbhani and Latur SSA are held up. 

·        This is temporary arrangements to streamline the pending works of Nanded BA till regular and separate BA Head joins as BA Head Nanded.


30 APR 20:  DGM NWP BB BSNL CO issued certain clarifications on FTTH provisions through TIPs on the queries raised by some Circles.   Letter <<<>>>

·        As per this letter, it is proposed to put limit to the revenue share of TIPs on the bill amount of customer exceeding Rs 1000 per month and revenue above this amount will be shared in reduced percentage.

·        There is already reluctance in TIPs who have invested good amount and not getting desired returns due to different reasons on their part as well as part of BSNL and such decision will definitely affect the FTTH business of BSNL.

·        All DS, COBs, and SNEA activists are requested to discuss this issue with concerned officers and experts in this filed and convey the feedback by email on so that if required matter could be taken up suitably.


30 APR 20:  Director HR BSNL Board will be holding additional charge of Director EB BSNL Board for period of three months or joining of regular incumbent whichever is earlier.  Letter <<<>>>


30 APR 20:   GM Fin CFA BSNL CO writes to CGM ITPC and IFAs of Circles for third  deferment of DNP (disconnection for non-payment) due to lockdown for COVID-19 both for outgoing barring and incoming barring, in respect of outstanding BSNL postpaid bills for CFA vertical and now it is extended from earlier 27/04/2020 to 05/05/2020.   Letter   <<<>>>


30 APR 20:   GM Fin CM BSNL CO writes to all Circle IFAs and Nodal Zonal GMs for third deferment of DNP (disconnection for non-payment) due to lockdown for COVID-19 both for outgoing barring and incoming barring, in respect of outstanding BSNL postpaid bills for CM vertical and now it is extended from earlier 27/04/2020 to 05/05/2020.  Letter   <<<>>>


30 APR 20:   DM T&C BSNL CO issued orders for enhancement of bandwidth under old existing Broadband Plans as inactive for new customers.  Letter   <<<>>>


30 APR 20:   AD Admn Mumbai issued orders conveying arrangements for extension of BSNL impanelled hospitals in Maharashtra Circle.  Letter   <<<>>>



27 APR 20:  SNEA Maharashtra starts Association Meetings on Digital platform: Due to COVID 19, there is lockdown implemented all over India and hence it is not possible to conduct due CEC meeting on Association platform by physical attendance by all leaders as well as similar meeting on official platform.

·        About all works of office and different trainings are being completed/conducted through online meetings through zoom or through CISCO platform. The CWC Meeting by SNEA CHQ was scheduled on 22/23 April 20 was postponed due to lockdown and SNEA MH also could not conduct its CEC meeting before this proposed CWC Meeting.

·        However, the young and energetic comrades of SNEA MH came forward with the proposal to conduct online meeting on zoom platform to discuss different issued being faced by the executives working in different corners of Maharashtra Circle.

·        As per the constitution amendment in AIC Ludhiana, the online meetings are now officially permitted and SNEA MH stands first among all Unions and Association and among SNEA allover India to use this online platform for Association meetings and its entire credit goes to young and energetic comrades of SNEA Maharashtra who initiated and moved this idea successfully.

·        For testing the idea of online meeting, the  first meeting of COBs and CWC Members of SNEA MH was conducted on 04/04/2020 on zoom platform and we have about two hours discussions on current issues and problems faced by our comrades. The issues reported by different COBs and CWC Members were taken up with CGMT MH for its solution and CGMT MH was kind enough to resolve the issues in favour of executives working in filed units.

·        After grand success of first online COB and CWC Members meeting on 04/04/2020, we have decided to move ahead with such online meeting with all 34 District Secretaries of SNEA Maharashtra. Some of issues were reported during zoom meeting and also there were some news about misuse of data by zoom, SNEAMH decided to conduct meeting with CISCO platform.

·        Accordingly, online meeting of all District Secretaries, Circle Office Bearers, and Central Working Committee members was successfully held for five hours on 22/04/2020. This meeting was attended by about all District Secretaries, COBs, and CWC Members and was presided over by Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH.

·        The meeting started at 1730 hrs concluded at 2230 hrs late evening after sharing views by all District Secretaries, COBs, and CWC Members. Some of District Secretaries could not attend this meeting due to personal reasons and few for technical issues in joining meeting. This was nonstop meeting for Five hours and it was wonderful experience for SNEA leaders to have face to face interaction and sharing of views with each other during total lockdown period being strictly implemented throughout Maharashtra Circle. Though it was totally, new experience on platform of association all our comrades took active part in it and continued discussions continuously for five hours and again proved that SNEA MH has its own high standards and ways to come out of any situation and SNEA can find solution for every problem.

