Last update 29 Dec 20




29 Dec 20: SAD NEWS: Sad demise of Com. Amol Bhagat, SDE CDR/IT Pune SSA and active comrade of SNEA Pune: With deepest sorrow, it is to inform about sad and untimely demise of young comrade of SNEA Pune Com. Amol Bhagat, SDE CDR/IT Pune SSA on 28/12/2020 after a short illness. He was young and just 37 years old survived with wife, aged father, mother and one small kids of three years. In recent past, he was admitted in Noble Hospital under critical condition with multiple complications resulting into brain stroke. His sudden heavenly abode is heavy loss to his family members. Com. Amol Bhagat joined in BSNL as JE/TTA in 2008 and was promoted as JTO in 2017 batch. Com. Amol Bhagat was working as JTO CDR since 2017 and recently he was given charge as SDE CDR/IT Pune under Looking After arrangements. He was a sincere, co-operative and devoted officer of BSNL and active member of SNEA. With his untimely heavenly exist, SNEA has lost very sincere and die-hard comrade. SNEA Maharashtra prays Almighty to give courage to bereaved family members of late Com Amol Bhagat at this very crucial and hard moment of life and pray for heavenly peace and space for departed soul of late Com Amol Bhagat.


29 Dec 20: Progress of Rule 8 Request transfers of JAOs: After approval of Rule 8 Request transfers of JAOs by CGMT MH, now the AGM Staff Mumbai and AD Staff A Mumbai have taken further action and the requests of all approved cases are sent to concerned Circles for getting their consent for acceptance of transfer of said JAOs from that Circle. The copies of the letters are emailed to all the Circles and its copies are sent to individuals by on their given emails. If any of JAO has not received it he/ she may send email request to AD Staff A Mumbai by email on by giving his/her name and HRMS number, date of application and may request for sending copy of the consent letter if required for persuasion with concerned circle. SNEA MH has received some cases wherein names of JAOs who have applied for Rule 8 transfers, but their names are not given consideration in this approved list of JAO Rule 8 transfers and their names may be missing due to mismatch of data or non-receipt of his/her application in Staff section etc. We are pursuing for consideration of all such few left out cases.


28 Dec 20: AGM SR BSNL CO issued clarification related to consolidated instructions on facility of immunity from transfer to recognised Unions/Associations and Support Association. Letter <<<>>>

·        The letter clarifies in clear words that intention of the management is to provide invariably the facility of immunity from Transfer to the eligible Office Bearers of recognised Unions/Associations and Support Association so that they may work without fear of victimization.

·        It is also clarified that the decision of not extending the immunity to any eligible office bearer should be resorted only in an exceptional situation of administrative exigencies and after placing such proposal with full justification for prior information of CGM Concerned or Director HR in BSNL Corporate Office.

·        This letter clears all doubts created due to earlier letter dated 11/09/2020 and it is now crystal clear that prominent Office Bearers of recognised Unions/Associations and Support Association will continue to get immunity from transfer as per existing policy for grant of immunity.


28 Dec 20: AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer and posting order of Com. S.P. Dhok SDE Amravati and Com. M. S. Harne, JTO Amravati to Akola SSA at the own cost and request. Letter <<<>>>


28 Dec 20: AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer and posting order of Com. Vijaykumar Kumbhar, SDE Civil Solapur and he is now posted as SDE Vigilance Solapur. Letter <<<>>>


28 Dec 20: AGM Staff Mumbai issued retention order of Com. S. R. Swami, JTO Latur on his transfer to Beed SSA and now he is retained in Latur SSA up to 31/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


28 Dec 20: AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting order of JTOs on their transfer and joining at Circle Office Mumbai wherein Com. N. E. Bhanarkar is posted as JTO L&B Mumbai and Com. R.D. Bodale, is posted as JTO Estt Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>


28 Dec 20: AGM Staff Mumbai issued mutual transfer orders of JTOs from Pune BA to and Mobile Nodal Pune and vice versa as per own cost request of four JTOs. Letter <<<>>>


27 Dec 20: AGM Pers DPC BSNL CO issued orders conveying change of composition of DPC conveying CPC of BSNL Management Services for grade of AGM or equivalent grade in Telecom Operation Stream. Letter <<<>>>


27 Dec 20: DGM Regulation BSNL CO writes to all CGMs conveying Instructions for provisioning of telecom services to Persons with Disabilities (PwD) and it is directed to make mandatory entry of PwD Category in CAF Database. Letter <<<>>>


27 Dec 20: DGM NWO CFA BSNL CO writes to all CGMs to endure to provide quick, effective and quality services to all Government Officers and Offices required under orders for mandatory utilization of BSNL services in all Government Offices. Letter <<<>>>


27 Dec 20: Online Training Schedule at RTCC from 27/12/2020 to 02/01/2021. Pune <<<>>> Nagpur <<<>>>


27 Dec 20: Director EB BSNL Board writes DO letter to CGMT MH Circle for nomination of Circle/SSA level Nodal Officers for survey and identification of BSNL utilities inferring along the proposed Nagpur-Mumbai High Speed corridor by National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited. Letter <<<>>>   Annex <<<>>>


27 Dec 20: Director EB BSNL Board writes DO letter to CGMT MH Circle for nomination of Circle/SSA level Nodal Officers for survey and identification of BSNL utilities inferring along the proposed Mumbai-Pune-Hyderabad High Speed corridor by National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited. Letter <<<>>>   Annex <<<>>>


23 Dec 20: AGM Staff Mumbai issued Rule 8 Request Transfer of Com. Mrs. Revathi Narayanan, JTO EB Mumbai to Karnataka Circle. Letter <<<>>>


23 Dec 20: DGM SM Pers BSNL CO writes to all CGMs for implantation of transfer posting orders of officers of HAG/SAG/JAG level officers issued up to 15/12/2020 latest by 31/12/2020.  Letter <<<>>>


23 Dec 20: GM S&M CFA Mumbai writes to all SSA/BA Heads about revised and updated Open Expression of Interest (EOI) for engaging Public Wi-Fi Providers (PWPs) for providing the BSNL Wi-Fi Telecom Services on Non-Exclusive and Non- Revenue Share Basis throughout Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


23 Dec 20: DGM SCT BSNL CO writes to heads of Circles regarding display of mandatory notice at a conspicuous place in the workplace about the penal consequences and the constitution of the internal committee under Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2013. Letter <<<>>>


23 Dec 20: DGM SCT BSNL CO writes to heads of Circles for celebration of seventh anniversary of notification of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2013 by conducting internal committee to review pendency of Sexual Harassment cases and dispose them on priority. Letter <<<>>>


23 Dec 20: GM CBB BSNL CO writes to CGMs and IFAs giving one time relaxation for entering the pending invoices in ERP and last date is now extended up to 28/12/2020.  Letter I <<<>>>  Letter II <<<>>>


23 Dec 20: GM Fin CFA BBIN BSNL CO writes to all CGMs Business Process changes in the processing of FTTH / BWSP/ EPABX invoice. Letter <<<>>>


23 Dec 20: GM CFA BBIN BSNL CO writes to all CGMs for implementation of traffic Exception reporting & Inventory Management (TERIM) Portal for BNG Spares Cards management based on traffic. Letter <<<>>>


23 Dec 20: DM NOFN Ops BSNL CO endorsed BBNL Letter regarding procedure for settlement of SLA Based invoices for BSNL’s existing Fibre leased out to BBNL. Letter <<<>>>


23 Dec 20: Tele density and Market Share of Telecom Operators as on 31/08/2020.  Letter <<<>>>


23 Dec 20: GM Sancharsoft BSNL CO writes to PGMs/GMs S&M in all Circles about implementation of pre auditing facility of CAF before its download and submission to TERM cell to improve CFA compliance and minimize the penalties if any. Letter <<<>>>


21 Dec 20: Approval of Rule 8 and Rule 9 Request of JAOs: In continuation to continuous persuasion by SNEA MH with CGMT MH Circle, finally CGMT MH has conveyed approval for considering Rule 8 Request transfers of eligible JAOs.

·        Now all these applications with the approval of CGMT MH will be sent to concern Circles for getting consent for acceptance of requests of these JAOs by concerned Circles. On receipt of the consent the relieving orders will be issued by Maharashtra Circle for Rule 8 transfers of all eligible JAOs. On rule 9 transfers, it is reported that the matter will be reviewed case by case and decision will be taken as per the guidelines on the subject.

·        This issue of JAO Rule 8 /9 Request transfers was pending for last one year for one or other manmade issues and SNEA MH was consciously pursuing it from officers in FC/Staff section to CGMT MH. Earlier it was matter of dispute between FC section and Staff section who will issue orders in revised scenario and it was finally decied that all transfers in Finance wing will be issued by GM HR Admn Mumbai in consultation of GM Fin Mumbai. Then it was matter of tracing applications received from all in FC and Staff section, its consolidation of applications and data and processing in e files,  the delay on part of staff section in processing files once consent and green signal was given by CGMT MH to go ahead with processing file  for approval quoting different reasons then approval of CGMT MH with concurrence of GM Fin Mumbai and so on.

