Last update 26 NOV 20:


26 NOV 20: AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders for Looking After Arrangements to fill vacant post in DGM Cadres and rearrangement in newly created Heads of Area Operations in AGM and DGM Cadre wherein some transfers orders at own cist as well as company cost are issued. Letter <<<>>>

·        This first step towards the consolidation of BAs and formation of Area Operations in place of earlier SSAs.

·        These posting are done as per the revised norms for posting in SSA/BA and accordingly more officers are posted in BA HQs.

·        At earlier stage , it was not decided to fill vacant post of DGMs in Mobile Pune and Circle Office, but finally it has been decided and post of DGMs are filled in.

·        The working of all SSAs will be changes as Area Operation Offices controlled by BA Heads at BA HQ and some of SSAs will be headed by DGM level Officers and some of SSAs will be headed by AGM level Officers.

·        As per guidelines on subject seniors are retained in same SSA and other eligible but junior AGMs within SSA are transferred out of SSA.

·        In case of any refusal, fresh LA Orders will be issued by Circle Office and it is reproduced in this order that BA Heads should not issue any local DGM LA Order after this order.

·        The directions are also given for further posting of DGM level officer by BA Heads within their BA.

·        The cases wherein the change of HQ is involved the transfer orders have been issued and the cases wherein request is given by individual, the transfer is issued at Own cost and the cases where transfer is done without request of the officers, the transfer is issued at Company cost.

·        The transfer order of Com. A.S. Sakate DE Sangli to Sindhudurg is cancelled as per his request with correction in long stay list.

·        Now action will be taken for filling vacant post of DE/AGMs and SDEs in similar manner after publication of revised calculation of SSA wise Executive strength in newly created BAs and Area Operation Offices and by giving consideration to request transfers from Non Tenure SSAs.

·        The orders for LA arrangements for IFAs/CAOs at BA Heads are also finalized and will be issued immediacy on receipt of Vigilance Clearance from BSNL Corporate office.


26 NOV 20: AGM Pers BSNL CO writes to all CGMs extending ban on forwarding application of BSNL permanent employees on deputation to other organizations outside BSNL for further period of two years i.e. up to 31/12/2020. Letter <<<>>>

This is double standard by BSNL that one side it is always said that there are excess employees in BSNL and other side such ban is put for any deputation outside BSNL.


26 NOV 20: AGM SR BSNL CO writes to all CGMs for supply of information on monthly subscription deduction of members to CS and GS of all Unions and Associations. Letter <<<>>>


26 NOV 20: AGM Pers Legal BSNL CO writes to all CGMs endorsing direction of Hon CAT Hyderabad on preparation of AIEL for incorporating in replies producing it in similar court case if any. Letter <<<>>>


26 NOV 20: AGM BW HR BSNL CO issued orders for retention/cancellation and new transfer orders of SDE in Civil wing wherein Com. P.S. More SDE is retained in MH Circle on medical grounds and Com. S.D. Zaskar SDE is transferred to J&K Circle. Letter <<<>>>


26 NOV 20: Director CFA writes all Heads and IFAs of Circles on CFA revenue targets of third quarter of financial year 2020-21. Letter <<<>>>


25 NOV 20: AGM Estt Mumbai writes to BA and NRU Heads who have not yet sent the verified information and certificate as per the BSNL CO letter dated 20/11/2020 about Circulation of AIEL of JTOs /SDEs whose names are appearing in the AIEL. Letter <<<>>>

The information is to be submitted before 1100am of 23/11/2020 but same is not yet sent by these units. DS and activists of these units are requested to pursue vigorously and send the details at the earliest.


24 NOV 20: The updates on Meeting of delegation of SNEA with CGM CNTX W Mumbai will be updated shortly.


24 NOV 20: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued transfer orders of three SDEs Com. M.B. Jaiswal, Com. G.H. Palkar and Com. P.H. Kandalkar who have completed All India Hard Tenure at J&K Circle and three SDEs Com. R.A.Sayyd, Com. V.B. Dolle and Com. P.P. Joshi from Maharashtra Circle are posted as substitute in J&K Circle. Letter <<<>>>


24 NOV 20: AGM Elect BSNL CO issued transfer orders of SDE in Electrical wing wherein one Com. V.V. Dhabrade, SDE Elect who has completed All India Hard Tenure at J&K Circle is posted to Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


24 NOV 20: Internet Connectivity in Circle Office Mumbai: Since last 15 days, the Internet connectivity in Circle Office Mumbai is totally disturbed due to lethargy and issues on part of WTR Mumbai in attending frequent faults occurred in vicinity of Santacruz Office.

Ø The internet connectivity to Circle Office is provided by WTR Mumbai and due to road widening/ nala repairing activities going on by BMC just at gate of Wireless Compound, Santacruz West Mumbai the Cable is being cut frequently and repeatedly. OFC Cut is not new to BSNL, but new is that the fault occurred is not attended for days together and issue is given least priority. The OFC Cut is reported on first day, then on second day the OFC Team at WTR Thane prepares for attending fault and then by late evening the fault is attended and internet connectivity is restored on second day or on third day. Average time is of minimum 24 hours to restore OFC and internet in Circle Office Mumbai as seen in the all faults reported over the period.

Ø The delay in restoration of recent fault is height of lethargy and negligence on part of WTR team and its management. The cable cut was reported on last Friday i.e. on 20/11/2020 and within no time it was traced that fault is at same spot and location and matter was reported to all officers from SDE to CGM WTR and till no priority was given to attend this fault. On 20/11/2020 no team of WTR tried to attend the fault and on 21/11/2020, WTR team attended one another fault in Southern Mumbai as the work of connectivity of Circle Office Mumbai was kept disconnected on 22/11/2020 with assurance that it will be attended on Monday i.e. 23/11/2020, after holiday of Sunday, the fault will be attended by WTR team.

