Last updated on   31 Jul 18   


31 JULY 18: SNEA MH Circle congratulates Com. R K Tupe, DGM Aurangabad Com. N.A.Khot DE Ulhasnagar, Com. M. I. A. Mujawar, SDE Sangli, Com. S. D. Mane SDE Sangli, Com Nilima Mahadik, SDE Pune, Com. P. V. Shenvi, SDE Goa, Com. M. A. Gooli, JTO Goa,   Com. Y. B. Phalak, JTO Pune, Com. B G Joshi, JTO Jalna and on their peaceful Superannuation/ Voluntary retirement from BSNL.

·        Com. R. K. Tupe, DGM Aurangabad {Mob 9422201746} joined DoT in 1983 as Junior Engineer in Mumbai and he has served in WTR Dhule for 7 years as JTO Microwave. Thereafter he served the Aurangabad area as JTO and on regular promotion as SDE, he has served in Pune SSA and was posted back to Aurangabad and has served Aurangabad SSA as SDE, DE & DGM and has rendered his devoted services to BSNL.Com. R K Tupe is very active Member of SNEA since beginning and has successfully rendered his services to SNEA comrades as President SNEA Aurangabad for two terms and his role was highly appreciated by Aurangabad Comrades. He is known for his soft-spoken skills and hardworking and has always played important role in overall SNEA activities and strengthening of SNEA at Aurangabad.

·        Com. N. A. Khot DE Ulhasnagar {Mob 9423990991} joined in DoT as a Junior Engineer in 1983 at Kalyan Division and worked at Ulhasnagar & Bhiwandi areas of Kalyan SSA as JTO and on promotion as SDE at Murbad up to 2000. Thereafter he was promoted as SDE in 2000 & worked as SDE Murbad. He also has rendered services as SDE in Buldhana, Raigad SSA and also at all India hard tenure station Mizoram. After completion of tenure in 2014, he is posted back to Kalyan SSA and until last date of retirement, he was working as Divisional Engineer, Ulhasnagar with full devotion and dedication. In the recent promotion orders issued by efforts of SNEA, Com Khot is one of the lucky officers promoted as DE Regular just before retirement and is now respectfully retiring as DE Regular.  Com. N. A. Khot has served DOT & BSNL with unmatched dedication & devotion & is very well known for his humble, helping & friendly nature. Com. N.A.Khot was known for his very active and dynamic role in office works and as active leader of SNEA Kalyan. He has rendered his services to SNEA comrades as President SNEA Ulhasnagar branch with same dedication & devotion alongside his official duties and has always taken active part on all activities on the platform of SNEA. He has always taken active part in each and event, activity of SNEA and has played important role in strengthening SNEA wherever he has served.

·        Com. Mohd. Iqbal Abbas Mujawar SDE Sangli {Mob 9423992894} joined in P&T Dept in 1982 and was posted as Technician at Sangli and has served in Pune and contributed in installation works. On further promotion as AE, he served for auto installation at Kolhapur and has contributed his best. As Transmission Assistant at Sangli, he has played active role in installation of carrier system for group dialing and its maintenance. On his promotion as JTO, he was posted at Goa SSA and here he has worked for installation of exchanges. On his transfer to QA Circle, he carried out technical evaluation for Power Plant/Scratch cards/Patch Panel antennas etc. On transfer back to MH Circle, he was posted in EB (Platinum) as AD CRM. On the day of his voluntary retirement, he is working as SDE OFC and will be completing 36 years of service. He was active member of SNEA and has always participated in overall activities of SNEA.

·         Com Shamrao Dhayappa Mane SDE Sangli, {Mob 9422407200} joined DoT as Operator in 1979 at Ichalkaranji of Kolhapur SSA. In 1981, he was transferred to Sangli trunk exchange on further promotion as JTO in 2003 he served as JTO in Sangli SSA as well as Goa SSA. Com Shamrao Mane is very loyal member of SNEA and has always participated in all organisational activates at Sangli. He is known for his soft-spoken skills and always-helping nature of comrades. On his retirement, he is completing 37 years of services in DoT /BSNL.  

·         Com Nilima Mahadik SDE Pune, {Mob} joined as operator in 1978 and got promoted to JTO in 2000 in Pune, she has served in many different sections in the SSA in urban as well as rural areas. Further she got transferred to Raigad there also she has performed her duties with complete dedication and also Com Nilima Mahadik has always been on the front in participating in all organisational and agitational activities of SNEA.

·        Com. Pandurang V. Shenvi SDE Goa {Mob 9423885688} Joined Dept as a technician in year 1981 and worked as a technician in Installation and Auto &Trunk until 1996. In 1996 he was promoted as TTA and served in Transmission section and switch maintenance. Further, he was promoted as JTO in year 2001 and since then he has been working in Panjim TAX and until today he has handled the TAX successfully. In recent JTO to SDE promotions, he was promoted to SDE just one month prior to his retirement and will be retiring as SDE TAX Goa. Com. Pandurang V. Shenvi is a loyal member of SNEA. Today on completion of 37 years of services, he is retiring on superannuation of his long and devoted services in DoT & BSNL.

·         Com. Mahadev A. Gooli SDE Goa {Mob 9423885612} joined DoT as a Technician in year 1982 and worked until 1998 and then got promoted as TTA in 1998; he served as a JTO Offg since 2004 and got promoted as regular JTO in 2016. As a JTO O/D, he had discharged his duty very efficiently in South Goa area. Com. Gooli is very hardworking officer and due to his helpful nature he maintained a very cordial relationship with all also he is a loyal member of SNEA Goa. Today on completion of 36 years of services, he is retiring on superannuation of his long and devoted service in DoT and BSNL.

·         Com. Y. B. Phalak, SDE Pune {Mob} Joined in 1982 as technician and got promoted to JTO in 2003 in Pune. Com Y. B. Phalak has a good experience and expertise in OCB exchange. Further, he was transferred to Gadchiroli and then back to Pune, he is our active member of SNEA Pune.

·        Com. B. G. Joshi SDE Jalna {Mob 9423157350} joined DoT in July 1982 as Technician and has rendered services in installation/Mtce of different exchanges in Jalna SSA including crossbar, C-DoT, Outdoor Plant. Further, he worked in Land acquisition section and successfully pursued those lands for Departmental building exchanges. He has rendered services at Ambad, CSC Jalna and has given his best service to rural & urban customers. By looking over his dedication, participation in various tasks for development of BSNL he was awarded as “Sanchar Sarathi” award in year 2004-05. He has served at Jalna and Aurangabad SSA also. The rare coincidence with him is that his month of joining and retirement is the same. During his entire service, he worked almost in all the sections and proved his ability. Com. B G Joshi whole-heartedly worked & participated in association activities and actively participated in various SNEA Association activities; he has good anchoring command and performs in various organizational programs and ceremonies.

On this important day of the life of these Comrades retiring in this month SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com. R K Tupe, Com. N.A.Khot, Com. M. I. A. Mujawar, Com. S. D. Mane, Com Nilima Mahadik, Com. P. V. Shenvi, Com. M. A. Gooli, Com. Y. B. Phalak, Com. B G Joshi, towards BSNL & SNEA and on behalf of thousands of comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle we wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.


 30 Jul 18:  AGM Pers II BSNL CO New Delhi calls for stay particulars of SDEs/DE for posting substitute for considering requests from SDEs/DEs on completion of two years Hard Tenure at All India Hard tenure Stations. Letter <<<>>>

·        Stay Particulars of only 25 SDEs and 25 DEs, who are having longest stay in the Circle is to be sent to Personal Cell BSNL CO.

·        The data is called only from male candidates with age less than 55 years as on 31/03/2019 and not 2018.

·        The data of female candidates is to be excluded from the list because as the transfer policy posting to tenure stations for female executives in optional.

·        Stay is to be counted from entry in JTO Cadre by the said executive.

·        The data of working period at tenure/Soft tenure if any is to be included in the report. 

·        These names will be used for posting substitute to all India Soft Tenure Stations. 

·        The last date for submission of long stay list by Circles is 03/08/2018.


 30 Jul 18: CS SNEA MH writes to Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle requesting for intervention in on-going conflict between office of the GM HR/Admn Mumbai and office of GM Vigilance Mumbai to stop undue delay in issuing posting orders within Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>

·        It is seen that due to wrong interpretation of need of VC status for issuing posting orders on promotions within Maharashtra Circle and its responsibility each and every posting order is delayed by some days, and we all have beared with it as normal delay.

·        But, this time, while issuing posting order of 11 SDEs promoted as DE on 20/07/2018, matter is stretched further and Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR Admn Mumbai and his team is insisting for getting VCs Status in clear words as “Clear” or “Withheld” that also in prescribed format and Shri. J. B. Chavan, GM Vigilance Mumbai and his team is of the opinion that there is no need of fresh VCs when VCs once granted for holding DPCs at BSNL CO and when VC is issued it is not issued in format.

·        This dispute was seen earlier and any how both offices have reached so consensus and posting orders were issued, but this time matter has been stretched by both offices and matter is struck off and even though order is ready, same is not issued for last ten days due to this conflict

·        SNEA MH calls for intervention of Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle to resolve the conflict and make permanent arrangements to avoid such unwanted delay and make it routine procedure.

·        Let us hope with intervention of CGMT MH this “Football Match on VC Clearance” played without any break for last ten days between Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR Admn Mumbai and his team and Shri. J. B. Chavan, GM Vigilance Mumbai and his team is over and orders of posting of 11 newly promoted DEs is issued without any further delay with permanent solution for such unwanted conflict at such senior and matured levels.


 30 Jul 18: Updates on the creation PER Number for newly appointed JTOs: SNEA MH has received queries from some newly recruited JTOs, about the creation of PERN and their salary disbursement after their appointment as JTOs. In this regards, it is to inform that from this month, onwards the procedure for creation and allotment of PERN is changed, and now PERN is being allotted centrally from BSNL CO. The work of updating data of these JTOs is completed and PERN will be created shortly. The work has been held up as Pay Role has been locked for running salary of Jul 2018. As such, PERN Creation will be completed within next 3-4 days and accordingly salary of all these TOs will be credited shortly. Still any one has any doubt or query about it, he/she may contact to DS SNEA concerned or to Com Ankit Gangar JS HQ SNEA MH by email or on Mob 9420685756.


