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31 OCT 15:  SNEA (I) MH Circle congratulates, Com. P.K.Wani {Kotkar}, AO (Pursuit Cell), Nashik, on his superannuation retirement as on today, 31/10/2015 and wish him & his family members “A Very Happy, Peaceful & Long Retired Life”.

           Com. P. K. Wani (Kotkar) {Mob 9423970891}, is a senior member of SNEA Nashik. He was appointed as Technician at Panvel in Nov 1979. He is  working in Nasik SSA since 1980 as Technician at Manmad where he has done  excellent job of attending & repairing of multiple boards along with mtce of NEX exchange. Then he has passed JAO in 1996 & promoted as AAO in 2000 and is working as AO since 2009 in various sections at Nashik & Dhule SSA as AO Rural, Receipt, Civil/Electrical, Estt, General & PC. He is well known for his skills in Computer and Accounting work. He is hardworking, dedicated, committed and loyal towards BSNL. He has great contribution in recovery of Landline outstanding more than 3-10 years.

         SNEA (I) MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection Com. P.K.Wani {Kotkar} towards BSNL and SNEA (I) and on behalf of thousands of Comrades of SNEA (I) Maharashtra Circle, we wish him and his family members “A Happy, Peaceful, Healthy & Long Retired Life”


30 OCT 15: AGM EB II Pune issues clarifications on New Maha Krushi CUG Plan. Letter <<<>>>


30 OCT 15: CAO FC Mumbai issued formal appointment and posting of JAOs in different SSAs and non-recruiting Circles. Letter <<<>>>


29 OCT 15: BSNL CO issued orders for appointment and posting of JAOs in different Circles on successful completion of JAO trainings. Letter <<<>>>


29 OCT 15: BSNL CO issued own cost request transfer & long stay transfer orders of AOs/Sr AOs in which four are transferred to Maharashtra Circle and one is posted out of Maharashtra Circe. Letter <<<>>>


29 OCT 15: BSNL CO issued orders for transfer of ERP Core Group & ERP works under CGM ITPC Pune as is where is basis from 01/11/2015. Letter <<<>>>


29 OCT 15: BSNL CO issued orders for financial power to Civil/Electrical wings for utilization of contingency funds for External/contributory works. Letter<<<>>>



28 OCT 15:  BSNL CO writes CGMs for optimization of Battery  & Power Plants  capacities as one of the Energy Conservation Measure and save recurring loss to BSNL.  Letter <<<>>>     


28 OCT 15:  Shri. Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL writes DO letter to all CGMs for personally monitoring the periodic maintenance activities of GSM network and its optimum utilization. Letter <<<>>>     


28 OCT 15: Expressing disappointment  over the dismal progress on sharing of passive infrastructure especially towers by all Circles in DO letter addressed to all CGMs, Shri. Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL asks for more initiatives and actions at Circle level for sharing of towers and generation of revenue thereof. Letter <<<>>>     


28 OCT 15:  By quoting recent fire incident in one of Telephone Exchange, BSNL CO writes CGMs for certain fire safety measures to avoid such incident.  Letter <<<>>>     


27 OCT 15:  BSNL CO issued orders for cancellation of transfer orders and retention of the SDEs under transfer to all India hard tenure Stations in which transfer order of three SDEs from Maharashtra Circle is cancelled with immediate effect. Order   <<<>>>

            SNEA MH has raised voice against the retention of some of officers on pick and choose basis who are directly approaching to Pers cell, BSNL CO and biased approach in issuing cancellation/retention of SDEs under transfer to all India hard tenure stations. It is important that all these three cancellations are issued on the basis of the representations of these officers and without any visit to BSNL CO.        


27 OCT 15:  In Vigilance awareness week Message addressed to all officials and officers of BSNL,   Shri. Anupam Shrivastav, CMD BSNL appeals them to fight against corruption with full dedication and work for development of the organization. Message <<<>>>     

             We all should respond to the appeal by CMD BSNL and point out the corrupt practices by some of our own officers/officials or by vendors /contractors and put the facts on papers addressing it to competent Vigilance authority copy to SSA/Circle Heads, otherwise there is no meaning of observing Vigilance awareness week and such special message from CMD BSNL. 


27 OCT 15:  Message by Shri. K. P. Verma, new CVO BSNL on observing Vigilance awareness week from 26/10/2015 to 31/10/2015 with theme “Preventive Vigilance as tool of Good Governance”  Letter  <<<>>>     


27 OCT 15:  As per the orders issued by BSNL CO, on relieving of Shri. V. K. Singh CVO BSNL, his charge will be looked after by Shri. K.P.Verma, Add CVO BSNL.  Letter <<<>>>     

27 OCT 15:  BSNL CO published list of spare Transmission equipments available with different Circles and directs to needy Circles to collect it directly. Letter <<<>>>     


26 OCT 15:  With critical analysis of pending faults of lease circuits, Shri. N. K. Mehata, Director Enterprise BSNL Board writes CGMs of BSNL to take different initiatives & steps for providing quality service to the leased line customers of BSNL  for prevention of potential revenue loss to the BSNL. Letter  <<<>>>     


26 OCT 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued tenure transfer of single SDE for QE Sept 2015 as no other request are pending for this quarter. Order <<<>>>     


 26 OCT 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued clarification that the DEs who have refused the DGM LA before one year may submit their options, if they desires so, for next spell of DGM LA latest by 30/10/2015 even though their name do not appear in the list published by Staff section on 21/10/2015. Letter  <<<>>>     


 26 OCT 15: AGM NWO CM Mumbai writes all SSA Heads in Maharashtra Circle calling for report on utilization of 1091 Battery sets allotted to SSA. Letter <<<>>>  

         The last date of submission of utilization report is 26/10/2015. i.e. today. The letter further warns that allotment of Battery sets not collected within period of next ten days will be cancelled and will be diverted to other needy SSAs and no further allotment of battery sets will be made to SSAs not collecting allotted battery sets.


 26 OCT 15: AGM Staff Mumbai writes CGMs of Non Recruiting Circles/units in territory of Maharashtra Circle and calls for year wise vacancy position of JTOs from 2001 to 2015 and last date for submission of this information is 28/10/2015. Letter  <<<>>>     


 26 OCT 15: AGM  M&S Mumbai endorsed revised tariff for landline customers which will be applicable on PAN India basis w.e.f.  01/11/2015. Letter  <<<>>>     


23 OCT 15: NEW Maha Krushi CUG Plan : By merging all existing Maha Krushi Sanchar Plans, AGM EB Pune announces “New Maha Krushi Sanchar CUG Plan” with brand name “New MKS” which will valid for period three years from 01/11/2015. Letter <<<>>>   

Ø The minimum monthly recharge for prepaid customers is Rs 141.00 and for post paid customers it is Rs. 124.00 and facility and this CUG plan will be applicable to new customers only.

Ø “Maha Krushi Sanchar (MKS)” Plan has record break response from the farmers throughout Maharashtra Circle and it has been always strong base of GSM services of BSNL and there was strong public demand for extension of earlier MKS plan.

Ø Though extension has not been issued, the CUG plan with minor changes has been relaunched and will be again highly accepted by the farmers of Maharashtra Circle.

Ø This will be relief to struggling farmers of Maharashtra Circle as they can be part of this MKS CUG plan and save their money in present draught situation all over the Maharashtra.

Ø SNEA MH appeals all the executives and non executives to get actively involved in this popular scheme and make sincere efforts in adding more and more customers to BSNL.

Ø This is quiet possible as there is reasonable increase in quality of GSM  services and efforts are being done by BSNL Maharashtra Circle to improve GSM service quality and hence timely efforts by all are required for adding more and more customers in this most popular CUG Plan.

Ø For any queries or doubts on this plan please contact Com. Mahanand Gaikwad, SDE EB & ADS SNEA Pune. {9420495477).



23 OCT 15: Relieving of officer under Transfer “To & From” All India Tenure Stations: In special letter addressed to all CGMs, Ms. S.T.Ray, Director HR BSNL writes all CGMs for relieving of all SDEs/DEs/DGMs/GMs under transfer to & from all India Tenure Stations latest by 30/10/2015, with warning to relieve all these executives through ERP on 01/11/2015. Letter <<<>>>

Ø This will be great relief to the officers held up for months/years together at All India hard tenure stations after completion of prescribed tenure  and SNEA MH welcomes this move as it will prevail justice to all these comrades and will set precedence for better implementation of all India Tenure Transfers of executives completing their tenure.

Ø But we doubt how the BSNL CO will be in position to implement it when Pers Cell BSNL CO itself has biased approach towards the relieving of the executives under transfer to tenure station.

Ø In the recent past, it is seen that whoever is approaching Pers Cell BSNL CO, he/she is getting retention and that to be very random retention as per the wish & will of individual officer and we are sorry to say that Pers Cell seems to be helpless in stopping these officers and their malpractices rather actions at Personnel are supporting to individuals and their “God Fathers” for such pick and choose retention of non genuine cases.

Ø It makes us panic that the request of officers not having any genuine grounds but who are finding ways to reach Pers Cell BSNL CO are being retained randomly and particularly on pick and choose basis and the requests of officers having real & genuine difficulties/problems and who are not able to approach directly or indirectly or not able to manage chain to reach Pers cell of BSNL CO are made to suffer like anything and now forcibly relived and it is really matter of shame for Pers cell.

Ø We are sure that Director HR may not be aware of all these wrong practices going on at lower level and has issued strict and binding instructions for relieving all the officers under transfer to all India hard tenure stations.

Ø We know some of DGMs/SDEs who are expert in managing someone in Pers Cell will not bother to even such instructions that of Director HR BSNL Board as they have never worried when they are supported by such strong sources definitely who are more powerful than the Director HR.

Ø SNEA MH has no objection if this order is implemented equally & uniformly for all from GMs to SDEs as it will help in relieving of many of officers held up in Hard tenure stations, but if it is implemented in biased and pick and choose method and attempts are made for relieving officers in pick and choose method, it will definitely & strongly opposed by us as it is against natural justice.

Ø We will not allow such pick and choose relieving, that to be forcible relieving of some officers having genuine difficulties and retention of officers not having any genuine issues/problems as notified in transfer policy.

Ø  Let us hope that at least some sensitive officers in Pers cell itself takes note of unrest amongst the executives  about this biased approach and takes initiatives to stop all these pick and choose malpractices except genuine cases as referred in well defined transfer policy guidelines and this letter by Director HR is made applicable equally to all and everyone is given equal treatment and the present flow of officers and their influential sources inside/outside BSNL who are frequently visiting Pers Cell BSNL CO for managing individual  transfer is totally stopped.

Ø  Otherwise this letter even from highest HR authority of BSNL will be just routine formality and we fear over the days, such special letters from highest authorities will also lose their meaning/importance and it will be mere formality of threatening poor officers and supporting the officers who are managing transfers by hooks and crooks.               


23 OCT 15: By declaring SSA wise vacancies of DGMs to be filled in next spell of DGM LA arrangements and by assuring posting in same SSA till the vacancy exists in that particular SSA, AGM Staff Mumbai calls for options i.e. willingness as well as refusals if any from 39 DEs/LA DGMs for fresh DGM LA orders and last date for submission of willingness/refusals  is 30/10/2015. Letter <<<>>>

         It is seen that vacancy of some of SSAs are missing in this list and if it is so, concerned DS are requested to take u matter with concerned SSA Head and send such proposal of DGM vacancy with detail justification and willingness thereof latest by 30/10/2015.      