·       SNEA MH had many rounds of discussions with CGMT MH conveying hardship and difficulties of these JAOs. In our recent meeting with CGMT MH on 16/11/2020 also this was one of important issue and CGMT MH has assured for consideration of it. Finally CGMT MH has conveyed approval and given relief to the JAOs who were waiting for their turn of request transfer for long time.

·       SNEA MH conveys thanks to Shri. Manoj Kumar Mishra, CGMT MH Circle and Shri. Vivek Mahavar, GM Fin Mumbai for giving consideration to long pending Rule 8/9 request transfers of JAOs.


 21 Dec 20: Meeting with Shri. Manoj Kumar Mishra CGMT MH Circle: Delegation of SNEA met Shri. Manoj Kumar Mishra, CGMT MH Circle on 16/12/2020 and had detail discussions on ongoing and pending HR issues. Shri. M. K. Mishra, GM HR Admn Mumbai and Shri. K.H. More DGM Admn Mumbai were also present as per directions of CGMT MH Circle. The details of discussions are as follows.

·        Special Request to BSNL CO for one time Grant of funds for all pending Temporary Advances in ERP: We have once again requested CGMT MH for taking up matter with BSNL CO for grant of funds for releasing pending payments of Temporary advances. We added that executives in field units are facing hardship and as we are reaching towards the end of financial year, we fear that all Temporary advances will be closed and the executives will be again in trouble as happened in past. CGMT MH informed that letter has been already written to BSNL CO and assured to take review of it.

·        Consideration of Rule 8 and Rule 9 Request of JAOs: We have once again drawn attention of CGMT MH on consideration of long pending Rule 8 & Rule 9 request transfers of JAOs and even though it has been positively assured by him in our all meetings in recent past, the issue is not cleared and the concerned JAOs have now become panic. CGMT MH informed that the file has been processed long back and it is with him. He has called for requirement of JAOs in Maharashtra Circle and assured that after review of the MH requirement he will take final decision accordingly within 2-3 days.

·        ERP Relieving of willing Executives from Tenure/Non tenure stations: We have conveyed thanks for intervention of CGMT MH in relieving of executives under transfer from Tenure Stations to better extent and drawn his attention towards fact that few left out executives are waiting for their relieving. WE added that many of the executives under transfer are ready to join the tenure stations, but they are not being relieved by concerned SSA or their controlling officers and request to relieve all such officer through ERP. CGMT MH assured to review matter and take final call on this matter shortly.

·        Consideration of Request Transfers from Non-Tenure SSAs: We have brought to notice of CGMT MH that nowadays some selected orders are being issued by Staff section on pick and choose basis only in respect of officers who can convey their grievances to GM HR Admn Mumbai or CGMT MH Mumbai by personal visits to Mumbai or through some other sources. But there are many officers who have not represented their grievances by personal visit to Mumbai or through these sources are till waiting for consideration of their own cost request transfers. Such pick and choose orders have created mass unrest among these executives and we requested to give consideration to all pending request transfers. We have reminded CGMT MH about our last discussions and his direction to then GM HR Admn Mumbai about consideration of one to one transfers, mutual transfers, chain transfers and transfer from SSAs having excess executives to SSAs having shortage of executives wherein no cost of BSNL is involved and the concern of BSNL for posting executives at required places can be taken care. By understanding our concern, CGMT MH directed GM HR Admn Mumbai to process the pending request transfers and assured to decide matter suitably at the earliest. 

·        Request Transfers of Executives in Electrical wing: We have brought to the notice of CGMT MH that there is dispute in the issue that who will issue the transfer orders of executives in Electrical wing as some orders are issued by GM HR Admn Mumbai and some orders are being issued by Electrical wing and both these offices are issuing orders on pick and choose basis. CGMT MH informed that all the transfers of all wings including Electrical wing will be issued by GM HR Admn Mumbai in consultation with concerned vertical Head and vertical heads will not issue any orders for change of SSA and directed GM HR Admn Mumbai to follow this procedure equally for all. We have informed him that in Electrical wing and in some other units, the applications for request transfers are kept on hold by the controlling officers and we brought to is notice similar action by CE Elect Nagpur. CGMT MH informed that no application will be kept on hold by any officer and same should be forwarded to GM HR Admn Mumbai with recommendations. CGMT MH further assured that he will direct CE Elect Nagpur to forward all such applications kept on hold in his office if any. We have further brought to notice of many of the request of JTOs in Electrical wing and requested CGMT MH to consider all requests at the earliest. CGMT MH informed that the review of requirement of Electrical wing executives in all SSAs will be taken as per the restructuring norms and requirement for centralized Electricity Billing works at Mumbai and accordingly all requests of electrical wing executives will be given shortly.

·        Corrective action on wrong SDE LA Orders issued by office CE Electrical Mumbai: We have once again elaborated issue of wrong procedure followed by Electrical wing Mumbai in issuing SDE Elect LA Orders and certain officers are deliberately deprived from SDE LA by keeping post vacant in certain SSA and posting additional SDEs in certain SSA. We reminded him that as per discussions with him. We have submitted grievances in writing and more than one month passed on it but no corrective action is being taken either from GM HR Admn Mumbai or by CE Electrical Mumbai even though all officers agrees that there is mistake in issuing SDE ELA orders by Electrical wing and it violates recent BSNL CO guidelines issued by BSNL CO for issuing orders for LA arrangements up to DE/EE cadre. We again expressed our concern about filling of vacant post of SDE/EE Electrical at major SAs like Pune, Nashik, Nanded, Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri etc on priority basis. After clearly understanding the issue, CGMT MH directed to GM HR Admn Mumbai to review the requirement of SDEs/EEs in all SSAs as per the revised norms being finalized by Electrical wing Delhi and its copy is available with CEE Mumbai and issue revised orders for SDE Elect and EE Elect under looking After arrangements as per the local seniority in that SSA and in conclusion directed to close this issue being repeatedly raised by association with corrective action as per directions on the subject.

·        Vertical wise Posting of DGMs in CO Mumbai: We have brought to notice of CGMT MH that though DGM LA orders are issued no posting has been done allotting vertical to them. GM HR Admn Mumbai said that there is no need of allotment of verticals and individual may should take charge of DGM of the AGM post they are holding as norms are not yet issued by BSNL CO for posting of executives in Circle Office. We have submitted the list  of the vacant post and officers orders LA arrangements and made it clear that in one Vertical more officers are given LA arrangements than the post vacant and in some vertical posts are vacant but no AGM is eligible DGM LA. Inaction on part Staff section for issuing posting order is wrong and if these officers were to be posted at same AGM post then there was no need of issuing DGM LA Orders. . CGMT MH agreed to our concern that without issuing orders for vertical posting as DGM no one can take charge of DGM post. Understanding concern raised by us and after going through the list of AGMs ordered for DGM LA and vacant post of DGMs in different verticals in Circle Office Mumbai, CGMT MH directed GM HR Admn Mumbai to bring details to him and he will decided posting accordingly within no time and orders for posting as DGM may it be in same vertical or change of vertical needs to be issued

·        Looking After arrangement in AGM/SDE Cadres: We have brought to the notice of CGMT MH that after DM posting and earlier also many of the post of AGMs/DEs and SDEs are vacant in telecom, Electrical and Civil wing and BSNL CO has given directions for filling vacant post through local seniors and in many of SSAs such LA orders are issued and are being extended or fresh orders are being issued locally. But in certain SSAs and in particular in Circle Office Mumbai, no such Looking After arrangements are issued as per seniority in JTO and SDE cadre as individual are directed to hold the charges as per wish of vertical Heads and SSA Heads in some cases. As such there is need of issuing LA orders for filling vacant post of SDEs and DEs in these units under LA arrangements so that certain uniformity is maintained equally for all. CGMT MH directed GM HR Admn Mumbai to look into this issues.

·        Undue delay in Pay Fixation of VRS Opted then Offg JTOs: We conveyed thanks to CGMT MH for giving concern to stand of SNEA MH to nominate an AO centrally for dealing with issues of Revised Pay Fixation of JTOs who opted for VRS and then BSNL Corporate Office has directed for their pay fixation as per directions of Hon Court. But while implementing the order instead of posting experienced AO/JAO, one newly recruited JAOs who is not aware about the procedure of pay fixation is spared aby posted by Finance wing and hence no work has been started even after new JAO has joined duties on her transfer. CGMT asked DGM Admn what are the issues and he also confirmed that it would have been appropriate that experienced AO should have been posted for this work and new JAO posting has added burden on the single AO in his office as new JAO is reporting to her. CGMT MH informed that there nothing new and old if she has nay issue in understanding issues, she should discuss it with other experience persons and its responsibility of her controlling officers to get work done. She will not be final authority and the revised fixation will also be checked by her seniors and there should be any reason for delaying works. He directed DGM Admn Mumbai to start the works of revised pay fixation immediately. The DGM Admn Mumbai informed that the files of individual are at SSAs and hence facing issues. WE have informed that service book are with CCA hence it has been decided to settle all such cases centrally and if not then please see that all service books are sent to SSA and they can complete the pay fixation and drawn attention of CGMT MH that this issue is pending for last 4-5 months and no proper action is being taken. Finally CGMT MH directed DGM Admn Mumbai to start work immediately by taking service books from CCA and files and documents required if any from SSA may be called by email and work must be completed centrally and without further delay.