Ø But on Monday also no WTR team reported to attend the fault and WTP team was deputed to attend the fault and it was restored by 1430 hrs and after one and half Hour same is again disconnected. Now it is reported that there is fault at NIB Mumbai. As such internet connectivity of HQ of BSNL Maharashtra Circle is disconnected for last four days except period of one and half hour and hence MH Intranet Portal is not accessible to anyone, the e file system, ERP, CDR cannot be accessed from Circle Office Mumbai. The importance of Internet connectivity has increased with implementation of e file management system and now 90% office works are depending on internet connectivity. The executives who are attending office are seating ideal as no access to e file, CDR and ERP and hence many of the executives in Circle office preferred work from Home and cleared some files.

Ø During this entire period, we have seen total careless approach by WTR team/its management as even matter was reported to CGM WTR, the work continued with same tortoise speed and typical red tape procedure. We have made inquiry with different Officers from WTR and it is reported that there is shortage of FRT team for attending fault and senior officers are not bothered to grant FRT team due to some tender issues and workers are not available for attending fault. The fault in last week was attended by one JTO and one Splicer and there after one JE was added in team, but shortage of workers continues. For the recent fault occurred on 20/11/2020, WTR team has not reported to attend the fault continuously for four days and it was finally attended by WTP Team. The working of WTR has been collapsed at many locations mainly on Mumbai Pune Route, Pune Satara-Kolhapur Route, Aurangabad –Nagpur Route, and many other routes and till now customers were in trouble and now BSNL MH Circle HQ and other offices are disconnected for four days. The matter is known to all including CGM WTR Mumbai redesignated as CGM CNTxW Mumbai including WTP but careless approach continues and the officers executing works are not given any support for attending faults in time. As on today, picture in CNTxW Circle is that there are no workers to carry out the works of attending faults, but supervisors and officers for giving instructions are more in number and there is no co-ordination among the WTR and WTP team.

Ø This happens as the merger has been effective only at CGM level that to be due to retirement of CGM WTP and in below hierarchy nothing has been merged. Hence nobody bothers even for such critical works and Internet connectivity of HQ of BSNL Maharashtra Circle is down due to poor approach by Management of WTR Mumbai. SNEA MH has reported all such issues to CGMT MH Circle and he pointed out fingers at CGM WTR and he only can update details.

Ø When we have approached CGM WTR, he has assured for looking into all these issues, but unfortunately nothing has happened and the period of dis-connectivity has increased from 24 Hours to three days. Fed up with WTR working and no hopes from present management of CNTxW or WTR about stable connectivity, CGMT MH has put proposal for taking dark fibre on lease from MTNL and hopefully same will be available in weeks’ time but till time uncertainty continues.

Ø Due to this frequent failure in connectivity by WTR, many customers have already opted out of BSNL and others are making such queries and applications with the field officers and there is need of immediate and proper merger of WTR and WTP with full functioning from CGM to JEs so that ongoing difficulties are taken care.

Ø Let us hope that issues of WTR Connectivity are taken seriously by CGM CNTxW Mumbai and his team and there is improvement in OFC Connectivity all over Maharashtra Circle in days to come and all customers including Circle Office Mumbai gets internet connectivity without any failure and if failed for any avoidable reason, same is restored within hours and no fault of at least important routes are not kept pending for next day for want of workers as being done now.


23 NOV 20: Updates on current HR issues of executives:

·        Looking After Arrangements in DGM Cadre: The work of DGM LA arrangements started by calling willingness in last month is moving slow due to slowdown during Diwali and mainly due to delay in getting Vigilance Clearance. There was much delay on part of SSAs in issuing certificate required by Vigilance cell Mumbai that the ERP data of the concerned executives is updated in ERP. Finally such certificate is received from all SSA and now matter is pending with Vigilance cell of BSNL CO. Most probably VCs will be cleared today or tomorrow and then DGM LA orders will be issued. It is expected that the top 60-70 DEs/AGMs as per their seniority in DE/AGM Grade will be considered for posting as DGM LA where it is as it is basis and posting will be done by retaining seniors in same SSA till the all vacant posts are filled in. Next seniors will be considered for posting in nearby SSAs deepening on vaccines left out. The matter of posting DGMs in Circle Office Mumbai and Pune Mobile is still not decided and hopefully last minute decision will be taken by CGMT MH while deciding final posting of all these officers. Accordingly, orders for DGM LA are expected within day or two. . It is now agreed principle that unwilling executives can go for option of refusal in case he/she is unable to join and take higher responsibility in higher cadre and on receipt of such refusals if any further action will be taken by Circle Office for posting next seniors in left out vacant post of DGMs.

·        Looking After Arrangements in AGM /SDE Cadre: It is seen that there are many post of AGM./DEs/SDEs are vacant throughout Maharashtra Circle and there are chances of addition of vacant posts after DGM LA orders. Accordingly SNEA MH has taken up matter with CGMT MH and GM HR/Admn Mumbai and it has been decided to fill up vacant post of DEs/AGMs/SDEs under looking after arrangements where it is as it is basis. This process will be started after finalization of DGM LA arrangements by deciding vacancies created in lower post. The basic preparation for this work is under active consideration and this will be given final shape after considering request transfers of executives in JTO and SDE Cadre and then the senior most Officers will be ordered to Look After Higher responsibility in same SSAs. But by understanding the issue and present working of Staff section and response from SSAs it is expected that it may take time of about one month if nothing goes wrong further. SNEA MH will keep on track of these activities and see that every executives in given equal justice and mainly the JTOs/SDEs who are waiting for their first promotion for last 10-15 years will be entrusted the higher position. Let us hope for the best.