·        This new idea of Discussions through VC has been highly accepted by all and it has given way to majority of our issues during total lockdown period due to pandemic COVID 19. 

·        SNEA MH has got new idea of instant meeting and discussions with no  expenditure and we  will continue to explorer this idea and in days to come we will continue to get use this online VC tool more effectively

·        We are extremely sorry this time we could not add CEC Members in this online meeting, but next time we will also add CEC Members in all such Circle level online meetings.   

·        SNEA Maharashtra conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to all the DSs, COBs and CWC Members who attended this meeting and made it grand success by their active participation.  

·        SNEA MH conveys special thanks to Com Ashok Paspule, DS SNEA ITPC Pune and Com Sagar Mate, ADS SNEA Mumbai who have taken lot of initiatives and pains for making these online meetings successful.

·        Report submitted by District Secretaries <<<>>>


27 APR 20:  SDE P&A Civil Mumbai issued orders granting immunity to Com. V. B. Awtade SDE Civil Solapur and ADS SNEA Solapur.   Letter <<<>>>

·        This request for grant of immunity was pursued by Com. Prashant Kawade, DS SNEA Solapur and Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS CE SNEA MH.

·        SNEA MH conveys thanks to Shri. Kumar Manoj, CE Civil Mumbai, and Shri. Manoj Kumar Mishra, CGMT MH for giving consideration of immunity request by Com. V. B. Awatade on his untimely transfer to Mumbai.



27 APR 20:  AD Staff B Mumbai issued transfer order of Com. V. N. Baitulla JTO Nandurbar Dhule to Parbhani SSA on his request transfer as Parbhani SSA is having acute shortage of executives after VRS. Letter <<<>>>

·        Management is given consideration of such requests one by one from SSAs having excess executives to SSAs having acute shortage of Executives and any such request by any such officer not given consideration may be brought to the notice of DS SNEA concerned. SNEA MH will pursue for its consideration, which will solve the purpose of BSNL as well as that of individual executives.

·        For consideration of all normal requests from Tenure as well as Non-tenure stations, SNEA MH is pursuing with CGMT MH Circle and he has assured to given consideration for all such transfers after finalization of SSA wise Staff norms by BSNL CO.

·        The work of finalization of Staffing Norms is going on at BSNL CO since before implementation of VRS, and same is reported at final stage and expected in Month of May 2020.

·        Also, there is ban by BSNL Corporate office on any type of transfers by SSAs/Circle except such exceptional cases having relevance on both the part as BSNL as well as individual. .

·        CGMT MH has informed that once the staffing norms are finalized by BSNL CO, all the request transfers from tenure /Non Tenure to requested SSAs and equalization of staff shortage among SSAs will be taken care. Let us hope for best


 27 APR 20:  AD Staff A Mumbai allows online joining of JAO under transfer from Raigad SSA to Beed SSA either via email or via any other electronic mode with immediate effect. Letter <<<>>>

·        The official was relieved through ERP 10/03/2020 and has not joined Beed SSA and now unable to join physically now due to lockdown period and intervening period is to be settled by SSA.

·        This one more facility granted by BSNL for online joining in view of Pandemic COVID 19 and lockdown thereof and official would continue to work from Home after joining duties online.


27 APR 20:  CGMT MH Circle approves special committee of certain Vertical Heads, DGM Fin Mumbai and  GM Raigad  for expediting tendering processes, submitting online documents and transparency in tendering procedure and committee is directed to submit report within Ten days.  Letter <<<>>>


27 APR 20:  CGMT MH Circle writes SSA/BA Heads for Mission Mode targets for provision of new FTTH connections with target of One FTTH connection per OLT per day.  Letter <<<>>>


27 APR 20:  AGM Estt Mumbai endorsed the list of online trainings being conducted by RTTC Pune during this week from 27/04/2020 to 02/05/2020. Letter <<<>>>

·        Due to prolonged lockdown period, such online trainings on Zoom are initiated by different training centers and RTTC Pune is also conducting such on line trainings. The trainings by RTTC Pune, RTCC Nagpur, and ALTTC Ghaziabad are very useful for day to day office and personal life.

·        One can join these training from Laptop, Desktop and even from mobile itself and attend it even while on moving or on site. 

·        SNEA MH appeals all Comrades who are locked in home and Working from Home to attend these trainings as it will be best utilization of time and we will upgrade ourselves to better extent with some latest technologies and well as administrative ideas. 