 30 Jul 18: Forwarding of Rule 9 request application of JAOs for QE Jul 2018: The rule 9 request of AOs received by FC section Mumbai are being consolidated for forwarding it to BSNL CO.

·        All the requests received through Proper Channel by FC section by end of QE Jul 2018 will be forwarded to BSNL CO.

·        As per the guidelines issued by BSNL CO on Rule 9 transfers and procedure defined by SEA section BSNL CO, the application for Rule 9 transfers are to be forwarded by Circles on quarterly basis.

·        As such, if till anybody in need of Rule 9 Temporary Transfer and has not submitted his request , he/she may send it through proper channel in prescribed format by email on as early as possible may be before 05/08/2018 so that same can be included in the list of Rule 9 requests by QE Jul 2018.

·        Otherwise, such request not received in this quarter, will be forwarded after three months by end Oct 2018.

·        Please note that the Rue 9 transfer is only temporary Transfer and for needy JAOs and not for all and Rule 9 request in mass may affect the genuine request of needy JAOs. Further for getting permanent transfer to choice Circle under Rule 8, concerned JAOs has to complete five years stay in the working Circle and such period of Deputation of Rule 9 is excluded while counting of stay in working Circle.

·        SNEA MH appeals all JAOs concerned, to apply for Rule 9 transfer only if he/she is need of transfer on genuine grounds and complete there five years stay if he/she wants transfer to his/her choice/home Circle under rule 8. 

·        For an additional information queries about Rule 9 transfers cum Temporary deputation, the concerned JAOs  may contact DS SNEA concerned or Com Hrushikesh Kesale JS AF SNEA MH b email or on Mob 9422882888. 


 30 Jul 18:  CEE Mumbai issued posting order of SDE Electrical on joining of two SDEEs in Maharashtra Circle with certain rearrangement of two incumbents. Letter <<<>>>


 30 Jul 18:  On query by DGM HR Mumbai, BSNL CO clarified, that married son is eligible for CGA appointment if he fulfills all other eligibility conditions. Letter <<<>>>


30 Jul 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai writes SSA/BA Heads calling for requirement of JTOs for maintenance and provision of leased circuits and information is to be submitted by 03/08/2018. Letter <<<>>>


 30 Jul 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting order of SDE joining Maharashtra Circle on request transfer and his request for posting to Wardha SSA is given consideration. Letter <<<>>>


 30 Jul 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting order of SDE Vigilance Solapur. Letter <<<>>>


 30 Jul 18:  AGM Pers II BSNL issued directions to Circle Heads to settle the minor grievances in recent promotion orders at Circle level with its intimation to Peers Cell BSNL CO and this clarification will settle some pending issues. Letter <<<>>>


 30 Jul 18:  CAO CSC Mumbai writes SSA/Unit Heads for reasons causing delay of Temporary Advances and ask for compliance of directions issued on the subject matter. Letter <<<>>>


 30  Jul 18: CAO FC Mumbai writes concerned SSA Heads for sending VCs of the Executives for their TBP E3 to E4. Letter <<<>>>


 30 Jul 18:  Pension Adalat for DoT and BSNL Retirees will be held at Conference Hall, , First Floor, Telephone Bhavan, Bajirao Road, Pune on 19/08/2018. Notice <<<>>>


27 Jul 18: Photos of Relay hunger strike Day III <<<>>>


27 Jul 18: CS SNEA MH writes to Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle registering protest against over delay of six month in issuing minutes of the Formal meeting held on 19/01/2018, and for totally causal, careless & irresponsible act of the management in issuing the minutes of formal meeting with recognised association, and request for issuing revised factual minutes as per the discussions held in the said meeting. Letter <<<>>>      

·        Agenda of HR issues of Telecom wing   <<<>>>   

·        Agenda of HR issues of Finance wing  <<<>>>

·        Agenda of HR issues of Civil wing    <<<>>>

·        Agenda of HR issues of Electrical wing  <<<>>>

·        Agenda of Development issues <<<>>>

·        Notice for formal meeting by DGM Admn Mumbai <<<>>>

·        DGM Admn on fixing date of formal meeting without consulting SNEA   <<<>>>

·        Minutes issued by CEE Mumbai <<<>>>

·        Point wise justification submitted by SNEA MH   <<<>>>

·        Partial , biased &  over delayed  Minutes issued by DGM HR Mumbai   <<<>>>


27 Jul 18:  AGM Estt Mumbai writes Vertical/Unit  Heads in Circle Office Mumbai calling for VCRs and related information for TBP in respect of Executives who are due for TBP by June 2018 and last date for submission of the 13/08/2018 and here also caste validity has been linked with the TBP up gradation. Order   <<<>>>


27 Jul 18:  AGM Estt Mumbai writes SSA Heads calling for VCRs and related information for TBP in respect of Executives who are due for TBP by June 2018 and last date for submission of the 13/08/2018. Order   <<<>>>

·        In strange attempt and biased attitude, the officers in HR Section have added one more clause by dragging DoPT guidelines in TBP and now caste validity certificate has been made mandatory for TBP promotions of executives in SC, ST and OBC category.

·        This letter with additional clause of compulsion of caste validity certificate is nothing but directions to the SSA Heads to exclude all the names of the executives from SC, ST and OBC category from the Time Bound non-Functional promotions and deliberate attempt to harass them.

·        It may be fact that many of the officers have Caste Validity Certificate, but why they should submit it for TBP upgradation and how it can be made mandatory only by Maharashtra Circle and not even in non-recruiting units of Maharashtra Circle and forget about other Circles.

·        Certain officers in HR sections have become more proactive in harassing executives by applying such extra mind and these are deliberate attempts to deny the TBP for the executives in Reserved Category and hence highly objectionable.

·        When BSNL CO is officering Regular promotions without going to much detail of caste validity of the executives, these so called intelligent officers are deliberately harassing the executives in reserved category just for TBP upgradation, which is mandatory as per directives of court as per absorption conditions of executives. When caste validity is not made mandatory for Regular promotions even in recent promotion orders issued just before few days how it can be made mandatory for functional promotions, but such wise approach cannot be expected from biased officers.

·        These DoPT guidelines are issued in Year 2005 and have been never linked for TBP till today and all of sudden after 18 years period these officers with biased attitude towards reserved category have linked these DoPT guidelines with the Non-functional TBP promotions and are making attempt to deny the promotions to executives under reserved category.

·        These dirty minds never applied their intelligence for any of the senior officer promoted under regular promotion/Functional or Time bound on functional promotion in this manner but it is being applied only for middle level executives and if this game plan is not stopped it will be shortly applied for non-executives of reserved category for denying their right of TBP under NEPP.

·        It is fact that many of the officers have not even applied for caste validity as it was never mandatory but by relating the some fake compliant against certain officers, now each and every officer of reserved category is being compelled for caste validity certificate even for TBP upgradation and indirect/direct attempts are made to stop the TBP upgradation of executives in Reserved category.

·        Now someone thinks for applying for getting caste validity, then as per present practices it will take about 2-3 years for getting caste validity by collecting relevant documents. Hence TBP of these officers will be kept on hold till date and many of them may retire and if this approach continues then these officers will dare to stop pension of the executives and non-executives in reserved category for want of caste validity and it will be more hazardous and dangerous of each and every officers under  reserved category who has not applied for caste validity till today and unfortunately this will be applicable only in Maharashtra Circle due to biased approach of these officers towards executives in reserved category.  

·        This funda of caste validity is not applied in any of the Circle in BSNL including BSNL Corporate Office, but you just cannot stop dirty mind games working by relating such guiltiness when someone has intention to harass executives of reserved category due to their approach towards the executives in reserved category. 

·        It does not mean that SNEA supports the officers with fake caste certificates, but in natural justice everybody has to be given opportunity to put his side and such one sided actions harassing executives in mass cannot be tolerated.  The action against officers with fake caste certificate may be taken in due course of time and if it is found that caste of any of the officer is fake, then management is free to take final action, but such action by creating doubts and stopping the genuine TBP upgradation is nothing but prejudice mind approach against officers of reserved category and hence highly objectionable.

·        There are many other guidelines on many other subject but these officers keeps their eyes closed on such guidelines or maintains blind approach, but when it is matter of poor executives in BSNL , then they are working by applying their extra ordinary mind and linking old letters with routine issues like TBP.   

·         SNEA MH will take up matter with all concerned and see that the linking of caste with TBP should be immediately withdrawn and action of implementation DoPT guidelines may be taken by giving sufficient time to all the officers in reserved category that to be only if BSNL Corporate office makes it compulsory for TBP and not as per wish and will of the officers working in HR section.     


27 Jul 18:  AGM Pers Policy BSNL CO ND issued orders for restoration of the additional increment granted on post-based promotions in same scale. Order   <<<>>>

·        Earlier this was withdrawn by DoT and said order was endorsed by BSNL and t has affected many of the comrades serving in the BSNL and many retired comrades have faced difficulties due to withdrawal of such increment granted by CCA while granting pensioner benefits.

·        Hence, some of affected comrades have approached Hon. CAT Mumbai on their own and some directions are issued to CCA Mumbai, but same directions are also not followed by CCA and everybody was/is facing trouble due to withdrawal of additional increment in same scale.

·        SNEA also approached the court of law and now this additional increment on functional promotion in same scale has been restored as per the directives of Hon Court and all affected comrades now feels relaxed and happy as they have won the fight against deliberate injustice by certain officer’s in DoT.

·        As per this order pay and pension of all officers will be regularized by restoration/granting additional increment for officers who got regular promotion n same scale.


26 Jul 18: Photos of Relay hunger strike Day II <<<>>>


 26 Jul 18:  Mrs. Sujata T Ray, Director HR BSNL Board conveys message to all executives in BSNL about further promotions for all eligible executives before implementation of CPSUCH and appeals for solitary from all Executive Associations in BSNL to bring BSNL as company in forefront of  Telecom Industry.  Letter   <<<>>>

·        Message of Director HR BSNL Board assures for meeting the demand of the parity in promotions of all disciplines and cadres in BSNL as demanded by SNEA CHQ.