23 OCT 15: AGM Estt Mumbai calls for missing APRs of SDEs for DE /AGM Regular promotions. Letter <<<>>>     


23 OCT 15: As per orders from DoT, Ms. S. T. Ray, Director HR will hold additional  charge of Director Finance BSNL till 29/02/2016 or till regular incumbent joins. Letter <<<>>>     


23 OCT 15: BSNL CO issued promotion orders for 23 executives who have qualified LDCE held on 15/07/2007 Letter <<<>>>     



HAPPY Dasara & VijayADASHMi



 21 OCT 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued tenure transfer of DEs for QE Sept 2015 and this time substitute is not posted for DE under transfer from Sindhudurg SSA as it is already having excess DEs. Order <<<>>>     


 21 OCT 15: On joining one incumbent SDE, EE Civil HQ Mumbai issued orders for change of sections of 8 SDEs working in Mumbai area. Order <<<>>>     


 21 OCT 15: CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for field training of 85 JAOs w.e.f. 23/10/2015. Letter <<<>>>


21 OCT 15:  On completion of six week field training of JAO on 23/10/2015,  CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for their reporting to respective training Centers. Letter <<<>>>


21 OCT 15: By giving ERP Procedures, BSNL CO again issued instructions for timely payment of leave encashment on retirement of staff & officers. Letter <<<>>>



 21 OCT 15: Core Committee meeting with the CMD BSNL on developmental activities: Sri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL, met the members of the Core Committee of the Forum on 15.10.2015, to discuss about developmental activities. Com. P. Abhimanyu, Convener/Forum, Com. Chandeswar Singh, President/Forum, Com. K. Sebastin, GS/SNEA and Com. Prahalad Rai, GS/AIBSNLEA participated in the meeting. Senior officers of the CFA and Mobile wings were also present. The revenue from mobile services has grown by 3.49% during the period from April to September this year and that revenue from Enterprise business has grown by 25 %. The overall revenue has grown by 1.5%. The growth in landlines was also - 0.3% and very soon this will also become positive, said the CMD. He further stated that in the month of September alone we have added 1 lakh mobile connections through MNP. During previous months, it was about 30,000 each. However, he stated that mobile additions have decreased now, compared to the month of July and requested the Forum to take steps to motivate the employees in the marketing front. Major concern is eastern zone, where no improvement is happening. Situation is worse in WB and Kolkata TD Circles where the revenue figure is -14% and -9%. CMD further stated that our revenue needs to be increased at least by Rs.5,000 crores to offset the expenditure on wage revision alone from 01.01.2017. The leaders pointed out that acute shortage of cable, drop wire, 5 pair cable, etc. is still prevailing at the field level, which requires to be solved immediately to provide fault free service. The CMD assured that these items will be supplied immediately especially dropwire as per requirement to increase the and once again requested the Forum representatives to step up marketing activities. On the large scale complaint about the recent BB modem, CMD asked to bring few faulty modems for testing at BSNLCO. It will be arranged shortly.



 20 OCT 15: Full Day Dharana Throughout Maharashtra Circle demanding Adhoc PLI:  Hundreds of executive & non-executive comrades throughout Maharashtra Circle participated in Full Day Dharana on 19/10/2015 at different SSA HQs and strongly supported call given by Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations CHQ demanding Adhoc PLI. PHOTOS  <<<>>>



20 OCT 15: CAO FC Mumbai issued own cost request transfers of 4 JAOs & 5 AOs within Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>

This is good sign that after changeover of Finance wing senior management, immediate & positive step is taken for giving consideration to request transfers. SNEA MH has taken stand that transfer to Choice stations should be at own cost at par with Telecom, Civil & Electrical wing & expenditure on transfers should be minimum. This transfer order of AOs/JAOs supports this legal and official stand taken by us.  SNEA MH welcomes this positive step immediately after changes in senior management. Let us hope in days to come this positive attitude continues & all Finance wing officers in Maharashtra Circle get their choice of posting at least at own cost and at the same time money of BSNL is also saved by applying such intelligent HR ideas.




 19 OCT 15: Forum decision on Adhoc PLI payment: Forum meeting on 12.10.2015 decided to organize one day Dharna at BSNLCO, Circle/SSA HQs on today 19.10.2015 demanding payment of PLI. Organize the Dharna in coordination with Forum constants at all levels. Letter <<<>>>



19 OCT 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued tenure transfer of JTOs for QE Sept 2015. Order <<<>>>

      The file for Tenure Transfers is respect of SDEs & DEs is under process and the transfer orders are expected within day or two. 


19 OCT 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued request transfer in DE Cadre in which request of five DEs are considered. Order <<<>>>


19 OCT 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued SSA wise strength of executives in Maharashtra Circle. Copy <<<>>>


17 OCT 15:  Subsidy claim data for QE Sept 2015 received in time: Many of the comrades working on claims of subsidy have complained about over delay in updating data by ITPC Pune and it was reported that in some of quarters the data was not updated up to 25th of the month and on an average data was uploaded by 20th of the month. As such the field units were facing problems in consolidating the data, making document ready after taking thousands of print outs, getting it signed from different officers including SSA Head and its submission to Circle office causing delay by Circle office to submit it to CCA. In this process BSNL has to bear huge expenditure on last minute actions for completion of process and in submission of subsidy claims in time and in many cases the subsidy claim was denied due to delay.

As such during last meeting with Shri. Prabhash Singh CGM ITPC Pune on 21/08/2015, SNEA MH has raised these issues and elaborated him about the field difficulties and he has assured to look into issues so as data will be made available to field units at least by 15th of month.

It is important that Shri. Prabhash Singh CGM ITPC Pune and his team keeps the word and in this quarter the subsidy claim data for entire Maharashtra Circle is made available two days advance to the assured time as the data for Quarter Ending Sept 15  has been uploaded by ITPC Pune on 12/10/2015 & this is the commitment.

SNEA Maharashtra congratulates Shri. Prabhash Singh CGM ITPC Pune & his entire team of ITPC Pune involved in this work & convey sincere thanks for keeping the word and resolving the difficulties faced by field units by their timely action. We are confident that from next quarter onwards instead of uploading raw data, the uniformly processed subsidy claim data will be uploaded by ITPC Pune, which will save manpower of BSNL in different SSAs which is specially kept reserve for calculation of subsidy claims.

We also convey thanks to Com. K.L.Jadhav, DP, Com. V.N.Kokare, DS,  Com. Sunil Pawar DT and entire  team of SNEA ITPC Pune for continuous persuasion of this issue from table to table and officer to officers & getting matter finally resolved reduced the difficulties of entire Maharashtra Circle.    


17 OCT 15: Congratulations!!! BSNL CO issued instructions for Regularization of Officiating JTOs and conduction of LICE as per the provisions of RR of JTO (Telecom)-2014. Letter <<<>>>

·        In this order it is instructed that all the candidates should again go for JTO Phase –I training even though they have completed this at earlier stage, but to conclude long wait and prolonged struggle, it is the only way we have left out and hence all are eagerly waiting for training orders.

·        On part of Maharashtra Circle action has been initiated and orders for training of all candidates who are working as JTO Offg are expected very shortly and all should be ready for it. The TTAs, who have refused off JTO promotions, will also be eligible for this traing ad posting as JTO Regular.

·        After this exercise BSNL calls for compliance and information on action taken by 31/10/2015.

·        This will stop the dilemma and uncertainty on the future of all the Officiating JTOs in BSNL and the all the JTOs will be functioning as JTO Regular without any hurdle.

·        This exercise will also help in resolution of dead lock on Rule 8 transfer of JTOs in Maharashtra Circle, which are held up for last one & half year.

·        SNEA Maharashtra congratulates all the officiating JTOs for this great & life time achievement and salutes them for their prolonged struggle with patience and reaching the goal of becoming JTO Regular. .

·        In Maharashtra Circle, Com. B.D.Wani JTO Offg Dhule has given timely feedback on different issues to SNEA Leaders about the issues of JTO offg which has resulted in resolution of long pending issues of JTO Offg throughout Maharashtra. SNEA (I) MH conveys thanks to Com. B.D.Wani and all the officiating JTOs in Maharashtra for their prolonged faith on SNEA and for giving timely feedback in resolution of the issues.


17 OCT 15: CAO FC Mumbai issued formal appointment & posting order of 59 JAOs who have successfully completed JAO pre appointment traing. Letter <<<>>>

      SNEA MH congratulates & welcomes all these JAOs on their first appointment and conveys best wishes for this new assignment in BSNL with assurance of full & committed support on platform of SNEA for same.



17 OCT 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting of 8 SDEs on their DE Regular promotion by posting all in working SSA itself except one case. Order I <<<>>>  Order II <<<>>>


17 OCT 15: CAO FC Mumbai issued instructions for payment of stipend to JAOs undergoing training at different training centers of BSNL. Letter <<<>>>



17 OCT 15:  BSNL CO published provisional seniority list of CAOs and calls for representations if any through proper channel for corrections/modifications by individuals latest by 30/11/2015. Letter <<<>>>  List <<<>>>



16 OCT 15: Forum Meeting with CGMT MH: Delegation of Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations led by Com. Nageshkumar Nalawade, CS BSNLEU comprising Com. R.N.Ayre CS NFTE BSNL MH, Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, Com. K.S. Kulkarni, Secretary CHQ NFTE BSNL, Com. S.B.Bhosale, CT SNEA MH, Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai, Com. Bhalchandra Mane, ACE BSNLEU MH, Com. Vijay Gosavi, ACS NFTE BSNL MH had meeting with Shri. G.K.Upadhay, on 14/10/2015 in his chember at Circle Office Mumbai and discussed prominent issues of Maharashtra Circle and submitted memorandum on protest against humiliation of Maharashtra Circle and intentional wrong posting of GM level officers at important portfolios of Maharashtra Circle creating hurdles in growth of BSNL in MH Circle. Memorandum <<<>>>        

·        During discussions delegation has drawn attention of CGMT towards the issues affecting to the growth of BSNL Maharashtra Circle and mainly about the careless approach of BSNL CO towards posting of Officers on prominent positions of GM/PGM EB Mumbai and Add GM NOFA Mumbai which has direct impact on growth of Maharashtra Circle. 

·        Shri. G.K.Upadhay, CGMT MH who first resisted accepting memorandum quoting that posting of GMs is being done by BSNL CO and directed leaders of Forum to approach senior officers at BSNL Corporate office. We have made him clear that the issue is related to growth & revenue of Maharashtra Circle and as head of Circle his role is very important in this matter to convey right things to BSNL CO.

·        After brief discussions, CGMT MH accepted the memorandum and added that the change in portfolios of GM EB and Add GM NOFN are not done in consultation with him and he has never demanded for same. He expressed that he also is surprised to know such changes of important portfolios.

·        He further added that the post of GM EB is important portfolio and as it was vacant for prolonged period, he has requested BSNL CO for filling this vacant post for 3-4 times and BSNL CO has perhaps issued orders by posting senior officers among GM level officers in Mumbai. He added that EB being important portfolio the senior officer is posted and later confirmed that he was consulted at last moment of issuing orders and as he also find no alternative arrangement for EB section.

