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Circle Conference @ Mumbai 

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Shri. Manoj Kumar Mishra, CGMT MH <<<>>>

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Key Note by Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH <<<>>>

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29 FEB 20:   SNEA MH Circle congratulates,  Com. S.K. Ghuge, DGM Ahmednagar, Com. Mrs. K.G. Mernakshi, DE Nagpur and Com. V.P. Singh,  SDE CO Mumbai  and Com. B. I. Bugade, SDE Sindhudurg on their peaceful Superannuation Retirement  after completion of long & highly successful service in DoT/BSNL. 

·        Com. S. K. Ghuge, DGM Ahmednagar, and EX CP SNEA MH {Mob 9422726500} has started his carrier in DoT as JTO in year 1984. Throughout his carrier, he has worked in Mumbai, Raigad, Aurangabad, Jalna, Pune, and Ahmednagar SSAs as JTO, SDE and DE and DGM in different and majority of services he has rendered in Ahmednagar SSA. Though he was eligible for VRS, he did not opt for it and is respectfully retiring on superannuation as DGM in BSNL. Just before one month, he was promoted as DGM Ahmednagar in looking After arrangements and he is one of lucky DGMs who got Adhoc DGM promotions on last day of services in BSNL. He is very sincere in office works as well as association activities. He is sincere officer with very good managerial skill and top Leadership qualities and skills and is well known as Man of principles. His office and association carrier are of about same length as he started his leadership activities since his joining in the DoT in year 1984. He was one of the founder members and leaders of BSNLEA and SNEA in Maharashtra Circle. Throughout his carrier, i.e. since beginning of his carrier as JTO in year and until retirement on superannuation, he was very active in leadership on different post and he was representing SNEA MH Maharashtra Circle at CHQ as CWC Member until December 2019. He has worked a lot in trade unions and association and has held various responsible posts and struggled a lot for welfare of our members. He has rendered his leadership services to SNEA Members in different capacities viz. District Secretary, JETA Ahmednagar, Area Secretary Marathwada JTOA, , CWC Member JTOA, Circle President JTOA, Founder Circle Secretary BSNLEA, First Circle President of SNEA MH, CWC Member SNEA MH and has been instrumental in giving shape to strong unity of the executives under banner of SNEA. He was leader throughout his carrier in DoT and BSNL. He has played vital role in resolving many of the issues of SNEA Members and he was having very good relations with then JETA/TEOA and SNEA leaders at Delhi. He has taken efforts for amalgamation of different unions and associations and his leadership was widely accepted by different unions and associations due to his abilities. He is one of the die-hard and stalwart comrades and leaders of SNEA, who has built up faith and confidence of executives on working of SNEA. He has been instrumental in bringing discipline among association activities by actions. He always followed certain high-level ethics and principles and made others to follow such high-level ethics and principles. He has taken active part in all Meetings of SNEA at all levels and has never missed any association meeting. He is among few leaders who are fearless while pointing out wrong doings of the management at any level. His name will be written in Golden letters in the History of SNEA as strongly devoted, fearless, dynamic, and versatile leader of SNEA who always led from front and worked for unity of executives in BSNL. He has also played important role in bringing amalgamation of young and old leaders and members of SNEA, which has resulted in strongest unity of Executives in BSNL in general and in Maharashtra Circle in particular. His prolonged and devoted services will be always remembered by SNEA and its members. Now on completion highly successful 36 years and 8 months of his devoted and prolonged service in DOT & BSNL, he is retiring on superannuation retirement on 29/02/2020. 

·        Com. Mrs. K. G. Mernakshi, DE RTTC Nagpur, {Mob 9423686305} started her journey in DoT in year 1982 at Madurai & then was transferred to Erode Tamilnadu in 1986. After completion of JTO training in Ghaziabad, she joined in Micro Maintenance WTR Nagpur in 1991. On promotion as SDE, she joined RTTC Nagpur in 2002 and was promoted as DE at RTTC Nagpur in 2018. She is very sincere, devoted & dedicated towards works and polite & supportive in nature and has always taken part in all SNEA activities and has been always active member of SNEA. 

·        Com. V. P. Singh, AD CO Mumbai {Mob 9423984062} started his carrier in Year 1981 as Technician in CTO Mumbai and is retiring as SDE in Circle Office Mumbai. In year, 1997he was promoted as JE CTO and in year 2002 he was promoted as JTO and was posted in Raigad SSA. Then on his request, he was posted at Nalasopara in Kalyan SSA. In year 2018, he was promoted as SDE and was posted as AD PG Mumbai and served till last date as AD PG Mumbai with full efficiency. He is known for his smiling face and working without any complaint. He has successfully handled the PG section by replying all PQs in time. He is well familiar among executives in BSNL and known for his interpersonal relations. He is a die-hard member of SNEA and has always taken part in all association activities of SNEA. Now on completion highly successful 38 years and 2 months of his devoted and prolonged service in DOT & BSNL, he is retiring on superannuation retirement on 29/02/2020.

·        Com. B. I. Bugade, SDE Sindhudurg {Mob 9423984062} has started his carrier as Telephone Operator in May 1982 at Sawantwadi. In Year 2004, he was promoted as JTO under LDCE quota and posted as JTO Group and then as Outdoor Sawantwadi. In May 2012 he was posted as JTO Admn and in year 2018 he was promoted and posted as SDE Admn Sindhudurg and continued his services till last date of retirement as SDE Admn Sindhudurg. He was active in Union Leadership and has actively led non-executives of Sindhudurg SSA in leading role of District Secretary. Now on completion highly successful more than 37 years of his devoted and prolonged service in DOT & BSNL, he is retiring on superannuation retirement on 29/02/2020.

On this important day of the life of these stalwart Comrades of SNEA retiring in this month, SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com. S. K. Ghuge, Com. Mrs. K.G. Mernakshi Com. V. P. Singh and Com. B. I. Bugade, towards BSNL & SNEA and on behalf of thousands of comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle we wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.


29 FEB 20:   Congratulation! DGM Pers SM BSNL Corporate Office issued orders for DE to DGM Adhoc promotions for missing cases in last order. Letter   <<<>>>  

·       In this order in five DEs from Maharashtra Circle are promoted and posted in Maharashtra Circle.

·       Out of these five promoted officers, three are lucky enough to get DGM promotion on last day of their service as they are retiring on superannuation on same day of promotion order.

·       These names were missing in recent promotion order, as their APRs were not received by DPC for DGM Adhoc promotions.

·        SNEA MH congratulates all the officers promoted as DGM Adhoc and wish them grand success in their new promotional assignment as DGM.


29 FEB 20:   DGM HR/A Mumbai issued orders for levy of caretaking charges @ Rs 100 per room in addition to existing charges for stay in Inspection Quarters at Mumbai. Letter   <<<>>>


29 FEB 20:   AGM Estt & DC Mumbai issued orders for Time Bound Promotion of officers in left out cases. Order I   <<<>>>    Order II   <<<>>>  Order III   <<<>>>


28 FEB 20:   DGM HR/A Mumbai issued orders for provisional pension for all Executives and Non-executives from Maharashtra Circle who has opted for VRS 2019. Letter   <<<>>>

·        The data has been handed over to CCA Mumbai, CCA office also has acted promptly, and hopefully every person opted for VRS will get pension on 02/03/2020.

·        This list includes all 8423 names of VRS Opted employees where any case is pending against said employee or whose VC is not cleared and hence the pension of everybody will be started with immediate effect.

·        About all VRS Opted, employees have received GPF final settlement amount during this and last week and leave encashment is being settled for all.

·        The Salary payment of all in BSNL is pending for January 2020 and by now salary of February 2020 also due. It is expected that Salary of January 2020 will be paid by BSNL in first week of March 2020. 

·        Now, only official Farewell due on 31/01/2020 is pending due to administrative lapses and lethargy in some of Districts including Circle office Mumbai in completing administrative procedure and formalities.

·        It is good to see that majority of issues of VRS opted Executives and Non-executives will be settled and we are hopeful that 50% of Ex-Garcia amount will be credited by end of March 2020. 