·        Release of withheld Leave Encashment of VRS Opted Executives: We have brought to notice of CGMT MH the critical issues faced by the executives who have retired in recent past or opted for VRS and their pensionary benefits are kept on hold. CGMT MH informed that these are cases wherein complaints of cate validity and cases where individuals have not submitted documents in SAMPANNA. He added that efforts are made by persuasion with SSAs for submission of documents and till there is reluctance on part of individuals and review of such cases is being done. On the cases of pending Caste Validity, the matter has been discussed with Director HR BSNL Board and issue has been discussed to the depth. As per discussions and decision in last VC with Director HR, the details have been sent to BSNL CO and reply is awaited. On queries, it is being informed that reply will be sent soon, which is expected at any time.

·        Withholding of Pension of certain Officers/Officials by CCA for want of information from Maharashtra Circle: We have brought to his notice of CGMT MH that in certain cases, even provisional Pension of some of executives have been stopped since July 2020 and no action is taken on it. CGMT MH informed that there is no such case and provisional pension is being paid to all VRS opted executives. We have brought to his notice where Provisional pension is stopped by CCA as required information is not submitted by GM HR Admn Mumbai. There is dispute between GM HR Admn Mumbai and CCA Mumbai about the cases where individual have applied for Caste validity before VRS/Retirement and CCA says that these names are not added in the list of revised letter for provisional pension by GM HR Admn Mumbai and GM HR Admn Mumbai was of the opinion that there is no need of any such letter as they should be paid regular pension. As new GM HR Admn Mumbai was not aware about the issue, CGMT MH called DGM Admn Mumbai who confirmed information expressed by us and views expressed by us on ongoing dispute and pension of some of employees is kept on hold since July 2020. Then CGMT MH got update information from DGM Admn Mumbai and he confirmed that there are such 49 cases and he has received such representations which are under process of consideration. Then CGMT MH directed us to take up matter with CCA Mumbai. We have narrated that we have already taken up matter with CCA Mumbai, it was informed that the provisional Pension is being paid to the employees whose names appears in the list given by GM HR Admn Mumbai but these cases are not referred in the revised list submitted. After understanding issue to the depth CGMT MH directed GM HR Admn/DGM Admn Mumbai to take up matter a fresh and see that pension of all such executives and non-executives in restored at the earliest.

·        Review of Fake caste complaints and sympathetic consideration of request by individuals: We have brought to the notice of CGMT MH about the hardship faced by the executives against whom complaints have been received about Fake caste certificate and are facing extreme difficulties to get Cast validity due to changed scenario. Many of the employees have got Caste certificate from the competent Authority as per the prevailing guidelines on the subject at that time and have submitted it for getting employment in DoT and BSNL. But later the process of Caste Validity has been introduced by Maharashtra Government wherein the proof of caste before 1960 establishing caste are required and many of the employees are facing issues in getting such documents and hence there is need of review of the cases one by one and cases by case and not in masses as being done presently. CGMT MH informed that he is aware about the issue as same is being discussed for years together. The caste certificate is issued by State Government and whatever rules are being followed in state will be blindly followed by BSNL and we have no alternatives for same. WE have narrated him the conspiracy being played with only ST Category employees in BSNL Maharashtra Circle and some from Staff Section Mumbai or ERP Team has handed over list of about 900 BSNL employees recruited in Maharashtra Circle under ST Category and compliant has been made against each and every employees recruited under ST Category. Since last 3-4 years, all are being tortured by naming them as Fake/ Bogus Caste certificate and are running from pillars to post for getting validity and some are successful. But many are still able to get Caste certificate and its authenticity from issuing authority office records, but are not able to get the Caste validity as old documents establishing caste of his/her Caste forefathers are not available. If cases are reviewed as per the information given by them and certain procedures followed in other departments and offices, the matter can be resolved. Such extreme harassment is being done only in BSNL Maharashtra Circle and mater is not handled properly by certain officers in staff section and now everybody is running away from responsibility showing fingers at others and is busy in establishing how he is right. It is unfortunate that the employees who could get validity were named as Bogus/Fake caste person just on such mass complaint on basis of deliberately leaked ERP data of ST category employees in BSNL MH Circle. We added that there may be some real cases of Bogus/Fake Caste certificate and we do not advocate for such cases and BSNL is free to deal with all such cases. It is mistake of BSNL /DoT Officers/Offices concerned who did not take corrective action as directed by BSNL and kept issue pending linking it to validity and treating employees as Bogus/Fake in mass. This is really painful to these individuals and their family members that at the verge of retirement or after retirement also they are being deliberately tortured. Listening patiently to our concern, CGMT MH replied that he has sympathy towards all but these complaints are old and being perused y complainant as well as affected employees with supporting documents and is office has tried its level best to get solutions. He added that his office is bound by the prevailing guidelines on the subject and no one from BSNL can go beyond these guidelines and directed that issue can be resolved only if the State Government confirms the views expressed by these individuals and matter can cleared either with caste validity by individuals or by orders from competent authority of Maharashtra Government confirming the say of these individuals and directed us to take up matter accordingly and assured full co-operation from BSNL side to settle all such disputed cases one by one or case by case as per directions of competent authority.


19 Dec 20: AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders for change of SSA in the DGM LA Orders as per request of individuals and also in the interest of service.  Letter <<<>>>

·        This is second order for changes in DGM LA as per the request of individuals and there are some other representations received from individuals and same are yet to be considered.

·        The staff section officers and earlier GM HR Admn Mumbai has assured to consider all request/representations under DGM LA together but after his transfer cases are being processed and approved on pick and choose basis and all representations are not processed in the file at time.

·        SNEA MH has brought this fact to notice of new GM HR Admn Mumbai but he informed that he is giving consideration as per directions of CGMT MH and if CGMT MH conveys directions to process all the cases, same will be followed.

·        Accordingly SNEA MH has taken up matter with CGMT MH and drawn his attention towards pick and choose procedure being followed in consideration of representations.

·        We have submitted list of representations /names received from individuals and DS SNEA concerned to CGMT MH and requested CGMT MH to follow the uniform procedure and not to give such pick and choose consideration as it is causing unrest among others for no reason on part of management and only due to not understanding issues by the new Officers in staff section.

·        CGMT MH has called GM HR Admn Mumbai and handed over the list to him with directions to look into these representations and give consideration to these representations and consider names of next seniors for DGM LA in place of the refusals by individuals and after consideration of request for change of SSA.

·        Accordingly, it is expected that in coming week, all the representations under DGM LA arrangements received by Staff section including list submitted by SNEA MH will be given consideration. Details <<<>>> 

·        All DS SNEA are requested to go through the list and inform names missing of any latest by Monday morning so that no representation is missing in review of DGM LA by Staff section as per directions of CGMT MH.


19 Dec 20: DGM Admn Mumbai issued list of Closed/Restricted Holidays to be followed in Maharashtra Circle during year 2021. Letter <<<>>>


19 Dec 20: AGM Staff Mumbai issued relieving order of Com. M. N. Ghodpage, SDE Nagpur on his transfer to A&N Circle. Though, the officer was transferred in Sept 2020, his relieving order was not issued due to oversight and same is issued now as per his request. Letter <<<>>>


19 Dec 20: AD Staff B Mumbai issued transfer order of Com. Mrs. S.A. Kalaskar, SDE Beed to Aurangabad SSA at own cost request. Letter <<<>>>


19 Dec 20: AD Staff B Mumbai issued transfer order of Com. V.D. Mishra, SDE Akola SSA to Amaravati SSA at own cost request. Letter <<<>>>


19 Dec 20: AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting order of Com. Mrs. M.A. Dolas, SDE on her joining to Circle Office Mumbai wherein she is posted under CFA section and orders for change of section Com. Mrs. Shivani Saini, JTO BB in CFA Section Mumbai to EB Section Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>


19 Dec 20: AD Staff A Mumbai issued mutual transfer order of Com. K. Damodar, JAO Chandrapur with Com. Ramdev Pal, JAO Bellary in KTK Karnataka Circle. Letter <<<>>>


19 Dec 20: AD Staff A Mumbai issued transfer order of Com. Navjosh Kaur, AO Bhandara to Nagpur SSA at own cost request. Letter <<<>>>


19 Dec 20: AGM Staff Mumbai issued retention order of Com. Mrs. L.U. Goenka, PA on her transfer under BA consolidation from Buldhana to Aurangabad and she is retained up to 31/03/2021 grounds of son studying in 10th Standard. The time of retention in Buldhana is not mentioned in this order may be due to oversight or may be due to fact it is actual cancellation of transfer order.  Letter <<<>>>


19 Dec 20: AGM Estt and DC Mumbai writes all BA Heads for furnishing information in prescribed format about gradation particulars of JTOs recruited under special drive for PWD Category recruited in year 2010 & 2011. Letter <<<>>>


19 Dec 20: AGM Estt and DC Mumbai endorsed orders nominating 16 JAOs from different SSAs/units of Maharashtra Circle for three weeks JAO Phase III Induction training at NATFM Hyderabad which will commence at NATFM Hyderabad w.e.f. 21/12/2020. Letter <<<>>>