27 APR 20:  GM S&M CM Mumbai issued BA wise monthly primary Prepaid SIM Sale target for year 2020-21. Letter <<<>>>


27 APR 20:  GM Sales CM BSNL CO writes CGM ITPC Pune conveying approval of proposal for accepting partial bill payment in CBP Wallet with certain conditions. Letter <<<>>>


27 APR 20:  AGM Taxation BSNL CO writes all Circle/Unit Heads  extending date of calling of option for new personal taxation regime by individual employees of BSNL of reduced tax rates with no exemptions or deductions  or setoff of loss applicable for AY 2021-22 from earlier 28/04/2020 to 31/05/2020. Letter <<<>>>  Earlier Letter <<<>>>


27 APR 20:  AGM Infra sales BSNL CO writes all Circle Heads now filling of  diesel in BSNL BTS from Reliance Jio Petro cards at par with rent of landlord and electricity being paid by Reliance Jio for BSNL sites with Reliance Jio.   Letter <<<>>>

·        Though it seems to be good that BSNL site will be on, practically it is not solution in favour of BSNL, but it is indirect support to Reliance services.

·        With such arrangements the BTS site shared with Reliance Jio will be on customers of R Jio as well as BSNL may get services from this BTS site.

·        However, the BSNL sites fully owned by BSNL in vicinity of such sites will be down and customers depending only on BSNL or purely BSNL customers will not get services and image will be created that BSNL is not maintaining its services properly.

·        Already there is much comparison going on between BSNL and R Jio and such decisions on part of BSNL are directly affecting image of BSNL.

·        IN Maharashtra Circle, BTS Mtce is being done through vendors and one site BSNL will continue to pay vendors for Mtce charges even though some BTSs are down due to Electricity/Rent/Diesel payments and at the same time, R Jio will continue to provide its services without any hurdle.

·        Instead of such temporary solutions, BSNL has to think on permanent solutions by releasing vendor payments, which will be real action in keeping all BTS of BSNL regardless of its sharing with any other operator including R Jio.   


27 APR 20:  GM Fin CFA BSNLCO issued orders for centralization of different TR activities centrally at BSNL Circle Offices and this letter clarifies which are TR activities to be centralized at Circle level and which are activities to be taken care by at BA/ SSA level. Letter <<<>>>


20 APR 20:  DGM Admn Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter with revised instructions for Operation & Maintenance and functioning of the Administrative Offices during extended lockdown period from 20/04/2020 to 03/05/2020. Letter <<<>>>

·        In this endorsement order, one more clarification is added that Executives below E5 level, who are assigned the duties /responsibilities of E5 and above, shall also attend the office on all working days.

·        The situation in many of the Districts in Maharashtra State and particularly in Pune and Mumbai is not good to start working by attending offices by all officers even that of E5 and above level.

·        There is no public Transportation available and if anyone who is leaving home with own vehicles without passes for Emergency services is also being issued notice by Police department for violation of lockdown conditions. 

·        In fact, it is seen that the Police and state Government has decided to enforce the lockdown more stringently and in Pune area orders have been issued for total lockdown of all establishments except medical shops and it is difficult to attend offices in all such areas declared as Red Zone in Maharashtra Circle. 

·        This is not normal situation and we must understand its seriousness. The life of every one leaving home at Pune and Mumbai and some other Districts is at risk and hence all will have to take care and support Government by seating at home until there are no emergency duties.

·        Hence, all the officers and Staff in Red Zone Area will have to take care by all possible means and avoid leaving home except it is emergency condition of maintaining Telecom services. 

·        In case of emergency, if anyone leaves home then he/she should take total precautions of safety for self and the staff under his control.

·        But, at same time, no one should not avoid Emergency duties for maintenance of emergency Telecom Services under any unwanted fear factor.

·        The Officials and Officers in the Districts where there is relaxation in restriction of movements may attend the offices by following these revised guidelines issued for extended lockdown period up to 03/05/2020.

·        SNEA MH appeals all comrades to take at most care of self and the staff and contract workers working under their control by arranging all safety equipment, requirements for sanitization and cleanliness  in best possible manner along with passed issued by concerned  Government Authorities to run Emergency services. 

20 APR 20:   The long stay list of SDEs and AGMs/DEs working in Maharashtra Circle are being circulated on different what’s groups and many of the comrades have raised queries about it. List of AGMs/DEs <<<>>>   List of SDEs <<<>>>

·        In this regards, SNEA MH has taken updates and it is to inform that these are not official lists published by Staff section of Circle Office Mumbai or by BSNL Corporate office.

