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28 aPr 18:  Highly successful District Conference of SNEA Solapur: {Report by Com. M A Birajdar, DS, SNEA, Solapur}:  The General Body Meeting of Sanchar Nigam Executive Association Solapur was held on Wednesday, 04/04/2018 at Conference hall Telephone Bhavan Solapur with a main agenda, to elect new body. 

·        Com. S. C.Bhingoli, DP SNEA Solapur presided over the entire proceedings of the District Conference held jam packed Conference hall with participation of about 90 % executives of Solapur SSA.

·        Newly joined BA Head Solapur Shri. R. M. Pradhan, GMT Solapur was chief guest of the Open Session.

·        The meeting was attended & addressed by following dignitaries:

1.     Com. Bharat Sonawane, Circle President, SNEA MH Circle,

2.     Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary SNEA MH Circle,

3.     Com. M. N. Kotambe, Asst. Circle Secretary(W)SNEA MH Circle 

4.     Com. B. J. Umbarje, DGM Admn Solapur

5.     Com. M. D. Jadhav, DGM Rural Solapur

6.     Com. Tejas Tadsare, CWC Member , SNEA MH Circle

7.     Com. R. S. Patil, Joint  Secretary (South), SNEA MH Circle

8.     Com. Prayag Pisal, Joint  Secretary (Pune), SNEA MH Circle

9.     Com. B. N. Kore, Ex Joint  Secretary (South) SNEA MH Circle

10.            Com. S. M. Chand, DP & CEC Member  SNEA Pune

11. Com. B. W. Katkar, DP SNEA Satara

·        Meeting started with self-introduction by all. Thereafter all the SNEA leaders were given warm welcome by comrades of SNEA Solapur by Bouquets. 

·        Com P. N. Kavade, SNEA Solapur started the proceedings of the conference and welcomed everyone including SNEA dignitaries and guest. He briefly described about Solapur BSNL and the holy city Solapur.

·        In recent past new members have joined SNEA Solapur and joining of Nine members i.e. 3 JTOs and 5 JTOs from other association and one AO has further strengthened SNEA Solapur   The felicitation of the newly joined comrades namely Com Sagar Bokephode, Com Vaibhav Kulkarni, Com. Pratibha Ghule, Com Sarfraj Shaikh, Com. Ganesh Bhad, Com Avinash Dombale,Com Abhinandan Aherkar,Com Varsha Shegadkar,Com D P Angole, AO , Com V M Dhoble AO were felicitated under thunderous applause by offering Bouquets. .

·        Com M.A. Birajdar, DS SNEA Solapur presented his report in that mentioned about increased membership strength. In HR issues he mentioned about the very genuine Rule-8 transfer case of Com. Ravikumar, JTO-WTP. All local HR cases are resolved with GM Solapur Com. S. R. Chavan case regarding contractor problem which had resolved by intervention in the case involving TDM Solapur. All the circle/CHQ level issues of Solapur Comrades were taken aggressively with CS and have been successfully resolved in favor of members.  Com Pratibha Ghule JTO case was settled by CS Maharashtra for change of posting from Pune to Solapur. Com Vaibahav Kulkarni JTO WTR, Com Sagar Bokephode JTO Kurdwadi & Com Kudale JTO Sangola was also settled by CS Maharashtra as per their request .Long pending case of Com Jetagi earlier AO Solapur and now IFA Osmanabad case was settled by our CS. He briefed the house that total membership of SNEA Solapur is increased to 85 and subscription from salary deduction is for 77 members and from next it will increase to 85. He appreciated the Diary Printing done by Com P N Patil CT SNEA MH and Com. V V Pimparkar DS SNEA Ahmednagar and assured and conveyed thanks to Solapur comrades for timely feedback and payments of diary. He also mentioned that since the month subscription deduction started from salary i.e.   from January 2017, no single rupee has been received from CHQ as District Quota and requested CS to get it early from CHQ. He also appealed members to clear the outstanding amount with them as there is shortage of funds even for day to day activities. On development issues he mentioned that existing network of mobile is not capable for providing high speed data which is most sought after by customers. Under PAN India we should also cover all rural area under 3G/4G network immediately. For FTTH Connections we are not having any team in place even executives do not know which area is feasible or not feasible so that demand can be generated. Also sufficient OF cable backhaul not available for providing FTTH connection. Now on the future is only in ultra-high speed connections like FTTH. In conclusion, Com. M. A. Birajdar DS SNEA Solapur conveyed thanks to all the dignitaries for attending this District conference and also conveyed thanks to all the comrades for SNEA Solapur for their active support while functioning as DS SNEA Solpaur.

·        Com R S Patil, Joint  Secretary (South), SNEA MH Circle, in his address updated the house about planning for longest stay within circle by giving options for nearby SSA like Sangli and he will try for them to post nearby stations to Solapur like Jat, Atpadi etc. He also updated house about the latest development in BSNL Maharashtra Circle and other issues related to day to day working of executives.

·        Com Prayag Pisal, Joint  Secretary (Pune), SNEA MH Circle in his speech praised the dynamic leadership of Com Adasul CS and how there is no need to go to Mumbai for meeting with CS for transfer just  sending the email through DS is sufficient. He also narrated his experience while working in SNEA and while he was working in unions earlier before joining as JTO on LICE promotion. He updated house about current activities of SNEA MH and how SNEA MH is successfully handling different issues in larger interest of BSNL and SNEA members.

·        Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS West SNEA MH Circle, in his speech he briefed the house how under the dashing & dynamic leadership of Com Adasul CS SNEA is again taking very active role and how the issues of executives in Maharashtra Circle are being taken care by personal touch in each case. He also narrated though there was some decline in membership of SNEA for some time now the membership of SNEA MH has gone above 3000 and SNEA MH has highest membership at Circle level among all associations in BSNL.  He also the briefed the house how the Jumbo transfer order carried out consisting of request transfers, transfer in the interest of service & how the DE L/A as well as DGM L/A are issued to fulfill all vacant post throughout Maharashtra Circle. He also assured the house that any issues with recent transfers will be surely taken care by SNEA MH. He appealed house for strengthening hands of Com. Adasul and SNEA MH for better future of BSNL and its executives.

·        Com Tejas Tadsare, CWC Member, SNEA MH Circle in his speech briefed the house regarding CPSU hierarchy if implemented will be loss to recently promoted from TTA to JTO but he assured the house that they will not go to court for stay and will continue to pursue for early approval of CPSU Cadre hierarchy. He also explained about the Group Term Insurance and benevolent fund proposed by SNEA MH and narrated its usefulness. He also briefed the house about status of standard pay scales and 3rd Pay revision.

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH in his marathon speech lasting for more than an hour, updated the house about how the entire telecom sector is in trouble and all private players are having huge outstanding loans but compared to it BSNL is in better position. How Reliance JIO is creating trouble in the entire Telecom sector and killing the competition in the wrong and unethical way with the full support of DoT and Govt. He briefed the house about the importance of WTR and stressed that WTR should be given utmost attention by posting the sufficient staff. He explained in detail regarding the EOI and how it should be managed wisely & judiciously to avoid the problem created by its curtailment. The job in BSNL is currently the best compared to other departments and hence one has to be happy and give his best to BSNL. He elaborated that the punching machine is required for monitoring of staff on fixed duty but being technical officers everybody is on 24 hour duty and hence attendance in punching should not be given undue importance but importance should be given to the work being carried by the executives and no work should be kept pending for next day except unavoidable reason and it is the real attendance of executive. The top priority to be given by the comrades for ensuring that exchange/BTS in working condition before leaving the office. He also narrated that it was resolution of last General Body Meetng that post of GMT Solapur should be filled with regular GM and same has been fulfilled by posting of present GM. He also narrated the current issues of transfer posting and how with day night persuasion by SNEA MH entire waiting list of request transfer has been wiped out, he also added that earlier there was reluctance on part of management to issue DE/DGM LA and actions were taken to fulfil just few post that to be on pick and choose. SNEA MH has taken up matter and now orders have been issued in transparent manner and to full fill actual requirement. He also added that there are certain issues and all such issues are being rightly taken care by SNEA MH. He appreciated works done by SNEA Solapur and he specially appreciated unity of the executives in Solapur SSA under banner of SNEA and assured house that issues of all comrades will be taken care. He also updated house about pending issues of CHQ like Pay Revision, Standard pay scales, accommodation to SNEA, mobile connections to office Bearers of SNEA, CPSU cadre hierarchy, status of different DPCs etc.  He concluded his address with thanks to all comrades of SNEA Solapur for their love and affection towards him & SNEA and also for arranging such beautiful Conference and mass gathering thereof and assured that SNEA MH will take care of all issues of its members.

·        Com Bharat Sonawane, Circle President, SNEA MH Circle in his motivating speech briefed the house regarding the jumbo transfer order in which maximum genuine cases are addressed and how SNEA works on policy equally applicable for all. He also briefed about the well- defined transfer policy of Pune SSA and how it is beneficial for one and all. He narrated that due to such transparent working the membership of SNEA has increased and now SNEA consists of members ranging from JTO/JAO to PGM level officers. He mentioned the problems in DSLAM shifting & difficulties in its shifting. The DSLAM shifting was planned in half hazard way without taking into consideration the ground realities. He also briefed how the vendors are cheating the BSNL by charging heavy cost for the networking CPEs .These vendors were previously working for R Com and after its shutting down of business are turning to BSNL and doing cheating business. He narrated house about the current issues of BSNL and also guided house how to overcome day to day difficulties n office working. He also made aware house about the importance of officers in BSNL and how one has to be careful while using his authorities. He concluded his addressed with assurance to the house for full co-operation by SNEA MH.

·        Shri. B. J. Umbarje, DGM Admn Solapur conveyed best wshes for conference. He gave warm welcome to Shri. R M Pradhan new GMT Solapur and expressed that with his joining as GMT Solapur many more issues will be settled. He also conveyed thanks to SNEA for resolving all issues of Solapur comrades and assured that management will take care of all issues raised by SNEA Solapur. He also shared his experience while working as TDM Solapur and shared experience about the overall support by SNEA to its comrades.

·        Shri. R. M. Pradhan, GMT Solapur, in his address conveyed best wishes for successful deliberations of District Conference and thanks for inviting him. He appreciated the strength of SNEA Solapur and appealed the executives to give their best for BSNL with their dedicated and united efforts. He shared his experience while working at Pune and assured to give his best for growth of Solapur SSA and appealed to all executives to come forwards with problems and suitable solutions so that it will be taken care management. He elaborated some present activities of Telecom sector and role of BSNL n telecom sector. He concluded his speech with firm assurance for resolution of issues raised by SNEA and appealed all executives to come forward and act with full devotion for growth of BSNL.

·        Com. S. C. Bhingoli, DP SNEA Solapur, in his presidential address summarized the issues discussed in the Open session and overall function of SNEA Solapur and conveyed vote of thanks to all comrades.

·        After open session, the existing body was dissolved and new District Body consisting of following office Bearers has been elected unanimously:

1.     Com Narendra Khobare, District President

2.     Com N V Mane Vice President

3.     Com. N. J. Gade, Distract Secretary

4.     Com P. P. Chatufale, Asst  District Secretary

5.     Com S N Chougule, District Treasurer

6.     Com R B Mane, Organization Secretary I

7.     Com M U Nanaware, Organization  Secretary II

·        Com. P. S. Zingade is elected as CEC Member Solapur who will represent the issues of Solapur comrades in SNEA MH Circle.

·        The newly elected office Bearers were given oath of alliance by Com. Bharat Sonawane CP SNEA MH and newly elected DS & DP expressed their feeling after elections and conveyed thanks to Solapur comrades and assured to do their best as office bearers of SNEA Solapur.

·        The highly successful and beautifully arranged District Conference concluded with National Anthem and slogans of unity and nice dinner for all comrades and guests at Hotel Panchali.

·        PHOTOS of District Conference <<<<>>>


27 aPr 18:  BSNL Ties up with Amazon Prime: On special request from Maharashtra Circle, BSNL CO introduces new Broadband plan “BBG Combo Amze 700” bundled with Amazon Prime package on Pan India basis. Letter <<<>>>

·        As on today though BSNL was providing data unlimited on different plans the BSNL customers were not having any digital media content of  movies, music , TV etc as that of private operators to  attract young generation.

·        The taking note of this, Maharashtra Circle has sent proposal to have a bundled plan with Amazon as a value addition to customer and now BSNL Corporate office has approved this bundling on PAN India Basis.

·        With introduction of thus special plan bundled with M/S Amazon , now BSNL customers will also get the special features for uses of data at par with customers of other operators

·        Main Advantages of this plan:

a.     Favourite movies/music/sports events etc.

b.    No delivery charges for Amazon shopping

c.      Priority early delivery

d.    Early Access for flash sales...

·        Additional feature of Plan Amaze 700 is that flat speed of 2 Mbps after FUP of 10 GB. Except 1199 & Amaze 700, all other plans have speed of 2 Mbps after FUP

·        It is understood that considering technical aspects on provisioning of Amazon Prime Features, a special plan of AMAZE 700 has been introduced. DIR(CFA) in west zone review meeting at Ahmedabad on 26/04/2018, has also agreed that this bundled Plan will be allowed to BSNL Post-paid plans with FMC above 500

·        With such special plans BSNL is trying to attract more and more customers towards BSNL and SNEA MH appeals all comrades to popularise this unique Bundling of Amazon Prime in our family/friends WA Groups so that more customers added in BSNL network.


27 aPr 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued modification in DE LA on the request of individual/SSA Heads and due to correction in vacancy position. Letter <<<>>>

·        This is first such modification and other such requests also will be given consideration in DE as well as DGM LA Cadre and mainly after decision from CGMT MH on acceptance of refusals all such request cab be incorporated in better way.

·        SNEA MH is pursuing this issue continuously and after elaborate discussions on this issue with GM HR/Admn Mumbai as per directions of CGMT MH on issue of acceptance of refusal in Looking After Arrangements, we will have fresh discussions with CGMT MH shortly and request him to consider option of refusal so that interested comrades get opportunity to work with higher responsibility and request of executives for refusal /unwilling due to genuine reasons are given consideration. Let us hope for the best. 


27 aPr 18:  CAO FC Mumbai endorsed the list of JAO Rule 9 Requests forwarded to SEA Cell BSNL Corporate office for deputation to other Circles. Letter <<<>>>

·        These Rule 9 request were pending for long time and before few months only few names were recommended and Rule 9 transfers were given consideration on pick and choose basis.

·        When the request from MH Circle were forwarded on pick and choose basis, the SEA cell also has given consideration to the rule 9 request only in case of political influence and it was reason of mass unrest among JAOs. 

·        This was strongly raised by SNEA MH and we have taken up matter with GM Fin Mumbai for forwarding all request under Rule 9 with required recommendation in each case but matter was delayed by giving different reasons and after continuous persuasion of two months finally the Rule 9 requests of all JAOs were forwarded to SEA Cell Delhi manly due to allotment of about 137 new JAOs to Maharashtra Circle from outsider quota.

·        But this list was not made public and SNEA MH has again take up matter and now list has been made public bringing transparency thereof.

·        Now all such request for Rule 9 deputation will be forwarded to BSNL CO on quarterly basis and any of the JAO needs any correction/modification/addition of Circle in earlier request may submit fresh request accordingly.

·        It seems that every JAO who is in need or not n need has applied for Rule 9 transfer, but one has to understand that Rule 9 requests are temporary deputation for two years and is not permanent transfer and one who has to go for permanent transfer has to complete five years in the present circle excluding period of deputation.

·        Hence SNEA MH appeals to JAOs who do not have genuine issues or urgency for deputation, should not waste their time as well as time of administration and also should not create hurdles for other JAOs who are really in need of two years deputation due to critical family/personal issues because the possibility of considering Rule 9 request in mass is less and thus very purpose of Rule 9 transfer is defeated.

·        If all JAOs co-operate each other then only this facility of two years deputation will be useful for needy JAOs and others who want to join their home or choice Circle can better apply for Rule 8 transfers just before completion of five years in Maharashtra Circle and get permanent transfer and SNEA MH will surely pursue all such cases.    


 27 aPr 18: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued clarification on guidelines for Police verification of JE/JTOs as requested by Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


27 aPr 18:  BSNL CO Circular for Free Centrex facility to landline customers with group of 25 and above. Letter <<<>>>


27 aPr 18:  Apart from SCT Cell, now Vigilance cell of BSNL CO also calls for monthly report on fake cast certificates. Letter <<<>>>


26 aPr 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai writes SSA Heads for sending certain documents in respect of the officers asking for grant of immunity being prominent Office Bearer of Associations and for forwarding all such requests with relevant documents within three days. Letter <<<>>>

·        As per the latest guidelines all the prominent officers on post of CS/DS, ACS/ADS, CT/DT are eligible for retention in working SSA in case of transfer out of SSA.

·        In view of above clarification all these officer Bearers will be eligible for immunity up to Dec 2019 .e till the recognition period of the said association.

·        All the office Bearers who have already available facility of retention for certain fixed period during current recognition period may ask for extension of retention up Dec 2019 and all such requests for grant of immunity in old as well as fresh request may be given consideration by tomorrow.

·        It may also be taken care that no one makes bogus claim for grant of immunity and the election of the office Bearers on said post should have been done before his transfer order and he is paid member of that association as per latest subscription deduction for last three months.

·        Also for grant of immunity for Office Bearer of such association at District level that branch should have minimum 10 paid member in that particular District branch and paid membership is decided from the salary deduction of last three months.

·        When membership of any District Branch is less than ten, then no Distract branch can be formed and no office bearer is eligible for the facility of grant of immunity and hence one should take care before claiming the facility of grant of immunity.

·        Also if anybody has availed this facility earlier at any level, same will not be available at same level again but can be avail at different level.