·        Henceforth, VRS Opted executives and non-executives will continue to get their pension monthly and hopefully their wait for salary while in BSNL will be stopped once for all, as chances of getting regular pension from Government of India will be more regular than Salary in BSNL.


28 FEB 20:   Director HR BSNL Board writes Heads of all Telecom Circles and Administrative units about  for settlement of pending case of GPF settlement  by tomorrow i.e. 29/02/2020.   Letter   <<<>>>


28 FEB 20:   CGMT MH Circle issued list of section wise important points discussed in HOCC Meeting held at Delhi.. Letter   <<<>>>

·        This is long list of six pages covering issues discussed in general as well as issues related to each section/vertical.

·        These are the points minutely noted by CGMT MH who has attended this meeting and noted each and every point discussed in HOCC Meeting with respect to all verticals/sections.

·        CGMT MH has now conveyed these major issues to all BA/SSA and Vertical heads for required action on their part for its implementation in Maharashtra Circle.

·        If all concerned officers, really work on these issues with practical approach, the present difficulties faced by BSNL will certainly resolved.


28 FEB 20:   AGM Pers II BSNL CO Delhi issued transfer order in SDE cadre wherein Shri. R. S. Kolapkar, SDE Aurangabad MH, and AGS SNEA CHQ is transferred to BSNL CO on his request. Letter   <<<>>>

·        Posting of Com. R.S. Kolapkar at BSNL CO Delhi will definitely helpful for SNEA members as his intellectual and smart interaction with the management will work as catalyst in resolution of many long pending HR issues of Executives including individual grievances of SNEA Members at CHQ.

·        SNEA MH congratulates Com. R.S. Kolapkar AGS SNEA CHQ or getting choice posting and conveys best wishes for grand success in his new assignment at Delhi in office works as well as for association activities.


28 FEB 20:   GM L&B Mumbai issued guidelines to SSA Heads for dealing with encroachment of BSNL land by nominating JTO/SDE Admn of SSA as Nodal Officer for such work and elaborating action to be taken in case of encroachment of BSNL land.     Letter   <<<>>>


28 FEB 20:   EE EP Mumbai issued corrigendum to the Tendering procedure for Electrical wing tenders.   Letter   <<<>>>

Henceforth all activities related to tender within and above the designated powers of EEs will be centralized in office of CE E Mumbai and hence EEs will not have any tendering powers.


28 FEB 20:   EE EP Mumbai issued orders that for all e-tenders in West Zone of Electrical wing will be opened by EE EP  and JTO EP Mumbai.   Letter   <<<>>>

This is effect of shortage of executives in Electrical wing at SDE and SE level and entire tender work of electrical wing is now centralized with Electrical wing Mumbai and other official formalities will completed by other Electrical teams in different SSAs. 


28 FEB 20:   EE EP Mumbai issued orders that that EE Elect Mumbai will pass bills for all the Executive Engineers in West Zone  as the EEs posted and many places are not given financial powers and financial powers are now centralized with Electrical wing Mumbai.   Letter   <<<>>>


28 FEB 20:   Director EB BSNL Board writes CGMT MH Circle for pending OFC faults in Maharashtra Circle.   Letter   <<<>>>

·        Such DO letters are issued by Director EB to all Circle Heads about long pending OFC Faults.

·        In DO letter to CGMT MH Circle, the Director EB points out that existing OFC faults are not cleared after repeated communications.

·        The letter in general points out about OFC faults pending in all SSAs and specifically points out about more than 100 OFC faults piled up in Jalna, Nagpur, Osmanabad, Pune, Sangli and Solapur SSA.

·        Letter further directs CGMT MH to closely monitor SSA wise performance in restoration of OFC faults and take action against non-performing officials.


28 FEB 20:   DGM BSNL CO conveys that GSM customers are to be charged with Rs 50 for GSM SIM replacement.   Letter   <<<>>>


28 FEB 20:   Under Secretary SNG DoT writes CMD BSNL for cancellation of Presidential orders issued by mistake for employees recruited by BSNL after 01/10/2000 .   Letter   <<<>>>


28 FEB 20:   Director HR BSNL Board issued timeline for settlement of GPF of VRS Optees by 29/02/2020 warning thereof for fixing responsibility with Circle heads for any liabilities on late GPF payment and interest thereupon.   Letter   <<<>>>


28 FEB 20:   AGM Estt Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter for verification of GTI options, which is due for renewal from March 2020.   Letter   <<<>>>    BSNL CO Letter   <<<>>>     Annex I   <<<>>>     Annex II   <<<>>>

·        All the executives are requested to confirm their names in the list if they have opted or even they have not opted for VRS.

·        During last year, it was found that the subscription of many of executives were deducted wrongly and same was not refunded even after repeated requests by individuals.

·        Hence, this time care needs to be taken by all to avoid such inconvenience at later stage.


26 FEB 20:   Grand and heart touching Farewell Function by SNEA Sangli:  {Report by Com. Hanmant Mohite, DS SNEA Sangli}: Grand and heart touching farewell function for VRS opted comrades SNEA Sangli was arranged on 27/01/2020 at 3rd floor conference hall Telephone Bhavan Sangli in grand manner which was overwhelmingly responded by all the members. .

·        The function was chaired by Com Kedar Kulkarni, DP SNEA Sangli, coordinated beautifully by Com Hanmant Mohite, DS, SNEA Sangli, Com Mahesh Mali, Com Shreyas Pawar, Com P.A. Kulkarni Com Sachin Shete, & team SNEA Sangli.

·        Com. M.S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH attended the function as chief, prominent and all time favorite guests for the function.

·        Other respected dignitaries whose presence enlightened the function are Com S. R. Bhise, Joint Secretary West SNEA MH & DS SNEA Sindhudurg, Com. Sunil Shinde, CWC Member SNEA MH and Com. Shivram Kulkarni DS SNEA Kolhapur.

·        All these dignitaries were given warm welcome by offering bouquet by SNEA Sangli comrades.

·        SNEA Sangli specially felicitated Com. M.S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, Com S. R. Bhise, Joint Secretary West SNEA MH and Com. Sunil Shinde, CWC Member SNEA MH on their election as COB in Circle Conference Mumbai.

·        The Outgoing comrades were felicitated by Com M.S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH and other comrades with Shawl-Shrifal-bouquet in a very personal and adorable manner.

·        Com Hanmant Mohite, DS SNEA Sangli, in his welcome speech praised the VRS opted comrades for their contribution towards BSNL and SNEA. He also appreciated the role of retiring comrades in building and shaping careers the subordinates of BSNL who worked under the outgoing comrades. He share his personal experience with Many comrades like Com. V.S. Halkude DGM Sangli, Com. V.D. Bhede, DE Ext, Com. V.M. Patil, Com. P.H. Koli, Com S.M. Suryawanshi and many othersCom Hanmant Mohite, DS SNEA Sangli concluded with a beautiful poem by Com. Kavita Parmar, JTO Pune, and expressed gratitude to all the VRS opted SNEA Comrades.

·        Among the VRS Opted Comrades, Com. V.S. Halkude, DGM and Ex DS SNEA Sangli, Com B.S. Bashinge, DGM Sangli, Com V.D. Bhede, DE Extl and Strong Pillar of SNEA Sangli, Com. S.M. Suryawanshi AGM OP Sangli and Ex President SNEA Sangli, Com. P.H. Koli,  SDE and Ex DS SNEA Sangli , Com S.N. Tandale, DE Islampur and ADS SNEA Sangli,  Com. S.Y. Patil, SDE, Com. S.S. Patil, SDE, Com Abhay Joshi ,SDE and Ex DT SNEA Sangli have  expressed their feelings and emotions and conveyed thanks and gratitude to BSNL as well SNEA and shared their memorable and wonderful  journey in DoT as well as BSNL.

·        In his address to the function, Com. Shivram Kulkarni DS SNEA Kolhapur praised the outgoing comrades and elaborately addressed things to be done in near future to revive the BSNL.