·        But from the content of these Excel files it is clear that this data is authentic as someone having access to ERP has recently extracted data from the ERP and it is being taking rounds on What’s App and both the list seems to have updated stay particulars as per data available in ERP.

·        Though it are not long stay list officially published either by Corporate Office or by Maharashtra Circle,  all the comrades may take note of it and check for correctness of their stay particulars within the Circle.

·        BSNL Corporate Office and Maharashtra Circle have already issued orders for updating the data of stay particulars by SSAs and Circles by giving detail guidelines and it is opportunity to all individuals to update stay particulars and get it corrected before issuing any transfer order to avoid hardship All India transfers on Circle long stay basis.

·        As per the order by BSNL CO, henceforth no long stay lists will be called from Circles by BSNL Corporate Office and the data of stay particulars required for Transfers from Non-tenure to All India tenure Stations as substitute to tenure completed SDEs/AGMs/DEs will be extracted from ERP system and transfer orders will be issued accordingly. Letter   <<<>>>

·        While endorsing these guidelines by BSNL Corporate Office, Maharashtra Circle has given detailed guidelines for updating Stay particulars by all SSA/BA Heads in Time Bound manner. Letter   <<<>>>

·        All concerned officers and District Secretaries of concerned SSA are requested to check for Stay particulars of all the comrades and if there is any correction/modification in the stay particulars of any officer in SDE, DE/AGM cadre, same may be pursued with SSA Administration for getting updated to have correct stay particulars of all. 


20 APR 20:  AGM Estt-I BSNL CO issued revised instructions for Operation & Maintenance and functioning of the Administrative Offices during extended lockdown period from 20/04/2020 to 03/05/2020. Letter <<<>>>

·        Operation of utilities for providing telecommunication and internet services shall remain functional and all the field offices /units of BSNL dealing with operations and maintenance of telecommunication service, including CSCs, shall remain fully functional.

·        CGM’s are authorized to take decision for allowing work from home or remote access support, as the case may be depending upon  the state/local administration instructions issued for particular state/area, containment zones etc.,

·        In All Circle offices of BSNL, and BSNL Corporate Office, all the executives of E5 and above level shall attend office on all working days. The remaining staff, the attendance shall be 33% of the strength strictly as per requirement. The details of staff roasters shall be decided by the respective unit heads.

·        Ensure proper cleaning and frequent sanitization of the workplace, particularly of the frequently touched surfaces.

·        Ensure regular supply of hand sanitizers, soap, and running water in washrooms.

·        All officials may be advised to take care of their own health and look out for respiratory symptoms /fever and, if feeling unwell, should leave the workplace immediately after informing their reporting officers.

·        The leave sanctioning authorities are advised to sanction leave whenever any request is made for self-quarantine as a precautionary measure.

·        It is further emphasized that all officers and employees attending office during the lockdown period strictly comply with social distancing norms and all extant COVID- 19 prevention guidelines issued by the respective Government Departments/Agencies from time-to-time.


 20 APR 20:  Govt of India Guidelines for Home Quarantine <<<>>>


 20 APR 20:  Consolidated revised Guidelines on measures to be taken by different authorities for containment of COVID-19 in the country. Part I <<<>>>     Part II <<<>>>        Part III <<<>>>


16 APR 20:  AO F&A Mumbai writes to all Officers and officials in Circle Office Mumbai for voluntary contribution of one day Salary to PM Cares fund and submission of written unwillingness thereof if any. Letter <<<>>>

·        It is requested to contribute one day Salary to PM Cares fund as per letter from BSNL CO to strengthen the fight against COVID 19, which will be deducted from Salary of April 2020

·        As this is voluntary contribution, any of the officer or official is unwilling for this contribution, will have to submit written unwillingness by email on latest by 20/04/2020 otherwise, it will be deducted for all.

·        Though this is letter only for Circle Office, same procedure can be adopted by the officers and officials working in other units/SSAs and submit their unwillingness in similar manner or give indirect consent for deduction of one day salary for PM cares fund without submission of such unwillingness.


16 APR 20:  AGM Estt-I BSNL CO issued orders for voluntary contribution of one-day salary by the Employees of BSNL in PM CARES FUND in view of the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in India. Letter <<<>>>

·        It is proposed to voluntarily contribute one day Salary (Basic plus DA) by all Executives and Non-Executives of BSNL to PM CARES FUND from Salary of April 2020.