·        This letters not only speaks about the action of management to fill up all the vacant post but it also speaks about exploring all possibilities for promotions wherever possible to boos moral of executives in BSNL to take higher responsibility.

·        Director HR appeals to accept the working with lesser no of layers and improved coordination for better services to BSNL customers.

·        Letter also speaks about the implementation of CPSUCH, but date of implementation is not mentioned and it makes clear that all possible promotions through proposed DPCs will be completed before implementation of CPSUCH and then the orders for implementation of CPSUCH will be issued and CPSUCH will be implemented for all further promotions in BSNL.

·        As such more promotions are expected through DPCs before implementation of CPSUCH and whatever may be the method of promotion may it be DPC or CPSUCH, every executive in BSNL who has not got promotion in recent past will get promotion very shortly.

·        As such concerned officers, who have not received any promotion in recent past from any cadre from ranging from JTO to DGM in all wings should be ready for promotion as assured by Director HR and should see that his/her all relevant APRs are ready in all respect, there is no adverse entry in APR and information called by BSNL CO and Circle office Mumbai in respect of these promotions is kept ready at SSA and also sent well in time to Circle office Mumbai.   


 26 Jul 18:  AGM M&S CM Mumbai writes about launching of 4G services in Bhandara SSA and promotional offer for 90 days.  Letter   <<<>>>


 25 Jul 18:  AGM Admn Mumbai writes SSA Heads for sending service books of the official and officers who have completed 18 years of service and who are left with less than five years of service  to respective CCA office for service verification  Letter    <<<>>>


 25 Jul 18:  After CGMT MH, GM Fin Mumbai , now DGM CSC Mumbai by quoting BSNL CO letter writes IFAs for timely payments of contractors suppliers/service providers  Letter    <<<>>>

·        Though this is unsigned letter, but as it is uploaded on MH intranet and matter of disciplinary action and entry in APRs is quoted in it and hence it has serious importance.

·        DGM CSC now calls for compliance in format and reasons for inordinate delay and directs IFAs to investigate the cases and initiate disciplinary cases against erring officials and for making entry in APR. 

·        It’s very nice to see that everybody from CMD, CGMT, GM Fin to DGM CSC are now concerned about the delayed payments and hopefully all will respond it positively.

·        It is quite possible to monitor the pending bills from Circle Office on day to day basis and at least bills pending for more than months can be done centrally from circle office by CSC Mumbai but nothing has been done in this regards and unfortunately all such letters are creating picture that SSA Heads/IFAs and their teams are deliberately delaying the payments of contractors suppliers/service providers which is not fare and real solution of this problems accessed by different officers from CMD to DGM CSC Mumbai.

·        Further the officers responsible for arranging the funds for payments will make such arrangements for timely payments of all request received by CSC Mumbai under DGM CSC Mumbai else similar action needs to be initiated against erring officers who are not arranging funds for payment of contractor/suppliers/service providers.

·        Otherwise it will be one way process and it will defeat the very purpose of series of such letters being issued by different officers for timely payment of the contractor/ suppliers/service providers.


 25 Jul 18: By quoting vigilance section instructions, GM Fin Mumbai writes IFAs in Maharashtra Circle for personal verification of pendency of bills of contractors suppliers/service providers at SSA levels and settlement of payments within months period  Letter    <<<>>>

·        With all such letters we all should understand seriousness in delayed payments of contractors suppliers/service providers and act accordingly.

·        We are very happy to see that since last one month every senior officer is worried about contractor payments and letters after letters are being written to SSA Heads as if all the officers including SSA Heads they never bothered for payments of contractor/suppliers/service providers and each and every officer is delaying payment of contractor/suppliers/service providers.

·        Fact is that the bills are delayed for non-submission of correct documents, slow speed of ERP, complicated process to be adopted in ERP for payments, lack of guidance of payments from Circle office, awareness about use of ERP & its steps for processing payments among all the officers, non-availability of funds, unwanted remarks by certain officers for want of favor from contractors and mainly duplication of process of bills payments i.e. physically through files and again through ERP.

·        But no one seems to be worried about the streamlining entire process and making it fast payments as desired by all these officers and everybody is running ahead just in completing formalities by writing letters to SSA Heads/IFAs and we are sure nothing will happen expect the concerned SSA Head/IFAs will endorse these letters up to JTO/JAO level, but there will not be change in conditions as expected in such letters and hence realistic view is required from these officers in assuring the system which completes the process in time bound manner and there is serious monitoring of the pending bills centrally and not on pick and choose bass payment of bills as per wish and will of officers and approach of contractor to the higher officers.

·        After all not only officers in SSA, but officers in Circle office also should understand that contractor/supplier/service provider are part of BSNL day to day activities.

·        Let us hope the entire process of delayed payments will be restored and improved as expected in such letters. 


 25 Jul 18:  AGM Pers- I BSNL CO ND cancelled the DE Regular promotion order in respect of the four officers who are junior and were promoted wrongly. Letter    <<<>>>


 25 Jul 18:  DGM SEA BSNL CO ND calls for information for conduction of DPC from CAO to DGM promotions in Finance wing Letter    <<<>>>

·        The CAOs who have completed three years of Regular service as on 01/08/2018 will be considered for DGM promotions.

·        DPC will be conducted in time bound manner and hence APRs of these CAOs from 2011-13 to 2016-17 along with relevant information in prescribed format is to be sent at the earliest.

·        This will be good step to fill up number of vacant post of DGMs in Finance wing as on today Maharashtra Circle is facing shortage of DGMs.  


 24 Jul 18: Photos of Relay hunger strike Day I <<<>>>


 24 Jul 18:  Updated data for SDE/DE/DGM Promotions by MH Circle:

A.  JTO SDE Promotions: The AIEL cum CGL list published on MH Intranet by Estt Section in last week has so many mistakes mainly working SSA of many of the JTOs is incorrect as wrong file was uploaded. The work of updating data and many updating correct year of Recruitment as per the guidelines issued by BSNL CO s under process. The fresh and updated list with covering letter will be published within day or two. The work of the finalisation of Screening Committee Report with numeric APR Gradating is also under process and till APR grading of any of JTOs is left out same may be please sent to AGM Estt Mumbai without Further delay so that Screening Committee Report and AIEL of all JTOs in Maharashtra Circle can be finalized in this week itself.

B.    SDE to DE Promotions: The work of Screening committee Report for all SDEs in reserved category of Seniority lists has been already sent to BSNL CO and work of Screening Committee Report in respect of all SDEs OC Category in Seniority list no 8 is under process and Screening Committee Report in under process and will be finalized n this week. Unfortunately, till APRs details of some of SDEs are missing and its details will be intimated, but mean time all SDEs in list no 8 may confirm availability of their APRs and same are sent by concerned SSA to AGM Estt Mumbai at the earliest. Already BSNL CO has given instructions to keep this data ready as it may be asked by DPC Cell BSNL CO at any short notice.

C.   DE to DGM Promotions: The work of updating missing data of date of joining as Adhoc DE and as Regular DE is in progress along with consolidated of the data of missing APRs. The missing APRs of some of DEs have been received and till some are yet to send. This updated data will be required at the earliest as the DGM promotions are also expected very shortly.

All DS/COBs and concerned officers may take note of it and act accordingly by sending required information without any further delay.       


 24 Jul 18:  DGM Admn Mumbai clarifies that 12% compulsory discount on medical bills and purchase of medicine from M/S Apollo or similar networks/shops offering minimum 12% discount is applicable only for outdoor medical treatment and not for indoor medical treatment. Letter <<<>>>


 24 Jul 18: Jt GM Pers BSNL CO ND issued orders considering own cost request transfer of DGMs from different Circle wherein three request for MH Circle are given consideration.   Order   <<<>>>


 24 Jul 18: AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting order of two left out SDEs promoted as AGM/DE Regular as per the recent orders from BSNL Corporate office. Order I   <<<>>>  Order II   <<<>>>

·        Promotion order of both these DEs was issued before last week, but posting within MH Circle was delayed due to dispute between the officers in Vigilance Cell and officers in Staff Section.

·        When the VCs can be checked online by officers in HR section there is no need of fresh VCs from Vigilance section, but GM HR/Admn Mumbai and his team is point out at the note in promotion order for fresh VC and GM Vig Mumbai says no fresh VC is required and this dispute is arising on each and every promotion order.  

·        We have confirmed from BSNL CO also and it has been informed that fresh VCs means there should not be any case pending against officer after issuing promotion orders or last date of VC granted for DPC for promotion and officers in Staff Section insists for fresh VCs that to be in prescribed format from Vigilance Cell and for that Vigilance Cell has reluctance with stand that there is no need of fresh VCs as VC is already granted to DPC.

·        But here everybody is taking self-guard approach by interpreting rules as per their wish and thus delay of fortnight happens even after intervention of GM HR/Admn Mumbai and GM Vigilance Mumbai but sufferers are the officers concerned.

·        SNEA MH will take up matter for streamlining the procedure and to see that the posting orders within MH does not take such abnormal time of fortnight just for want of VCs.


 24 Jul 18: List of BSNL empanelled Hospital in Mumbai   <<<>>>


 24 Jul 18: By quoting earlier letters issued by CVC, CVO BSNL, CMD BSNL,  CGMT MH Circle issued binding directions  to BA/SSA/Unit Heads for preventive measures for timely payments of contractors/suppliers/ service providers with warning that in case of failure to make compliance the responsibility will be fixed within weeks period.    Letter   <<<>>>


23 Jul 18: Three Days Relay hunger strike by AUAB on 24th, 25th & 26th July, 2018.


1. Implementation of 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees.

2. Allot 4G spectrum to BSNL.

3. Implementation of Govt Rules on payment of Pension Contribution by BSNL. 

All DSs, Office bearers at all levels and activists are requested to organize the relay hunger strike in co-ordination with AUAB and make it a grand success


 23 Jul 18: CS SNEA MH writes to Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai on biased approach of his office in dealing with the request of immunity by DS SNEA and DS ABSNLEA and action on complaints thereof and malafide actions by some of officers in Staff section under his control and demands for natural justice and equal treatment for all from HR Head of Maharashtra Circle.