·        We have brought to his notice about availability of other senior officers for the post of EB and stressed to have PGM level officer who could look into issues of Enterprise Business for entire Maharashtra. We explained him that as on today no new business is being added to BSNL Maharashtra Circle and entire energy is being used for maintaining existing business of BSNL.  CGMT silently agreed the facts and added that he is much worried about the works of EB and in absence of GM level officer he has to attend the meetings which is not possible.

·        We also pointed how BSNL CO proposes and he accepts to post a GM EB who is just left with eight month of services before his superannuation retirement. We have explained him issues in detail and made it clear the problems which will be faced by BSNL Maharashtra Circle by posting such officer as GM EB Mumbai. We also stressed to post PGM level officer who is left with reasonable service of at least 2-3 years so that he can take visionary decisions and motivate EB team and at the same time co-ordinate with all the units from Circle and BSNL CO.

·        We further pointed out that changing Add GM who is in charge of NOFN for Maharashtra Circle will again cause situation in MH Circle as that of last year which shifted CGM level officer. We made it clear that we have no objection for changing present GM HR/Admn Mumbai, but what message BSNL wants to give by posting him as GM EB Mumbai and how he will discharge more responsibilities as out of eight months left he will take time to learn and understand the customer & EB works.

·        We narrated him that new GM HR/Admn posted is not having administrative experience or was never in charge of SSA head and it will be difficult for him to deal with vast works of Staff, Admn, Disciplinary cases, legal, staff quarters, trainings etc and suitable substitute SAG level officer needs to be posted because in case of Disciplinary cases JAG level officer cannot take any decision and all workload will come to him as CGMT MH.    

·        After detail feedback and elaborate discussions, Shri. G.K.Upadhay CGMT MH agreed that the present order for change of portfolios is not justified and will affect the working of all the important portfolios and assured that he will take up matter with BSNL CO for suitable modification and directed us to take up at association level.  

·        Before these discussions, we had brought to the notice of CGMT MH the critical draught situation in Maharashtra Circle and conveyed him proposal of Forum to contributing Rs. 100 from willing staff & officers from Maharashtra Circle. This will strengthen the relations of BSNL with State Government and will be part of Social Responsibility on part of BSNL as well as its work Force. We also suggested that CGMT MH will make such appeal which is strongly supported by Forum of Unions & Associations as their members will contribute Rs. 100 per head minimum and maximum as individual wish and such amount will be deducted from Salary of November 2015. If anybody is unwilling to contribute, he/she should submit it in writing to AO Salary concerned directly and amount collected will be handed over centrally to Maharashtra Chief Minister Relief Fund wherein all Circle Secretaries of Forum will accompany CGMT MH Circle. After detail discussions on pros and cons of the issues Shri. G.K.Upadhay, CGMT MH accepted the proposal and requested to submit letter from Forum for same.

·        On conclusions of meeting, CGMT MH who was having short of time, appealed all the leaders to concentrate of achieving targets assigned to Maharashtra Circle and see that members of all Unions and associations contribute maximum for development of BSNL and assured to extend support whatever required by field units.

·         The fruitful discussions for more than 45 minutes concluded with thanks on both side and firm assurances to go ahead with the discussions and to work hard for growth of BSNL.       


16 OCT 15:  BSNL CO calls for information about TTA vacancies this will step towards recruitment of outsiders TTAs which needs of time for BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


16 OCT 15:  BSNL CO issued guidelines for depreciation of Electro Mechanical assets by giving due consideration to the life of these assets. Letter <<<>>>



 16 OCT 15: Meeting Smt Sujata Ray, DIR(HR): GS and Chairman met DIR(HR) and discussed on further processing of the Joint Committee recommendations on E2, E3 pay scales, CPSU cadre hierarchy etc. Finalization of standard pay scales is very important in view of the coming 3rd PRC. Since almost all the promotions viz, JTO to SDE, JAO to AO, SDE to DE and AO to CAO promotions are stayed by the Hon Chandigarh based on Hon Supreme Court judgment in Nagaraju case, working out CPSU cadre hierarchy is so important. DIR (HR) assured to process the case at the earliest. The report is already forwarded to GM (Pers) for further actions.



 16 OCT 15: Meeting with GM (Pers): GS, Chairman and AGS Com Chimaya Sahoo met GM (Pers) and discussed a) DPC work in different cadres, b) filing proper reply in the Hon PCAT in the court case on revised seniority list no 6 & 7 highlighting the factual positions and RR provisions, c) considering transfer requests in SDE and DE cadres, d) cancellation of transfer orders from ITPC and other Circles on wrong long stay etc.



 15 OCT 15:  The details of meeting of delegation of Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations Maharashtra Circle with Shri. G.K.Upadhay, CGMT MH on 14/10/2015 will be uploaded shortly.


 15 OCT 15:  CAO FC Mumbai issued relieving order of Mrs. Marina George, Sr GM Fin Mumbai & IFA Maharashtra Circle w.e.f. 17/10/2015 to Gujarat Circle and the her charge will be looked after by Com. V.N. Dhage, GM TR Mumbai. Order <<<>>>        


15 OCT 15:  BSNL CO issued new Recruitment Rule 2014 for JTO Telecom. Letter <<<>>>

Salient Features of JTO (T) Recruitment Rule – 2014

Ø  Vacancies under 50% Internal Quota will be filled up as under:

a.     Absorption: By absorption of Screening Test qualified and JTO Phase-I trained officiating JTOs.

b.    Promotion: Internal quota left after absorbing screening test qualified and JTO phase-I trained officiating JTOs above will be filled up through LICE. 

Ø LICE will be conducted among employees in the pay scale of 13600-25420 or above with combined 5 years residency period in the pay scale of 13600-25420 or above and below the age of 55 years as on 1st July of the vacancy year provided they possess the essential qualification.

Ø The direct Recruitment to the post of JTO (T) may be done either through Open Competitive Exam or through GATE score or through any other method as approved by Management Committee of BSNL Board from time to time.

Ø The officials who had been appointed on regular basis under old JTO (T) recruitment rules shall be en-block senior to those appointed/regularized through new recruitment rules on regular basis.

Ø Screening test qualified JTOs on regularization have to undergo Phase I training as per new scheme and syllabus issued in 2009 and marks in the same will be used for determining seniority.

Ø The vacancies falling vacant under Absorption quota, due to retirement/ resignation /VR/death/promotion etc will automatically stand diverted to internal promotional LICE quota.

Ø The candidates possessing degree/diploma in Mechanical Engg. Shall be permitted to appear in three successive LICE.

Ø The employees belonging to streams other than Telecom stream (viz. Telecom Factory, Civil, Electrical etc.) shall be eligible to appear in LICE in the Territorial Circle where they are presently working.


 15 OCT 15:   GS, CHQ President and Chairman had a meeting with Sr GM(SR), Add GM(SR) on 13.10.2015 on the membership verification and other related issues. Detailed discussions held on the amendments to be incorporated in the Recognition rules to strengthen the majority Executive Association to avoid multiplicity and deduction of subscription from salary pending verification. This meeting was arranged in continuation of the meeting with DIR (HR) on 08.10.2015.


15 OCT 15: Forum decision on Adhoc PLI payment: Forum meeting on 12.10.2015 decided to organize one day Dharna at BSNLCO, Circle/SSA HQs on 19.10.2015 demanding payment of PLI. Organize the Dharna in coordination with Forum constants at all levels. Letter <<<>>>


 14 OCT 15: BSNL CO issued transfer order of GM level Officers in which Shri. Pravin Malhotra GM HR/Admn is posted as GM EB Mumbai & Shri. J.B.Chavan Add GM NOFA is posted as GM HR/Admn Mumbai. Order <<<>>>  

·        Comrades, it seems that careless approach of BSNL management towards the overall functioning of Maharashtra Circle continues with more intensity.

·        This is one more example how BSNL management is playing with working of Maharashtra Circle and how the biggest Telecom circle of BSNL is being destabilized.

·        It is important that Enterprise Business of Maharashtra Circle is important portfolio as concerned to revenue generation as well as growth of BSNL throughout India as it deals with the bulk, major and important high revenue customers which contribute up to 20 % revenue of BSNL.

·        One side all the important officers from BSNL management are stressing for generation of revenue and increasing business and other side jokes after jokes are being created in posting officer in charge of such important portfolio responsible for revenue generation for BSNL.

·        It is really surprising that the post of PGM EB Mumbai is vacant since 31/07/2015 and when it was known that then GM was due for retirement, no action was taken to fill up the post and when action is taken to fill up post, the GM level officer Shri. Pravin Malhotra who is left with less than eight month of service is posted as GM EB Mumbai and it is but natural that the officer left with less than eight month service will not in position to meet with the requirement of BSNL Business at economical Capital of India.

·        When post of GM EB is filled by posting officer at verge of retirement, the responsibility of GM HR/Admn Mumbai is handed over to Shri. J.B.Chavan, who is well aware about the geographical area of MH Circle, by nature he is very humble & gentleman highly technical officer, but he has never handled any administrative unit even in small circle or has never worked as SSA Heads.

·        He is directly given responsibility of the second important portfolio of the administrative post of Maharashtra Circle after post of CGMT MH and he will have to face problems as many of his seniors who are hurted by his posting at important portfolio will not co-operate him in discharging duties as GM HR/Admn.  

·        It is further to note that Shri. J.B. Chavan is holding important portfolio of NOFN, the dream project of Govt of India which is being regularly monitored by Hon. MoC. You may remember that on the name of poor progress of NOFN during last , then CGMT MH also was transferred from MH Circle to WTP Circle and now he is in charge of OFC works not only of Maharashtra Circle, but in charge of OFC works of four Circles i.e. Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP & Chhattisgarh Circle. If non performance on OFC works in one circle was reason, then what made to make him in charge of similar works of Four Circles is still under question?

·        Now from same NOFN project only add GM Shri. J.B. Chavan posted is shifted without transferred without posting substitute in his place and posted as GM HR/Admn Mumbai and if such attitude continues this year also CGMT MH will be transferred in most humiliation & degrading manner for poor performance of NOFN project. 

·        This is not first time the BSNL management takes Maharashtra Circle casually, earlier the CGMT was transferred all of sudden on name of NOFN, the substitute posted was changed over the night and new substitute posted also do not join for about one month period and in Month of March 2015 the post of CGMT MH was vacant.

·        Comrades, we have already narrated that BSNL management has taken lenient view in the recent past and random retention orders are issued only in respect of certain officers and after lenient view it is turn of repetition of careless approach in filling important portfolios of Maharashtra Circle and here we are concerned as it has badly affected growth of BSNL Maharashtra Circle. 

·        Just before one month BSNL CO issued cancellation/retention order of GM level Officer who was relieved from Maharashtra Circle and officially send-off also was given to him by the concerned SSA and this was one of the examples of lenient view of BSNL management.

·        It is important that only few GM level Officers may be in hundreds are left in BSNL and HR section which directing every unit for proper HR approach, is not dealing with posting of GM level officer which are in few number and very important portfolios are filled with careless and causal manner and this definitely & directly hampers the growth of BSNL in Maharashtra Circle.

