Last updated on 30 SEP 18:


District Conference Photos

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30 SEP 18:    SNEA MH Circle congratulates Com. P.B.Vispute, DGM Nashik & Com. R.V.Menkudale AGM Nanded on their peaceful Superannuation retirement after completion of long & highly successful services in DoT/BSNL.

·        Com.P.B.Vispute DGM CMTS Nashik SSA (Mob 9423980473) has started his carrier as Junior Engineer in July 1982 as JE Group at Dindori Nashik SSA. Then in March 1986, he has posted as JE/JTO at Kalwan Group. On Promotion as SDE in Aug 1994, he was posted as SDOP Malegaon, in May 1998 as SDOT Satana & then transferred to Nashik & posted as SDE Anandwali in May 2002. He also has served in Dhule SSA as SDE Sakri. On return back to Nashik, he was posted as SDE Igatpuri. In Feb 2010, he was promoted as DE & posted at DE Udan & then as DE CMTS wherein he worked at CMTS Provisioning centre & GSM BTS Mtce. During this period, he has installed lots of 2G & 3G BTSs in Nashik SSA & successfully handled the Megha event “Singhshta Kumbh Mela” at Nashik & Trimbakeshwar. Com. Vispute is senior & die-hard member of SNEA Nashik and has played very important role in strengthening SNEA Nashik. He was always leading from front and has taken active part in all association activities. He has been guiding force of SNEA Nashik and has rendered dedicated services as ADS SNEA Nasik. He has played active role in successful conduction of Circle Conference SNEA Nashik. He is very hard working officer with polite nature and known for his smiling face with every ready actions for any work either on office platform or on association platform and hence is very popular in Nashik SSA. On his DGM promotion in Oct 2015, he was posted as DGM CFA Nashik SSA & in April 2018, he is posted as DGM CMTS, is very efficiently working there till his retirement, and continued his duties with same dedication & sincerity until the last day of his superannuation.

·        Com. R.V.Menkudale AGM OP Nanded {Mob 9423693212} has started his carrier in 1980 as RSA in then Bombay City Division as a group RSA Pen in Raigad District. Then on promotion as  JTO in the year 1989 he was posted as a JTO Carrier/VFT installation in Mumbai, carried out Installation and Commissioning  of different type  3 chl/8chl carrier system,  different VFT system, specially T.D.M. V.F.T  throughout Maharashtra circle, thereafter installation works like  P.C.M. system ,microwave system also installation of ILT,512 C-Dot switching equipment. During Installation of PCM system received appreciation letter from CGMT Maharashtra, circle for installation of PCM system on 16 the Aug 1995 at Nanded. He works for Circle A/T team, Conducted A/T of different type of Transmission Systems and up to 2K switching equipment, and different size of Battery, Power Plant in Marathwada Area. He promoted as a SDE in 2001 year and posted as a SDE A/T in Marathwada Area. Thereafter he has served at Kinwat Tribal area of Nanded SSA as a SDE Gr Kinwat. During period in Kinwat, carried out installation of different type of Battery and Power plant for up keeping period of Exchange and faultless. Achieved assigned target by higher authority, Installed Transit B.M. to improve CCR from 18% to 40%. In the year 2003-2004, he was reward as a “SANCHAR SEVA PADAK.” Near about 4 years, he worked as a SDE Gr Kinwat and 6 years as SDE Gr Ardhapur, 5 years as SDE Ext Taroda and CSC Taroda Nanded SSA. During working in Taroda external plant improve rehabilllation of D P and pillars reduce fault rate in single digit, also taken preventive measure to damage of cable during works from Municipal council like drainage and Water supply works. In recent AGM Regular promotions in June 2018, he is promoted as AGM Regular and is posted as AGM . Com Menkudale is very hard working Officer and has been always polite to others. He is very active member of SNEA and has always taken part in SNEA activities and supported it from front. He has played active role in arrangement of SNEA activities like AIC Nanded, Circle Conference Nanded.

On this important day of the life of both the stalwart Comrades of SNEA retiring in this month,  SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com. P.B.Vispute & Com. R.V.Menkudale, towards BSNL & SNEA and on behalf of thousands of comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle we wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.


30 SEP 18:  All Unions and Associations in BSNL Maharashtra Circle, Mumbai writes GM HR Admn Mumbai to make curtailment in expenditure of BSNL day Celebrations proposed on 01/10/2018 and also mixing TWWO Certificate distribution with Prestigious Sanchar Award Function. Letter <<<>>>   <<<>>>

·        The Sanchar Awards were announced on 28/02/2018 and it is proposed to distribute it in function of BSNL Foundation day celebrations on 01/10/2018. Letter <<<>>>

·        By taking note of feelings expressed by many of the comrades about the expenses being made on BSNL day celebrations when BSNL is going through very poor financial conditions, the District Secretaries of Unions and Associations in Circle Office Mumbai have written this letter which has been signed Com. Yeswant Kekare, DS BSNLEU Mumbai, Com. Milind Ingle, DS NFTE BSNL Mumbai, Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai and Com Hrushikesh Walawalkar, DS AIBSNLEA Mumbai and was handed over on 28/09/2018.

·        In response to this letter, Shri. R. C. Chavan, DGM Admn Mumbai called meeting to discuss the issues raised by All Unions & Associations in Circle Office Mumbai which was attended by Com. Yeswant Kekare, DS BSNLEU Mumbai, Com. Milind Ingle, DS NFTE BSNL Mumbai,  Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai and Com Hrushikesh Walawalkar, DS AIBSNLEA Mumbai.

·        After detail discussions on the subject, it was decided and announced by DGM Admn Mumbai that by taking note of concern raised by DS of Unions and Associations Mumbai the lunch arranged for BSNL day celebrations has been cancelled and TWWO function will be held separately in same hall after the BSNL day celebration function and meeting was concluded.

·        However, after conclusive decision in meeting by DGM HR Mumbai, again Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR Admn Mumbai has called fresh meeting and it was also attended by same leaders along with DGM Admn Mumbai. 

·        It is reported that Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR Admn Mumbai was much annoyed with the decision announced by DGM Admn Mumbai and he started discussions with hot temperament. He stated that you leaders are not aware about the issue and issuing foolish letters. This was objected by Com Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai further discussions were hot among them, and GM HR Admn Mumbai said that he does not want to discuss further with Com Anil Dubey and there is no need of discussions on this subject.

·        Com Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai also stressed that if discussions were not required then meeting should not have been called by him and management would have given reply in writing and made it clear that he was called for discussions only by GM HR Admn Mumbai and he has not joined meeting at his own and he has no interest to continue such one sided discussions and left the meeting by registering strong protest against wrong doings of management. 

·        Then discussions with other DS also concluded and GM HR Admn asked them to give in writing for cancellation of food arrangements and withdrawal of letter given by Unions and Associations Mumbai.

·        But these leaders have informed that they will discuss among them separately and decide whether to give in writing or not.

·        Thereafter, matter was discussed by all four DS and it was decided that they have already given in writing and action needs to be taken by management in its response and no need of any letter again from them as demanded by GM HR Admn Mumbai. 

·        Finally, with strong pleading and powerful argument by all DS, the management has decided to cancel the Food arrangements for BSNL day Celebrations. Letter <<<>>>

·        In food arrangements, Pav Bhaji and Pulav was arranged for 1000 peoples and estimated expenses were Rs. 1,70,000.00 ( Rupees One Lakh Seventy Thousands) and same would have increased by some more numbers as usually happens in such public arrangements.

·        GM HR Admn Mumbai has requested to allow the award Distribution of TWWO as it is with assurance that it will not be lengthy function and same has been agreed by these leaders. 

·        In later developments, may be with intervention of Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH, the Circle management has responded very positively and as per information given by Shri. R. C. Chavan DGM Admn Mumbai now there are changes in the venue of this function and the BSNL day celebrations proposed in Sangam Community Centre” in BSNL Staff Quarters Complex is shifted to “Second Floor, Conference Hall, BSNL Administrative Building, Circle Office Mumbai in same campus and further expenses on rented Chairs and arrangements on PA system etc is also saved.

·        It is reported that there is no change in schedule of Function and it will start at 1000 hrs on 01/10/2018 as planned earlier.

·        We all are aware that the financial condition of BSNL has reached to critical condition and BSNL do not have money to meet any of the expenses even for arranging retirement function of retired employees which comes in just thousands of rupees, how lakhs of rupees can be wasted in BSNL day celebrations, needs be analyzed and understood to the depth.

·        CGMT MH has already underlined that some of SSA Heads are not holding retirement function for want of funds or non availability of the Temporary advances, the strict orders have been issued for more than 70% reduction of EOIs and Security Guards, payments of the vendors are not being cleared for months together even after final settlement of the bills, there is no money for filling diesel in DG sets, running departmental vehicles and so on and at the same time expenses were proposed in lakhs of rupees in BSNL day celebrations only in Circle Office Mumbai and no any such celebration arrangements has been proposed in any of the SSA.

·        Many of the comrades from filed units have expressed that they are spending days and nights for sale of SIM cards which earns revenue approximately Rs. 100 per month, visiting customers for outstanding amounts and earning revenue for BSNL and nothing was proposed for celebration in any of the SSA and celebrations are proposed only in Circle Office Mumbai, which is not correct.

·        In HOCC meeting held before two days at Delhi which was attended by all CGMs, vertical heads at BSNL CO and Directors of BSNL Board, wherein CGMT MH has given proposal that 20% salary of BSNL employees in Maharashtra Circle should be stopped immediately so as to make them work more sincerely and feel heat of the financial condition of BSNL.

·        But, here in Circle Office Mumbai, DGM Admn Mumbai and GM HR Admn Mumbai have planned for making expenses of lakhs of rupees on BSNL day celebrations that to be only in Mumbai.

·        The District Secretaries in Circle Office Mumbai have objected for it and made it clear that management cannot go ahead by neglecting the feelings and sentiments of BSNL workforce struggling to increase revenue for BSNL to meet present competition in Telecom sector.  

·        SNEA MH congratulates and appreciates the stand taken by the District Secretaries of Unions & Associations in Mumbai viz. Com. Yeswant Kekare, DS BSNLEU Mumbai, Com. Milind Ingle, DS NFTE BSNL Mumbai, Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai and Com Hrushikesh Walawalkar, DS AIBSNLEA Mumbai to safeguard interest of BSNL thereby requesting management for corrective actions to save avoidable expenses.  

·        SNEA MH conveys thanks to Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH, Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR Admn Mumbai and Shri. R.C.Chavan DGM Admn Mumbai for prompt & positive response to the concern expressed by leaders of Union & Associations in Mumbai and giving feeling that management is also really concerned about the poor financial conditions of BSNL and everybody has to follow it now.

·        SNEA MH appeals all comrades in Circle office Mumbai to attend this function sharply at 1000 hrs in 2nd Floor Conference Hall, Santacruz West Mumbai and make it grand success.


