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31 MAR 15: CHALO MUMBAI !!!! NATIONAL CONVENTION AT MUMBAI on 01/04/2015: The National Convention by Forum of Unions & Associations, Maharashtra Circle will be held at Praking Area, Ground Floor, BSNL Admn Bldg, Juhu Road, Santacruz, (West) Mumbai 400054, at 1100 hrs on Tomorrow, Wednesday, 01/04/2015 for awareness among the comrades about the scheduled strike on 21st & 22nd April 2015 & latest update on this subject related to survival of BSNL and its employees.

Ø This convention will be addressed by Com. Chandeshwar Singh, GS NFTE BSNL, Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS BSNLEU, Com. K. Sebastin, GS SNEA(I), Com. C.M. Saste, OS AIBSNLEA and Com. S.L. Sonawane CS SCSTEWA MH. The Circle Office Bearers and District Secretaries of all Unions & Associations in Maharashtra Circle will also attend this National Convention.

Ø All the comrades, executives as well as non executives in Circle Office Mumbai, WTP, WTR and other different units in Mumbai i.e QA, TERM, CTO, DNW, Civil/Elect wing etc, Kalyan & Raigad SSA are appealed to join this convention in mass and give support & green signal to CHQ leaders of Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations to go ahead with their call of “Save BSNL, Save Nation” and make the convention, historic, memorable and grand success.

Ø Comrades from other Districts, like Pune, Nashik, Ratnagiri, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Dhule, Jalgaon, Aurangabad, Solapur, Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur and some nearby districts are also appealed to join this convention in mass or at least their representatives may join and witness the address of prominent leaders of Unions and Associations in BSNL and arrangements of stay in Mumbai are being made for all such comrades by DS of the concerned Union/Association and interested comrades can contact Mumbai DS of their Union/Association. 


31 MAR 15:SNEA (I) MH Circle congratulates, Com. P. A. Nilkhe, DE Nashik, {9422272416}, Com. P. G. Paratmandali, SDE Akola {9423102255} on their superannuation retirement as on today, 31/03/2015 and wish them and their family members “A Very Happy, Peaceful & Long Retired Life”.

Com. P. A. Nilkhe, DE IT& EB, Nashik is a senior & die-hard member of SNEA (I) Nashik and was always ahead in each and every activity of SNEA (I) Nashik. He has rendered long services of 41 in DoT & BSNL. He started his carrier in Nov 1973 as TO (A). Since 1983 he worked as JTO at Nasik Road, then since 1994 as SDE Gr Sinnar, Satpur, CTTC, Computer. He also has rendered services at Aurangabad SSA and again in Nashik as DE Manmad & Pimpalgaon and now as DE IT& EB Nashik.  He is continuing his duties with same dedication & sincerity till the last day of his retirement.

Com. P.G. Paratmandali SDE CDOT Akola and has completed service of 37 years in DoT & BSNL and has served in different SSAs viz.  Nanded, Ratnagiri, Akola, Parbhani & Circle Office Mumbai. He is known for his Silent & Co-operative Nature & Devotion toward duties. He started his carrier as Clerk in Dec 1977 at Nanded & then in 1983 promoted as PI and posted at Chiplun. On his promotion as JTO he was posted in Circle Office, Akola SSA & Parbhani SSA. In recent past on his request he was transferred to Akola SSA

SNEA (I) MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection Com. P.A. Nilkhe & Com. P. G. Paratmandali, towards BSNL and SNEA (I) and on behalf of thousands of Comrades of SNEA (I) Maharashtra Circle, we wish them and their family members “A Happy, Peaceful, Healthy & Long Retired Life”.


31 MAR 15: Vidarbha Tour, Fourth & Last DaY :  Full day & Highly successful, General Body Meeting of SNEA (I) Akola: (Report by Com. S.A Sarode, Jt. Secretary Vidarbha, SNEA (I) MH): As a part of Vidarbha Tour, on forth day, the delegation of SNEA (I)  MH Circle, under leadership of Com. S. V. Bhad, Circle President SNEA(I) MH Circle reached Akola for attending a General Body meeting organized by very enthusiastic comrades of SNEA Akola under leadership of Com. S K Chaitane, DS SNEA Akola  at Hotel Central Plaza, Akola at 1130Hrs on 20/03/2015.

At the venue, all guests were warm welcome by the members of SNEA Akola with loud slogans and were brought to the banquet hall of Hotel Central Plaza for the deliberations.

The GB Meeting was held in two parts:

A.  Morning Session: Report by DS & Discussions of HR issues.

B.   Evening Session: Open Session- discussions on Development of BSNL.


D.  A. Morning Session:

Ø All the guests were given warm welcome by offering bouquets by SNEA (I) Akola.

Ø Com. R. R. Somani, DP SNEA (I) Akola, in his ‘Opening Remark’ gave the voice to the major hurdles faced by the comrades at Akola. He explained the facts & figures about the shortage of executives at Akola SSA. In his well exercised analysis, he furnished the comparative details of all SSAs of Maharashtra Circle on the basis of working connections under various fixed and mobility services and brought into the knowledge of Circle Secretary about the very acute shortage of the executives at Akola SSA. He also brought into the notice of the house that the store distribution by the Circle office, especially for drop wire is not proper as it is based on the CDR waiting list of that SSA. In waiting list also there are two types paid & unpaid and many of SSAs are getting drop wire on such unpaid waiting list which do not realize in practical DECLs for BSNL, SSAs who are registering only paid waiting list are getting less quantity when their requirement is genuine and is surely going to generate revenue for BSNL.  He requested the Circle delegation to look into the matter so that optimum staff and store will get allotted to the SSAs.

Ø Com. S. K. Chaitane , DS Akola, while presenting his DS report, updated the house about various developmental activities and initiatives he and his body has taken since the formation of existing body on 31/07/2014. He updated house that at the time of his joining the membership of SNEA Akola was 33 and now he has succeeded to make it 43. So out of total executive strength of 67, including all wings of BSNL at Akola, now the current membership is increased up to 65%. He also updated the house that the total subscription quota of SNEA Akola is paid up to March-2015 only because of the devoted members of SNEA Akola. He  thanked Circe Secretary for considering the problems of his members and thereby cancelling transfer order of Com. Manaskar and revising the order of Com. Shendurkar from Gadchiroli to Buldhana.Com. Chaitane also touched the various development issues of the SSA and requested to fulfill the acute requirement of Battery sets, drop wire, UG Cables etc. He highlighted the need for improvement of outdoor network of the SSA for effective deployment of high speed broadband services and noise free basic services. He shown his concern for the failure of NGN if the outdoor network does not get rehabilitated properly. He also requested for enhancement of the GSM network of the SSA. He also suggested for various marketing initiatives and demanded for the sale of maximum telecom products of BSNL by the help of DSAs, franchisees.

Ø Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary, SNEA (I) MH, in his informative & inspirational speech deeply elaborated various HR issues at Circle & CHQ Level. He congratulated the team SNEA Akola for increasing membership to unbeatable majority of 65% at the SSA. In his speech lasting for more than two and half hour, by giving various examples, he clarified how the VRS offered by BSNL is not fruitful and how it is destructive for the future of BSNL as well as for employees of BSNL. He explained efforts taken by SNEA (I) MH in formation of the point to point transfer policy for executives working at non tenure stations and for its uniform implementation throughout Maharashtra Circle. He explained how clause of maximum 10% executive strength criteria was changed by Circle management at later stage and how SNEA (I) has pursued matter for its restoration for giving justice to executives working at smaller non tenure stations. He narrated the august house what and how the association has taken step by step efforts for grant of various facilities to the executives in BSNL. He explained in detail how SNEA(I) MH has demanded & got settled demand of GSM Service  Connection in Circle Conference Nashik,  the CUG facility among executives in District Conference Pune , and  3G  facility in Circle Conference Goa. He also reminded the house the struggle made by the association for the implementation of 78.2% IDA fitment but at the same time reminded the house about the duties of executives to give back to their beloved BSNL. He expressed the need of time to respond aggressively and positively for the overall growth of BSNL.  He also addressed house about status of different DPCs, hurdles in conduction of LDCE for SDE under 33% quota, status of DPC for SDE promotion under 67% quota. He also covered various issues of JTOs like implementation of standard pay scales, 30% superannuation benefits, reasons for pay anomalies among the Direct Recruits etc, issues of JTO Offg, and efforts of SNEA (I) in conduction of LDCE etc. He also updated the house on issues related to membership verification of executives in BSNL and position of SNEA (I) as compared to other Associations. He concluded his speech by appealing all comrades to stay united and motivated for the betterment of BSNL and the development of services. After this speech, the house was adjourned for lunch and Open Session thereafter.


B. OPEN SESSION:  After lunch, the executives gathered for “Open Session” started at 1600 Hrs   which started with Dias formation. Com. R. R. Somani, District President, SNEA Akola, presided over the proceedings of Open Session. The following prominent SNEA (I) leaders attended and addressed the Open Session.

1.       Com. S.V. Bhad, Circle President, SNEA (I) MH,

2.       Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary, SNEA (I) MH,

3.       Com. S. R. Kalmegh, ACS (East) , SNEA (I) MH,

4.       Com. S.A. Sarode, Joint Secretary Vidarbha, SNEA (I) MH,

5.       Com. P. Y. Deshpande, AGM Admin/Planning Akola.

6.       Com. S. K. Chaitane, DS SNEA (I) Akola,

7.       Com. S. H. Gandhi, DS SNEA(I) Amravati,

8.       Com. Y.S. Maheswari , DP AIBSNLEA Akola.

9.       Com. Nil Tayade, DS, AIBSNLEA Akola.

10.  Com. S. R. Thakur, DS AIGETOA Amravati,

11.  Com. D.H.Belsare, OS, NFTE MH Circle.

12.  Com. W.M. Sirsat, DP BSNLEU Akola

13.  Com. J. N. Dhole, DS, NFTE Akola

14.  Com. V.M. Bandi, DP , NFTE Akola

15.  Com. D.H.Belsare, OS, NFTE MH Circle.

16.  Com. Khandare, DP SC/ST WEA Akola,

Ø All the dignitaries on dias joined the Saraswati Pujan and Deep Prajwalan and inaugurated the “Open Session”.

Ø All guests were welcomed by the comrades of SNEA Akola by offering a bouquet of beautiful flowers, Shawl, Shriphal and a memento.

Ø Thereafter the following members who have recently joined SNEA Akola family were given warm welcome by Circle leaders.

1.       Com. A. S. Rethe, DE  OFC Mtce, WTR Akola,

2.       Com. A. S. Padghan, DE Rural, Akola,

3.       Com. D. V. Vyas, SDE Civil , Akola,

4.       Com. Gaurav Ganjare, JTO Mangrulpir,

5.       Com. Prashant Mahalle, JTO Malegaon,

6.       Com. Md. Shahid Akhtar, JTO Balapur.

Ø Thereafter, Com. R. V. Bihade, SDE and Com. Smt. Vijaya Umap, JTO, both the executives of CSC, Civil Lines Akola & Com. S.K.Chaitanae, SDE Risod & DS SNEA (I) Akola were felicitated by hands of Com. M.S. Adasul CS SNEA (I) MH for winning Swarna Awards” twice for the 1st and 3rd Quarter of year 2014-15 for under best performed/maintained CSC category.

Ø Com. S. R. Kalmegh, ACS East, SNEA (I) MH, while addressing to open session touched various issues that SNEA is carrying out at MH Circle. He explained the house, the efforts taken by SNEA (I) MH in providing total transparency among the members of association at MH Circle. He further explained how he has opened the platform of Gmail group for the SNEA (I) leaders at Circle and district level, thereby making all aware of the current issues, use of whatsapps groups and other technological tools for instant updates. He also narrated how the website of SNEA MH Circle is being updated daily and how he is witnessing visit thousands of executives and non executives to per day to this SNEA (I) MH website. He also touched various developmental issues that SNEA MH has taken on various platforms including the issue of EPF, BNG Diversion, SGSN and GGSN traffic diversion etc and how the issues are resolved for improvement of BSNL services with persuasion and feedback from SNEA (I).