·        All DS/COBs are requested to look into this matter and take up matter with SSA Heads for timely and correct recommendation of request for grant of Immunity to the prominent office Bearers of Associations.

·        As such all concerned office Bearers of associations in need of immunity and holding post eligible for grant of immunity from transfer may apply immediately through proper channel along with all relevant documents and its copy along with all relevant documents may please be sent by email to Com. Ankit Gangar JS HQ SNEA MH by evening of 27/04/2018. 


 26 aPr 18:  In final call to implementation of transfer orders, AGM Staff Mumbai AO FC Mumbai writes all SSA/BA /Units Heads to relieve all officers under transfer as per the recent different transfer total 17 orders issued by Staff section Mumbai including order for force relieving through ERP. Letter <<<>>>

·        Letter clearly says that Competent Authority i.e. CGMT MH has viewed it serious act of disobedience that even after ERP relieving also many of the officers are not relieved by the SSA Heads.

·        Letter further states that even after fortnight of the transfer orders and even after orders for force relieving through ERP many of the officers are not relieved by SSA Heads.

·        SNEA MH has rightly pointed out that after ERP relieving there is no need of issuing relieving order by SSA Heads/controlling officers and officer under transfer will join to new SSA by relinquishing the present charge and no same has been clarified by this letter issued by AGM Staff Mumbai.

·        It is fact that many of the SSA Heads have become habitual to keeping on hold all officers under transfer for months together who affects the working of other SSA Heads who follows orders and relieve the officers under transfers.

·        It is unfortunate that some of SSA Heads have even not relieved single officer even after strict orders for force relieving through ERP and surprisingly some of them dare to act in such extreme disobedient manner when they have to face anguish of CGMT MH.

·        We can understand SSA/Unit Heads cannot relieve some good hands immediately or without any alterative/substitute arrangements due to extreme technical requirement and in such SSA/Unit Heads should have acted by making local rearrangements, or by handing over charge to somebody temporarily and there reliving all other officers excluding these technical expert hands.

·        It can be understood and it is quite possible that for any SSA/Unit Head, it is not possible to relieve all officers in one stroke, then one would have initiated steps and would have issued orders for relieving all officers in step by step manner with targeted date but unfortunately some of SSA Heads have not acted and files initiated by lower officers for relieving of officers even on mutual or one to one transfers are also not approved.

·        Hence under strict administration of Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle, now AGM Staff has issued orders for directing relieving of officers by relinquishing the charge by officers under transfer and joining new place of posting without waiting for  orders for SSA Heads/Controlling officers.

·        SNEA MH is hopeful that by now many of the officers would have been relieved by SSA/Unit Heads and if not at least officers willing to join new place of posting at own cost request or are ready to follow transfer order should wait for relieving by today evening and if till no relieving orders are issued by today evening they may immediately act on the guidelines issued to join new place of posting without waiting for relieving order by SSA Heads/Controlling officers.

·        All such unrelieved officers willing  to join new place of posting should relinquish the charge they are holding by quoting transfer order, ERP relieving order and this order under reference and  send  copies of relinquishing charge to all concerned and should join  at new place of posting the earliest and may before tomorrow i.e. 28/04/2018 the last working day of this month so there are chances that their names may be considered for back to home transfers f they desires so after completion of two years and if anyone who joins after 01/05/2018, then he/she  may have to wait for one more extra year as his name may not be considered for back to home transfer due to criteria of transfers in March-April of financial year.

·        All such officers will be allowed to join at new place of posting on basis of this charge relinquishing report of old SSA , joining report at New SSA by quoting the transfer order, ERP relieving order and this letter for following the ERP relieving.

·        SNEA MH likes to cautions the officers under request transfer to strictly follow these orders and join place of their request as by look at present conditions, there are chances that the transfer order in respect of all officers under request transfer to choice station who will not join new place of posting by tomorrow the last working day of month may be cancelled and entire responsibility will be with individuals.

·        Anyone unwilling to join to new place of posting due to some genuine grievances /reasons may opt for not joining and who has submitted representation for reviewing his/her transfer and may wait for cancellation/retention order as the case may be and his salary will not be drawn for this month or till his/her retention/cancellation order is issued or he/she joins at new place of posting.  

·        It is evident from the recent letters and actions by CGMT MH and GM HR Admn Mumbai, that both are really serious on non-implementation of transfer orders even after ERP relieving and when such clear letter is issued for immediate joining and at least the officers under request transfer should not take any risk of cancellation of their orders or change of SSA and posting at unwanted place.

·        We have already conveyed this message to all DS/DOBs of SNEA MH and hopefully concerned comrades under transfer may have been updated accordingly.

·        But till anybody want to wait for formal relieving order and do not follow these clear  orders by Circle Office for relinquishing charge and join at new place of posting  then SNEA MH do not have any objection and only request  to all such officers waiting for formal relieving is that  please do not blame SNEA later if transfer order of any of the officer is cancelled  or if SSA under transfer is changed and officer is posted to another SSA which has shortage of executives for not following these orders for joining place of posing. 

·        Hope every officer under transfer will act accordingly and will take decision by applying his/her mind and at his/her own will decide future of his/her long pending  request transfer and will be ready for transfer at any other place later if he/she comes under Circle or SSA  long stay list. 


 26 aPr 18:  CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for work distribution allotment of works of AOs/CAOs in Circle Office Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>

·        In intelligent action except works of Com. Mahadevan, CAO LA ERP Mumbai, works of other CAOs transferred out of Mumbai is assigned to other officers and it seems that something being cooked by FC section under GM Fin Mumbai for retention of Com. Mahadevan and some other CAOs in Circle office Mumbai.

·        The works of only Com V. V. Kulkarni CAO LA transferred under the policy “Follow me or follow your transfer“  and Com. M H Khan are re-allotted to other officers and it is now unofficially certified that the doors of Circle office Mumbai are closed for Com Kulkarni and Com Khan and the backstage actions are being taken for retention of Com. Mahadevan and some other CAOs from Circle Office Mumbai.

·        As such SNEA MH appeals to all other AOs under transfer under CAO LA to wait for some time more and may not join on new place of posting under out of SSA transfer as there are chances that they also will be retained at Par with Com. Mahadevan and hopefully will be saved from untimely transfers and final decision is upto these individual comrades, but SNEA MH will take matter for equal treatment for all officers and will not allow such pick and choose favouritism at any cost. 


26 aPr 18:  Due to compulsions of long stay transfer and non-consideration of request by GM Fin Mumbai, the hard working and excellent officer in eyes of GM Fin Mumbai Com. Anil Kakade, JAO Pune has now opted for VRS.  Letter <<<>>>

·        It is important that Com. Anil Kakade, JAO Pune who has been certified as one of excellent officer in Maharashtra Circle by Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai due to his experience while as IFA Pune for long time has now opted for VRS as his request for change of SSA on his transfer to Buldhana /retention at Pune is not given consideration.

·        It is most unfortunate that such excellent officer from Pune SSA having shortage of officers at Pune is compelled to opt for VRS as he failed to manage officers in Circle Office Mumbai  but Com. Mahadevan CAO LA ERP Mumbai who is successful in managing DGM ERP, GM Fin Mumbai and DGM FC Mumbai is successful in his retention in Circle Office Mumbai transfer even after 22 years of longest stay in Circle Office Mumbai where officers excess than the justification  ranging from JAO to GM are rightly available is given retention.

·        This happens when CGMT MH has always pointed out that Circle Office Mumbai has 50 excess officers of Account wing than the required in any Circle office and long stayed officers like Com. Mahadevan are retained in Circle Office Mumbai and other four poor CAO LA namely Com. Mrs. S. M.  Nashirabadkar, Com. Mrs. S. U. Wani, Com. M. H. Khan and Com. V. V. Kulkarni  are transferred out of Mumbai even though their stay is just two years and their only failure is that they failed to manage their controlling DGMs and through them, the GM Fin Mumbai as successfully done by extremely smart Com. Mahadevan.

·        One should not be surprised to see that if even Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH tries to transfer and relieve Com. Mahadevan then CGMT MH may be transferred but Shri. Mahadevan will be retained in Circle Office Mumbai as reasons can be best understood for such extreme action. . 

·        This is ridiculous to see such extremely biased picture and favouritism by GM Fin Mumbai himself who is responsible for giving equal treatment for all officers in account wing and it gives clear picture of poor HR approach by FC section and it seems that time has come to decide HR approach thereof.


25 aPr 18:  Review of Medical ground Requests for cancelation of long stay transfers:  AGM Staff Mumbai conveyed rejection of individual request for cancellation/retention on transfer orders as these cases were not supported by required, sufficient and medical certificate/documents issued by competent authority.  Letter <<<>>>

·        All these 11 comrades have requested for cancellation/retention on medical grounds but these cases are rejected as the supporting documents attached are old one and not current, not issued by competent authority or the disease mentioned are not covered under BSNL transfer policy or justifying the grounds for cancellation of transfer order.

·        All such officers may represent their medical ground request as fresh case with current medical documents and with certificate issued by Civil surgeon certifying the critical illness or difficulties in joining new place of posting.

·        In case certificate from Civil surgeon is not possible then at least the certificate issued by doctor to whom patient is undergoing treatment or consulting in routine needs to be countersigned by Civil Surgeon. 

·        The medical certificates issued by recognised/reputed hospitals, Govt Hospitals may also be given consideration but it is advised to comrades that it is better to try for certificate from Civil Surgeon.

·        It is fact that some of comrades are using medical certificates as tool for cancellation of transfer order and it is not ethical and it may be noted that with such bogus medical certificate, the transfer of officer can be avoided for one or two years, but one has to join transferred place till he/she fits under criteria of transfer.

·        Further it is fact that n case of cancellation of transfer order of any officer on such grounds, the next long stay officer will be transferred in his place as substitute and hence others who are in next position of long stay may be ready for transfer or be careful about any such bogus claim by anyone.

·        Further, names of  some of officers are excluded from long stay list on some medical grounds which may not exist now and in such cases also review is required by SSAs while sending long stay list and same is not being done n some of the cases.

·        As such SNEA MH advise to all comrades not to use bogus medical certificates and if he/she has genuine grievances to join at present place of posting which may be extreme odd to him/her, in such cases change of SSA may be opted and such requests for SSAs having shortage of executives will be definitely given consideration and SNEA MH will pursue for such cases.

·        It may be please noted that such bogus certificates may call for vigilance cases or disciplinary actions if proved and hence one should be very careful in submission of medical certificates.

·        SNEA MH will also see that cases on bogus medical certificates are not given consideration and all activists of SNEA are requested to inform/update concerned DS/COB of SNEA MH on such bogus medical claims for cancellation of transfers; we will take up with management for critical scrutiny of such cases and corrective action accordingly.    


 25 aPr 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for change of SSA to settle grievances in recent transfer orders and this s first order considering request for change of station or cancellation of recent transfer order.  Letter <<<>>>

·        The Orders of officers in Part A are cancelled by cancelling earlier request given by the officer, on medical ground  or due to correction in position of the long stay list.

·        The orders for Officers in Part B are issued for at Own Cost change of SSA as per the request of the concerned officers. 

·        The officer in Part C is retained as per latest guidelines from BSNL CO.

·        The officers in part D are the officers from Tenure station Sindhudurg SSA whose name were not considered and are left out cases.

·        Other officers namely Com. L A Kanekar, Com V M Deolikar & Com. L V Mahajan are transferred under long stay against some cancellations in this order.


24 aPr 18:  Meeting with Shri Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle: Com. Abhay Kesarkar JS NRU SNEA MH and Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH had meeting with Shri Peeyush Khare CGMT MH Circle in his chamber on 20/04/2018 at 1700 hrs and this meeting was also attended by Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai. The details of discussions are as follows.

1.     Thanks for considering Request of Executives in Telecom wing: We conveyed him thanks for considering all request transfers of executives in Telecom wing and mainly for wiping out the waiting list of request transfers of executives in telecom wing. We specially appreciated the day night efforts taken by GM HR/Admn Mumbai and his team for consideration of all request transfers in telecom wing as well as orders for LA arrangements in DE as well as DGM Cadre and fulfilling all the vacancies in DE & DGM Cadre and specially appreciated involvement of Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle in transfer posting issues and giving final shape to this gigantic work of complying data and issuing orders in record period of seven days. Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle also appreciated the efforts taken by Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR/Admn Mumbai and his team of officers and staff in the staff section Mumbai and conveyed that though he was behind them and pressing hard for timely completion of works of transfer posting the entire credit goes to team of GM HR/Admn Mumbai and they have done excellent job. We have added that we highly appreciate this work and we have given such letter to you, but CGMT MH informed that he is more involved n day to day activities of increasing revenue of Maharashtra and do not read letters as SNEA letters are about 25 pages. We have brought to his notice that this letter of appreciation is of just three pages, but he informed that even he has no time for even read three page leader as he is more concerned in earning money for BSNL and he suggested that even thanks by sms would have worked but SNEA MH has not sent such sms. We have informed him that we do not believe on sms and when work was done excellent except consideration of options and denial of refusal in LA arrangements, we have put thanks for such excellent work on paper and we surely mean it.

2.     Consideration of options and refusal thereof in DE/DGM LA Orders: When we have brought to the notice of CGMT MH that though his HR team has done excellent work and only issues left are with consideration options and refusal in DE/DGM LA arrangements and compulsions being created on comrades for accepting such stop gap arrangements by transfers out of SSA as none of options given by individual before issuing orders either in DE or DGM Cadre or the refusal after issuing  also not given consideration at later stage, the temperament of  CGMT MH was high and he straight away refused to accept the refusal in any cadre and informed that this time no refusal will be accepted. When we asked for reasons, he informed that there are no guidelines to accept the refusal and he has studies issue to the depth.  We have brought to notice of CGMT MH guidelines are rightly available for refusal of LA arrangements and same have been followed in Maharashtra Circle also till last order for DGM LA & DE LA. CGMT MH bounced that past is past and he is not bothered about what happened in past and he will not accept any refusal and everybody will have to join new assignment as this time he has issued orders as demanded by SNEA on basis of Circle seniority and association should not have any grievances as management is working as per rule. Then we have brought to his notice that SNEA MH has raised objection in formal meeting about giving DGM LA to Com. Sayyad Illisuddin when about 30 officers senior to him were not given DGM LA and that to be by creating special post of DGM Nanded. Then CGMT accepted that now seniority has been updated and orders are issued as per seniority and association should be happy and all the officers under transfer as per seniority should join at transferred place. We have informed many of the officers transferred have earlier submitted options and now refusal as everybody has genuine problems and the out of SSA transfers in stop gap arrangements are not acceptable to majority of comrades. He further added that no one is performing duties and everybody want to be at same place and he will not tolerate this anymore and has firmly decided to act as LA orders  and he as CGMT MH is authority to decide refusals. If there are guidelines that the refusal cannot be accepted he should show the guidelines then he pointed out fingers to GM HR/Admn Mumbai and he also supported stand of CGMT MH by adding that refusal can be given on promotion but there is nothing said about refusals on LA arrangements. We have asked when option of refusal is available on regular promotions, how it can be dined on such stop gap and purely temporary arrangements of 179 days. But CGMT MH continues with his say that refusal will not be accepted and association has be happy with the fact that there demand LA arrangements as per seniority has been accepted and expressed his inner feeling that if association would not have interfered he was doing work nicely for LA arrangements and now he will not do so. SNEA MH informed him that we cannot give him free hand to give higher post to anybody as per his wish and will and we are duty bound to see that equal treatment is given to one and all regardless of his approach & reach towards the management and we will support stand of CGMT MH for not accepting proposal if it has been written n any of the guidelines issued by BSNL that refusal on LA arrangements cannot be accepted. We further added that if for sake of convince we agree that there are guidelines that refusal cannot be accepted then what about other guidelines that officer will not be transferred out of SSA on completion of 58 years of age, officer who has completed tenure Circle or All India hard tenure cannot be transferred at least for next four years, officer who has joined any station at Own cost transfer cannot be shifted till completion of two years, priority will be given to request to keep working husband and wife together, posting of person with disabilities at place of his suitability and all these guidelines are contradicting the stand of CGMT MH for not accepting the refusal. We further added that if the refusal were not to be accepted then why his office has called for options, why the names of many of the officers are excluded from the list. In response CGMT MH informed that he has called options as per his wish and it is not binding for him to accept it. He also added that names are excluded as these officers have submitted refusal and their names cannot be considered now. We have questioned that he cannot take decision after calling for options excluding names of officers who have earlier refused LA arrangements and if he has taken stand on so called guidelines of not accepting refusal then there was no need to call options and names of certain officers should not have been excluded and LA arrangements should have been given serially depending on vacancy and if he is firm on not accepting refusal then he should issue fresh order as per seniority without excluding any name and whatever orders will be issued will be followed. We also brought to his notice that there are many issues with present DGM LA orders and SNEA MH has rightly pointed out these issues, but CGMT responded that he has no time to read such letter with 25 pages and he has not seen and GM HR/Admn Mumbai will look into it but he was firm that no refusal will be accepted. Then we have informed him that if he is firm on stand of not accepting refusal then SNEA MH also is firm on its stand if refusal are not accepted then we are not left with any other option to refuse for LA arrangements in mass by all the SNEA members in Maharashtra Circle and we will demand for Regular promotions and let him take care of the works as none of SNEA comrade will take higher responsibility in such humiliating manner. If management want to get work done then there is need of HR approach and such pressure tactics by relieving unwilling officers through ERP will not work and no unwilling officer will join the LA arrangements on transfer out of SSA and as mass decision everybody will refuse the LA arrangements and will be happy to work in substantive cadre with less responsibility and respectful treatment by management. CGMT MH told that association can do so and even can take up matter with BSNL CO and will find that there are no guidelines for accepting refusal in LA arrangements and he is not bothered about anyone’s say as he has done everything as per guidelines. We have elaborated him some cases of deliberate violations with his intervention and how the comrades who have just joined present place of posting after completion of their transfer out of Maharashtra Circle, at all India Hard tenure stations and at Circle tenure station are being harassed when it is quite possible for him to get the said position occupied by accepting refusal and giving opportunity to the officers below in the seniority list. His stand that no refusal will be accepted has spoiled entire efforts taken by GM HR/Admn Mumbai and the image of Circle Management has been downgraded as it is running away from real HR approach and requested CGMT MH to review his stand and accept the refusals which are merely 15-20 in DE LA against  total order of 226 DE LA and 12-15 against total order of 46 DGM LA or make us available the clear guidelines saying that refusal cannot be accepted in LA arrangements and f it is so then fresh orders needs to be issued by adding names of the officers who are senior but not included in the present orders. After these many discussions and sharing of views CGMT MH finally directed us to seat with GM HR/Admn Mumbai and discuss about the guidelines on accepting refusals and GM HR/Admn will explain us how the refusal cannot be accepted. He further added that if GM  HR/Admn agrees for accepting the refusals then may review his decision but he cannot firmly assure about it and he is still of the opinion that no refusal will be accepted and no order will be modified except question of death and life and all officers will be relieved through ERP. We have conveyed that SNEA MH is happy to see that in historic action all the request transfers which are more than 350 are being implemented within period of four weeks and we are happy with it and only required is change of stand on accepting refusals. In reciprocating to the directions of CGMT MH, SNEA MH has agreed to discuss the issue of accepting refusal with GM HR/Admn to the depth and to take further stand on this matter. 