·        Letter  by SNEA MH <<<>>>      

·        Letter on name of DS BEA Nanded   <<<>>>   

·        Letter by AGM Admn Nanded to AGM Staff Mumbai  <<<>>>

·        Letter by AGM Admn Nanded to CS SNEA MH   <<<>>>

·        Letter by DS SNEA Nanded  <<<>>>

·        Letter by AGM Staff Mumbai  <<<>>>

·        Letter by  DS SNEA Amravati I  <<<>>>

·        Letter by DS SNEA Amravati II  <<<>>>

·        Letter points out the deliberate attempts on part of certain officers who are working as “Supari Killers” in underworld meaning that contract killers and dares to de-recognize the duly elected District body of SNEA Nanded compelling DS SNEA Nanded to join as DE Buldhana by keeping on hold his request for grant of immunity as DS SNEA Nanded for period of more than three months and takes undue steps for retention of DS AIBSNLEA Amravati after his relieving through ERP and its implementation by SSA Head.

·        It seems that certain officers have taken contract to de-recognize the duly approved District Body of SNEA Nanded and denying the right of DS SNEA Nanded for grant of immunity and in similar way contract seems to be signed to approve the illegal claim for grant of immunity by DS AIBSNLEA Amravati.

·        Both are request for grant of immunity and complaints thereof, but DS SNEA Nanded has completed all formulates and till his request is not decided and kept on hold for last three months and DS ABSNLEA Amravati has not followed any steps as desired in written letter by Staff section Mumbai for grant of immunity, applied for same after relieving from Amravati, but his case is being directly and illegally received by AGM Staff Mumbai and same processed for grant of immunity.

·        The request of DS SNEA Nanded is kept on hold for want of clarification from Shri. Nitin Rokade, GMT Nanded, but without waiting for reply and response from GMT Amravati, immediate steps are taken on part of GM HR/Admn Mumbai and his team and DS AIBSNLEA is granted out of turn immunity as he is retained in special order as SDE Yavatmal at Amravati and this out of turn order shows the depth of the deal happened in settlement of such out of turn case.

·        The complaint against DS SNEA Nanded is unanimous, not having letter pad, not having name and address and just written as DS BEA Nanded, it old complaint, all the issues raised in such bogus complaint are duly taken care by SNEA Nanded and District Body has been approved by GMT Nanded, request for grant of immunity is also recommended by GMT Nanded, the officer was not relieved by GMT Nanded, but till DS SNEA Nanded is denied immunity by delaying the actions.

·        On the contrary the complaint against DS AIBSNLEA Amravati is by name, made by DS SNEA Amravati, which is recognized association, the issues raised in letter are principally agreed by GMT Amravati and hence the request for grant of immunity is not recommended by GMT Amravati, officer has been already relieved from Amravati but attempts are made to grant of immunity and before decision on grant of immunity officer s given illegal and out of turn retention as SDE Yavatmal at Amravati.   

·        Important point is that request of DS SNEA Nanded was duly recommended by GMT Nanded, but by pointing fingers at one unanimous compliant just with designation DS BEA Nanded, the duly recommended request of Com. B. R. Kamble DS SNEA Nanded was kept on hold for last three months and he is compelled to join at Buldhana on his DE promotion by threatening him for issuing charge sheet.

·        The illegal actions by officers in staff section and GMT Nanded do not stop at compelling DS SNEA Nanded to join at Buldhana, but in further attempts of malafide intention Shri. Nitin Rokade, GMT Nanded who is under total influence of Shri. R. B. Madle DGM Nanded dares to de-recognize the District Body of SNEA Nanded.

·        Shri. Nitin Rokade, GMT Nanded is so adamant that even after written requests  by DS SNEA Nanded, email and verbal request of CS SNEA MH, telephonic instructions from GM HR/Admn Mumbai and CGMT MH Mumbai he has neither  taken corrective action to restore District Body not he has given reasons for de-recognition of District Body of SNEA Nanded.

·        In childish manner, Shri. Nitin Rokade, GMT Nanded replies that he has no biased approach and has taken decision as proposed in file by Shri. R. B. Madale DGM Nanded when fact is that Shri. Madle was on LTC tour when this file was processed and further points fingers at DGM HR Mumbai and GM HR/Admn Mumbai and says that he is being pressured by Circle Office to take such illegal action even though he is not willing for it.

·        When GM HR/Admn Mumbai and his officers in staff in directly denies the right of Com. B. R. Kamble, DS SNEA Nanded when all the formalities are completed and on the other hand in total opposite approach takes self-initiative to grant immunity to Com P.G.Wankhade DS ABSNLEA Amravati when his request for grant of immunity is not recommended by GMT Amravati.

·        GM HR/Admn Mumbai and his team dares to grant immunity to DS AIBSNLEA Amravati even though his request is not recommended by GMT Amravati and he has not applied in time and through proper channel for grant of immunity and when the required documents are not available with such direct request addressed to GM HR/Admn Mumbai and received by AGM Staff Mumbai. 

·        Instead of directing concerned officer to apply through proper channel and with required documents, AGM Staff Mumbai writes GMT Amravati calling for recommendation and creates pressure for recommendation case with dare consequences to take action against GMT Amravati for delay in responding to letter by his office.

·        But same approach is not seen in letter written to GMT Nanded and even after three months are passed no such threatening letter has been issued to GMT Nanded and matter s kept shunting in files from Nanded to Mumbai. 

·        Letter points out such deliberate attempts on part of GM HR/Admn Mumbai and his team in weakening the democratic District Body of SNEA and supporting illegal claims by DS ABSNLEA Amravati and totally based approach thereof.

·        Letter demands for detail investigation of the biased actions of all these officers and writes to give natural justice and equal treatment to all without any biased approach and requests Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai not to involve in politics but be transparent as we have seen him past.


 23 Jul 18: Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle writes BA/SSA Unit Heads about unauthorized absence and leaving HQs by SSA/BA/Units heads without permission of CGMT MH.   Letter   <<<>>>

·        These instructions are issued in view of facts that many of the officers are leaving HQ without permission and same has been pointed out by Hon MPs and officers from local administrations.

·        It is unfortunate that such minimum leave discipline is not being followed by certain officers and due to such certain officers CGMT MH has to issue such binding instructions.

·        Earlier also many such instructions are issued but nobody monitors it and it becomes mere formality and after few days again the officers dare to leave HQ as per their wish and will. 

·        Such minimum level discipline is required for beating the present competitive scenario in Telecom Market and for survival of BSNL and hopefully all should take it in right prospective and contribute to growth of BSNL in true spirit.


23 Jul 18: Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle appeals for the donations /contributions for purchase of e-KYC Machines and in appeal itself directs SSA/BA Heads for immediate deployment of at least 25% the officials/officers of SSA in Sales and marketing in Project Vijay and Udaan, with warning that in case no action is taken by SSA/BA Heads for posting staff S & M units then orders will issued by his office and this order will not be reversible.   Appeal cum directions   <<<>>>

SNEA MH also appeals all its comrades for liberal contribution to e-KYC machine at SSA levels and also come forward for offering services in Sales and Marketing units in tune with appeal by CGMT MH Circle.


21 Jul 18: AGM Staff Mumbai writes SSA/BA Heads in Maharashtra Circle to decide posting, work distribution, Mapping of all SDEs/DEs promoted in recent promotion orders as per requirement of SSA.   Order   <<<>>>

·        This order is issued in response to demand and request by some of SSA/BA Heads about promotion of DEs and shortage of SDEs and difficulties to carry out day to day functions.

·        Further SSA Heads are also empowered that in specific cases of situation demands the AGMs/DEs may allowed to draw Temporary Advance within powers of SSA/BA Heads.

·        Hope this order will solve the problems faced by some of SSA Heads and their complaints will be reduced to better extent.


 21 Jul 18: AGM Staff Mumbai writes Vertical Heads in Mumbai for posting of recently promoted SDEs/DEs as it is where it is basis and their work distribution within the section and mapping in ERP is to be decided by the vertical heads.  Order   <<<>>>

It means, all are posted in the same sections and there is no need of separate posting order by staff section and details of work distribution and designations as per requirement/work distribution of sections are to be decided by vertical heads and same may be intimated to AGM Staff Mumbai for update records along with copy of the charge report.  


  21 Jul 18: AGM DPC BSNL CO writes Circle/Unit Heads for completion of Screening Committee Report in numeric grading for period from 2010-11 to 2016-17 in respect of all OC category SDEs in seniority list No. 8 in prescribed format. Letter <<<>>> 

·        This data will be required by DPC Cell in short notice for conduction of DPC for AGM/DE promotion of SDEs in Seniority list no. 8

·        In Maharashtra Circle this work of consolidation of data has been already started and Screening Committee Report will be finalized in this week.

·        Till data called by AGM Estt Mumbai is not submitted by any SSA, same may be please submitted by today evening so that matter can be reported to committee for assessment of APRs immediately.


  21 Jul 18: AGM DPC BSNL CO published the consolidated list of DEs/AGMs under consideration of e-DPC and calling for corrections/additions/Errors/deletions etc. Letter <<<>>>  List <<<>>>

·        The correctness of data including date of joining as AGM/DE Adhoc/Regular is to be checked and corrections if any same may be represented through proper channel.

·        From the list it is seen that till information in respect of some of DEs in Maharashtra Circle is missing and same needs to be updated immediately.

·        The APRs of all these officers from 2010-11 to 2016-17 are required for the ongoing DPC and hence the officers whose APRs are missing should submit said APRs to AGM Estt MH Mumbai through proper channel as early as possible by email on  followed by hard copies.

·        The orders of DGM promotions are expected shortly and names of the officers having incomplete data or missing APRs will not be considered for DPC and hence immediate action on part of concerned officers/SSAs will be highly appreciated.


 21 Jul 18: AGM Pers I BSNL CO New Delhi  issued Sixth order for SDE to DE promotion orders and in this order 123 SDEs from left out/unaccessed  cases are promoted as DEs. Order   <<<>>> 

·        SNEA MH congratulates all the SDEs promoted as DE Regular and conveys them best wishes for new assignment as DE Regular.

·        All are promoted notionally w.e.f 29/06/2018 and hence concerned officers may give joining report accordingly.

·       Though about all missing cases of Maharashtra are covered till specific two names of SDEs from Maharashtra Circle are missing and work for conduction of DPC is going on at BSNL CO and for these cases also orders will be issued shortly.