Ø Com. S. A. Sarode, Jt. Secretary, Vidarbha SNEA(I) MH, in his speech, mainly concentrated on the various developmental issues and appealed the house to identify the strength of the new technology that is deployed by the BSNL by means of the CDR and ERP projects. He urged the house to identify the need of mobile numbers and email ID capturing against working landline numbers thereby ensuring maximum revenue assurance. He congratulated the Akola SSA in general and Com. R. R. Somani, DP Akola in person for achieving highest percentage of mobile numbers capture against working LL numbers, not only in MH Circle, but throughout the country.  He also narrated the house the initiatives taken by the SNEA (I)  MH Circle for bringing one BNG at Nagpur from Kolkata  to improvise the BB network of the Vidarbha and explained the house that if ERP was deployed earlier, then  such  under utilization of the resources may never had happened in the past. He updated the house that the inputs supplied regarding the diversion of  SIX BNGs of  Kolkata which were working with low traffic not only improved the network of Vidarbha but also that of Ernakulum, Tamilnadu and Goa as four out of Six underutilized BNGs were migrated from Kolkata to these places.

Ø He appealed the house to concentrate on the business development activities and be optimistic in adverse situation of resources scarcity also.

Ø Com. P. Y. Deshpande, AGM Admin/Planning Akola in his brief speech also requested the house to keep positive approach and yield maximum with minimum resources utilization.

Ø Com. S. V. Bhad, Circle President, SNEA (I) MH, in his speech narrated the house, how the other executive association loot and make fool the executives in the name of settlement of their HR issues and placed the example of how many of issues were positively handled by the association and how GM level officers are joining SNEA (I) and getting results. He pinpointed the importance of association in raising the issue in public sector unit like BSNL for safeguarding the interest of employees and BSNL too. He categorically highlighted how the DGM level promotions were given, explained facts about agreement on E1A/E2A pay scales, importance of settlement of issue of giving pension on actual pay basic , importance of saving BSNL’s  money etc. He has explained the issue of delay in promotions in Civil/Electrical wing executive and disparity created for diploma holder executives in Civil /electrical wing. He touched development as well as & customer care issues and appealed comrades to give their best to customers.

Ø Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA (I) MH while speaking in Open session explained the need of JAC & call of Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations on Save BSNL, Save Nation Movement. He explained how the policies of the Government are against the development of BSNL and how changes in policy decesions will benefit BSNL’s growth. Explaining issues related to financial viability of BSNL he stressed on need of special efforts by one & all. He also guided house how to face day to day problems in fearless & positive attitude to give best services to BSNL customers.  While speaking on developmental issues, he explained how SNEA is playing a vital role in the development of BSNL Network and Services at MH Circle and also appreciated some good moves made by the then CGMT of MH Circle Shri M K Jain for the up keeping of outdoor plant, procurement of new battery sets and UG cables to certain extent but expressed the need for additional and timely procurement of these resources.

Ø The entire proceedings of full day General body meet was beautifully anchored by Com. A. A. Khan, Organizing Secretary of SNEA Akola with special and fit to occasion Shero-Shayari.

Ø The full day deliberations of GB meeting of SNEA (I) Akola which started at 1130 hrs in the morning concluded at 1930Hrs evening with vote of thanks by Com. A.A.Khan OS SNEA (I) Akola & National anthem.

Ø PHOTOS <<<>>>


30 MAR 15: Removal of disparity among Telecom/Finance & Civil/Electrical wing Executives: Since long the Civil/Electrical wing executives in BSNL are demanding equality at par with Telecom/Finance wing executives. One of the major differences between these wings was promotional opportunities to STS level & above. In Finance & Telecom Wing, the qualification was never bar for promotion to DE/CAO cadre and in Civil/Electrical wing the executives with Qualification of Diploma in Engineering are barred from the promotion of EE & above and only Executives having graduation in Engineering are eligible for such promotions. In many cases second ACP is not granted, in some cases recovery has been done after payments and it has created disparity among executives of equal rank. In recent past, BSNL CO has issued clarification for not giving any powers of EE to such executives even in Looking After arrangements and it was fear created in minds of about all Diploma holders that they will have to work under the executives who have worked as JE/JTO under them and will have to face humiliation. In Maharashtra Circle recently some of executives were given EE LA order and had started functioning smoothly and this order has created fear of withdrawal of all EE LA arrangements. But now it is seen that DoT has issued letter on 11/02/2015, which reproduce the directives of Hon. Court CAT New Delhi and clarifies that the Diploma in Engineering with ten years Technical experience is recognized equivalent to Degree in Engineering and all such executives should be considered for grant of all benefits equally. This will be one step towards the removal of disparity among equally ranked executives in Civil Electrical wing and will also put them at par with executives in Telecom/Finance wing.  Letter <<<>>>


29 MAR 15: AGM Staff Mumbai published list of all DEs in Maharashtra Circle who are below age of 55 years as on 31/03/2016. Letter <<<>>>

   The corrections/modifications in stay particulars or missing names of long stayed DEs if any are to be intimated latest by 10/04/2015 and thereafter this list will be sent to BSNL. This list will be operated during year 2015-16 for posting substitute to DEs requesting transfer to Maharashtra Circle on completion of All India Hard Tenures. 


29 MAR 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for DGM Looking After Arrangements. Letter <<<>>>

      This is order of all the DGMs who are presently working as DGM LA and orders for additional DGM LA as per willingness called by Circle Office are still under process and expected shortly.


29 MAR 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting order of two SDEs on their transfer to Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


29 MAR 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued reliving order of two SDEs on their transfer to NE-II Circle. Letter <<<>>>


29 MAR 15: VIDARBHA TOUR : Day 3rd : Special  General Body Meeting of SNEA (I) Buldhana: {Report by Com. S.R. Kalmegh ACS East SNEA(I) MH}: After Emergency Executive Body Meeting and meeting with GMT Buldhana,  the Special  General Body meeting of SNEA(I) Buldhana Division was held on 19/03/2015 at 1700 Hrs  in Hotel  Prem Residency, Khamgaon .

Com. B.B.Kendre, District President SNEA (I) Buldhana presided over the proceedings of Special General Body meeting. The following prominent SNEA (I) leaders & guests attended and addressed the General Body meeting of Buldhana SSA.

1.     Shri. B.  P. Rawat, GMT Buldhana & Chief Guest.

2.     Com. S.V. Bhad, CP, SNEA (I), MH Circle.

3.     Com. M. S. Adasul, CS, SNEA (I), MH Circle.

4.     Com. S. R. Kalmegh, ACS (E), SNEA (I), MH Circle.

5.     Com. S. A. Sarode, Jt. Secretary Vidarbha, SNEA (I), MH Circle.

6.     Com. P. D. Saoji, District Secretary Buldhana.

The meeting was also attended by Senior Officers Com. I. Z. Gaikwad, DGM (Fin) and Com. U. T. Zanke, AGM Rtd & Veteran leader of SNEA (I) Buldhana. Apart from this the following SNEA (I) & other Association/Union leaders at Buldhana attended the meeting and graced the occasion.

1.     Com. S. K. Chaitane ,DS, SNEA (I) Akola,

2.     Com. R. R. Somani, DP  SNEA (I) Akola ,

3.     Com. P. J. Thakare, DP BSNLEU Buldhana

4.     Com. R. G. Tripathi, DP  NFTE Buldhana

5.     Com. D. S. Kamble,DS BSNLEU Buldhana

6.     Com. V.D. Kamble,DS NFTE Buldhana

7.     Com. K. L. Lahane, BSNLEU Buldhana

7.     Com. M. R. Dipke, NFTE Buldhana

At the start of meeting, all the guests were given warm welcome by offering a bouquet of beautiful flowers with shall and shriphal.  It was the matter of pride for SNEA (I) Buldhana that following new members have joined SNEA (I) and were given warm welcome   in the meeting.

1) Com. S.L. Wankhade        PS Buldhana

2) Com. B.O. Waghmare       PA Buldhana

3) Mrs. LeenaGoenka           PA Buldhana

4) Com. S.D. Lulekar             JTO  Khamgaon

Thereafter Com. P.D.Saoji, DS SNEA(I) Buldhana while speaking at the beginning of meeting gave welcome to all & expressed gratitude to Circle leaders for visiting Buldhana SSA and boosting up the morale of Buldhana comrades. He narrated the issues & grievances of Buldhana SSA. He raised the demand of executives of SNEA (I) Buldhana for immediate posting of regular TDM & regular CAO at Buldhana SSA. He explained the difficulties faced by the executives while imparting telecom services in Buldhana SSA, Shortage of Executives in Telecom & Accounts wing of Buldhana SSA, Shortage of Material, Pending Request Transfer cases of JTO & SDE of Buldhana SSA. He expressed his desire that there shall be considerable positive change in working situation after this meeting which is the need of each and every one for giving better services to our esteemed customers.

Com. S. A. Sarode, Joint Secretary Vidarbha SNEA (I) MH Circle, while addressing the house appealed all the BSNL recruited to join SNEA (I) MH as SNEA (I) is the only association which is rightly addressing the HR and development issues faced by executives. He narrated how the issues of comrades of Gadchiroli executives were raised on SNEA (I) platform and after consistent persuasion and support of Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA (I) MH Circle; it was resolved by declaration of Gadchiroli as All India soft Tenure immediately after the visit of Com. K. Sebastin, GS and Com.  G. L. Jogi, our beloved CHQ President .This has also helped in resolving the major issue of shortage of executives at Gadchiroli as more and more no. of executives are now joining Gadchiroli without any fear in mind and also many of executives are saved from their transfers to All India Hard Tenures out of Maharashtra Circle.  He appealed all to be more sensitive & vigilant towards the services of BSNL & generate enterprise business ideas in & around their jurisdiction. He asked to concentrate on BB/VPN services, Internet lease line, 3G data traffic because these are key services which are yielding major portion of revenue for BSNL. He explained the contribution of SNEA (I) in resolving the BNG issue. There were  six BNGs at Kolkata having considerably less traffic and were not properly utilized whereas BNG at Nagpur was having excessive traffic due to which subscribers in Vidarbha region were experiencing conjunction in data/low speed. When this issue was pursued to BSNL CO through Com M S Adasul, diversion order of Kolkata BNGs were issued by BSNL CO and Nagpur got one out of these BNGs which has been installed at Nagpur & now catering good no of data traffic. He also touched the issue of EPF and explained how SNEA (I) MH has highlighted this important issue. He appealed to use development tools for better performance and positive results.

Com. S.R. Kalmegh, ACS (East) SNEA (I) MH Circle highlighted the list of HR and development issues taken by SNEA (I) MH Circle. He appreciated the positive gesture of Shri. B. P. Rawat, GMT Buldhana in coming forward and openly listening the grievances of executives of SNEA (I) Buldhana. He specifically mentioned the reason for creation of indifferent feelings in the minds of executives of Buldhana SSA, which is due to communication gap and lack of proper interactions between management and executives working in field. Such type of problems are now been observed in some of the major SSAs because SSA heads are not sitting at the SSA HQ., This is mainly happening due to shortage of SSA heads and there is no one to listen the grievances of executives in all the time since as of now two or more SSAs are being looked after by single in charge sitting at one of the SSA. But he expressed his satisfactions that discussion between GMT Buldhana and executives will definitely lead into resolving misapprehension and GMT Buldhana will definitely keep his word as assured in the meeting and this will create good working atmosphere in Buldhana SSA. He has narrated how SNEA (I) MH Circle is raising the HR &developmental issues like failure of OMCR, ERP, diversion of GGSN traffic to Chennai, mobile merger ,scarcity of materials, finalization of circle transfer policy for executives, quarterly tenure  transfer  etc.

He appealed all to participate in Save BSNL- Save Nation agitational programme to decide the roadmap and future of BSNL. He was optimistic that SNEA (I) CHQ will further strongly raise the issue E2-E3 pay scale, disparity in pay scales of 2007 and other batches, pay anomalies among executives viz, juniors drawing more pay scale than seniors etc. He appealed all to come forward with courage, work hard for BSNL and save the BSNL which is playing important role in telecom sector in terms of controlling telecom tariff and also surveying nook and corner of India giving telecom services in affordable prices.