3.     Non-performance Transfers: During discussions, CGMT MH specially mentioned about poor achievements in DISLAM shifting and provision of DELs as per targets assigned to each SDE and expressed that association should be thankful to him that he has not transferred anyone on this poor performance even though he is ready with such data and list of about such 150 poor performers was prepared by him team. We have brought to his notice that his concept of transfers on “Non-Performers” is not at all correct and no one improves after transfer. Also he will have to understand why the targets assigned by him are not achieved by concerned officers and what was role of SSA Heads in monitoring these targets by extending supports to these officers and just blaming JTO/SDE & DE will not work. We made him clear that if he really wants to set right things then he should act against real culprits that to be not by transfers and my adopting guidelines issued by BSNL for non-performance and made him clear that SNEA MH will not be mute spectator if such Non Performer transfers are issued. On the contrary , SNEA MH will stand with him if he really means to set non-performers right well within guidelines on deal with Non-performer , but it is unfortunate that real poor performers are enjoying and the hard working officers are being threatened for mass transfers as Non-performer and it is not actable to SNEA MH.

4.     Poor achievements of targets of  DSLAM shifting: He added that he was fooled by the DEs by achieving targets of DSLAM shifting by just shifting DSLAM with 2-3 connections and expressed deep dissatisfaction over the concerned DEs and he told that he cannot be followed more and hence he will acting harsh this time. We have made it clear that SNEA MH has already reminded him about very poor awareness among the officers in the field units about DSLAM shifting and even the persuasion from Circle office was being done on point to point basis as the targets were allotted on name of officers who are no more working as DE and when some of them are transferred out of SSA/Out of Maharashtra and how one can achieve targets assigned in poor way. By quoting classic example of Kolhapur SSA, that how all the files related to DSLAM shifting were pending with DGM Plg Kolhapur till all the DEs of Kolhapur were summoned by PGM CFA Mumbai without TA/DA and how it took speed after CGMT MH has intervened and concerned DGM Kolhapur was taken to the task and pending  files were cleared and we have brought to his notice that it was failure on part of PGM CFA Mumbai that monitoring was not done properly and though he as CGMT MH was much concerned none of SSA Heads except few was aware about DISLAM shifting and they were just passing on information to DEs with message that please do something as CGMT is pressing hard otherwise there was no concern shown by any of SSA Heads. CGMT MH informed that he has personally brought awareness among the officers as he has specially arranged meetings of SSA Heads and responsible officer and has expressed that no one has done the DSLM shift work properly and he has plan to take action against all DEs by transfers. We have equally reciprocated by SNEA and firmly informed that we cannot tolerate any more transfer on name of “Non-Performance” and as recognised majority association we will reciprocate such act of transfers on his part on if he wants to go ahead options are open for both. CGMT MH informed   We have again brought to his notice that  SNEA MH has no issue if he take appropriate action against any of the officer who is not performing his/her duties and we are concerned about the method adopted by him for punishment by transfers of the officers without going to the root cause and any action on his part  to transfer officers as Non-performer will not be actable for SNEA and assured that SNEA MH will stand with him for action against non-performer as per BSNL guidelines on the subject.   

5.     Issues with ERP relieving and review thereof: During discussions SNEA MH pointed out that ERP relieving has created many problems in the filed units and works of many of the offers are held up in ERP and there is need to give some time at least 2-3 days gap between issuing orders for ERP reliving and action of practically struck of the officer through ERP. This will give at least one or two days to complete pending works in ERP to concerned officer and he can handover or relinquish the charge accordingly. We also brought to his notice that his threatening during video conferencing that except question of death and life to transfer has created wave of terror among the executives and everybody is worried and the situation is not that much worst as many of the comrades are satisfied due consideration of their requests and only few have grievances and same can be taken care if given review. CGMT MH informed that everybody was given more than sufficient time and not only one-two days as pointed by SNEA MH, but he has given time of 15 days because final date for relieving by SSA Heads was 07/04/2018 and his office has not taken any action for ERP relieving till 18/04/2018 and till many of the officers are not relieved and only few are relieved. He expressed displeasure on foul cry by some SSA Heads that no sufficient time was given to SSA Heads and informed that many of SSA Heads have not taken action even to relieve single officer and even officer with less responsibility also were kept on hold by sending proposal for some modification and retention. But he has taken decision to first implement orders as t is his experience that transfers are not implemented in true spirit and time and SSA Heads are responsible for this situation. We expressed that SNEA MH has no grievances in ERP relieving except relieving officers under refusal. On the contrary SNEA MH is happy to see that about 350 officers at own cost request transfers are happy as their order has been implemented in shortest possible time of 20 days which would have been taken months or years together.  Our concern is about relieving of officers by neglecting their medical issues and CGMT MH responded that his office is ready to give consideration all such genuine cases of medical ground, but officers are not submitting required documents in time. He further informed that all the officers will be relieved through ERP and let him/her represent grievances f any but everybody will be relieved and he want to see that all the transfers are implemented in time bound manner.     

6.     Electrical wing Temporary advance case of Solapur SSA: During discussions on EOI issue CGMT MH narrated that due to such negligence to take timely corrective actions, the officers in Electrical wing are punished for no mistake on their part and he expressed that he feels painful that for petty amount of Rs 1000 or Rs 2000 the officers in electrical wing are trapped n disciplinary proceedings and if timely corrective action was taken same could have been avoided and he do not want repeat history in EOI cases and want to set right all issues. We requested CGMT MH to have sympathetic consideration of the requests/appeals by Electrical wing and give them justice by relief from the present situation they are passing over the period and CGMT MH has assured to look into it case by case basis and not in general. 

7.     Premature Transfer of Com. G K Patil DGM EB Mumbai: As Com. G.K.Patil visited CGMT chamber 2-3 times during our meeting in relation to one business proposal, we have requested CGMT that though Com. Patil has been favoured for premature transfer before completing two years at Mumbai his orders should not be implemented before he completes two years out of Pune as there are major complaints from Pune comrades about his transfer and SNEA Pune comrades have expressed concern about his transfer. CGMT MH informed that he will look into it.

8.     Arbitrary Reduction of Security Guards and EOIs equally among all SSAs and issues thereof: During discussions SNEA MH has drawn the attention of CGMT MH towards hardship and problems faced by filed units due to arbitrary decision to reduce 100% Security guards and 70% reduction of work force deployed under EOIs and how it has affected working of BSNL and it has worse effect at the places and SSAs were there are no tenders and BSNL’s own manpower is not available & if available same is not in position to meet the present requirement of BSNL mainly due age factor. We have elaborated that  the matter has been discussed in the recent District Conference of SNEA Sindhudurg and every executive has shared his views and it was informed that now show is being managed  to minimum level and there is mass unrest among public and it may burst any day as it is directly affecting the quality of services and if situation in not reviewed how services of Sindhudurg SSA will be collapsed during monsoon which is expected within months period and there are always heavy rains in Sindhudurg. We also updated CGMT MH on the views shared by executives and SSA Heads from different SSAs on this arbitrary decision. We added that this decision has badly affected SSAs which do not have tenders for OFC Mtce works, Broadband Mtce works. We also shared that with approval of tender for BTS Mtce some of SSAs have got certain relief but it will take time to make it practically functional and operational to meet requirement of SSA. But all of sudden reduction of total security guards and 70% EOIs have ruined working of many of the SSAs and unfortunately the views of none of SSA Head are given consideration. We added that when some BA/SSA Heads have approached him for review of decision in person, he has fired them left and right and no none of SSA/BA Head dares to talk to him or discuss with him this issue and are compelling the officers in the filed unit for extracting works from available manpower and it is difficult to manage the show where manpower of BSNL is not available or SSAs do not have tenders for Mtce works. We have also added that basis on the feedback from SSA Heads, SNEA MH has drafted letter on this subject elaborating the facts how there is confusion among the officers in Circle Office and what are the problems faced by filed officers and how it will have long lasting impact on BSNL working. By elaborating facts, we requested CGMT MH to review of the stand and give hearing to the say of SSA Heads on this matter otherwise situation will be beyond our control. In response CGMT MH informed that he has no intention to do so but he was compelled to take such harsh decision and concept the EOI workforce was misused by many of the SSAs and many complaints have been received on such misuse. After going through such complaints personally h has observed that there is base in such complaints and hence accordingly instructions have been issued to reduce the extra man power but no SSA Head responded and then he has issued instructions but no action was taken. Hence under such compulsions and manly to stop misuse of by certain officers this decision has been taken and the orders have been implemented strictly. He also added that he is aware about the problems by some units but problems are not that much as being projected by certain officers. He questioned us how Kalyan SSA can have 350 EOIs and how SSA like Sindhudurg can deploy EOI manpower for office work when EOIs are not meant for office works. We agreed that EOIs were engaged in office of Sindhudurg SSA, but made it clear that no EOI has been deployed in Kalyan SSA and whatever are security guards. CGMT MH replied that let it be security guards, where 350 persons are available and can GMT Kalyan or anybody physically present all 350 Security Guards and narrated that in many cases only salary has been drawn but physically no security guard is working and it is matter of concern for him and association should be thankful to him that he has not taken any action against such cases and with decision of reduction all such issues will be stopped and settled.  He further added that his doors are always open for any SSA/BA Head and he should take permission for leaving HQ and added that many of SSA Heads are leaving HQ without intimation and when calls are made from his office PAs of SSA Heads says that Sir is not available n office and they are not aware about his whereabouts of SSA/BA Head and this really disappoints him. He added that he has never rejected any proposal of review of the EOIs and Security guards and he has always asked for detail justification of requirement and where the figures of expenditure and revenue thereof are tally. He added that he just cannot approve the proposal as submitted by SSA Heads without applying mind and calculation of expenses and revenue thereof. He also added that he has given hearing to all SSA Heads who have approached him but none of SSA Head was able to justify his demand and hence no review has been taken till now. He further added that till now good amount has been saved under this reduction in every SSA and from this month onwards the matter will be reviewed on the basis of justified requirement. He added that the information on EOIs and SG has been called from every SSA and matte will be surely reviewed. He further informed that this review will be taken by GM HR/Admn Mumbai and he will approve such proposals by SSA/BA Heads wherein GM HR/Admn Mumbai founds it justified as he has made him clear the concept of actual requirement of EOIs. N conclusion CGMT MH firmly assured that all justified proposal will be given consideration for review of EOI even by more than 50% and he will not have any hesitation in approving such justified proposal. He finally added for his approval only condition is that SSA Head and IFA have to prepare such proposal with full justification and meet GM HR/Admn Mumbai to explain their stand at the earliest and no field unit will be suffer for want of EOIs if SSA Heads and IFAs work out justified proposal.

9.     CGMT MH further expressed his efforts on getting new business for BSNL from Patanjali group and shared his experience on Hardwar tour to meet Shri. Baba Ramdev and announced that BSNL is going get great business from Patanjali as in day to come about One Crores new SIM cards will be taken under Patanjali CUG plan on pan India basis and technical issues thereof being sorted out and shortly the scheme will be operative all over India and appealed that all should come forward and grab such business for BSNL. We also shared how some more proposals can be given effective result and CGMT MH informed that his office welcomes all such proposal and will like to garb any such opportunity for growing business of BSNL.

In conclusion CGMH MH directed us to have discussions with GM HR/Admn Mumbai about the Refusal requests and if provision exists for accepting refusal the he make think on it but cannot assure anything at this stage.

We conveyed thanks to CGMT MH & GM HR Admn Mumbai to have fruitful discussions and with confidence that all HR issues will be settled by giving consideration to genuine requests and left out cases also will be resolved ambically if the refusals are given consideration and both assured to take care of genuine issues/requests and GM HR/Admn assured to discuss refusal issue with the guidelines on the subject and meeting concluded at about 1915 hrs. 



 23 aPr 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for ERP relieving of SDEs on their transfers out of Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


 23 aPr 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for ERP relieving of DEs on their transfers out of Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


23 aPr 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for ERP relieving of JTOs, SDEs under out of SSA transfer either as long stay substitute or under own cost request transfers Letter  <<<>>>

·        It is unfortunate that none of SSA/Unit Head including officers in Circle Office Mumbai under direct control of CGMT MH, respects CGMT MH and GM HR Admn Mumbai and do not bother about repeated instructions by CGMT MH telephonically or during video conferencing as even officer with mutual or one to one own cost transfer are not relieved.

·        Hence in each and every case of transfer, CGMT MH has to direct GM HR/Admn to implement each and every transfer order through ERP and it seems that hereafter no SSA/Unit Head will implement any transfer order and will be waiting for its implementation through ERP by GM HR/Admn Mumbai. 

·        In negligent and blind approach, some of the of the officers who are already relieved by SSA Heads and have joined new SSA are also again relieved through ERP, thereby unnecessarily blocking their names in ERP and even minimum required    care is not being to check where said officer is relieved or not and where he/she has joined at new place of posting.

·        SNEA MH while worried about the working of the SSAs after such mass relieving of officers within span of one week, feels happy to see that about request transfers of all officers who are in majority SNEA members are implemented in time bound manner otherwise for implementation of these request transfers it would have taken months together and these comrades would have to plead and request controlling officers and SSA Heads are now relieved in one stroke of ERP.

·        Some of the officers are still under doubts confusion and uncertainty that on ERP relieving also there is need of relieving by SSA Head and controlling officer and they can join new place of posting only after such relieving order by SSA Heads/Controlling officers, which is not correct.

·        The officers who are willing to join new place of posting should wait for a day for such order by SSA Head/Controlling officer by arrangements of charge handing over and if no such order is issued for handing over charge, these officers under transfer will have to relinquish the charge and send its copies to all concerned and join new place of posting on basis of the ERP reliving meaning and idea behind force relieving by CGMT MH as SSA Heads under his control do not bother for his orders and order by GM HR/Admn Mumbai.

·        If any of the officer is relieved through ERP means his ERP is locked and it will be reopened only on his/her joining at new SSA and then only his salary/payments will be restored and in case anyone fails to join new SSA then he will not get salary of this month and salary of next month’s till he joins new place of posting.

·        The officer who do not want to get relieved may continue to work at present place of posting till further relieving order is not issued by SSA Head/Controlling officer and continue to do some office works other than works related to ERP as ERP of such officers are locked and only problem with them will be their salary of this month will not be drawn. 


23 aPr 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued appointment order of 19 JTOs as it is where it is basis on completion of their fled training. Letter <<<>>>


 21 aPr 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for ERP relieving of DEs under their out of SSA transfer either as long stay substitute or under own cost request transfers Relieving under DE LA <<<>>>    Relieving of request by DEs  <<<>>>

·        Though ERP relieving is good for officers under request transfers, such mass relieving of officers within 2-3 days of time will definitely and adversely affect the working of BSNL and many of the SSA/Unit Heads are crying for it, but here Circle Management continues with who care attitude and ERP relieving is being continued without showing any respect to the letters written by SSA/Unit Heads.

·        Under tremendous pressure created by Shri Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle by neglecting views of about all SSA Heads and Unit Heads, GM HR /Admn Mumbai continues to relieve the officers through ERP.

·        Under such extreme pressure GM HR/Admn Mumbai and the officers in staff section have forgotten that as per BSNL Guidelines no officer is transferred within or out of SSA in Looking After cadre and he/she needs to be reverted in substantive cadre, then relieved for new place of posting and on joining on new place of posting they are again given looking After arrangement cadre but here officers are relieved in DE LA Cadre which is totally wrong.

·        Officers for whom VC is not clear also are also relieved and only CGMT MH can explain how such officers will be given DE LA on transfer to new SSA or these officers will be compelled to work as SDE at unwanted place on name of DE LA just to satisfy the mood of CGMT MH and it is unfortunate that GM HR /Admn Mumbai seems to be not worried about the rules and regulations of BSNL and but has to only satisfy the mood of CGMT MH that all transfers should be implemented through ERP.

·        It is quite possible that some of the request can be adjusted by reconsideration of request but as CGMT MH has strictly directed GM HR/Admn Mumbai that except question of death and life no transfer should be changed and GM HR/Admn will continue to follow it without applying mind as it seems that he has lost such useful powers under undue pressure from CGMT MH.