·        Com Sunil Shinde, CWC Member SNEA MH greeted the outgoing comrades and wish them health and peace for body and mindand conveyed thanks to Com. Mohite and his team for giving such grand farewell to retired comrades of SNEA Sangli.

·        Com S. R. Bhise, Joint Secretary West SNEA MH & DS SNEA Sindhudurg congratulated SNEA Sangli for arranging such beautiful function and conveyed best wishes to all the VRS Opted executives.

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH in this address explained very well the preface of VRS-2019 and future of BSNL. He individually praised each and every comrade of SNEA Comrades and shared his personal experience with them. He charged up them for not being ideal after VRS and inspired them by many ideas to be along with BSNL. 

·        The hall was full of SNEA Comrades retired recently, existing and VRS opted comrades from entire Sangli District.

·        All the personal “SNAPs” of the farewell function were physically printed and presented in the same function to the VRS opted comrades as a gesture to mark the remembrance of the function.

·        It was very touching and emotional function nicely arranged by SNEA Sangli and very beautifully anchored by Com Mahesh Mali, DT SNEA Sangli.

·        The nicely arranged function which started at 1700 hrs concluded at 2130 hrs with National Anthem.

·        The function was followed by a nice dinner with all dignitaries and all.

·        PHOTOs <<<>>>



26 FEB 20:   AD Staff A Mumbai issued request transfer of JAO Akola to Goa SSA at own cost basis.    Letter   <<<>>>

·        There are many request pending from individuals, but Staff section has started issuing one by one individual orders for the persons who are approaching to the officers in Circle Office. In the recent past we have seen such pick and choose transfers and one SDE from Amravati SSA has been transferred to Circle office Mumbai.

·        All these are members of SNEA, but for this, we just cannot give free hand to Staff section to issue such pick and choose request transfers and allow them to deprive the rights of other common members.

·        We have already drawn attention of CGMT MH on this matter and he has assured to look into issues as such request are being issued on recommendation of GM/PGM level officers.

·        It was also assured by CGMT MH that very shortly the regular norms for justification of officers are expected from BSNL Corporate office. Thereafter request of all comrades including required rearrangement for officers to meet shortages in different SSAs will be taken.

·        SNEA MH will again take up matter with CGMT MH for consideration of all request transfers and stop such pick and choose orders by staff on the recommendations of selected officers.


26 FEB 20:   AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders for posting on DGM Adhoc promotions  as per the order issued by BSNL Corporate office and all are posted where it is as it is basis.    Letter   <<<>>>



24 FEB 20:   Welcome of Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director HR BSNL Board by SNEA  Pune: {Report by Com. V.R. Chaudhari, DS SNEA Pune} :  SNEA delegation led by Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH and consisting Com. S.P.Sonawane CWC Member, SNEA MH , Com. Prayag Pisal, Joint Secretary South SNEA MH, Com. V.R. Chaudhari, DS SNEA Pune, Com. R. A. Londhe, DP SNEA Pune and Com.Atual Kadam,ADS SNEA Pune gave warm welcome to Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director HR BSNL Board  on his official visit to Pune  17/02/2020.

Ø After meeting of senior officers and Press Conference, special meeting was granted to leaders of all associations and SNEA leaders took very active part in it. The meeting was held in presence of Shri. Sandip Savarkar, PGMT Pune and Shri A. N. Dhanorkar, PGM Admn Pune.

Ø A warm welcome by all the Officers, Staff, Association and union leaders from Pune SSA was given to Shri Arvind Vadnerkar Director HR BSNL.

Ø The details of discussions and response from Director HR is as follows.  

1.     Action plan for Restructuring and Outsourcing: We informed that there is an acute shortage of manpower in the field at all levels and immediate restructuring of staff is required. Also, many of the tenders are not yet finalized for carrying out various important activities in the field. Director HR informed that he will immediately do the needful so that bare minimum staff will be justified in all units.

2.     Promotion to Executives: Delegation demanded that considering the vacancy at all levels in post VRS scenario, promotions at all levels to be carried out. Director HR informed that the DE to DGM Promotion process is already completed and the orders will be issued shortly.

3.     Retention of Quarters for VRS opted employees beyond eight months: He informed the decision regarding the same will be taken in the corporate office in the meeting, as employees will have to pay full HRA for the same along with other terms and conditions. 

4.     Notices issued to ST candidates who have opted for VRS: AUAB delegation requested Director HR to take lenient view on this issue and resolve it as a one-time measure. Director HR informed that the Corporate Office has already taken a lenient view on this and all dues will be paid to those candidates who had applied for validity. He said that the Corporate office has taken decisions within the framework of law. 

5.     CGHS option for VRS optees: Its issue and benefits were also discussed. Director HR suggested to opt for CGHS facilities as BSNL is reimbursing the amount fully paid by the officials.

6.     Merger of Civil, Electrical and Architecture wing with Telecom wing: We discussed the issue of Merger of Civil, Electrical and Architecture wing with Telecom wing .Director HR informed that after discussion with concerned unit’s decision will be taken.

7.     Payment of dues to VRS optees in time bound manner: Director HR gave the time schedule of payment of all the dues such as pension, Ex-Gratia, Leave encashment with details.

a.       Implementation of VRS opted by 78569 staff.

b.       Payment of Ex Gratia timely, first installment by 31st March 2020 and the second by 30th June 2020.

c.        Gratuity payment at completion of 60 Years or on 1st February 2025 whichever is earlier. Interest will be paid @GPF rate. 

d.      Start of Provisional pension with effect from February end.

e.        Leave encashment to be paid by BSNL in the first week of March 2020.

f.         GPF payment to be paid immediately.

g.       Allotment of 4G Spectrum for which work to be started for 50, 000 nodes by May 2020 and actual services by October 2020.

h.       BA mergers to minimize the expenditures.

i.         Monetization of Land assets to generate revenue of 1000 Cr per month and a target of 20,000 Cr from 11 land parcels. The current liability of BSNL is 24,000 Cr. 

j.          Issue of sovereign Guarantee Bonds with effect from April 2020.

k.       Merger of BSNL and MTNL in future.        

8.     Issues in Pune SSA:

a.     The issue of Internet speed due to frequent Failure of WTR backbone links between Mumbai and Pune: Customers of ILL, FTTH, Broadband, and mobile data are facing speed issues constantly over a period of time. It was suggested that an additional route to IGW Bangalore, to be made available. This would give an alternate route in case of failure of IGW links between Pune to Mumbai. Director HR informed that he has spoken to the CGM, BBNW and discussed the same to resolve this issue on priority. 

b.    Issues of CSC in Pune: Issues of CSC and authorization for outsourced franchisee were discussed.

c.      Difficulty in payments towards Momento & Shawl for the felicitation of VRS optees: Director HR called GM (F) in corporate office and clarified the same with PGMT Pune and the difficulty in procurement due to financial constraint was resolved. It was informed that procurement of material through e-gov is not a problem as funds are available now. The SSA and Circle can procure it and the official retirement can be conducted shortly.

Ø Meeting was very fruitful and DIR HR was very positive as he analyzed each problem in depth and assured us to resolve the same. He also appealed to AUAB leaders to talk to willing VRS optees to come forward for completion of pension work, as it is time bound work. 

Ø In the morning meeting of senior officers was addressed by Director HR and in afternoon, he addressed Press Conference to make the public and customers aware of BSNL revival and maintain BSNL brand-image, Director HR addressed a press conference. It had a positive response from media persons in which Director HR replied very positively regarding Revival and turnaround of BSNL.A wide coverage in all popular daily news was also given regarding revival of BSNL.

·        Media Coverage of Press Conference by Director HR  <<<>>>    <<<>>>    <<<>>>    <<<>>>


24 FEB 20:   EE HQ Elect Mumbai issued orders entrusting charge of SDE Elect to 25 JTO Electrical on where it is as it is basis.   Letter   <<<>>>


24 FEB 20:   CMD BSNL writes DO letter to all CGMS in BSNL about illegal/ unauthorized use of cable duct trench by certain private operators and directs to take prompt and strict action and compliance thereof.  Letter   <<<>>>   


24 FEB 20:   CE Civil Mumbai calls for requisition from SSA/BA Heads for installation of roof top photovoltaic solar system under RESCO Model.   Letter   <<<>>>

·        This system has been successfully installed at BSNL Admn Bldg at Santacruz Mumbai, RTTC Pune, RTTC Nagpur & Telecom Factory Mumbai.