·        Looking After Arrangements for filling vacant post of IFAs at BA level: The process for filling vacant post of IFAs in BA HQs is under process for last two months and there was issue of deciding eligible Executives for post of IFA at BA Head. Basically all post of IFAs except Pune are CAO level post and for Pune it is DGM level post. But in Maharashtra Circle there is single regular DGM and no regular CAO is working and hence in wrong procedure of special pick and choose Looking After Arrangements two AOs are directly given Looking after DGM Promotions by crossing level of CAO. Now, all the post of IFAs in CAO and DGM cadre will be filled from working AOs. Some of officers in the management were of the opinion that post of IFA should be filled in as per the performance and the guidelines from BSNL CO states that Looking After arrangements in CAO Cadre are to be given locally. To overcome these guidelines, Finance wing has taken stand that AOs in E4 scale will be given promotion as IFAs and for that some transfers are proposed. It is fact that there are not total 14 AOs with E 4 scale who can be promoted as IFA in all 14 BAs. Some of AOs in E4 scale in Mumbai and Pune have expressed unwillingness to work as IFAs on transfers and they will be given the CAO LA/IFA in same SSAs and the post remaining vacant after this arrangements will be filled in with AOs in pay scale below E4 scale. In our last discussions with CGMT MH., GM HR Admn Mumbai we have raised concern about this special approach of specifically promoting AOs in E4 scale against guidelines of BSNL CO to follow the seniority in AO cadre, it was assured that all AOs in E4 scale are seniors and there will not be any AO who is senior as per seniority list and not considered in CAO/IFA LA arrangements. Thus the proposal for posting of IFAs/ CAOs in Looking After arrangements at all BAs and Circle Office Mumbai is finalized with consent of GM Fin Mumbai but same is not released for last fortnight due to non-availability of VCs. It is understood that ERP data of AOs from Wardha, Nagpur and Nanded is not yet updated and if updated such certificate is not issued by Vigilance/Staff/Admn section of the concerned SSAs. On receipt of this updated data the VC will be called from BSNL CO and after receipt of the VCs, the IFA LA orders will be issued by Staff section. Most probably, if nothing goes wrong further, orders for Looking after arrangements in IFA/CAO Cadre are expected within this week itself.

·        Request Transfers of the executives from Non tenure stations: It was assured to us that after consideration of Request transfers from Tenure SSAs, the request transfers from Non tenure SSAs will be given consideration and such basic work has been completed and orders were to be issued by Staff section with approval of CGMT MH, But meantime the norms for consolidation of BAs were issued centralizing many activities at BA HQ and thus strength of executives at SSAs has been reduced and strength at BAs has been increased. Thus in revised seniority, the proposal based on earlier strength of executives was cancelled and the work for justification of executives in all BAs and Area Operation offices are being finalized. The data of SSA/BA wise executive strength excluding justification for posting of executives in CO Mumbai and Mobile Pune has been discussed by GM HR Admn Mumbai and CGMT MH with all BA Heads and it is as good as finalized. We have requested to make it public calling for any issues in calculation of strength. But it was informed that the data is finalized in consultation with BA Heads and hence there will be nay such issues. Till there are any uses same will be taken care and said data will be published shortly. In last meeting by SNEA MH with CGMT MH, we requested him for consideration of request transfers from Non tenure SSAs and CGMT MH has directed GM HR Admn Mumbai to work out the proposal and decide total number transfers required for consideration of Request transfers as well as filling vacant post of executives as per this revised executive strength. CGMT MH has issued instructions to keep minimum disturbance to executives in such proposed rearrangements. Accordingly the work of rearrangement of executives by considering request transfers as well as for filling vacant post of executives in different BA/Operation Area Offices is under process and basic work is done by GM HR Admn Mumbai. On finalization of these data, the request transfers from Non tenure SSAs will also be given consideration. Even though exact time cannot be predicted for issuing request transfers due to uncertainty on SSA/BA wise Executive strength, SNEA MH is continuously on job for consideration of Request transfers of executives from Non tenure SSAs and we will see that these requests are given consideration without further delay. 

·        Relieving of executives from Tenure SSAs: The matter of relieving of executives held up at Tenure stations after issuing transfers was discussed with CGMT MH with latest feedback from concerned District Secretaries and we have brought to notice of CGMT MH the hardship faced by these executives due undue delay in their relieving. CGMT MH was of the opinion that executives are relieved as per joining of the substitutes posted and from meeting itself he has confirmed same from BA Head Kolhapur. We have brought to notice of CGMT MH that executives are not relieved even though substitutes are joined. We have further elaborated that even though all substitutes are joined all executives from tenure stations cannot be relieved as substitute posted are less due to revised executive strength of these SSAs. Hence there is need of special drive and review by BA/SSA Heads for relieving these executives with local arrangements and matter needs to be decided once for all about local rearrangements by posting substitutes joined. We have specially requested relieving of all the officers accordingly without linking to it to one to one substitutes. We have requested for ERP relieving of all the executives from tenure station except who are willing to continue at tenure stations. CGMT MH has assured to review the ERP relieving and has directed us to submit the proposals of local rearrangements to BA Heads and if there is any issue, same may be brought to his notice. We have received some of the proposals and hopefully DS concerned will submit details to BA Heads and discuss the issues accordingly and all executives will be relieved very shortly. SNEA MH will take up left out cases if any with CGMT MH for ERP relieving as fresh cases.  

·        Rule 8/9 Request transfers of JAOs: Regarding consideration of Rule 8 and Rule 9 Request transfers of JAOs, we have again reminded GM HR Admn Mumbai as till proposal is not moved in file for approval of CGMT MH. As informed earlier, the matter has been principally decided and agreed for consideration of inter Circle request of all JAOs by CGMT MH and all concerned Officers and issue is held up at the Staff section due to change in portfolio of AD Staff A Mumbai and leave of other Officers during Diwali vacation. GM HR Admn Mumbai agreed that there is some delay due to genuine administrative reasons and mainly due to other priority works with AD Staff A Mumbai but has assured that in this week the proposal will processed for approval CGMT MH and letters will be sent to all concerned Circle calling for consent. On receipt of consent from concerned Circes, the relieving orders will be issued. Thus it is expected that the proposal of JAO Rule 8 & Rule 9 transfers which was kept on hold for long time will be given final shape by end of this week. Let us hope for best.