·        Now, it is part of discussions among some of the officers in Maharashtra Circle that its inter rivalry of some of senior officers in Maharashtra Circle which has given wrong feedback to BSNL Management and hence the transfers are issued without going to the depth of requirement of these important portfolios and without giving any importance to growth & revenue of BSNL Maharashtra Circle. 

·        SNEA MH is not worried about posting of GM HR/Admn and we will continue pursue our HR issues with any GM HR/Admn Mumbai, but we are worried about the fate of Enterprise Business & NOFN Project throughout Maharashtra Circle, if officers are transferred and shifted in such humiliating and degrading manner by diverting their focus on the works assigned.

·        We will definitely take up matter with different officers/offices from CGMT MH to BSNL CO for posting of proper GM level Officer as PGM/GM EB Mumbai and for availability of responsible officer for NOFN works throughout Maharashtra Circle.

·         Let us hope BSNL management understands the reality and take corrective action in filling these important portfolios and shows real concern about growth and revenue of BSNL Maharashtra Circle otherwise it will be just matter of Crocodile tears about survival of BSNL. 


 14 OCT 15: AGM Staff Mumbai published waiting list of request transfers in DEs cadre as on 30th Sept 2015. DEs <<<>>>

        Corrections/modification or even cancellation of request transfers by individuals is to be sent latest by 27/10/2015 by written request through proper channel.



14 OCT 15:  BSNL CO issued transfer order of tenure to & from Tenure stations in which two DEs have been posted to Maharashtra Circle and request of Com. K.P.Kulkarni DE Jalna & DT SNEA Jalna is given consideration for posting to J & K Circle. Letter <<<>>>



13 OCT 15: New guidelines for posting to ITPC/ERP: BSNL CO issued new guidelines for posting of SDEs to ITPC & ERP Cells with uniform selection criteria and executives having technical expertise. Letter <<<>>>

Ø As per this new procedure, GM CIT BSNL CO act as Nodal officer for calling volunteers for posting to ITPC/ERP to meet need of technical expertise at both the units and hence forth the representations for posting to ITPC /ERP needs to be addressed to GM CIT BSNL CO. 

Ø This selection will be done on basis of well defined five conditions viz. application through proper channel, minimum two years at the place of posting, name in the ODI/Agreed list, officers under transfer and position in long stay list.

Ø Though selection will be done by CIT cell, the transfer orders will be issued by Pers Cell on the basis of recommendations of CIT Cell.  

Ø Letter also directs to CIT Cell to prepare list of the officers working in ITPC/ERP who are no longer required at ITPC/ERP due to their technical adequacy and transfer all such technically unfit officers to other important assignment or to other Circles having shortage of executives. 

Ø Comrades, “Pick and choose posting of SDEs to ITPC Pune” was strongly & successfully opposed by SNEA MH at different levels for last one year and this letter supports the stand taken by SNEA MH.

Ø With these new guidelines the pick and choose posting will be totally stopped and ITPC/ERP will get Technical expert SDEs and henceforth ITPC Pune which has become hub of long stay officers in Maharashtra Circle and specifically from Pune will not give shelter to any long stay even though he/she is technically expert.

Ø It is good sign that non technical officers wasting their time & BSNL money in Technical team of ITPC/ERP due to pick and choose policy without having technical expertise in IT/ERP, will be now shifted out of ITPC/ERP and will be posted to other important but non technical assignments or to the circles having shortage of executives.

Ø This will stop unwanted transfers from Territorial Circles to ITPC/ERP and will put permanent lock on pick and choose transfers of only selected executives to ITPC Pune as happened during transfer orders issued last year.

Ø As such SNEA MH welcomes these guidelines and will be vigil to check that these guidelines are followed strictly in selection & posting of executives to ITPC/ERP.     



13 OCT 15: AGM Estt Mumbai issued reminder letter for calling VCs of 13 DEs for DGM LA arrangements and last date for sending VCs is 14/10/2015. Letter <<<>>>



13 OCT 15: AGM Estt Mumbai issued reminder letter to six SSA Heads for sending pending VCs of 12 SDEs for DE LA arrangements. Letter <<<>>>



12 OCT 15: The NCOA meeting held at Mumbai decided to launch organizational actions demanding constitution of 3rd PRC. It is reported in the meeting that Govt is thinking not to constitute 3rd PRC and will go ahead as suggested by the M J Rao committee that revision can be individually decided by the respective boards.



Immediate   constitution of 3rd PRC and the Terms of reference should be made in consultation with NCOA.

Program of Action

26.10.2015    : Demonstration in front of DPE office at New Delhi.

23.11.2015    : Full day Dharna at New Delhi.


NCOA Adviser Com. G.L. Jogi (Chairman/SNEA) and Dy GS/SNEA Com M S Adasul attended the NEC of NCOA at Mumbai on 03.10.2015 as GS could not attend the NEC.



12 OCT 15: Grand & Special General Body Meeting of SNEA Raigad for Felicitation of DyGS SNEA CHQ {Report by Com. S. W. Kohadkar, DP SNEA Raigad & Com. S.B.Bhosale CT SNEA MH}: The Special General Body Meeting of SNEA Raigad was held at 1600 hrs in the beautiful Air Conditioned Conference Hall of “Panoramic Resort” at Karnala Bird Sanctuary, along Mumbai Goa highway about 10 Kms from Panvel on 7th October 2015 to felicitate Com. M. S. Adasul, Deputy General Secretary SNEA CHQ.

Com. S. W. Kohadkar DP SNEA Raigad presided over the function. Special General Body meeting was attended by the following dignitaries.

1. Com. M. S. Adasul, DyGS SNEA CHQ,

2. Com. C. V. Rao, DGM Raigad,

3. Com. S. B. Bhosale, Circle Treasurer SNEA MH,

4. Com. Purushottam Gedam Ex. Circle Secretary BSNLEU MH,

5. Com. L. G. Valvi, Vice President SEWA CHQ

6. Com. Deepak Jadhav, DS NFTE Raigad

·        At the beginning Com. M. K. Thakur, DS Raigad expressed idea behind meeting at such beautiful location of Raigad SSA , welcomed the dignitaries and guests with his special unique style and thanked all for huge presence.

·        Then house observed two minute silence for departed souls.

·        All the dignitaries, leaders of Unions & Associations were given warm welcome by Comrades of SNEA Raigad by offering beautiful flower bouquets. .
The meeting proceed further with beautiful ‘Desh Bhakti’ song “ Jaha Dal Dal Pe Sone Ki Chidya Karti Hi Basera Wo Bharat Desh hi Mera” melodiously sang by Com. M K Thakur, Com. Deeak Mahajan and Com. Poddar of SNEA Raigad.

·        Com. Deepak Mahajan,   ADS SNEA Raigad welcomed the dignitaries and guests and thanked all for mammoth presence. He expressed the feelings of Raigad comrades about the growth development of Raigad SSA and stressed for strnger unity of comrades for smooth function of Raigad SSA.

·        Com. S. W. Kohadkar DP SNEA Raigad, in his opening remarks gave warm welcome to all the dignitaries, leaders of other unions & associations and specially congratulated Com. M. S. Adasul for his unanimous election as Deputy General Secretary SNEA CHQ. He also thanked com. Adasul for settlement of majority HR issues of comrades of SNEA Raigad and requested for wider efforts for resolution of grievances of SNEA comrades spread all over India. He said Raigad comrades will leave no stone unturned in achieving our goal. He requested Raigad comrades to follow the foot prints of Com. M S Adasul. He thanked all Raigad comrades for their presence and making the function grand success.

·        As prime attraction of special felicitation function, Veteran SNEA Comrade & DGM Raigad SSA Com. C. V. Rao felicitated Com. M. S. Adasul, with Shawl Shrifal, beautiful bouquet and presented “Shree Ganesha Idol”as a token of love & affection from all the comrades of SNEA Raigad  

·        On behalf of comrades of BSNLEU Raigad SSA, Com. Purusottam Gedam, Ex CS BSNLEU MH & DS BSNLEU Raigad  felicitated Com. M S Adasul by offering him beautiful bouquets.

·        On behalf of comrades of NFTE BSNL Raigad SSA, Com. D. K. Jadhav DS NFTE BSNL Raigad felicitated Com. M. S. Adasul by offering him beautiful bouquets. 

·        On behalf of comrades of SEWA Raigad SSA, Com. L.G. Valvi,   VP SEWA CHQ felicitated Com. M. S. Adasul  & Com. M. K. Thakur by offering them beautiful bouquets. 

·        Com. V. D. Shinde, SDE TX/NOFN and active member of SNEA Raigad felicitated Com. M. S. Adasul on his personal behalf expressed love and gratitude towards his support.  

·        Com. M. K. Thakur, District Secretary SNEA Raigad, in his speech gave warm welcome to all the dignitaries, leaders of other unions & associations, Comrades present in the hall and specially congratulated Com. M. S. Adasul for his unanimous election as  Dy General Secretary SNEA CHQ. He described the achievements of Com. Adasul and thanked him for resolving majority of HR issues of entire Maharashtra SNEA comrades. Com. M K Thakur in his poetic style expressed working style of Comrade Adasul as “Dharti Sab Kagaj Karu, Lakhni Sab banrai, Saat Samunder Ki Masi Karu, Adasul Gun Likha Na Jaaye” & explained its meaning as “If the whole earth is transformed into paper with all big tress made into pens and if the entire water in the seven oceans is transformed into writing ink, Even then the glories of Com. Adasul cannot be written.” Com. M. K. Thakur furnished the details of Exchange sites, 2 G & 3 G BTS sites, CDMA BTS sites, Number of land line connections, Pre Paid & Post Paid GSM Connections, broad connections, number of DSLAM connectivity on fiber and Ethernet, reasons for revenue decline and tips for improving productivity. He narrated the difficulties faced by Raigad comrades, due to non availability of full time SSA Head for Raigad SSA and narrated that many of the issues/difficulties faced by field units are not reaching to the SSA head in time and hence issues are not resolved in time. He emphasized on Process Orientation one of the biggest shift required for a global competitor, is the shift from functional or departmental thinking to Process thinking. Management and the workforce need to know the basics of process improvement: process thinking, process understanding, process measurement and process redesign. We have to ensure that everyone, from top to bottom, understands what we mean by a process - the conversion of input to output by applying value. Measurement is the key to any improvement. Measure the wrong thing and you may work at improving the wrong area. The highly productive workforce must be trained on how to design measurements of critical steps in their processes. 

·        Com. Puroshottam Gedam, DS BSNLEU congratulated com. M S Adsul for becoming first ever Dy GS of SNEA &   gave guiding speech for improvement of telecom services in Raigad. He further narrated his achievements while working as Conveyer of Joint Forum MH Circle and its support by Com. Adasul for his success as Conveyer. He offered full support of BSNLEU and wish him great success for the coming assignment at CHQ. Speaking on different issues of Raigad SSA, he added that there is vast scope in growth of BSNL in Raigad SSA and there is need of strategic action by Management like adding Panvel & Uran Taluka to BSNL, posting of SSA Head at Raigad & availability of minimum required stores for growth and maintenance of services. He expressed that it is unfortunate that Raigad SSA is not having full time SSA Head and this happens when DGM level officer is available in Raigad SSA & he is not given charge, but it is given to GM level officer and when post of Raigad SSA Head is TDM level and appealed to take this issue at Circle level and to have full time SSA Head for Raigad SSA. He shared that BSNLEU & SNEA and very well co-ordination at Raigad SSA and all the issues are settled with mutual understanding and trust. He conveyed thanks to Com. DS M K Thakur for invitation and felicitation.