·        Thus, BSNL is saving lakhs of rupees on electricity through this model as BSNL getting concession in the electricity charges.

·        There is no expenditure on part of BSNL and BSNL has to provide access and space on rooftop of the building.

·        If it is installed at rooftops of all BSNL Buildings, good amount of money can be saved by BSNL.    


24 FEB 20:   AGM DPC  BSNL CO calls for missing APRs of DEs whose name are missing in DGM Adhoc promotions.  Letter   <<<>>>

·        As per this letter, the names of six DEs/AGMs from MH Circle are missing and SNEA MH has already taken up matter and it is found that APRs of about all these officers have been sent by MH Circle.

·        But we have requested to send it again to avoid any complications and accordingly names of these officers will be considered for DGM adhoc promotions  


24 FEB 20:   AGM Estt I BSNL CO issued orders for issuing provisional pension to all VRS optees for period of five months or till issue of PPO whichever is earlier.  Letter   <<<>>>   


24 FEB 20:   AGM Pers II BSNL CO issued letter rejecting the requests for reversion from AO to Stenographer Gr III by some of individuals.  Letter   <<<>>>   



 21 FEB 20:   Memorable Farewell Function in honour of VRS opted members by SNEA Kalyan: {Report by Com. Mukesh Wadhwani,  DS SNEA Kalyan }: A Grand Felicitation Function for giving sendoff to our beloved VRS optee Comrades of Kalyan SSA was arranged at Kala Bramha Hall, Kala Talav Telephone Exchange, Kalyan on 01.02.2020

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH specially attended the function for giving sendoff to our beloved comrades. Com. Rupesh Kumar JS HQ SNEA MH also accompanied CS for the function.

·        The special meeting was specially presided over by Com. R K Nagdekar, Ex President SNEA Kalyan who also has opted for VRS. 

·        Shri B P Rawat, PGMT Kalyan, & Shri Hariom Solanki GM Operations Kalyan were specially invited for the felicitation function and graced the occasion.

·        All the retiring comrades were given a warm sendoff by the auspicious hands of Shri. B. P. Rawat, PGMT Kalyan & Shri Hariom Solanki GM Opertions, Kalyan, Com. M S Adasul, CS SNEA MH, Com. M N Kotambe, CS SNEA MH, Com. Rupesh Kumar, JS HQ  SNEA MH , & Smt. Surekha Joshi DGM Finance Kalyan by offering Shawl, Shriphal, Bouquet, Memento & Certificate.

·        Most of the retiring comrades attended the event with their families, friends, & relatives. Almost all the SNEA members attended the function to give sendoff to their retiring seniors, colleagues, & friends.

·        All the dignitaries addressed the gathering & gave best wishes to the retiring comrades for their future life. It was a heartwarming moment for all those who attended the function.

·        The function concluded with vote of thanks by Com. V.K. Bhamare DT SNEA Kalyan and National Anthem. All the participants were served Delicious Lunch after the meeting.

·        Photos <<<>>>


20 FEB 20:   Congratulation!!! DGM Pers SM BSNL Corporate Office issued long awaited DE to DGM Adhoc promotions orders for 195 executives.   Letter   <<<>>>     

·        This is first promotion order after VRS 2019 wherein 195 DEs are promoted as DGMs.

·        Many of these promoted Officers have not opted for VRS 2019 even though eligible and hence got chance to become DGM Adhoc.

·        In this order about all officers from Maharashtra Circle are retained in MH Circle and additionally three new DGMs from MP Circle are posted to Maharashtra Circle.

·        It will help in filling many of SSA Head post which are vacant or managed through Local looking after arrangements and very junior and unwilling officers are compelled to work as SSA Head that to be in present very difficult situation after VRS 2019. 

·        When everything on HR platform is negative in BSNL, this order even on Adhoc basis will give some hopes to left out officers that there are till hopes for promotions in BSNL.

·        There are thousands of post of SDEs and DE are vacant in BSNL, but management has not acted on it for years together for whatever may be reason and many officers have opted for VRS due to poor HR approach by BSNL management on promotional front.

·        It is unfortunate that hundreds of Executives eligible for DGM promotions have opted for VRS and immediately after 19 day of their VRS, the promotion orders have been issued wherein name of these officers are naturally missing.

·        Many such affected officers have personally shared their views and blamed management for delaying these promotions for years together on different reasons.

·        Some of them have expressed as its failure of associations also and SNEA MH agrees and respects the sentiments expressed by these affected members.

·        But something is better than nothing and let us think positive with hopes that very shortly BSNL management will take initiatives for filling all vacant post of SDFE/AO, DE/CAO in BSNL by stopping Look After arrangements.

·       SNEA MH congratulates all the officers promoted as DGM Adhoc and wish them grand success in their new promotional assignment as DGM.


20 FEB 20:   DGM Admn Mumbai issued allotment of manpower through EOIs for all SSAs to meet shortage of Non-Executives in the filed units.   Letter   <<<>>>

·        This case was pursued by SNEA MH with CGMT MH since long and it was always assured that it is being distributed. In our last meeting CGMT MH has informed that he has updated SSA Heads personally about the authorization of manpower, but none of SSA Head as taken such services and works have come to stand still in about all SSAs.

·        Now official allotment is issued, but till there seems to be confusion as many of SSAs do not have valid and operational tenders for EOIs.

·        This allotment is decided by special committee headed by PGM CFA Mumbai, GM Fin Mumbai and GM HR/Admn Mumbai in consultation with SSA/BA Heads.

·        We have discussed this issue with concerned officers and it has been agreed that in such cases of extreme difficulties, the required manpower can be engaged temporarily through Temporary Advances and if advances are applied with proper justification it will be sanctioned with priority.

·        As on today, the OFC Failure in major reason affecting the Telecom services in Maharashtra Circle and main reason is frequent failure of OFCs due to road widening activities and repeated faults thereof.


20 FEB 20:   AD Staff A Mumbai issued posting order of DE on joining back to MH Circle from earlier deputation TCIL.  Letter   <<<>>>     


20 FEB 20:   AD Staff A Mumbai issued transfer orders of AOs to meet shortage of Account Officers in some of SSAs .   Letter   <<<>>>   


20 FEB 20:   AD Staff B Mumbai issued transfer order of JTO Amravati to WTR Amravati on his request.  Letter   <<<>>>     


20 FEB 20:   AD Staff B Mumbai issued transfer order of JTO Mobile Latur to Latur SSA.  Letter   <<<>>>     

·        There are some officers in Mobile unit but working at SSA and there is no proper workload after VRS 2019 scenario and accordingly such officers are being utilized at needy units/places.

·        There are many more officers in other Units and offices and but rearrangements are not being done in strategic way and such cases are being approved with recommendation of concerned SSA Head and PGM CM Mumbai

·        SNEA MH has discussed this issue with CGMT MH and it has been informed that action plan and guidelines for utilization of existing manpower are expected within week or fortnight and thereafter matter will be reviewed and orders will be issued accordingly.