·        Revision of SDE LA arrangements in Electrical wing: SNEA MH has raised this issue with CGMT MH and GM HR Admn Mumbai and it has been principally agreed by all that the LA arrangements issued by Electrical wing are wrong. Now matter of deciding justification of SDEs, EE and SEs in Electrical wing is about finalized by Electrical wing at BSNL CO and only strength of JTOs is to be decided by Maharashtra Circle. For JTO Electrical justification, already proposal is discussed between CE Electrical Mumbai and GM HR Admn Mumbai and thus executive strength of Electrical wing in different SSAs/BAs will be finalized very shortly. Accordingly matter will be reviewed and accordingly the request of executives in Electrical wing along with rearrangement to fill vacant post in SDE and EE LA will be given consideration and it is expected that within short period this work will be completed with corrective action in SDE LA arrangements.  


20 NOV 20: AGM Estt Mumbai writes to BA Heads calling for verified information and certificate as per points a to e of the BSNL CO letter dated 20/11/2020 about Circulation of AIEL of JTOs /SDEs whose names are appearing in the AIEL and information is to be submitted before 1100am of 23/11/2020. Letter <<<>>>

·        All DS and activists are requested to personally look into this matter and pursue with concerned Officers in Staff/Admn/Estt Sections of SSA/BA and see that information is send in time bound manner i.e. latest by 23/11/2020.

·        For any clarification on this issue you may directly contact Com. A. Pradeepan AGM Estt Mumbai by email Mob 9423984048 or Com. M. R. Sanap AD HRD Mumbai email Mob 9423987222, or to Com. Rupesh Kumar, JS HQ SNEA MH email Mob 9422105751.


20 NOV 20: AD Staff A Mumbai issued posting order of Com. Prabhat Kumar, AGM under transfer from J&K Circle to Maharashtra Circle on completion of all India Hard Tenure and he is posted at Aurangabad SSA as per his request. Order  <<<>>>


20 NOV 20: AD Staff A Mumbai issued posting order of Com. Mrs. V.A. Kardhekar,  SDE on her joining on deputation to Circle Office Mumbai and she is posted as SDE CSC Mumbai and Com. K. P. Vishwkarma, SDE CSC Mumbai is posted as SDE Estate Mumbai. Order  <<<>>>


20 NOV 20: AD Staff B Mumbai issued transfer of Com. A.G. Changune, JTO Nashik to WTR Nashik as per his request. Order <<<>>>

·        Now WTR Circle is redesignated as CNTxW Circle and till order is issued for WTR Circle as the records are not updated by staff section may be due to fact that till merger of WTP and WTR is not practical and effective.

·        There are many other request from MH Circle to CNTxW Circle and vice versa, but as special case this individual request is given consideration and other request will also be given consideration.


20 NOV 20: AD Staff A Mumbai issued mutual transfer order of JAOs from MH to ITPC and WTP and vice versa where in request of four JAOs is given consideration. Order I <<<>>>  Order II <<<>>>

ITPC and WTP are non-recruiting units of Maharashtra Circle and hence the transfers should have been issued in normal course as all the JAOs are posted in territory of Maharashtra Circle but it is shown that these are rule 8 mutual transfers which is wrong as these are mutual transfers with no cost to BSNL and hence injustice to the concerned executives. We will discuss the matter with concerned officers and update accordingly.


20 NOV 20: AGM Estt Mumbai issued further orders for Three Weeks JAO Phase III training for more JAOs from different SSAs/Units of Maharashtra Circle and this training is also scheduled at NATFM Hyderabad, RTCC Nagpur and BRBRAITT Jabalpur from 23/11/2020 to 11/12/2020. Letter I <<<>>>   Letter II <<<>>> 


20 NOV 20: GM S&M CFA Mumbai writes to all SSA/BA/Vertical Heads to give wide publicity to Twitter Town Hall by CGMT MH scheduled 25/11/2020 from 1200 hrs to 1300 hrs and it is also requested to be on-line during Twitter Town Hall for quick resolution of issues reported by customers. Letter <<<>>>


20 NOV 20: DGM Regln BSNL CO endorsed DoT letter on amendment to Temporary Suspension of Telecom Services (Public Emergency or Public Safety) Rules, 2017. Letter <<<>>>


20 NOV 20: AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued Circular for consolidated tariff after revision of landline & Broadband plans provided by BSNL to Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha Hon’ble MPs. Letter <<<>>>


19 NOV 20: AD Staff B Mumbai issued orders for force relieving through ERP of three JTOs one each from Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri and Dhule SSAs. Letter <<<>>>

·        The transfer orders of tenure completed executives were issued by end of Aug 20 and it was assured that all officers under transfer will be relieved with 15 days of order.

·        But since then, period of two months has been passed and till many of the tenure completed officers are held up at Tenure stations as BA Heads have taken stand that none of officer can be relived without substitute.

·        SNEA MH has continuously pursued the issue of relieving of the tenure completed executives and both SSA Heads of Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri SSA have made certain local arrangements so that at least few of officers can be relieved without waiting for substitute but BA Head Kolhapur has taken stand that he will not relieve single person till one to one substitute is posted.

·        Later, with persuasion of SNEA and when matter has been brought to notice of CGMT MH about harassment of tenure completed executives BA Head Kolhapur has agreed for relieving of the officers when substitute is joined and accordingly some executives are relieved.

·        Due to revised norms after VRS scenario, there is reduction in strength of each SSA and same is visible in executive strength calculated by GM HR Admn Mumbai, but BA Head Kolhapur does not agree with calculations and is sticking to his stand that he want one to one substitute. 