Com. S.V. Bhad, CP SNEA (I) MH Circle thanked team of SNEA (I) Buldhana for arranging Special General Body meeting in such a grand way. He elaborated the main reason for creation of PSUs in India was to generate employment however gigantic PSU like BSNL is made to loss because of delay in decision, wrong policies and unprecedented favoritism to private companies. Delay in decision making has put BSNL in today awkward position. Key posts like CMD, Director Fin, and Director HR were kept vacant for more than a year. However it was the pressure of Forum of all Unions/Associations in BSNL that post of CMD and Director HR are now filled. BSNL has lost good no of customers while implementing CDR/ERP. Deloitte recommendations are made without any consultation with unions/associations of BSNL and without ascertaining need of customers and employees working in BSNL. He highlighted the efforts of SNEA (I) CHQ for conducting DPCs for JTO-SDE, SDE-DE and DE-DGM promotions. He told how SNEA (I) CHQ is making continuous efforts in removing the discrimination between diploma and degree holder of civil wing which is mainly occurring at the time of their promotions. He appealed all to join Save BSNL –Save nation campaign. He narrated that most of the executives in MH are now joining SNEA (I). Not only JTO/SDE/DE/DGM level officers are member of SNEA (I) but GM level officers are also joining SNEA (I) MH Circle. He shared his experience with practical examples about the difference of attitude of leaders of different associations and how the efforts taken on platform of SNEA are result oriented and helping to the executives in BSNL.

Shri. B. P. Rawat, General Manager Telecom Buldhana elaborated the discussion in the meeting with delegation of SNEA (I) MH Circle and agenda submitted by DS SNEA (I) Buldhana. He categorically mentioned how Buldhana SSA has improved its position in MH Circle. Buldhana SSA is not lagging now as misinterpreted. Initially it was 5th/6th from bottom and but now it is at 5th/6th position from top. He specially mentioned that this improvement has occurred because of the joint efforts of all the executives and staff in Buldhana SSA. He told that he has never tried to get the work done forcefully and requested all to share their views openly without any hesitations as mutual trust between management and executives is must so as to make Buldhana SSA a top most SSA in MH Circle. He appealed all to have very co-cordial functioning and reassured that full co-operation will be extended from management side. He also pinpointed requirement of a DGM level officer at Buldhana. At last he once again narrated his commitment to improve the telecom services in Buldhana SSA and solicited co-operation from the executives present in the meeting. 

Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary SNEA (I) MH Circle, addressed house giving update information on different issues He expressed the need & importance of co-cordial communication among all executives and management for imparting best & quality telecom services to our customers. It is our skill to get the work done from our staff and this skill is very important in such crucial situation when each and every one is facing scarcity of resources. He has explained how important to have existence of BSNL in telecom sector. BSNL is the best company as it has given us a lot to us and now it is our turn to pay back to this company and for this each and every one shall stand firmly to covert negative situation into positive one. In the light of forthcoming referendum for executives, he highlighted the need of strong and experienced majority executives’ association in BSNL as it has to deal with the pay revision of executives and other important HR issues of executives as well as development & growth issues of BSNL.He informed house about present status of different DPCs for promotions and status of recent legal hurdles, efforts of SNEA (I) MH Circle in diversion of 3G mobile data traffic of MH Circle to GGSN Chennai. He has informed that New GSM Cards will be made available in place of old RNP GSM cards as tender is finalized and PO is already placed. He has appealed all to improve the GSM services with special initiatives. He told that shortage of executives of Buldhana SSA will be soon overcome as SNEA (I) MH has already formulated uniform transfer policy for executives in Maharashtra Circle and further explained the issue of 10% executive strength and how it has become hurdle to issue transfers from small SSAs like Buldhana. He further explained the house about long pending demand of standard of pay scales of executives and efforts being taken by SNEA (I) CHQ,  issues related to demand of 30% superannuation benefits, misleading information about acceptance of mid scales by SNEA (I), issues related to financial viability of BSNL. He appealed all the executives in Buldhana SSA to come together for the improvement of services and image of BSNL and requested all to be vigilant and united for any struggle for betterment of executives and for betterment of BSNL.

Com. B. B. Kendre, DP SNEA (I) Buldhana in his presidential speech thanked all for patient hearing. He appealed all to work hard for BSNL as everybody has their own responsibility which is to be executed timely, co-cordially with equal dedication. He specifically thanked the delegation of SNEA (I) MH Circle for attending this special General Body of Buldhana SSA and making it a grand success.

The meeting was nicely anchored by Com. M. S. Gadre VP SNEA (I) Buldhana & Vote of Thanks was given by Com. V.G.Thakur ADS SNEA (I) Buldhana Grand success of the Special General Body Meeting of Buldhana was marked by the active participation and presence of all most all executives in all wings. Com. K. G. Kadam, Com. S. S. Rajoriya, Com. R. M. Diwnale, Com. A. G. Sarad, Com. M. P. Marodkar, Com. Ingale, Com. S. S.Hon, Com. R. S. Talokar, Com. R.D. Wankhrde, Com Ab. Mohsin, Com. P. C. Wagh, Com. R. V. Lokre, Com. K. M. Awasatmol  and many others have taken splendid efforts for success of this Special General Body meeting of SNEA (I) Buldhana.

The meeting which started at 1700 hrs was concluded at 2130 hrs with the National Anthem and thereafter a delicious dinner for all the guest and comrades

PHOTOS <<<>>>


28 MAR 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued list of 25 DEs in long stay at SSA and calls for corrections/modification if any by 10/04/2015. Letter <<<>>>

This list will be operated for posting substitute for considering request transfers in DE Cadre from Circle Tenure Stations to Non tenure SSAs in Maharashtra Circle. The present list is calculated by considering age as on 31/03/2015, but as list will be operated in year 2015-16, the actual age as on 31/03/2016 will be taken into consideration while implementing list and all are requested to check data accordingly.  Names of female officers & officers opted for tenure stations will be excluded from list while its implementation of this list and one has to take decision of option by considering these facts. Though it has been not mentioned in this letter, unwilling female executives can submit their unwillingness for posting at tenure stations, but in such cases there posting will be done to non tenure SSAs. The long stay list of DEs for posting out of Maharashtra Circle mainly as substitute for executives working at All India Tenure Stations is under preparations and will be issued shortly. 


28 MAR 15: BSNL CO issued inter Circle transfer orders in SDE Civil cadre in which request of Com. C.A.Binny, SDE Civil Goa has been considered to Kerala Circle. Letter <<<>>>

   This was possible due to continuous persuasion by Com. A. Chandrasekhara, AGS SNEA (I) CHQ. SNEA (I) Maharashtra conveys sincere thanks & gratitude to Com. Chandrasekhara for successful persuasion of this individual case & for his supporting hand in resolving many such cases of Civil & Electrical wing especially in Maharashtra Circle.  


28 MAR 15: List of BSNL empanelled Hospitals in Mumbai Area as on 25/03/2015. Letter <<<>>>  


28 MAR 15: DoPT endorsed directives of Hon. Supreme Court on for grant or withhold sanction of prosecution under para 8 of Prevention of Corruption Act 1988. Letter <<<>>>  


28 MAR 15: BSNL CO calls for information regarding pensioners before year 2007 as well as pensioners retired from 01/01/2017 to 10/06/2013. Letter <<<>>>  


28 MAR 15: BSNL CO declared result of LICE for post of Hindi Translator, in which three candidates of Maharashtra Circle are declared successful. Letter <<<>>>  


28 MAR 15: Meeting with Shri. B. P. Rawat, GMT Buldhana After listening grievances of SNEA (I) comrades in the Executive Body Meeting, CS SNEA (I) MH requested Shri. B.P.Rawat, GMT Buldhana to have open meeting with all executives and it was very positive attitude by Shri. B.P. Rawat, that he joined this meeting along with Shri. I.Z Gaikwad, IFA Buldhana. But before start of meeting, he requested to have separate meeting with Circle Leaders on the difficulties faced by him while functioning as GMT Buldhana. As such delegation of SNEA(I) MH lead by Com. S.V. Bhad, CP  SNEA(I) MH had short meeting in chamber of GMT Buldhana wherein GMT expressed his problems and how he is taking all out efforts to resolve issues of Buldhana SSA. He also narrated some of critical examples of lack of persuasion by some individuals and how he is taking initiatives to overcome customer complaints and to reduce difficulties of executives. Delegation brought to notice of GMT Buldhana& IFA Buldhana, about the extreme unrest among the executives and how each and every executive is under fear, threat and unwanted pressure due to some of actions on part of management. After detail discussions on some such issues, Shri. B.P. Rawat, GMT Buldhana, Shri.  I.Z. Gaikwad IFA Buldhana & all leaders of SNEA (I) MH joined the executive Body Meeting wherein all the issues raised by members were again discussed in detail one by one.

After welcome of all, Com. P. D. Saoji, DS SNEA (I) Buldhana read out the agenda submitted by SNEA (I) Buldhana and discussed the issues point by point. Members present in the meeting also expressed the unrest and difficulties faced by Buldhana Comrade.  Here also every member expressed his problems and manmade hurdles in carrying out day to day work with evidences and brought to notice of GMT how executives are being threatened by contractors on his name and many other issues related to growth and development of Buldhana SSA

After patient hearing to all, Shri B P Rawat GMT Buldhana expressed his surprise on the indifferent feelings expressed by executives and put forth his point of views and his limitations while dealing with the points raised by executives of Buldhana SSA. GMT Buldhana assured to make all sort of effort to give immediate remedies to the issues &concern raised in this meeting. He requested to all executives to work fearlessly and mainly to work well within guidelines of BSNL. He also made it clear that no one should work under pressure or fear of any one including contractor if any. He specifically mentioned that it is policy of some of contractors that they use name of higher officers for creating pressure, but no one should come under pressure and one should take total care before signing any document, file or bill of contractor. He also pointed that contractors are part of BSNL and such precaution on individual level should not delay overall process of payments of contractors. He further narrated that in intervening period, when he took over charge of GMT Buldhana, he has seen hundreds of bills of contractors, files of different issues were pending at Buldhana and he agreed that many of such bills were delayed due to earlier pendency, then some long pending ERP issues and thereafter due to retirement of IFA Buldhana. He informed that his doors are always open for all and any executive having problem should come to him and discuss it in person. He appealed all to forget what has happened in past may be due to stringent pressure of work from circle office or may be due to changeover phase, but hence forth there will be full co-operation from management side and all issues will be resolved with due care of BSNL interest. Regarding use of some pressure creating words in official dealings as quoted by many members, he expressed that he did not remember that he has used such harsh words & if used then the only intention in it is to get the work done in the interest of BSNL and nothing personal or individual. He further assured to take care of all such issues in future. He assured his readiness to resolve all HR and development issues of Buldhana SSA. He specifically mentioned that Buldhana is small SSA and all should work like family members and expressed that he was not aware about this much unrest among executives, otherwise he would have discussed it at earlier stage. He also appreciated the work culture of Buldhana SSA and how Buldhana SSA has made positive progress in many achievements and how the position of Buldhana which was at the bottom of list of all districts in Maharashtra Circle is now upgraded to certain level. He specifically mentioned that it was possible due to efforts of all executives & staff of Buldhana SSA. On opening of CSC at GMT office , he mentioned that he has is ready for opening of CSC, but some of unions have raised objection about availability of cash counter ant post office and to meet the other requirement of BSNL customers the CSC can be opened and asked DE Admn to process the file. For rearrangement of JTOs as suggested in the house, he directed DE Admn to process the file and all such cases will be approved in his next visit to Buldhana SSA.  

After elaborate discussions on different issues raised in agenda and out of agenda for more than three hours, all the doubts on the both sides were cleared and it was resolved to work together without any fear in the mind and mainly for safeguarding interest of BSNL.

To conclude the meeting Com S V Bhad, CP SNEA(I) MH expressed his views and how the unrest among the executives has been settled to certain extent after face to face agenda point  meeting by GMT Buldhana with all members. This meeting concluded with vote of thanks by Com B. B. Kendre, DP SNEA (I) Buldhana with a request to all, not take this discussion individually as they have gathered here for resolving the hurdles while imparting the BSNL’s services and these are not personal issues.