29 SEP 18:  By taking serious note of casual approach by some of SSA Heads in dealing with Retirement Functions and not arranging retirement function for BSNL Employees Retiring due to non-availability of want of funds/temporary advances etc due to poor financial conditions of BSNL, Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH writes hand written letter cum office note to all SSA Heads/IFAs in Maharashtra Circle directing them that under any circumstances all activities of retirement function must be hold at most respect to BSNL Employees who are retiring. He further directs IFAs for arrangements of funds and SSA Heads to ensure all customs in retirement function. Letter <<<>>>


29 SEP 18:  AGM Estt Mumbai endorsed the BSNL CO order for Fixation of Pay under FR-22(1) (a) (i) of the officials who were, Screening Test qualified and were officiating in the grade of JTO. Letter <<<>>>

·        SNEA MH congratulates all then JTO Offg and request them to confirm benefits are fixation are granted to them by concerned SSA without any request.

·        If any of the SSA, do not act on its own, then concerned JTOs may submit written representation to AO Salary/Pay concerned and get it done.

·        Till any difficulties are faced by any of the comrade, he/she may contact DS SNEA concerned and its copy may sent to Com. B. D. Wani OS SNEA Dhule so that matter can be taken up together for all left out cases if any.


29 SEP 18:  AGM M&S CM Mumbai writes all SSA Heads in Maharashtra Circle conveying approval of competent authority for Free SIM Sale Promotional Offer in Maharashtra Circle for period of 90 days i.e. 29/09/2018 to 27/12/2018. Letter <<<>>>


28 SEP 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai endorsed letter calling for willingness for ALTTC Ghaziabad in JTO/SDE Cadre  but unfortunately letter is endorsed just one before last date i.e. today 28/09/2018. Letter <<<>>>

Till anybody is willing and has not submitted willingness, he/she may send the details directly to AGM Staff Mumbai as early as possible so that same can be forwarded to BSNL CO.


28 SEP 18:  AGM M&S CM Mumbai endorsed promotional offer on 18th Anniversary of BSNL Foundation day for GSM customers. Letter <<<>>>


28 SEP 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued request transfer of Com. S. J. Devadiga JTO Nashik to Pune Mobile Nodal. Letter <<<>>>

Com. S.J. Devadiga JTO Nashik and active member of SNEA is presently working as JTO Nodal Pune on own cost Deputation for last two years and now he is permanently transferred and posted at Pune Nodal as per his request.


27 SEP 18:  Nicely Arranged & well attended District Conference of SNEA ITPC Pune: {Report by Com. A. R. Paspule, DS SNEA ITPC Pune}: As per notification issued by Com. K.L. Jadhav DP SNEA ITPC Pune, District Conference of SNEA ITPC Pune was conducted on 24/08/2018 at 1500 Hrs in RTTC Pune Hall. The District Conference Proceedings were presided over by Com. K. L. Jadhav, DP SNEA ITPC Pune and was attended and addressed by the following prominent dignitaries.

1.     Com. Bharat SonawaneCircle President, SNEA  MH,

2.     Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary, SNEA  MH,

3.     Com. Prayag PisalJoint Secretary Pune, SNEA  MH,

4.     Com. S. M. Chand, CEC Member, SNEA, Pune

5.     Com Dilip Bhogade, ADS, SNEA, Pune

6.     Com. V. M. Dapurkar, Principal, RTTC Pune.

·        District Conference started by giving homage to Former Prime Minister Atalji and Kerala Flood affected victims by standing silence two minutes.

·        All these dignitaries were given warm welcome by offering bouquets by SNEA ITPC Pune comrades.

·        The newly joined members were given warm welcome by offering bouquets by hands of different Circle leaders.

·        Com. Vijay M. Kokare, DS SNEA ITPC Pune in his address gave warm welcome to the leaders of SNEA MH and presented his report of activities carried out during his period as District Secretary. He completed second time tenure as DS ITPC Pune. Being a small unit there are very less issues compare to all SSA’s. Almost all transfer cases are settled. ITPC members having very much concerned about long pending issues at CHQ like first Time bound should be in four years, issue of basic 22820 for DR JTO’s, CPSU Hierarchy. Also he was very much concerned about ITPC canteen issue not resolved even though he perused the case at different levels. Now place is allotted and tendering procedure in progress. Com Kokare specially thanks to Com. Rishikesh Dani, Com. Sanjay Sonar, Com. Sunil Dudhalkar, Com. Nanekar and Com Sunil Pawar, DT for organizational support every time. He also elaborated challenges before ITPC Pune branch and need of strengthening SNEA by resolving issues pending at CHQ level. In conclusion, he conveyed thanks to all comrades of SNEA ITPC Pune for extending him full co-operation and support during his both the tenures as DS SNEA ITPC Pune.

·        Com. Prayag PisalJoint Secretary Pune SNEA MH in his inspiring address gave examples of unity in associations and stressed for strongest unity of executives. He added that due to unity of all unions and association all BSNL absorbed can get 100% pension form Govt. of India. Similarly we should have to come under one Umbrella for resolving HR issues. He elaborately explained how only SNEA is having good vision and capacity to resolve most of the HR issues of DR’s. He also gave progress going on to resolve SAB issue of DR’s and initiatives for GTI by SNEA CHQ. He said that SNEA Maharashtra Circle is taking follow-up to form Benevolent Fund for the welfare of executives. He also told that SNEA Pune branch is larges branch in India and appreciated efforts taken by Com Bharat Sonawane CP in strengthening it over the period. He appreciated the efforts of executives in ITPC Pune and praised that working of ITPC is the precious valuable stone in crown of BSNL. In conclusion he conveyed thanks for inviting him and giving opportunity to have interaction with highly technical SNEA comrades at ITPC Pune.

·        Com. Bharat Sonwane, CP SNEA MH in his speech touched various important issues related to BSNL Development, HR issues, and clarified various doubts of the members. He reminded house about the formation of new SNEA branch at ITPC Pune and how this branch has flourished with very good strength of executives. He specially narrated that some of executives have expressed displeasure due to pendency of the HR issues at CHQ and have left membership. He added that more efforts are required at CHQ for resolution of issues like TBP in four years, Standard Pay scales, 22820 Pay scale for new JTOs etc. He elaborated house on ongoing activities of SNEA MH Circle. He narrated the difficulties faced by the executives in filed units and drawn attention of Circle management towards resolution of issues related to day to day filed problems. He updated house about efforts taken by him and SNEA Pune to allot space for canteen of ITPC Pune and expressed displeasure on casual approach by management of ITPC Pune on such delayed works.  In conclusion he appealed all the comrades of ITPC Pune to have stronger unity of executives under banner of SNEA and assured total support from SNEA MH.  

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle, in his address appreciated efforts taken by team SNEA in formation of ITPC branch and unity thereof. He reminded house the day of formation of ITPC branch and activities thereafter. He expressed that though ITPC branch membership was at peak to reach Hundred, unfortunately some of comrades are misguided and have left SNEA membership and it is good that they have not accepted membership to any other association. He expressed serious concern about the sentiment of these disappointed comrades and appealed them that these days also will change and  appealed all comrades not to come in trap of some selfish leaders by making propaganda about actions and activities on platform of SNEA. He agreed that there are certain issues and actions which needs improvement on part of SNEA and its leadership and assured house for that. He expressed we can understand disappointment, but leaving membership is not good for unity of executives and also for getting pending issues settled. He appealed to comrades who have discontinued SNEA subscription to review their decision and they may be disappointed with leaders but no one should be disappointed with SNEA as association because SNEA is the only association which has given its best for executives in BSNL.  As SNEA is strongest association, efforts are being made by management to destabilize such strongest unity by promoting different selfish leaders which will result is failure of HR issues as seen in settlement of many of issues. He stressed that normally in PSU only one association is there, but in BSNL management has already played politics by dividing us in different associations and hence it’s our responsibility to be more united under banner of association which has highest membership thereby diminishing all other small groups of that entire focus can be kept on the wrong doings of management and settlement of issues by overcoming present manmade hurdles in HR issues. He also expressed that some of active SNEA comrades have joined other association and are holding post on which immunity is granted on long stay transfer. He expressed that the Office Bearer who is worried about self transfer cannot be leader and assured house that no one will get wrong immunity, and SNEA MH will take care of it. He appreciated technical expertise in ITPC Pune and stressed on the need of proper utilization of this technical talent. He also apprised house about shifting of some activities of ITPC Pune to ITPC Hyderabad.  He appealed all the comrades of ITPC Pune to support field units/officers whenever request is received by them as filed units are facing many problems and are optimistically looking for solutions from ITPC Pune. He also elaborately explained victory of SNEA in Membership verification and Role of ITPC Pune in overall victory of SNEA.  He guided house on different HR/Development issues and its status thereof. He elaborated pains taken by SNEA for promotional implementation and also efforts going on for 3rd PRC, Standard Pay Scales, 22820 Pay for JTOs, promotion of SDEs from list no 8 & 9 and status thereof, further promotions of JTO to SDE, AO to CAO and status thereof, efforts of SNEA in pursuing different HR issues, wrong propaganda being made against SNEA and facts thereof, issues related to ITPC and its support by management etc. In conclusion, he appreciated efforts taken by Com. V.M. Kokare DS SNEA ITPC Pune & his team for overall functioning of SNEA ITPC Pune and appealed to have more efforts to gain back the glorious membership of SNEA ITPC Pune with active support of all. In conclusion, he conveyed thanks to all the comrades of SNEA ITPC Pune with assurance of total support to SNEA ITPC Pune branch.

·        Com K. L. Jadhav, DP SNEA ITPC Pune in his Presidential address summarized the overall proceedings of the District Conference and underlined the important points of the discussions. He conveyed thanks to all the comrades of ITPC Pune for their support in overall functioning of SNEA ITPC Pune. He conveyed vote of thanks all dignitaries and comrades of SNEA ITPC Pune for making this conference grand success by their active participation.

·        Then in delegate session, the doubts raised by comrades were satisfactorily replied by Circle leaders

·        Thereafter the existing District Body was dissolved by Com K. L. Jadhav, DP SNEA ITPC Pune and Com. Com. V. M. Dapurkar, Principal RTTC Pune, was nominated as Election Officer.

·        In unanimous Elections the following District Body of SNEA IPC Pune was elected for period of two years i.e. 2018-2020.