20 FEB 20:   AGM Staff & DC Mumbai issued orders for merger of RTTC Nagpur  with Maharashtra Circle and accordingly GM/Principal RTTC Nagpur  will report to CGMT MH Circle for administrative works and for policy on trainings and training modules he will report to CGM ALTTC Ghaziabad. The salary of staff and officers in RTTC Nagpur will be drawn by Nagpur SSA.   Letter   <<<>>>     


20 FEB 20:   AGM Staff & DC Mumbai issued orders for merger of Telecom Factory Mumbai with Maharashtra Circle and accordingly GM TF Mumbai will report to CGMT MH at par with other BA Heads.  Letter   <<<>>>     


20 FEB 20:   CE Elect Mumbai writes to all SSAs for reduction of 20KW and more capacity connections to LT category wherein unwanted electricity payment are being made by BSNL.   Letter   <<<>>>    List   <<<>>>


20 FEB 20:   E-book on presentations in Head of Circles Conference held at Delhi on 13 & 14 Feb 2020.   Letter   <<<>>>     


20 FEB 20:   DGM Arch BSNL Corporate Office issued orders for closed of total Six  offices of Architecture wing including its GM level establishment at Mumbai and al the officers working in Architecture unit are either transferred to concerned Circle or the re-established Architecture wing.   Letter   <<<>>>     


20 FEB 20:   DGM Arch BSNL Corporate Office issued redistribution of Arch wing staff in different Circles and now Architectural activities of Maharashtra Circle if any will be under Shimla Head office in HP Circle.   Letter   <<<>>>      Annexure    <<<>>>


20 FEB 20:   DGM Arch BSNL Corporate Office issued orders for transfer of SDE Arch at relocated places by closing its different units at different Circles.   Letter   <<<>>>     


20 FEB 20:   DGM Arch BSNL Corporate Office issued orders for transfer of JTO Arch Mumbai to Maharashtra Telecom Circle.   Letter   <<<>>>     


20 FEB 20:   AGM LM BSNL Corporate Office issued orders clarifying that VRS Optees are eligible for retention of Staff Quarters as per the extent policy for retirees even after period of normal eight month retention period.   Letter   <<<>>>     


20 FEB 20:   AGM Pers II BSNL Corporate Office issued transfer order of SDE working at J & K Circle to Maharashtra Circle on completion of his all India Hard Tenure in J&K Circle.   Letter   <<<>>>     


19 FEB 20:   Highly successful Extraordinary General Body Meeting of SNEA Pune: {Report by Com. Prayag Pisal, JS West SNEA MH}: As per notification issued by Com Virendra Chaudhary, District Secretary, SNEA Pune, Extraordinary General Body Meeting of Sanchar Nigam Executive’s Association, Pune District was held on 19th January 2020 at TRC Club, MHS Compound, Pune 411001 in a grand manner and overwhelmingly responded by all the members of SNEA Pune before MEGA VSR 2019.

·        It was a grand and historic day for SNEA Pune. The TRC Club hall at MHS Bhavan premises was overcrowded since morning 10.00am on 19th January and it was electrifying atmosphere throughout the day and it went all the way through the whole evening and continued till 8pm.

·        The District Conference Proceedings were presided over by youngest lady District President of Pune Com. Mrs. Jyoti Kumari Jha, President SNEA Pune and was attended and addressed by the following prominent dignitaries by their auspicious presence of newly formed Circle Body Members of SNEA Maharashtra Circle

1.     Com. Bharat Sonawane, Circle President, SNEA  MH,

2.     Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary, SNEA  MH,

3.     Com. M.N. Kotambe, Asst. Circle Secretary, SNEA  MH,

4.     Com. Prayag PisalJoint Secretary South, SNEA  MH,

5.     Com D.R. Bhogade, Ex DS SNEA Pune

6.     Com. S. P. Sonawane, CWC Member, SNEA MH

7.     Com. Shailesh Solanki, CWC Member, SNEA MH

8.     Com. A.R. Paspule, DS, SNEA ITPC Pune

·        District Conference started by giving homage to departed soul by standing silence two minutes.

·        Conference started with Deep Prajwalan and Saraswati Pujan by all dignitaries on dice.

·        Very nice Rangoli and flower decoration done by Com Kinikar, Com Ashwini Gaikwad and excellent team Pune.

·        All dignitaries were given warm welcome by offering flower bouquet, Memento and Shriphal by team SNEA Pune.

·        Atmosphere of conference graced by melodious swagat geetSwagatam Su Swagatam” by Com Pragati Gramopadhe, Com Aarti Joshi, Com. Ramya, Com. Subodh Karlekar, and Com. Pradeep Kinikar.

·        Com. Mrs. Jyoti Kumari Jha, President SNEA Pune in her address gave warm welcome to the newly elected leaders of SNEA MH, SNEA Pune members and special appreciated for VRS opted members. She also presented very nice heart touching poem for all VRS optees.

·        VRS opted SNEA members are felicitated by Com Bharat Sonawane, Com Adasul, Com M.N. Kotambe, Com Prayag Pisal, Com S.P. Sonawane, Com Shailesh Solanki and Com Jyoti Kumari Jha offering them specially designed memento and flower with love. Working section and brief introduction of each member given by Com Ashwini Gaikwad and Com P.S. Kinikar. More than 110 VRS opted member were present for the function.

·        After felicitation of VRS opted our prominent dignitaries addressed the house.

·        Com Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH in his address welcomed all members and given thanks to them for showing faith and elected as Circle President once again.

·        In spite of his personal problem, he once again accepted to work for SNEA MH He elaborated the current situation of staff shortage and hurdles may arias in future. Assured to battle the situation with full enthusiasm and courage.

·        Com M. N. Kotambe, ACS SNEA MH in his address he salute the Pune Members first for supporting Circle body in their bad days. He explained all history how CHQ given wrong treatment to our beloved Com Bharat Sonawane and Com Adasul. But due to strong support of all members, they again elected as CP and CS. He also assured to support in coming crucial days. In his long speech almost touched every event from last BSNL day till today. He almost appreciated the work of every comrade helped them and stand behind them.

·        Com Prayag Pisal, JS West SNEA MH in his address saluted the Pune comrades for their attendance on holiday. He thanks to all members taken a pain to arranged this grand felicitation program of SNEA Pune members. Situation after VRS can be controlled by making a strong network of TIPs. All youngsters are needed to be united and ready for fight the situation.

·        Com D. R. Bhogade, Ex DS SNEA MH Given thanks to all comrades of Pune for supporting him during his tenure as DS SNEA Pune. He elaborated the work carried during his period. Also briefed the support receives from Circle team for solving problems of Pune comrades. He also assures his full support in coming days to association and all members.

·        Com S.P. Sonawane, CWCM SNEA MH in his short speech given thanks to all members for their support. Also prayed for good health of VRS opted members. He given best wishes to them and given best luck to remaining staff to work in BSNL.

·        Com Shailesh Solanki, CWCM SNEA MH He thanks to all members for being selected in Circle body. Assured to fulfill the faith shown to him. He given best wishes to all VRS 2019 members. Vacuum created by these staff cannot be filled by any means. Asked to all remaining colleagues to work in team and collectively.

·        Com M.S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH in his address guided house on different HR/Development issues and its status thereof. He expressed highest pleasure over the presence of SNEA Members in the Extraordinary General Body. He first of all thanks the Pune Comrades for their support during past bad days and again showing their faith for selecting him as CS. He also appealed the house to have more interaction with the staff and fellow officers for resolution of day to day issues. He stressed for need of more unity to face present tough competition in Telecom sector. He elaborated the poor condition of entire telecom sector and position of BSNL in present scenario. He stressed that BSNL will have to face this critical condition by making the strong network of more number of TIPs. He assured to extend any kind of support from Circle office. He given many options for VRS opted members for supporting BSNL and themselves. Specially appreciated the members not taken VRS though they were eligible. They shown their real faith on Company. Some have taken VRS not for the Ex-Garcia amount but for better future of remaining employees. He assured full support to SNEA Pune from SNEA MH. In conclusion, he expressed happiness on the increasing enthusiasm of highest presence of members of SNEA Pune and conveyed thanks for organization for giving him opportunity to address such mammoth gathering. 

·        After the address by Com M S Adasul CS SNEA MH the house adjourned for Lunch and again started after half an hour.

·        After the lunch break house was assembled under the President of Com Jyoti Kumari Jha for discussion on organizational matters. Com Girish Sonar, Com G.L. Gund and many comrades highlighted the matters to be considered in coming days for betterment of our organization and members.

·        After that SNEA Pune body, members opted VRS given their resignation to the President. House accepted their resignations. Due to that, more than 25 % members of SNEA Pune body are vacant. As per constitution of SNEA President appealed to dissolve the body. House accepted the proposal of President.