PHOTOS <<<>>             Agenda <<<>>>


28 MAR 15:  Emergency Executive Body Meeting of SNEA (I) Buldhana: The Emergency Executive Body Meeting of SNEA (I) Buldhana was held in the Conference Hall, % GMT Buldhana at Khamgaon, at 1100 hrs on 19/03/2015 to discuss the burning issues of Buldhana SSA and to discuss the agenda submitted for Discussions to GMT Buldhana on contractor fear in minds of executives, manmade hurdles in day to day working and pending HR issues of executives in Buldhana SSA.

Com. B.B.Kendre,DP SNEA(I) Buldhana presided over the meeting and it was specially attended by Com. S.V.BhadCP SNEA(I) MH, Com. M.S. Adasul, CS SNEA(I) MH,Com. S.R. Kalmegh,ACS East SNEA(I) MH &Com. S.A. Sarode, JS SNEA(I) Vidarbha SNEA(I) MH.  Though it was executive Body Meeting many of the suffering members of SNEA (I) Buldhana took active and aggressive part in this meeting and given way to their frustration mainly due to certain action on part of management and some individuals creating pressure in an unofficial manner.

Com. P.D.Saoji, DS SNEA (I) Buldhana gave welcome to the Circle leaders and expressed the purpose of the special executive Body Meeting. He explained the difficulties faced by Buldhana Comrades and mainly unrest among the executives of Buldhana SSA due to indifferent actions taken by the Buldhana management and how many of the decisions are in favor of some of contractors, how the existing and working tenders are closed on name of labor laws, how it has made financial loss to BSNL & how it has badly affected working of field units, how some of contractors are threatening to the executives for signing bills on name of GMT Buldhana, how such actions of contractors are supported by the actions of management and how the life of executives has been spoiled due to rivalry of contractors and its indirect support by management and how fear has been created in minds of each and every executive in Buldhana SSA.

Com. B.B. Kendre, DP SNEA(I) Buldhana & Com. V. M. Thakur ADS SNEA(I) Buldhana strongly supported the views of Com. P.D.Saoji DS Buldhana with critical examples and documentary evidence of pressure from contractors and how BSNL money is being wasted due to special provisions in tenders, how works are delayed due to indifferent conditions in tenders, how pressure has been created for preparing tender documents as per Jalgaon tenders even though requirement of Buldhana is indifferent from that of Jalgaon SSA,  how field officers are pressurized only for contractor bills etc. They specifically explained the indifferent decisions taken after changeover of reporting of Buldhana SSA from TDM Jalna to GMT Jalgaon. It was explained with classic examples, how Buldhana SSA is sufferer earlier due to total negligent approach of TDM Jalna who was also L/A charge of Buldhana and how it has become more horrible for executives mainly due to change in reporting of Buldhana SSA to GMT Jalgaon. Com. Thakur specifically explained the account related issues and gave examples of some of bills passed even though some genuine objections were raised & certain discrepancies were rightly pointed out by the down level officers. He also explained, how some of contractors are threatening individual officers for raising such genuine objections or pointing discrepancies in their bills. Many other comrades raised issues like  intentional delay in finalization of major tenders, Cancellation of some existing and valid tenders without any justified reason,  unwanted  intervention of contractors, lack of quality in work due to shortage of stores and required minimum manpower, shortage of critical stores like drop wire, all types of U/G cables, OFC jointing kits, immediate need of batteries in all most all GSM BTS locations, separate team for NOFN work ,improper posting of executives in Buldhana SSA etc were some of the pending issues, misuse of IQs, inurnment of contractors from offices to IQs, use of JTO, who is technical hand  just only to ascertain  contractor bills and its tracing in ERP & for other miscellaneous works, issues of short payments of labours by contractors and pressure on executives to sign such bills violating labour laws, lack on part of management in persuasion at Circle office for allotment of stores, how the CSC at GMT office is inoperative even though lakhs of rupees of expenditure has been done by BSNL on it and even though there is high public demand for same and so on. 

When prominent members of Executive Body, bombarded so many issues in detail, Com. M.S. Adasul, CS SNEA(I) decided to listen the views from each and every executive present in the meeting and noted it on paper. During point to point interaction with executives, everybody present there expressed overall dissatisfaction and resentment on the way these issues are being handled by the Buldhana management. After patient hearing and taking views of each and every members present in the meeting, all Circle leaders explained some of ideas to overcome these manmade hurdles and requested all to keep patience and assured to discuss these issues with GMT Buldhana for proper solutions.


28 MAR 15: Special efforts of Gadchiroli SSA in installation of BTS by using in-house resources:  On special request of Com. Sayyd Illasuddin TDM Gadchiroli, in early morning at 0700 hrs on 18/03/2015, the delegation of SNEA(I) visited BTS at Bothli which is at 7 Kms Distance from Gadchiroli.  It was great surprise to team about the extreme utilization of BSNL resources and team was astonished to know the efforts taken by Team Gadchiroli for installation of new BTS by using available resources in effective manner.

The team efforts of Gadchiroli officers & staff resulted in completion of installation of GSM BTS at two prominent locations namely Bothli & Kotgil of Gadchiroli SSA. When many of the districts are waiting for contractors and vendors for dismantling and redeploying the BTS, this energetic & enthusiastic team of Gadchiroli SSA has created roadmap about how such vendor oriented works can be done by using internal recourses and by using idle/spare equipments.

This team has installed outdoor BTS foundation along with iron cage on both the sites by BSNL civil wing. Then the outdoor BTS cabinets and outdoor battery bank cabinets were installed which were spared after shifting --- BTS to Exchange locations.  Then outdoor power plant and recovered battery banks were installed on the sites. Thus maximum resources used are spare equipment and skillful efforts are made for utilization of BSNL infrastructure.

By these special efforts , Gadchiroli SSA has saved Shelter cost, cost on installation & maintenance of Air Condition and also saved electricity cost as there is no need of Air Conditioning. Being out door BTS only single phase supply has been utilized and a good amount of expenditure on three phase MSEDCL supply is also saved. Further reducing maintenance cost, CFL lamp and three pin socket are provided at each site. To avoid delay in radiating sites, first sites were commissioned on Radio Modem and Bothli site is connected on reliable OFC media. 

The newly installed GSM BTS at Bodhli will cover about nine villages namely Bodhli Alias, Bodhli mal, Bodhli Tukum, Bamhani, Usegaon, Rajgata chak, Rajgata mal, Jepra and Mendha & BTS at Kotgal will cover Kotgal village, Kotgal MIDC, Gonwana University, Nifandra, Mohad chak etc area.  It is important that from both these BTS about 15-20 Erlang traffic on 2G and approximately 10 Gb data downloading on 3G BTS has been handled successfully giving better services to BSNL customers. 

 SNEA (I) Maharashtra congratulates Com. Sayed Illuyasuddin, TDM, Gadchiroli and his team Gadchiroli consisting of Com. S.R. Wattamwar, DE, Rural/Urban, Com. Sunil Bhosale, DE Mobile, Com. A.D. Kulkarni, SDE Rural, Com. Roshan Banbale, SDE Trans, Com. D.B. Degaonkar, SDE Trans, Com. Ashok Kawade, JTO, Mobile, Com.  B.G. Inamdar, JTO Mobile, Com. Abhay Kotkar, JTO Trans, Com Prakash Bobde, JTO Trans, Com. Kishor Kapgate, JTO EB,  Com. Bhutad JTO Mobile  Com.  Namdev Khune, TTA.

 SNEA (I) Maharashtra feels proud to mention that all these stalwart officers are members of SNEA (I) and giving their best to BSNL while working at most difficult station of Maharashtra circle.  

PHOTOS <<<>>>


27 MAR 15:  Vidarbha Tour : Day II at BHANDARA :  General Body Meeting Of SNEA (I) Bhandara: (Report by Com. Nisar DS SNEA (I) Bhandara): As notified by Com. K. A. Nisar DS SNEA(I) Bhandara the General Body Meeting of SNEA(I) Bhandara was held at Conference Hall, Door Sanchar Bhavan, Bhandara at 1100 hrs on 18/03/2015. The meeting presided over by Com. S. N. Hedoo was attended and addressed by following Leaders.

8.     Com. S.V. Bhad, CP, SNEA (I), MH Circle.

9.     Com. M S Adasul, CS, SNEA (I), MH Circle.

10.            Com. S R Kalmegh, ACS (E), SNEA (I), MH Circle.

11.            Com. S A Sarode, Jt. Secretary Vidarbha, SNEA (I), MH Circle.

12.            Com. M.P.Pandhare, CWC Member SNEA (I) MH.

13.            Com. Kishor Kapgate, District Secretary, SNEA (I), Gadchiroli.

14.            Com. C.M.Pantawane, Ex DS SNEA(I) Bhandara

15.            Com. M. P. Fande District Secretary BSNLEU Bhandara.

16.            Com. V. M. Dhurve District Secretary NFTE Bhandara.

     In the beginning, all the guests were given warm welcome by offering a bouquet of beautiful flowers by young and energetic Team of SNEA Bhandra.

Com. K.A.Nisar, DS Bhandara presented DS report and intimated the august house about the activities carried out by him since last one year as DS & the various development & HR issues of Bhandara SSA that he is continuously taking up with the administration. He updated the house that executives of the SSA are still have to apply manually & through the file for Temporary advance and the proper implementation through ERP has not been implemented practically in Bhandara SSA.  He also demanded for the improvement of GSM network at the SSA along with early replacement of faulty cards of many GSM BTSs and informed that this is the only reason why SSA has lost its one third mobile connections in the recent past. He also touched various HR issues of the executives of Bhandara including DPCs of the executives, Rule 8 transfers, issues of various unmanned exchanges of the SSA and demanded for the immediate posting of regular SDE Admn at the SSA to resolve these pending issues speedily.  He also updated the house, how his team has succeeded to increase the membership of SNEA (I) at the SSA in very critical situation when rumors were spread about dissolution of the SNEA body at the SSA. He updated the house that in his tenure the SNEA membership has increased up to 70% of the total executive strength of the SSA. He thanked the executives of the SSA for the overwhelming and moral boosting support to his Team. He updated the house about the recent joining of new members to the association and all the new members were given warm welcome by Circle leaders. By the joining of all these members, now the membership of SNEA Bhandara has increased to 37 making it about 70% of the total executive strength of Bhandara. This proves unobjectionable supremacy of SNEA at Bhandara. DS REPORT <<<>>>

The following newly joined members were given warm welcome by Circle leaders.

1.     Com. P.K.Rathore- JTO Mobile Gondia,

2.     Com. V.R.Dudhalkar, JTO Group Tirora,

3.     Com. Vivek Chawla, JTO GroupDeori,

4.     Com. S.R.Kodhe, JTO Group Lakhandur,

5.     Com. Mrs. Rama Roychowdhary, JTO Group Pauni,

6.     Com. Mrs. Meena Bhorkar, JTO Group Mohadi,

7.     Com. V.S.Chaudhary, JTO Group Amgaon,

8.     Com. H.S.Shirkhedkar, JTO outdoor Gondia,

9.     Com. S.P.Shende, SDE Group Sakoli,

10.            Com. R.C. Deoke, JTO Gr Arjuni Moregaon,

11.            Com. B.M.Bagade, JTO Group Gondia,

12.            Com. Mrs. S.C.Iyer, AO  TRA  Bhandara,

13.            Com. V.S.Ramteke, SDE Elect Bhandara.

There after Com. V C Sonkusare, District Treasurer Bhandara submitted his report and informed about the financial status of the association at Bhandara. The report was approved by house with loud claps. He also conveyed thanks to house and Circle leaders for support extended to him for official as well personal issues.