1.     District President                       : Com. P. L. N. Rao

2.     Vice President                            :  Com. Nitin Joshi

3.     District Treasurer                       : Com. Prashant Gole

4.     District Secretary                       : Com. A. R. Paspule

5.     Asst District Secretary I             : Com. Javeed Sayyad

6.     Asst District Secretary II            : Com. Santosh Patil

7.     Asst District Secretary III                    : Com. B. P. Kuyte

8.     Asst District Secretary III          : Com. Ritesh Singh

9.     Assistant Treasurer                             :  Com. S. K. Borude

10.             Organizational Secretary –I          : Com. Hrushikesh Dani

11.             Organizational Secretary –II         : Com. A. R. Nanekar

12.             Auditor                                 : Com. A. B. Waje

·        The entire proceedings of the District Conference were nicely anchored by Com. Hrushikesh Dani, Organizational Secretary SNEA ITPC Pune.

·        The District Conference started at 1730 hrs concluded at 2010 hrs with National Anthem and slogans of unity.

·         PHOTOS <<<>>>


27 SEP 18:  DGM Admn Mumbai calls for meeting of Secretaries of all Unions and Associations for discussion on Apollo Pharmacy matter and deduction of 12% discount from medical bills. Letter <<<>>>

·        District Secretaries of all Unions and Associations in Mumbai have strongly objected on direct deduction of 12% amount if medical bills are submitted without 12% discount offer from M/S Apollo or any other medical company /shop and have demanded to stop direct deduction.

·        First round of discussions was held before one month and now second round of discussions will be held at 1100 hrs on 03/10/2018.

·        Com. Anil Dubey DS SNEA Mumbai & Com Abhay Kesarkar JS NRU SNEA MH will attend this meeting on behalf of SNEA Mumbai.

·        All comrades are requested to give their feedback/suggestions to them so that it can be brought to the notice of management and arbitrary & direct deduction of 12% is stopped and at the same time more employees of BSNL opt for discount on purchase of medicines wherever possible. 


27 SEP 18:  By giving Circle wise status of VCs and Screening Committee Report for JTO to SDE DPC, DGM Pers BSNL CO writes Circle Heads for sending complete data of Screening Committee report as well as current VCs  latest by 05/10/2018. Letter <<<>>>

·        The Data of Maharashtra Circle has been sent and till VC and SCR of some cases is missing and Staff/Officers in Estt section Mumbai are pursuing with Staff/Admn section of concerned SSAs but till it has been not received.

·        Some of the SSAs have complained that the Estt section is not properly consolidating data and every time new cases are being reporting as missing data and it makes difficult to send the data.

·        In addition, there are issues in ERP and in many cases the administrative data updated is not being saved and if report is being taken on next day after updated data by SSA, it is not visible on next day.

·        Further only soft copy has been sent from Maharashtra Circle and until the Screening Committee Report is not signed by the Committee members and said work is going on since last fortnight and it is being carrying out in casual manner as some of committee members are not sparing time for it.

·        SNEA MH has already taken up matter with concerned officers, and will again take up matter for early sending of SCR and VCs of all eligible JTOs without any further delay.

·        But at the same time, all DS /COBs concerned are requested to look into it and send pending cases and details may be confirmed with Com. M. R. Sanap, AD HRD Mumbai {Mob 9423987222} or Com. M. M. Apte, AGM Estt Mumbai {Mob 9423986144} email or Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH {Mob 9420685756} email so that updated and corrected data is sent to BSNL CO as early as possible and we should not wait for last date 05/10/2018.


27 SEP 18:  By giving list of missing APRs of the 44 executives in Account wing, DGM SEA BSNL CO writes one more letter on timely completion of APRs and transparency thereof. Letter <<<>>>


27 SEP 18:  CGM VAS I BSNL CO writes Circle Heads about extension of exclusive contest exclusively for BSNL employees and their family members by downloading START App in their android phones and giving wide publicity to this contest. Letter <<<>>>


26 SEP 18:  AGM Pers Policy BSNL CO issued clarification on impact of disciplinary cases with Major penalty, Vigilance case in grant of Time Bound/Non Functional up gradation under EPP/BSNL MSRR. Letter <<<>>>

The letter directs Circle/Unit Heads to process EPP cases in advance twice in a year and Disciplinary/Vigilance arising case after due date of up gradation will not affect the outcome of CPC.


26 SEP 18:  CGM VAS I BSNL CO writes Circle Heads about Money lending facility for BSNL Employees as per agreement with M/S  Mobikwick Solutions Private limited wherein BSNL employees will get Rs 60000.00 instant loan through Semi Closed Prepaid Instrument  Letter <<<>>>


26 SEP 18:  CAO TR Mumbai endorsed letter from BSNL CO introducing discount &  incentive scheme for realization of old outstanding of closed connections  in respect of leased Circuits. Letter <<<>>>


26 SEP 18:  By giving status of progress of achievements of provision of Lease Circuits, AGM LC Mumbai writes SSA Heads in Maharashtra Circle, to speed up provision of pending 2008 Lease Circuits in different SSAs of Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


26 SEP 18:  By giving status of SSA wise achievement in landline connections GM S& M Mumbai writes SSA Heads about poor achievement of landlines connections and request to give personal attention to add more landline connections as per assigned targets. Letter <<<>>>


26 SEP 18:  CAO FC Mumbai issued relieving order of Com. P. Raju CAO/IFA Akola on his request transfer to AP Circle. Letter <<<>>>

Relieving of Com. P. Raju CAO/IFA Akola and posting of GM level SSA Heads were two important issues discussed in District Conference of SNEA Akola and same are resolved within month’s period with keen persuasion by SNEA Akola/MH.

SNEA MH conveys best wishes to Com. P. Raju for his new assignment at Godavari SSA in AP Circle, which is his choice Circle/SSA.


26 SEP 18:  PGM CM BSNL CO writes Circle/Unit/SSA Heads of BSNL nominating Circle wise Mentor , Facilitators from BSNL Corporate Office to bridge gap between Field units and Corporate office as per decision of BHOCC held at Delhi. Letter <<<>>>    MH Circle Mentors <<<>>>


26 SEP 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for promotion of Stenographer Grade III to Stenographer Grade II as per directives and clarifications from BSNL CO. Letter <<<>>>

·        These orders were expected in March/April 2018, but as usual some extra intelligent officers from Staff section applied their mind to harass these Stenographers by creating doubts after doubts and made all out efforts to deny the promotions by quoting different reasons.

·        Then suffers Stenographers have approach CS SNEA AP Circle, CS SNEA MH Circle and then SNEA MH has pursued this case at different level and all unwanted doubts and queries raised by the officers in staff section were cleared.

·        But unfortunately, due to such extra intelligent officer, this promotion order delayed for four months, but finally SNEA has got it done.

·        SNEA MH appreciates the patience and persuasion of these Stenographers and their faith on SNEA in persuasion of this case with day-to-day and time-to-time feedback and update information.

·        SNEA MH congratulates all these Stenographers on their Promotion in Higher Grade and conveys them best wishes for new promotional assignment.


25 SEP 18:  DGM Admn Mumbai issued orders for celebrations of BSNL Formation Day and Vishist  Sanchar Sewa Padak Award Distribution function on 01/10/2018 at Circle Office Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>

·        It is good that BSNL day is being celebrated but where it is required to make huge expenses on celebrations when there is no money with BSNL to meet even day-to-day minimum required expenses to maintain services.

·        When BSNL is facing such extreme critical financial condition as never seen before and same has been repeatedly pronounced by Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH at each and every occasion even by warning every now and then that there is no money to pay even salary of coming month and he is making certain efforts to arrange salary every month, here DGM Admn Mumbai is issuing orders for celebration of BSNL day in lavish manner by arranging food for all participants with expenditure of lakhs of rupees.

·        We are surprised where CGMT MH is right or DGM Admn Mumbai is rightly aware about financial condition of BSNL and there is much confusion among the workforce of BSNL on such dual approach of Circle Management.

·        Here GM HR Admn Mumbai has issued orders for direct reduction of medical bills by 12% for not availing discounts as BSNLs financial condition is not good, and his office is making expenditure of lakhs of rupees on such function when there are clear guidelines from BSNL CO for arranging such functions with minimum expenditures.

·        Further, there is drought like situation in Maharashtra Circle as there are no proper rains in some districts or excess rain in some districts, thousands of citizens of Kerala state have been passed away or suffered lifetime losses due to natural calamities of heavy rains/floods, such heavy expenses on functions should be avoided as a wise decisions, but now days we see lack of such thinking on part of Circle management.

·        Further, it is fact that many of the field officers of BSNL Maharashtra Circle are facing problems as there is no money for diesel refilling, there is no money to grant Temporary advances to executives to meet day to day expenses, no money for medical bill reimbursement, no money for minimum required Security Guards, no money for minimum required contract labours, no money to pay outstanding bills of the contractors and all these works are practically stalled up, morally such functions in lavish manner should be avoided.

·        But we cannot expect such wise decision from Circle management and we will have only to listen from management about curtailment of expenditure in giving services to customers without any such action for saving expenditure even on avoidable functions on part of management.

·        Many of the comrades have shared that when BSNL is facing such critical condition there is no need of arranging food for all participants thereby increasing expenditure of lakhs of rupees of BSNL when BSNL is not in position to meet day-to-day expenses and we can attend function even without such lavish arrangements.  

·        It is also seen that in such prestigious function of Vishisth Sanchar Award Distribution, the function of TWWO is mixed and some certificates for TWWO members for their contribution within TWWO itself are being issued on this occasion thereby degrading the importance of the “Sanchar Awards”.

·        By look at the arrangements of the function and it is also understood that this year also the awards of TWOO will be mixed with Sanchar awards.

·        TWWO is welfare organisation and there are many other welfare organisations including official organisation of BSNL i.e.  Spots and Cultural Welfare Board and BSNL teams are achieving different awards/certificates but these welfare organisations are also not allowed to distribute certificate in this function and in back door attempts only TWWO is permitted to take direct part in Distribution of awards and making this official function of BSNL day Celebration as Function of TWWO.

·        If TWWO is permitted for distribution certificates for their members from Dias of BSNL day celebrations, then there is need of addition of certificate distributions by other welfare boards,  SEWA which is also welfare organisation, all Unions/Associations in BSNL so that equal opportunity is given to all.

·        We cannot allow management to permit only TWWO to distribute its certificates in official Function of BSNL as spouse of CGMT MH is head of TWWO MH Circle which is mandatory condition of TWWO functioning.

·        SNEA MH will take up matter with CGMT MH, GM HR/Admn and DGM Admn Mumbai for avoiding unwanted expenditure on these celebrations of BSNL day and also for not mixing TWWO certificate distribution with Prestigious Sanchar wards Distribution function and maintain prestige of these awards and BSNL day celebrations.


25 SEP 18:  CAO FC Mumbai calls for 15 point VC Performa from different SSAs in respect of 36 AOs for next spell of CAO LA arrangements. Letter <<<>>>

·        It is fact that nowadays VC is online and everywhere on line VC is being adopted and accepted even for Regular promotions, but here in old traditional method working of FC section, CAO FC calls for the hard copies of VCs that to be just for continuation of LA arrangements.