·        Thereafter the earlier District Body was dissolved by Com. Mrs Jyoti Kumari Jha President of the outgoing District body and election process started. Com. D.B. Baravkar was unanimously nominated as Election officer and Com R.S. Dalvi was unanimously nominated as Asst Election Officer for election process. Both these Election officers have played very important role in the whole process and Election process started at about 1630 hrs with declaration of the post for elections, calling nominations. Com. M. N. Kotambe ACS SNEA MH was Observer from SNEA Maharashtra Circle for this election process.

·        In an unanimous elections new body was elected by the house and the following new District Body of SNEA Pune are elected for the period of three years i.e. 2020-2023.

1.     Com. R.A. Londhe                   : District President

2.     Com. S. G. Kadam                   : Vice President - I

3.     Com. Smt. Joti Kumari Jha       : Vice President - II

4.     Com. V. R. Choudhari             : District Secretary

5.     Com. A. H. Kadam                   : Assistant District Secretary-I

6.     Com. P.S. Kinikar                     : Assistant District Secretary-II

7.     Com. S. P. Phirke                      : Assistant District Secretary-III

8.     Com. A.N. Raut                        : Assistant District Secretary-IV

9.  Com. Satish Alandkar             : District Treasurer

10. Com. Girish Sonar                  : Organizational Secretary - I

11. Com. Prashant Bangar           : Organizational Secretary - II

12. Com. M. W. Kulkarni              : CEC Member - I

13. Com. Datta Chavan                 : CEC Member - II

14. Com. D.V.Joshi                        : CEC Member - III

15. Com. S.R. Bhalerao                 : CEC Member - IV

16. Com. Deepak Thakur             : CEC Member - V

17. Com. Kiran Jawale                  : Auditor

·        On behalf of SNEA MH, Com Prayag Pisal, JS South SNEA MH congratulated all the newly elected District Office Bearers of SNEA, Pune and assured total support.

·        Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH gave oath of alliance to newly elected District Office Bearers of SNEA Pune and also conveyed thanks to both Election Officers i.e. Com. D.B. Baravkar & Com R.S.Dalvi  and Com. M. N. Kotambe,ACS SNEA MH for successfully competing election process in shortest possible time.

·        The entire proceedings of District Conference were nicely anchored by Com. P.S. Kinikar.

·        Photos by Com.Girish Sonar, OS-I SNEA Pune. <<<>>

·        Poem Specially for VRS optees by Com. Mrs. Jyoti Kumari Jha, President SNEA Pune <<<>>>



17 FEB 20:   Great and Grand farewell and Felicitation function by SNEA Nagpur: {Report by Com. H. N. Tipre, CT SNEA MH ) : A Grand Felicitation and Farwell Function for giving sendoff to our beloved VRS optee Comrades of Nagpur SSA was arranged at RTTC Auditorium Seminary Hills Nagpur on 25.01.2020

·        Com. M. S. Adasul CS, Com. S. P. Dhok, VP, Com. M N Kotambe, ACS, Com. Amit Kulkarni ACS, Com H. N. Tipre,  CT, Com. V. G. Khiratkar CWC attended the function for giving sendoff to our beloved comrades. 

·        It was a very good to see that all senior officers of Nagpur like Shri Arvind Patil-GMTD Nagpur, Shri Manish Shukla - GM & Principal RTTC Nagpur, Shri Yash Panhekar-GM WTP, Shri Nitin Chayande-GM WTR, Shri N B Naktode GM BBNL, Smt Madhuri Nimje GM Mobile, Shri R. I. Yadav CE-Electrical & Shri. S N Parate CE-Civil were also present and grace the function with their presence since beginning to till end of the function.

·        All the retiring comrades were given a warm sendoff by the auspicious hands of all senior officers, Com M S Adasul and also by hands of all Circle office bearers of SNEA MH Circle by offering Shawl, Memento with individual names & Bouquet. Following VRS optee members were felicitated - 

·        Shri Asatkar R B,  Smt Bagde S S,  Shri Bakade C S, Smt Baptist Rajeshwari, Shri Bhede S R, Smt Bhorkar M D, Shri Biniwale S M, Shri Daflapurkar C B, Shri Deotale Anantkumar, Shri Dhawale R D, Smt Dongre A A, Shri Gandate L R, Smt Gandhe S A, Shri Gardalwar Vikram, Shri Gedam M G, Shri Ghubade S V, Shri Godbole S G,  Smt Gyanchandani M H,  Shri Hakke R M, Shri Hatwar P W, Shri Jinturkar N B, Smt Joshi Geeta R, Shri Joshi Girish, Smt Joshi Rekha, Shri Kalamkar S N, Shri Kalode S S, Smt Kamble Seema D, Shri Kamdi P K, Shri Kashikar S P, Smt Kashiraman Rajeshwari, Shri Kawale A K, Shri Kohale V N,  Shri Kojabe R M,  Smt Kulkarni A H, Shri Kulkarni H D , Shri Lalwani P I, Shri Lanjewar A K, Shri Lingayat P D, Shri Mahatme S P, Shri Maheshkar A V, Smt Mahulkar Madhuri, Smt Malunjkar P A, Shri Mishra V M, Shri Nandanwar H A, Shri Nandanwar R E, Shri Narkhede A L, Smt Nathani R R,  Shri Nimje U G,  Shri Palatkar V W, Shri Pathan A S M, Shri Petkar A D, Shri Pokale S S, Smt Puranik D D, Smt Puthran S N, Smt Rahate V G, Shri Rajesh Kumar, Shri Rakhade A S, Shri Ramteke P C, Shri Ramteke P D, Shri Ranade Y A, Smt Rekhade S B, Smt Roychoudhary Rama,  Shri Satone V P,  Shri Sayare P B, Shri Shaikh M A, Smt Singh Gurpreet, Shri Singh Y T, Shri Srivastava Rajeev, Shri Supekar P P, Smt Telang R S, Shri Tembhurne N S, Shri Tilwar P H, Shri Wankhade T B, Smt Wase S N, Smt Welankiwar S A, Smt Welukar B D)

·        It was with the special efforts of team SNEA Nagpur & Com. V. M. Mishra to have presentation (AV) on projector of each individual comrade during his/her felicitation.

·        Maximum of the retiring comrades attended the event with their families, friends & relatives. Almost all the SNEA members attended the function to give sendoff to their retiring seniors, colleagues, & friends.

·        All the dignitaries addressed the gathering & gave best wishes to the retiring comrades for their future life. All senior officers and VRS Optee comrades appreciate the efforts and initiative taken by SNEA Nagpur to give warmed and well managed/arranged farewell to deserved officers of BSNL & comrades of SNEA.  It was a heart warming moment for all those who attended the function.

·        The function was long lasted from 0530 Hrs to 1030 Hrs with special songs by Com. R. M. Hakke (Melody song), Com Suneet Upadhyay (Songs) & Com. V. M. Mishra (Flute) concluded with NATIONAL ANTHEM followed by Delicious Lunch forall.

·        PHOTOS <<<>>>


17 FEB 20:   Lovely and Grand farewell and Felicitation function by SNEA Nanded: {Report by Com. Masood Khalid, DS SNEANanded ) : The Chief Guest of the function was Com M. S. Adasul,CS SNEA BSNL Maharashtra and Com M.N. Kotambe  ACS  SNEA MH was also present and graced occasion. 

·        The Venue for this function was at Conference Hall Second floor Telephone Bhavan, BSNL Nanded. 

·        The Felicitation started with welcome of guest and the function was presided over by Com. S. K. More, President SNEA Nanded.

·        This function was chaired by Shri. Sayed Ilyasuddin, TDM Nanded and he was accompanied by Shri. K. S. Raje, DGMNanded  and Shri. D G Shaikh DGM Nanded

·        Com Sanjay Dhoble DS SNEA Parbhani was also present on this occasion.