20 aPr 18:  Historic and mammoth participation in Rajbhavan March at Mumbai by active comrades & leaders of all Unions and Associations in BSNL Maharashtra Circle: As per call given by central Head Quarters of all Unions and Associations in BSNL at Delhi, about 500 comrades of SNEA, BSNLEU, NFTE BSNL and AIBSNLEA from different SSAs have participated in Rajbhavan March on 19/04/2018 at 1100 hrs.

·        This was really historic moment observed by many of the lucky comrades who have actively participated in this March with single demand “Roll Back Tower Company, Save BSNL” have written their names n history of struggles by BSNL comrades in golden letters as first time BSNL employees and Officers have participated in such type of March /Dharana arranged at historical “Azad Maidan” Mumbai. 

·        Due to heavy metro works going on in this prominent area of South Mumbai, Police did not permit for the March to any place outside Azad Maidan and hence the BSNL comrades registered their protest against the decision of Govt of India for formation of separate Tower Company by separating all 65000 towers of BSNL by Dharana at Azad Maidan.

·        Hundreds of the Comrades present at Azad Maidan have registered their protest by loud slogans of BSNL Zindabad, Roll Back Tower company,  Save BSNL, Save telecom, Inqulab Zindabad, Our Unity Zindabad, Save BSNL Save Nation, Separate Tower company Murdabad.

·        This August gathering was later addressed by Com. V. V. Gosavi, Organising Secretary NFTE BSNL CHQ, Com. G.K. Patil, ACS AIBSNLEA, Com. Ranjan Dani, CS NFTE BSNL MH, Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, Com. Nageshkumar Nalawade, CS BSNLEU MH and everybody registered strong protest against formation of separate tower company and elaborated gathering about the decision of Govt of India about formation of separate Tower company for 65000 plus towers presently owned by BSNL and how it will badly impact on growth and survival of BSNL and how such decision in favour of capitalists will be  lifelong loss to the telecom sector India. The attention of press/media reporters and public was drawn towards the ethical working of BSNL and unethical tactics being adopted by the private operators with sole aim to earning money as none of private telecom company has track record of social responsibility and how only BSNL has such proud history. It was also elaborated that formation of separate tower company from the BSNL or in the BSNL will be death call to survival of Telecom sector and also for the bank sector as due to unethical practices by Reliance Jio many of the Telecom operators have closed their telecom business under compulsions created by R-JIO by illegal and unethical free offer. All these Telecom companies have borrowed loans from the banks and such huge amount of loans by all telecom operators other than BSNL is 4.5 lakh crores and if these telecom companies are declared bankrupt then banking sector will also be in loss and this will ruin common public also.

·        The proceedings of this August gathering and addresses thereof was nicely anchored by Com. Ganesh Hinge CT BSNLEU MH and vote of thanks were conveyed by Com. Mrs Bhosale ADS AIBSNLEA  Mumbai .

·        Hundreds of comrades from Circle Office Mumbai, WTP Mumbai, WTR Mumbai, BBNW Mumbai, Kalyan, Raigad, Pune, Nashik, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad and Jalgaon SSA have participated in this historical agitational programme by holding different placards in support of single demand “Roll Back Tower Company”.

·        Comrades from Pune SSA have made special entry by wearing special badges and shouting loud slogans.

·        The Comrades from Kalyan SSA have expressed their feelings by wearing White Caps with “Roll Back Tower Company” written on it and have attracted the attention of press and media on the single demand of this agitational programme by continuous and loud slogans.

·        Comrades from Electrical and Civil wing Mumbai have made their remarkable presence by participation in this historical Dharana by the mass gathering from both the wings.

·        The SNEA Comrades actively participated in this historical Dharana at Azad Maidan under the able leadership of Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS West SNEA MH. He was specially accompanied by Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS NRU SNEA MH, Com. Prayag Pisal, JS Pune SNEA MH, Com. M.K.Thakur, JS Kokan SNEA MH, Com. N B. Teni CWC Member SNEA MH, Com. Anil Dubey DS SNEA CO Mumbai, Com. Sameer Shinde, DS ACE SNEA Mumbai, Com. Ajit Kumar DS SNEA WTP Mumbai, Com. I. A. Ansari, DS SNEA WTR Mumbai, Com. Sachin  Kohadkar DS SNEA Raigad, Com. P. B. Jadhav President SNEA CO Mumbai, Com. R. K. Nagdekar, President SNEA Kalyan, Com. P.A. Shah, CEC Member SNEA CO Mumbai, Com. Mukesh Wadhwani, ADS SNEA Kalyan Com. S. R. Potul, DT SNEA CO Mumbai, Com. Bhagawan Appa ADT SNEA CO Mumbai,  Com. A.M. Singh, CEC Member Kalyan, Com. U. P. Mishra CEC Member Kalyan, Com. M. M. Londhe Ex JS Pune SNEA MH, Com. S. B. Bhosale Ex JS HQ SNEA MH, Com. A. R. Akhade, Ex CEC Member SNEA Nashik and hundreds of other comrades and District leaders of SNEA CO Mumbai, SNEA ACE Mumbai SNEA WTP Mumbai, SNEA WTR Mumbai, SNEA Raigad and made this agitational programme grand success by their active participation in this Rajbhavan March at historical Azad Maidan Mumbai.        

·        After registering the protest at Azad Maidan from 1000 hrs to 1400 hrs, the police took the delegation of All Unions and Associations in BSNL, Maharashtra Circle to Rajbhavan at Malbar Hill Mumbai in police vehicle.

·        This delegation to Rajbhavan was led by Com. M.S.Adasul CS SNEA MH & Com. Ranjan Dani CS NFTE BSNL accompanied by Com. Bhalchandra Mane, ACS BSNLEU MH, Com. Dr. G. K. Patil ACS AIBSNLEA, Com. Yashwant Kekare Conveyer of All Unions and Associations Mumbai.

·        The delegation handed over the memorandum of single demand of “Roll Back Tower Company Save BSNL” to Shri. Ramesh Disoza, Upper Secretary to His Excellency Shri. Vidyasagar Rao, Governor of Maharashtra and also elaborated the facts about the stand and demand of “Roll Back Tower Company” by All Unions & Associations in BSNL.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to Com. Yashwant Kekare Conveyer AUAIB Mumbai and DS BSNLEU Mumbai, Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA CO Mumbai, Com. I. A. Ansari DS SNEA Mumbai, Com. Sawant ADS NFTE BSNL Mumbai, Com Hrushikesh Walawalkar DS ABSNLEA Mumbai and specially to Com. Ganesh Hinge CT BSNLEU MH who have made excellent arrangements of the Dharana Programme at historical Azad Maidan and due to such excellent arrangements participants do not face any difficulties even though it was very hot climate outside and temperature in Mumbai was more than 41 degrees.

·        SNEA MH conveys thanks and gratitude to all the participants in this historical Rajbhavan March and Dharana at Azad Maidan for their active participation and making in remarkable and memorable one and thereby sending right message about the intensity of unrest among the BSNL comrades against decision of Govt of India against formation of separate of Tower Company of BSNL.


·        PHOTOs <<<>>>

·        Copy of the memorandum<<<>>>

·        Press Release <<<>>>  




 20 aPr 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for ERP relieving of DGMs on their request transfers and transfer under DGM LA orders. Relieving under DGM LA <<<>>>    Relieving of request by DGMs <<<>>>

·        In further step of implementation of transfer orders issued on request transfers in DGM cadre, the officers for whom LA orders is not implemented by SSA Heads by target date 07/04/2018 mentioned in these transfer orders, as per strict instructions of Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle, all such unrelieved officers in DGM Cadre under transfer either on request transfer or under transfer due to  DGM LA arrangements are relieved through ERP w.e.f. 19/04/2018.

·        It has been decided by CGMT MH Circle that no refusals will be accepted and though it has not mentioned in this letter hence all officers are relieved by rejecting their refusal.

·        It is unfortunate that due to this force relieving the officers, who have joined SSAs on Own Cost requests, officers with age 58-59 years, officers with genuine medical grounds are also relieved and it has created mas unrest among the executives.

·        It is surprising that Com. A.B. Kshirsagar DE Ahmednagar who has refused his Adhoc promotion due to out of Circle Transfer is also relieved through ERP on his transfer as DGM LA. This happens when Com. A.B. Kshirsagar is not eligible for DGM LA as he has not completed one year from his refusal of DGM Adhoc promotion.

·        There are many such discrimination and CS SNEA MH has already submitted the details of discrepancies in the DGM LA Orders , but as firm decision has taken by CGMT MH , not to consider any request for change of SSA or request for refusal , till it is question of death and life for anybody, all will be force relieved.

·        SNEA MH will shortly and surely take up this matter for consideration of request for Change of SSA and for accepting refusal submitted on genuine grounds with GM HR/Admn Mumbai as well as CGMT MH Circle.  Let us hope for the best. 


 20 aPr 18:   AGM Estt Mumbai issued corrigendum to the letter calling for VCs of officers who are given DE LA responsibilities in recent DE LA order and last date for submission of VCs is 20/04/2018. Letter <<<>>> 

Earlier VC was called only for 137 SDEs, when orders for DE LA arrangements was issued for 225 SDEs and SNEA MH has rightly pointed it out and accordingly now this corrigendum s issued calling for VCs of all 225 SDEs ordered for Looking After Arrangements


 20 aPr 18:  LO to Jt GM BW HR BSNL CO New Delhi writes all PCEs/CEs in all Civil Zones for furnishing data of educational qualification in respect of executives having degree from distance education with its validity.  Letter <<<>>>


18 aPr 18:  DGM SR BSNL CO New Delhi issued clarification on grant of immunity to the office Bearers of Recognised and support Association and now the facility of immunity on transfer will be available for CS/DS, DT/CT & ACS/ADS for the total period of recognition of the association regardless of conduction of elections and all these Office Bearers under transfer will get immunity at least up to Dec 2019. Letter <<<>>>


18 aPr 18:  SNEA MH writes Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle about the discrepancies and deviations in the recent orders for DGM LA arrangements from the BSNL guidelines on the subject and corrective action thereof. Letter <<<>>>    List of Individual requests <<<>>> 

·        Letter points out the serious and deliberate discrepancies in the DGM LA arrangements.

·        It has been brought to the notice of CGMT MH how the officers in staff section have casually decided the vacancy position of DGMs and how posting has been done on pick and choose basis.

·        The options called were not given any consideration and all the options are shown dust bin thereby defeating very purpose of calling options.

·        The vacancies of DGM post are not justified equally for all SSAs and it has been calculated as per wish and will of the officers in Staff section.

·        The vacancy thus counted wrongly are not  given consideration and in some SSAs posts are increased and some SSA posts are reduced from the post declared as vacant and this happens within gap of just seven days of declaring vacant posts and issuing orders for DGM LA.

·        When vacancies are declared 40, total 46 post are filled in and in Pune SSA four post are increased all of sudden just to accommodate Com. G. K. Patil in Pune even though he has not completed two years’ service in Mumbai and officers from Pune are shunted out at places like Goa, Mumbai and Kalyan and this is result of “Baba Ramdev Effect” which seems to be more effective in BSNL Maharashtra Circle. 

·        The criteria of minimum two year service in working SSA is not followed uniformly and some officers are favoured by transfer before completion of two years as their request is considered and some officers are transferred in the interest of service when they have not yet completed minimum two years stay at that particular SSA and have rightly submitted refusal and unwillingness during options.

·        In highly objectionable manner new post has been created as DGM Mobile Nanded and when many of the SSAs in size bigger that the Nanded SSA do not have even separate post of DE Mobile and this has been done specially to favour Com. Sayad as he is in good book of CGMT MH.

·        In “Ramdev Baba Effect” Com. G. K. Patil, DGM EB Mumbai is transferred to Pune even when he has not completed one year service as DGM EB Mumbai and in such actions are being done by direct intervention of CGMT MH Circle as the concerned officers in staff section including GM HR/Admn Mumbai are unable to answer the reasons behind such pick and choose manner transfer and are informing that this has been done as per directions of CGMT MH Circle. 

·        When request of Com. G K Patil is considered out of turn on pick and choose basis, request of Com. M. M. Kshirsagar TDM Sindhudurg has completed tenure at Sindhudurg is not considered and only problem of Com. M. M. Kshirsagar is that he is not in good book of CGMT MH and only plus point with Com. G. K. Patil is that he is in good book of CGMT MH and from these orders it is seen that only criteria followed in such transfers is to be in good book of CGMT MH and guidelines issued by BSNL has no meaning giving choice posting.

·        It has been requested to stop wastage of BSNL Manpower by posting by giving useless name “Taskforce” as per new idea.  

·        SNEA MH suggest possible options for filling up vacant post of DGMs within local rearrangements and without any expenditure on part of BSNL and finally it has been requested to take corrective action on the discrepancies pointed out by SNEA and issue corrective orders accordingly giving consideration of requests.

·        It has been also requested to consider the individual requests of executives after issuing Request transfers and DE/DGM LA arrangements and detailed list has been submitted along with letter. List of Individual requests <<<>>> 


18 aPr 18:  AGM Pers BSNL CO New Delhi issued inter Circle transfers of SDEs wherein three SDEs are posted to MH Circle from KTK, MP & ITPCF Circle and one SDE is transfers to BH Circle.  Letter <<<>>>


18 aPr 18:  DGM Pers BSNL CO New Delhi issued clarification for writing e-APR of Year 2017-18 and accordingly date has been extended up to 15/05/2018.  Letter <<<>>>


18 aPr 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for ERP relieving of JTOs for whom transfer orders are issued before March 2018 and were not implemented by controlling officers and SSA Heads. Letter <<<>>>

·        In such relieving also names of two JTOs for whom transfer order has been issued before two years but implemented are excluded and matter has been discussed with Shri. Aman Jaiswal , GM HR/Admn Mumbai and he has informed that in one case concerned JTO has asked for change of SSA and other case he has proposed for retention of one JTO in his unit and CGMT MH has returned file with remark to discuss.

·        On his information by GM HR/Admn  that services of JTO under his control are urgent and badly required by his office,  we have brought to his notice that since last two years no action was taken by his office in posting substitute under what circumstances it is proposed to retain the said JTO on pick and choose basis.

·        GM HR/Admn Mumbai was surprised to know that this was old transfer order issued before two years as his officers have informed him that JTO was transferred in the recent list of transfers and hence he has proposed for retention.

·        We registered our protest on such discrimination for pick and choose retention by the office of GM HR/Admn Mumbai and informed him that it is really bad on part of HR in charge of Maharashtra Circle to safeguard officers under his control without justified reason and force relieve officers under control of other officers even though they have justified reasons to retain such officers.

·        It is not acceptable and ethical as GM HR/Admn Mumbai, he is responsible for giving equal treatment for all and when all other controlling officers are forced to implement the orders, he cannot retain anybody for whatever ground the officers under his control thinks and he will have to control his own officers asking for such discrimination on pick and choose basis.

·        We requested him to consider all request of change of SSA in uniform manner for all such applications/request received after transfer is issued and not on pick and choose basis and SNEA MH has no objection on such change of decision on part of management to consider request for change of SSA but it should be equally applicable for all.

·        Finally, GM HR/Admn Mumbai has assured to take final call on this matter of pick and choose retention of JTOs after confirming facts about the old transfers and  by giving equal consideration for change of SSA request in all such request received by his office after discussions with CGMT MH.

·        The JTOs/SDEs/DEs/DGMs under transfer as on today and who are in need of change of SSA may send their requests immediately as same will be given consideration shortly. 


18 aPr 18:  DGM Admn Mumbai issued orders for four hour concession for employees who attended office late on 20/03/2018 due to due to dislocation of railway services at Matunga Station due to agitation of students. Letter <<<>>>


18 aPr 18:  Over the period, TERM cells of DoT from different parts of country have imposed penalty of Rs. 176.11 Crores against BSNL for delay ain verification of CAF of mobile customers. Letter <<<>>>


18 aPr 18:  By neglecting the refusals given by individuals on genuine grounds, CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for ERP relieving of CAOs on looking After arrangements and unfortunately the ERP relieving is done on pick and choose basis.  Letter <<<>>>

·        It is unfortunate that GM Fin Mumbai and CGMT MH are thinking that CAO in looking After arrangement is “Promotion” by neglecting the words written by them in this orders itself that Looking After arrangements is purely temporary and stop gap arrangements and on joining of Regular incumbent the officer in LA cadre will be reverted.

·        It was prime responsibility of Circle Management to take immediate action to fill 116 vacant post of CAOs out of total 120 sanctioned post of CAOs throughout Maharashtra Circle by regular arrangements and Circle management has failed as no action has been taken in this regards over the period and these poor officer are now compelled to accept CAO LA with reduction salary to hide failure of Circle Management.

·        Normally in case of refusals, the orders are issued for next seniors in seniority list against refusals, but here this option have been kept aside and the officers with even two years stay in SSA are now compelled to join new SSA and this is nothing but one of the attempt to hide failure of the management to meet requirement.

·        It is unfortunate that in total “Ham Kare So Kayada” attitude, the Circle management has forgotten the rules in refusals of promotions and officers with stay of 20-30 years in single place are excluded from the list of ERP relieving and picture is created that Circle Management is worried about development of BSNL, but in this poor show of development of BSNL the executives are harassed by such undue and unjust transfers.

·        SNEA MH has discussed this issue for accepting refusal and considering names of the next seniors for CAO LA arrangements with Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai on phone as he was busy with different meetings with CGMT MH and he has informed that it is decision of CGMT MH that refusal in CAO LA will not be accepted and he has followed it.

·        When we have asked for discrimination in ERP relieving by excluding name of Com. S Mahadevan CAO LA Mumbai with more than 21 years stay in Mumbai and relieving officers with stay of just two years out of their present SSA, Shri. Mahavar informed that Com. Mahadevan is working in ERP and he is doing work which none of other JAO, AO, CAO, and DGM can handle it and hence he has retained him Mumbai.