21  Jul 18: CAO FC Mumbai issued letter calling for joining report of the recently promoted AOs as same are required for onward transmission to SEA Cell. Letter   <<<>>>

·        Hopefully all the AOs promoted may have joined as AO Regular by submitting joining report. The copy of joining reports needs to be sent to all concerned including FC section Mumbai and it seems that the listed officers have not sent it.

·        If anybody has sent the joining report earlier and till his/her name appears in this list, then  he /she is requested to re-send copy of same email   so that same can be taken note by FC Cell.

·        If anybody has still not joined then he /she should join immediately and send copy of joining report to FC section by email on


 21 Jul 18: CAO FC Mumbai issued transfer order of DGM Fin/IFA to fill up vacant post of the IFAs at Aurangabad and Ahmednagar and posting s done as per request of the officer to nearby SSA and where post of DGM level FA s justified.  Order    Aurangabad <<<>>>    Ahmednagar   <<<>>>


 21 Jul 18: AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting order of AGMs in Vigilance Sections at Mumbai and Sangli thereby retaining these officers till the immunity available as per the Vigilance posting guidelines .  Order    Mumbai   <<<>>>    Sangli   <<<>>>


 21 Jul 18: AGM STS BSNL CO issued request transfer order of AGMs after completion of All India Hard Tenure and two DEs are posted to Maharashtra Circle.  Order <<<>>>


 21 Jul 18: DGM SEA BSNL CO New Delhi calls for latest vacancies of JAOs after consideration of JAO to AO promotions. Letter   <<<>>> 


21 Jul 18: DGM SEA BSNL CO New Delhi calls for latest stay particulars of all the officers in Account Finance wing in soft copy followed by hard copy. Further it is reminded to Circles to update share stay particulars in Google sheet circulated by SEA cell. Letter   <<<>>> 


 21 Jul 18: By giving details of missing APRs of 259 Account /Finance wing officers throughout India, DGM SEA BSNL CO New Delhi writes Circle for timely completion of APRs and directs for action to be taken in case of APRs are not available in Circles. Letter   <<<>>> 


 21 Jul 18: AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting order of 29 JTOs on successful completion of four weeks field training and all are posted at same place where they were undergoing field training. Letter   <<<>>>    


21 Jul 18: AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for field training of JTOs Trainees on their successful completion of JTO Phase-I Induction Training at RTCC Pune and field training will start w.e.f 23/07/2018. Letter   <<<>>>    

·        All these JTO Trainees including female candidates are posted to Tenure stations and normally as per transfer policy guidelines willingness from female candidates needs to be taken for posting to Tenure station.

·        Hopefully it will be taken care while there appointment as JTO after completion of field training f such request is submitted by these female candidates.


21 Jul 18: AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for posting of SDE in Vigilance section Mumbai. Letter   <<<>>>    


19 Jul 18: AGM Estt Mumbai calls for missing APRs of DEs for DGM DPC which is scheduled at BSNL CO shortly. Letter   <<<>>>    

Till today, many reminders have been issued, but no action has been taken by concerned. If APRs are not received then these names will be excluded from DGM promotion as mater of DGM promotion is under active consideration in BSNL CO. All concerned are requested to comply by sending missing APRs at the earliest.


19 Jul 18: AGM DPC BSNL CO New Delhi issued list of corrections made in seniority list of SDEs by considering request of correction category, DOB, missing names etc.. Letter   <<<>>>    


19 Jul 18: AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders  cancellation of transfer orders of two SDEs as per the recommendations of PGM CM Mumbai and PGM CFA Mumbai on technical grounds requirement of Nodal Pune and TAX Mumbai. Letter   <<<>>>

·        Earlier, Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH has taken stand that except ‘Death and Life” no transfer will be cancelled or modified and none of recommendations by SSA Head/BA/Unit Head were given consideration and all officers including these officers were relieved through ERP.

·        Though it was technical requirement, due to poor approach in dealing such cases, both the officers were working without salary for last 2-3 months.

·        Finally, only PGM CM/CFA Mumbai could convince Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH after persuasion of 2/3 months and hence these two cases are considered and now their salary can be drawn.

·        All other officers who are not relieved for technical as well as personal reasons including medical cases are issued with charge sheet and action has been initiated against them by for not following their transfer orders.

·        Let us hope on similar basis at least medical grounds cases will be given consideration by cancelling transfer orders.


18 Jul 18: Finally TBP Orders for E4 to E5 upgradation issued but with totally biased approach in respect of reserved  category executives: AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders from TBP promotion orders from E4 to E5 in case of Five  executives and unfortunately TBP of 20 officers is kept on hold on name of caste validity. Letter   <<<>>>    

·        These TBP orders were kept on hold for long time, SNEA MH has taken up matter for issuing TBP orders, and this is first TBP order issued after recent dilemma in issuing TBPs in Maharashtra Circle.

·        But unfortunately, after taking so many months and after discussing issues to the depth, the TBP in respect of 20 Executives of Reserved Category is kept on hold on name of caste validity.

·        Nowadays certain officers in Staff section have become over smart and raises unwanted query and take best option to files keep on hold and when pressure is built by SNEA such partial and biased orders are issued just to safeguard own skin and just showing their smartness.

·        For denying TBP, reason given is requirement of caste validity when it has no relation with TBP.

·        TBP orders by other units in Maharashtra Circle for Account wing, Civil wing, Electrical wing and Arch wing even in non-recruiting Circles like WTP, WTR , ITPC are not applying same criteria for TBP but it is applied only for Telecom as the officers in Telecom wing thinks that they only know the rules and there is no one to question them.

·        SNEA MH has discussed this issue with Shri. B. A. Patil, DGM HR Admn Mumbai and Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai and every time we were assured to clear the file at the earliest but we were not aware that file will be cleared in such useless manner.

·        It very unfortunate that while issuing orders nothing has been changes in approach in dealing TBP and its relation to caste validity and TBP orders of 20 executives are kept on hold defeating very purpose of TBP arrangements and such senseless actions are taken only in Maharashtra Circle.

·        It can be seen that many executives are given regular promotions in recent past and for regular promotion, category/caste is very important and there is no mention of the caste validity even in regular promotion.

·        But here in Maharashtra Circle, for TBP these officers in staff section applied their extra smart mind and TBPs of these officers are kept on hold and same will be case with all other TBP cases also. 

·        SNEA MH will now take up matter with Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle and will see that TBP orders kept on hold are released immediately and the officers becoming smart will be taken to the task for such biased approach against executives from the  reserved category just due to poor knowledge of caste validity and its relation with TBP or biased approach towards the officers in reserved category.    


18 Jul 18: AGM Estt Mumbai published consolidated Circle Gradation list/All India Eligibility list of JTOs in MH Circle for verification and confirmation of the details. Letter   <<<>>>    

·        This is not final list but consolidated list as per information received from different SSAs/Units.

·        There may be some wrong entries and are some missing entries in respect of many JTOs and same needs to be updated by concerned SSA/Units.

·        As such, all concerned individuals/COB/DS SNEA concerned are requested to look into matter and send such corrections missing entries in respect of these JTOs as early as possible.

·        If missing data is not updated and corrections are not suggested at this stage to AGM Estt Mumbai , then there are chances that wrong seniority may be fixed or names of such missing entries may be excluded from AIEL list or such names may not be considered for promotions  as SDE and hence all concerned are requested to spare time from their routine schedule and see that said information is sent by Staff/Admn of SSA/Units to AGM Estt Mumbai as early as possible may be before 20/07/2018 by email on   

·        For any doubt/query in this regards concerned officers may contact Shri. M. M. Apte, AGM Estt Mumbai {Mob 9423986155, LL 022-26467576}, Shri. M. R. Sanap, AD HRD –I Mumbai {Mob 9423987222,  LL  022-26467446} or Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH {9420685756}. 


18 Jul 18: AGM S & M Mumbai calls for nomination of Best CSC 2018 and last date for submission of nominations is 26/07/2018. Letter   <<<>>>    


16 Jul 18: CS SNEA MH writes to Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr  CEE Mumbai reminding him  corrective action in issuing SEE LA arrangements and to review the present practices followed in SEE LA arrangements as per guidelines issued by BSNL CO.  Letter <<<>>>      


16 Jul 18: CS SNEA MH writes to Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CEE Mumbai for consideration of genuine request of the executives under transfer as per the transfer policy guidelines and also on sympathetic personal grounds. Letter <<<>>>       Earlier Letter  <<<>>> 


 16 Jul 18: Now Nanded SSA will have only one GM and another GM will be SSA Head of Sindhudurg SSA: Finally Pers Cell , BSNL Corporate Office New Delhi, comes in action and issued modified orders in respect of Shri. Vinod Kumar from GMT Nanded to GMT Sindhudurg. Revised Order <<<>>>       Earlier Order    <<<>>> 

·        Earlier Shri. Vinod Kumar was posted as GMT Nanded when already Shri. Nitin Rokade was posted as GMT Nanded just before two months and he was sharing cabin with Shri. R. B. Madle who was working as GMT Nanded for last 2-3 years and there is no separate cabin for Shri. Nitin Rokade itself and how second GM can be posted in one BA was questioned by SNEA MH.

·        SNEA MH has also exposed the probable idea behind posting two GMs and we have taken up matter that when SSAs like Pune, Nagpur, Nanded gets more than required GMs; the SSAs like Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Yavatmal, and Akola are with GM level officers.

·        Sindhudurg BA was deliberately neglected as NO GM level officer was willing to work at Sindhudurg even though it is one of the profit making SSA.

·        Accordingly, corrective action has been taken and Shri. Vinod Kumar is now posted as GMT Sindhudurg and his posting will definitely solve the present crises created in Sindhudurg SSA, due to heavy rains, and abnormal curtailments of EOS and issues thereof.

·        This will also give full stop to rumors that Shri. Nitn Rokade GMT Nanded is managing his transfer back to Mumbai as GMM WTR Mumbai and now he will continue as GMT Nanded


16 Jul 18: Status of Time Bound Promotions from different SSAs pending at Circle Office Mumbai: Of the late, SNEA MH has received complaints from many of the comrades mainly for Telecom wing for pending Time Bound Promotions from different SSAs in Circle Office Mumbai.