19 Dec 20: AGM Estt and DC Mumbai endorsed orders cancelling nomination of nine JTOs earlier nominated and now requested for cancellation or postponement of JTO Phase II training and fresh nine JTOs are now nominated in their place and these JTOs will join the same batch which will commence at ALTTC Ghaziabad w.e.f. 21/12/2020. Letter <<<>>>


19 Dec 20: AGM Estt and DC Mumbai endorsed DO letter by Director HR BSNL for verification of the particulars of BSNL VRS 2019 retires for payment 4th instalment of ex-gracia. Letter <<<>>>


19 Dec 20: AGM NOFN Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter for provision of FTTH services through FTTH Channel Partners using BBNL OLT under Case IV A BBNL Model. Letter <<<>>>


19 Dec 20: AGM Trans Mumbai writes BA Heads conveying the minutes of the meeting held by CMD BSNL on transmission review of Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


19 Dec 20: PGM CNP BSNL CO writes to CGM CNTx (Regions) Circles calling for details of the DSCC Level monitoring done by CGMs/PGMs/GMs of CNTx Circles to confirm availability of SDCC level Media in all SSAs by 31/03/2020. Letter <<<>>>


19 Dec 20: CGMT MH writes to all SSA/BA Heads conveying revised SSA wise target for provision of total 1.25 Lakh FTTH Connections throughout Maharashtra Circle by 31/01/2021. Letter <<<>>>


19 Dec 20: CGMT MH writes to all SSA/BA Heads conveying revised SSA wise target for uptime of Mobile network in next three months of this Financial Year 2020-21.. Letter <<<>>>


19 Dec 20: GM Fin CFA BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads conveying revised CFA revenue targets for fourth and last Quarter of FY 2020-21. Letter <<<>>>


17 Dec 20: DGM Vig BSNL CO endorsed instructions issued by Vigilance Commission on filing of Immovable/Movable Property Returns by all officials/ officers of previous year i.e. 2019. Letter <<<>>>

·        Letter directs to have review of the status of submission of IPR/IMPR of Year 2019 as on 30/11/2020 and take disciplinary action against officers/Officials who have not submitted IPR/IMPR of year 2019.   

·        As per guidelines IPR/IM{R of previous year is to be submitted by 31st January of new year and in casual approach many of the Officials /Officers including senior officers do not submit IPR/IMPR and it is taken seriously by Central Vigilance Commission and accordingly BSNL Vigilance team also has decided to act against all such officers/officials.

·        SNEA MH appeals all comrades to take note of these guidelines and keep in mind to submit IPR/IMPR every year before 31st January and avoid any such unwanted action hereafter.      


17 Dec 20: GM CFA BSNL CO issued orders for restructuring of CFA Network, customer and partner management activities by formation of centralized teams at BAs.  Letter <<<>>>   Annex <<<>>>     

·        This centralized NOC and CGPS (Centralized Group of Partner Support) teams will be operational 24X7 and will take care of network management for first level monitoring and corrective action required for the Operational excellence by handling issues like FTTH/OLTE management, BNG/RPR /OCLAN Management, NGN/WiFi Equipment Management and CDR/FMS System management.

·        NGN, ITPC, BBNW Circles will arrange training for these specialized teams and all members of these teams will be cross functional so as to extend 24 X7 technical support required by BSNL Partners.

·        The NOC teams will consist minimum 8 members in BAs of Category C, 12 members in BAs of Category B and 16 members in BAs of Category A and the CGPS teams will consist minimum 4 members in BAs of Category C, 6 members in BAs of Category B and 8 members in BAs of Category A.

·        The works of both the teams are separate and both the teams will extend support and help to the BSNL partners in all SSAs (Area) in that particular BA.

·        The common Tolle Free numbers will be opened by ITPC Pune which shall be mapped with particular BAs with T-Pins to all partners so that calls on these toll free numbers are routed to teams of respective BAs.

·        These new guidelines and operation of NOC and CGPS teams is to be made operational by 31/01/2021.

·        This is very good initiative by BSNL Corporate Office as per feedback from Circles and this will help extending required support to BSNL partners to provide maximum FTTH/BB Connections through active Business partners.


17 Dec 20: Director EB BSNL writes all CGMs for attending Fibre Faults in BSNL existing network leased out to BBNL for Bharat Net latest 28/02/2021 and required support of stores and funds will be extended by BSNL Corporate Office. Letter <<<>>>  


17 Dec 20: By quoting the special efforts in Maharashtra Circle for energy saving by conversion of Commercial to Industrial Tariffs of electricity, Dir HR BSNL writes all CGMs for special, efforts to achieve the 100% targets of energy saving under Project Ojas. Letter <<<>>>  


17 Dec 20: PGM LC BSNL CO writes to all CGMs to make action plan to strengthen outsourcing policy and in house policy to improve uptime of OFC so as to improve uptime of Lease Circuits should have 99.9% availability at par with RF Modem availability. Letter <<<>>>  


17 Dec 20: DGM CNO BSNL CO writes to CGMs for execution of physical diversity of OFC route laid in common trench and if routes are not executed then to re-planned with CAPEX and material plan and to take approval from CNP cell if route is new and from CNO cell if patchwork is to be done. Letter <<<>>>  


15 Dec 20: On 11/12/2020, the delegation of SNEA lead by Com. Abhay Kesarkar JS CE SNEA MH, and accompanied by Com. Rupesh Kumar, JS HQ SNEA MH, Com. Durgesh Baghele, CEC Member SNEA Mumbai, Com. Sandeep Mazurka, ADS SNEA Mumbai, Com. Rakesh Roshan, DT SNEA Mumbai, Com. Anil Yadav, OS SNEA Mumbai Com. Vinay Hadaka, EM SNEA Mumbai and Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH have meeting with Shri. Sudhir Kumar Mishra, newly joined GM HR Admn Mumbai and gave him warm welcome with beautiful bouquet and conveyed him best wishes for grand success in this new assignment.

·        During this introductory meeting Shri. K. H. More, DGM Admn Mumbai and Com. B .S. Laswante, AGM Staff Mumbai were also present. 

·        In reciprocation Shri. Sudhir Kumar Mishra, GM HR Admn Mumbai conveyed thanks and informed that he is new to HR works and this it is big responsibility but will try to take proper care of HR issues with support and co-operation of all. 

·        In preliminary discussions delegation of SNEA was introduced to GM HR Admn Mumbai and thereafter we have brief discussions on the HR issues viz. issues related to recently published Staffing Norms for executives in filed units, consideration of representations given by executives on DGM LA Arrangements including refusals, need of sanitization and cleanliness in Circle office Mumbai Office , Consideration of JAO/JE Rule 8/9 transfers, need posting of experienced AO/JAO having knowledge about Pay fixation as special nomination for VRS related activities, Norms for justifying posting of executives in Circle Office, Mobile and RTTC etc, clearance of pending medical bills etc.

·        Shri. Mishra being new to GM HR Admn Mumba portfolio was unaware about the issues gave patience hearing to our concern and issues and asked us to give him some time to look into issues and assured that he will look into all issues one by one and requested for co-operation from our side. We assured him total support from our side in dealing with all HR Admn activities and conveyed him best wishes for grand success as GM HR Admn of biggest Telecom Circle and our preliminary discussions concluded with thanks to each other.

·        PHOTOS <<<>>>


14 Dec 20: AD Staff A Mumbai issued second for change of SSA in transfer orders of DEs/AGMs issued for filing vacant post of DGMs in different BAs/SSAs under Looking After arrangements.  Letter <<<>>>  

·        Earlier SNEA MH has successfully pursued for posting of Area Head for Gadchiroli and Bhandara SSAs and thereafter this is second but single order considering request for change of SSA.

·        There are many such representations for change of SSA, refusals of DGM LA Arrangements and the work of consolidation of data as per the representations given by individuals is going on in staff section.

·        As AD Staff A Mumbai, AGM Staff Mumbai and GM HR Admn Mumbai , all are new to this Staff section and HR works and busy with some other works/meetings, it is taking some time, but all representations will be given consideration shortly

·        We have already discussed the issues raised by the concerned individuals through DS SNEA concerned and all the request for refusal and change of SSA or refusal will be given consideration as per guidelines on the subject.

·        While considering refusals, names of the next seniors will be given consideration for DGM LA Orders on vacant posts. We have already brought to notice of management about the discrepancies in the LA orders and

·       SNEA MH will again discuss these issues with newly joined GM HR Admn Mumbai and CGMT MH and see that all the representations are given consideration at the earliest.