·        We have informed him that there are four JAOs viz Com. Amit Prachand, Com. Ranjeet Majalkar, Com. Mrs. Heena Choudhary, Com. Imran Khan who are known for their competency in ERP as many of the works of Com. Mahadevan as CAO ERP are being taken care by these JAOs and any issue due to transfer of Com. Mahadevan can be taken care by them or any other AO/CAO.

·        Apart from this, there are about 130 officers in Circle Mumbai then someone should have been given responsibility of works assigned to Com. Mahadevan and nothing has been done in this directions and we are surprised to know that all these 130 officers including these four expert JAOs working under Com. Mahadevan in ERP Cell of Circle Office with experience of about three years in ERP are incompetent to look into works of Com. Mahadevan.

·        But GM Fin has assured that if any other CAO who is under transfer out of Mumbai is ready to take over responsibility of Com. Mahadevan and show his capabilities as shown by Com. Mahadevan then he will post that CAO in place of Com. Mahadevan and he will be relieved to Parbhani and the said CAO under will be retained in Mumbai.

·        We have requested that there are some JAOs , AOs and DGMs who can take care of ERP issues, but GM Fin Mumbai informed that none of them is capable to handle the works of Com. Mahadevan and all are useless for works of ERP in comparison with Com. Mahadevan and now it is open challenge to all JAOs, AOs, DGMs and mainly CAOs to accept the open challenge by GM Fin Mumbai to prove their competency as that of Com. Mahadevan and support GM Fin Mumbai and give him opportunity to treat all CAOs equally and not in such discrimination as he is doing now due to inability and incompetency of all 130 officers in Circle Office Mumbai.

·        This challenge of taking responsibilities of ERP works of Com. Mahadevan also can be accepted by anyone in Maharashtra Circle who is willing to work at Mumbai and we are confident that GM Fin Mumbai will consider request of such officer for relieving of Com. Mahadevan.

·        We feel if only Com. Mahadevan is competent in ERP works then please keep only him in ERP and these inefficient JAOs, AOs and even DGM ERP also should be transferred and utilised in any other units and only Com. Mahadevan should be given total responsibility of ERP works and he just cannot be given benefits of hard work by these expert JAOs.

·        We have requested GM Fin Mumbai that there is no arrangement for substitute of Com. Mahadevan and please make substitute arrangements by posting any of the officer and give some fixed date for relieving of Com. Mahadevan or he may adopt idea of CGMT MH that officer should join at transferred place of posting and can be brought back on deputation for few months, then GM Fin Mumbai responded that if Com. Mahadevan comes to know that he is being transferred then he will not perform his duties efficiently and though he has plan to shift Com. Mahadevan he will not disclose it at this stage as he has to extract work of Closing of Accounts from Com. Mahadevan. 

·        It is really unfortunate that many SSAs can run without IFAs for years together, many of DGM level officers who are responsible for overall works can be shifted on transfers, the expert JAOs/AOs/CAOs are also being transferred, even technically expert officers in telecom wing are transferred on such long stay transfer  and their responsibilities are being taken care by others, when management gives responsibility, only Com. Mahadevan cannot be relieved as he has not trained any of the officer under his control or his controlling officers are  not able to arrange substitute,  this is nothing but back door attempts being made to save Com. Mahadevan from his long stay transfers and other CAOs including female comrades who failed to adopt such clever ideas for their retention.

·        Com. Mahadevan was transferred out of Circle Office Mumbai on basis of his long stay before four years and he has managed to again come back to Circle Office Mumbai within few months by adopting his special ideas and now also he is giving misleading information to GM Fin Mumbai that ERP works will be collapsed in his absence and the innocent GM Fin Mumbai who has earlier taken stand that he is not worried about any person and as responsible officer in the management he has capabilities to extract any work  from any person under him has now changed his stand only in respect of Com. Mahadevan is surprising to one and all.

·        It may happen due to fact that GM Fin Mumbai is not aware about the skills  & expert ideas of Com. Mahadevan in managing his transfer out of Mumbai and how he has nicely managed every GM Fin Mumbai over the years as his name was always excluded from the long stay list and many of the comrades were of the opinion that he may have fooled all other GM Fin Mumbai but he cannot do so with present GM Fin Mumbai who is known for his transparent working and technical capabilities , but unfortunately such competent GM Fin Mumbai also has come in trap of Com. Mahadevan and special treatment is given to Com. Mahadevan for his efforts to avoid transfer out of Mumbai for last 21 years. 

·        We strongly believe that efforts are being to safeguard Com. Mahadevan as till today the responsibility of works of Com. Mahadevan is not assigned to anybody in parallel to understand the works and there is no chance that someone will take responsibility of his works and he will be relieved and Com. Mahadevan is directly and indirectly safeguarded on pick and choose basis from his transfer out of Mumbai  as he will be attending age of 57 years by next year and  then his name will be excluded from long stay transfer and will get opportunity to celebrate his 25 years of service in Mumbai and other CAOs who have joined Circle office just before two years are being harassed by transfers out of Mumbai and it is really disgusting, disappointing and painful to know about such biased attitude of the Circle Management.

·        SNEA MH will again take up matter with GM Fin Mumbai and CGMT MH to come out of phobia that if Com. Mahadevan is transferred then entire ERP will be collapsed as it is not possible when four well qualified and more efficient JAOs namely Com. Amit Prachand, Com. Ranjeet Majalkar, Com. Mrs. Heena Choudhary, Com. Imran Khan are rightly available and competent enough to get all works done and hence BSNL will not be ruined if Com. Mahadevan is relieved for Parbhani.

·        Till they insist for unofficial retention of Com. Mahadevan, then SNEA MH will demands that in similar manner with equal treatment to everybody, all the AOs transferred as CAO LA, should be retained in their working SSA either as CAO LA or as AO otherwise Com. Mahadevan also should be relieved in the manner all other CAOs including female comrades are relieved mercilessly.

·        We are confident that Circle management will surely act on it and make it clear that no one can fool the intellectual CGMT MH and GM Fin Mumbai by such poor attempts and get escape from the transfers on pick and choose bass on name of hypothetical expertise in any work just to get excluded from long stay transfers and equal treatment will be given to one and all.


16 aPr 18:  “Follow me or follow your transfer at unwanted place” is the Clear Message by CGMT MH Circle: DGM FC Mumbai issued special transfer order in respect of Com. V. V. Kulkarni CAO LA Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>

·        Com. V. V. Kulkarni is neither long stayed officer in Circle Office Mumbai nor he was due for transfer but he has been transferred on pick and choose basis as per special directions of CGMT MH Circle. 

·        Before two weeks, during discussions by SNEA MH with Shri. Vivek Mahavar, GM Fin Mumbai on CAO LA postings, he has informed us that Com. V. V. Kulkarni is best and efficient officer and he will not be transferred as CAO LA even though he has more stay in Mumbai than Com M. H. Khan CAO LA Mumbai  who is transferred to Nanded and GM Fin Mumbai has informed us that all transfers under CAO LA will be implemented uniformly including that of Com. S Mahadevan, but we see that say of GM Fin Mumbai has no meaning and Com. V. V. Kulkarni an efficient Officer in his eyes is transferred with stay of just two years and Com. S. Mahadevan is unofficially retained in Mumbai even after his stay of 21 years and practically one has to understand that CGMT MH is the only power in Maharashtra Circle and all others are just followers of the “Boss”.

·        It is understood that due to some delay or some action on part of Com. V. V. Kulkarni in processing file of some bills with application of his mind of accountancy, CGMT MH was extremely annoyed and he has issued directives to GM Fin Mumbai for transfer of Com. Kulkarni to Gadchiroli before some 2-3 months.

·        But due to some advocacy by someone matter was given temporary stay rather kept on hold unofficially and it seems that Com. Kulkarni was given just temporary relief.

·        But fact is that CGMT MH has fixed destiny of Com V. V. Kulkarni on the first day itself, when Com. Kulkarni has annoyed Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle and nothing could change it as again on 12/04/2018 something went wrong and CGMT MH was so annoyed that he has ordered for “On the Spot” transfer of Com. V. V. Kulkarni with directions to implement transfer order in such effective manner that Com. V. V. Kulkarni should take his lunch in train and not in the his office at Mumbai.

·        Accordingly, Com. V. V. Kulkarni has been transferred within half an hour and has been relieved in the lightning speed from Circle Office Mumbai and is directed to join Amravati SSA.

·        The instructions of CGMT MH were so strong and bounded that DGM FC Mumbai has forgotten to relieve him in substantive cadre of AO as transfers are never issued in Looking After cadre and in an unofficial manner Com. V. V. Kulkarni is transferred as CAO LA and it is proved that once Shri. Peeyush Khare , CGMT MH Circle has decided to transfer anybody means then even “GOD” also cannot save him/her and he will be transfers means transferred and certificate of GM Fin Mumbai has no meaning n eyes of CGMT MH Circle.

·        It is also clear that Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle has decided to favour someone means no rule or guidelines of BSNL can transfer him/her as CGMT MH is supreme power and all officers from SDE/AO to GMs are just bonded by orders of CGMT MH and not by rules and regulations of BSNL and we see that now days the officers in FC section and Staff section also do not bother about the rules are regulation and if CGMT MH says transfer him/her then he will be transferred and by these officers and if CGMT MH directs to retain anybody means he/she will retained even after he/she is officer under long stay transfer and the officers in FC & Staff section have nothing to do with rules and regulations otherwise they also will be transferred as that Com. V. V. Kulkarni.

·        The officers in staff and FC section including GM Fin Mumbai and GM HR/Admn Mumbai have come not to understand that the rules and regulations have no meaning in “kingdom” of Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle, the have wisely understood the message by CGMT MH Circle in clear words with actions that Follow me or else Follow your Transfer that to be odd and unwanted place and as many of the officers do not want such transfer are following the same style and are being blessed and their transfer is not issued even though they are due /overdue for under long stay transfer.

·        It is understood that in similar manner one more such pick and choose transfer in AGM cadre is under process as said AGM has been threatened by CGMT MH for transfer to Gadchiroli for not passing the vendor bills and as per say of AGM he is not related to bills of sad contractor but as this AGM is not in good book of CGMT MH, he will have to face the transfer for one or other reason and one should not be surprised for such more transfers on delay in bill payments of vendors.

·        Com. V. V. Kulkarni could not understand message of CGMT MH even though he was excused by CGMT MH in earlier occasion and unfortunately in his two years working at Circle Office Mumbai may be due to the fact that he was new to Circle Office Mumbai Com Kulkarni has failed understand the message and is transferred all of sudden and Com. S. Mahadevan who has long experience of 21 Years in Mumbai and may be due to such long stay in Mumbai he has understood the direct/indirect message of CGMT MH and is being blessed.

·        As such Com. S. Mahadevan is saved from Transfer and retained in Mumbai in intellectual manner by excluding his name from ERP relieving on his long stay transfer first to Amravati and now to Parbhani as nothing has been said about his relieving and all other CAOs are relieved mercilessly from Mumbai and other offices like Nashik, Nagpur even they have submitted their refusal on genuine grounds viz Com. R.K. Ramteke CAO LA Nagpur, Com. Mrs. M. L. Tayade CAO LA Nashik, Com. Mrs. S. M.  Nashirabadkar CAO LA Mumbai, Com. Mrs. S. U. Wani CAO LA Mumbai, Com. M. H. Khan CAO LA Mumbai , Com. S. S. Dxit CAO LA Nashik, Com. M. S. Patil CAO LA Kolhapur and Com. T.S. Babar CAO LA Solapur.

·        These officers may be fools as they do not have intellectual understanding of the first part of message by CGMT MH   “Follow me” and hence they are transferred as per second part of message by CGMT MH “else follow your transfer”.

·        We should not say it as unfortunate that some of these officers relieved through ERP mercilessly have less stay than justified for any out of SSA transfer and definitely not in temporary and stop gap arrangements of CAO LA and only fact remains is that they have not understood message and requirement of the day and are the fools who were under wrong impression that they have even submitted refusal of CAO LA with justified reasons and Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai has assured them to accept their refusal and to retain them as AO at the place of present posting.

·        Now all are forced relieved through ERP as per directives of CGMT MH by rejecting their refusal and only Com. S. Mahadevan has got direct blessing of CGMT MH and he is blessed with retention in Mumbai for life time.    

·        Com. V. V. Kulkarni with just two years stay in Mumbai has been transferred as he has not followed instructions of CGMT MH and Com. S. Mahadevan, CAO LA Mumbai who has stay of 21 years in Mumbai and as he follows whatever CGMT MH says and do not apply mind for right and wrong in say of CGMT MH has been retained in Circle Office Mumbai, and now actions of CGMT are much speaking that the orders and everybody has to understand it otherwise face the transfers without going to the truth and facts. 

·        On the spot transfer of Com. V. V. Kulkarni CAO LA with just two years stay in Mumbai and retention of Com. S Mahadevan CAO LA  is clear message to all other  executives in Circle Office Mumbai that if you want to be in Circle Office Mumbai then do not apply your mind or knowledge and please do not bother about rules and regulations of BSNL, just follow whatever CGMT MH says then you will be allowed to work in Circle Office Mumbai even though you are in long stay list and if you are not following instructions of CGMT MH may be it illegal or out of guidelines then even “GOD” cannot save you from transfer that to be at odd place as decided by strong and powerful CGMT of Maharashtra Circle.

·        Com. V. V. Kullarni should be happy that this time CGMT MH has given some relief to him as he is transferred  to Amravati when his destination was fixed as Gadchiroli last time and this time either CGMT MH has forgotten whatever he has said last time or CGMT MH may have back door action plan to save and safeguard Com. S. Mahadevan from his long stay transfer to Amravati as he has 21 years stay at Mumbai Circle Office  and hence in intellectual action Com. V. V. Kulkarni has been transferred to Amravati in place of Com. Mahadevan as CAO /IFA Amravati and Com. Mahadevan is shown transferred to Parbhani but he is and will not be relived as he has rightly understood the message of CGMT MH and has followed it with actions.

·        It is understood that though Com. V. V.  Kulkarni was relieved on 12/04/2018 has not yet joined at Amravati and in action to further tighten Com. V. V. Kulkarni,  “caveat” has been filed by Legal Cell Mumbai in Hon. CAT Mumbai and Hon High Court Mumbai  as per directions of CGMT MH and  clear message is given to Com. V. V. Kulkarni that that even if he approaches to court of law also he cannot be saved from his transfer, hopefully Com. Kulkarni will understand this message and may join Amravati and will not compel the CGMT MH, GM Fin Mumbai and DGM FC Mumbai to take further action against him. 

·        We should not say that it is unfortunate that Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH has some clear understanding that if any officer is not performing duties well at one place then he will perform better on his such punishment transfer when naturally such officers directly punished without inquiry will have negative approach and may not even give output what he was giving before transfer but here no one is worried about the output.

·        Once CGMT MH has decided to transfer such disobedient officers in his eyes, then all below level officers are joining hands with CGMT MH without applying their mind otherwise they also will be transferred and no one wants transfer out of Mumbai.

·        As on today, we find and suggest Com. V. V. Kulkarni even though he is not member of SNEA that he may approach to the Franchisee of “Patanjali Products”, get blessings of “Baba Ramdev” and then he may get posting at Choice station.

·        We have seen that this formula of “Baba Ramdev” is more effective in BSNL  Maharashtra Circle and assurances and certificates of GM Fin Mumbai has no meaning in present scenario and working environment as one of such officer highly blessed by blessing of “Baba Ramdev” has been transferred to choice station before completion of one year period at Circle Office Mumbai and all others who do not want transfer under annoyance of CGMT MH may start praying “Baba Ramdev” or any such powerful “Baba” and no need to worry about BSNL works and rule /regulations in office working.

·        This is what message we get from present actions  of Circle Management led by Shri Peeyush Khare CGMT MH Circle and hopefully everybody will follow it or will be ready for such out of turn transfer and again will have to pray for some “Baba” or praise CGMT MH by following whatever he says without applying mind and rules and regulations of BSNL and there is only one punishment in BSNL for such non-performance i.e. Transfer and Caveat in court of law to stop officer from approaching court of law for justice.      


16 aPr 18:  Shri. N. K. Mehata, Director Enterprise, BSNL Board, congratulates Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle and his team of outstanding performance of Maharashtra Circle in providing landline connections as Maharashtra Circle has provided gross 9461 landlines in month of March 2018 and total connections during financial Year 2017-18. Letter <<<>>>






14 aPr 18:   CS SNEA MH writes Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle conveying the facts about Fear & Unrest among the executives due to unwanted legal notices being issued in mass to the executives under transfer due to filing caveat in different courts and by elaborating facts requests him to stop issuing further serving of legal notices and also to review the idea of filing caveat in different courts now and for future also and resolve grievances thereby restricting the executives from approaching courts for justice. Letter <<<>>>

·        The legal Cell of Circle Office Mumbai has filed caveat different courts against all the officers under transfer in recent request transfers and transfers on DGM /DE LA arrangement and when more than 80 % of the officers are posted at same place or transferred under his/her Own Cost request transfers, in strange attitude of total unfaith on the officers whose names are included  in the list are served with legal notices through the legal cell of concerned SSAs/Units as per the caveat by legal cell of Circle Office Mumbai and fear is created among the officers that if anybody approaches the court of law also none of grievances of the officers will be considered and whatever has been done by the management is perfectly right.

·        SNEA MH points out that this action of Circle Management for filing for caveat against all the officers whose names are included in the list of request transfers and DGM /DE LA arrangements is unwanted and unnecessary action when more than 80% officers are at posted at same place of posting or their request is given consideration.

·        By issuing such notices to officers who have applied for request transfer, management has created unwanted fear and terror in minds of executives that the even request transfer may be cancelled if someone approaches to court of law and creating picture that Hon Court will also not listen to their grievances unresolved by the BSNL management till BSNL management decides and informs the Hon Court to do so.