·        In this regards it is to inform that TBP works were pending due to fact that Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle has taken stand that there is no work with Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai and his sections after issuing the transfer orders as decided by him and there is no need of posting officers in these sections.

·        As such when good numbers of officers were posted to Circle Office Mumbai, CGMT MH didn’t allow Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai to get any of the officers posted under his HR/Admn section Mumbai and important sections like Establishment, Staff, and Recruitment PQ were without any officer due to retirement or transfers.

·        The condition of Establishment section dealing with TBP cases was so worst that once upon time there was no SDE, No JTO and no AGM and it was practically working with Dealing Assistants and some other officers were looking After the Charge and normally in looking after charge priority is given to self-work and only emergency works of section being looked after are taken care and same happened here keeping huge backlog of works.

·        Finally SNEA MH has taken up matter with Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle for removal of restriction cum ban on posting of officers in HR Admn section and we have brought to his notice how his decision has badly affected the works of these sections. We have elaborated facts of pendency of works and made him aware that the particularly the works of Establishment section has totally collapsed and alone AGM who was also newly posted field unit was also under pressure of sending APRs, VCs for JTO to SDE, SDE to DE and DE to DGM promotions and he was not able to give attention towards any other works including TBP and there is immediate need of posting officers.

·        But on our discussions, CGMT MH has taken stand that he has not put any ban on posting of officers in HR Admn Section but he has directed Shri. Amana Jaiswal GM HR Admn Mumbai not to post any newly recruited JTO in HR Admn Section and he never restricted him for posting other officers in HR Admn Section. We have clarified that perhaps GM HR Admn Mumbai has understood instructions in this manner and many of the post are vacant. We further added that apart from new JTOs, many JTOs/SDEs promoted have joined Circle office Mumbai and can be posted to HR Admn Section to meet the requirement and finally it was agreed to post required SDE/JTOs in HR Admn Section.

·        Finally, after these discussions two SDEs are posted in Establishment Cell, One SDE in Recruitment Cell, One SDE in Admn Section and one SDE is posted in Staff Section and now the works of these sections stalled for long time have started movement and the TBP promotions held up in Establishment section are moved further by newly posted SDEs and AGM Establishment Mumbai.

·        Another hurdle in getting TBP orders issued was unwanted objections by some of the members of committee for considering names of the officers from Fake caste certificate for TBP promotions and the intelligent officers have kept all such promotions pending for want of clarification for 2-3 officers in the list.

·        Finally SNEA MH has taken up matter elaborating facts that caste of the officer has no relation with the TBP and hence matter need not to be stretched but till some of officers have pulled legs by asking clarification from BSNL CO and it is understood that matter has been now resolved by telephonic discussions by Shri. B. A. Patil DGM HR Mumbai with concerned officers in BSNL CO after he got satisfactory reply.

·        As such, the TBP orders in respect of SSAs from which request has been received by Estt Section Mumbai has been processed and work of issuing orders is started and orders except Pune and Nagpur will be issued within day or two. The work of Nagpur and Pune also is under process and some discrepancies observed are also being clarified from concerned SSA. Hopefully all pending TBP Orders will be cleared by end of this week.

·        Till anybody has any about TBP orders or will not receive TBP order by end of this week, he/she may get update or reasons for pendency from Shri. M. M. Apte, AGM Estt Mumbai {Mob 9423986155, LL022-26467576}, Shri. M. R. Sanap, AD HRD –I Mumbai {Mob 9423987222 LL 022-26467446} or by email 


16 Jul 18: DGM S&M Mumbai endorsed the BSNL CO letter giving information on fees and procedure for “Internet Telephony” with brand name “Wings”. Letter   <<<>>> 

BSNL is first Telecom company offering “Internet Telephony” services which offers free roaming all over the world,  with voice and video calling, one year free calling within India and only with one time registration fee Rs 1099.00


16 Jul 18: Uncertainty on filling post of Director Finance BSNL Board continues even after period of three Years :  As continued for last two years this year also there are no chances for Filling up vacant post of Director Fin BSNL Board as in interview called by PSEB, none candidate scrutinized for Interview is selected as Director Finance BSNL. Letter <<<>>>.


·         Earlier few months back the selection process was conducted by DoPT and it was declared that no candidate was suitable. This time  one or two new or otherwise all old candidates were called for interview and though it is not declared that no candidate is found suitable, it has been directed to take appropriate action for further selection that means no one called for interview is selected.

·        It is unfortunate that since Oct 2015 or earlier the post of Director Finance is vacant and additional Charge is given to Mrs. Sujata Ray Director HR since Oct 2015 and about every year interview is being conducted but no suitable candidate is found.

·        When everybody is taking about financial condition of BSNL and when in today competitive Telecom Market with free offers of call and data, the financial condition of BSNL has become matter of prime importance but in real pathetic conditions BSNL do not have regular Director Finance for period of three years. One side such prime important post is vacant and no one is worried and except on completion of formalities of calling for interview every year and rejecting all the candidates.

·        If similar pattern for selection of Board Directors continues, then day will be not far when no one will even apply for the post of Director Finance BSNL Board with mindset that PSEB is not willing to select anybody and will continue to show that efforts are being made to fill up post of Director Finance, but no eligible candidates s found.

·        We are surprised to see that when over the period of more than three years, PSEB is not able to select Director Finance and it is not that there are no suitable candidates in India but we feel that there is lack of willingness for filling this post for whatever reason it may have.

·        As on today half of the post of Directors of BSNL are vacant and who are looking after additional charge are also due for superannuation retirement n coming one year and if PSEB continues to select Directors in this manner one day BSNL will be without Board of Directors and then Govt and DOT will continue to ask the profitability of BSNL from its employees and officers in lower management.

·        God only knows how BSNL can make profit when the posts of main functionaries are vacant for years together and work is managed with look after arrangements. 

·        Hope in days to come this practice of calling for interviews and not selecting any of the candidates will be stopped and opportunity will be given to at least one suitable candidate and post of Director Finance BSNL Board is occupied by some suitable officers by giving full stop to dilemma on appointment of Board of Director in BSNL.

14 Jul 18: Finally posting order of DEs in MH Circle issued but partially: AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting order of left out 63 DEs/AGMs within Maharashtra Circle. Order I <<<>>>  Order II <<<>>>   Order III <<<>>>

·        With continuous persuasion by SNEA MH at different levels from Staff Section, Estt Section , Vigilance Section at Mumbai , with DPC Cell, Pres Cell at Delhi and mainly after meeting with GM HR Admn Mumbai , finally fresh VC issued by Vigilance cell with concurrence of Vigilance Cell BSNL CO was accepted by GM HR/Admn Mumbai and posting order of left out DEs/AGMs issued in late evening hours

·        The posting order is issued where it is as it basis and three spate orders are issued in tune with three separate orders by BSNL CO.

·        Though posting orders are issued now, all the DEs/AGMs are promoted notionally w.e.f. 29/06/2018 and hopefully all would have submitted joining reports accordingly.

·        Thus all DEs/AGMs promoted as per the BSNL CO orders till today are covered in this orders except two for whom VC is expected on Monday and order will be issued posting order as it is where it is basis will be issued for them also.

·        The promotion orders for left out 15-18 cases of Maharashtra Circle are not yet issued by BSNL CO and SNEA MH is taking its continuous follow at BSNL CO Delhi though SNEA CHQ and hopefully orders are expected in early days of coming week.

13 Jul 18: Finally posting order of DEs in MH Circle issued but partially: After wait of more than one week, finally the posting order of DEs within Maharashtra Circle issued today, but partially. Letter <<<>>>

·        Total 94 DEs are promoted from MH Circle and posting order was expected for all these DEs on 05/07/2018, but same was struck off on the points that fresh VCs should be called for issuing posting orders within MH Circle.

·        As per point no. 2 of DE promotion order issued by BSNL CO it is stated that executives should not be promoted in case of pending Disciplinary/Vigilance case  or  if his /her VC is not withheld and such discrepancies if any are to be  brought to the notice of BSNL CO.

·        It is fact that VCs have been already taken by BSNL CO and only discrepancies are to be pointed out found if any.

·        Accordingly fresh VCs have been called by AGM Estt Mumbai but as due to heavy rains the office was as good as closed for two days as many of the staff and officers could not attend it.

·        Finally Vigilance section has given VCs in two formats and for 32 officers clear VC was granted as it was called by BSNL CO and for other 63 officers VC was not called by BSNL CO earlier, they have sent the conditional information required that pendency of   Disciplinary/Vigilance case and status of pendency of VCs.

·        The staff section officers processed file with these VCs in two different formats and GM HR/Admn Mumbai has objected for 63 cases for which VC was not in format as that of 32 cases and accordingly order has been issued for 32 officers for whom VCs have been cleared.

·        Yesterday, SNEA MH has taken up matter with GM HR/Admn Mumbai and he has taken up matter with GM Vigilance Mumbai and now file for VCs of 63 officers has been sent to BSNL CO and hopefully VCs will be received today and then posting order will be issued as everything except VCs is ready on part of GM HR/Admn Mumbai.

·        There is no need of to be panic by anybody whose name is missing and order will be issued after completing official formalities of VCs which is clear for all DEs promoted as DPC is conducted only after confirmation of VCs by DPC Cell.

·        Meantime, next order for promotion of SDEs as DEs from left out cases of Seniority list No 5, 6, 7 and SDEs under reserved category from list no 8 is expected today.   

13 Jul 18: AGM Pers II BSNL CO Delhi calls for information in respect of JTOs who have joined after 2000 and but were assigned seniority of year prior to or up to year 2000 with reasons for such allotment.  Letter   <<<>>> 

13 Jul 18: AGM Staff Mumbai issued reminder calling for details of officers/officials who absconding/absent as unauthorized from duty and last date is 17/07/2018. Letter   <<<>>> 

13 Jul 18: AGM Estt Mumbai calls for numerical grading of APRs of Year 2010-11 to 2016-17 i. e. assessment sheet information in prescribed format in respect of all OC category SDEs from seniority list no 8 and last date for submission of data is 16/07/2018.  Letter   <<<>>> 

All concerned DS and officers may take up matter with Staff/Admn section of concerned SSAs and see that up to date data with correct information in prescribed format that to be in excel as well pdf sheet is sent without any further delay. 