14 Dec 20: AGM S&M CFA ITBP Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO circular for Extension of reformulation in Bharat Fiber Broadband plans in remaining Cities/SSAs/BAs of Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>  


14 Dec 20: PGM Smart City Projects writes to all CGMs on mandatory utilization of BSNL services/Network in Smart City Projects. Letter <<<>>>  


14 Dec 20: AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for posting transfer orders of selected two JTOs who approached Officers in BSNL management putting their grievances and posting order of SDE who has joined in Circle Office Mumbai.  Letter <<<>>>  


14 Dec 20: AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders relieving orders of three SDEs under transfer from Maharashtra Circle to J&K Circle. Letter <<<>>>  


 14 Dec 20:  Schedule of Online Trainings being conducted by RTCC Pune and RTCC Nagpur during this week i.e. 14/12/2020 to 19/12/2020. Letter <<<>>>  


14 Dec 20: CMTS Bulletin Nov 2020 <<<>>>


14 Dec 20: Welcome to Shri. Dhananjay Kumar, newly joined Sr CE Electrical MH Circle Mumbai: {Report by Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS CE SNEA MH}: The delegation of SNEA lead by Com. M. N. Kotambe ACS SNEA MH, and accompanied by Com. Abhay Kesarkar JS CE SNEA MH,  Com. Ankit Gangar, DS SNEA Mumbai, Com. Pravin Koli, CEC Member SNEA Mumbai, Com. Durgesh Baghele, CEC Member SNEA Mumbai, Com. Sandeep Masurkar ADS SNEA Mumbai, Com. Rakesh Roshan, DT SNEA Mumbai and Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH have meeting with Shri. Dhananjay Kumar, Sr Chief Engineer Electrical Mumbai on 09/12/2020 gave warm welcome to him with bouquet on joining in Maharashtra Circle and conveyed him best wishes for grand success at this new assignment of Sr CE Electrical MH Circle.

·        In introductory meeting, Shri. Dhananjay Kumar, Sr CE Electrical MH Circle Mumbai expressed pleasure on assuming charge of CEE in biggest Telecom Circle and shared his ideas about the vision about improvements Electrical wing of working of Maharashtra Circle. He informed that as per recent decision of BSNL Corporate Office, entire works of Electricity billing for all establishments all over India is being centralized at Mumbai. The processing of any Electricity bill to be paid in any Circle will be done by Maharashtra Circle after scrutiny by analyzing trend of electricity expenditure in past as well as at other places. He added that there is huge work involved as his office will have to take care of lakhs of Electricity connections all Over India for Exchanges, BTS, Offices, Staff quarters etc. Hence there is need of more JTOs/SDEs in electrical wing and he is working on it.

·        We have apprised him about the good works done by Electrical wing in Maharashtra Circle like Solar Panel project, curtailment of unwanted expenditure of electricity and also conveyed difficulties faced by the executives in Electrical wing. We updated that though some payments of vendors are released in recent days, executives in Electrical wing are facing hardship as vendors have stopped works and are not co-operating as their payments are no released for years together.

·        We specifically stressed about non-working of Lifts in high rise Staff Quarters/ Offices and hardship to executives/staff/family members as lift vendors have stopped support due to non-releasing payments and requested to look into this issue. We also brought to his notice that some new lifts are procured before one year and not installed by vendors due to non-release of payments. CEE informed that delayed payment is common issue for all but there is some improvement in recent past but assured to review the issues related to payments and concerned expressed by delegation.

·        We discussed various BSNL Developments and HR issues during this meeting viz. Staffing Norms for Electrical Executives in restructuring manpower planning policy, Looking After Arrangements in all SSA up to AGM Level Officers in Electrical Unit,  SDE E LA /EE LA as per need and not as per seniority as done by Electrical wing to fill all vacant post in all SSAs, Release of funds of the vendors for day to day electrical Mtce , Plans for termination / Safe Custody of meters of vacant quarters more than one year or out of us since long time to avoid revenue leakage, Lifts repairing and maintenance of all staff quarters across Mumbai, posting of executives on higher post to fill vacant post by overcoming issues due to including of names in ODI List and discrepancies observed and representation received for JTOE seniority list and action thereof. We specifically request to do needful for JTO /SDE transfer who completed tenure more than two years. .

·        While giving patience hearing to all the issues raised by us CEE Mumbai assured to look into all issues and requested for giving timely feedback on different issues. On keeping in safe custody and disconnection of Electricity of vacant staff quarters, he informed that it should be analyzed properly and staff quarters vacant for period of more than one year should be disconnected as chances of its occupation are less.

·        On centralization of HR issues with GM HR Admn Mumbai he was of the opinion that it should continue with vertical Heads and asked about the procedure followed in Maharashtra Circle. We have informed that there is no uniform policy and some orders of Electrical wing are issued on pick and choose by his office and some by office of GM HR Admn depending on the office/officer to which that individual JTOE/SDEE has approached and informed that we have no issue but our concern is present dual policy should be stopped and Transfer posting and HR issues of Electrical wing should be decided by one unit only i.e. either by office of CE Electrical wing or by GM HR/Admn and present pick and choose policy should be stopped. 

·        On pending HR issues, he assured to look into issues shortly and do needful. On request transfers to Telecom wing by JTOs in Electrical wing, he informed that as there is shortage in Electrical wing, no JTOs can be spared for Telecom wing rather JTO Electrical who are working in Telecom wing needs to be transferred back to Electrical wing. He assured to take review of it and to have uniform policy in dealing such issues.

·        On corrective action on wrong policy adopted in SDE LA, he informed that he is not aware about it and will look into it. We reciprocated that we have already conveyed grievances in details in letter and all concerned officers have conveyed that there was mistake in issuing SDE LA. We assured to share its copy again to him. Copy <<<>>>

·        On giving EE/AGM LA in Electrical wing, he confirmed that there is shortage and necessary action will be taken to fill up vacant posts.

·        On consideration of names of the Officers whose names appears in ODI list even after the punishment period is over, we have updated him the concern of association and hardship faced by executives who are overburdened due to multiple charges and underutilization of talent/ strength of these executives on name of non-removal of names in ODI list. CEE assured to review the matter by taking updates from concerned.

·        On consideration of request Transfer of Electrical wing JTO/SDEs to Telecom wing, he conveyed that there is shortage of Executives in MH Circle due to centralized PAN India Electricity Billing and need more JTOE /SDEE and if required all posted in Telecom are taken back. He further added that more executives are required in Maharashtra Circle and hence transfers out of Maharashtra will be minimum and need base only.

·        On restructuring Norms for Electrical wing, he informed that work is going on at BSNL Corporate Office and orders are expected shortly. He further elaborated that one JTO will be posted in each SSA (Operation Area) and One SDE one/two JTOs will be posted in BA HQ for Electrical works.

·        On corrections in JTO seniority list, he informed that he is not aware about it but added individual representations have been forwarded to BSNL Corporate Office and same will be take care by Electrical wing at Delhi.

·        In conclusion delegation conveyed him best wishes and assured to support in every aspect in the interest of strengthening BSNL.

·        Thereafter delegation met Com. Bhushan Chikhalikar newly joined SE Electrical Mumbai and Com. M. L. Ramdham, EE Elect Mumbai and Com. M. K. Shrikoli EE HQ Mumbai on taking over the new assignment and gave them warm welcome to these officers.

·        Photos <<<>>>


11 Dec 20: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders granting immunity to Office Bearers of SNEA wherein Com. M. B. Sangle, SDE & DS SNEA Nashik and Com. Rajiv Akangire, SDE and ADS SNEA Latur are retained at same place on their transfer to NE-I Circle. Letter <<<>>>


14 Dec 20: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for direct ERP relieving of AGMs/Des under transfer from one circle to another and not relieved by concerned Circle/SSA wherein two AGMs viz. Com. V.M. Deolikar and Com. D.N Patil from MH circle are relieved respectively for Gujarat and Andaman Circle. Letter <<<>>>


14 Dec 20: GM NWP BB BSNL CO issued comprehensive policy for on-boarding FTTH channel partner for lease Circuits provision/maintenance under revenue share basis. Letter <<<>>>


14 Dec 20: DGM Admn BSNL CO issued orders for not printing/purchasing of diary, Wall Calendars, Desktop Calendars, Festival Greeting cards, Coffee Table books and similar material and not to incur any expenditure on it. Letter <<<>>>


14 Dec 20: GM Fin CFA BSNL CO writes Circle Heads and IFAs on collection achievement vis-à-vis target in Nov 2020 & collection target for Dec 2020. Letter <<<>>>


14 Dec 20: Director CM BSNL and CO writes all Circle Heads and PGMs/GMs in BSNL Corporate office on commencement of commercial activities by BTCL. Letter <<<>>> 


14 Dec 20: CMD BSNL writes DO letter to all Circle Heads about improvement in working of cluster vendors. Letter <<<>>>


14 Dec 20: DGM Pers legal BSNL CO issued orders withdrawing letter publishing list of Executives and Non Executives from BSNL corporate office who have not filed Annual Property Return of year 2019. Letter <<<>>>


11 Dec 20: Beautifully organized General Body Meeting of SNEA Sangli: {Report by Com. Hanmant D. Mohite, DS Sangli }: By overcoming the fear of COVID 19 pandemic for last eight months, the first ever and grand public meeting on SNEA Platform was conducted by SNEA Sangli with overwhelming response of members.

·        The well organized and beautifully conducted General Body Meeting of SNEA Sangli District was held on 28/11/2020 at 1700 Hrs at 3rd floor, Conference Hall, Telephone Bhavan Sangli, in grand manner and overwhelmingly responded by all the members.

·        The Meeting was chaired by Com. Kedar Kulkarni, DP SNEA Sangli and coordinated beautifully by Com. Hanmant D. Mohite, DS Sangli, Com Aruna Deshmukh, ADS Sangli, Com. Shreyas Pawar, Com. Sachin Shete, Com. Amol Patil, Com Sandip Kesarkar, & team SNEA Sangli. The Following prominent dignitaries attended and addressed the GBM SNEA Sangli.