·        The leaders of BSNL EU Nanded, NFTE Nanded, SEWA Nanded were also present in the meeting and they felicitated Com. M. S. Adasul and gave himwarm welcome at Nanded

·        All the VRS-2019 optee as well as non optee comrades of SNEA Nanded were also presentin mass.      

·        In this Feciliation fuction all VRS-2019 optees were feciliated with specially designed BSNL Logo, Memento, Shawl, Garland and Shriphal.

·        After this function the delicious Lunch was organized in a Luxurious Hotel for all the SNEA Nanded comrades and the Dignitaries present. 

·        All SNEA comrades  were present on this auspicious occasion to make the function a Grand success.

·        PHOTOS <<<>>>



17 FEB 20:   Voluntary retirement felicitation program of Amravati SSA: {Report by Com. Nilesh Wankhede, DS SNEA Amravati ) : In Amravati SSA, Felicitation program was arranged as a small tribute to all our beloved voluntarily retired comrades on 02.02.2020 at Hotel “Rai-Jeera”, Amravati on a theme कभी अलविदा ना कहना.

·        It is a small token of gratitude towards their contribution for our beloved organization.

·        The following dignitaries were invited for the Farewell function Shri. Sunilkumar Agarwal, PGMT Amravati ,Com. Prabhakar Datir, DGM, Amravati and DP SNEA, Amravati and Com. Sanjay Gurbhele, IFA, Amravati 

·        Program started with the tradition of “दीप प्रज्वलन” by the hands of all dignitaries & prayer of “Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj”.

·        Shri. Sunilkumar Agarwal, PGMT Amravati was welcomed with small plant by the hands of Com. Satish R. Kalmegh, EX CP, SNEA MH.

·        Com. Sanjay Gurbhele, IFA Amravati was welcomed with small plant by the hands of Com. Sanjay P. Dhok,Vice President  SNEA MH. All the retired comrades were felicitated with shawl, a small plant & Momento by the hands of Hon. Sunilkumar Agarwal, PGMT Amravati, Com.Prabhakar Datir, DGM Amravati & Com. Sanjay Gurbhele, IFA Amravati.

·        Shri. Sunilkumar Agarwal, PGMT Amravati & Com.Sanjay Gurbhele, IFA Amravati addresses the gathering and extended their wishes to all the retired persons for their post retirement life.

·        After Addresses of dignitaries house was adjourned for delicious lunch.

·        In second session some of the comrades shared their views before the gathering.

·        Program was concluded with vote of thanks by Com. Pravin J. Masram, Treasurer, SNEA Amravati to all the dignitaries, Guest, the retiree comrades and all the members for giving their valuable time and attending felicitation ceremony of retired comrades along with a melodious song “बीते हुए लम्हो की कसक साथ तो आएगी”.

·        PHOTOS <<<>>>


15 FEB 20:   AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders for DGM Looking after arrangements on where it is as it basis wherein three DEs are given responsibility as DGM in same SSA.   Letter   <<<>>>


15 FEB 20:   AD Staff A Mumbai issued transfer orders of AOs in which two transfers are at own Cost and one is issued in the interest of service.   Letter   <<<>>>


15 FEB 20:   AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders for closure of office establishment of CE Civil Nagpur and its permanent merger with office of CE Civil Mumbai.   Letter   <<<>>>


15 FEB 20:   AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders merger of office of GM L&B Mumbai with office of  CE Civil Mumbai.   Letter   <<<>>>


15 FEB 20:   AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders for approval of request for Voluntary Retirement of two SDEs with age below 50years..   Letter   <<<>>>


15 FEB 20:   CMD BSNL writes DO letter to CGMs to expedite the work of tender EOI Finalization for the outsourcing work for stabilization of maintenance of fixed line services at the earliest.   Letter   <<<>>>


15 FEB 20:   CGMT MH Circles writes to SSA/BA Heads for  keen monitoring of Exchange/BTS/OLT/OFC/DSLAM/OCLAN/CPAN/Lease lines/Land Lines/ BB/FTTH faults on daily basis   Letter   <<<>>>


15 FEB 20:  By pointing out certain discrepancies of excess usage of electricity  in the recent Electricity bills sent by some of SSAs, CE Elect Mumbai writes to SSA/BA Heads for proper verification and scrutiny of Electricity bills at SSA Level.  Letter   <<<>>>


15 FEB 20:   CE Elect Mumbai writes to SSA/BA Heads for stopping the existing AMCs of DG sets with capacity up to 30KVA.  Letter   <<<>>>

·        There are total 3174 DG sets operating under AMC and henceforth AMC will be available for 632 DG sets only.

·        Office of CE Elect Mumbai will call for tender for attending faults of DG sets on call basis and it will be applicable to 2542 DG Sets for which AMC is being stopped. 

·        It is directed to SSAs to that out of 632 DG sets for which AMCs will continue; about 10 % DG sets are to be listed out by SSAs for stopping AMCs.


15 FEB 20:   BSNL CMTS Monthly Bulletin January 2020.   Copy <<<>>>


15 FEB 20:  In a Press release as per TRAI Guidelines ,  DM S&M BSNL CO issued advisory to BSNL subscribers, Business Entities and telemarketers for not using Landline/Mobile for sending commercial communication .  Letter <<<>>>


15 FEB 20:  AGM Estt BSNL CO issued guidelines for renewal/withdrawal or change of limit for Group Term Insurance for Executives in BSNL.  Letter <<<>>>

·        Important guidelines are attached as annexure to this letter.

·        It is auto renewal scheme with same terms and premium as that of last year and it will be effective from 01/03/2020.

·        It means one who will not make any changes in earlier options or will not withdraw his/her option will continue with Group Term Insurance policy.

·        There is option in ERP for withdrawal from this GTI Scheme.

·        The changes in existing policy can be done latest by 17/02/2020 and new joining can be done latest by 19/02/2020.

·        The existing embers at bracket of age 50n years have option for change of amount of Insurance from Rs 50 lakhs to Rs 20 lakhs and vice versa.

·        The yearly subscription payable in advance will be deducted from concerned officer in salary of February 2020.

·        Option is also available for new entry in this scheme and to join scheme, one has to submit option through ERP and depending on his age and amount of sum assured, the yearly premium for Year 2020-21 will be deducted in advance from Salary of Feb 2020.


15 FEB 20:  AGM Pers II Staff BSNL CO endorsed guidelines issued by DoT of BSNL Staff working in DOT offices and field units.  Letter <<<>>>


15 FEB 20:  GM CB & B BSNL CO  writes concerned circles for merger of Telecom factories as one of Business Area in Circles w.e.f. 01/02/2020 and to include demand of funds for that particular Telecom factory as BA in demand of Circle. Accordingly, Telecom Factory Mumbai will be treated as one of BA of Maharashtra Circle since 01/02/2020. Letter <<<>>>


15 FEB 20:  AGM Taxation BSNL CO writes all CGMs and IFAs on quantum of Income Tax Exemption available to an eligible BSNL VRS 2019 optee.  Letter <<<>>>


15 FEB 20:  AGM CA BSNL CO writes all Circle and Units Heads in BSNL to review and validation of entries in SAP in respect of all VRS 2019 Optees.  Letter <<<>>>


15 FEB 20:  GM CA BSNL CO issued clarification for issuing LPC in respect of VRS 2019 Optees from BSNL who have not received NOC as they are having outstanding amounts of loans from banks/societies and now these outstanding amounts will be mentioned in LPC.  Letter <<<>>>


15 FEB 20:  Director Account-I, DoT conveyed approval for payment of provisional Pension for all VRS Opted Executives and Non-Executives from BSNL as well as MTNL memorandum.  Letter <<<>>>   SOP <<<>>>

·        Due to mass VRS from BSNL as well as from MTNL, it is expected that there will be delay in issuing PPOs and accordingly release of pension.

·        The Provisional Pension is being calculated as 50% of last basic plus DA applicable.

·        The provisional pension will be applicable w.e.f. 01/02/2020 and will be payable for period of five months or date of issue of PPO whichever is earlier.

·        All concerned units of DOT are directed to issue PPOs latest by 31/05/2020.