·        This happens when CGMT MH has given clear cut instructions in formal Meeting with SNEA as well as in one of the Circle level management meeting for not calling any hard copy of VCs and go for only online VCs and its responsibility of concerned SSA Head to update VC and Administrative data in ERP 

·        SNEA MH will take up matter with concerned officers for not calling hard copies of VCs, go for online VCs, and move towards the digital age from traditional Hard copy age thereby saving time, money and waste of work force in such routine works.


 25 SEP 18:  AGM Rectt BSNL CO issued notification for filling vacant post of JTO Electrical/Civil under Special Recruitment Drive for SC, ST and OBC candidates through Gate Score 2019. Letter <<<>>>


25 SEP 18:  Jt GM W & QA  BSNL CO issued orders for publication of advertisement of tenders on Central Procurement Portal, Government e-Market Place  and BSNL websites  and no need of its publication in news Papers as being done now with certain fixed expenditure thereof. Letter <<<>>>


 24 SEP 18:  Highly Successful, Grand & Jam Packed Hall District Conference SNEA Akola: {Report by Com. R.R.Somani DS, Akola}: The District Conference of SNEA Akola was nicely arranged on Thursday,  09/08/2017 at  Conference Hall, Telephone Bhavan, Akola which was attended by about all the executives in Akola from different wings.

·        It was indeed great meeting and even though it was Maharashtra band, almost all the comrades have attended meeting with full enthusiasm and made it grand success by their active participation.

·        The presence of comrades of Account, Electrical and Civil wings of Akola SSA was remarkable and all have taken active part in this meeting. The deliberations and discussions in the meeting were very healthy and entire focus of discussions was on growth and development of BSNL in general and Akola in particular.

·        Com. S.K. Chaitane DP SNEA Akola presided over the proceedings of the District Conference, which was attended by following SNEA MH leaders.

1.     Com. B. S. SonawaneCircle President SNEA MH,

2.     Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary SNEA MH,

3.     Com. P.N Patil ,  Circle Treasurer  SNEA MH,

4.     Com. Hrushikesh Kesale , Joint Secretary Account /Finance, SNEA MH

·        The meeting started with felicitation of the guest from Circle body, DS, and representative of Buldhana SNEA, DS of NFTE, SEWA, and AIBSNLEA by presenting beautiful flower bouquet and warm welcome of all dignitaries.

·        Also, welcome to newly joined SNEA members Com. N. G. Shaikh TDM Akola, Com. P. Raju CAO Akola, and Com. Amish Patekhede JTO Akola.

·        Com. Amish Patekhede JAO Akola was felicitated and honored   by Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH and Com. B. S. Sonawane, Circle President SNEA MH on receipt of Bharat Sanchar Sewa Padak for year 2016-17 and entire house congratulated him with loud claps.

·        Thereafter Com. R. R. Somani DS SNEA Akola presented the report on SNEA activities carried over by him and his team SNEA Akola over the period. In his report, he specifically mentioned that the membership is increased from 33 to 62 (including WTR and WTP) in two year. In addition, Com Somani highlighted the requirement of regular GM at Akola for development and growth of BSNL Akola.

·        Com. S. J. Gurav, Treasurer SNEA Akola submitted last two years report and highlighted that Akola SSA clear all Circle and CHQ quota.

·        Both the reports were approved by house with loud claps. After the above report, the Circle leaders guided the house on different issues and subjects.

·        Com. P.D. Saoji, DS SNEA Buldhana, in his speech gave warm welcome to team SNEA MH in Vidarbha area and highlighted that new Business area is to be formed in which Akola, Washim, and Buldhana these three districts are to be merged. Presently Buldhana is under Aurangabad BA head and the executives in Buldhana SSA are facing hardship in day to day functioning. He highlighted some specific issues of Buldhana SSA and requested Circle Leaders to look into it. 

·        Com. Hrushikesh Kesale, Joint Secretary Account/Finance SNEA MH in his address conveyed thanks for inviting him and giving him opportunity to be part of such grand meeting. He summarized the activities of SNEA MH and specifically narrated the efforts being taken by SNEA for betterment of Executives in Account wing. He elaborated how with the keen and continuous efforts of SNEA, the request transfers are given consideration, how Rule 9 transfers are being given final shape by step by step approach of SNEA, how the critical issues are being handled by SNEA resulting stronger unity of executives under banner of SNEA. He appreciated efforts taken by SNEA leaders in betterment of Account wing executives and appeled all the comrades to join SNEA in mass and strengthen the hands of the leaders fighting for justice of the executives and common members.

·        Com. P.N Patil, Circle Treasurer SNEA MH addressed house elaborating financial condition of SNEA and explained the details about the subscription of SNEA. He appreciated efforts of SNEA Akola for clearing all outstanding dues and being one of the few such SSAs without any pending quota. He further added that he is in touch with CHQ Treasurer and very shortly District and Circle Quota will be reimbursed  by CHQ and same will be passed on to the Districts. He stressed on need of unity among the executives and appreciated efforts taken by team SNEA Akola in this directions. In conclusion, he expressed pleasure over such mass presence and conveyed thanks for giving him opportunity for being part of such highly motivating District Conference.

·        Com. Bharat S. Sonawane, Circle President SNEA MH in his speech told that he was happy to see the strength for Akola SNEA. He highlighted the issues, which needs immediate attention of the management so that more and more customers join BSNL. He highlighted that in changed scenario we all have to work hard to meet the tough competition in Telecom Market and only such unidirectional united efforts, will save BSNL. BSNL is doing best but it can sustain competition only with active support of all. He congratulated team SNEA Akola for arranging such beautiful and grand meeting even though it was day of Bharat Bandh and practically it was observed in Akola. He highlighted efforts of SNEA MH for better working conditions in the filed units. In conclusion, he assured to support fully SNEA Akola from Circle Body.

·         Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH in his usual style interacted with all comrades, covered all the aspects of BSNL, and cleared all doubts and confusion in the minds of the comrades about existence of BSNL and future of executives in BSNL. He feels proud to see spectacular presence of SNEA comrades from all disciplines and wings of Akola SSA who have attended the meeting crossing hurdles of Bharat Band. He conveyed thanks for such warm welcome from beloved comrades of SNEA Akola. During his address, he assured to extend all sort of cooperation to resolve all the issues of Akola. In his address, he elaborated that BSNL is only telecom operator where common public is having much more faith and is having less debt as compared to all the other telecom companies. He elaborated issue of Standard Pay scale for JTOs/JAOs and efforts being taken by SNEA for getting it implemented at the earliest. He updated house about efforts taken by BSNL management, unions/associations, officers & staff resulting positive trend in recent years in terms of our revenue and operational profits. While being optimistic on grant of third PRC by removal of affordability clause, he updated the status of proposal and steps being taken by SNEA to get third PRC with full 15% fitment for entire workforce of BSNL. In his highly impressive one and half hour address, he covered different current HR & Development issues of BSNL and in conclusion conveyed thanks to all the comrades and leaders of SNEA Akola for arranging such beautiful and grand meeting that to be in very short period notice even after Maharashtra band.

·         Com S. K. Chaitane DP SNEA Akola, in his Presidential address summarized the addresses by all the dignitaries. He conveyed thanks to all the comrades of SNEA Akola for showing strongest unity on SNEA platform as over the period majority of executives in Akola including Account, Civil & Electrical wing have strengthen SNEA Akola by their active support. He also conveyed thanks to SNEA leaders for sparing special time for District Conference of SNEA Akola and has direct interaction with all the comrades and clearing confusions and doubts created due to misleading information being spread on social media. He in his speech highlighted that Washim District most of the part is tribal area and it should be declared as tenure station in Akola SSA. He appreciated efforts taken by Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH for betterment of executives in Maharashtra Circle over the period. He expressed that SNEA Akola comrades want to see Com. Adasul as GS SNEA and he should now lead SNEA CHQ from front. He stressed that he should not compromise at last moment as being done in AIC Nanded & AIC Jaipur and should fight only for post of GS assured full support from SNEA Akola. This demand was supported by house with loud claps. He concluded speech with thanks to all SNEA Akola comrades for supporting him in his tenure.

·         The different queries and doubts raised by SNEA Akola comrades were satisfactorily replied by Circle leaders.

·         Com. R. R. Somani, DS SNEA Akola  conveyed vote of thanks to all the leaders and specifically to all the comrades of SNEA Akola for attending District Conference in mass and making it grand success.

·         Thereafter, Com. S.K.Chaitane, DP SNEA Akola declared that present District Body is dissolved and started election process with nomination of Election Officer.

·         In unanimous Elections, the following New District Body was elected and this newly elected District Body was given Oath of alliance by Com. Hrushikesh Kesale JS AF SNEA MH as Circle Observer for elections.

1.          Com. A. A. Khan                              District President

2.          Com. V. M. Gajbe                            Vice President

3.          Com. S. K. Chaitane                         District Secretary

4.          Com. Shailendra Gurav                  District Treasurer

5.          Com. R. D. Wankhade                     Astt District Secretary

6.          Com. Rahul Patil                              Astt Treasurer

7.          Com. R. R. Somani                           Organizing Secretary

8.          Com. Bipin Telgote                         Joint Secretary Akola

9.          Com. R. S. Ujjainkar                        Joint Secretary Washim

10.     Com. R. D. Wankhade (Civil)         Executive Member I

11.     Com. Mrs. M.B. Sawdadkar            Executive Member II

12.      Com. Moin Khan                              Auditor

The meeting started at 1500 hrs concluded at 0800 hrs with National Anthem, slogan of Unity, SNEA & BSNL Zindabad followed by a delicious dinner for all participants.

PHOTOS <<<>>>


 21 SEP 18:   AGM Staff Mumbai calls for correct date of actual/physical date of relieving of officers transferred under recent transfers orders and leave cases in respect of these officers are pending with Circle Office for settlement. Letter <<<>>>

·        This is reminder letter as already said data was called but while reporting field units have reported mismatching dates as in case of 21 officers date of “Physical”  joining is earlier than the date of “Physical” relieving and in case of 30 officers date of ”ERP” joining is earlier than the date of “ERP” relieving.

·        Actually, non-relieving of the officers and non-joining of the officers has been viewed seriously by BSNL management and hence since last one month the exercise is being done on day to day basis for finding and fixing responsibilities on the officers for such delayed relieving.

·        SNEA MH has discussed this matter with Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR Admn Mumbai on 15/09/2018 and settlement of pending leave cases was one of the point discussed.

·        GM HR Admn Mumbai has expressed that some of officers were not relieved for more than 100 days even after reminders after reminders from his office and in such cases review is being taken.

·        He also informed that all the cases where officers are have joined in reasonable time after relieving will be settled and there will not be any issue and only issue is in cases where officers were relieved but have not joined at new place of posting in reasonable time and review is being taken on such cases to bring discipline among the executives and SSA Heads in following and implementation the transfer orders.