1.     Com. Bharat Sonawane, Circle President, SNEA MH,

2.     Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH,

3.     Com. Sunil Shinde, CWC Member SNEA MH

4.     Com. Prayag Pisal, Joint Secretary South, SNEA MH,

·        Other respected dignitaries and senior comrades whose presence enlightens the meeting, are Com. P. H. Koli, Ex DS SNEA Sangli, Com V.S. Halkude Ex DS SNEA Sangli, Com V. D. Bhede Ex OS SNEA Sangli, Com. R. S. Patil Ex JS SNEA MH.

·        All these dignitaries were given warm welcome by offering bouquet by SNEA Sangli comrades.

·        Com. Shreyas Pawar, gave warm welcome to all and addressed the meeting and elaborating the purpose and proceedings of the meeting.

·        Com Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH was greeted by Com Kedar Kulkarni, DP SNEA Sangli on his arrival at the GB meeting.

·        Com M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH was felicitated by Com Hanmant Mohite, DS SNEA Sangli on his Promotion as DGM and welcomed him on behalf of SNEA Sangli of the GB meeting.

·        Com C.G. Jagtap, DS NFTE Sangli & Com A.A. Patel Leader NFTE Sangli presented bouquet to Com M. S. Adasul and gave him warm welcome on behalf of NFTE Sangli Comrades. In short address to gathering, both the leaders have wish successful GB meeting of SNEA Sangli. They have appreciated efforts of SNEA in resolution of issuing by leading from front and stressed for need of united efforts on platform of AUAB to get solutions to pending HR issues and issues related to survival of BSNL.

·        The house given warm welcome to Com. Manojkumar Ainapure, AGM, Com. Amol Waichal, JTO, Com. Bhalchandra Mali, and JTO who have newly joined SNEA Sangli and were felicitated with beautiful bouquet.

·        Thereafter, the proceedings continued with Treasurer and DS Report. As Com. A.M. Patil, Treasurer SNEA Sangli is transferred out of SSA, Com Com. Hanmant Mohite, DS Sangli, presented Treasurer Report on his behalf to the house and it was unanimously approved by the house with claps.

·        Com Hanmant Mohite, DS SNEA Sangli in his DS report and address to the house, gave warm welcome to all dignitaries and leaders of SNEA. Com.  Mohite informed the house about the current membership standings of executives in Sangli SSA. It is (35 SNEA + 14 others) in favor of SNEA Sangli and conveyed thanks to all for such great unity. He counted on major achievements of SNEA Sangli during the spell of his District Body. He updated the house about all CEC and AIC attended by DOBs and developments at the event. Com Hanmant Mohite also notified excellent show by SNEA Sangli in MV-20 where SNEA secured 38 votes even with 32 paid membership. On development issues Com DS mentioned many points such as TIP Model, BA restructuring, USO Projects, Sangli PE routers 10G connectivity, BNG Card for traffic accommodation and Cluster management. He elaborated many cases of transfer of SNEA Members which have been successfully pursued by SNEA MH. He also expressed his gratitude to Com M. S. Adasul CS and his entire team of SNEA MH, for resolving all issues raised by SNEA Sangli. He elaborated some local issues and its persuasion with SSA management. In conclusion of his report and address, he conveyed thanks to all DOBs and Members for showing faith on him and extending total support to him and his team for discharging his association responsibilities. The house acknowledged the DS report with loud round of claps.

·        Com. Prayag Pisal, Joint Secretary South SNEA MH, addressed the house by his thoughts. He conveyed his pleasure in visiting Sangli. He remarked the attendance of many young comrades at the conference and stressed on the unity of the all. He appealed the comrades to be part of General Insurance policy for securing medical expenses.

·        Com. Sunil Shinde, CWC Member SNEA MH, addressed the gathering with his energetic speech. He explained the matters of CHQ, like CPSU hierarchy, and court cases regarding promotions. He specially elaborated house about the ongoing issues of WTR and its persuasion by SNEA MH.

·        Com. Manojkumar Ainapure, AGM Sangli, who joined SNEA in the meeting, also expressed his feelings on the occasion He memorized his working as active comrade of SNEA Goa during his posting at Goa. He specially mentioned difference of working for its members by SNEA and others. He emphasized unification of association and conveyed that with such dedicated efforts and strongest unity and leadership, SNEA will regain and restore glory of BSNL.

·        Com. Bharat Sonwane, CP SNEA MH in his speech, expressed great pleasure for his fourth visit to Sangli. Com President elaborated the Vendor / contractor work culture in BSNL and explained ways to deal with the same. He conveyed thanks to DS SNEA Sangli for arranging such grand meeting and giving him opportunity to be present in the District Conference. He assured all support to SNEA Sangli Comrades in resolution of HR as well as development issues. He stressed for need of strongest unity on platform of SNEA as well as Joint Forum. In conclusion, he conveyed best wishes for grand success of the GB meeting and thanks for giving him opportunity to be present in such grand meeting of SNEA Sangli.

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle, in his address guided house on different HR/Development issues and its status thereof. He congratulated District Secretary Com Hanmant Mohite and Team SNEA Sangli for strengthening SNEA Sangli and extending wholehearted support to the executives joining at Sangli. He gave warm welcome to newly joined members in SNEA Family and assured for total support to them. He counted on challenges before BSNL and the ways to overcome the same, he stressed on satisfying the customer at any cost and not to leave a single customer with empty hand. Comrade CS assured that our unity will definitely bring back the old glory of BSNL and in turn we will change our destiny in positive manner. His inspiring words and free flowing speech energized the house and got many round of claps. Yes..! That’s the way Com. M. S. Adasul talks to his SNEA family, boosts their energy level. While addressing the newly joined members, he informed that they have taken right decision to join SNEA. He narrated about need of unification of associations and moto of one PSU one association and appealed for strengthening unity of executive in BSNL. He also assured in house for every possible help on platform of SNEA in all respect. He updated house on different HR issues being pursued by SNEA at Circle/CHQ level. In conclusion, of motivating and heart touching address, he assured best efforts for resolution of pending HR issues at Circle and CHQ level. He conveyed thanks to Com Hanmant Mohite and Team SNEA Sangli for arranging such beautiful and highly attended meeting and giving him opportunity to interact with the comrades of SNEA Sangli. 

·        Com. Kedar Kulkarni, District President SNEA Sangli in his Presidential speech to house summarized the discussions in the meeting. He briefly elaborated united efforts of team SNEA Sangli and conveyed thanks to all executives of Sangli for showing strong faith on District Body of SNEA Sangli. In conclusion of his speech, he conveyed thanks to all for attending meeting in mass and making it highly successful.

·        As part of further proceedings, Com. Kedar Kulkarni, District President SNEA Sangli formally dissolved the existing SNEA body to make way for new formation of SNEA Sangli Body and house nominated Com. Shashikant Mane, as Election Officer for electing new District Body. Com Prayag Pisal, Joint Secretary South as Circle Observer guided election officer for electing new SNEA Sangli District body.

·        In a unanimous Election proceedings, Com Sachin Shete JTO, proposed a panel for new District body and was supported by Com Sandip Kesarkar, AO Sangli. The whole house upheld the proposal unanimously and new Sangli SNEA district body came into existence within 5 minutes of process.

·        The following comrades were unanimously elected as new Office Bearers of SNEA Sangli District Body elected for the period of two years i.e. 2020-2022.

1)    Com. Arena Deshmukh -        District President

2)    Com. Aajim Sheikh        -        Dist. Vice President

3)    Com. Hanmant Mohite  -        District Secretary

4)    Com. Kedar Kulkarni     -        Assistant Dist. Secretary-I

5)    Com. Manoj Ainapure   -        Assistant Dist. Secretary-II

6)    Com. Amol Patil              -        District Treasurer

7)    Com. Raksh Shivalkar   -        Organizing Secretary

8)    Com. Shreyas Pawar       -        CEC Member

·        Com. Bharat Sonawane, Circle President, SNEA MH gave oath of alliance to newly elected Office Bearers of SNEA Sangli and he also gave warm welcome to all of them in District Body and felicitated/congratulated them by offering bouquets.

·        Com. Shreyas Pawar, CEC Member SNEA Sangli beautifully scripted and anchored the whole proceedings of the General Body meeting.

·        Expressing thanks and gratitude towards all comrades and leaders of SNEA Sangli on his re-election as DS SNEA Sangli and unanimous election of District Body, Com. Hanmant Mohite, DS SNEA Sangli assured house to give his best to the association and continue to work for resolving issues of all SNEA members.

·        Com Aruna Deshmukh, President SNEA Sangli in her speech after election as DP SNEA Sangli conveyed thanks to all and concluded the event by vote of thanks on behalf of SNEA Sangli.

·        The grand and highly successful meeting leading SNEA Sangli to strongest unity of executives, concluded at 2210 Hrs with National Anthem and delicious dinner arranged for all.