·        Com. L. G. Valvi Vice President SEWA CHQ Delhi congratulated Com. M. S. Adasul for becoming Dy GS SNEA & shared his experiences with Com. M S Adasul in different capacities of association as well as office working.  He also suggested having important changes in procurement policy of BSNL specially that of battery & Power plants with specific quality. He suggested that BSNL should purchase only Delta & ITI Power Plants which has life lasting and good performance & Battery sets of only Amar Raja and Exide for maintaining good quality of mobile network. While expressing different difficulties by comrades of Raigad SSA, he added for full time SSA Head for Raigad SSA. He conveyed thanks to DS Raigad for invitation and felicitation.

·        Com. S. B. Bhosale, CT SNEA MH in his address conveyed thanks DS Raigad for arranging such beautiful meeting and holy place of Raigad Capital of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He expressed his feelings as his first posting was in Raigad SSA and shared experience thereof.  Further in his address he shared his experience of association activities and com. Adasul is dealing with different issues and keeps dialogue with different officers in BSNL management as well as among the comrades/leaders of SNEA & other unions/associations. Referring to shortage of batteries quoted by Com. Thakur, he assured to give maximum battery sets for improving BSNL network in Raigad SSA, but stressed for proper utilization of battery sets. Sincerely thanks for inviting such great felicitation programme in Raigad.

·        Com. Deepak Jadhav, DS NFTE Raigad felicitated Com. M. S. Adasul by presenting bouquet and conveyed full support in achieving his goal. He expressed to have more efforts for growth of BSNL in Raigad SSA and full time SSA Head for Raigad SSA should be first step in this direction. He added that NFTE comrades are ready for overall growth of Raigad SSA if the minimum required stores are made available. He also shared his experience about working of Com. Adasul while he was in Mumbai and on different meetings of NFTE. He conveyed thanks to DS Raigad for invitation and felicitation.

·        Com. V. D. Shinde, SDE TX/NOFN and active member of SNEA Raigad felicitated Com. M. S. Adasul and narrated how he has enjoyed Eighteen Months stay in Raigad. He specially thanks all Raigad comrades for extending their support in NOFN work and promised to work in Raigad till the completion of NOFN work Phase I & II.

·        Com. C. V. Rao, DGM Raigad & Vetran leader of SNEA MH congratulated Com. M. S. Adasul, on becoming Dy GS and narrated his achievements and commitment for the SNEA. He said Com. Adasul will always remain close to the heart of all Maharashtra comrades and he will continue to support Maharashtra Comrades more actively. DGM Shri C V Rao, taking the opportunities of huge gathering motivated them and promised to extend all support from management side. He expressed the initiatives from him being part of Raigad management for overall growth of Raigad SSA. He added some of the issues being faced by Raigad SSA which are not in his control as DGM Raigad and specially stressed for critical issues like rent revision, additional requirement of battery sets, cards for GSM BTS network improvement, PRI Cards, improvement of OFC network and support from WTR & WTP management. He expressed thanks to com. Adasul for his active support in resolving many of the issues of Raigad SSA and explained how the steps have been initiated for resolving pending issues with WTR. He added that to strengthen the OFC network, it is proposed to have one more ring from Kalyan, Karjat, Chowk, Khopoli Pen, Alibag which will solve present crises of failure of OFC network in Raigad SSA which is worst affected due to Road widening activities along the highway which passes through Raigad SSA. He shared the glorious moment of his association activities from JETA, TEOA and how SNEA has helps him and many of comrades for upliftment of their personal as well as official issues. While concluding his highly personal touch speech, he appealed all the comrades of Raigad SSA for resolution of HR issues and directed them to give their best to BSNL and contribute more and more towards growth of Raigad SSA by achieving different goals and targets assigned for year 2015-16 and conveyed thanks to the Raigad team for invitation and for arrangement of beautiful & mass gathering in very pleasant place and atmosphere.

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, Dy. GS SNEA CHQ during his highly motivating speech conveyed gratitude and thanks to the comrades of SNEA Raigad. He specially thanks Com. M K Thakur DS and Com. S. W. Kohadkar DP & team SNEA Raigad for their invitation and grand felicitation in such beautiful which he never expected. He mentioned that he is proud to accept such a grand felicitation and inspired that it is arranged at the capital of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj i.e. Raigad. He mentioned that with the strong support of SNEA MH Comrades, it was possible to discharge his association duties successfully. He also mentioned that it was strongest unity of SNEA Comrades which has created history to elect entire CHQ body unanimously.      He explained the meaning of unity and support of Maharashtra comrades which has really created history. He appreciated all Maharashtra Comrades for their vital role and support in resolving all critical issues. He narrated the different incidents successfully resolved by SNEA MH & how SNEA MH always favors uniform policy and supports very genuine cases for pursuance. SNEA has always opposed wrong doing of management and do not hesitate in appreciating good initiatives & thinking of management. He conveyed appeal of CMD BSNL towards all employees of BSNL to come forward and contribute to the growth of BSNL and added that when the management is ready to give materials, now it is our turn to come forward and work better, improve services and increase our customer base. He mentioned that he is proud of having DGMs as respected members of our association. He also appreciated dedication of Ladies comrades of SNEA came from every station of Raigad and were present in the meeting till end of the function.  He assured to extend full support to Raigad comrades and help in posting of more SDE/JTO and at the same time for required for relieving of executives transferred out of SSA. Responding to the demand raised by the leaders of different unions/associations present in the meeting, about posting of full time SSA Head for Raigad SSA, he appealed them to send such resolution on platform of JAC Raigad with details of difficulties faced, and assured to take up matter with CGMT MH for posting of full time SSA Head for Raigad SSA. By giving idea of next Circle Conference scheduled at Pune in Nov 2015, he assured full support to new CS whoever it may and appealed comrades to select best comrades as CS whom they think fit. He briefly informed the house regarding current developments at CHQ level such as JTO to SDE promotion case, SDE to AGM promotions in-process, pay anomalies in DR recruits and extending desired superannuation benefits. He assured to settle majority of pending cases including Rule 8 transfer of JTOs and pending request transfer within Maharashtra Circle as early as possible. He urged Raigad comrades to take initiatives in increasing the revenue and assured to arrange store materials as required to meet the growth of BSNL in Raigad SSA on the justification of revenue generation from it. He appreciated Raigad comrades for their positive growth in the month of July and August 2015 especially in Pre Paid Mobile and Broad Band sector. He also assured to resolve pending rent revision cases of Raigad which is major hurdle in growth of Raigad SSA. He motivated for work hard with hundred percent dedications to get 3rd PRC. He assured that he will try his level best as Dy GS and assured to maintain the dignity and respect of Maharashtra Comrades. He congratulated team SNEA Raigad for organizing such a grand function. He also thanked the management team of Panoramic Resort for providing spectacular ambiance and arrangements.

·        Com. Mrs. Shashikala Dabke, SDE IT & Active Member of SNEA Raigad extended vote of thanks to dignitaries, guest and all the comrades who have come from all parts of Raigad for the success of Special General Body of SNEA Raigad.

·        In the interval of addresses by different signatories, the house enjoyed the beautiful Hindi, Marathi solo and duet Songs sung by Com. Deepak Mahajan, Com. Kishor Poddar,  Com. Mrs. Aarti Kadam and Pasayadan sang by  Com. Mrs. Surekha Bangera.

·        The Special General Body meeting which started at 1600 hrs concluded at 2130 hrs with National anthem & slogans of unity.

·        Thereafter all dignitaries, guests and all comrades enjoyed evening grand dinner Party with delicious food Veg/Non Veg served in the restaurant of Panoramic Resort.

·        Photos by Com. Tushar Shenvi JTO  <<<>>>



 10 OCT 15: AGM Staff Mumbai published waiting list of request transfers of SDEs & JTOs cadre as on 30th Sept 2015.  JTOs <<<>>>      SDEs <<<>>>

        Corrections/modification or even cancellation of request transfers by individuals is to be sent latest by 24/10/2015 by written request through proper channel.


10 OCT 15:  List of missing 44 DEs from ITPC Pune, WTR, WTP, INSP & MH Circle for whom APRs are missing or not yet received by BSNL CO for DGM promotion eligibility list. All concerned officers/DS/COBs concerned are requested to look into issue personally and see that their APRs are sent to BSNL CO at the earliest. List <<<>>>


10 OCT 15: First batch of JAOs in Maharashtra Circle successfully completed their four week field training and will now report to concerned training Centres for one week training before final posting as JAO. CAO FC Mumbai issued order for their reporting to concerned training centres.  Letter <<<>>>


10 OCT 15: DPE issued order for increase in IDA w.e.f. 01/10/2015 Letter <<<>>>


10 OCT 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders promotion & posting of Shri. Ashok Purohit as PGM CM Mumbai with financial powers of CGM up to existing powers of SSA Heads wherein GM Mobile Pune/Nagpur & GM Marketing Mumbai will report to PGM CM Mumbai.  Order <<<>>>           



 10 OCT 15: DGM CSC Mumbai calls for vendor category information from all SSAs/units for introduction of new procedure for bill payments w.e.f. 01/11/2015. Letter <<<>>>

Ø On introduction of ERP in Maharashtra Circle to have double check and avoid duplicate/non genuine payments of vendor bills, this stringent system of confirmation of ERP payments by covering email was started. This was time consuming procedure as till the confirmation email is not received till the payments were not released though it was appearing in ERP.

Ø This has created panic in the field officers and among vendors as for such small reasons the payments were held up from days to months together. Also it was doubt created by Finance wing officers on the integrity of the ERP system itself.

Ø  Now this time consuming procedure of sending confirmation by email will be stopped from 01/11/2015 & payments will be released as appearing in ERP system itself without waiting for confirmation of email. This will save time of officers in ERP as well as field units as the officers in field units will not have to send covering email and officers in CSC will not have to check hundred/thousands of emails daily which was one of the reasons for delayed payments in CSC.

Ø  Let us hope this new procedure speed up the bill payments through ERP and the saved energy of the officers is used for creative works without doubts on integrity of field officers and integrity of ERP system itself.  



 9 OCT 15:  The report & photos of historical Special GB Meeting of SNEA Raigad held on 07/10/2015 at Karnala, Panvel will be uploaded shortly.


 9 OCT 15:  Special efforts for improvement of GSM services in Maharashtra Circle: AGM NWO CM Mumbai issued letter for special meeting for improvement of GSM services at Kalyan SSA which will be held in Kalyan itself. Letter <<<>>>

          In special action to support field units of different SSAs for improvement of GSM services throughout Maharashtra Circle, SSA wise meetings are being conducted by Shri. Ashok Purohit, PGM CM Mumbai in presence of other Senior officers of different wings of Circle Office Mumbai, Responsible officers from Pune Mobile, SSA Heads along with the officers from JTO level responsible for maintenance of GSM services for that particular SSA. Till now meetings have been conducted in Circle Office Mumbai for improvement of GSM services in Solapur, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Dhule, Goa, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Jalgaon, Nashik & Kolhapur SSAs. Next meeting in this special initiatives is scheduled directly in the field unit & is being conducted today at Kalyan for improvement of GSM services of Kalyan SSA which is having potential, but not getting desired results.  This is opportunity for putting forth the difficulties by officers working in field units and get the required support from Mobile wing Pune, Circle office & even from Corporate office. Let us hope these initiatives from management side gives helps in redressing the real problems by field units and helps in improvement of GSM services throughout Maharashtra Circle.