·        This contribution is purely voluntary, those employees who do not wish to contribute may intimate their unwillingness to the respective DDOs in writing before 25.04.2020 The payment of the consolidated amount of contribution to the PM CARES Fund shall be made centrally by BSNL Corporate office

·        This contribution will be 100% exempted under  80 G of Income Tax Act benefits


16 APR 20:  Director PSA DoT issued order moving one more step towards merger of BSNL and MTNL as Shri. P. K. Purwar, CMD BSNL is given additional charge of CMD MTNL for period of six months or till further orders without any remuneration. Letter <<<>>>


16 APR 20:   GM Fin CFA BSNL CO writes to CGMs and IFAs of Circles for second deferment of DNP (disconnection for non-payment) due to lockdown for COVID-19 both for outgoing barring and incoming barring, in respect of outstanding BSNL postpaid bills for CFA vertical and now it is extended from current 16/04/2020 to 27/04/2020.   Letter   <<<>>>


16 APR 20:  AGM EB MH Mumbai writes SSA/BA Heads about one more vendor   for IVRS based survey of the health condition of the Citizens in all SSAs of Maharashtra State through “Voice Blaster” Solution. Letter <<<>>>


16 APR 20:  GM Sales CM BSNL CO writes all Circle Heads requesting to implement all Corporate Office plans/STVs in letter and spirit by 30th April 2020 and emphasizes the importance of having uniform product offerings across Circles by offering simplified all India plans/STVs, as done by other TSPs . Letter <<<>>>





14 APR 20:  AD Admn B Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter declaring holiday on 129th Birthday of Bharatratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar on 14th April 2020. Letter <<<>>>


14 APR 20:  DGM Pers SM BSNL CO issued orders for cancellation of relieving orders in view of COVID 19 pandemic lockdown to mitigate hardship faced by the Officers under transfer on either promotions or Request or interest of service transfers.  Letter <<<>>>

Important Points covered in this order are:

·        Transfer and posting orders involving change of station are to be issued by any Circle/Unit during lock down period.

·        No Employee/Officer under transfer to other station shall be relived from existing station/Circle during lockdown period.

·        The relieving orders which are not implemented due to lockdown due to pandemic COVID 19 are to be cancelled and officer concerned is to be retained at the original post if vacant and if post is filled in by new incumbent then the retained officer is to be adjusted at any other vacant post.

·        All these officers retained in this manner will be relieved after end of seven days of lockdown period.

·        The intervening period from start of lockdown to date of restoration is to be treated as on duty and remaining period if any is to be regularized as leave. 

·        The Officers promoted and not joined new assignment are permitted to join on promotion in same Circle and location and will be relieved after end of seven days of lockdown period.


14 APR 20:  AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders for retention of Shri. D.R. Gode AGM/DE Ahmednagar under transfer to Goa SSA wherein he is retained in Ahmednagar SSA till 30/06/2020as recommended by PGMT Ahmednagar. Letter <<<>>>


14 APR 20:  AGM  EB MH Mumbai writes SSA/BA Heads conveying EB proposal for IVRS based survey of the health condition of the Citizens in all SSAs of Maharashtra State through “Voice Blaster” Solution by introducing the concept to the District Collectors /Governing bodies working for stopping spreading of Pandemic COVID 19. Letter <<<>>>


14 APR 20:  DGM TR Mumbai writes all IFAs in Maharashtra Circle for manual ringing to customers for digital payments by utilization of Gr C staff working from Home and to take action for maximum cash collection by 20/04/2020. Letter <<<>>>


14 APR 20:  AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders for involvement of Gr C Staff working from home in Maharashtra Circle for TR activities by dialing the customers for online payment awareness. Letter <<<>>>


14 APR 20:  GM Sales CM BSNL CO issued orders extension of e-Distributors agreement expiring during the period of 22/03/2020 to 30/04/2020 of for one month from the respective expiry date of agreement with same terms & conditions as previous agreement. Letter <<<>>>


14 APR 20:    BSNL CMTS Bulletin March 20  <<<>>>


13 APR 20:  AGM Estt BSNL CO writes all Circle and Administrative Heads to open the CSCs wherever possible with at least some skeletal staff either of BSNL own or outsourced after ensuring utmost precautions for safety of CSC staff and customers in CSCs in view of COVID 19 pandemic. Letter <<<>>>