·        PHOTOs <<<>>> 


11 Dec 20: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued transfer order in DE cadre on completion of All India Hard wherein Com. S. R. Wani, DE JK Circle is posted back to MH Circle. Letter <<<>>>


11 Dec 20: GM Fin CM BSNL CO writes to CGMs and IFAs regarding claims recoverable by BSNL on account of Providing Telecom Services to DoT since 01/10/2020. Letter <<<>>>


11 Dec 20: GM CA BSNL CO writes to CGMs and IFAs regarding claim for recoupment of leave encashment paid for DoT Period. Letter <<<>>>


11 Dec 20: AGM Pers CSS BSNL CO published list of Executives and Non Executives who have not filed Annual Property Return of year 2019. Letter <<<>>>

·        It is unfortunate to see that this list includes names of lower level Staff to senor officers including some DGMs, GMs and even CMD BSNL.

·       This letter gives time for filing ITR of 2019 latest by 15/12/2020 and in case any individual fails to feel ITR 2019, by this date, the disciplinary proceedings will be initiated against said individual


 10 Dec 20: AD Staff B Mumbai issued transfer order of PA from Buldhana to BA Aurangabad under rearrangements proposed after consolidation of BAs. Some more similar transfers are expected in days to come. Letter <<<>>>


10 Dec 20: AGM BW BSNL CO writes to PCE/CE Civils and GM L&B all over India for implementation of transfer orders of EEs/SDEs in Civil wing latest by 19/12/2020. Letter further conveys that non-relieved EEs/SDEs will be relieved through ERP on 19/12/2020. Letter <<<>>>


10 Dec 20: AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued circular reformulating the charges levied for the external shifting and name transfer of Voice/ Broadband (LL/ Standalone/ Combo) services under Cu/ Fibre/ BBoWiFi/ ’Bharat Air Fibre’ category in all the circles. Letter <<<>>>


 10 Dec 20: GM Vig BSNL CO writes to all Disciplinary Authorities in BSNL endorsing DoT Instructions on ratification of cases of penalties. Letter <<<>>>


10 Dec 20: PGM CP&M BSNL CO writes to heads of certain circles including Maharashtra Circle giving Circle wise analysis on growth along with BSNL Revenue Growth and market share for QE Sep 2020. Letter <<<>>>


 8 Dec 20: GM S&M CFA Mumbai issued press release on Milestone achievement of One Million FTTH Connections by BSNL all Over India and One Lakh FTTH Connection by Maharashtra Circle by 7th December 2020.  Letter <<<>>>

·        Its matter of pride that in this most difficult time of pandemic COVID 19, BSNL has shown very positive FTTH growth and achieved the target of One Million FTTH Connections. Maharashtra Circle plays important role in this achievement by providing @ 15000 FTTH Connections per month. Provision of One Lakh FTTH Connections by Maharashtra Circle is also important milestone achievement

·        BSNL has introduced FTTH Connections long back, but its demand has increased in recent months after Lockdown. Till last financial year, FTTH Connections were provided 5000 to 10000 per year, but with devoted efforts by all in Circle Office and SSAs, this trend has changed and Maharashtra Circle is providing 15000 FTTH Connections per month.

·        This is result of collective efforts put by all the Staff, Officers and Business partners of BSNL i.e. TIPs/RBSPs who have put dedicated efforts in achieving this milestone. It is important that provision of FTTH Connections is adding good revenue for BSNL as compared to any other product of BSNL and hence there is need to put all out efforts by all the staff /officers and business partners to provide maximum FTTH Connections in days to come. Provision of FTTH Connections on demand by customer will be important action on part of all of us for survival of BSNL and our survival in such strong BSNL.

·        SNEA MH congratulates all the Staff, Officers, TIPs/ RBSPs who have contributed in provision of FTTH Connections and appeals all Staff/Officers, TIPs/RBSPs to join this mission of provision more 75000 FTTH Connections @ 25000 FTTH Connections per month in last Quarter i.e. Jan to March 2021.


 8 Dec 20: DGM CNO CFA BSNL CO endorsed DoT Orders on modification of dialing pattern from fixed line numbers to cellular mobile numbers. Letter <<<>>>

As per this order, all fixed line customers will be given zero dialing facility and for dialing from fixed lines one will have to prefix zero for calling to mobile number of any operator and this order will be implemented w.e.f. 15/01/2020.


 8 Dec 20: AGM Pers BSNL CO Calls for volunteers in cadre of GM/DGM/CAO (Regular) of finance stream for posting as IFA to CGMT Odisha Circle and willingness are to be sent by email on latest by 15/12/2020. Letter <<<>>>


 7 Dec 20: AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders for direct relieving of JEs under transfer from Tenure SSAs to Tenure SSAs on their request transfers. Letter <<<>>>

·        SNEA MH has once again reminded CGMT MH for similar ERP relieving of JTOs/ SDEs working at tenure stations and not being relieved by concerned SSA/BA Heads. CGMT MH informed that he has personally discussed with BA/SSA Heads of concerned Tenure SSAs and directed to relieve all willing executives under transfer from Tenure to Non Tenure SSAs. He assured that with his instructions, hopefully all willing executives from tenure stations will be relieved by BA Heads shortly and if not all such executives will be relieved through ERP.

·        We have also brought to notice of CGMT MH that some of executives from Non Tenure SSA are willing to join Tenure SSAs as per transfer orders but concerned SSA/BA Heads are not relieving them. CGMT MH directed us to discuss this issue after 4-5 days and assured to review the matter and relieve all such willing executives from Non tenure SSAs to Tenure SSAs. Let us hope for best. 


7 Dec 20: In continuation to the request made by SNEA MH to CGMT MH for posting separate Account Officer to deal with all pending cases of Pay Fixation and related issues of retired and VRS opted executives, one JAO Com. Ms. Isha Chaudhary, is posted for period of four months i. e. 31/12/2020 or till completion and she has assumed her duties on 02/12/2020. Order I <<<>>>  Order II <<<>>>  

·     SNEA MH has received many complaints from the Retired/VRS Opted executives about their pending/unsettled grievances and many have represented that their grievances are not given proper attention and many of the grievances are pending due to lack of proper co-ordination among BSNL and CCA Mumbai.

·     Accordingly SNEA MH has made request to CGMT MH for posting separate Officer to deal with pending grievances of executives who have retired on superannuation/opted for VRS 2019 and it is very positively responded by CGMT MH by posting one separate JAO to deal with all such pending issues of VRS Opted/Retired Executives/Employees. Copy of letter  <<<>>>

·     With posting of separate JAO, the issues related to revised pay fixation, issues related to dispute of increment/s granted, dispute in basic pay, final basic for calculation used for pension and pensionary benefits will be taken care by this officer. All comrades having any such grievances may represent their case to her who in turn will take up all such issues with support of her superiors with CCA Mumbai.

·     Com D. M. Gaikar CS SNPWA MH (email Mob 9422229700) is consolidating all details and hence all are requested to send him the details by email/whats app with supporting documents. 

·     For pay fixation of officiating JTOs as per directives of Hn. Court after implementation of VRS 2019, Com B. D. Wani, OS for SNPWA MH is collecting data and all concerned JTOs are requested to send him details.

·     With such special and separate posting of JAO in Circle Office Mumbai all the issues of the VRS Opted and Retired Executives/Employees will be taken care, it will be ensured that all pending grievances of our beloved Comrades will be settled without any further delay. 

·     All affected comrades are requested to be in touch with Com D.M. Gaikar CS SNPWA MH for all cases and Com. B. D. Wani, OS SNPWA MH for pay fixation of then JTOs Offg and retired as JTO regular. 

·     SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. Manoj Kumar Mishra CGMT MH, Shri. Vivek Mahavar, GM Fin Mumbai and Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR Admn Mumbai for understanding genuine difficulties of retired/VRS Opted executives/Non executives and responding to our request very positively thereby posting separate officer for resolving grievances of the retired/VRS Opted executives.

·     Let us hope all such individual grievances and general cases of pay fixation will be taken care at the earliest.


7 Dec 20: AD Staff A Mumbai issued corrigendum transfer order in respect of Com. Moin Khan, JAO Akola under transfer to Goa and now he is transferred to Amaravati SSA as per his revised request at own cost. In recent transfer order his name was wrongly written and same is now corrected with this corrigendum order. Letter <<<>>>


7 Dec 20: CAO CA & Taxation Mumbai writes to IFA Pune calling information about deposit lying with court for various cases. Letter <<<>>>


7 Dec 20: AGM Appeal BSNL CO writes all CGMs to prefer the appeal within 30 days from the date on which copy of the order appealed against is served to appellant and request for making arrangements to submit appeal and review cases along with records to appellate a/reviewing authority within 15 days of receipt of the appeal from appellant. Letter <<<>>>






 6 Dec 20: AGM Staff Mumbai issued SSA/BA wise Executive strength as per the revised guidelines issued by BSNL Corporate Office for Restructuring and consolidation of BAs/SSA. Letter <<<>>>

·        SNEA MH is pursuing for the request transfers for non-tenure SSAs for long time and every time the reason of revised staff strength was quoted by the management and no progress was seen for last six months.