13 Jul 18: AGM Admn Mumbai endorsed order for revision of annual celling of for reimbursement of outdoor treatment. Letter   <<<>>> 


12 Jul 18: Dilemma on posting order of DEs in MH Circle continues : The dilemma on posting order of DEs in MH Circle continues as even though VCs are received from Vigilance cell of MH Circle, same is not in prescribed format and hence GM HR Admn Mumbai has taken stand to refer back this matter to GM Vigilance Mumbai calling for VCs in prescribed format and till then order will be issued only for posting of 32 DEs for which VC is received in prescribed format and file has been sent to CGMT MH.

           SNEA MH will take up matter with all concerned and if required intervention of CGMT MH will be called for resolving conflict between two units and see that posting orders of all DEs is issued today and not a partial order as being processed in file.

12 Jul 18: Lunch Hour Demonstration held on 11/07/2018 throughout Maharashtra Circle. PHOTOS <<<>>>

12 Jul 18: Welcome of Hon MP Shri Mash Giriji by SNEA Nashik: {Report by Com. S. A. Bhadane CEC Member SNEA Nashik}: Delegation of SNEA Nashik led by Com. M. B. Sangle, DS SNEA Nashik welcomes Shri. Mahesh Giriji Hon MP Loksabha and National Chief Secretary of BJP on this visit to Nashik on 07/07/2018. 

·        The SNEA delegation consisting Com. M. B. Sangale, DS SNEA Nashik & State Secretary AIPOC MH, Com P. N. Patil, CT SNEA MH, Com. S. V. Warungase DP SNEA Nashik, Com. S. A. Bhadane CEC Member SNEA Nashik, Com. R. R. Mahajan CEC Member SNEA Nashik, Com. B. D. Deore DE CMTS, Com. S A Chavan Organisational Secretary SNEA Nashik, Com. Jayant Adwade District Treasurer & Com. K. M. Patil Executive Members gave warm welcome to Shri. Mahesh Giri Hon MP Loksabha and discussed with him various issues related to growth and development of BSNL and its executives.  

·        Delegation leaders discussed important and critical issues & elaborated Shri. Mahesh Giri Hon MP Loksabha on relaxing affordability clause for grant of 3rd PRC to BSNL employees & also explained that how the BSNL meets the service obligations in Rural area. The delegation also discussed on awarding PAN India 4G spectrum allotment for BSNL, about disparity of unabsorbed deputed ITS Officers getting 7th CPC & how absorbed employees deprived from getting wage revision. 

·        Hon.MP Shri Mahesh Giriji responded positively and assured that demands are very genuine & will be definitely communicated to Hon. MOC & GOI. Hon. MP Shri Mahesh Giriji specifically remembered about visits of Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH to Delhi and the how the meeting arranged with Shri. Manoj Sinhaji Hon MoSC at Delhi for grant of standard pay scales for executives in BSNL even it was an holiday.

·        The discussions were very fruitful and Shri. Mahesh Giriji assured for all possible support to executives and employees of BSNL and also for growth of BSNL being PSU. 

·        This very fruitful meeting was possible with efforts of Com Umesh Vyas, ADS SNEA Nashik and SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks for support of Com Umesh Vyas ADS SNEA Nashik for his key role in arranging such meetings with prominent personalities for resolution of crucial issues of BSNL and its workforce.

·       PHOTOS  <<<>>>

 12 Jul 18: AGM Estt Mumbai issued reminder letter for sending requisite information for preparations of All India Eligibility list by fixing seniority as per directives of Hon Court. Letter   <<<>>>    Annexure I & II Formats and list of JTOs/SDEs   <<<>>>

·        This information in Annexure I & II is urgently required for fixation of seniority among JTOs which will be used for promotion as SDEs under proposed DPC to fill up all vacant post of SDEs before implementation of CPSU.

·        The information in respect of all SDEs in Seniority list no 8 is required in format of Annexure II and this is required for DE promotion which is under active consideration at BSNL CO.

·        It was expected that all SSAs will send the requisite information in time bound manner but unfortunately except Aurangabad, Akola, Chandrapur, Kolhapur and Raigad, none of SSA has sent information as required by Estt Cell.

·        Maharashtra s big circle and it takes time for consolidation of data and its confirmation and such delay in sending information causes further delay in sending information of entire Circle and SSAs and in such case the information sent by these SSAs also will be kept on hold as MH Circle cannot consolidated data till entire information is received from all SSAs  and question of sending information to BSNL CO does not arise till information s received from each and every SSA and that to be each and every JTO and SDE from list no 8 working in MH Circle.

·        AS such SNEA MH appeals all DS, activists and concerned JTOs/SDEs to come forward and see that requisite information from their SSA is sent by evening.

·        For any issues, please contact Com Ankit Ganagr JS HQ SNEA MH or any other COB, but please see that information n prescribed format is sent by today evening.

12 Jul 18: AGM Staff  Mumbai issued orders terminating ongoing SDE & DE LA arrangements in view of  recent regular orders for promotion as SDE & DE for about all JTOs/SDEs working in SDE/DE LA arrangements. Letter   <<<>>> 

As Maharashtra Circle has got more than sufficient SDEs and DEs in Regular promotion orders, now there will not be any need of LA arrangements in SDE/DE Cadre at least in Telecom wing.

 11 Jul 18: Status of orders for posting of AGMs/DEs within Maharashtra Circle: BSNL CO issued second phase of promotion orders of left out SDEs from seniority list No. 5.6.7 and 8 as  AGM/DE on 06/07/2018 and 07/07/2018 and about 95 SDEs from Maharashtra Circle are promoted. But since last four days its endorsement/posting order within Maharashtra Circle is not issued.

·        In this regards , it is to inform that the data of these 95 officers promoted in different orders has been scrutinized by different officers in Establishment section staff section i.e. by Dealing Assistants of Estt Section, AD HRD I, AD HRD II, AGM Estt Mumbai, then by concerned Dealing Assistants in Staff section, then by AD Staff A, AD Staff B, AGM Staff Mumbai, DGM HR Mumbai, then it has been compared with computerized data by GM HR/Admn Mumbai to confirm working SSA of these officers and hence 2-3 days’ time has taken for such to depth scrutiny so that there should not be any mistake.

·        In was seen in last order that with such to depth scrutiny by all officers and tally of data with all computers, also five mistakes were noticed and corrigendum was issued by Staff section.

·        Hopefully, with such scrutiny at these many stages and by these many staff and officers, no such mistake will be found in this order.

·        Now, when data of working SSAs has been scrutinized by all and ready, now the file is pending for want of VCs from Vigilance Cell of Maharashtra Circle and GM HR/Admn Mumbai has kept file on hold and waiting for VCs as per letter written by AGM Estt Mumbai on 07/07/2018 i.e. on second day of orders.

·        Unfortunately due to heavy rains, many of the officers and staff have not attended offices for last two days and hence VC is not received for all cases and only partial VC has been received.

·        On query with BSNL CO, it has come to notice that there is no need of fresh VCs by Maharashtra Circle, as VCs are already taken by Personal Cell of BSNL CO but GM HR Admn Mumbai is insisting for fresh VCs as same has been mentioned in these AGM/DE promotion orders.

·        Due to all such confusions where fresh VCs is required or not, then due to more than to depth scrutiny of working SSAs of these DEs by about each and every staff and officer working in Estt Section and Staff section Mumbai, till the posting order of DEs/AGMs within Maharashtra Circle is not issued.

·        SNEA MH has already different rounds of discussions with all concerned officers, but there is communication gap among different officers and till VCs are not received in all cases and hence orders are not yet processed in file.

·        SNEA MH will take up matter with GM HR/Admn Mumbai again today and will see that posting order of all the SDEs from Maharashtra Circle promoted as AGM/DEs covered in recent orders issued without any further delay and hopefully these orders should be issued today itself.

·        As all the promoted officers are promoted notionally from 29/06/2018 i.e. at par with all other officers promoted as AGM/DE as per order dated 29/06/2018, all concerned officers should submit their joining reports w.e.f. 29/07/2018 by giving reference to their order from BSNL CO and nobody should wait for submitting joining report for want of endorsement of this order by Maharashtra Circle.

·       Further, the data of the till left out cases of SDEs from seniority list no 5, 6, 7 for all categories and from seniority list no. 8 for SDEs under reserved category has been sent to BSNL Corporate office.

·       The DPC process for left out cases is going on at BSNL CO and DE promotion order in respect of these officers is also expected within day or two as SNEA MH is continuously pursuing for consideration the names of 14 SDEs who are members of SNEA. Pending Cases List  <<<>>>    

 10 Jul 18: Nanded SSA has become the most important SSA of BSNL!!!!  ????: Jt GM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for posting of SSA Heads in different SSAs and now Shri. Rajendra Kumar Chouhan PGMTD Mehsana Gujarat Circle is posted as PGMTD Aurangabad and Shri. Vinod Kumar DGM Bhopal MP Circle is posted as GMTD Nanded showing both the post vacant. Letter   <<<>>> 

·        The post of PGMT Aurangabad is vacant since transfer of Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar as PGMT Pune and the charge of PGMT Aurangabad as BA Head of Aurangabad, Jalna and Buldhana SSAs is being looked after by Shri. Nitin Mahajan GMT Nashik and hence posting of Shri. Rajendra Kumar Chouhan as PGMT Aurangabad is fully justified.

·        But for Nanded SSA, already Shri. Nitin Rokade is posted as GMT Nanded just before two months he has taken over charge by end of May 2018 and post of GMTD Nanded is not at all vacant as mentioned in this posting order.

·        It may be fact that Shri. Nitin Rokade GMT Nanded was never interested for working at Nanded and since his promotion as GMT Nanded he has tried his level best to manage his transfer and mainly for retention as GMM WTR Mumbai.

·        Shri Nitin Rokade has personally visited to Delhi for about 2-3 times on name of different office works and met concerned officers including Director HR, CMD BSNL and tried his level best for his retention at WTR Mumbai.

·        Shri. Nitin Rokade, also tried from the sources other than BSNL but unfortunately even after wait for two months and with all out efforts also Shri. Nitin Rokade could not succeed to manage his retention as GMM WTR. Mumbai.