·        Due to stringent stand of BA Head Kolhapur, we have requested CGMT MH and GM HR Admn Mumbai for ERP relieving of all the officers under transfer or at least total number of officers for whom substitute is not proposed by making such local arrangements.

·        Accordingly proposal submitted by DS SNEA Sindhudurg was handed over to GM HR Admn Mumbai and CGMT MH and accordingly file was moved for ERP relieving of all the executives under transfer from Tenure stations.

·        But by the time, the file reached to CGMT MH and it was expected that all executives will relieved through ERP, BA Head Kolhapur was successful in conveying CGMT MH that if even single officer is relieved without substitute, the Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri SSAs will be collapsed and CGMT MH has agreed to his say and taken stand that executives will be relived for which substitute is joined.

·        SNEA MH has again take up matter with CGMT MH and brought to his notice that the situation in Sindhudurg SSA is not worst due to shortage of executives but it is worst due to non-implementation of cluster tender wherein no worker is supplied by new contractor.

·        There is issue of non-payment of contract workers and now they are not allowing new vendor for putting his own manpower as substitute to them and they are also not ready to work till payment is released and till they are getting desired payment from new contractor. If sufficient working hands for attending faults are deployed, the issues can be taken care but the issue is unnecessarily diverted by BA Head Kolhapur and the executives who have completed tenure are being harassed by not relieving them.

·        Finally, by responding to our feedback CGMT MH has directed us to submit the fresh proposal how these officers can be relived with local arrangements and by use of substitute joined in these SSAs. Accordingly, we have called details from DS SNEA Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Goa and Gadchiroli and matter will be again discussed with CGMT MH and we will see that all the Tenure completed Executives from all SSAs are relieved without any further delay.

·        SNEA MH appreciates patience shown by the Tenure completed executives and assures them that SNEA MH will put its total efforts for reliving of all tenure completed executives at the earliest. 


19 NOV 20: AD Staff B Mumbai issued orders for relieving of AGMs under transfer to J&K Circle. Both these officers were locally transfers within Maharashtra Circle just before two months are again relieved for All India Tenure stations as per their requests. Letter <<<>>>


19 NOV 20: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for cancellation of transfer order of Com. D. R. Dike, DE Amaravati on critical medical grounds and he is retained in same SSA and Circle. Letter <<<>>>


19 NOV 20: CAO CA & Taxation Mumbai endorsed letter by CMD BSNL activities to be carried out by BSNL Tower Corporation Limited, the said subsidiary of BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


19 NOV 20: AGM Est Mumbai issued orders for Three Weeks JAO Phase III training of 37 JAOs from different SSAs/Units of Maharashtra Circle and this training is scheduled at NATFM Hyderabad, RTCC Nagpur and BRBRAITT Jabalpur from 23/11/2020 to 11/12/2020. Letter <<<>>> 


19 NOV 20: Mrs. Yojana Das, PGM BSNL Corporate Office is appointed as Director Finance BSNL Board and she has taken over the charge on 16/11/2020. Letter <<<>>>

The post of Director Finance BSNL Board was vacant for years together for different reasons and the portfolio of Director Finance was always looked after by other directors. It is good that BSNL got regular Director Finance after prolonged wait of years and let us hope that with joining of regular Director Finance, there will be improvement in financial condition of BSNL.


19 NOV 20: DGM Admn BSNL CO issued orders for observing Swachata Pakhwada from 16/11/2020 to 30/11/2020. Letter <<<>>>

Let us hope that serious efforts are taken by concerned officers for cleaning certain offices which are not cleaned on name of shortage of funds and are really dirty work places and this Swachata Pakhawada is observed in all Offices and units of BSNL as desired in this letter and not will not be just paper formality.


19 NOV 20: DGM Rectt BSNL CO issued revised and updated Standard Operating Process (SOP) for e file management system and accordingly the Draft Approver Role in e file system which was limited only to GM/PGM and above level Officers is now delegated to AGM v level Officers at Circle level and DGM and above level Officers at BSNL CO. Letter <<<>>>  SOP <<<>>>


19 NOV 20: DGM Pers Policy BSNL CO issued orders for rearrangement of PGM and GM level Officers in Maharashtra Circle and for filling vacant posts of BA Head Kolhapur, Goa and Nanded SSA. Letter <<<>>>

·        SNEA MH has continuously raised the issue about posting of PGM level Officers at DGM level SSA Head posts and GM Level Officer at BA Head and its negative impact on working of BA/SSAs.

·        We have also raised that two PGM/GM level officers were posted in same BA making excess officers in BA Jalgaon and BA Satara and the post of BA Head Nanded was kept vacant for last 2-3 years except for few months.

·        Finally, BSNL CO has issued orders and with local rearrangements by transferring GM/PGM level Officers posted at DGM Level SSA Head post, the vacant post of BA Head Nanded and Goa is filled in and Nanded BA will get regular BA Head after long time.

·        This order was expected since last 2-3 months as many of the officers in this order have requested for change and accordingly transfer order is issued and his may be first step to make full fledge working of BAs functional in practical.

·        There are some PGM/GM level Officers working at DGM Level post or not having any assigned works and orders for these rearrangements are also expected shortly.