·        Before implementation of VRS, BSNL CO has issued guidelines for deployment of executives in Post VRS scenario.  Copy <<<>>> 

·        Maharashtra Circle also issued letter showing excess /shortage of executives. Copy <<<>>> 

·        Earlier also such strength executive was issued and many transfers from excess to shortage SSAs were proposed, but there were issues as mass dislocation was proposed from Major SSAs and hence we have opposed such mass transfers and CGMT MH was kind enough to understand the grievances raised by SNEA MH. . Copy <<<>>> 

·        Otherwise with consolidation of BAs, the Executives transferred to SSAs on name of excess/shortage would have been again transferred to BA locations because with consolidation of BAs, number of post of executives at BAs has increased and it is reduced at SSAs.

·        SNEA MH was continuously on job about proper justification and finally the guidelines for BA consolidation has been issued by BSNL CO. Copy <<<>>> 

·        The guidelines are also issued for Executive Requirement for GSM Mtce works within BAs/SSAs. Copy <<<>>> 

·        Till the guidelines for justification of executives in Circle Office, Mobile Nodal centers are not issued by BSNL CO and same are expected at any time.

·        Since last two months GM HR Admn Mumbai has worked on the calculating executive strength in each BA and Area Operation as per these guidelines for consolidation of BAs/SSAs and justification of executives depending on assets.

·        It is informed by GM HR Admn Mumbai that this data has been discussed with all BA Heads in VC held by CGMT MH and all BA Heads have given consent for same.

·        In Operation Areas/SSAs headed by DGMs, minimum two executives (JE/JTO/SDE counted together) are justified per SDCA, two are justified for Indoor Works, Four for BTS Mtce, Four for Trans Mtce, two each for Sales & Mktg, EB, Stores and Commercial/BB.

·        In Operation Areas/SSAs headed by AGMs, minimum two executives (JE/JTO/SDE counted together) are justified per SDCA, one for Indoor Works, two For BTS Mtce, two for Trans Mtce, one each for Sales & Mktg, EB, Stores and Commercial/BB.

·        The staff strength for Circle Office. Nodal Centre Pune and RTCC has been prepared on basis of working strength or requirement

·        It is seen that there is adjustment in data on basis of some presumptions and hence there is reduction in post in Big SSAs and there is increase in post at small SSAs.

·        If calculation is done without any assumptions and presumptions and only as per norms issued by BSNL Corporate office, there will be changes in excess/shortage strength of SSAs.

·        This data is prepared on basis of the transfer orders issued and with understanding that all the transfer orders will be implemented and the working executive strength for purpose of excess/shortage in any SSA/BA is counted accordingly. This also includes the recent DGM LA transfer orders issued recently. It seems that many of SSA/BA Heads have not gone to the depth of calculations as done by GM HR Admn Mumbai and hence there is much difference in executive strength with practical requirement in SSAs and BAs.

·        As such, all the DS/DOBs and activists are requested to go through all the Circulars issued by BSNL CO, the assets in SSAs like No. of BTS/Trans Route Kms with SSAs, other post which are working for other SSAs like NCNGN, BB, FTTH, CDR etc and the calculation of Executive strength done and actual available executives in SSAs.

·        All are requested to discuss this issue with SSA/BA Heads as fresh for discrepancies if any and matter may be conveyed in writing to GM HR Admn Mumbai with detail justification and relevant documents.

·        The details of discrepancies may also be sent by email on so that matter can be taken up with GM HR Admn/CGMT MH for required corrections.

·        Once the Executive strength is finalized the executives in excess/shortage can be decided and the request transfers from Non Tenure SSAs can be given consideration without further delay and hence early action and response from all DS will highly appreciated.


 6 Dec 20: DGM Pers SM BSNL CO issued orders for rearrangement by posting of BA Heads and Vertical Heads in Maharashtra Circle and all SSA Heads at BA HQ are re-designated from GMTD as GM BA. Letter  <<<>>> 


 6 Dec 20:  Schedule of Online Trainings being conducted by RTCC Pune and RTCC Nagpur during this week i.e. 07/12/2020 to 12/12/2020. Pune <<<>>>   Nagpur  <<<>>>


6 Dec 20: SSA wise ARPU Prepaid GSM Services Nov 2020. Copy <<<>>>


6 Dec 20: Message from newly appointed Director Finance, BSNL Board Mrs. Yojana Das. Letter <<<>>> 


6 Dec 20: DGM CNO BSNL Writes CGMs/GMs of CN TX Circles for methodology to be adopted for in house maintenance of core Transmission Networks by regions. Copy <<<>>>  


 4 Dec 20: AD Staff A Mumbai issued transfer orders of JAOs/AOs in Maharashtra Circle considering request transfers as well as company cost transfer orders as per the revised justification of consolidated BAs  Letter <<<>>>

·        Though SSA/BA wise Executive strength of account wing is not officially published, but it is understood that as per revised norms three JAOs/AOs are justified in SSAs/Operation Area and about 11 JAOs/AOs are justified in BAs wherein JAOs/AOs are equally counted in strength.

·        As per these norms, the request transfers at Own Cost are given consideration and some transfers are issued in the interest of service i.e. Company cost from SSAs having excess Executives mainly from SSAs to BAs as number of Executives at BA have increased three times of SSAs as majority works of SSAs are centralized at BAs.

·        It is seen that though majority of request transfers are given consideration, some of executives are transferred from one corner of Circle to another corner and this will certainly cause extreme hardship to the individuals.

·        There are some cases, where some executives are already transferred but their names are shown again in this transfer order and we have brought to the notice of Staff section for corrective action. 

·        The individuals having any grievances in these transfer posting may represent their grievances and send it through proper channel to AGM Staff Mumbai by email on or and its copy may be please given to DS SNEA concerned. SNEA MH will pursue for consideration of all such genuine requests.


3 Dec 20: AGM Staff Mumbai issued corrigendum to the DGM LA Orders wherein the two AGMs/DGM shown transferred to BA head are retained as Operation Area/ SSA Heads. Letter <<<>>>

·        SNEA MH has discussed both the cases with GM HR Admn Mumbai and raised concerned about keeping post of SSA Heads vacant and request of these officers to retain their HQ. Accordingly the changes have been incorporated and this corrigendum is issued immediately.

·        We have also discussed about other requests given by individuals for change of SSA and refusal of on DGM LA promotions and GM HR & Admn Mumbai has assured to given consideration of all such requests which will be received by 05/12/2020.

·        All the AGMs/DEs given DGM responsibility under LA arrangements if have any grievances on posting including change of SSA, refusal of LA etc may be please sent by email on or latest by 05/12/2020 and its copy may be please given to DS SNEA concerned. SNEA MH will pursue for consideration of all such genuine requests.


3 Dec 20: AGM Staff Mumbai issued VCs of remaining cases of AGMs/DEs considered under DGM LA Arrangements. Letter <<<>>>


3 Dec 20: The changes in vertical Heads of Circle Office Mumbai as ordered by BSNL Corporate Office will be effective from 05/12/2020 as the concerned Officers are likely handover or take over the charge of old/new verticals on this date. Order I <<<>>> Order II <<<>>> 


 3 Dec 20: GM S&M CFA Mumbai writes SSA/BA Heads conveying about complaints by customers about illegal charges being collected by some of TIPs/RBSPs making it clear that TIPs/RBSPs should not be allowed to collect any charges from BSNL customers other than the charges for ONUs/ONTs required for FTTH connections. Letter <<<>>>


3 Dec 20: AGM Estt Mumbai writes reminder letter to AGM Admns under all BA Heads for sending information on gradation particulars of JTOs recruited during Year 2009 to 2012 and last date for submission of information is 07/12/2020. Letter <<<>>>


3 Dec 20: AGM Estt Mumbai endorsed List of holidays to be observed during Year 2021. The list of three holidays to be decided by Circle Head is not yet decided by MH Circle and same will be intimated shortly. Letter <<<>>>


3 Dec 20: DGM Pers SM BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads calling for explanation from the executives who have not submitted self-appraisal through ESS portal for year 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20 and such explanation along with relevant documents are to be kept in APR dossier/personal file and same will be considered by DPC/CPC conducted for considering his/her name for the functional/financial promotions/upgradation. Letter <<<>>>


3 Dec 20: AGM Staff Mumbai issued single and out of turn request transfer of JTO Electrical and this request transfer was first issued at Company cost and same is later modified as Own Cost. Letter <<<>>> Corrigendum <<<>>>

·        There are many other request pending from JTOs/SDEs in Electrical wing and CGMT MH has always assured to give consideration to all these request transfers from Electrical wing.

·        But instead of giving consideration to all such request transfers this single order has been issued creating unrest among other executives of Electrical wing.

·        SNEA MH has received many calls/queries on such single transfer order and not considering their requests and we have updated them about the issue. It is good that with this single request transfer, the process of consideration of request transfers in Electrical wing is started and in similar manner justice needs to be given to all similarly placed executives.

·        SNEA MH will take up matter with CGMT MH for considering request of all JTOs in Electrical wing at par with this order with equal justice to all.


3 Dec 20: AGM Estt Mumbai endorsed Dir HR DO letter for concluding the pending activities of VRS 2019 to all SSA/BA Heads in Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


3 Dec 20: AGM Estate Mumbai endorsed clarification issued by BSNL CO on CROP Policy 2020. Letter <<<>>>


3 Dec 20: GM Restg BSNL CO writes to all CGMs calling for latest data on consolidation of BAs and details up to 31/10/2020 are to be sent latest by 15/12/2020. Letter <<<>>>


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