·        After detail discussions, he has assured to settle all cases with sympathetic grounds and action will be taken in cases of extreme disobedience beyond reasonable time limit.

·        Accordingly, the data is being called for settlement of pending leave cases and hence DS concerned are requested to send correct details so that leave settlement of about 294 officers from different SSAs is settled without further delay.


 21 SEP 18:  AGM NWP BB BSNL CO issued orders for Revenue Share with Builder/RWAs/TIPs for providing FTTH and other Telecom Services for BSNL in upcoming Residential/Commercial Complexes/TNF Areas and Free Demos thereof on  bulk booking. Letter <<<>>>


19 SEP 18:   AGM Esst IV BSNL CO issued orders for Fixation of Pay under FR-22(1) (a) (i) of the officials who were, Screening Test qualified and were officiating in the grade of JTO. Letter <<<>>>

·        This order has been issued after prolonged persuasion of this matter at different levels including different courts and finally these orders are issued as per directions of Hon Court.

·        In Maharashtra Circle, this issue was continuously pursued by Com. B. D. Wani OS SNEA Dhule and his team of then Officiating JTOs from different Districts. 

·        SNEA MH congratulates all the JTOs who earlier officiated for prolonged period and now working as Regular JTOs and have achieved it with prolonged struggle of years together. 


19 SEP 18:   CAO ERP EA Mumbai writes IFAs of all SSA to collect unwillingness from BSNL officers and employees regarding voluntary contribution of one day basic pay towards help of victims of flood in Kerala state in Prime Minister Relief Fund. Letter <<<>>>

·        As per BSNL CO letter, one day basic will be deducted from all employees and officers of BSNL from salary of Month of Sept 2018 and any employee/officer is unwilling to contribute one day basic has to submit his/her unwillingness in writing so that no deduction will be done from his/her salary.

·        The full amount of this contribution towards this fund will be fully exempted from Income Tax.

·        SNEA MH appeals all comrades not to submit such unwillingness and support this social cause to help victims of heavy floods in Kerala and disaster thereof by contribution of one day basic so that maximum amount is contributed from BSNL Maharashtra Circle.

·        We further appeal that anybody who wants to contribute more amount i. e. amount more than one day basic may submit such written willingness to AO Salary and contribute liberally.


19 SEP 18:   AGM Pers II BSNL CO issued reminder letter after period of one and half year calling for VC status of SDEs qualified in LDCE held on 04/03/2012 but already working as SDE under seniority cum fitness quota for re-fixing their seniority as SDE under LDCE quota. Letter <<<>>>


19 SEP 18:   DGM NWP COM Pune issued guidelines cum suggestions to avoid/reduce excessive use of Electricity power by M/S RIJL in shared Tower sites of BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


19 SEP 18:   GM VAS BSNL CO issued guidelines for issuing e-SIM Cards enabled with Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communication. Letter <<<>>>


17 SEP 18:   AO TR Mumbai endorsed the order issued by DDG TRF BSNL CO for distribution and collection of Telephone Bills by line staff of BSNL and incentive thereof. Letter <<<>>>


17 SEP 18:   DGM RM Ent BSNL CO issued orders introducing the Discount and  Incentive Scheme for realization of Outstanding amount in respect of Leased Circuits. Letter <<<>>>


17 SEP 18:   CAO FC Mumbai issued relieving order of Com. Vemula Sadamohan AO Nanded on his request transfer to AP Circle. SNEA MH conveys him best wishes for his new assignment at Adilabad SSA, which is his choice Circle/SSA. Letter <<<>>>


17 SEP 18:   DGM Admn Mumbai issued guidelines for observing Swachata Hi SEWA” Campaign in Circle Office Mumbai from 15/09/2018 to 02/10/2018 as part of 150th Birth Year Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi. Letter <<<>>>


 15 SEP 18:   AGM VA BSNL CO endorsed guidelines cum instructions issued by CVC for rotational transfers of officers working on sensitive post strictly after 2/3 years. Letter <<<>>>  CVC Letter <<<>>>

·        This action is being taken to avoid frauds as happened in some banks recently due to nonrotating officers from sensitive posts.

·       The letter clearly says that officers need to be transferred from sensitive seat/post and not from Station he/she is working.


15 SEP 18:   AGM Pers II BSNL CO calls for Volunteers among JTOs and SDEs for working at ERP Team at Ghaziabad. Letter <<<>>>

·        The applicant should have preferably degree in Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering.

·        He/she should have experience of Two Years in ERP/IT Field.

·        Period of stay in ERP Centre will be three years.

·        Applicant should have completed three years’ service in present/working Circle.

·        Willing JTOs will have to apply on prescribed format to GM Estt BSNL CO under Rule 9 transfers and willing SDEs have to apply in prescribed format to GM Pers BSNL CO for transfers to ERP Centre Ghaziabad.

·        Copies of willingness are to be sent on email

·        The last date for submission of applications is 28/09/2018.


14 SEP 18:   AGM A&E BSNL CO issued transfer order of SEEs in which Com. Prakash Khade  SEE Raipur, Chhattisgarh is transferred as per his Own Cost request  and posted as SEE Nagpur, the post which was deliberately kept vacant for last one year in game plan of CEE Mumbai to keep the charge of SEE Mumbai with him. Letter <<<>>>


14 SEP 18:   AGM A&E BSNL CO issued for SEE LA all Over India where there EEs from MH Circle are given SEE LA arrangements. Letter <<<>>>

·        In Maharashtra Circle, this issue was created by Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CEE Mumbai as then SEE LA Mumbai & Nagpur along with other EE LA & SDE LA were reverted quoting that there were irregularities while issuing LA orders by earlier CEEs.

·        In this game plan, Com.  Jhagaru Ram, SEE Mumbai, who is top most senior all Over India, was reverted as EE and his charge of SEE Mumbai was taken over directly by Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CEE Mumbai and since then for last one year Shri.  Soni is directly using financial powers of SEE Mumbai.

·        This issue was raised by SNEA MH and requested Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CEE Mumbai to fill up vacant posts of SEE Mumbai as well as SEE Nagpur by fresh LA orders.

·        After pressure from SNEA MH, then the willingness were called by Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CEE Mumbai to fill up vacant posts of SEE Mumbai and Nagpur.

·        Accordingly, some of eligible EEs have submitted willingness for SEE LA and it was expected that SEE LA orders would be issued as per the seniority. However, nothing was done even after receipt of sufficient number of willingness were received and matter was kept undecided by Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CEE Mumbai and he continued to hold charge of SEE Mumbai and was unwilling to handover it to anybody which he would have to handover to SEE Mumbai if SEE LA orders were issued.

·        SNEA MH has again pursued matter with Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CEE Mumbai and after repeated reminders, he has issued orders for SEE LA, but he further played game and has issued SEE LA orders without financial powers and compelled the concerned officers to refuse the SEE LA Orders and continued to keep charge of SEE LA Mumbai with him mainly all the financial powers unofficially/officially continued with Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CEE Mumbai.

·        Meantime, Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CEE Mumbai transferred Shri. S.B.Joshi, EE Kolhapur and he was assured to give SEE LA at Mumbai as he was eligible and has opted for SEE LA either at Mumbai or at Nagpur, but after his transfer to Mumbai, also he was never given SEE LA charge and he was used to settle local arrangements of EEs as per predefined plan of Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CEE Mumbai.

·        When SNEA MH again raised matter with Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CEE Mumbai for issuing SEE LA Orders as per seniority and willingness, he informed that Com. Jhagaru Ram & Com. S B Joshi both have refused to accept the SEE LA Orders. We have informed that both have submitted written willingness and how can he say that they have refused, he informed that earlier both were willing and now both are verbally not willing and hence he is not issuing orders. We requested for issuing orders and let them refuse in writing as we have confirmed from both that their willingness continued and have never refused as assumed by CEE Mumbai.

·        Thus Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CEE Mumbai continued to keep charge of SEE LA Mumbai with him by continued his childish rather extra intelligent game play to keep charge of SEE LA with him as many financial matters are under control of SEE Mumbai and he do not want to hand over his dealing to anybody else.  

·        SNEA MH has raised this issue in Formal meeting & some other meetings with CGMT MH and brought to his notice how Shri. Rajeev Soni is depriving the eligible EEs from taking over charge of SEE LA and how he is interested to deal with financial activities of SEE LA Mumbai.   

·        Then CGMT MH also has directed Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CEE Mumbai to take corrective action, but till Shri. Soni did not act and in extra intelligent idea, he sent proposal with wrong seniority and wrong data to GM HR Admn Mumbai for approval of SEE LA Mumbai/Nagpur, which was naturally rejected by GM HR/Admn Mumbai as it was with malafide intention and was continued to be without financial powers.

·        When this proposal was rejected/objected by GM HR Admn Mumbai, then matter was referred to Shri. Pravin Varshney CGM EW BSNL CO and it was decided that SEE LA orders would be issued BSNL CO centrally for filling all vacant post of SEEs all over India and since last 3-4 months again Shri. Soni continued with charge of SEE Mumbai.

·        Then willingness were called from all eligible EEs all over India as per the seniority list and many EEs have submitted willingness including Com. Jhagaru Ram, Com. S. B. Joshi have submitted willingness respectively for SEE Mumbai and SEE Guwahati.

·        Finally, the SEE LA orders are issued centrally by BSNL CO and these orders are as per the seniority, as per the willingness and with financial powers as being continuously pursued by SNEA MH and thus stand of SNEA MH is once again proved right.

·        Thus the unwanted issue created by Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CEE Mumbai by denying SEE LA Orders to eligible officers in Maharashtra Circle is finally settled giving justice concerned executives by continuous persuasion by SNEA MH over the period of one year and after final and firm intervention of Shri. Pravin Varsheny CGM EW BSNL CO New Delhi, and hopefully now Shri. Rajeev Soni will handover charge of SEE Mumbai to Com. Jhagaru Ram who was not allowed to function as SEE Mumbai even though he is the senior most EE all over India.

·        SNEA MH congratulates all the officers promoted as SEE LA and mainly Com. Jhagaru Ram, Com. S. B. Joshi after struggle of one year and conveys best wishes for new assignment.

·        We are hopeful that charge handing over and taking over will take place without creation of any further hurdles by Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CEE Mumbai as being done for last one-year period.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to Shri. Pravin Varshney CGM EW BSNL CO, Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH, Shri.  Aman Jaiswal GM HR Admn Mumbai for their timely intervention, support to the stand taken by SNEA MH for giving SEE LA promotions as per the seniority and mainly with financial powers to promoted SEE LA and thereby stopping game plan by Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CEE Mumbai to keep the charge of SEE LA officially as well as unofficially with him.      