·        In immediate action Maharashtra Circle issued orders for relieving and posting these BA Heads with immediate effect. Order I <<<>>>  Order II <<<>>>  


19 NOV 20: AGM CFA Mumbai endorsed ITPC Pune letter for routing all calls on 198 from landline as well as Mobile to Toll free number 1800 345 9950. Letter <<<>>>


19 NOV 20: Department of Public Enterprise issued orders for freezing IDA of Employees of Central Public Sector Enterprises from 01/10/2020 to 30/06/2021. Though DA will be restored on 30/06/2020, no arrears will be paid for intervening period.  Letter <<<>>>


18 NOV 20: GM CS&CSC CFA BSNL CO writes to all CGMs conveying procedure for acceptance of Cheque and for accepting the Cheque by vendor representatives in all outsourced CSCs. Letter <<<>>>


18 NOV 20: DM NOFN OPS BSNL CO replied the query by Maharashtra Circle about monetization and leveraging BharatNet under Revenue share agreement between BSNL and BBNL. Letter <<<>>>


17 NOV 20:  Ministry of Home Affairs Government of India endorsed the Department of Telecommunications guidelines on mandatory utilization of network of BSNL and MTNL for internet /broadband /landline/leased line by all Departments/Agencies of State Governments, State Public Sector undertakings and autonomous bodies under State Government. Letter <<<>>>


17 NOV 20: AGM CFA Mumbai writes all SSA/BA Heads assigning the target for addition of new OLTEs during left out period of FY 2020-21. Letter <<<>>>


17 NOV 20: AGM Estt Mumbai writes to BA/SSA Heads for sending information required for AIEL of JTOs for holding DPC for SDE Promotions against seniority quota. Reminder I <<<>>>  Reminder II <<<>>>

All DS and activists are requested to be in touch with SSA Staff/Admn Section and required information is sent without any further delay as MH Circle is already late and missed the target date of 16/11/2020 given by BSNL CO.


17 NOV 20: Schedule of Online Trainings being conducted by RTCC Pune and RTCC Nagpur during this week i.e. 16/11/2020 to 21/11/2020. Pune <<<>>>   Nagpur  <<<>>>






14 NOV 20: Ad GM EW BSNL CO writes CGMs for installation of Power Grid connected Solar Rooftop Power Generation Plants in BSNL owned building under in RESCO Mode. Letter <<<>>>  Tariff <<<>>>


14 NOV 20: DM NOFN OPS BSNL CO issued clarification regarding FTTH Connection provided under BharatNet before 01/07/2020. Letter <<<>>>


14 NOV 20: GM Fin CFA BSNL CO published Circle wise collection efficiency of basic services i.e. Landline for last six months. Letter <<<>>>


12 NOV 20: AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders for cancellation of transfer order of Com. Pravin Nimaje, JTO Gadchiroli who was posted to WTR Gadchiroli being newly joined JTO and he is retained at Gadchiroli SSA on his request and now Com. Ganesh Koli, JTO Sangli is posted as substitute to tenure Completed JTO at WTR Gadchiroli. Letter <<<>>>


12 NOV 20: AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders for keeping the transfer order of Com. Pravin Kawade, JTO Solapur under transfer to Sindhudurg SSA in abeyance as per his request on critical medical grounds. Letter <<<>>>


12 NOV 20: AD Staff & Rect Mumbai issued orders for extension of delegation of powers of BA Heads for issuing orders under looking After Arrangements to meet shortage of executives in SDE and DE Cadres locally within SSA/BA without affecting any transfer vigilance clearance and as per seniority of the officer within SSA. Letter <<<>>>


12 NOV 20: AGM Est Mumbai issued orders modifications in Six Weeks JTO Phase II training scheduled at ALTTC Ghaziabad from 23/11/2020 to 01/01/2021 as per the request of individual JTOs. Letter <<<>>> 


12 NOV 20: AGM BW HR BSNL CO published all India Seniority list as on 01/11/2020 of in cadre of Executive Engineers Civil for wide publication and calling for discrepancies and corrections if any in Name, DoB, Category, DoE or Date of Regular Appointment etc within period of 15 days. Letter <<<>>> 


12 NOV 20: DM T&C CFA BSNL CO issued circular regarding revision in recently introduced Bharat Fibre Broadband plan ‘Fibre Basic’ and introduction of new Bharat Fiber plan ‘Fibre Basic Plus’ in all the circles. Letter <<<>>> 


12 NOV 20: DM T&C CFA BSNL CO issued circular regarding advance higher payment option and duration of service across all the DSL/Bharat Fiber/ BBoWiFi/ Bharat Air Fiber PAN India/circle specific plans in all the circles. Letter <<<>>> 


12 NOV 20: PGM CNO CFA BSNL CO writes all CGMs Execution of Rehabilitation/ OFC Patch Works for improvement in backhaul OFC in selected 63 prime Telecom Districts. Letter <<<>>> 


12 NOV 20: CMTS Bulletin Oct 2020 <<<>>>


10 NOV 20: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued reminder letter all CGMs for sending the details related to Objections/errors /omissions for the Provisional AIEL after due verification of records latest by 16/11/2020. Letter <<<>>>


10 NOV 20: AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for Six Weeks JTO Phase II training at ALTTC Ghaziabad from 23/11/2020 to 01/01/2021 for 38 JTOs working in different SSAs/Units of Maharashtra Circle and concerned Non Recruiting Circles. Order I <<<>>>  Order II <<<>>>


10 NOV 20: DGM CNO BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads conveying approval of contingency fund for maintenance of OFC Network for period of five months from Nov 2020 and it is to be further allotted @Rs 120 per Km per month for Territorial Circles and @Rs 90 per Km per month for Regions. Letter <<<>>>


10 NOV 20: Director HR BSNL Board once again write DO letter to all Circle Heads regarding austerity measure in engagement of labour through contractor and incurring expenditure on Contract works. Letter <<<>>>


 10 NOV 20: GM CSC & RN BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads for assigning the separate group wise categories to working/retired DoT Officers/ Officials. Letter <<<>>>


10 NOV 20: DGM S & M CM BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads regarding signing of e-Distributor Agreement with M/s Ezypay Online Services Private Limited on PAN India basis for sales of BSNL Product. Letter <<<>>>  Agreement <<<>>>


10 NOV 20: CGM BBNW Bangalore issued security guidelines to be followed to avoid security vulnerabilities inherent in enabling multiple ISP on the same OLTE.  Letter <<<>>>


 7 NOV 20: Updates on different HR issues at Circle level: SNEA MH is getting repeated queries from Members about some important HR issues and hence details of all such issues is being updated for information of all concerned executives.