·        After threatening from Director HR that if he does not join at Nanded he will have to forgo his GM promotion, unwillingly Shri. Nitin Rokade joined at Nanded, but he is not feeling comfortable at Nanded as most of time he is out of HQ Nanded and may be again putting fielding for posting as GMM WTR Mumbai as this post is now vacant after transfer of Shri Ajay Kumar Kanojiya PGMM WTR as on promotions as CGM WTP Mumbai.

·        Since joining at Nanded Shri. Nitin Rokade , GMT Nanded is out of Nanded for most of time and he is probably at Mumbai or Delhi for managing his posting back to WTR Mumbai and this order shows that he is getting success as advance substitute is posted for Shri. Nitin Rokade, GMT Nanded assuming that he will be successful in managing his transfer back to WTR.

·        This may be result of continuous persuasion and use of managing skills by Shri. Nitin Rokade for his transfer to WTR Mumbai and by posting substitute in advance the source of influence of Shri. Nitin Rokade has given confidence to Shri. Nitin Rokade that your request is under consideration and first step has been completed by posting substitute and now Shri. Nitin Rokade will have to move first step from his side as may be decided mutually.

·        Hopefully it may step by step settlement of deal of transfer of Shri. Nitin Rokade GMT Nanded with the powerful officer, source of influence for managing his transfer to back WTR Mumbai on his dream post of GMM WTR Mumbai.

·        Otherwise there is no question of posting two GMs to small SSA like Nanded where less than 15200 DELs are working.

·        Nanded is small SSA as compared to other SSAs like Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, and Yavatmal where GM level SSA Head is justified but not posted for years together and DE are compelled by CGMT MH Circle to accept DGM LA by issuing charge sheet for not following unwanted and untimely posting order.

·        In this way indirectly the mastermind officers like Shri. Nitin Rokade is supported to manage his transfer back to desired post.  

·        From above actions of Personal Cell BSNL CO, it seems that over the period of last one year Nanded SSA has become the top most important SSA of BSNL as when there was no was BA Head posted for period of last two years since formation of Nanded BA, now there are two GM level BA Heads against one sanctioned posts.

·        Earlier Nanded BA/SSA was headed by DGM level officer and Shri. Madle DGM was looking after charge for last three years without any complaint and was managing show nicely.

·        It is fact that since joining of Shri. Nitin Rokade as GMT Nanded,  Shri. Madle and Shri. Nitin Rokade shares same cabin and all the works of GMT Nanded are already being done by these two officers on sharing basis and now when Shri. Vinod Kumar will join as GMTD Nanded, he also with join this “duo” and henceforth “TRIO” will now share the workload of GMT Nanded SSA from same cabin of GMTD Nanded.

·        We feel that Nanded SSA has become most important over the period as earlier Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH was much pleased with Nanded SSA and he has posted three DGMs i.e. Shri. Madle, Shri. Malborgaonkar and Shri. Sayyad Illusiuddin for Nanded SSA against only one post of DGM was is justified at Nanded.

·        In special efforts Shri. Peeyush Khare has used his powers as CGMT MH and has given out of turn promotion to Shri. Sayyad Illusuddin when he was not coming in zone of consideration of DGM LA and later it was regularized after promotions of juniors.

·        But we all know the managing skills of Shri. Sayyad Illusuddin and it was easy for him to manage to get choice posting at Nanded SSA and he is specially privileged  by creating new and special post of DGM Mobile Nanded and this post was created when DGM Mobile post in big SSAs like Aurangabad, Nashik, Kalyan etc were abolished unofficially.

·        Thus with special support of  CGMT MH, Nanded SSA has got there DGMs against only one DGM working for years together for granting special privilege to Shri. Sayyad Illusuddin and now with specialized managing skills of Shri. Nitin Rokade and his efforts over the period and persuasion at BSNL CO, it seems that advance substitute has been posted for relieving of Shri. Nitin Rokade back to WTR Mumbai and by looking at the attempts being made by Shri Nitin Rokade, and its response from his source of influence from BSNL CO it is crystal clear that Shri. Nitin Rokade will be posted as GMM WTR Mumbai in step by step manner and first step is achieved by posting advance substitute.

·        Thus from all such actions it seems that Management of Maharashtra Circle as well as BSNL management at Delhi are much pleased with Nanded SSA as the SSA which has only one DGM level officer as SSA/BA Head for years together is now having two GM level officers and three DGM level officers and perhaps it does not come under definition/purview of wasteful expenditure and waste of higher level HR manpower. 

·        One will definitely understand that this is result of first managing skills of Shri. Sayyad Illusuddin as he was posted at Nanded by creating special post of DGM Nanded and now it seems that Com Nitin Rokade has proved his excellence in managing transfer back to WTR Mumbai by achieving first step of getting substitute posted and his transfer will be surely issued as next step.

·        One side all the officers from Board of BSNL, CGMs, GMs are updating us that the financial condition of BSNL is at worst position and salary schedule has been shifted for few days, when GM HR Admn Mumbai has gone ahead to cut the medical bills by 12% for availing discount from M/S Appolo and similar companies and CGMT MH goes ahead of GM HR/Admn Mumbai and announces that discount should be 20% and projects it as matter of saving expenditure for our beloved BSNL, all these officers deliberately neglects the actual expenditure being done on posting of three DGMs against one justified post of DGM, two GMs against one post of GMT Nanded and wasting lakhs of rupees against such double/triple  establishments in  small SSA like Nanded.

·        Unfortunately all these management of posting is not done for saving money of the BSNL but BSNL money is wasted for safeguarding the personal interest of the certain officers like Shri. Sayyad Illusuddin and Shri. Nitn Rokade GMT Nanded who have proved their excellence in expertise with in managing their postings by practical results.

·        Hope Nanded SSA will be able to sustain the posting of this much officers at Nanded SSA and time will prove what is idea behind posting of two GMs at small SSA Nanded and keeping the post of GMT Ratnagri, GMT Sindhudurg, GMT Yavatmal, GMT Akola vacant when said posts are fully justified and are vacant for years together.

·        Hope these days will also change and BSNL management will really work for survival of BSNL instead of safeguarding personal interest of such individual officers at cost of financially weak BSNL. 

 10 Jul 18:  Demonstration by AUAB on 11/07/2018 at Circles and SSAs:  As decided in the meeting of All Unions and Associations of BSNL (AUAB) CHQ, the demonstrations at Circles and SSAs will be held on 11/07/2018  demanding the implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MOSC to the representatives of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, in the meeting held on 24.02.2018, on the issues of implementation of 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees, implementation of Government of India Rules on payment of Pension Contribution by BSNL, the allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL and Pension revision to BSNL Pensioners. 

         All DSs and activists are requested organize the demonstrations in a grand manner and make it a grand success.

 9 Jul 18: DGM Admn Mumbai issued orders for availing 12% discount offer on all medicines either from M/S Apollo Pharmacy or from similar agencies/medical shops  offering 12% or more discount. Letter   <<<>>> 

·        Now this 12% discount is compulsory on all medical claims made by employees and officers without exception.

·        This is equally applicable to serving and retired officers and at present it is applicable only for employees and officers working in Mumbai and decision on similar applicability of discount in other SSAs will be taken by concerned SSA Heads.

·        The individuals who do not claim get discounted medicines, their claims will be reduced by 12% or may be rejected.

·        SNEA MH welcomes this move for saving expenditure up to 12% even though some of officers/employees will face hardship due to such restrictions or reductions of bill amount and we expect similar actions on avoidable expenditure being made by these officers and direct wastage of BSNL money thereof and manly such discount is availed by all officers and their family members and not only by middle and lower level officers and employees. 

·        One side about all senior officers are travelling by Air without any restriction of limit for cost of ticket and or total no of travels in month and many officers are always on flying mode, but such curtailment ideas are applied for Officers and Employees and that to be on medical bills. 

·        Similar is case, here in Circle Office Mumbai many of the officers are claiming Rs 15000.00 per month as transport allowance and at also using the hired vehicles which bills are about RS 50000.00 per month and practically there are no such meetings to be attended in different offices which may cause bills of Rs. 50000.00 per month and need of this much travel for office works, but these vehicles are used by family members.

·        SNEA MH has raised this issue and with continuous persuasion at different levels, CGMT MH has approved the recovery from the concerned officers which comes in lakhs of rupees, but it is understood that matter is again kept on hold unofficially and misuse of vehicles continues as it is.

·        When financial condition of BSNL are going down and such steps are being taken for even for curtailment of the expenditure on medical bills, there is no restrictions on luxurious expenditure made by some of the officers.

·        When the officers  talking such decisions are not following such curtailment and under what moral they are touching such sensitive issues and restricting it needs to be ascertained and SNEA MH will definitely raise such issues of misuse of BSNL funds without any restrictions and restrictions on necessary medical bills also.

·        We do not differ that some of officers/employees are making misuse of this medical facility by false claims, but it does not mean that all are making bogus claims as being propagated by some of officers.

·        When it is required to have bold step by BSNL by implementation of medi-claim facilities with certain fixed amount and saving of BSNL Money, the energy is wasted in taking such decisions, and money is wasted in huge and bogus medical claims made by certain hospitals when case is reports as BSNL employee, expenditure is done on maintain the ‘n’ number of officers and staff just for settlement of medical bills and procedure for permission for hospitalization.

·        Hope in days to come, Management will take decision which are in real interest of BSNL and not just to show that they have some concern about expenditure of BSNL and action will be taken against officers who are really misusing BSNL funds and facilities.  

 9 Jul 18: CAO FC Mumbai issued corrigendum to the First TBP orders and TBP upgradation is withdrawn in respect of five JAOs giving reason that they have not completed  qualifying service as per conditions of TBP. Letter   <<<>>> 

FC section should have taken due care before issuing orders, or should have issued orders giving revised date effecting their First TBP as by now thee officers may have completed stipulated period, but first granting TBP and then such withdrawal is humiliation of the concerned officers and hopefully officers in FC section will take care of it in all future such orders.

 9 Jul 18: AGM Admn Mumbai endorses the letter issued by SR Cell BSNL CO clarifying facts that immunity as office Bearers of Union/Association is not available if office bearer is elected on said post after his/her transfer order is issued by the administration. Letter   <<<>>>