SNEA MH wishes Happy Ganesh Chathurthi to one and all


12 SEP 18: Meeting with ShriArjun Ram Meghwal,  Hon Union Minister of State for Water Resources and Parliament Affairs Govt of India :  Com. G. L. Jogi, Chairman SNEA, Com. K. Sebastin GS SNEA, Com. A. A. Khan, President SNEA, Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, Com  Swapan Chakraworty, DyGS BSNLEU had  meeting with Shri.  Arjun Ram MeghwaljiHon Union Minister of State for Water Resources and Parliament Affairs Govt of India  at his residence at New Delhi on 08/09/2018 and  discussed the following issues.

1.     3rd PRC implementation.

2.     4G spectrum allotment to BSNL.

3.     Pension Contribution on actual basic pay.

4.     Pension Revision 

·        Hon Minister assured to speak to Shri Manoj Sinhaji Hon MoSC and arrange meeting with him at the earliest wherein he also will be personally present to have to depth discussions and solutions on these prominent issues of BSNL.

·        This is as per the assurance given by Hon Minister Shri. Arjun Ram Meghwalji as Chief Guest of Open Session in recently held Circle Conference of SNEA Rajasthan.

·        PHOTO <<<>>>


12 SEP 18: Meeting with Shri Anant Geeteji Hon Minister of Heavy Industries and DPE, Govt Of India: The delegation of SNEA CHQ consisting Com. G. L. Jogi, Chairman, Com Sebastin, GS SNEA CHQ, Com A. A. Khan, President SNEA CHQ, Com. P. P. Rao, AGS SNEA CHQ and Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH have meeting with Shri Anant Geeteji Hon Minister of Heavy Industries and DPE at his office at Udyog Bhavan, Delhi.

·        By keeping word given to SNEA in our recent meeting in Mumbai Hon Minister, Shri Geeteji has spared ample time for discussions on both the issues i.e. clarification on standard pay scales and removal of Affordability clause for grant of 3rd PRC to BSNL workforce.

·        On Standard pay scales Hon Minister has directed his PS Shri Patankar to speak to Secretary DPE to look into Standard pay scale clarification issue. 

·        He also directed his PS to arrange meeting of SNEA delegation with Secretary DPE. 

·        On 3rd PRC issue, he informed that he is aware about the issue and assured to take care of concern expressed by SNEA delegation. Hon Minister was kind enough to spare ample time form his busy schedule and discuss issues to depth and assured to look into both the issues positively.

·        PHOTOs <<<>>>


12 SEP 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued relieving orders of three SDEs including Com. M. K. Giri, EX DS SNEA Chandrapur on their request transfer to their choice/home Circle. Letter <<<>>> 


11 SEP 18: Short but sweet & Moral Boosting Interactive Session by SNEA Wardha: On way to Akola after attending GB Meetng at Chandrapur, on the third day of Vidarbha tour, SNEA leaders visited Wardha SSA and attended short but sweet interactive session with active comrades of SNEA Wardha.

·        On special request of Com. R. E. Satkar DS SNEA Wardha the SNEA leaders Com. Bharat Sonawne, CP SNEA MH, Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH  and Com. P. N. Patil, CT SNEA MH have visited Wardha SSA and attended special interactive session arranged at Hotel Stadium, Near Telephone Exchange, Wardha .

·        Though it was short notice interactive session, about all comrades of SNEA Wardha attended it and have direct interaction with all leaders along with breakfast. 

·        On behalf of SNEA Wardha Comrades, Com. Pravin Jaiswal ADS SNEA Wardha gave welcome to Com M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH, Com. V.I. Ajeeb gave welcome to Com Bharat Sonawne, CP SNEA MH and Com.Vikash Sheron gave welcome to Com. P. N. Patil, CT SNEA MH by presenting bouquet.

·        Com. A. J. Pathan DS BSNLEU Wardha and his team also has given warm welcome to Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH by presenting bouquet and have some discussions on BSNL growth related issues.

·        Com.R.E.Satkar, DS SNEA Wardha has conveyed sincere gratitude for these leaders for accepting his proposal to visit Wardha even though schedule was very busy and leaders have to attend District Conference of SNEA Akola.

·        Com. Anagaha Deshpande, Com.P.S. Fursule, Com. S. B. Nival, Com. S. N. Telehande, Com. S.B. Bansod, Com.V. B. Bute, Com. K.R. Gajjalwar, Com. R. C. Jaiswal, Com. D. V. Wakhare  & Com. H. K. Chauhan have taken active part in the discussions. Com. V. K. Dhore ,Com. A. D.Badhe & Com. R. P. Sathone have early hours discussion with leaders as later they have some pre assigned office meeting. 

·        During one and half hour interactive session in one to one discussions SNEA Wardha comrades have made various quires about left out SDE to AGM promotions, 3rd PRC, CPSU Hierarchy, pending Time bounds promotions, Pay parity of 2007-2008 batch, Rule-8 transfers & etc. All these quires were answered satisfactorily by the leaders.

·        PHOTOs <<<>>>


10 SEP 18:  AGM Pers II BSNL CO issued transfer orders of DEs wherein one request has been considered for posting to Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>> 


 10 SEP 18:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued reminder letter to concerned SSA Heads wherein APRs of 32  JTOs for JTO to SDE promotions from these SSAs are not received by Circle Office Mumbai. Letter <<<>>> 

·        It is unfortunate that even after repeated reminders; these APRs are not sent by the SSAs.

·        The need of hard copes arises as some of SSAs have not send assessment copes correctly and the grading n assessment sheet and APRs is mismatching and hence hard/soft copes of these APRs are urgently required for upgradation of SCR data.

·        The Screening Committee Report of Maharashtra Circle is pending for want of soft/hard copies of the APRs of these officers and hence all DS, COBs and activist are requested to see that missing APRs of these JTOs are sent to AGM Estt MH in hard as well as soft copies without any further delay.

·        For any doubt query about left out APRs, please contact Com. M. R. Sanap, AD HRD Mumbai Mob 9423987222 or Com. M. M. Apte, AGM Estt Mumbai Mob 9423986144 email or Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH Mob 9420685756 email


 8 SEP 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for four week field training of newly recruited JEs after completion of induction training at CTTC Nashik. Letter <<<>>> 


 8 SEP 18:  CAO FC Mumbai issued posting order within Maharashtra Circle in respect of JAOs promoted as AOs under left out cases and all there are posted where it is as it is basis notionally w.e.f. 29/06/2018. Letter <<<>>> 


 7 SEP 18:   AGM Pers II BSNL CO writes Circle /Unit Heads for sending current VC status and Screening Committee Report  of JTOs recruited up to Year 2008 and last date for submission of data is 20/09/2018.  Letter <<<>>> 

·        This data for Maharashtra Circle is ready as per assessment sheet given by SSAs and the work of its scrutiny by the members of Screening Committee is under process.

·        It is seen that till hard/soft copies of about 100 JTOs is not received by Estt section even though assessment grading have been received.

·        The hard/soft copies of APRs are required by screening committee for verification before finalizing Screening Committee Report.

·        As such all DS, COBs and activist are requested to see that missing APRs of these JTOs are sent to AGM Estt MH in hard as well as soft copies without any further delay.

·        For any doubt query about left out APRs, please contact Com. M. R. Sanap, AD HRD Mumbai Mob 9423987222 or Com. M. M. Apte, AGM Estt Mumbai Mob 9423986144 email or Com. Ankit Gangar JS HQ SNEA MH Mob 9420685756 email

·        At any cost we will have to send SCR and VCs of all these JTOs in coming week and efforts from all SNEA comrades are required to complete this task in time bound manner. 


 7 SEP 18:   AGM VA BSNL CO issued guidelines to Circle/Unit Heads for first stage advice in Vigilance/Disciplinary Proceedings.  Letter <<<>>> 


 7 SEP 18:  AGM SR BSNL CO issued FAQ on retention of Staff Quarters beyond permissible limit on different grounds and applicability of rent thereof.  Letter <<<>>> 


7 SEP 18:   AGM SE BSNL CO issued orders for preventive measures for timely payment of bills by contractors/suppliers/service providers  by introducing extra feature of online tracking of bills by capturing date of entry of Invoice in ERP system and making it mandatory for all.  Letter <<<>>> 


 7 SEP 18:   AGM VA BSNL CO endorsed the advice issued by CVC for initiating Disciplinary Proceedings and Criminal prosecution simultaneously wherever appropriate.  Letter <<<>>> 


 5 SEP 18:   AGM Estt IV BSNL CO issued guidelines for reservation for persons with Benchmark disabilities in direct recruitment of JTOs and JEs in BSNL and bifurcation under different PWD categories.  Letter <<<>>> 


 5 SEP 18:   DGM SEA BSNL CO issued Temporary transfer orders of JAOs under Rule 9 on Own Cost basis.  Letter <<<>>> 

·        This second order of JAO rule 9 transfers wherein 24 JAOs of Maharashtra Circle got temporary transfer their home/choice Circle.

·        SNEA MH congratulates all these JAOs on their transfer and conveys best wishes for new assignment at their home/Choice Circle.

·        The issue of JAO rule 9 transfers has been successfully given final shape by continuous persuasion by SNEA MH at different levels and 66 JAOs from Maharashtra Circle has got posting to home/Choice Circle.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai and Mrs. Ashwini Bhonge DGM FC Mumbai who have positively responded to request of SNEA MH for consideration of request of the JAOs in Maharashtra Circle in view of new recruitment which has resulted in getting choice posting to these JAOs.

·        Though orders are issued these 24 and earlier 42 JAOs transferred under Rule 9, GM Fin Mumbai has taken stand that all these JAOs will be relieved on joining of substitutes who will be joining trainings.

·        But meantime, it is understood that pick and choose relieving has been started and accordingly relieving order has been issued as per directives of GM Fin Mumbai for 3-4 JAOs.

·        SNEA MH has taken up matter with Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai to relieve all these JAOs under transfer from Maharashtra Circle from FC section Mumbai and let the IFAs/SSA Heads take decision on relieving of these JAOs case by case depending on need and urgency in their SSAs and requirement of JAO concerned.

·        But GM Fin Mumbai has informed that he is firm on his stand that all JAOs will be relieved on joining of new JAOs in MH Circle but there is request from BSNL Corporate Office to relieve JAOs under transfer to BSNL Corporate Office Delhi and hence he has directed to issue the relieving orders of only JAOs under transfer to Delhi.

·        We have informed him that relieving of all JAOs may be issued from FC section for all JAOs in single order as many of the IFAs can relieve JAOs and manage the works till joining of new JAOs, and objected for such pick and choose relieving creating unrest among the JAOs under transfer.

·        GM Finance Mumbai has assured to have review of the matter for relieving all JAOs in one order and he firmly informed he was never interested in such pick and choose relieving and has issued orders under compulsions from BSNL CO, but he will take care for future relieving.