13 APR 20:  GM NWP BB BSNL CO issued orders conveying modification in FTTH Policy for provisioning of FTTH Connections through TIPs with certain changes in Revenue share Model, making provision for provision of Lease Circuits through TIPs and with certain modification in the existing Terms and conditions of Standard agreement with TIPs safeguarding interest of BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


13 APR 20:  GM Fin CFA BSNL CO writes all Circle IFAs for manual ringing for digital payments due to lockdown for outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 and pursue to make on-line payment of regular as well as outstanding bills and to provide link of the on-line payment portal in SMS for convenience of BSNL customers to make hassle-free payment. Letter <<<>>>


13 APR 20:  AGM BW HR BSNL CO calls for information about JTO, SDE and EE in Civil wing as on 01/02/2020 for preparation of updated seniority list in JTO, SDE and EE Cadres after implementation of VRS 2019. Letter <<<>>>


11 APR 20:  Performance of Maharashtra Circle during FY 2019-20


FTTH   <<<>>>                                                 Landline and Broadband    <<<>>>

Revenue   <<<>>>                                            EB Gold     <<<>>>

SIM Sale   <<<>>>                                           OFC and OFC Equpts   <<<>>>


11 APR 20:  DGM CA BSNL CO conveys approval for extension of dates for clearing pending bookings for the FY 2019-20 wherein date of PO posting stands extended until 20/04/2020, date of SES/MIGO/MIRO posting stands extended until 22/04/2020 and date of ARV/ODN/SD Invoice Posting stands extended until 15/04/2020.Letter    <<<>>>   


11 APR 20:  GM Sales CM BSNL CO issued clarification for applicability of CAF & MNP Commission to RED Policy 2020. Letter <<<>>>


11 APR 20:  GM Sales CM BSNL CO issued clarification on discount/incentive in relation with CSC outsourcing. Letter <<<>>>


10 APR 20:  DGM Admn Mumbai endorsed BSNL Corporate Office letter calling Month wise data of Contract Workers working in BSNL who taking care of House Keeping, Security Guards, Repair/Maintenance and other works and this data is to be submitted urgently.  Letter <<<>>>  BSNL CO Letter <<<>>>

·        It is fact that the contract Workers are most neglected in BSNL as compared to other parties even though they are actual worriers working in the field units and now responsible working hands for all the Field officers.

·        It is unfortunate that many of these workers have served BSNL for decades, but their devotion and dedication is not yet recognized by BSNL and even their wages are not disbursed in time and they continue to exploit.

·        Earlier also the Contractors use to exploit these worker to some extent, but  since BSNL has not cleared payments of the Vendors against these contract workers for months together, these workers are facing hardship even in meeting their day to day requirements and needs.

·        It is fact that many of these Contract workers are working at Site even by overcoming the extreme Fear of COVID 19 pandemic.

·        Earlier contractors used to raise the bills regularly by paying EPF/GST, but even the amount paid against EPF/GST is also not released and some of them have received notice from concerned departments. Many contractors have not raised further bills even of these Contract Workers as they have short of money even to pay EPF or GST as actual and are waiting for clearance of at least some bills by BSNL.

·        BSNL is not clearing bills submitted and contractors are not submitting bills and as result of this held up cycle, in some of SSAs, these workers are not paid their wages for period of more than one year.

·        Though some of contractors are talking care of these contract workers to certain extent, many have raised hands and abandoned them from their responsibilities by pointing out fingers at BSNL. 

·        After VRS, BSNL has made sincere efforts to clear all dues and kin recent past bills of many vendors are cleared but till attention was not given to, the payments of these contract workers.

·        It is known fact that after VRS, there is mass reduction in workforce of BSNL and it was possible to fill the vacuum created to some extent with help of contract workers.

·        After persuasion by SNEA MH and by understanding the need, CGMT Maharashtra Circle has allotted certain fixed Number of EOIs/Contract workers to all SSAs. But many contractors have not supplied workers for want of funds and practically in many of SSAs; the availability of contract workers is as good as NIL. The concerned officers are managing some amount either from Pocket or from temporary Advances for clearing payments of few extreme urgent contract workers.

·         But it is fact that Temporary Advances are also not given as per requirement of field units and who is able to put his grievances to highest authorities of Maharashtra Circle, in such cases only Temporary Advances have been granted and are waiting for their turn which is not yet came.

·         Thus, fact is that these contract workers are not paid regularly even though their payments are just in few thousands.

·        Many of the District Secretaries and COBs of SNEA MH has raised this issue as they are practically  in touch with contract workers and are aware about their hardship and difficulties and also understand the importance of this manpower in BSNL  after mass VRS 2019.  