·        DGM LA Arrangements: The options received from the DEs for posting as DGM LA to fill up vacant post are being scrutinized and work of deciding posting is going on since last 2-3 days. SNEA MH has discussed this issue with GM HR Admn Mumbai and it is informed that efforts are being taken for posting executives where it is as it is basis except few cases where no options are issued and there is no local DE available who can be posted in Office of BA Head or as Head of Area Operation as per revised concept of SSA working. In such cases orders will be issued for nearby stations as per the seniority and senior will be retained over Junior and the option for refusal of this Looking After arrangements is available for unwilling executives after issuing LA arrangements and in case of refusal orders will be issued for next senior officer. Hopefully DGM LA Orders will be issued within 2-3 days.

·        ERP relieving of Executives under transfer to and from Tenure stations: The due date for relieving of executives under transfer to and from Tenure stations is over and till many of the SSA/BA Heads have not relieved the executives under transfer. Some of BA Heads have their own calculations of justified strength and they do not respect the orders issued by CGMT MH Circle. There are certain executives under transfer from Non Tenure Stations to Tenure stations and are willing to join by obeying the orders, but their BA Heads are not relieving and hence unable to join the Tenure stations. Thus there is uncertainty in relieving of executives under transfer from tenure stations. The executives at Tenure stations have become panic due to uncertainty about their relieving and SNEA MH has already taken up matter with CGMT MH elaborating difficulties and hardship faced by these executives and their family members. Accordingly after discussions with concerned SSA/BA Heads, the proposal for ERP relieving of the executives under transfer to & from Tenure stations is under process for approval of CGMT MH and with its approval, ERP relieving will also be made effective within day or two and thus executives away from family may join them at least during Diwali period.

·        Consideration of Request Transfers from Non tenure stations: As informed earlier, the proposal for consideration of all request transfers from and to Non Tenure Stations was finalized and orders were just to be issued, but at the same time BSNL CO issued the guidelines for consolidation of BAs wherein the majority of works at SSA excluding works of Operation and maintenance has been shifted from SSA to BA and hence there is reduction in number of justified posts of Executives at SSA level and there is increase in in number of justified posts of Executives at BA level. The earlier proposal was showing more number of executives to be transferred to SSAs and hence same was kept on hold. Another issue was orders from BSNL Corporate Office for revised justification of executives required in SSA/BA, and it is being informed since last one year that such orders are issued, but unfortunately since last one year BSNL Corporate office has failed to issue such norms. But as per our discussions with GM HR Admn Mumbai and CGMT MH, the work of justification of executives required in SSA and BA as per available revised norms is being finalized. The internal sheet circulated to SSA/BA Heads showing justified posts has been responded by about all BA/SSA Heads and the data is about to finalize. We have requested for its publication and hopefully it will be published in coming week. There are shortage/Excess executives in any SSA/BA can be decided and accordingly transfer orders giving consideration for request as well as for meeting acute shortage at some of SSAs/BAs will be issued shortly. Many of executives are stressing for actual time for issuing request transfer orders, but with ongoing issues, there is uncertainty on date of issuing request transfers, but SNEA MH is continuously on job and pursuing for issuing request transfers at the earliest. Let us hope for best. 

·        Release of Salary of Month Oct 2020: The funds for Salary has been received by Circle yesterday and amount has been transferred to banks for debiting salary to accounts of all employees. Hopefully it will be credited to bank accounts of latest by today evening and some of employees have received it late evening yesterday. This may be special action of BSNL management in view of festive season of Diwali and with this now salary of all employees has received with delay on one week and earlier it was three weeks. Let us hope with improved financial conditions and wit sacrifices of thousands of Executives/Non executives who have opted for VRS 2019, let us hope that henceforth the left out Executives/Non executives will get regular salary on last date of month we were receiving in earlier days. 



 6 NOV 20: AGM Restg BSNL CO issued updated BSNL CDA Rules by additions of two clauses i.e. for removal of employees from services and accepting donations by Associations/NGOs formed by employees or by his spouse/family members. Letter <<<>>>

·        As per this amendment BSNL management gets right for removal of BSNL employee who has completed 30 years of service of 50 years of age with notice of three months or with payment of three month salary on the name of Interest of the company. This is against the provisions of BSNL Absorption conditions and also against interest of employees who have joined BSNL other organization with higher salaries and prospective of higher upgradation due to this clause having security of services only. Such clauses are applicable from joining of services and later amendments should not be applicable at least for employees who have joined before date of approval of such amendments.

·        The another addition is for collection of donations /advertisement/ownerships by Associations/NGOs formed either by employees or their spouse /family members from contractor vendor customers having commercial relationship /official dealings with the BSNL.


 6 NOV 20: Schedule of Online Trainings being conducted by RTCC Pune and RTCC Nagpur during this week i.e. 09/11/2020 to 13/11/2020. Pune <<<>>>   Nagpur  <<<>>>


 6 NOV 20: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued Own cost request transfer orders of AGMs wherein Com. S. H. Gandhi from J&K Circle is transferred to MH Circle on completion of All India Hard Tenure and Com. S. P. Ingle and Com. M. K. Dhole from MH Circle are transferred to J&K Circle as substitutes as per their request. Letter <<<>>>


 6 NOV 20: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued request transfer orders of AOs wherein two AO namely Com. Alok Jha, from MH Circle is transferred to Jharkhand Circle as per his request.  Letter <<<>>>


 6 NOV 20: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for cancellation /retention of AOs in which one AO under transfer from MH Circle is retained in MH Circle and one AO under Transfer to ITPC Pune is retained in his parent Circle. Letter <<<>>>


 6 NOV 20: AGM Estt BSNL CO writes all CGMs for timely forwarding of Pension Papers to respective CCAs. Letter <<<>>>


 6 NOV 20: CMD BSNL writes DO letters to all CGMs for holding Twitter hall to increase presence of BSNL on social media. Letter <<<>>>


 6 NOV 20: PGM CNO BSNL CO writes certain Heads of Circle for making routes feasible for leasing out four fibers to M/S Vodafone Letter <<<>>>  Annexure <<<>>>

·        This is priority work as per directions of CMD BSN retiring the BSNL instructions for all fibers in the OF Cable are to be mandatory spliced during restoration of OFC Faults without fail and any lapse on this count would lead to disciplinary action . In extreme cases monetary recovery can done for financial loss caused to BSNL for their failure to handover spare dark fibre for leasing out to other agencies.