 9 OCT 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued reliving orders for GMT Jalgaon/Buldhana with immediate effect handing over charge to GMT Dhule/Aurangabad/ Jalna.  Letter <<<>>>



 8 OCT 15: Agenda meeting with DIR (HR) on 08.10.2015 at 05.00 PM on the following issues:

1.  30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees.

2.  Promotions in different cadres and finalization of new seniority lists as per para 206 and LDCE: JTO to SDE promotion, SDE to DE promotion, issues related to DGM promotion, finalization of syllabus for LDCE to SDE (TF).

3.  Issues related to Membership verification among Executive Assns: a) making changes in the new Recognition Rules, b) deduction of subscription from the salary and c) restoration of trade union facilities.

4.  Pay anomalies: a) Recovery /reduction in pay and Committee on Offtg pay fixation, b) Antedating of increments, c) Senior drawing less pay than the juniors -- generalization of Hon Supreme Court order, d) annual increment @ 3% of current basic pay.



8 OCT 15: Congratulations: Chairman, Joint Committee submitted the recommendations of the Joint Committee on a) E2, E3 pay scales, b) CPSU cadre hierarchy and c) First TB promotion uniformly after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000 to CMD, BSNL today:

GS Com K. Sebastin and Chairman/SNEA Com G. L. Jogi met CMD, BSNL and held discussions on the following subjects:

A.  Further actions on the recommendations of the Joint Committee: GS thanked CMD for the reconstitution of the Committee and monitoring the progress also. GS requested expeditious actions on the recommendations of the Jt Committee.

      On our apprehension about the dissent note by the committee members from official side, CMD assured that management is committed to resolve the issues and the dissent note will not come on the way. CMD informed that the report has been already marked to DIR (HR) for further actions.

The Joint Committee recommended:

i.         Replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A with standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007.

ii.         Implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy or TB functional promotion from JTO/JAO --> SDE/AO --> Sr SDE/Sr AO -->DE/CAO/EE without linking with existing seniority and availability of posts, with a residency period of 5 years for each promotion from one grade to the next grade.

iii.         Maximum residency period for first TB promotion is recommended to reduce from 6 years to 5 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.  

The committee has been reconstituted after SNEA agitation in April-May, 2015 with Sri Mohammed Ashraf Khan as the Chairman. This decision has been taken in the meeting between SNEA and CMD, DIR (HR) and ED (Fin) on 06.05.2015 during the agitation. CMD assured in the meeting that the committee will conclude the recommendations by 15.08.2015 by regular meetings, at least once in a fortnight. The earlier committee formed on 28.02.2012 was defunct for more than 3 years which compelled SNEA to launch trade union actions in February, 2014 and in April-May, 2015. After the reconstitution, SNEA followed up the issues on a day to day basis which resulted in the final recommendations within four and half months’ time. Before that SNEA pursued the pay scale issue in DoT and DPE vigorously and got the proposal of intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A rejected by DPE.

Comrades, we have to be very vigilant and in full organizational preparedness to ensure that the recommendations are implemented in totality without any change. As some negative forces are working to see that no cadre issue is getting resolved for the absorbed/directly recruited Executives, we have to keep ourselves prepared for any organizational actions in short notice to see that the recommendations are getting implemented in the minimum possible time. 

B.   Popularizing and effective marketing of new Broad band schemes with 2 Mbps speed. CMD requested to give maximum publicity to the new schemes and get maximum connections. The revenue has to increase considerably in the coming months by the new initiatives.

New Business Avenue by imparting training – advantage of recent tour to Kenya to attend the Afro-Asia submit. CMD explained the new initiatives to increase the revenue by imparting training with the available infrastructure. BSNL utilizing this as an opportunity and DoT is supporting BSNL to get new businesses.


 8 OCT 15: Meeting with the Secretary DoT: Core Committee members of the Forum met Shri Rakesh Garg, Secretary, and DoT today. Com. K. Sebastin, GS/SNEA, Com. P. Abhimanyu, Convener/Forum, Com. Chandeswar Singh, President/Forum and Com. Prahlad Rai, GS/AIBSNLEA participated. The Forum representatives expressed their concerns to the Secretary, DoT, with regards to the formation of Subsidiary Tower Company. They also conveyed their dissatisfaction to the inordinate delay in the settlement of 78.2% IDA merger to the pensioners. The representatives also requested the Secretary, DoT to take expeditious steps to implement the assurance given to the Forum, in the meeting held on 01.05.2015, in respect of the next round of pension revision to the BSNL retirees. The Secretary, DoT assured to do the needful.


8 OCT 15: Meeting with the new Additional Secretary of DoT: The Core Committee members of the Forum met Shri N. Sivasailam, Additional Secretary, DoT today. Since the Additional Secretary is also a director of the BSNL Board, the Core Committee members discussed a number of issues connected with the viability of BSNL and solicited his fullest cooperation for strengthening the Company. The Additional Secretary responded very positively. He expressed his desire that BSNL should become the no.1 telecom operator in the country and assured his fullest cooperation for it. We drew his attention to the fact that the post of Director (Finance), BSNL, is lying vacant for a very long time, which is adversely affecting the functioning of the Company.


 8 OCT 15: GS and President met GM(Pers) on 07.10.2015 and held discussions on a) promotion from i) JTO to SDE – filing of reply, ii) SDE to DE and iii) DE to DGM, b) committee on officiating pay fixation, c) modification of tenure transfer orders from ITPC, d) reduction of tenure of Rajouri etc in J&K Circle etc. The draft reply has been send to Kerala Circle on 05.10.2015 for filing the counter reply in JTO to SDE case. Further discussions will continue tomorrow.


 8 OCT 15:  DoPT issued guidelines for supplying information under RTI act.  Letter <<<>>>


 8 OCT 15:   BSNL CO issued instructions for closure of Disciplinary Proceedings in case of death of charged official/officer during proceedings.  Letter<<<>>>


 7 OCT 15: Lunch hour demonstration demanding Adhoc Bonus: Lunch Hour demonstrations held throughout Maharashtra Circle demanding adhoc bonus for all the executives and non executives in BSNL, wherein majority of executives and non executives participated in mass and given strong support to the genuine demand raised by Forum of Unions & Associations CHQ. SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to all the comrades throughout Maharashtra Circle who have participated in these demonstrations. PHOTOs <<<>>>


7 OCT 15: CAO FC Mumbai issued order for Looking arrangement as AO in respect of  124 JAOs for 179 days w.e.f. 06/10/2015 and all are posted in their working SSA itself.  Letter <<<>>>

Ø With this LA order about every JAO in Maharashtra Circle will be now functioning as AO and ample Account Officers will be available in each and every SSA and shortage of AOs will be minimized to good extent.

Ø It is good sign that Mr. Bhaskar CAO FC Mumbai and Mrs. Marina George, Sr GM Fin Mumbai have changed their mindset of random transfers as happened in the recent pick and choose transfers issued by both these officers & have now understood the wastage of BSNL Money on transfer and posting and have posted all JAOs as AO LA in same SSA.

Ø This may be fact that Mrs. Marina George, Sr GM Fin Mumbai who also has been transferred as per recent transfer order issued by BSNL CO and now after self transfer she has realized the problems/difficulties due to midsession transfers and hence nobody is transferred on name of looking after arrangement.

Ø If such idea was implemented in recent mass transfers of Finance wing officers, many of the transfers would have been avoided and JAOs/AOs under transfer will have given better services due to such good HR approach by FC section.

Ø SNEA MH congratulates both the officers for such positive action after long time and let us hope that this positive attitude continues with all other HR issues of Finance wing officers and manmade troubles to the Finance wing officers in Maharashtra Circle are kept minimum rather ‘Nil’.

Ø We are happy to see that with such positive step, lakhs of rupees of BSNL money will be saved which was being wasted just for satisfaction of individual’s ego or mainly due to lack of creative ideas for saving BSNL money in tune with BSNL transfer policy.   


 7 OCT 15: Director HR BSNL Board writes letter to all CGMs expressing displeasure on delay in settlement of Pension case and directs for immediate action to nominate DGM level ‘Nodal Officer” for co-ordinating with different officers/offices for timely settlement of issues related to Pension cases and timely payment of pension.  Letter <<<>>>



 7 OCT 15: CAO TXN Mumbai calls the EPF data for extending the benefit of EPF coverage to all BSNL recruited employee for pre-induction training period.  Letter <<<>>>



 6 OCT 15: Lunch /closing hour demonstration today on 06.10.2015 demanding payment of Adhoc PLI: The Forum has called upon the employees to organize huge demonstrations on 06.10.2015 at Corporate Office, Circle/SSA HQs demanding immediate payment of Adhoc PLI.




 6 OCT 15:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders of Voluntary retirement of Mrs. Jyoti Yelne SDE Pune from 05/10/2015 & same has been served yesterday. Letter <<<>>>

ü Comrades, may remember that Mrs. Yelne SDE Pune TD even though longest stayed SDE in Pune SSA  was transferred to ITPC on pick and choose basis that to be by two separate orders by BSNL CO, first on basis of wrong selections method by ITPC Pune itself and second time it was issued through the outside influence. 

ü This was one of the pick and choose transfers to ITPC Pune strongly objected by SNEA MH at different levels & then Mrs. Yelne has opted for VRS.

ü Comrades, this is clear signal by BSNL, that transfer policy is equally applicable to all executives and no one can escape from it & mainly long stay transfer cannot be avoided by applying any official or unofficial idea including outside influence. 

ü We further appeal all the comrades to respect transfer policy and follow it in true sense unless you are not having genuine medical issues defined in transfer policy so that everybody get equal treatment and at justice prevails for all.

ü Uniform implementation of transfer policy was & is stand of with SNEA MH and we will continue with it for all comrades.




 6 OCT 15:   Shri. G.K. Upadhay, CGMT MH writes Shri. Suresh Babu Prajapati, GMT Nashik congratulating him & his officers/staff in Nashik SSA for winning “Rajbhasha Kirti Purskar 2014-15”   by hands of Hon. President of India.  Letter <<<>>>

             SNEA Maharashtra also congratulates the team of officers & staff of Nashik SSA led by Shri. Sureh Babu Prejapati, GMT Nashik for such great achievement and adding one more glory to Nashik SSA & Maharashtra Circle. Award Receiving Photo   <<<>>>




 5 OCT 15:  Highly outstanding & successful Special General Body  Meeting of SNEA Nashik for Felicitation of DyGS SNEA CHQ: {Report by Com. S.R.Kalmegh, ACS East SNEA MH}:As per the notification issued by Com. S.A. Bhadane, DS SNEA   Nashik, the grand and highly successfulSpecial General Body Meeting of SNEA  Nashik was held at 1730 hrs in jam packed TRC Club, Canada Corner, Nashik on 30/09/2015 to felicitate Com. M. S. Adasul, newly elected Deputy General Secretary SNEA CHQ in the recent All India Conference at Jaipur. Com. S. V. Warungase, DP SNEA Nashik presided over the function. This Special General Body meeting was attended by following dignitaries.