Com. M.S. Adasul, Circle Secretary SNEA (I) MH Circle, in his two and half hour speech touched various issues ranging from organizational matters, HR issues and development issues and steps initiated by SNEA (I) MH & CHQ. He appreciated unity of comrades of Bhandara and remembered the struggle faced by Bhandara Comrades.  He narrated the need of stronger unity of executives and appealed young comrades of SNEA (I) Bhandara to bring awareness among the executive’s activities of SNEA (I) and resolution of different issues. While specially appreciating higher & active participation of young comrades, he appealed the comrades to lead SNEA (I) from front. He informed house about the initiatives taken by young brigade of SNEA (I) MH under leadership of Com. S.A.Sarode JS Vidarbha and how persuasion by young comrades on platform of SNEA (I) MH has given results to many issues. He elaborated efforts taken by SNEA(I) MH on formulating uniform transfer policy for executives in Maharashtra Circle and further explained the issue of 10% executive strength and how it has become hurdle to issue transfers from small SSAs like Bhandara. He further explained the house about long pending demand of standard of pay scales of executives and efforts being taken by SNEA (I) CHQ, issues related to demand of 30 % superannuation benefits, misleading information about acceptance of mid scales by SNEA (I), status of different court cases and action by SNEA (I) CHQ, EPF issues and its resolution on platform of SNEA (I).  He also addressed house about status of different DPCs, hurdles in conduction of LDCE Examination for SDE promotion, status of DPC for SDE promotion under 67% quota, issues related to financial viability of BSNL and stressed on need of special efforts by all. He also guided house how to face day to day problems in fearless & positive attitude to give best services to BSNL customers. He specially guided the Young Team of SNEA Bhandara for perusing of the local issues with TDM Bhandara and how to get issues resolved by putting up issues to the management in effective manner. He assured full support and scope for young team of SNEA (I) Bhandara on platform of SNEA (I) MH for all development & HR issues.

Com. M.P. Pandhare, CWC member SNEA (I) MH shared his experience about Development & HR issues and its persuasion by SNEA (I) MH Circle. He also remembered the past struggle in Bhandara and how the unity of comrades all over Vidarbha has succeeded in resolving issues even in very critical time of Bhandara. He congratulated leaders and members of Bhandara for their stronger unity.

Com. S.V. Bhad , CP SNEA (I) MH Circle appreciated the task performed by Circle Secretary in last two terms and special efforts taken by SNEA (I) MH for addressing the grievances of members and resolution for the same. He briefed the house about efforts taken by SNEA (I) MH for development activities in MH Circle & also told that the subscriptions should be paid by each & every members on regular basis. He shared his experience with practical examples about the difference of attitude of leaders of different associations and how the efforts taken on platform of SNEA are result oriented and helping to the executives in BSNL.

Com. S. A. Sarode, Joint Secretary Vidarbha SNEA (I) MH Circle appreciated the working of SNEA (I) Bhandara and SNEA (I) MH Circle. He conveyed his satisfaction over the work of DS SNEA Bhandara and increasing the membership thumping majority of 70% of total strength.

Com. S.R. Kalmegh, ACS (East) SNEA (I) MH Circle appreciated the work of the SNEA Bhandara team He highlighted the list of HR and development issues taken by SNEA (I) MH Circle and issue raised at SNEA (I) CHQ. He also shared memories of struggle by SNEA (I) Bhandara and how it has been prominent in resolution of issues of Bhandara Comrades. He congratulated unity of comrades at Bhandara under banner of SNEA (I) and assured total support to team SNEA (I) Bhandara.

After that the existing body of SNEA Bhandara was dissolved and new District Body of following office Bearers was elected unanimously.

1.     President                           - Com. V.C.Sonkusare,

2.     Vice President                  - Com. Sandeep Sonwani,

3.     District Secretary             - Com. K.A.Nisar,

4.     Asst. District Secretary    - Com. Imran Ahmed Khan,

5.     Treasurer                          - Com. Dinkar Kumar

6.     Executive Member          - Com. Pramod Rathore,

7.     Executive Member          - Com. Tameshwar Chaudhari

8.     Executive Member          - Com. Smt Rama Roychoudhary

9.     Executive Member          - Com. Smt V.N.Giradkar

10.            Executive Member     - Com. Vivek Chawla

All the newly elected District office bearers were felicitated by Circle leaders

Votes of thanks were conveyed by Com. Sandeep Sonwani Vice President SNEA (I) Bhandara.

The highly successful and enthusiastic meeting of SNEA (I) Bhandara concluded at 1510 hrs with two minute silence in memory of late Com. C.S.Nandanwar EX DS Bhandara /JS Vidarbha, national anthem, slogans of unity and the delicious Lunch for all comrades.

PHOTOS <<<>>>   DS REPORT <<<>>>


27 MAR 15: Meeting with Shri. Arvind Patil TDM Bhandara: Before General Body Meeting, in the morning hours of 18/03/2015, the leaders of SNEA (I) Bhandara and SNEA (I) MH had courtesy meeting with Shri. Arvind Patil TDM Bhandara & discussed HR & Development issues of Bhandara comrades.  Shri. Patil discussed all issues with positive gesture and assured to resolve all issues raised by delegation. Team SNEA congratulated him for better achievement of Bhandara and specially for winning Swarna Awards for CSC and progress in NOFN project. Shri Aravind Patil intimated that the young team of SNEA Bhandara is giving appreciable inputs for creating a very customer friendly atmosphere to him and accordingly changes are made at various sections including CSC and Marketing. He appreciated contribution of SNEA (I) comrades in overall growth of Bhandara SSA. We have discussions on some individual cases also.  Com. S. R. Kalmegh, ACS (East), SNEA MH thanked TDM Bhandara for listening to the suggestions given by the SNEA delegation last year and thereby implementing local transfer policy at the SSA due to which various transfer related issues of the comrades of Bhandara get sorted out to the maximum extent. Shri. Patil expressed that he is facing shortage of executives and some of executives who are on deputation to other Circles for last 2-3 years are not practically available at Bhandara but are counted in Bhandara Strength and this hypothetical strength creates problems. He requested delegation to resolve this hypothetical strength issue by retaining them at Bhandara or by posting substitute JTOs. 


26 MAR 15: Report & photos on General Body Meeting SNEA(I) Bhandara,18/03/2015, SNEA(I) Buldhana on 18/03/2015, SNEA(I) Akola on 20/03/2015 will follow shortly.


26 MAR 15: BSNL CO calls for fresh VCs of JTOs for proposed JTO to SDE DPC and last date of submission of VCs is 06/04/2015. Letter <<<>>>

        It is inform that the VCs of JTOs working in Maharashtra Circle are already sent to BSNL CO except 4-5 individual cases pending for different reasons and same are being pursued for submission of VCs. As such there is no work of VCs is pending at Maharashtra Circle as appealed in this letter.     


26 MAR 15: AGM Staff Mumbai endorsed letter issued by BSNL CO for calling information about PA/PS working in Maharashtra Circle & last date for submission of information is 27/03/2015. Letter <<<>>>  


26 MAR 15: BSNL CO announced life time GSM Prepaid plan with Auto Validity extension. Letter <<<>>>  


26 MAR 15: AGM Admn Mumbai writes SSAs Heads calling for justification of vehicles as per assets as on 31/03/2015 for annual review of vehicles. Letter <<<>>>  

      Many times Field Officers mainly in OFC team, GSM/CDMA BTS mtce team and External plats are complaining that when there is justified need of vehicles same are not allotted to concerned filed units for attending different faults causing revenue loss to BSNL, and at the same time many of vehicles are being allotted to the officers for whom the use of vehicle is limited & mainly for family personal use against prevailing guidelines on this subject. This is right time that concerned officer in charge; DS & CoBs concerned take proper initiatives and see that justification is given by their SSA which covers all such critical requirements with detail & supporting documents. Without sending such detailed justification and just crying foul on misuse of vehicles is of no use at later stage and hence all are requested to act immediately.  


25 MAR 15: Vidarbha Tour: Day I (Evening HOURS): Special General Body Meeting Of SNEA (I) Gadchiroli: (Report by Com. S.A Sarode, Jt. Secretary Vidarbha, SNEA (I) MH): On very special request of Com. Kishor Kapgate, DS SNEA (I) Gadchiroli, a Special GB Meet of SNEA (I) Gadchiroli was organised at 2000 Hrs on 17/03/2015 at IQ Hall, Gadchiroli.

Though it started late by two hours of the  set  schedule, 100% attendance was marked by very enthusiastic team of SNEA Gadchiroli from start to end of the meeting and all the comrades from the every nook and corner of Gadchiroli SSA marked their presence for this special meeting. Com. S. R. Wattamwar, President, SNEA (I) Gadchiroli presided over the proceedings of this unique meeting. The following prominent SNEA (I) leaders attended and addressed the district Conference.

1.         Com. S.V. Bhad, Circle President, SNEA (I) MH,

2.         Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary, SNEA (I) MH,

3.         Com. S R Kalmegh, ACS (East) , SNEA (I) MH,

4.         Com. S.A. Sarode, Joint Secretary Vidarbha, SNEA (I) MH,

5.         Com. N. S. Gadre, CWC Member , SNEA (I) MH,

6.       Com. Syed Illuyasuddin,  TDM  Gadchiroli

7.       Com. K. T. Kapgate, DS SNEA(I) Gadchiroli

Com. Syed Illuyasuddin, TDM Gadchiroli also spared his valuable time for the complete meeting though he returned back from Nagpur after attending a full day DPC meeting. 

In addition, following prominent leaders of SNEA and Various other associations graced the function with their presence.

1.  Com. H. K. Chavan, DS, SNEA (I) Wardha,

2.  Com. Roshan Banbole,  Ex-DP SNEA(I) Gadchiroli,

3.  Com A. D. Kulkarni Ex-DS, SNEA(I) Nanded,

4.  Com A. M. Sanghai, Ex-DS SNEA (I) Yeotmal.

5.  Com. D. R. Borkar, DS NFTE Gadchiroli

ü The meeting started by the Dias Formation, Deep Prajwalan & Saraswati Pujan.

ü At the very outset all the dignitaries were given warm welcome by SNEA Gadchiroli comrades by offering bouquet of beautiful flowers, shawl and Shrifal.

ü In self introduction by members, each and every member shared his experience while in his home SSA and while in Gadchiroli and many of them mentioned their mind set & fear in mind before joining Gadchiroli and how it is fearless in Gadchiroli except the issue that some of them are away from family. Even though everyone in happy while working at Gadchiroli, all expressed that after completion of tenure, one should be relieved at least within period of three years. Everybody admired the co-operation and initiatives taken by Com. Sayad as TDM Gadchiroli and his thrust for development. Everybody admired his work and proudly shared experience to work under SSA Head who is BSNL’s own officer and is leading the SSA to the positive growth with profit.

ü Com. Kishor Kapgate, DS SNEA (I) Gadchiroli while presenting his district secretary report, narrated the august house about the situation of the SSA before last one-two years and the situation at present. He thanked the Circle SNEA team and Circle Secretary in particular for taking efforts & for getting declared the Gadchiroli SSA as Circle as well as All India Soft Tenure. He also thanked CS and Com A. D. Kulkarni especially for changing mindsets of many of the executives of Maharashtra in joining Gadchiroli and making Gadchiroli a “popular” station. He further added that, it was an occasion when the complete house wherein the strength of the Dias was more than the strength audience in the meeting and how it has changed over the years mainly due to efforts of SNEA (I). Com Kapgate raised the HR issues of the SNEA members at Gadchiroli and requested to relieve the relievers for those who have completed their tenure and waiting for the transfer orders. He reminded and pursued the Circle Team about the promise made by CHQ President Com. G.L. Jogi in his last visit along with GS SNEA Com K. Sebastin for declaring Gadchiroli SSA as All India Hard Tenure Station. He also informed the house about the current membership of SNEA at Gadchiroli and proudly stated that there is no other executive association at Gadchiroli and SNEA has its existence with almost 98% executive strength of Gadchiroli SSA. He also raised the various development issues of Gadchiroli and vigorously demanded for the expansion of existing GSM BSC at Gadchiroli. It was highlighted that though it is one of the profit making SSA of Maharashtra Circle having great customer base with traffic much more than other big SSAs and still is deprived of the resources and pointed that the SSA observes total failure of GSM services due to congestion during evening busy hours. He demanded for one Alcatel MAX BSC which can easily be made available from Pune SSA where GSM Phase VII work is in progress and Alcatel equipments are being replaced by ZTE equipments.