·        It has been brought to notice of SNEA MH by some of JAOs that rumors are being spread that the Rule 9 transfers which will not be implemented by Maharashtra Circle will be cancelled.

·        SNEA MH appeals all these JAOs under transfer, not to believe on any such rumors, "Be Happy" that you have got early Rule 9 transfers and be assured that SNEA MH will take care of relieving of all JAOs one by one and within period 2-3 months.

·        Anyone having critical and urgent need of relieving, he/she may represent for early relieving along with supporting documents through proper channel and all such cases recommended by IFAs/SSA Heads, will be pursued for early relieving from Maharashtra Circle.


7 SEP 18:   DGM SEA BSNL CO issued transfer orders of AOs in which one AO from AP Circle is posted to Maharashtra Circle.  Letter <<<>>> 


5 SEP 18:   AGM Pers II BSNL CO issued transfer orders of DEs posted working at All India hard tenure Circles on completion of their tenure.  Letter <<<>>> 

·        In this order, the request of four DEs originally from Maharashtra has been given consideration and are now posted back to Maharashtra Circle.

·        As there are sufficient DEs posted in these tenure Circles, no substitute are posted against these officers and these DEs will be relieved immediately on completion of their tenure period. 


 4 SEP 18:  Delegation of SNEA MH meets Shri. Anant Geeteji, Hon. Union Cabinet Minister for Heavy Industries and DPE at Mumbai: SNEA Delegation led by Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS SNEA MH and consisting Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS NRU SNEA MH, Com. Sachin Kohadkar, DS SNEA Raigad, Com. Prashant Jadhav, DP SNEA Mumbai had meeting with Shri Anant Geeteji Hon'ble Union Cabinet Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprise, in his office at Vile Parle Mumbai on Sunday, 02/09/2018. 

·        We have discussed issuing clarification on grant of Standard Pay scales to Executives in BSNL as asked by DoT. We also requested him for his support in relaxing affordability clause for grant of 3rd PRC to BSNL staff and Officers.

·        Hon'ble Minister heard to all our issues patiently and assured to look into the both the issues. He assured us to meet is again in Delhi by coming week to have more detail discussions on these issues by getting latest updates from concerned officers at his office. The response from Hon Minister is very positive and supportive to BSNL and its workforce.

·        Photos <<<>>>   <<<>>>  <<<>>>  <<<>>>  <<<>>> 


 4 SEP 18: CS SNEA MH writes Reminder” letter to Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle about casual approach of his office by giving two line reply with two words meaning nothing done to the grievances of Nagpur Comrades and unrest thereof. Letter <<<>>>

·        SNEA Maharashtra vide letter dated 08/05/2018, has brought to notice of CGMT MH about unrest among the Nagpur Comrades due to harassment of officers and Staff at Nagpur by Mrs. Namrata Tiwari GMT Nagpur due to her prolonged stay of 24 years in Nagpur SSA and request for her transfer out of Nagpur SSA/ MH Circle and immediate withdrawal of additional charge of PGM Mobile. Copy of letter <<<>>>

·        But nothing has been done in this regards since then and after period of about four months Shri. R. C. Chavan, DGM Admn Mumbai gives two line” reply with “two words” meaning that “Nothing Done.” Copy of letter <<<>>>

·        Letter points out that this is nothing but indirect/direct attempt to close the complaints against Mrs. Tiwari by Joint Forum Nagpur/MH and SNEA Nagpur/MH vide different letters and allowing Mrs Tiwari to continue to harass the executives and non-executives of BSNL Nagpur,

·        Though it has been verbally informed by GM HR Admn Mumbai that report of the committee constituted for inquiry of allegations against  Mrs. Namrata Tiwari GMT Nagpur has been received by his office which has shown that none of allegation is by Joint Forum/SNEA Nagpur/MH has been proved in the report.

·        This report should have been made public or its copy should have been given to complainants but for reasons best known the said Committee report is not made public and kept confidential even after such request by SNEA MH thereby creating more doubts on the contents and authenticity of the said report.

·        In this fresh and reminder letter SNEA MH requests CGMT MH

1.              To take serious note of our complaint/s about hardship faced by executives/non-executives of BSNL at Nagpur due to long stay of 24 years of Mrs. Namrata Tiwari GMT Nagpur at single SSA and all the complaints pending in Circle office may be forwarded to BSNL CO.

2.              If it is interpreted by good office of CGMT MH that working in same city and Circle, but outside BSNL is counted as break in service and hence Mrs. Namrata Tiwari is not coming in long stay, then please apply same principle to all such cases and stay of executives in MTNL Mumbai may also be excluded in similar manner and this may be implemented as Rule in BSNL at least in Maharashtra Circle. 

3.              It is also requested to look into seven point request made by SNEA MH vide letter dated 08/05/2018 which are deliberately neglected in reply given by DGM Admn Mumbai.

4.              Please direct DGM Admn Mumbai not to close the case by giving such irrelevant reply and support Mrs. Namrata Tiwari GMT Nagpur directly/indirectly giving her free hand to continue to create troubles to executives/non executives at Nagpur and by such direct/indirect support to Mrs. Tiwari, Circle management should not wait for one or more suicides at BSNL Nagpur office and look into this serious issue for resolution to root cause. 

5.              Further, the report of Investigation Committee of Nagpur on which it has been concluded by DGM Admn Mumbai that concern of SNEA MH has been looked into should be made public or at least its copy may be please handed over to us so that same can be confirmed by Com Sameer Khare, DS SNEA Nagpur and DS of other Unions/Associations in Joint Forum Nagpur so that they also can understand where they were right or wrong in making such allegations/ compliant and where their concern has been taken care by the committee.


 2 SEP 18: Grand and highly attended District Conference of SNEA Gadchiroli: {Report by Com. Kishor Kapgate, DS SNEA Gadchiroli): As per notification issued by Com. Prithviraj Rangari DP SNEA Gadchiroli, District Conference of SNEA Gadchiroli  was conducted on 08/08/2018 at 1100 Hrs in  Gadchiroli Press Club, Gadchiroli.

The District Conference Proceedings were presided over by Com. Prithviraj Rangari DP SNEA Gadchiroli and was attended and addressed by the following prominent dignitaries by their auspicious presence.

1.     Com. M. A. Jiwane, TDM Gadchiroli & Chief Guest

2.     Com. Bharat SonawaneCircle President, SNEA  MH,

3.     Com. P. C. RamtekeCircle Vice President, SNEA  MH,

4.     Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary, SNEA  MH,

5.     Com. S. A. SarodeACS East, SNEA  MH,

6.     Com. Manish PandhareJoint Secretary Vidarbha, SNEA  MH,

7.     Com. H. R. Adhikari, DGM Gadchiroli.

8.     Com. C. R. Pantangrao, IFA Gadchiroli

9.     Com Kishore Kapgate, DS, SNEA, Gadchiroli

10.            Com. Sameer Khare,  DS SNEA Nagpur,

·        Com. V.G. Khiratkar, CEC SNEA Nagpur, Com. Santosh Surpatane, VP SNEA Nagpur, Com. P.P. RangariADS SNEA Nagpur,  Com. D.R. Borkar DS NFTE GadchiroliCom. Keshav Warade DS BSNLEU, Gadchiroli,  were among those the dignitaries present during the conference. 

·        District Conference started by lightning lamps in front of photos of  Mata Saraswati, & Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Bharatratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

·        All these dignitaries were given warm welcome by offering shawl, shrifal, & boutique by SNEA Gadchiroli comrades.

·        Com. Kishor Kapgate, DS SNEA Gadchiroli in his address gave warm welcome to the leaders of SNEA MH and presented his report of activities carried out during his period as District Secretary. He called to dynamic personality Com. M S Adasul as a creature of Gadchiroli. Com Kapgate stated that when he has joined Gadchiroli there were only 8-9 executives working and we were facing lot of hardships to meet high customer demand. Then when he met Com Adasul and expressed difficulties then only with his efforts Gadchiroli SSA was first declared as Circle Tenure SSA of Maharashtra Circle. After that, he has taken lot of pains for declaring Gadchiroli as All India Soft Tenure Station, which has benefitted a lot to the executives in Vidarbha Area to avoid transfers at faraway places. In one time in Gadchiroli, only single digit executives were working but after declaration of tenure now picture has changed and at present 52 executives are working here. For this, entire credit goes to Com. Adasul and SNEA Maharashtra. He informed that all the HR issues and development issues are being taken care by SNEA Maharashtra and nothing is pending as on date. He also demanded for taking up matter of Declaration of Gadchiroli as an All India Hard Tenure Station and restoration of facility of break in long stay of officer in Maharashtra Circle after completion of three years tenure at Gadchiroli being All India Soft tenure.

·        The following newly joined members were given warm welcome by officer bouquets by hands of different Circle leaders.

1.     Com. Nikhil Khobragade

2.     Com. Ankit Kumar

3.     Com. Shitanshu Raj

4.     Com. Ashish Walke

5.     Com. Shubham Pote

6.     Com. Vivek Kunal

7.     Com. Deepak Kumar

8.     Com. Chandan Kumar

9.     Com. Deepak Yadav

10.            Com. Siddik Mansuri

·        Com. Manish PandhareJoint Secretary Vidarbha, SNEA MH Circle while addressing the house appealed comrades to be more sensitive & vigilant towards the services of BSNL. He appreciated the work being done by Gadchiroli Comrades in giving their best to BSNL and its customers. In his speech, he applauds the work done by Com Adasul especially for the Gadchiroli area and he said Com Adasul has given special attention to Vidarbha area. He said Gadchiroli SSA should be given the status of Hard tenure SSA He also the applauds the  splendid work done by Shri Jiwane as a SSA head Gadchiroli by Completed the Swapping target of Nokia BTS in PH VIII.4 Project & also stood first position in revenue target amongst t in MH circle.

·        Com. C. R. Patangrao, IFA Gadchiroli in addressed house and shared how is posted to Gadchiroli and how he feels enlightened while working at Gadchiroli. He shared his experience while working in Kalyan, Circle Office and shared role played by SNEA in many of the crucial issues. He stressed for stronger unity of executives. He shared that there is acute shortage of JAOs in Gadchiroli SSA and requested dais to take up matter for posting of additional JAOs to Gadchiroli. He shared that he is working in harmony with TDM Gadchiroli and is ready for any support in overall growth of BSNL Gadchiroli. 

·        Com. S. A. Sarode, ACS East SNEA MH Circle appreciated the work of SNEA Gadchiroli and remembered the contribution of SNEA Gadchiroli in all activities of association , he also remembered the struggle and battle of Gadchiroli comrades in last injustice while relieving them from Gadchiroli. He congratulated Gadchiroli for their fighting spirit and justice thereof. He appreciated efforts taken by Gadchiroli SSA is growth and development issues. He narrated efforts taken by SNEA MH for resolution of HR issues of the executives in BSNL and assured to take care of left out issues. Being in neighboring SSA, Chandrapur, he is always ready for any support required by Gadchiroli Comrades. He shared history of struggles by Gadchiroli comrades and congratulated SNEA for adding more and more members to SNEA Family and rising as strongest unit of SNEA.