·        SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for payments of Provisional Pension is attached giving activities to be carried by CCA offices of DOT and Circle Offices of BSNL/MTNL.  


15 FEB 20:  AGM Estt Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter for investment of money by VRS optees in different scheme of in Post Office Savings Banks.  Letter <<<>>>


3 Feb 20:  Special General Body Meeting & Grand Felicitation of newly lected COBs of SNEA MH by SNEA Kalyan: {Report by Com. Mukesh Wadhwani, DS SNEA Kalyan}: A Special General Body Meeting & Grand felicitation function was arranged by SNEA Kalyan on 08.01.2020 to honour COBs of SNEA MH on their election in recently held circle conference of SNEA MH Circle held at Mumbai.

·        The function was arranged at Kala Bramha Hall of Kala Talav Telephone Exchange, Kalyan. Com. R. K. Nagdekar, Ex District President Kalyan chaired the meeting as and presided over the function.

·        Shri B. P. Rawat, PGMT Kalyan was invited as the Chief Guest on the occasion and on invitation of SNEA Kalyan PGMT Kalyan was accompanied by Shri Hariom Solanki, GM (Operations), Kalyan.

·        Following Dignitaries also graced the occasion with their auspicious presence

1.            Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH Circle,

2.            Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH Circle,

3.            Com. H. N. Tipre, CT SNEA MH Circle,

4.            Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS SNEA MH Circle

5.            Com. Anil Dubey, Ex-District Secretary, SNEA Mumbai

6.            Com. Abhay Kesarkar, Jt. Secretary CE SNEA MH Circle

7.            Com. Rupesh kumar, Jt. Secretary HQ SNEA MH Circle

8.            Com. Prayag Pisal, Jt. Secretary South SNEA MH Circle

9.            Com. S. P Sonawane, CWC Member SNEA MH Circle

10.             Com. V. R. Chaudhari, District Secretary, SNEA Pune

11.             Com. Shailesh Dhande, District President, SNEA Mumbai

12.             Com. P. B. Jadhav, CEC Member, SNEA Kalyan

·        Office bearers of other Unions & Associations Viz. Com. Borkar & Com. B. S. Garud from SCSTEWA Kalyan, Com. Ashok Ugale & Com. Sanjay Chaudhari from NFTE Kalyan also attended the meeting & felicitated newly elected circle office bearers of SNEA MH Circle with Flower Bouquets.

·        All the Dignitaries were welcomed with Shawl, Shripal & Flower bouquets & Traditional PHETA.

·        Meeting started with Welcome speech by Com. Mukesh M. Wadhwani, DS Kalyan wherein he congratulated & Welcomed the Guests of Honour Com. B. S. Sonawane, Com. M. S. Adasul,  Com. H. N. Tipre, Com. M. N. Kotambe, Com. Abhay Kesarkar,  Com. Rupesh Kumar,  Com. Prayag Pisal & Com. S. P. Sonawane on being elected to their respective posts in the recently held Circle Conference of SNEA MH Circle at Mumbai. He also expressed his gratitude towards PGMT Kalyan Shri B. P Rawat & GM (O) Shri Hariom Solanki for accepting the invitation & attending the event. He also welcomed Com. V. R. Chaudhari, Com. Shailesh Dhande, and Com. Anil Dubey for sparing their valuable time for attending the meeting. He then requested the dignitaries to enlighten the house with their views & guidance on current situation of BSNL & post VRS Scenario.

·        Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS SNEA MH Circle, set the tone of the evening with his detailed & marathon speech on how SNEA Maharashtra Circle went through the tough & difficult phase & how our entire circle body under the able leadership of Com. M. S. Adasul & Com. B. S. Sonawane put up a brave fight against the injustice meted out on our leaders & successfully came out of the situation.

·        Com. H. N. Tipre, CT SNEA MH Circle shared his memories of working in Kalyan SSA in start of his career and shared his valuable thoughts on growth & development of BSNL. House congratulated Com. H. N. Tipre on winning the Prestigious VISHISHT SANCHAR SEVA PADAK 2018 with thundering claps.

·        Com. B. S. Sonawane, CP SNEA MH Circle, shared his views on role & importance of unions & associations in growth development of BSNL. He also guided the house on facing challenges ahead due to VRS & how we can unitedly overcome the same. He appealed all the comrades to stay united &

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH Circle, in his marathon speech enlightened the house about the difficult times faced by the association & how we successfully came out of the situation and is strongly united. He specially appreciated the continuous, unconditional & selfless support of Com. M. N. Kotambe, Com. Abhay Kesarkar and Com. Bharat Sonawane during the difficult & testing times. He also informed house about status of various HR issues being pursued by association at various levels.

·        Shri Hariom Solanki, GM (Operations), Kalyan congratulated to all the newly elected Circle office bearers of SNEA MH circle & shared his views on growth & developments of BSNL services in Kalyan SSA.

·        Shri B. P. Rawat, PGMT Kalyan, congratulated all the newly elected Circle office bearers of SNEA MH circle & shared his views on various issues. In his encouraging speech, he informed house about various activities being carried out to tackle the post VRS situation. He emphasized that Kalyan has great potential & a very good team. He also shared his thoughts & vision about Roadmap for Success of BSNL Kalyan.

·        Com. R. K. Nagdekar, President SNEA Kalyan in his presidential speech summed up the event by acknowledging encouraging views & thoughts of all the dignitaries. He concluded his speech quoting that “Truth can get frustrated but Truth can never be Defeated”.

·        Com. A. M. Singh, Ex-CEC Member Kalyan, presented Vote of Thanks in his special style & thanked all the Dignitaries & Guests for gracing the occasion & sparing their valuable time to guide & encourage comrades of SNEA Kalyan. He also thanked all the comrades from nook & corners of Kalyan SSA for participating in the meeting in huge numbers.

·        Com. V. K. Bhamre, ADS SNEA Kalyan very nicely anchored the entire event with his comprehensive, fluent & binding oral skills.

·        Untiring team efforts by Com. P B Jadhav CEC Member, Com. K B Patil Treasurer, Com. V K Bhamre ADS, Com. V D Patil Area Secretary Ulhasnagar, Com. Nitin Pohare Area Secretary Vasai & Com. R S Bhalerao Executive Body member & entire team of SNEA Kalyan made the event memorable & a grand success.

·        The meeting was then concluded late in the evening with NATIONAL ANTHEM.

·        PHOTOs <<<>>>



3 FEB 20:  EE EP Mumbai issued memorandum for centralization of Tendering Powers and authorities  of all Executives Engineers with CE Elect Office Mumbai and five Divisional offices will just complete tendering procedures. Letter <<<>>>


3 FEB 20:  AGM Estt IV BSNL CO issued clarification as asked by Maharashtra Circle for confirmation in JTO cadre who are appointed in DoT and absorbed in BSNL.  Letter <<<>>>


3 FEB 20:  AGM OP Mumbai writes  BA Heads in Maharashtra Circle for floating tenders for outsourcing of maintenance and provisioning of Landline and broadband for External plant of Copper Network in Semi Urban and Rural areas of different SSAs. Letter <<<>>>  Draft Tender<<<>>>


3 Feb 20:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for rearrangement of officers left out in HR Admn section of Circle office Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>

·        As per this order, the post of AGM Staff , DGM HR vacant and both the AD Staff, JTO Rectt and AGM Legal  will directly report to GM HR Admn Mumbai.

·        The post of AGM Admn Mumbai will be vacant and DGM Admn Mumbai will continue to function without AGM Admn and in addition to his left out officers from Admn section, AGM Estt along with DC section will report to DGM Admn Mumbai. 



1 Feb  20:  Tribute to legend and life time Hero of Executives in BSNL: On is 3rd Death Anniversary of late Com W. S. Rao , Ex GS, Ex President JETA/JTOA/SNEA and the leader with vision and understanding about the future of Executives in BSNL, SNEA MH, pay tribute to this legend and life time Hero of Executives in BSNL. His devoted works for the executives of BSNL is remembered by all for lifetime. We miss him today. 



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