ü Com. S. A. Strode, Jt. Secretary Vidarbha SNEA (I) MH, in his address, thanked the executives of Gadchiroli for opting Gadchiroli as a tenure place of their service and making this potential SSA a profit center by taking united efforts and showing a great spirit in the adverse conditions also. He updated the house about  the efforts that are already been taken  by the Circle Secretary and his team for the augmentation of the existing GSM BSC at Gadchiroli and ensured that the request will get fulfilled soon by proper take up  at various levels.

ü Com. Syed Illuyasuddin, TDM Gadchiroli, updated the house about the various initiatives taken by him as a SSA Head Gadchiroli and development made by the SSA under his supervision with total support of executives in Gadchiroli SSA. He updated about the superb work made by his team on various fronts and especially for the progress of LWE project and launching of DSPTs at various remote locations of the SSA. Com Syed requested the guests to visit the Bothali site, a model site, where he recently commissioned and external GSM BTS under a shade on the Highway near Engineering College which is generating traffic more that 20 Erlang during the Busy Hour. He specially appraised house about the scarcity of stores, equipment and material even for day to day maintenance and appealed comrades to use the stores with optimum revenue generation.  He also appealed SNEA(I) Circle leaders to taken up matter with Circle for further & timely allotment of stores/equipments, diversion more CDMA BTS to Gadchiroli SSA, allotment of more and more IFWTS for Gadchiroli as it is having  high demand in Gadchiroli SSA and for separate GSM BSC in Gadchiroli SSA. He also appreciated the house that in resolution of many of the issues at local level as well as at Circle level, the role played of SNEA (I) in very important and only due to such active support from leaders & comrades  of SNEA(I), he could do something for improvement of telecom survives in Gadchiroli SSA.

ü Com. S. R. Kalmegh, ACS East, SNEA (I) MH, in his address updated the house about the work culture of the association, a platform made available by the association to every member, quick replies and early resolutions by the Circle Secretary of the association. He appreciated the efforts taken by the Circle Secretary for developing a transparent system of association activities thereby keeping every member up to date of the information on every matter. He also thanked the Circle Secretary for handling the issue of ERP implementation only because of which today we see the correct and to the extent working of ERP in MH Circle.  He also praised the Team SNEA Gadchiroli for the spirit they have shown for making it a successful SSA.

ü Com. N. S. Gadre, CWC Member SNEA (I) MH Circle, in his unique style reminded the house about the situation of Vidarbha once upon a time before taking the charge of Circle Secretary by Com. Manani & Com. Adasul and the current situation in his leadership. He pointed out the drastic changes that he and the association has observed and admired a great bond of affection that Com Adasul has formed among the Circle Leadership and the comrades of Vidarbha in last four-five years in his tenure as Circle Secretary. He also appraised house about some of activities being initiated on platform of SNEA (I) at Circle as well as CHQ level.

ü Com. M. S. Adasul , CS SNEA(I) MH in his  one and half hour motivational speech touched the various HR and development issues including DPC for JTO to SDE promotion , various court cases, implementation of standard pay scale , 30% superannuation benefits and stand of association on the matters of direct recruits, EPF related  issues, misleading information on the matters of direct recruits, details of oppose to VRS by associations, BNG diversion from Kolkata to Nagpur and the efforts taken by the association. He also updated the house about the facts of oppose of the association for implementing Deloittee recommendations and facts thereof, various CHQ level matters that association is taking up with CHQ viz.  LDCE for the JTO to SDE promotion and court cases that are creating hurdles in the progress path of JTOs, Rule 8 transfers , efforts being taken by the SNEA(I) MH & CHQ for declaring Gadchiroli as All India Hard Tenure. He also appreciated DS Gadchiroli for his best efforts at the SSA level and for creating a positive sense among the executives of MH Circle to opt Gadchiroli as a tenure location.

ü Com. S. V. Bhad, Circle President SNEA (I) MH , expressed that he is feeling like a mini Circle conference at Gadchiroli as there is a presence of  executives from almost all the SSAs of Maharashtra Circle. He also extended his support for the best services in Gadchiroli. Thanked the house for their love towards association and attending the meet with full attendance even in late night hours.

ü In an unanimous Elections thereafter the New District Body of SNEA(I) Gadchiroli was elected and Com. S.R.Wattamwar, Com. K.T.Kapgate, Com. S. S. Kalaode were respectively elected as District President, District Secretary and District Treasurer.

ü The entire proceedings of the meetings were beautifully anchored by the Com. S. D. Deshpande.

ü The vote of thanks was given by Com. Roshan Banbale, Ex-President of SNEA Gadchiroli.

ü This special GB meeting which was spontaneously called by the DS Gadchiroli by taking the opportunity of Vidarbha tour of Circle Office Bearers started at 2000 hrs and lasted for more than four hours and concluded in midnight at 0030 hrs with slogans of unity, BSNL Zindabad, SNEA(I) Zindabad  and dinner thereafter.

           Photos <<<>>>                New District Body <<<>>>              


24 MAR 15: FOUR DAYS Vidarbha Tour of SNEA (I) MH Leaders: Report & photos on General Body Meeting of SNEA(I) Gadchiroli on 17/03/2015, General Body Meeting SNEA(I) Bhandara 18/03/2015, General Body Meeting SNEA(I) Buldhana on 18/03/2015, General Body Meeting SNEA(I) Akola on 20/03/2015 will follow one by one.


24 MAR 15: By reproducing guidelines on completion and maintenance of APRs, BSNL CO writes CGMs to send the missing APRs of Finance wing Officers for CAO DPC latest by 25/03/2015. Letter <<<>>>  List <<<>>>


24 MAR 15: BSNL CO issued instructions on changes in Reporting & reviewing Structure of Architect Wing Officers. Letter <<<>>>  


24 MAR 15: Contempt case at Hon Delhi HC on ITS issue: After preliminary submissions by all, the case posted to 21.05.2015.


24 MAR 15: FOUR DAYS Vidarbha Tour of SNEA (I) MH Leaders: Day I: District Conference Of SNEA (I) Chandrapur: (Report by Com. S.R.Kalmegh, ACS East SNEA (I) MH): As per notification issued by Com. M.K.Giri DS SNEA (I) Chandrapur, District Conference of SNEA (I) Chandrapur was conducted at 1100 Hrs on 17/03/2015 at Conference Hall, Telephone Exchange Chandrapur.

Com. V K Faye, Vice President SNEA (I) Chandrapur presided over the proceedings of District Conference. The following prominent SNEA (I) leaders attended and addressed the district Conference.

1.     Com. S.V. Bhad, Circle President, SNEA (I) MH,

2.     Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary, SNEA (I) MH,

3.     Com. S R Kalmegh, ACS (East) , SNEA (I) MH,

4.     Com. S.A. Sarode, Joint Secretary Vidarbha, SNEA (I) MH,

5.     Com. N. S. Gadre, CWC Member , SNEA (I) MH,

6.     Com. M.K.Giri, DS SNEA(I) Chadrapur

 Apart from this the following SNEA (I) leaders from adjoin Districts   & Leaders of Associations/Unions at Chandrapur attended the meeting and graced the occasion.

1.            Com. H K Chavan, DS, SNEA (I) Wardha,

2.            Com. K P Kapgate, DS,  SNEA (I) Gadchiroli,

3.            Com. Suraj Bansod DS SNEA(I) Yeotmal,

4.            Com  R P Sathone, DP SNEA(I) Wardha,

5.            Com. Roshan Banbole DP SNEA(I) Gadchiroli,    

6.            Com V B Bute ADS SNEA(I) Wardha,

7.            Com N S Narsing, ADS SNEA(I) Yeotmal,

8.            Com A D Kulkarni Ex-DS, SNEA(I) Nanded,

9.            Com Kishor Gaidhani DT SNEA(I) Yeotmal

10.            Com A M Sangai, Ex-DS SNEA (I) Yeotmal.

11.            Com A S Raut Executive Member SNEA (I) Wardha.

12.            Com S M Hakke  DS AIBSNLEA Chandrapur,

13.            Com B C Kolhe DS BSNLEU Chandrapur,

14.            Com C P Dalal DP BSNLEU Chandrapur,

15.            Com W M Askar DS NFTE Chandrapur.    

Ø At the outset all the dignitaries were given warm welcome by SNEA Chandrapur comrades by offering bouquet.

Ø Com. Nannaware and Com Sahare were felicitated & given warm welcome by Circle Leaders on joining SNEA (I) Chandrapur.

Ø Com. Mukund Giri, DS SNEA (I) Chandrapur before presenting his  district Secretary report thanked all and expressed gratitude  to Circle leaders for visiting  Chandrapur and boosting up the morale of Chandrapur comrades. In his report, he informed the august house about activities & achievements of SNEA (I) Chandrapur & highlighted the lack of concern of the management towards the services & the consequent hardships faced by the comrades. He stressed upon the posting of regular GMT at Chandrapur as a demand on the JAC platform. His well studied detail report; he highlighted various HR and development issues raised during his entire tenure and its outcome.  Copy of DS Report  <<<>>>

Ø Com. Sachin A Sarode, Joint Secretary Vidarbha SNEA (I) MH Circle while addressing the house appealed comrades to be more sensitive & vigilant towards the services of BSNL & generate enterprise business ideas in & around their jurisdiction. He touched the issue of EPF and explained how CS SNEA (I) MH has resolved this important issue of direct recruits. He also explained the involvement of SNEA (I) in development activities and how BNG at Nagpur was diverted from Kolkata and how SNEA (I) MH has played important role at each and every stage. He was optimistic that SNEA (I) CHQ will strongly raise the issue pending at Central H/Q including E2-E3 pay scale, disparity in pay scales of 2007 and other batches, 30% superannuation benefits. He stressed on the many of the issues related to growth & development of BSNL at Chandrapur, issues faced due to non availability of GMT at Chandrapur, recent transfer orders of executives and unrest  among the executives towards intentional harassment of executives, shortage of executives and need of posting additional SDEs/JTOs, role of SNEA(I) in resolving

Ø Com. N. S. Gadre CWC Member SNEA (I) CHQ addressed the house in his own style of sher /shayari & in most effective manner by giving latest updates from SNEA (I) CHQ/MH on different HR and development issues. He elaborated how comrades of Vidarbha region were deprived of their basic rights in earlier days and how now the same comrades of Vidarbha region are enlightened due to regular visits of SNEA (I) MH leaders. He stressed on the need of involvement of SNEA (I) MH leaders at CHQ for resolutions of pending issues.

Ø Com. S.R. Kalmegh, ACS (East) SNEA (I) MH Circle highlighted the list of HR and development issues taken by SNEA (I) MH Circle. He specifically mentioned how SNEA(I) MH Circle raised & resolved developmental issues like  failure of OMCR, ERP hurdles, diversion of GGSN traffic to Chennai, mobile merger ,scarcity of materials, repairs of faulty BTs, procurement of cards & battery sets for BTS etc which otherwise if not raised in time  would have badly affected BSNL services. Raising issues in time & in bold manner requires courage and CS SNEA (I) MH Circle and entire team has that courage to raise any issue and fight for any injustice. He has categorically put the example of ERP issue, diversion of GGSN traffic, finalization of executive transfer policy, declaration of Gadchiroli/ Sindhudurg SSA as first Circle Tenure & then All India Soft Tenure stations and the role of CS SNEA (I) MH Circle in resolving the crisis. He appealed all to participate in Save BSNL- Save India agitational programme to decide the roadmap and future of BSNL.

Ø Com. S.V. Bhad, CP SNEA (I) MH has addressed the house by sharing valuable experience & briefed about the present approach of SNEA on HR and development issues. He explained with critical examples, the difference in approach of SNEA (I) in dealing with HR & as well as development issues as compared to approach of other associations.  He pinpointed the importance of association in raising the issue in public sector unit like BSNL for safeguarding the interest of employees and BSNL too. He categorically highlighted how the DGM level promotions were given, explained facts about agreement on E1A/E2A pay scales, importance of settlement of issue of giving pension on actual pay basic , importance of saving BSNL’s  money etc. He has raised the issue of delay in promotions in Civil/Electrical wing executive and disparity created for diploma holder executives in Civil /electrical wing. He touched development as well as & customer care issues and appealed comrades to give their best to customers.