·        It is unfortunate to know that efforts for filing caveat were started before issuing transfer/LA orders as from second day of these orders the notice of caveat are being served/received by the officers under transfer.

·        It is understood that the directions for filing court case and caveat thereof are given by CGMT MH himself to create fear among the executives so that everybody accepts the transfer order without approaching Hon Court and the image of strict administration in created among the workforce of BSNL. 

·        SNEA MH brought to notice of CGMT MH that when orders are issued in best possible manner and discrepancies on part of management or individual can be resolved at any time, there was no need of filing caveat and issuing legal notices to more than 400 officers and wasting manpower and money of BSNL on such wasteful and useless works when there is no chance that anybody under transfer to approach court of law before addressing grievances to the Circle Management.

·        When any of the aggrieved individual to such transfer will represents the grievances then it is duty of the management to listen to his/her grievances and resolve it and request fits under the transfer policy guidelines then get it resolved by suitable options or convey him/her about how it is not possible to consider his/her request even with any of the options.

·        Also filing caveat does not mean that nobody can approach court of law to get justice against arbitrary transfer if any and only possibility and benefit of filing caveat is that Hon. Court do not grant stay on transfer till views of BSNL management is given consideration and there is no restriction if filing court case in any Hon Court and there are chances of grant of stay also if the flaws of arbitrary transfers are rightly brought to the notice of Hon Court  hence serving notice to all the officers is unwanted and uncalled for and just to satisfy ego of some individual. 

·        File court cases, was never culture of executives in BSNL Maharashtra Circle as all earlier CGMs have kept their door open for representations and grievances were resolved by giving alternate options to aggrieved officers and issues were resolved ambically, but since last year Circe Management itself has doubts on its action and always seen under hypothetical fear that someone will approach court of law against the transfers issued may be due to fact that the some transfers issued are not fitting to the criteria and hence to supress voice of such aggrieved officers by filing such caveat.

·        SNEA MH requests CGMT MH for stopping the process of unwanted caveats on transfer orders issued in excellent manner and not to spoil hard work done by him and officers in staff section and also urges not listen to the officers giving him suggestion to file caveat in different court maintain the grievance settlement authority for BSNL executives with him by taking decision in capacity of Circle Head of BSNL’s  biggest Circle on genuine problems and issues of executives on transfers raised by some aggrieved officers and avoid expenditure on such unwanted and avoidable legal notices and to issue directions to legal cell to stop issuing further legal notices to left out officers and give confidence to the officers that grievances of executives will be settled by his office and no need to approach court of law by anybody.

·        Let us hope CGMT MH and his Legal & HR team takes it in right prospective and goes ahead for stopping such unwanted procedures and fear creating methods and give justice to aggrieved comrades if any by giving alternative options and SNEA MH will also give alternative options to Circle Management which will be without any extra expenditure on BSNL and which will be possible well within the rearrangements among the existing workforce.


14 aPr 18:   CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for change of posting of Com. S. Mahadevan, CAO ERP Mumbai on his transfer under CAO LA arrangement and now  his earlier transfer from Mumbai to Amravati is modified and now he is posted to Circle tenure station Parbhani SSA may be being he is the officer with longest stay of more than 21 years in Circle Office Mumbai and his controlling officer will relieve him by 16/04/2018, otherwise he also will be relieved through ERP on 17/04/2018 by FC section. Letter <<<>>> 


 14 aPr 18:   CAO FC Mumbai issued cancellation of transfer order of Com. Arvinda Biswas, CAO Nagpur under transfer to Wardha on his request and his transfer under CAO LA is cancelled on medical ground and he is allowed to continue as CAO LA Nagpur. Letter <<<>>> 


14 aPr 18:   CAO FC Mumbai issued retention of Com. S. R. Shardul, CAO under transfer from Nashik to Ratnagiri as per option he has exercised in CAO LA arrangements and now on his request for retention up to 30/04/2017 is given consideration, he also will be relieved through ERP by FC section after 30/04/2018, if not relieved by IFA Nashik by the this date. Letter <<<>>> 


14 aPr 18:   CAO FC Mumbai issued order giving additional charge of CAO /IFA Ratnagiri to Com. Mrs. A R Sawant, AO Sindhudurg till further orders.  Letter <<<>>> 


14 aPr 18:   CAO FC Mumbai issued transfer order in DGM Cadre wherein Com. D. G. Dahake, DGM Finance working at Jalgaon SSA is transferred as DGM Fin Ahmednagar.  Letter <<<>>> 


13 aPr 18:   PHOTOS of day long Dharana on 12/04/2018 by All Unions and Associations throughout Maharashtra Circle with single demand to roll back of Tower Company proposed by Govt of India.  <<<>>> 


13 aPr 18:   In second letter for ERP relieving of same officers now by rejecting the refusals given by concerned officers, CAO FC Mumbai issued another order for ERP relieving of officers under transfer for CAO LA Arrangements and IFAs concerned are directed to relieve these officers by 16/04/2018, with warning that else the officers will be relieved through ERP on 17/04/2018 by FC section. Letter <<<>>> 

·        The drama of CAO LA Posting and transfers is going on since last 3-4 months and every now and then different stand was taken by FC section and now finally all AOs are transferred and will relieved through ERP by rejecting their refusal for CAO LA arrangements.

·        Though the compulsions are being created on officers to accept CAO LA arrangements by out of SSA transfers by rejecting their refusal, no action has been initiated to fill up 120 vacant post of CAOs throughout Maharashtra Circle even after so many verbal and written request are by SNEA MH.

·        Posting of Regular CAOs as IFAs is the only solution for present acute shortage of CAOs in Maharashtra Circle.

·        It is unfortunate that in absence of Regular/Adhoc CAOs in Maharashtra Circle to meet requirement of 120 CAOs as per the sanctioned posts, many of the Account Officers are transferred out of SSA that to be in stop gap and temporary arrangement to fill up vacant post of CAOs in different SSAs and making this stop gap arrangement from Temporary to permanent arrangement.

·        This happen when many of the Circles have excess CAOs than the sanctioned posts or more than percentage of CAOs that Maharashtra Circle has, and this panic situation is created due to poor management in making timely distribution of officers all Over India.

·        One side CGMT MH has forced Legal cell of Circle Office Mumbai to file caveat against all the officers under transfer including officers under Own Cost Transfer , and served notice through legal cells throughout Maharashtra Circle thereby wasting good amount of BSNL and creating terror among the officers by threatening during the video Conference that except question of death and life no transfer will be cancelled , at least these AOs/CAOs are lucky that neither such caveat has been filed nor they are threatened by serving legal notice.



14 aPr 18:   AGM A & E BSNL CO Delhi issued transfer of longest stayed SDEEs from different Circles to Circles having shortage of SDEEs wherein five SDEs from Maharashtra Circle are transferred out of Maharashtra Circle and no one is posted as substitute in Maharashtra Circle.  Letter <<<>>> 

·        In history of long stay transfers in Electrical wing, first time the data of long stay transfer was purified and request made by individuals were scrutinised properly and it was conveyed that request is rejected or accepted accordingly all the long stayed SDEEs are transferred in transparent manner except one case of Com S C Nair SDEE Pune.

·        Com. S C Nair, who is longest stayed officer that the present officers under transfer and whose request rejected earlier is now retained in Maharashtra Circle may he may have managed his transfer at cost of other SDEEs under transfer in this order.

·        Com. S C Nair has managed CEE Electrical Mumbai during his transfer from Goa to Pune last Year as he was transferred on pick and choose basis when he personally visited Mumbai and met CEE Mumbai and fasted & lightning speed of issuing and implementation of any transfer order, on second day of his transfer order , he was relieved from Goa and on same day he joined at Pune by Air travel as distance from Mumbai , Goa and Pune cannot be covered by road within a day and this transfer was without knowledge of present CGMT MH Circle.

·        On transfer at Pune, then he has requested for not considering his name in long stay list for all India transfer as he has completed Circle tenure at Goa and his request was rejected on clarifying that Goa is not All India Tenure. Rejection letter <<<>>>    List <<<>>>

·        It seems that Com. S C Nair SDEE Pune has been successful in managing his transfer under long stay from Maharashtra Circle and others who are junior to him are transferred out of Maharashtra Circle in his place.

·        Hope this correction is taken place by office of CGM E BSNL CO New Delhi and transfer policy is applied equally for all and SNEA MH will not have to intervene for it and if not SNEA MH will definitely raise this issue at appropriate level to stop such pick and choose transfers.

·        Now as the transfer orders out of Maharashtra are issued, now as assured to SNEA MH in formal meeting by CEE Mumbai, now the pending request transfers of JTOE & SDEE in Maharashtra Circle will be given consideration and any of the officer has not submitted request may submit it at the earliest.


12 aPr 18:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for ERP relieving of SDEs who were transferred before this year but not yet relieved by SSA Heads and all these SDEs stands relieved from ERP from afternoon of 12/04/2018. Letter <<<>>> 

·        This is order for ERP relieving of SDEs and similar order for relieving of TOs under transfer as per orders of last year is under active consideration and most hopefully orders for ERP relieving of JTOs will be effected by next week.

·        Though it is agreed that ERP relieving is effected due to non-relieving by SSA Heads, but such action to relieve the officers through ERP without giving any prior intimation has caused hardship to the executives as many of them could not write APR of the Year 2017-18 for which last date is 15/04/2018, many of them could not settle their ERP accounts and also could not submit the pending temporary Advances.

·        SNEA MH will take up matter with Circle Management for giving at least one week time between orders for ERP relieving and actual ERP relieving so that executives under transfer completes the pending works at present station, can file their APR, they can apply and get approved the Transfer grant/advance if eligible, they can surrender the Identity Card, medical card etc. and also can close the temporary advance pending if any. 


12 aPr 18:   By endorsing all guidelines and FAOs on procedure to be followed for sending proposals by SSAs/Units for Appointment on Compassionate Grounds in BSNL, AGM DE & R Mumbai issued advice to all SSA/Units Heads in Maharashtra Circle to adhere to the instructions for appointment on Compassionate Grounds scrupulously before sending proposal of Compassionate Ground Appointments (CGA) to Circle Office Mumbai so that HPC could be conducted well in time. Letter <<<>>>   CGA Policy <<<>>>   FAQ <<<>>> 

·        These guidelines are issued for update information of all concerned officers who are dealing with the CGA cases from different units and SSAs.

·        It has been seen that many of SSAs/Units are not following guidelines correctly and proposals are being sent for approval and same are not approved by Circle Office as these are not meeting the conditions of CGA appointment.

·        Thus the family members of the late employee/officers of the BSNL who have applied for CGA are running for getting appointment in BSNL from SSAs to Circle Office and   meeting different officers and get annoyed when it comes to know that the proposal has been rejected by HPC in Circle Office Mumbai.

·        In an unfortunate incident at morning hours of last Monday on 09/04/2018, three such candidates from Buldhana SSA have come to Circle Office Mumbai and asked time from Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai for resolution of their grievances for CG Appointment.

·        When it was narrated them that their proposals have been rejected by HPC as it do not fit in the conditions of CGA and intimation has been sent accordingly, in unfortunate and untimely action, these candidates attempted for suicide in office of GM HR/Admn Mumbai by consuming poison they had brought with them and created panic situation for one and all.

·        This has shocked all the staff and officers in office of GM HR/Admn Mumbai and all rushed to office of GM HR/Admn Mumbai and the candidates were prohibited from taking such extreme step and at the same time the matter was reported to police and all three candidates were handed over to police and FIR has been lodged in Santacruz Police Station against these candidates and matter is under further investigation.

·        To avoid such unfortunate incidents due to wrong proposals by SSA/Units, now AGM DE&R Mumbai has reproduced the guidelines and it is requested to SSA Heads and all concerned officers to send proposal well within the guidelines to avoid misunderstanding among applicants and also such unfortunate incidents.

·        In earlier in such attempt one of the contractor died in suicidal attempt outside office of GMT Nagpur for over delay of the payments of his bills against NOFN works and FIR has been lodged against some BSNL officers and this another incident of suicidal attempt in the office of GM HR/Admn Mumbai has shocked all staff and officers in BSNL as such incidents spoils image of BSNL.

·        It is unfortunate that request of many of the family members of late employees/officers are not fitting in eligibility criteria and hence there is mass unrest among the family members and such extreme steps of suicidal attempts shows the pathetic condition of affected family members.

·        Hence there is need of review of these stringent conditions for CG Appointment in BSNL and also there is need of proper scrutiny of the cases by officers initiating the proposal along with awareness to the family members of late comrade on the procedure in CG appointment and the possibility of appointment depending on the criteria and conditions of CGA appointment.

·        Further important point is that such proposals needs to be reviewed by HPC on fixed Time interval may be monthly or quarterly basis which do not take place regularly may be due to incomplete proposals and the clear intimation needs to be sent to concerned family members so that they understand the reality and they are not exploited on name of CGA by misleading information by some individuals as seen in many of the CGA cases.

·        Let us hope that Circle management and all concerned officers take some lesson from this unfortunate incident and clear all such proposals for CGA appointment on humanitarian grounds and in time bound manner by overcoming present Red Tape and lethargic procedure and give relief to the family members of late comrades during life time crises due to unfortunate exist of the Head of the family or convey them facts within reasonable time.

·        SNEA MH appeals all the officers and staff of BSNL to deal with all office issues very honestly and sincerely and give confidence to the concerned affected parties by convincing the actions and procedure of BSNL and also see that whatever action is required should be taken without delay and in shortest possible time.


11 aPr 18:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued corrigendum to DE LA order by shown DE LA posting as per their transfer in SDE Cadre as in earlier orders there transfer was shown at one place and posting of AGM LA was shown at another place. Letter <<<>>> 



11 aPr 18:   AGM Estt Mumbai calls for VCs of officers who are given DGM LA responsibilities in recent DGM LA order and last date for submission of VCs is 20/04/2018. Letter <<<>>> 


11 aPr 18:   CAO FC Mumbai calls for VCs of 23 CAOs in LA arrangements from concerned IFAs for next spell of CAO LA which is due w.e.f. 19/04/2018. Letter <<<>>>


11 aPr 18:   CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for relieving of officers who have been transferred out of SSA under CAO LA arrangements by 11/04/2018, with warning that else the officers will be relieved through ERP on 12/04/2018. Letter <<<>>> 


11 aPr 18:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for ERP relieving of all executives in JTO & SDE Cadre under transfer to WTR but not yet relieved by SSA Heads concerned and all officers are relieved from 12/04/2018 Afternoon. Letter <<<>>> 


11 aPr 18:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for relieving of DE on his long stay transfer to J&K Circle and he is struck from strength of MH Circle with immediate effect. Letter <<<>>> 


11 aPr 18:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for posting of DE on his choice station on completion of All India Hard Tenure station at J&K Circle. Letter <<<>>> 


11 aPr 18:   Com. V. R. Patni, AGM CM Mumbai will look after the duties of Liaison Officer for SC/ST employees of Maharashtra Circle till further orders. Letter <<<>>>


 10 aPr 18:   CS SNEA MH writes Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle conveying thanks and gratitude for consideration of all Request transfers of telecom wing by wiping out entire waiting list of request transfers, issuing LA arrangements in DE & DGM cadre thereby keeping the words given in Formal Meeting with SNEA. Letter <<<>>>

·        SNEA MH appreciates the concern and efforts taken by staff section led by GM HR/Admn Mumbai under directions of CGMT MH for issuing all four orders in time bound manner with target date.

·        SNEA MH appreciates the day night efforts taken by all the staff and officers ranging from AD to CGMT MH and hardworking even on holidays and Sunday.

·        Letter appreciates the efforts of the staff section team led by CGMT MH for issuing Request transfer and order for DGM & DE LA arrangement in record period of seven days,  issuing LA orders subject to VCs, issuing transfer orders with minimum expenditure & minimum disturbance to executives by intellectual ideas

·        Letter specially conveys thanks and gratitude especially to Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai, Shri. B. A. Patil DGM HR Mumbai, Shri. B. P. Tambat, AGM Staff Mumbai, Shri. V.J. Bhandirge AD Staff B Mumbai, Shri. N.G. Nikam AD Staff Mumbai, Shri. M. M. Apte, AGM Estt Mumbai, Shri. V. K. Dethe, AD HRD Mumbai  and all the staff working in the staff section for taking timely action, taking sincere efforts in issuing orders by seating in the offices for late hours and on all the holidays during last fortnight

·        SNEA MH also request CGMT MH for directing GM Fin Mumbai and CE Electrical Mumbai for considering pending request transfers of executives in Account and Electrical wing.

·        SNEA MH also request to CGMT MH look into issue of SDE LA arrangement for filling vacancies up to sanctioned post as we have already started treating all JTOs/SDEs equally and many of the JTOs are waiting for SDE promotions for last 20 years and such consideration for SDE LA will give some relief to them as well as present dual working  of SDE & JTO for same work will reduce the duplication of works and every JTO & SDE will share equal work responsibility of office works, thereby doubling working hours and executive work force.

·        SNEA MH further requests CGMT MH for considering pending request from and to Non-Recruiting Circle like WTR, WTP, BBNW etc and Rule 8 transfers of eligible JTOs to requested Circles.


10 aPr 18:   Jt GM Pers BSNL CO Delhi clarified that the GM PGM level officer with less than two years’ service left need not to submit three options for out of SSA/Circle transfers. Letter <<<>>>


10 aPr 18:   AGM Estt Mumbai calls for detail information from SSA/BA Heads calling for details including Circle Gradation list of all 2263 JTOs working in Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>  List <<<>>>

·        It has been written that data is to be forwarded to BSNL CO, but till today no CGL has been prepared for many of the JTOs and how the SSA can give CGL number is under question.