·        Recently, SNEA MH has held e-Meeting of COBs and CWC Members of SNEA MH through zoom and in that meeting about all COBs and CWC members have expressed concerned about it and matter was brought to notice of SNEA CHQ leaders.

·        Now, as per above letter, BSNL Corporate Office has called Month wise data of the number of workers engaged and outstanding payments for up to March 2020.

·        SNEA MH appeals all the DS and concerned officers in different SSAs to send this information without any delay so that funds are allotted By BSNL CO to release the payments to vendors.  

·        The vendors who have not submitted the bills may raise the bills by paying EPF amount as chances of release of all outstanding bills has increased to better extent and no vendor should miss opportunity of clearance of bills and payment of dues of these contract Workers.

·        It will be golden day for BSNL and all its workforce when the withheld wages of these contract workers will be paid by BSNL and in turn the contractors pays the wages to these contract workers.

·        This action of BSNL Corporate office has become ray of hope for all the contract workers. Let us hope that the outstanding wages of all Contract Workers will be released very shortly.


 10 APR 20:  GM CA & ERP BSNL CO writes to all CGMs giving instructions regarding Payment of VRS dues, its validation & Compliance thereof latest by 14/04/2020.  Letter <<<>>>   


10 APR 20:  DGM NWP CM BSNL CO writes to all CGMs for using BSNL CNMC App for monitoring performance of Mobile Network from their mobile 24 X 7 and also while on move.   Letter I <<<>>>   Manual <<<>>>      



10 APR 20:  CGMT MH Circle writes all BA/SSA Heads drawing their attention towards 400 plus BTS out of service for more than three days and instructing them to remove the outage in the higher slab on war footing so that the Circle can achieve the target of NIL pendency beyond 72 hours. Letter <<<>>>


10 APR 20:  CAO ERP Mumbai writes all IFAs of BA Heads for Manual clearing of temporary advance settlement through F-04. Letter    <<<>>>


10 APR 20:  GM Fin CFA BSNL CO writes to all CGMs and IFAs for Promotion of annual Plans of Landline, Broadband and FTTH Services in view of ongoing situation of lock down due to Corona pandemic crisis. Letter    <<<>>>


10 APR 20:  GM CDN BSNL CO informs all CGMs about creation of COVID 19 category by DoT under CPGRAM Portal and directs to look into complaints/ grievances booked under this category with Top Priority. Letter    <<<>>>


10 APR 20:  GM Sales CM BSNL CO writes to CGMs for Sale of BSNL pre-paid recharges and post-paid bill payments through Post Offices channel of Department of Post. Letter    <<<>>>


6 APR 20:  AD Staff A Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO instructions issued by BSNL CO along with procedure to be followed in ERP for updating stay particulars of SDE, DE  and DGM cadres in ERP and now last date for up gradation of Stay Particulars in ERP is 07/04/2020.  Letter   <<<>>>

SNEA MH appeals all individuals to check their stay particulars along with cadre details and carrier history in ERP and confirm its correctness or if wrong, then get it corrected because BSNL CO has already clarified that from 01/04/2020, the long stay data will be taken from ERP for issuing transfers. If data is not updated then individual member may have to suffer with untimely transfers on basis of wrong data. 


 6 APR 20:  AD Staff Mumbai issued orders for DGM LA arrangements in Finance wing wherein four AOs working as DGM LA are further given responsibility of DGM LA to fill up vacant post of DGMs in Maharashtra Circle.  Letter   <<<>>>

·        Actually, all these are Regular AOs and were working as CAO LA, but to fill up vacant post of DGMs and met acute shortage of DGMs, these AOs are given double looking After Arrangement i.e. as CAO in earlier order and now as DGM LA in this order. 

·        It is being propagated by many of the officers that VRS 2019 has not affected the working of BSNL but the fact is that it has directly affected working of BSNL and this is classic example of it.

·        After VRS, in Maharashtra Circle, no regular DGM is left in Account wing and only one CAO Regular is left throughout Maharashtra Circle after VRS 2019 and that CAO is working as only DGM LA in entire Maharashtra Circle.

·        Thus, many of AOs even after far junior are given responsibility of CAO to meet shortage of CAOs level IFAs in different SSAs on where it is as it is basis.

·        Some of SDEs are also given looking after DE and DGM responsibilities in some of SSAs.

·        It was being informed by Staff section that some guidelines on staffing norms are being issued for filling vacant post, but same are not yet issued and hence the emergent shortages are being fulfilled in such double looking after arrangements. 