Ø Com. M.S. Adasul, CS SNEA (I) MH Circle, in his studied and motivational speech touched various issues in his own unique style ranging from pending standard pay scales of executives and efforts of SNEA (I) CHQ, First Time Bound Promotions in four years, role of SNEA(I) MH in granting of Mobile, mobile handset, CUG facility & 3G facility in Mobile allotted to the executives, Role played by SNEA(I) MH in finalization of uniform circle transfer policy and its implementation, quarterly transfers of executives working at tenure place, etc. Com. Adasul added how the hurdles in various issues were sidelined by active and consistent persuasion by SNEA (I) MH Circle.  He has highlighted the importance of data as far as revenue earning in BSNL is concerned. He told that tender for New GSM Cards has been finalized and APOs has been placed by MH circle and  soon the new BTS cards will be available for replacement of RNP cards, the Pos for new SIM cards including micro SIMs have also been placed and very shortly ample SIMs will be available in MH Circle. He also appraised house how the arbitrary transfer of Shri. M.K. Jain, CGMT MH has halted growth of MH Circle. He narrated the important role played by Shri. M.K. Jain CGMT in procurement of Battery, New BTS cards, NOFN works etc. He explained uunofficial deadlock on request transfer of executives to circle office, unrest among accounts wing comrades due to indifferent working style of GM Fin Mumbai and how she is creating intentional hurdles  in transfer & posting of executives for last two & half years mainly due to her egoistic behaviour. He also informed house on some policy matters viz. pension on actual pay & its perusal by SNEA(I) CHQ, updates on recent CS/CHQ office Bearer meet, status of pending request transfers of executives, SDE, DE & DGM Looking After arrangements in Maharashtra Circle, persuasion of individual cases and its results by SNEA(I) MH, vision of SNEA(I) MH in creating Gadchiroli as tenure station and further efforts for declaring Gadchiroli as All India Hard tenure station, etc .He applied house to be vigilant and alert on the issues related to growth of BSNL and raise issues of corruption fearlessly and take strong initiatives to stop corrupt practices. He also stressed the need of unity of JAC and its importance in overall growth of BSNL. He explained how the proposed strike by Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations on 21& 22 April has importance to get attention of Government on important issues faced by BSNL. He also appealed to executives to give their best to BSNL and BSNL will continue to give its best to individuals. 

Ø Thereafter, various queries raised by the comrades & the same were answered by Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary SNEA (I) MH Circle.

Ø Com. V K Faye Vice President SNEA (I) Chandrapur in his presidential speech gave brief idea about the SNEA (I) activities at Chandrapur. He also summed up the issues raised in this District Conference and how the celebrations in the meeting will help the comrades of Chandrapur to face day to day difficulties with more courage and befitting manner. He thanked all for attending this district conference and making it a grand success.

Ø Thereafter the existing District body was dissolved and election for new office bearers for the next term was held. Com. H R Adhikari was nominated as election officer and monitored the election process.  In unanimous elections, Com. S.R Pise, Com. M K Giri & Com. Binod Kumar were respectively re-elected as District President, District Secretary & District Treasurer.Com. S.V.Bhad, Circle President SNEA (I) MH administered the oath of alliance to all newly elected District Body Members. The Circle Office Bearers present there congratulated all the newly elected Office bearers of SNEA (I) Chandrapur District and assured full support from Circle.

Ø Chandrapur District conference was grant success with active support of Com. Yerne, Com. Yenarkar, Com. Binod Kumar, Com. Dudhe, Com. Manishankar and ever active dedicated team of other comrades of SNEA (I) Chandrapur.        

Ø A delicious lunch was also arranged for all guests & all present in the conference.

Ø Com. Binod Kumar, DT SNEA (I) Chandrapur summing up the outcomes of meeting delivered vote of thanks. The District Conference was nicely anchored by him.

Ø The District Conference lasted for more than six hours with half an hour lunch break and concluded at 1730 hrs with slogans of BSNL Zindabad, SNEA Zindabad.

Ø Photos <<<>>>                New District Body <<<>>>               DS Report  <<<>>>


23 MAR 15: General Body Meeting of SNEA (I) Ratnagiri: {Report By Com. P.R. Parolekar DS SNEA (I) Ratnagiri}: The general body meeting of SNEA (I) Ratnagiri was held on 14/03/2015 at Conference Hall Ratnagiri. The meeting was presided over by Com. Pradeep Kumar, District President, SNEA (I) Ratnagiri. The Executive Body members were invited on Dias. The meeting started at 11:15 AM at concluded at 01:30 PM. The meeting was mainly called to discuss local issues, operational and maintenance related issues and to apprise all the comrades about the proposed strike on 21and 22/04/2015. 

With the permission of chair and the house the agenda of the meeting was announced by Com. P. R. Parolekar, District Secretary, SNEA (I), Ratnagiri.  The newly joined SNEA members were given a warm welcome by the present SNEA comrades.

Com. P.R. Parolekar, District Secretary, SNEA (I) Ratnagiri presented the DS report. In his address he appraised the house regarding the activities carried out by SNEA (I), Ratnagiri. He informed the house regarding the association activities being carried at circle and at CHQ level.  The charter of issues for which the strike on 21 and 22 April 2015 was called by the forum of unions & Associations was read out and discussed in detail. He appealed to all the comrades to put in their 100% contribution, be united and actively participate in all the association activities.

Com. G S Khanolkar, District Treasurer, SNEA (I) Ratnagiri, submitted the treasurer report. The collection of the subscription, and expenditure incurred was explained. He conveyed to house that the Circle Quota and CHQ quota up to March 2014 is paid. The house unanimously approved the treasure report.

Com. S. S. Nagwekar, ADS, SNEA (I) Ratnagiri addressed the house apprised the SNEA members of association activities and need to fight unitedly. He also stressed to the members to tale active part in the associations activities wholeheartedly.

Com. Pradeep Kumar, District President, SNEA (I) Ratnagiri addressed the house. He welcomed all the new members and expressed satisfaction on the association activities carried out by SNEA Ratnagiri. He also appreciated the fact that majority of executives in Ratnagiri SSA are members of SNEA (I).

During the discussion various issues related to HR, Disciplinary cases, operation, maintenance and shortage of material were discussed in the house. The house passed resolution as under

· The R/R of the JTO Electrical/ Civil issue is creating serious hurdle in the promotion of Diploma candidates and needs to be revised.

· Demand for Full merger of Electrical/civil wing with the SSA, the matter should be urgently addressed by taking it up at Circle/CHQ level.

· The house also resolved to specially request GS SNEA (I) CHQ for resolving long pending requests of Ratnagiri Comrades.

The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com. Smt. A.Y.Lele, Executive Body Member SNEA (I), Ratnagiri.

PHOTOS <<<>>>                          DS REPORT <<<>>>






21 MAR 15: As per orders from DoPT, 14/04/2015, is declared as closed Holiday on account of Birthday of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Letter <<<>>>  


21 MAR 15: DGM Admn Mumbai writes SSA Heads for nomination of Dy. Liaison Officers for OBCs in their SSAs. Letter <<<>>>  


21 MAR 15: BSNL CO writes CGMs to direct the SSA heads to personally meet Hon. MPs in their jurisdiction to note down their problems and to know the suggestion for improvement in telecom services. Letter <<<>>>  


20 MAR 15: BSNL CO calls for own cost volunteers from JTOs of age less than 40 years for ERP Core Team at ALTTC Ghaziabad. Letter <<<>>>  


20 MAR 15: As per letter issued by Maharashtra Circle, Com. P.D.Rade , DGM Admn Mumbai will be Liaison Officer for OBCs in Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>  


20 MAR 15: Meeting with Sri S. S Aggarwal, GM (Pers): GS and AGS Com Vivek Wankhede met GM (Pers) on 19.03.2015 and held discussions on the following subjects:

a.     Finalization of committee report on officiating pay fixation issues: GM (Pers) informed that the data and information submitted by the Assn is verified by the section and a final meeting will be held after that to finalise the report.

b.    DE to Adhoc DGM promotions: Assn suggested to consider promotion for the DEs who seniority is not going to be disturbed on implementation of Rule 206 as per Hon SC order: After detailed discussion, GM(Pers) agreed to examine the case once the work on revision of seniority list is completed. We requested to complete the work at the earliest and issue the promotion order this month itself, if possible as DPC is already over and current VC is available.

c.      Transfer from soft tenure stations on promotions, long stay etc: After detailed discussions, it was agreed to implement uniform policy for all tenure stations. Accordingly the transfer from soft tenure stations will be cancelled shortly. This issue was discussed with DIR (HR) also recently.

d.    Amendments in SDE (T) RRs: GM (Pers) informed that SDE (T) RR is under the consideration of BSNL Board.

e.     Changes in SDE (TF) scheme and syllabus for LDCE: After discussion, GM (P) agreed to discuss the changes with DIR (HR).


19 MAR 15: By declaring vacancy position of DGMs in different SSAs in Maharashtra Circle, AGM Staff Mumbai calls for willingness from 29 DEs for DGM LA Arrangements and last date of submission of willingness by email is 20/03/2015. Letter <<<>>>


19 MAR 15: AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for 6 week Phase II training for 15 JTOs which will start w.e.f. 13/04/2015 at RTCC Nagpur. Letter <<<>>>


19 MAR 15: GS SNEA(I) CHQ writes CMD, BSNL regarding Immediate action to recruit at least 300 DGMs from among Internal candidates as a onetime measure & to Increase the number of MTs from proposed 150 to 300 from among Internal candidates. Letter <<<>>>  


19 MAR 15: Meeting with Sri A. N. Rai, DIR(HR), BSNL on 13.03.2015: GS and President met Sri A. N. Rai and discussed the following issues:

a.     Switching over to Time bound Functional promotion from the existing seniority based promotions: Now promotions in various cadres held up due to litigations especially in Engg wing. Thousands of SDE, DE and DGM posts are vacant. JTO eligibility list is under challenge since 2009. All the SDE seniority lists (1 to 7) are quashed by the Hon Supreme Court. Promotions in various wings of the same company varies years together. JAO to AO promotion happening in 4 years whereas JTO (T) to SDE (T) promotion is not happening even after 20 years, JTO (C/E) to SDE(C/E) promotion is after 22 to 23 years etc. The uniform promotion policy for all the cadres in various wings is to be implemented as assured at the time of promotion.  Only solution is to switch over to TB functional promotion. The consultant also proposed the same. DIR (HR) assured that serious discussions in this regard can be held in the month of April.

b.    Finalization of pay scales of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO cadres by E2, E3 scales from 01.01.2007: Assn pointed out that even after repeated assurances by the Management and rejection of the proposal by the DPE and DoT, no action is taken by the management so far to finalise the pay scales. The basic cadres are facing the threat of demotion which cannot be accepted at all. DIR (HR) is of the firm view that management is not in a position to consider this proposal due to financial constraints and even suggested that the future recruitment can be in E1 scale.

c.      30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees: Assn requested to resolve this issue as it is pending since pay revision. DIR (HR) informed that considering the financial condition of the company, 2% to 3% is under consideration of the Management at present which will be reviewed later. Assn requested to reconsider this and work out a mutually agreeable solution for all the stake holders with considerable hike in the percentage.

d.    Transfer from soft tenure areas: Assn requested to clear the confusion on transfer from soft tenure areas on long stay and promotion. The treatment on tenure and soft tenure stations should be uniform for all the purposes to avoid confusion. DIR (HR) agreed to our suggestions and told that uniform policy will be followed for tenure and soft tenure areas on transfer on long stay and promotion.

Comrades, the developments on pay scales, TB functional promotion and 30% superannuation benefits are not at all encouraging. On the other hand Management is not able to promote the executives to the vacant SDE, DE and DGM posts, simply citing court cases. This all compel us to re-launch the trade union actions we deferred in March, 2014 after repeated assurances. Make preparations accordingly.