1.       Com. M. S. Adasul, DyGS  SNEA CHQ,

2.       Com. S. V. Bhad, Circle President  SNEAMH,

3.       Com. A. R. Manani, Ex Vice President SNEA CHQ,

4.       Com. M. B. Sangle, Ex Joint Secretary West SNEA CHQ,

5.       Com. V. B. Kokate, Vice President, SNEA MH ,

6.       Com. S. R. Kalmegh, Asst. Circle Secretary ( E ) SNEA MH,

7.       Com. S. B. Bhosale, Circle Treasurer  SNEA MH,

8.       Com. G. G. Karpe, CWC Member SNEA MH,

9.       Com. P. N. Patil, Auditor  SNEA MH,

10.  Com. S. A. Chavan, CEC Member SNEA Nashik,

11.  Com. S. A. Bhadane, DS  SNEA Nashik,

12.  Com. M. N. Kotambe, DS  SNEA Kalyan,

13.  Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA CO Mumbai,

14.            Com. V.V. Pimparkar, DS SNEA Ahmednagar,

15.            Com. A. R. Akhade,  Ex-DP SNEA Nashik,

16.            Com. G. G. Borse, Ex-DT SNEA Nashik,

17.             Com. R. K. Chaure, Ex-DS  SNEA  Osmanabad,

18.             Com. D. M. Gaikar, DP SNEA Ahmednagar,

19.             Com.  B. G. Mungse, Executive Member,  SNEA Ahmednagar,

20.            Com. G. N. Wagh, DS BSNLEU Nashik,

21.            Com. D. N. Godase, DS NFTE Nashik

22.            Com. Datta Dubile, CP  SNATTA MH Circle,

23.            Com. S. R. Gangurde, DS  SNATTA Nashik,

24.            Com.  Sagar  Matte , DT SNATTA Nashik

25.            Com. Jabbar  Shaikh, CP, Labour Union MH,

Ø At the beginning Com. S. A. Bhadane, DS Nashik welcomed the dignitaries and guests with his special unique style and thanked all for huge presence and hence termed this Special General Body  at Nashik as SNEA “Mahakumbh”.  The meeting started with Saraswati Poojan and melodious flute song Jyoti Kalash Chhalke”performed by Com. S. V.Deore, Branch Secretary & active comrade of SNEA Nashik.

Ø Then house observed two minute silence for departed souls & especially for late Com. R.P.Kapare, then active Leader/Comrades of SNEA Nashik.

Ø All the dignitaries, leaders of Unions & Associations were given warm welcome by Comrades of SNEA Nashik by offering beautiful flower bouquets.

Ø Com. S.V. Warungase, District President SNEA Nashik, in his  opening & welcome speech gave warm welcome to  all the dignitaries, leaders of other unions & associations  and specially congratulated Com. M. S. Adasul for his unanimous election as  Deputy General Secretary SNEA CHQ. He also thanked com Adasul for settlement of majority HR issues of comrades of SNEA Nashik and requested for wider efforts for resolution of grievances of SNEA comrades spread all over India.

Ø In a special gesture of felicitation function, as a token of love & affection from all the comrades of SNEA Nashik Com. M. S. Adasul,  was felicitated by hands of Com. M.B. Sangle, Ex JS W SNEA CHQ & Com. S.V.Bhad, CP SNEA  MH with Shawl Shrifal, with beautiful bouquet and a attractive “VIP Office bag”.Com. S A Bhadane, DS Nashik told house that presently this bag is vacant however it will be certainly filled with the CHQ level demands of comrades of entire MH circle. 

Ø On behalf of comrades of SNEA WTR Mumbai/Nashik, Com. A.R.Manani, Com. G.G. Karpe & Com. Charvekar felicitated Com.  M. S. Adasul by offering him shawl, shriphal & beautiful bouquets.

Ø Com. G.N. Wagh, DS BSNLEU Nashik, Com. D. N. Godase, DS NFTE Nashik, Com. Jabbar  Shaikh, CP, Labour Union felicitated Com. M. S. Adasul by presenting bouquet on behalf of their respective unions/associations.

Ø SNATTA team comprising Com. Datta Dubile, CP SNATTA MH Circle, Com. S. R. Gangurde, DS SNATTA Nashik, Com.  Sagar Matte, DT SNATTA Nashik felicitated Com. M. S. Adasul by presenting with bouquet and presented memento.

Ø At this honoring moment , SNEA’s newly joined comrades from other SSA to  Nashik mainly Com. P. S. Bahikar, SDE , Com. R. R. Kangane SDE , Com. C. P. Shirole,  SDE , Com. P. S. Patkari, SDE ,Com. D. B. Mahajan,  SDE  ,Com. S. A. Salunke,  SDE ,Com. N. B. Sonawane,  SDE, Com. Satish Sangale, JTO Elect ,Com. S. M. Dhule, JTO, Com. R. N. Ingale, JTO ,Com D V Patil JTO were given warm welcome by presenting flower of bouquets in the hands ofCom. M. S. Adasul, Com. A. R. Manani, Com. S. V. Bhad and Com. M. B. Sangale. .

Ø Com. S. V. Bhad, CP gave warm welcome to  Com. A. P. Gaikwad, DE Malegaon & Com. M. S. Jagtap, SDE EB Nashik, who have joined as  members of SNEA Nashik from AIBSNLEA Nashik

Ø Com. V. B. Vispute, Senior Comrade SNEA   Nashik, gave warm welcome to Com. P. D. Rade, DGM CFA I & II Nashik on his joining back at Nashik

Ø Com. S. R. Kalmegh, ACS (E) SNEA MH, in his address congratulated Com. M. S. Adasul, on becoming DyGS and narrated his achievements during the span, he being the CS of SNEA MH Circle. He told that finalization of transfer policy for executives of MH circle, stern opposition in implementation of Deolittee recommendations in MH as pilot circle , ERP go live, concessional 3G facility for executives of MH circle, merger of mobile in SSA, SGSN/GGSN data traffic, innovative new year diary, live updating of SNEA Maharashtra website, better co-ordination & update information through gmail, major contribution of 11.50 lakhs from SNEA MH for SNEA Bhavan etc are the majority of task he has accomplished and will be remembered by MH Circle forever. He told that these achievements are due to his day night efforts, dedication towards SNEA, sparing his most valuable time for association activities and most importantly due to his personal initiatives which were equally supported by majority of executives in MH.  He also told the cordial approach by Com. M. S. Adasul, in resolving many of the critical issues which have helped every executive & non-executive all over Maharashtra. He told that selection of Com Adasul on this important post is mainly due to solid unity among executives of SNEA MH which has forced the house to make amendments in constitution of SNEA. He  expressed this will add excessive strength at CHQ which in turn will help to resolve most of the pending CHQ level issues in a days to come.  He thanked Com. M. B. Sangle, Com. S. A. Bhadane & Com. P. N. Patil and others for inviting him for this Special General Body  at Nashik.

Ø Com. M. B. Sangle, Ex Joint Secretary (West) SNEA CHQ, congratulated Com. M. S. Adasul for his milestone achievement for the prestigious DyGS post and termed it as the result of concrete unity among all the delegates /observers during AIC Jaipur. He told that it was the expectation of all DS of MH that Com. Adasul shall get higher position however he is sure that after assuming the charge of Dy GS at Delhi he will definitely prove his capabilities in future. He thanked all the comrades of SNEA Nashik of all wings for their solid unity and contribution for successful execution of Nashik Kumbhmela.  He told that smooth conduction of Kumbhamela and its live telecast was possible by the active role played by comrades of Nashik in Telecom, WTP, WTR, Civil, Electrical wing executives/staff. He congratulated Com. Bhadane, DS Nashik for his active participation in taking every issue of Nashik comrades in CEC Solapur and thanked com Adasul for resolving most of the Circle level executives. He also thanked CS/DyGS for individual level distribution of laptops for mobile wing executives of MH circle which will prove to be helpful in resolving mobile issues. He expressed how Com. Adasul was instrumental in resolving not only HR issues but developmental issues in MH Circle. He is the backbone of solid unity among executives of MH circle and expressed that comrades of MH circle will reciprocate it by maintaining the same so that he will perform his duty at CHQ more openly for the betterment of executives. He conveyed best wishes to Com. Adasul for this new assignment and thanked all for attending Special General Body at Nashik and making it successful and highly memorable.

Ø Com. A. R. Manani, Ex Vice President SNEA CHQ, during his mind touching address congratulated Com. Adasul for becoming DyGS and told that it is the goodness of Com Adasul that he has accepted this post for unity in spite of stern pressure from all the DS of MH circle to contest. Further he congratulated all for successful completion of 15th years for BSNL and expressed that everybody sitting here shall retrospect what they have achieved and task ahead to be accomplished. He told that BSNL has given you a lot and it now your turn to payback to BSNL by your active contribution and participation in development of BSNL. He added that everybody here is unique and Com Adasul is the all rounder. He is the symbol of truth and never hides anything from anyone. He told that if the issue is to be settled, history has noted that it has been taken on the platform of SNEA. He emphasized the importance of unity and told that SNEA members are every active and always showed unity. He also shared his working experience with Com. Adasul on different capacities of association/unions in Maharashtra Circle, experience in AIC Jabalpur and appreciated role played by Maharashtra Comrades in AIC Jaipur. He told that Com Adasul, as DyGS has to play vital role at CHQ to increase the SNEA membership all over India. Com. Manani added that SNEA is having good & quality leaders at every stage and many are eligible and willing for the post of CS including him. He further added that SNEA   Maharashtra has to take decision about future leadership with stronger unity & he was optimistic for same. He expressed the difficulties in front of us due to shortages of staff, material & funds. He emphasized that BSNL has to take initiatives to improve the internal system and SNEA as a whole required to persuade and support BSNL for the same. He conveyed thanks to the team of Nashik for invitation and felicitation.

Ø Com. V. B. Kokate, Vice President, SNEA MH in his speech thanked organisers for inviting him & for giving opportunity for congratulating Com. M. S. Adasul for on election as DyGS. He expressed his working style during the three consecutive terms as Circle Secretary of SNEA MH Circle and his personal experiences while working in his team of SNEA MH as ACS for two terms & now in capacity of VP.  He told that Com Adasul has never missed any opportunity of appreciation of his office bearer for his good work and he has always expressed feelings about fellow office bearers openly. He appreciated the unity shown by MH comrades in Jaipur and expressed that MH has proved that it has strong bargaining power. He also narrated the house regarding views of majority of delegates/Circle Secretaries present at AIC Jaipur in view of requirement of services of Com. M. S. Adasul, at CHQ New Delhi and unconditional and unanimous support extended by Com. G. L. Jogi and Com. W.  Sheshagiri Rao by honoring his services as CS SNEA MH Circle and thereby offering the post of Deputy General Secretary SNEA CHQ. He expressed that MH circle has new challenge of maintaining it’s strength and image and told that it is essential to maintain the unity among ourselves as displayed from last consecutive 6-7 years of span. He mentioned that offering DyGS post after making change in constitution of SNEA is the impact of solid unity of SNEA MH. He expressed the need of Com Adasul for his active participation in CHQ activities and expressed the hope that he will take SNEA as well as BSNL in new strong position by his own initiatives. Lastly he thanked all for invitation.