·        In similar way it is required that all JTOs/JAOs can be given SDE responsibilities either under SDE Regular Promotions or LA Arrangements so that the BSNL works can be taken care by same officers with higher responsibilities and dual working among JTOs and SDE will be reduced. Rather it is need of time that BSNL takes initiatives for one time up gradation in all cadres to fill up vacancies created due to VRS 2019. 


 6 APR 20:  DGM Pers SM BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads for postponement of relieving of all officers under transfer and it is directed that no officer under transfer should be relived from his present station during lockdown period due to COVID 19 pandemic.  Letter   <<<>>>

Some of members have raised doubt on authenticity of this had written order. In this regards, it is to inform that DGM Pers SM BSNL CO Delhi is working from Home and he has issued this hand written order and it is authentic as uploaded on BSNL CO Intranet.


6 APR 20:  DGM Admn Mumbai issued fresh order modifying the earlier order issued by AGM Estt Mumbai before three days for reporting of SDE PG Mumbai along with staff of PG section to CE Civil Mumbai, and as per this order SDE PG Mumbai along with staff will directly report CGMT MH Circle.  Letter   <<<>>> Earlier Order   <<<>>>


 6 APR 20:  DPE issued orders for increase in IDA w.e.f.  01/04/2020 and now IDA will be paid @ 167.7%.  Letter   <<<>>>


6 APR 20:  DGM Pers SM BSNL CO writes to CGMT Gujarat and Assam Circles to fill up vacant post of PGM level SSA Heads at Ahmadabad and Johrat SSAs with local arrangements as the regular posting of these SSA Heads will take time due to COVID 19 Pandemic.  Letter   <<<>>>


 6 APR 20:  DoPT issued orders clarifying that Government Employees due for superannuation retirement on 31/03/2020 shall retire on same date irrespective of where they are working from Home or office.  Letter   <<<>>>


 6 APR 20:  DGM NWP CM Mumbai issued orders for approval of Special hired Vehicles for improvement of uptime of BTS in Raigad, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg and Parbhani SSAs.  Letter   <<<>>>


 3 APR 20:  CGMT MH Circle writes to BA/SSA Heads in Maharashtra Circle about maintenance of Telecom Services during difficult period of COVID 19.  Letter   <<<>>>

·        This letter clears unwanted fear created by letter issued by DGM Admn Mumbai directing all SSA/BA/Vertical Heads to all call officers/officials on duty during lockdown period and now matter is crystal clear for all.

·        Letter appeals all to prove capabilities as strategic organization during difficult period of COVID 19.

·        CGMT MH underlines difficulties of funds and shortage of staff by filed units and appreciates the efforts taken by SSAs in maintaining the uninterrupted Telecom services.  

·        CGMT directs BA/SSA Heads for keeping their morale high and reminds them about their duty to keep moral of their team members high.

·        Letter specially directs SSA/BA Heads for

·        To have mutual coordination with Local District Administration.

·        To give special attention to Telecom Services provided to all District Authorities involved in Essential   Services including Post and Banks.

·        To  ensure protection of contract labors,  staff and officers working in the filed units by ensuring availability of Sanitizers, Mask and gloves and if required sanitization of departmental vehicles also to be done

·        Underlines that the duties of the officers/officials working from Home are also important and makes it clear that whenever required they could be called on telephone.

·        Permits SSA/BA Heads to use duties of willing retired Officers/Officials whenever required. 

·        Permits the staff and officers for use of Personal vehicles  and they will be entitled for reimbursement as per BSNL Guidelines Copy <<>>>

·        In conclusion , CGMT MH finally appeals all to maintain our motto “Connecting India Faster”


 3 APR 20:  Director CM BSNL Board writes DO letter to all CGMs with analysis of SIM Sale Target of March 2020 and assigning new targets for APR 20 and FY 2020-21. Maharashtra Circle is given SIM Sale target of total 18 Lakh during FY 2021 and 90 Thousands during Month April 20. Letter   <<<>>>


3 APR 20:  GM CM Sales BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads Monitoring of daily recharges by subscribers and steps to be taken for maintaining IN revenue.  Letter   <<<>>>


3 APR 20:  GM CA BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads conveying Emergency plan for Closure of Accounts for the Financial Year 2019-20 and in view of COVID 19, the date for closure of Accounts of FY 2019-20 is extended up to 20/04/2020.  Letter   <<<>>>


3 APR 20:  DGM CA II BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads about payment of Gratuity to left out BSNL recruited VRS Optees.  Letter   <<<>>>



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