·        Com. P.C. Ramteke, VP SNEA MH in his address conveyed pleasure on such grand expansion of SNEA Gadchiroli. He shared his experience while formation of SNEA Gadchiroli branch where he was present as DP SNEA Yavatmal along with other leaders including Com. M S Adasul CS SNEA MH. When it was just branch of 7-8 executives, now it has crossed 50 and it is great to see such growth. He conveyed thanks to SNEA CHQ for giving him opportunity to work at Gadchiroli SSA, which is home District for him and assured to give his best to BSNL. He elaborated house about the efforts being taken by SNEA MH for resolution of issues of the executives in this tough period and when many of the officers are working in negative attitude and approach. SNEA is the only association which takes all issues related to common members and fights till desired results are achieved. He expressed that he feels proud for getting posting at Gadchiroli and assured to take best efforts for growth of BSNL Gadchiroli.    

·        Com. M.A. Jiwne, TDM Gadchiroli & Chief Guest in his motivating speech expressed great pleasure towards executives of Gadchiroli and working culture of Gadchiroli. He told in his speech that there are lot of things and lot of challenging jobs to do in Gadchiroli and he is very happy to see that all the executives as well as non executives in Gadchiroli are meeting it with all our efforts. He added as TDM Gadchiroli, he also is accepting all the challenging jobs and moving towards progressive mission of Gadchiroli with the help of all staffs of Gadchiroli. He welcomes all dignitaries and guests in Gadchiroli on behalf of BSNL Gadchiroli. He expressed overall satisfaction of availability of DE and JTOs and demanded for posting of some new SDEs in Gadchiroli, as now there is shortage of SDEs as compared to JTOs. He also shared his experience while working at Gadchiroli and achievements by the Gadchiroli SSA. He shared that whatever achievements are seen by the Gadchiroli SSA are due to devoted efforts of the executives working in BSNL and he has only role of guiding force. He informed to house he feels proud when Gadchiroli keeps its position at high in regards to achievement of targets. He expressed that due to efforts by team Gadchiroli the works of Phase VIII related to BSNL are to complete and Gadchiroli SSA is leading in this regards. He conveyed thanks to organizers for arranging such grand meeting and appealed all to join hands with full devotion for best and quality services to the customers of BSNL Gadchiroli.

·        Com. Bharat Sonwane, CP SNEA MH in his speech, filling great pleasure as it was his first visit to Gadchiroli. He shared in some memories of Gadchiroli in house which were shared by Pune Comrades who have served in Gadchiroli SSA before two years and they are now in Pune. He was in wonder that even after number of obstacles and after difficult conditions; the Gadchiroli SSA is in profit and on number one position in many segments. He also request CS to create one CEC post for Gadchiroli by using his special power so that Executives of Gadchiroli can have better representation in Circle Office Bearers. He conveyed thanks to DS SNEA Gadchiroli for arranging such grand meeting and giving him opportunity to be present in the District Conference. He assured all support to SNEA Gadchiroli Comrades in resolution of HR as well as development issues. He discussed different development issues and role of SNEA thereof. He stressed for more initiatives and active steps on part of management to increase BSNL customer base. He stressed for need of strongest unity on platform of SNEA as well as Joint Forum. He shared some of initiatives taken in Pune for growth and development of Pune SSA and how the efforts were being made for overcoming such issues. In conclusion, he conveyed best wishes for grand success of the GB meeting and thanks for giving him opportunity to be present in such grand meeting of SNEA Gadchiroli

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary SNEA MH Circle, in his address guided house on different HR/Development issues and its status thereof. He congratulated Com Kapgate for strengthen SNEA Gadchiroli and extending wholehearted support to the executives joining at Gadchiroli. He gave warm welcome to newly joined members in SNEA Family and assured for total support to them. He shared Gadchiroli SSA is representing many SSAs in MH Circle. He narrated the idea behind declaration of Gadchiroli as Circle Tenure, All India Soft tenure and how it has benefited to Executives in Maharashtra Circle as well as to BSNL. He congratulated Com. Jiwane TDM Gadchiroli for his extra ordinary support to the executives working in Gadchiroli and getting best output from all executives. He appreciated work culture of Gadchiroli SSA which makes it different from other SSAs and this work culture has kept Gadchiroli SSA at the Top positions of different achievement. He also shared that Gadchiroli SSA is always treated with due regards by Circle as it is doing best on each front. He shared that when SNEA Brach was opened at Gadchiroli it was branch of just 7-8 members and expressed proud feeling that it has now crossed membership of 50. The executive strength of Gadciroli SSA has been increased as the working lines and GSM connections increased. He shared experience of fight by SNEA Gadchiroli against non-relieving of executives even after completion of tenure and how this has been settled by SNEA in favor of executives. He reminded his last visits and last district conferences of Gadchiroli which were starts in late night rather midnight and even though all Comrades were present in full strength. He shared that till now there was no Circle level post in Gadchiroli SSA. Now with successful persuasion as per request given by Com. P.C Ramteke VP SNEA MH, he is posted in Gadchiroli SSA by cancellation of his transfer to NE Circle. He assured that Com. Ramteke will join Gadchiroli and now Gadchiroli also will also have one COB in its strength. Entire house welcome gave warm welcome to Com. P. C. Ramteke VP SNEA MH and DE Gadchiroli with loud claps. Com Adasul assured for one CEC post for Gadchiroli as demanded by CP SNEA MH as now Gadchiroli has crossed membership of 50. He appreciated all comrades working in Gadchiroli and specially Com. M. A. Jiwne TDM Gadchiroli about his working style and strong support to the executive work force. While addressing the newly joined JTOs, he informed that they have taken right decision to join BSNL and by getting posting in Gadchiroli, they are given opportunity to get tough training, which will be most useful for them throughout their life, and such wide and hard experience will make them strongest officers in BSNL. He narrated role of Joint Forum and need of strengthening activities of Joint Forum. He also assured in house for every possible help on platform of SNEA in all respect. He updated house on different HR issues being pursued by SNEA at Circle/CHQ level and status of the issues like Standard Pay scales, grant of 3rd PRC, competitive scenario in Telecom sector and position of BSNL, role of executives in strengthening BSNL, need of some more personalized efforts, issues related to growth and development of BSNL and assured to extend whole hearted support to BSNL Gadchiroli. He narrated the issues related to break in stay while working in Gadchiroli SSA as All India Soft tenure and assured that the facilities granted to Soft tenures mainly for counting break in stay and not considering names again for transfers to All India hard Tenure stations. He also assured to have more efforts for grant of All India hard tenure facilities for Executives working in Gadchiroli SSA. He expressed proud feeling about growth of BSNL as well as SNEA in Gadchiroli. In conclusion, of one and half hour motivating and heart touching address, he assured best efforts for resolution of pending HR issues at Circle and CHQ level. He conveyed thanks to Com Kapgate for arranging such beautiful and highly attended meeting and giving him opportunity to interact with the comrades of SNEA Gadchiroli.    

·        Thereafter in Question answer session all the queries raise by the members were replied by Com. M S Adasul CS SNEA MH. Com. Ashwin Jadhav raised the question of pay scale who have promoted from TTA to JTO. He demanded on behalf of all TTA to JTO promotes about least pay other than newly direct recruited JTOs, as per him even TTAs entered in company prior to JTOs , their qualification is also same , even though they are receiving less salary. Many SDEs asked about the circle break when they serving for three years in all India soft tenure station like Gadchiroli.

·        In Presidential address Com. P. P. Rangari, DP SNEA Gadchiroli summarized issues discussed in the conference and applied all to rise up to the occasion and give their best to BSNL. He assured that SNEA would continue to give its best to its esteemed members. He conveyed thanks to Shri. M  A Jiwane TDM Gadchiroli for his total support to executives and leading Gadchiroli from front. He conveyed thanks to SNEA MH leaders for their support to Gadchiroli comrades.

·        Thereafter the earlier District Body was dissolved in unanimous Elections the following District Body was elected for period of two years i.e. 2018-2020.

1.     Com. K. T. Kapgate                      -District President

2.     Com. N. N. Khune                        -Dist. Vice President

3.     Com. A. S. Kotkar                        -District Secretary

4.     Com. A. B. Dangore                     -Assistant District Secretary-I

5.     Com. V. J. Kamble                        -Assistant District Secretary-II

6.     Com. Shubham Pote                    -District Treasurer

7.     Com. L. W. Lodhi                          -Member

8.     Com. S. B. Gadiya                         -Member

9.     Com. N. S. Patil                             -Member

10.             Com. A. S. Kamble                        -Member

11.             Com Miss. M. K. Shrirame        -Member

·        Com. P. C. Ramteke, VP SNEA MH gave oath of alliance to newly elected District Office Bearers

·        The entire proceedings of the District Conference were nicely anchored by Com. Miss. Manjusha Shrirame JTO Gadchiroli in her special style.

·        Com. S.B. Gadia, DE Gadchiroli and active comrade of SNEA conveyed Vote of thanks

·        After meeting, delicious lunch was arranged for the dignitaries, invitees, and members of SNEA Gadchiroli. 

·        The District Conference lasted for more than four hours and concluded at 1500 hrs with National Anthem and slogans of BSNL Zindabad, SNEA Zindabad.

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1 SEP 18:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued all pending orders of Time Bound promotions which were kept on hold for long time. Works for issuing TBPs for which request have been received is also under process and orders will be issued shortly. Orders Ahmednagar  <<<>>>        Gadchiroli  <<<>>>         Kalyan  <<<>>>             Kolhapur  <<<>>>              Nagpur  <<<>>>               Nanded  <<<>>>              Pune  <<<>>>   Sindhudurg  <<<>>>            Solapur I  <<<>>>               Solapur II  <<<>>>          Wardha  <<<>>>  


1 SEP 18: DGM SEA BSNL CO issued left out AO promotions in which three comrades of Maharashtra Circle are promoted as AO. SNEA MH congratulates them and conveys best wishes on promotional assignment within Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>> 


1 SEP 18: AGM VA BSNL CO issued guidelines for first & second stage advice in Vigilance/Disciplinary cases Letter <<<>>> 


1 SEP 18: AGM Pers I BSNL CO calls for fresh and update data on date of joining of DGM level officers as data updated in ERP is not correct and last date for sending information is 10/09/2018. Letter <<<>>>  Annex <<<>>> 


1 SEP 18: GM M&S Mumbai writes SSA Heads on launch of “Operation Sangrahto reduce nonpayment closures and increase of landline /broad band connections Letter <<<>>> 


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