·       Letter further states that it is duty of CGM/GM in charge to personally rationalize the usage of fibers for transmission systems and other network elopements like DSLAM, OLTs etc because on many smaller routes even 80% fibers are shown used for BSNL system.

·       Regions are specially directed to come out with ways to free up fibers for commercial exploitation.


 6 NOV 20: Add GM EW BSNL CO issued guidelines for redeployment and reutilization of DG sets for energy conservation. Letter <<<>>>


 4 NOV 20: AD Staff B Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter for one year extension of deputation of Com. Mrs. Shradha Patil, JTO working in Pune TD from AP Circle. Letter <<<>>>


4 NOV 20: AD Staff B Mumbai issued orders for transfer of Com. V.G. Katke, PS working at Latur SSA to Solapur BA as per revised BA consolidation arrangements and his transfer is issued in the interest of service. Letter <<<>>>


4 NOV 20: AD Staff B Mumbai issued relieving orders of two SDEs from MH Circle namely Com A.L.Toke and Com A.V. Thakur are relieved for all India Hard tenure stations respectively for J&K and NE-II Circles. Letter <<<>>>


 4 NOV 20: AGM Restg BSNL CO issued extension of orders for deployment of staff up to DGM level under local looking after arrangements for period of three months i.e. up to 31/01/2020. Letter <<<>>>

·        On eve of implementation of VRS 2019, BSNL CO issued orders for deployment Staff up to DGM level on local looking after arrangement and said order is already extended y MH Circle up to 31/12/2020 and now BSNL CO has extended it up to 31/01/2021.

·        The letter further authoress CGMS for deciding further extension of this temporary Looking After Arrangements and to delegate powers to BA Heads for issuing Looking After arrangements.

·        In biased approach, BSNL Corporate Office is posting GMs under entrusting of charge and said officers are indirectly rather directly posted as GMs and it has become permanent arrangement on name of Temporary arrangements.

·        But for DGM and below level cadres this insulting Looking After Arrangements have been introduced as Temporary arrangements and all the officers are compelled to work at higher grade making this temporary arraignment as permanent arrangement.

·        This extension of Looking After arrangement is issued as BSNL CO has failed to decide, finalize and issue the restructuring the Norms and staff strength over period of last one year since VRS was planned.

·        Even the Officer of PGM level are posted on DGM Level SSA Head posts even after clear cut orders for consolidation of BAs w.e.f. 01/10/2020 and posting of DGM level officers as per revenue earned by SSAs.

·        Thus it is seen that there is total negligent and biased approach from BSNL CO in dealing overall shortage of executives in cadres above and below DGM Level neglecting compelling situation in field units.

·        Let us hope, BSNL Management understand the depth of the issue and decide this issue once for all in equal manner for posts above and below DGM level and stop discrimination among its own officers. 


 4 NOV 20: DGM NOFN NFS BSNL CO issued clarification as asked by CGMT MH Circle for revenue sharing between BSNL and BBNL. Letter <<<>>>


 4 NOV 20: DGM Admn Mumbai issued guidelines for year 2020-21 for implementation of Official Language /Rajbhasha Hindi in day to day office work and its quarterly report.  Letter <<<>>>


2 NOV 20: DGM CNO BSNL CO writes to CGM WTR which is newly designated as CGM CNTXW about continuous traffic congestion towards Mumbai IGW and action to be taken for redistribution of traffic. Letter <<<>>>

·        There are major issues in handling traffic from Pune to Mumbai and it is seen that in recent past there are major failures on this route due to road widening activities at different locations, ongoing works of NFS project, failure of Battery/Power plants on the major WTR routes like Mumbai Pune, Mumbai Nashik and there is much unrest among the customers and there is huge pressure on Executives who are dealing with customer and mainly FTTH customer who are facing speed issue.

·        SNEA MH has already taken up mater with CGMT MH and CGM WTR Mumbai and discussed issues by suggesting probable solutions.

·        CGMT MH Circle has referred these issues to BSNL CO and accordingly special directions are issued to CGM CNTXW Mumbai for redistribution of Traffic towards IGW Mumbai to overcome ongoing congestion in Data traffic throughout Maharashtra Circle.

·        There are many other issues than distribution of traffic and SNEA MH is continuously pursuing these issues with concerned officers and offices to avoid frequent failures and congestion in Data traffic and we are hopeful that very shortly the issues related to congestion of traffic will be resolved to its root cause.


 2 NOV 20: DGM LC BSNL CO writes to all CGMs on policy guidelines for providing last mile connectivity for provisioning of Leased Circuits through FTTH Policy, 4F/6F overhead OFC laying OPEX model and free band RF Modems OPEX model. Letter <<<>>>


2 NOV 20: AGM LM BSNL CO writes to all CGMs convening modifications in CROP (Compressive Rent Out Policy) 2020 for renting out separable building space including residential accommodation and other built up facilities in BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


2 NOV 20: AGM BB Mumbai issued target for adding new OLTEs through TIPs during Nov and Dec 20 wherein it is proposed to add minimum 200 OLTEs through TIPs in these two months. Letter <<<>>>


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