·        This data called by Estt Section is normally part of Circle Gradation list being prepared by Estt Section and as no such work of preparation of CGL has been taken care for last 2-3 years, now Estt Section itself is asking data of JTOs for preparation of CGL as Estt do not have relevant data for preparation of Circle Gradation

·        This CGL list is also required for issuing fresh orders for SDE LA arrangements and Estt Section.

·        All DS/COBs and activist are requested to take up matter with their SSAs and see that relevant information is sent to Estt Section.

·        SNEA MH  also appeal all the JTOs working in Maharashtra Circle to give/submit detail information about them and their batch mates so that data is updated and CGL is prepared with such purified data. 


10 aPr 18:   GM Pers BSNL CO Delhi writes to all Circle/Unit Heads about inordinate delay in relieving of executives under transfer to tenure/other circles. Letter <<<>>>


 10 aPr 18 :  SAD NEWS:  SNEA Lost one of its stalwart comrade:  With deep sorrow it is to inform that Com. D.V. Lavand AGM Admn Satara and die-hard SNEA comrade passed away on Monday, 09/04/2018 at 1630 hrs due to massive heart attack at the Age 58 years. 

·        Com. Dilip Vitthal Lawand was working as AGM Admn Satara and was on duty till Saturday, 07/04/2018. On Monday he was on leave and for consultation with doctor. After consultation he was at his residence at native At Post Daruj, Tal Khatav in Satara District where he took last breath due to massive heart Attack before he was again taken to hospital. He is survived with a daughter and married son.

·        Sudden heavenly exit of Com. D. V. Lavand is life time loss to his family and BSNL has lost a great and fully devoted officer.  SNEA has lost a sincere, hardworking and loyal member as Com. Lavand was member of JETA/TEOA and SNEA and has always taken part in all association activities and he was one of the pillars of SNEA Satara. Com. Lavand has played very strong role in rebuilding of SNEA Satara.

·        Com. Lavand was known for his devoted and sincere working and his dashing nature for resolution of critical and extreme difficult issues. He has always extended helping hand to all the officers and staff for office as well as for personal works and he has strong bonding among staff and officers in Satara SSA as well as in other SSAs.

·        Com. Lawand has started his carrier in DoT as JTO in Satara SSA and on promotion as SDE he has served in Vaduj. He was actively involved in many of the opening of new exchanges in Dahiwadi, Man and Khatav Taluka and he has completed all installation works successfully. Com. Lawand has also served as SDE in Gadchiroli SSA as well as Ratnagiri SSA and also successfully completed all India hard tenure at Anantnag in J&K Circle.

·        SNEA MH conveys deep condolences to the family member of late Com. Dilip Vitthal Lawand, on this saddest moment due to sudden heavenly exit of Com. Dilip Vitthal Lawand, and prays Almighty to give courage to his family members to overcome this period of crises. We also pray Almighty to give heavenly space with Nobel peace to departed soul of Com. Lawand.


 8 aPr 18: Mission One Lakh  FTTH/BB connections  through TIPs/ Cable TV Operators throughout Maharashtra Circle on Revenue sharing basis in First Quarter of Financial Year  2018-19:  In continuation to the innovative ideas by Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle for generation of more revenue for BSNL and adding more and more customers to BSNL in tune with BSNL HQ policy, MH circle is signing agreements with TIPS (Telecom Infrastructure Providers)/ Cable TV Operators for providing Broadband and FTTH Connections on Revenue sharing basis. SSA wise Targets <<<>>>

·        TIPS are providing these connections through their OLTs or through Switch/Cat-5 Cable. BSNL responsibility is to provide backhaul from BSNL exchange to their Control room.

·        In some cases, these TIPs are extending backhaul up to our exchanges & get additional 5% revenue share.

·        BSNL will share Handsome 35% to 50% Revenue earned from these connections through Cable TV operators.

·        The response from TIPS is very good and many of the SSAs have taken good initiative in signing agreements with TIPs and all the employees and officers in Maharashtra circle are doing excellent work with lot of ground work.

·        As on today, around 300 Cable TV operators have signed agreements and 200 TIP OLTs have been integrated in BSNL network but till now only 4938 Connections are provided through TIPs and there is need of more sincere efforts from one and all to grab this best opportunity of Business for BSNL. If we miss it this time, then it will be difficult to get such great business opportunity later.

·        With special focus on this important business with minimum expenditure on part of BSNL, now CGMT MH Circle has assigned target of One Lakh connections in First Quarter of Year 2018-19 and with firm determination to achieve this target and accordingly all SSA Heads have been directed to gear up with all possible efforts and initiatives for achieving this target.

·        It has been clarified by CGMT MH that any difficulty in achieving the SSA wise target should be resolved with top most priority and for any difficulty unresolved at SSA level or needs intervention of Circle office, the concerned field officers may directly contact Com. M. S. Hanchate, SDE Tech % CGMT MH Circle. Mob 9422001144 and email or even one can contact directly to CGMT MH on critical issues, but no issue should be kept pending for any reason.

·        SNEA MH appeals all the officers and staff throughout Maharashtra Circle to join hands in this “Mission one lakh FTTH/BB connections through TIP Business” in first Quarter of Year 2018-19 by popularising this plan with all cable TV operators in their area and apprising them about this revenue share model which is the Best in present telecom market scenario which will be game changer plan for BSNL as well as Cable Operators by covering up BSNL’s declining revenue from LL/BB segments.


 8 aPr 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai endorsed reminder letter calling for options from all GMs/PGMs who have completed Four years stay in Post/SSA and Six years total stay in the Circle. Letter   <<<>>>  Earlier letter calling for three options <<<>>>

·        Earlier date for submission of three options for transfer out of SSA, from post on completion of four years and for transfer out of Circle on completion of Six years stay in any Circle by email was 31/03/2018 and as many of the officers have not submitted options the date is extended up to 09/03/2018.

·        The letter clearly warns that in case of non-receipt of options, the concerned officers/executives will be posted as per suitability of the origination.

·        One side AGM Staff Mumbai endorses this order for calling options for three choices on completion of six year and other side in total contradiction of these orders Mrs. Namrata Tiwari GMT Nagpur with total stay of more than 24 years stay at Nagpur SSA is again given additional charge of PGM Mobile Nagpur.

·        No one knows the plan behind giving such additional charge of PGMT Mobile Nagpur to the officer at the Top most position of longest stay all over India by keeping aside two other GMs working at Nagpur Mobile unit when only one post GM Mobile Nagpur is justified.

·        When last date for submission of three options was 31/03/2018, Circle management gives undue favor to Mrs. Tiwari by giving her additional charge of PGM Mobile on 02/04/2018. Copy of Order <<<>>>

·        Such undue favor gives scope to rumors that efforts are being made by Maharashtra Circle administration to retain Mrs. Tiwari n Maharashtra Circle and specifically at Nagpur even though there are repeated complaints against the concerned officer.

·        Let us hope that additional charge of PGM Mobile Nagpur is given without any intention of further retention of Mrs. Namrata Tiwari GM at Nagpur SSA and also in Maharashtra Circle

·        SNEA MH will again take up matter with CGMT MH for applicability of long stay criteria equally for all and not on pick and choose basis.

·        Let us hope the BSNL Corporate office takes note of highest long stay of more than 24 years of Mrs. Namrata Tiwari GM at Nagpur from ADET to PGMT post and consider her option for choice Circle/SSA if any or post her on the she will give or she will be posted out of Maharashtra Circle as per suitability of the origination and there will not be any need on part of CGMT MH for corrective actions at Circle level.



7 aPr 18:  Director HR , BSNL Board writes CGMs for personal intervention for update service books and coordination with concerned CCA for completion of verification process and to attend pension cases in mission mode to avoid delay in settlement of pension cases  Letter   <<<>>>  DoT Letter <<<>>>   <<<>>>


 7 aPr 18:  CGM EW BSNL CO writes CGMs for review of package AC installations of all Telephone Exchanges with less than or equal to 2000 lines and comfort ACs in office spaces.  Letter   <<<>>>


7 aPr 18:  DGM Admn Mumbai directs all employees of BSNL residing in Mumbai to directly approach AO TR of MTNL for getting 30% discount on reimbursement on FSTC/RCTC. Letter   <<<>>>


 5 aPr 18:  SDE Tech to CGMT MH published the details of discussions in “What Next at Glance" meeting held at Circle Office Mumbai. Letter   <<<>>>


 5 aPr 18:  SDE wise monthly Landline and Broadband targets for Year 2018-19.    <<<>>>   <<<>>> 


 5 aPr 18:  AGM EB Issued orders for extension of highly popular “Maha Krushi Sanchar New” (MKS New) CUG GSM plan up to 01/06/2018. Letter   <<<>>>


 5 aPr 18:  CEE Mumbai again issued fire safety guidelines to avoid fire incidents. Letter   <<<>>>



 4 aPr 18:  CAO FC Mumbai published the stay particulars of total 565 Account Personals from JAO to DGM cadre working in Maharashtra Circle which is final list by taking into account all the requests received by 31/03/2018. Letter   <<<>>>

·        It is being informed that the list has been complied up to 31/03/2018.

·        Any corrections in stay particulars are to be intimated by 07/04/2018 by email on and it has been clearly mentioned in this letter that representation received after 07/04/2018 will not be entertained.

·        This list will be operated in considering request transfers from Tenure as well as non-tenure SSAs respectively as per the Circle long stay and SSA Long stay.

·        Hence the officers in SSAs where incoming request are pending as per waiting list of request transfers, will have to analyze his/her position in the Circle/SSA Long stay list and opt for any of the suitable SSA from where incoming request is pending for his/her SSA if he/she is in the top of the Circle/SSA long stay list or otherwise be ready for transfer in any of the SSA as per convenience of Administration/FC section.

·        In last spell of transfers many of the officers later complained that they were not aware of the facts and have not seen the long stay list and hence first resisted for transfer and later joined at transfers stations even though said station was not suitable for him/her.

·        The counting of stay and age of the officers is done as on 31st of the Financial Year in which transfer orders are issued and this year cut of date for calculation of age and stay of the officers is 31/03/2019 and one has to count and analyze his /her stay/age.

·        Office with age 57 years are not normally transferred out of SSA and female comrades are normally not posted to tenure stations and hence one has to count his/her position in the Circle/SSA long stay list by excluding the names of officers with age barred for transfers out of SSA and by excluding names of female comrades in Circle long stay list. 

·        Hope this time nobody will believe on any rumors and will carefully go through the Waiting of Request transfers, Circle/SSA Long stay list and if required may opt accordingly.



 4 aPr 18:  DGM FC Mumbai published the waiting list of request transfers of Account Personals from JAO to DGM cadre which s final list by taking into account all the request received by 31/03/2018. Letter   <<<>>>

·        There are total 58 Requests in which some of officers have submitted request for more than one SSA/Unit.

·        The officers who have submitted more than one options needs to withdraw other options and keep most suitable option for him/her otherwise be ready for transfer at any of the SSA/Unit opted regardless of preference of choice he/she has given.

·        Further letter clarifies that request with less than two years stay in present SSA will not be considered.

·        These requests will be given consideration by this week or maximum by next week and once transfer order issued is normally not cancelled and if anyone has given request for name sake or just to exclude name from long stay list may withdraw the request or be ready for Unit/SSA requested.

·        By look at the requests it is possible that many of request can be adjusted by mutual or one to one transfers without any cost to BSNL, but for other transfers substitute will be posted from Circle and SSA long stay list respectively for Tenure and non-Tenure stations.

·        For any further clarification or additional information on this subject including transfer policy, the concerned executives may contact officers in FC section or to Com. Hrushikesh Kesale, JS AF SNEA MH {9422882888} or Com. Harish Sable, JS Marathwada, SNEA MH {9421315444}.  


 3 aPr 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued request transfers orders in respect of JTOs/SDEs from and to Non -Tenure SSAs. Letter   <<<>>>

·        In historical orders entire waiting list of request transfers of executives in Telecom wing has been swiped out as all the request transfers have been given consideration n one stroke.

·        In this transfer order of Total 173 executives in JTO & SDE Cadre,  about all are own cost request transfers and only 31 transfers orders are in the interest of service.

·        Out of these 31 transfers in the interest of service also merely 15-16 cases will be eligible for Transfer grants and in other cases it is possible if an only if officer under transfer changes his residence which has less possibilities.

·        Considering hundreds of request with just 15-16 substitutes with cost to BSNL and all other transfers with no cost to BSNL is brilliant job and needs recorded appreciation of all.

·        Also transfers are less in the number as management has taken wise and practical decision to consider substitute of JTO as SDE and vice versa for considering own cost request transfers where ever it was not possible to get substitute in same cadre.

·        The long pending matter of request transfers to and from Mumbai which was kept on hold for last two years also has been taken care intelligently and without disturbing at far away distances from Mumbai all are posted in nearby SSA.

·        Further , Circle management has responded very positively to the issue of transfers on basis of non-performance as discussed in the formal meeting of SNEA MH with CGMT MH and this time no such transfers are issued SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH and Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR/Admn Mumbai to show such positive gesture towards the executives and clearing unwanted fear in minds of executives, once for all.

·        But it does not mean that SNEA and management are supporting non-performer executives and everybody will have to perform to best of his/her abilities and if anyone is non-performer, then first his controlling officer will have to act against him by official procedures to improve his performance and not by transfers and this action by Circle management will definably clear fear of transfers on tag of Non-Performer and can give their best to BSNL without any tension in mind.

·        Further all request on medical ground, spouse ground and educational grounds have been given consideration.

·        Some request for change of SSA on genuine grounds have been given consideration and concerned executives and family members will definitely get relief.

·        There are some cases that officers with less stay are transferred and officers with higher stay are retained in same SSA, in some cases officers with stay less than 10 years are transferred, some officers are posted at odd geographically odd SSA which are normally possible while considering such large number of request transfers and SNEA MH will take up such known cases for corrections.

·        But on and by large, the principles of transfer policy are applied equally for all to most possible extent and this approach of Circle management was never seen before.

·         Though efforts of management are highly appreciable till somebody may have some genuine grievances and if so he/she may represent it through proper channel before relieving of concerned officer by the SSA Head and such genuine requests recommend by SSA Heads and DS SNEA concerned will be pursued by SNEA MH and concerned affected officers are requested to represent their case through proper channel and its copy may be emailed/handed over to DS SNEA concerned and to Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH, {Mob 9420685756 Email a.gangar@}.

·        We should appreciate the intelligent efforts and day night efforts taken by officers in staff section by forgoing all holidays and Sundays in last fortnight.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to all the officers in Staff section and particularly Com. V. J. Bhandirge, AD Staff A Mumbai, Com. N. G. Nikam, AD Staff B Mumbai, Com. B. P. Tambat, AGM Staff Mumbai, Com. B. A. Patil DGM HR Mumbai, Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR/Admn Mumbai and Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle thereby saving Crores of rupees expenditure in posting substitute in each case of request and also considering all the transfers in the waiting list of request transfers making it as “NIL” as on 02/04/2018.

·        SNEA MH also specially appreciate the efforts taken by the Dealing Assistants and other staff in Staff section who also have attended office on holidays and Sunday and also have been in office after office hours to confirm, consolidate data and requests. 


 3 aPr 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued request transfer orders in respect of JTOs/SDEs working at Circle tenure stations and all India Soft Tenure stations. Letter   <<<>>> 

·        It was earlier tradition that all tenure transfers were issued on quarterly basis and now in further advance stage the request transfers from Tenure stations are issued in six month advance as the request of all offices completing tenure by end of Sept 2018 are now given consideration.

·        Earlier in the formal meeting of SNEA MH with CGMT MH it was decided to issue all transfers on yearly basis but by look at more no. of officers to be posted as substitute, it was last moment decided by CGMT MH to consider the request for six months period. 

·        Henceforth the Tenure Transfers will be issued on six monthly basis instead of earlier quarterly basis.

·        But once orders is issued in advance does not mean that the officers will be relived before completion of tenure and officers will be relieved after ten days of completion of tenure of two years regardless of substitutes joins or not join by that time.

·        Hopefully the substitute will join in each case before completion of tenure of two years and hence there will not be any issue in reliving of tenure completed officers.

·        This will also reduce hardship faced by some of executives due to mid-session transfers under Circle long stay as substitute at Tenure stations.  

·        Request of Total 22 SDEs & 26 JTOs who have completed three years soft tenure at All India Soft Tenure stations Gadchiroli and Sindhudurg and two years Circle Tenures at Gadchiroli, Sindhudurg, Goa, Ratnagiri, Raigad and Nandurbar in Dhule SSA are considered in this spell.

·        Substitute has been posted in each case of tenure transfer except transfers from Raigad SSA as the executive strength of Raigad SSA is more than 100%

·        Some of officers in long stay list were of the opinion that their position in long stay list is still below and his/her turn may not come so early. But as the request transfers from tenure station are considered for two quarters/six month at one time, the no of substitutes posted are more and hence more officers have come under zone of transfers and no transfers will be issued till next sis monthly spell of tenure transfers.

·        Henceforth one will have to apply for request transfer before six months and the officers in long stay list will have to ascertain their position in the Circle long stay list and opt accordingly.

·        Representations for retention on genuine grounds and wrong counting of stay and position in the Circle long stay list , needs to be given by the affected executives as early as possible and same needs to be sent through proper channel with verification of data by concerned SSA. Such timely representations on genuine grounds by SNEA members will be pursued by SNEA MH.   

·        It is understood that names of some individual officers who are completing tenure by Sep 2018 and applied from transfers from Tenure stations are missing and SNEA MH will pursue for such cases and DS SNEA concerned are requested to send details by email to Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS NRU SNEA MH {Mob 9423085023 Email} 


3 aPr 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued request transfers orders in respect of DEs from and to non-tenure SSAs Letter   <<<>>> 


 3 aPr 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued request transfers orders in respect of DGMs from and to non-tenure SSAs. Letter   <<<>>> 


 3 aPr 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for Looking After Arrangements in DE/AGM Cadre and except few all are posted at same SSA of their working or at the place of transfer on long stay. Letter   <<<>>> 

·        This order is for 179 days w.e.f. 04/03/2018.