Ø Com. M. N. Kotambe, DS SNEA Kalyan in his speech appreciated the work of Com Adasul as CS and thanked all for allowing him to express his gratitude on this occasion. He told that all Kalyan comrades are proud of Com Adasul being basic member of Kalyan as he has started his journey of leadership in SNEA as Joint Secretary, AGS. CS from Kalyan. He mentioned that he has great leadership qualities, he is best coordinator and worked with full dedication without any expectations and only believes in more & more work for SNEA comrades. As a result of his initiatives, membership of Kalyan SSA was increased from 30 to 300. He narrated the incidence of Kalyan SSA wherein SNEA Kalyan was instrumental in transferring one DGM level officer on the spot. Even after possessing the capabilities of handling the work of CS from Kalyan, he shifted his family from Kalyan to Mumbai and started his functioning as CS from Circle office Mumbai for the sake of association and better results for SNEA comrades. In circle office too, because of his initiatives, the membership of circle office Mumbai has crossed over 300 members and it has became the strongest branch of SNEA at headquarter of BSNL MH circle at Mumbai. Com. Kotambe further added that recently he has attended the District conference of SNEA Mumbai where he has witnessed the joining of new direct recruits JAOs in SNEA. Com Adasul is always online. His feedbacks are prompt and instant. All the agitations are successful in MH circle because of his active involvements. He has handled all the issues nicely and suffering of   executives was brought immediately to the notice of management so as to give him immediate relief. He is updating the MH circle website online. We have not seen a day when it has not been updated. Everybody wants to see the website of SNEA MH Circle. It is his complete devotion and dedication toward SNEA that SNEA MH Circle has become No, 1 executive Association among all other states in terms of membership of SNEA are concerned. AIC Jaipur has witnessed the astonishing unity among comrades of SNEA MH Circle. At last he again congratulated Com. M. S. Adasul for his election as Dy GS and extended whole hearted support form MH with best wishes for new assignment.

Ø Com. S.V.Bhad, Circle President, SNEA MH congratulated Com. Adasul for becoming first ever DyGS of SNEA  MH and adding one more glorious position to SNEA  MH thanked Com. M. S. Adasul for giving him opportunity for sharing the important post of Circle President  with the three consecutive terms while working as CS.  He told the circumstances in Jaipur and how for the better unity of SNEA comrades all over India Com. M. S. Adasul has accepted the post of Dy GS even though majority of delegates & mainly all young comrades were having strong support to Com. Adasul. He was optimistic that Com Adasul will be recognized for his work in days to come which will lead him to the position desired by each and every comrade of Maharashtra Circle.  He told about the confidence of Com Adasul that whatever work/assignments, we were giving to him, he has always fulfilled it and made it to happen. He told that two days CEC Meeting at Solapur was excellent due to active, in-depth, studied deliberations of all DS. Reports from all DS were so good that very few have got enough time and we feel at that moment that CEC shall be of 3 days duration instead of existing two days. He also shared his  experiences  in work with Com Adasul and told that it was his initiatives that young comrades are actively participating in SNEA MH Circle  and as a result of which we have plenty aspirants who have the capabilities of becoming CS of this prestigious association .

Ø Com. M. S. Adasul DyGS SNEA CHQ in his reply to the felicitation by Nashik comrades conveyed gratitude and sincere thanks to all the comrades of SNEA Nashik for their invitation and grand felicitation. He congratulated entire executives of Nashik, in all wings, for successful conduction of Nashik Maha kumbhamela. He mentioned that he is fond of Nashik SSA and appreciated the work of Com. S. A. Bhadane DS and Com. S. V. Warungase DP and entire team of Nashik SSA. He mentioned that it was the strong support of SNEA comrades throughout Maharashtra Circle and especially Nashik that he was able to discharge his association duties successfully and nothing has been done special on his part. He mentioned that it was strongest unity of SNEA comrades which has created history & the entire CHQ body has been elected unanimously and in this historical achievement the Maharashtra Comrades have played vital role. He explained the status of Kerala struggle and action being taken by SNEA (I) CHQ with probable solutions. He narrated the different incidents successfully resolved by SNEA MH & keeping dialogue with the management.  SNEA MH is always behind settlement of HR issues in uniform policy manner and individual cases are not taken unless there is very genuine ground to pursuance. SNEA has always opposed wrong doing on the part of any management and always on front if good things are to be appreciated. Further he shared the important events in AIC Jaipur and narrated the feelings expressed by CMD BSNL. He shared CMD’s new slogan “Behatar  Sevaki  Nai  Lagan”and explained how CMD has assured for every help in growth & development of BSNL and his commitment towards next PRC. He conveyed appeal of CMD BSNL towards all employees of BSNL to come forward and contribute to the growth of BSNL. He stated if the management is ready to give materials, now it is our turn to come forward and work better, improve services and increase our customer base. He mentioned that initially SNEA was not having even DE as members but now he is proud to have two DGMs present in this meeting as respectful members of this association. He appreciated the dedication of ladies comrades of Nashik who were sitting in the meeting till end. He told that unity among ourselves is important than post held. He mentioned that , all of you have to take care in electing next CS in the forthcoming Circle conference of MH  Circle due to be held in the month of Nov 2015 at Pune . He assured that he will extend all sort of help to new CS and see that flag of SNEA MH will always raise high and flourish in days to come. He gave information to the house regarding current corporate issues related to JTO to SDE promotion case, SDE to AGM promotions in-process, pay anomalies in DR recruits and extending desired superannuation benefits. He emphasized to settle majority of pending cases including Rule 8 transfer of JTOs and pending request transfer within Maharashtra Circle. He explained the hurdles for merger of civil executives in telecom wing and expressed to build strong unity to raise the demand in one voice. He congratulated Com. S. V. Bhad, CP for taking initiatives in completion of NGN Phase I assignment which was major thrust in his transfer to Pune. He urged Nashik comrades to take initiatives in increasing the revenue in all front. He told that customers are intelligent, they want good, uninterrupted telecom service and hence it is our duty to provide it for increasing the customer base thereby earning revenue for BSNL. He told that we have got chance to serve BSNL, take benefit of the same and serve best which will give us the desired satisfaction . We shall give up all negative thoughts since everything is possible if we have strong desire & will power. For 3rd PRC, it is important to earn revenue for BSNL so that our aspirations, desires will be fulfilled. It is important to see that BSNL shall run, if this company runs successfully, then there are better chances of better survival of us & or family members. We have everything in hand, we have concessional 3G facility for executives in MH which is yet to be approved in other Circles, we have materials at least to certain quantity in hand, batteries and drop wire is being supplied and hence it is high time to contribute your best for BSNL. Let us hope that BSNL will be profitable, coming PRC will ensure better pay scales for all executives in a days to come. While conveying sincere thanks to one & all he expressed that he has no words for expression of his feeling for such grand felicitation in presence of about all members of SNEA(I) Nashik. He assured all that he will deliver his best as DyGS and assured that he will maintain the dignity and respect of Maharashtra Comrades. In conclusion of speech, while congratulating team SNEA Nashik for grand felicitation, he again conveyed regards, gratitude and thanks from bottom of heart for Nashik Comrades and leaders for their unconditional support in discharging duties as JS Kalyan, AGS, CS & requested same support in discharging duties as DyGS.

Ø At the conclusion of grand and highly successful Special General Body Meeting Com. Jayant Adawade, DT SNEA Nashik extended vote of thanks to each and every members, leaders for the success of Special General Body at Nashik.

Ø It was the joint and sincere efforts of  Com. M. B. Sangle, Ex-JS W CHQ, Com. S. A. Bhadane, DS Nashik, Com. S. V. Warungase, DP Nashik, Com. S. A. Chavan, CEC Member, Com Jayant Adawade DT Nashik , Com. S. R.  Shardul, ADS (A/C) Nashik, Com. R. R. Mahajan, ADS (U) Nashik, Com. Ulhas Morankar, ADS (R) Nashik   Com. N. G. Nikam,  AS Nashik, Com. S. R. Dhande,  JTO, Com. C. B. Badgujar, SDE Civil, Com. M. G. Nagpure, JTO Civil  & Com. L. P. Joshi SDE for making this special General Body  meeting a grand success.

Ø The meeting was nicely anchored by Com. S. A. Bhadane, DS Nashik.

Ø The Special General Body meeting which started at 1730 hrs concluded at 2150 hrs with National anthem and slogans of Unity

Ø  PHOTOS by Com. Shailesh Dhande. <<<>>>



 5 OCT 15:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued own cost request transfers of five SDEs.  Letter <<<>>>

Many of the comrades who are in need of request transfer have called us and are asking why their name is missing. Please note that this is not general order and it is specifically in respect of SDEs having genuine medical problems, left out cases of 58 years age & mainly transfers which can be implemented without substitute. All other request transfers are not yet given any consideration by the Circle Management and SNEA MH is pursuing it with the concerned authorities for consideration of all pending request transfers as one time major.




Greeting on Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti



 2 OCT 15:  BSNL CO issued instructions for implementation of CVC guidelines for transferring officers in aggrieved list.  Letter <<<>>>



 2 OCT 15:  BSNL CO endorsed guidelines for allotment of Examination centre and proper & prior arrangements thereof for Persons with Disabilities.  Letter<<<>>>



 2 OCT 15: The IDA increases by 5.15 % w.e.f. 01/10/2015.






1 OCT 15:  BSNL CO issued order for celebration “Consumer Week in BSNL” from 01/10/2015 to 07/10/2015 to mark Foundation Day of BSNL with directions to circles to carry out special activities during this week to delight the customers.  Letter <<<>>>



1 OCT 15:  AGM Vigilance Mumbai endorsed the BSNL CO orders for observing “Vigilance Awareness Week 2015” from 26/10/2015 to 31/10/2015. Letter<<<>>>



1 OCT 15:  BSNL CO issued clarification for implementation of Executive Promotion policy 2007. in case of missing APRs, refusal of promotions, penalties & in case of pending Vigilance Clearance with directions to examine & dispose of the individual cases as per these guidelines. Letter <<<>>>




1 OCT 15:  BSNL CO calls for information on pay anomaly due to implementation of Executive Promotion Policy i.e. Interplay between Time Bound up gradation & post based promotions. Letter <<<>>>



1 OCT 15:  AGM NWO CM Mumbai issued allotment of 376 Battery sets of different capacities to different SSA as per requirement given by SSAs. This will definitely help in improvement of Services provided by some of critical exchanges and BTS. All concerned comrades are requested to collect it and install it without any delay for any reason. Letter <<<>>>




1 OCT 15: Meeting with GM (Estt): GS, President and Com Wankhede met GM (Estt) on 29.09.2015 and held discussions on the following subjects:

a.     Filing reply in the Hon Kerala High Court in JTO to SDE case: The various points raised by the BSNL lawyer discussed. The reply will be sent in a couple of days to Kerala Circle by Pers section so that counter reply can be filed by next week. Some details will be collected from KTK Circle.

b.    Notification of JTO RR and recruitment to JTO cadre: During discussion, GM (Estt) informed that the minutes of the last Board meeting are awaited. The RR will be notified immediately after that. Once RR is notified, action may be initiated to regularize the officiating JTOs and filling the remaining vacancies through LICE, Assn demanded. GM (Estt) assured that further discussions will be held once the RR is notified.




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