·        These orders are issued subject to Vigilance clearance.

·        The orders are to be implemented by 07/04/2018.

·        With these DE/AGM LA arrangements about 80% post of DEs/AGMs in all SSAs will be filled up if all the officers join the posted SSA.

·        Out of 226 SDEs considered for DE/AGM LA arrangements about all are posted in same SSAs and some of them are first transferred in long stay list and then given DE LA in the transferred SSA and thus 22 are posted by change of SSA with transfer on request or long stay and where DE/AGM vacancy exists.

·        Practically the cost of transfers will be applicable only in case of 12-13 officers and 213 out of 225 are posted at same SSA as discussed in the formal meeting of SNEA MH with GM HR/Admn Mumbai and CGMT MH.

·        Earlier DE/AGM LA was given only to few executives keeping many of the post vacant and orders were issued for three months period and three different orders were issued in each spells for different officers, and SNEA MH has taken up this matter to fill up all justified vacancies and also for issuing orders of LA arrangements for 180 days and all officers are now considered in one single order. 

·        Also earlier, the DE LA orders matter of seniors working under juniors was reported as since last three spells no fresh DE LA order was issued and all the part orders were illegally extended and SNEA MH has taken up this matter with CGMT MH and it was finally decided that earlier orders will be issued where it is as it is basis and later fresh DE LA orders will be issued from 01/04/2018.

·        Some of the officers have submitted refusals for posting out of SSA in DE LA arrangements but they have not given justified reasons for refusals and hence their names seem to be considered for out of SSA DE/AGM LA orders.

·        If any of the officer has any issue in accepting DE/AGM LA out of SSA due to genuine reasons, he may again represent his/her case and submit refusal with right and acceptable cause/reason immediately and mainly before reliving by SSA Head concerned, hopefully after acceptance of refusals submitted by these officers, name of next eligible officers will be considered for DE/AGM LA arrangements against refusals after 07/04/2018 and next senior officers may opt accordingly.  

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to CGMT MH and GM HR/Admn Mumbai for keeping word given to SNEA MH in the formal meeting to issue fresh DE/DGM LA orders by 01/04/2018 and though it was very difficult task to get orders issued by 01/02/2018, day and night efforts were taken by staff/officers in Staff Section and even GM HR/Admn Mumbai, CGMT MH have attended office on holidays to complete this work in time bound manner.

·        SNEA MH appreciates the commitment of CGMT MH and GM HR/Admn Mumbai in active support of DGM HR Mumbai, AGM Staff Mumbai and AD Staff A Mumbai and AD Staff B Mumbai.

·        Any issues/representations of SNEA Members about DE/AGM LA arrangements before relieving of concerned officer by the SSA Head concerned will be pursued by SNEA MH and concerned affected officers are requested to represent their case through proper channel and its copy may be emailed/handed over to DS SNEA concerned and to Com. S.A.Sarode, ACS East SNEA MH. {Mob 9523591903  email}


 3 aPr 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for Looking After Arrangements in DGM Cadre. Letter   <<<>>> 

·        This order is for 179 days w.e.f. 04/03/2018.

·        These orders are issued subject to Vigilance clearance.

·        The orders are to be implemented by 07/04/2018.

·        Out of 46DEs considered for DGM LA arrangements 29 are posted in same SSA and 16 are posted by change of SSA where DGM vacancy exists.

·        Earlier DGM LA was given only to few executives keeping many of the post vacant and orders were issued for three months period and n different spells for different officers, and SNEA MH has taken up this matter to fill up all justified vacancies and also for issuing orders of LA arrangements for 180 days and all officers are now considered in one single order. 

·        With this about all DGM level vacant post of SSA Heads are filled in subject to acceptance of promotions by the individuals.

·        The transfer policy guidelines are being followed in all cases with uniform application of transfer policy guidelines and retention of senior in same SSA on basis of seniority has been taken care along with consideration of request transfers in DE cadre and SNEA MH appreciates the concern of management.

·        Some of the officers have submitted refusals for posting out of SSA but they have not given justified reasons for refusals and hence their names seem to be considered for out of SSA DGM LA orders.

·        It is seen that names of some of the officers who have earlier submitted refusals are considered and name of some officers are not considered and SNEA MH will take up such cases for equal treatment for all either all refusal cases should be excluded or all refusal cases should be considered.

·        If any of the officer has any issue in accepting DGM LA out of SSA due to genuine reasons, he may again represent his/her case and submit refusal with right and acceptable cause/reason immediately and before reliving by SSA Head concerned, hopefully after acceptance of refusals submitted by these officers, name of next eligible officers will be considered for DGM LA arrangements against refusals and next senior officers may opt accordingly.

·        Any issues/representations of SNEA Members about DE/AGM LA arrangements before relieving of concerned officer by the SSA Head concerned will be pursued by SNEA MH and concerned affected officers are requested to represent their case through proper channel and its copy may be emailed/handed over to DS SNEA concerned and to Com. M.N. Kotambe, ACS West SNEA MH {Mob 9423881100, Email}.



 2 aPr 18 : Status of Request Transfers & LA arrangements in Telecom Wing: As per assurance ghiven to SNEA MH in formal Meetng as recognized association, the sincere efforts are being taken by all the officers n staff section including Shr. Amana Jaiswal GM HR/Admn Mumbai and since last ten days all the staff and officers in staff section including DGM HR Mumbai and GM HR Mumbai have been working on Tenure and non-tenure request transfers and yesterday even on Sunday work was going on till late night. It is understood that this time sincere efforts are made for purification of data and issuing request transfers on purified data. The proposal for Tenure transfers up to Sep 2018, Request transfers from Non tenure stations, orders for DE & DGM LA arrangements are being prepared and processed side by side and hence the target date of considering request transfers i.e. 31/03/2018 is missed by two days.  But with such tireless, day and night efforts, the orders for request transfers and LA arrangements are expected by today or tomorrow. SNEA MH is hopeful that with such devoted works the requests of all the comrades will be taken care with minimum dislocation of the substitutes. Let us hope for the best.  


  2 aPr 18: CS SNEA MH writes to Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai for certain unattended issues related to fresh DGM & DE LA arrangements and Confusion created due to corrigendum issued in criteria to be applied in posting of officer under DGM LA Arrangements in particular SSA and request for its withdrawal. Letter   <<<>>> 


 2 aPr 18: SNEA MH Circle congratulates Com. D.G. Kulkarni, DGM Kalyan, Com. S.B. Dandge DGM Amravati, Com. Smt. Laxmi Ganesh, AO TRA Mumbai, Com. Mrs. M. M. Kalkar, SDE Kalyan, Com. M. N. Jadhav, SDE Parbhani, Com. V.P Kulkarni, SDE Ahmednagar, Com. A. M. Patil, SDE Nashik, Com. M. S.  Jagtap, SDE Nashik, Com.  V.P.Kulkarni, JTO Ahmednagar, Com.  S.B. Gorkar  JTO Ahmednagar, Com R.G. Navani, JTO Raigad on their successful completion of long and dedicated services in DoT and BSNL and peaceful superannuation/ Voluntary retirement from BSNL services

·        Com. D. G. Kulkarni, DGM HQ Kalyan {Mob 7588508868} started his career in DOT as JE in 1982 at Kolhapur. He was transferred on promotion as AE to Mumbai in 1986. Later he was promoted as DE in MTNL in 1996. He has also served in NCES Circle as DE RNC Pune up to 2010 and thereafter he was transferred to NE II Circle. After completion of his hard tenure he joined Kalyan SSA as DGM in 2011 and has successfully handled charge of DGM Mobile Kalyan, DGM HQ Kalyan and he also has taken over and successfully handled charge of PGMT Kalyan for good time. For brief period of about one year he served at GMT Satara and DGM Satara & again joined back in Kalyan where he is working till date as DGM HQ Kalyan along with additional charge of DGM Planning. He is known for his best administrative skills and full devotion towards BSNL and office responsibilities. He is known as one of the honest officers in BSNL. He is one of the very knowledgeable senior officers in BSNL & has helped in resolving many issues of SNEA comrades from time to time. Though initially he was not member of SNEA, but he has always supported works and actions of SNEA and later joined SNEA with full devotion and has played active role in strengthening SNEA by appreciating good deeds of SNEA. He has helped SNEA comrades in resolving many conflicts with the managements and always played instrumental role to give justice to middle level executives. Com. D.G Kulkarni has rendered 35 years of spotless, successful, honest and devoted services in DoT & BSNL and just before two months of superannuation retirement he has opted for VRS and is successfully entering in retired life.    

·        Com. S. B. Dandge DGM Amravati and looking after charge of GMT Akola has started his career in DOT as Departmental Outsider  JE in 1982 at Dhule and worked as JE installation in Crossbar switching exchange & its Maintenance  at Dhule up to 1994. Further on promotion as SDE he was transferred to Amravati then he worked as DE Offtg at Sindhudurg from 2004 to 2008. On transfer back to Amravati he single handed managed the charge of AGM Rural/Transmission/NOFN/Planning /Mobile of Amravati. In NOFN under his leadership, Amravati SSA got 3rd position in Maharashtra Circle for GPs litting & were made over to BBNL. Com. S. B. Dandge has been promoted to DGM Adhoc at Amravati and worked as GMT Amravati from April 2017 to June 2017.  On joining of regular GMT Amravati he has served as DGM Amravati and since Dec 2017 he was also given the additional charge of GMT Akola and he has successfully handled both the charges till date retirement. Com. Dandge is known as the most sincere officer in BSNL Amravati and well known for his hard work and dedication. He was die hard and active member of SNEA and has always taken active part in all association activates.

·        Com. Smt. Laxmi Ganesh, AO TRA Mumbai {Mob 9423992272} started her career in 1984 as LDC (TA) in DoT at Masjid, Mumbai and worked in same office till 2001 and on transferred and worked in remittance section. In year 2010, she has successfully passed JAO exam and was posted as JAO Remittance clearance/review and she had the opportunity to visit CTS Kolkata, TF Jabalpur, Corporate Office Delhi & also to all SSAs in Maharashtra Circle. From 2014 to 2016, she has served as AO FC Mumbai and has extended helping hand to many of account personal in settlement of their HR Grievances n conducting different DPCs for TBP and collections of APRs for regular DPC. Then she was transfer as AO Civil Mumbai in crucial period and even though section was new she rendered best possible services in totally new assignment. Then for a year in 2017, she was transferred to Raigad SSA and served there as AO TR till Feb 2018 and then got transfer to Circle Office Mumbai and presently working as AO TR Mumbai. Smt. Laxmi Ganesh was fully devoted and active member of SNEA and since her taking over charge of AO FC Mumbai many of the SNEA members got justice on their long pending issues. She has always taken active part in SNEA activities and she is one of the founder Directors of BSNL Officer’s Co-Operative Credit Society, Mumbai and has contributed in foundation of this Society by her active participation. She is known for her friendly nature and has added many members to the Credit Society. She was one of the Account wing executives who have openly came out against injustice to account Personnel on pick and choose basis and joined SNEA and given justice to many of the Account Personals.  On completion of 32 years of her service manly in Circle Office Mumbai, now she has opted for VRS from 03/04/2018 and has decided to devote more time for spiritual activates.

·        Com. Mrs. M. M. Kalkar, SDE Shahapur Kalyan {Mob 9423968044} started her carrier in DOT as direct recruited JTO in year 1993 at Mumbai City Division. There after she was transferred to Nashik in 1997 where she was promoted as SDE in 2001. She was then opted for Kalyan SSA and worked in Bhiwandi area and again transferred back to Nashik.  Thereafter she has requested for posting to Kalyan SSA and since 2016 to till date she is successfully working as SDE Shahapur and due to personal reasons she has opted VRS. Com. Mrs. M.M. Kalkar was active member of SNEA while in Nashik as well as while in Kalyan and has always participated in association activities as per organisational calls. She is known for calm and quite nature and devoted works towards BSNL and has rendered services till last date of duty.   

·        Com. M. N. Jadhav {Mob 9422177300} Joined as TOA in 1982 at Nanded. Further he passed JTO examination as was appointed as JTO at Ahmednagar SSA where he served in indoor and outdoor sections of MIDC. In 1998 he got promoted as SDE and was posted at Parbhani where he served Jintur, Basmath and Parbhani mobile section. Starting his career as a TOA and successfully retiring as SDE, had worked very hard and dedicatedly for the betterment of BSNL. Even on his retirement he has assured his help anytime for BSNL. Com. M. N. Jadhav has also been an active SNEA member and had been the treasurer of SNEA Parbhani.

·        Com. Y. V. Ayachit, {Mob 9422961032} has joined DoT as a TTA at Parbhani in 1991 and served in Hingoli, Basmath and Parbhani. Further he got promoted as JTO then SDE in 2011.His special contribution / Specialisation was in works carried out in CDOT especially CDOT Version up-gradations, installations of switches,  Intelligent Network  Switches, EWSD TAX   etc.  Com. Y.V.Ayachit had contributed actively towards the growth of BSNL during his lifelong services rendered earlier in DoT and then in BSNL.

·        Com V P Kulkarni, SDE OP Ahmednagar {Mob 9423784200}, has joined in the era of DoT and has always been a sincere and dedicated officer towards BSNL. During his services he has served in Ahmednagar and Jalna SSA. He has always been an active member of SNEA and participated in all activities of association. He has opted for voluntary retirement and is retiring from 31/03/2018 for personal reasons. Com. Kulkarni is known for his devotion towards BSNL and office works and known for his polite nature,

·        Com. S. B. Gorkar JTO Shrigonda Ahmednagar {Mob 9423168088} has joined in DoT and was later prompted as JTO through competitive examination and is now working as JTO Shrigonda in Ahmednagar SSA as on his day of retirement. Com Gorkar has opted for voluntary retirement from 02/04/2018 for personal works. He has served his service with full dedication and also been active in association and has always participated in the organisational activities of SNEA.  

·        Com. A. M. Patil,  SDE Igatpuri GMT Nashik {Mob  9422258585)} has joined DoT as Technician in 1983 at Goa and was then transferred to Nasik and served in different units such as E 10B, Malegaon,  Dindori, DOTSOFT & Igatpuri. On further promotion as SDE Offtg he was again posted in Goa where he served as SDE CDR & successfully implemented total CDR Network at Goa. He also worked as CO Mapusa and SDOP Mapusa up to May 2012 and was then transferred back to Nashik SSA wherein he has worked as SDE Computer and implemented all ERP Templates, worked as L1 of PM Module. In 2015 he was posted as OSD to GMT Nashik including charge of ERP and SDE Igatpurii. After completing 35 years of service on the day of his retirement he is working as SDE Igatpuri and serving with full dedication and sincerity. On SNEA platform he had always been in front and participated in every activity of association.

·        Com. M. S. Jagtap, SDE Dindori Nashik {Mob 9423991967} has joined as a direct recruit JTO in 1997 at Ratnagiri in DoT and served in Group  and Transmission section up to 2002 then was transferred to Nasik& worked as JTO Gr Deola till 2004. On his Offg promotion as SDE he served as AD Mobile at Circle Office Mumbai where he handled three mobile projects i.e. 1M, 3M & 2M expansion in MH and saved 55 Crs of the BSNL by rectifying the rate of OMCR Software in the PO of 3M expansion. Then he was transferred to Goa in 2004 and served as SDE CO/EB Goa and made all STVs/ SIMs/ RCVs online in Sancharsoft which was done for the First time in the circle and this work was appreciated by Director C&M BSNL Board. Further back on transfer to Nasik he worked as SDE S&M Nashik where he made special efforts to make Nashik as first SSA in MH to release the franchise commission/ incentives. On his retirement he is working as SDE Dindori wherein he completed 11 Old FRACs & 9 Agreements and he was fully devoted to the works till date he has opted for VRS for personal works since 17/03/2018. 

·        Com. Ramesh G. Navani,  JTO Pen Raigad {9423094440} Joined DOT in Nov 1979 as a clerk at P&T Civil wing, Sion Post Office, Mumbai and later served as SDC in Electrical Sub Division Sion and thereafter as internal auditor. In March 2004 he became JTO through Departmental Competitive Examination and posted at Raigad SSA and till now he has served for 38 Years and 4 months with full devotion and dedication. Com Ramesh Navani had been working with the motto and service on the spot. He is well known among BSNL customers n Pen area and is known for his excellent relationship with customers. He has been always active member and leader of SNEA Raigad and has rendered services as District Vice President of SNEA Raigad and has played very important role in organising various events of SNEA and has always been source of motivation for SNEA members. He will be always remembered in Raigad SSA for his dedication towards SNEA.

SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com. S.B. Dandge, Com. Smt. Laxmi Ganesh, Com. Mrs. M. M. Kalkar, Com. M. N. Jadhav, Com. A. Y. Aychit, Com. V.P Kulkarni, Com. A. M. Patil, Com. M. S.  Jagtap, Com.  S.B. Gorkar Com R. G. Navani towards BSNL and SNEA and on behalf of thousands of Comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle, we wish them and their family members “A Happy A Happy, Peaceful, Healthy & Long Retired Life”


31 Mar 18:  In reminder request, CS SNEA MH writes to Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle for early approval of proposals submitted by SNEA MH for Benevolent Fund and Group Term Insurance Scheme for all willing Executives working in BSNL Maharashtra Circle so that no more executives and his family members are deprived of the benefits under this scheme in case of any unfortunate incident with any of the executive in BSNL Maharashtra Circle. Letter   <<<>>> 



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