19 MAR 15: Meeting with Sri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL on 16.03.2015: GS, President and both AGSs met Sri Anupam Shrivastava and discussed the following issues:

a.     Switching over to Time bound Functional promotion from the existing seniority based promotions: Assn explained the litigations going on seniority related issues which blocked the promotions in almost all the cadres. The litigations may continue in the future also. Only solution is to switch over to TB functional promotion. The consultant also proposed the same.

b.    Implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3 from 01.01.2007: Even after repeated assurances by the Management and rejection of the proposal by the DPE and DoT, no action is taken by the management so far. The basic cadres are facing the threat of demotion which cannot be accepted at all.

After discussion CMD, suggested to have further discussion with DIR (HR) on these issues and will have discussions after that.


18 MAR 15: Maharashtra Circle issued orders for refusal in DE regular cases. Letter <<<>>>


18 MAR 15: BSNL CO calls for information on new court cases on JTO to SDE LICE from different Circles. Letter <<<>>>


18 MAR 15: 147 seniority case: Hon SC directed to complete the services in 4 weeks time. Service is incomplete in one SLP filed recently. The case will be listed after completion of service.


17 MAR 15: BSNL CO writes to all CGMs on improvement of Quality of Mobile data services. Letter <<<>>>


17 MAR 15: NGN switch formally commissioned by Sri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon MoC & IT on 13.03.2015. We wholeheartedly congratulate DIR (CFA) and the entire team associated with the commissioning of NGN project for having accomplished this significant and critical business breakthrough.

NGN is having the additional features like Fixed mobile Convergence (FMC -- transfer of calls from fixed to mobile and mobile to fixed as per user convenience), Prepaid landline, IP (Pan India) Centrex, CUG of mobile and fixed line customers on an all India basis, multimedia video conferencing involving large number of users at a time and video calls. 


16 MAR 15: Vidarbha Organizational Tour : The District Conference of SNEA(I) Chandrapur & the General Body Meetings of some other districts in Vidarbha are scheduled from 17/03/2015 to 20/03/2015. The details are as follows.

·        On 17/03/2015: Morning Hours –District Conference of SNEA (I) Chardapur.

·        On 17/03/2015: Evening Hours –General Body Meeting of SNEA (I) Gadchiroli.

·        On 18/03/2015: Morning Hours –General Body Meeting of SNEA (I) Bhandara.

·        On 19/03/2015: Evening Hours –General Body Meeting of SNEA (I) Buldhana.

·        On 20/03/2015: Morning Hours –General Body Meeting of SNEA (I) Akola.

      The District Conference as well as GB Meetings will be attended & addressed by Com. S. V. Bhad, CP SNEA (I) MH, Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA (I) MH, Com. S. R. Kalmegh, ACS (East) SNEA (I) MH, Com. Sachin Sarode, Jt Secretary Vidarbha SNEA (I) MH, Com. Narendra Gardre, CWC Member, Com. Manish Pandhare, CWC Member and District Secretaries and activists of adjoining districts.

   DS of all these districts have appealed to all comrades in their district to attend the meetings and make it grand success.


14 MAR 15: In an unsigned, but this time scanned PDF letter, GM Fin Mumbai writes SSA/Unit Heads on closure of Temporary advances in view of Account Closure for year 2014-15. Letter <<<>>>

        As per this order, for closure of accounts of year 2014-15, Temporary Advances will not be approved/paid from 15/03/2015 and accounts of all such temporary advances granted are to be submitted by 23/03/2015. In special/emergency cases of temporary advances after 15/03/2015, the matter is to be taken directly with Sr GM Fin Mumbai. It is important that 14/03/2015 (Second Saturday) & 15/03/2015 (Sunday) are official holidays, but it is working for Finance wing and hence last date for grant of advance seems to be given as 15/03/2015.  All executives are requested to take note of these directions and act accordingly to avoid difficulties due to non grant of advances at later stage as process of granting Temporary Advances may re-open is first week of April 2015 or later.

      It is good sign that there is slight change in attitude of Sr GM Fin Mumbai and her office in issuing signed letters as this time letter is not uploaded in word format without signature as per usual practice for period of more than one year, but these time with slight up gradation of quality of uploading letters, scanned copy of letter in PDF format is uploaded with remark of ‘sd/-” in place of signature meaning that it is signed copy. This is indication of improvement in working in right direction and its sign of availability of scanner in office of GM Fin Mumbai. Let us hope that in days to come Sr GM Fin Mumbai will issue letters with her signature and our field units will not have to wait for signed copies of letters and can act immediately on the directives in such official letters on intranet portal. This will also save wastage of papers on repeated prints of signed and unsigned copies and will also stop misuse of letters at any stage due to procedure of issuing unsigned copies. 


12 MAR 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer orders in respect of long stayed female SDEs by giving consideration to the willingness given by individuals. Letter <<<>>>


14 MAR 15: BSNL CO clarified that that officers not full filling eligibility conditions of Looking After arrangements cannot be considered for giving charge of higher post with Functional powers. Letter <<<>>>


14 MAR 15: In three separate letters, BSNL CO published provisional seniority list of JTO Architect, SDE Architect & Architect (STS) and calls for corrections, omissions if any. Letters <<<>>>


14 MAR 15: BSNL CO issued binding orders for issuing Presidential Orders in respect of left out TSMs on their absorption in BSNL with warning to held SSA Head responsible for any such pending case after 31/03/2015. Letter <<<>>>


13 MAR 15: JTO to SDE casein Hon. High Court Ernakulam: After partial hearing the case is posted on 07-04-2015.


13 MAR 15: As per call given by Forum of BSNL Unions  and  Associations lunch hour demonstrations were held on 12/03/2015 in different SSAs of Maharashtra Circle. PHOTOs <<<>>>


13 MAR 15: Forum of BSNL Unions  and  Associations served  Notice for two days strike  on 21/04/2015 and 22/04/2015 on  demands for Revival of BSNL. Notice <<<>>>


 12 MAR 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for DE LA arrangements of 64 SDEs by posting them in same SSAs in about all cases. Letter <<<>>>

       Though many of the posts of DEs are filled now in majority SSAs as per additional requirement given by SSAs, till the requirement of some of SSAs is not fulfilled, mainly due to non availability of eligible & willing SDEs to work as DE L/A. SNEA (I) MH is on job and we will pursue for posting of additional DEs to these SSAs for filling vacant posts by going further down to seniority list or for approval of cases by CGMT MH in which SSAs have given Local DE LA orders.  


12 MAR 15: JTO to SDE casein Hon. High Court Ernakulam: The case is posted on 13-03-2015. 


12 MAR 15: Two days strike on 21st and 22nd April, 2015: Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations will be serving fresh notice on 12.03.2015 with the charter of demands already announced. As part of this Lunch hour demonstration will be held at BSNLCO/Circle /SSA HQs on 12.03.2015.

11 MAR 15: JTO to SDE case will be listed today in Hon. High Court Ernakulam. 


11 MAR 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued corrigendum to recent order for ban on Rule -8 transfers of JTOs from Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>

         This was one of the issues raised by SNEA (I) MH during discussions held with Shri. Pravin Malhotra Sr GM HR/Admn Mumbai on 10/03/2015 wherein we have expressed the unrest among the JTOs about the total ban on Rule -8 transfers and withholding of Rule-8 applications in SSAs itself. After discussions, Sr GM HR/Admn Mumbai has expressed the circumstances under which such harsh decision is taken by his office. He was kind enough to review matter for receiving all Rule-8 applications in Circle Office Mumbai and to maintain waiting list register for same and accordingly & immediately corrigendum is issued today for same. As such all SSA Heads and controlling officers will not held up any Rule-8 request transfer applications of JTOs and all the applications will be forwarded with their recommendations to Staff Section Mumbai and staff section will maintain Waiting list register for all such Rule-8 applications.

This is just some relief to JTOs seeking rule-8 transfers and it will be step towards transferency in implementation of Rule-8 request transfers  which are being received in more numbers nowadays and in recent past Circle Office has taken decision not to implement any Rule-8 transfer order due to acute shortage of JTOs. SNEA (I) MH will continue persuasion of this matter with probable solutions and methods for implementation of all these Rule-8 transfers at least in phase manner and at the same time matter will be taken up with BSNL Corporate Office for fresh recruitment of JTOs. In case JTO recruitment is not possible in coming days, then matter will be taken up for relieving of JTOs under Rule -8 transfers by calculating strength of JTO & SDEs together or by adopting any other probable solutions wherein works of BSNL will not suffer to much extent and JTOs asking Rule-8 transfer will also not suffer for long time. Let us hope for the best.   


11 MAR 15: BSNL CO issued Tenure Transfer Orders in DE cadre in which two DEs are transferred to Maharashtra Circle and two DEs from Maharashtra Circle are transferred to J&K and NE II Circle as substitutes. Letter <<<>>>


11 MAR 15: BSNL CO conveys approval for waival of 50% Installation charges on  provision of new landline connections and 100 % Installation Charges  on provision of new Broadband connections and this waival will be applicable up to  31/03/2015. Letter <<<>>>


11 MAR 15: BSNL CO offers 3G data Card at reduced sale price to BSNL Broad Band customers and revised plans will be applicable from 16/03/2015. Letter <<<>>>


11 MAR 15: BSNL CO issued information on procedures followed by BSNL in management of Gratuity Fund and Leave encashment Fund. Letter <<<>>>


 10 MAR 15: DE Admn WTR Mumbai issued transfer orders of SDEs within WTR MH and out of four officers transferred, three are request transfers. Letter <<<>>>


 10 MAR 15: AGM EB Mumbai conveys approval for GSM CUG Plan 150 for Durga Multi Services Latur with 4000 projected connections. Letter <<<>>>


9 MAR 15: JTO to SDE case is not listed for hearing today at Hon HC, Ernakulam even though another bench on 05.03.15 directed to list the case on 09.03.2015 for hearing. Final hearing expected this week itself.


9 MAR 15: GS SNEA (I) CHQ writes to CMD, BSNL demanding deduction of subscription from the salary of Executives through check off system. Letter <<<>>>

    This was one of the resolutions passed in our CEC Yavatmal and SNEA (I) MH is pursuing it in each and every meeting of SNEA (I) CHQ including recent CS & CHQ office bearers meeting at Delhi.


9 MAR 15: AGM Admn Mumbai issued allotment of Welfare grant of Rs. 47,35,100.00  for different SSA Staff Welfare Boards. Letter <<<>>>


9 MAR 15: CAO CA-I Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO instructions on closure of Accounts for Financial Year 2013-14. Letter <<<>>>


9 MAR 15: In an unsigned letter GM Fin Mumbai writes SSA Heads on ERP issues concerning Account closure. Letter <<<>>>


 7 MAR 15: AGM Admn Mumbai issued notice for Women’s Day Celebrations in Circle Office Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>


 7 MAR 15: SSA wise status of Targets and achievement on redeployment of 2G/3G BTS as 28/02/2015. Letter <<<>>>


 7 MAR 15: By quoting heavy penalties of Rs. 1.04 Crore during Quarter Ending June 14 & Rs. 38.5 lakhs during Quarter Ending Sep-14 ,  GM NWO CM Pune writes to DEs under his control to take all out efforts for enhancing quality of GSM services in close coordination with field DE/SDEs and  weekly meetings with SSA Heads. Letter <<<>>>


 7 MAR 15: In historical achievement BSNL Maharashtra Circle grabs 1 silver & 5 Bronze medals in 14th  All India BSNL Athletics meet at Trivendrum, Kerala Circle which was held from 26 to 28 Feb 15. This may be first occasion when Maharashtra Circle has won six medals at a time.

·        Com. Smt.V.N. Bhujbal, Pune SSA won Silver in 800 Mtrs run.

·        Com. Smt. Suman Kadam, Kalyan SSA won 3 Bronze Medals respectively in 200 Mtrs, 400 Mtrs & 100 Mtrs hurdles.

·        Com. Deepak Barwadkar, Pune SSA won 2 Bronze Medals respectively in 100 Mtrs & 200 Mtrs dash.

        This highly successful Athlete team of MH-Circle was headed by Team Manager Com. A.J.Pathan, Wardha SSA and other participant of MH team were Com.  H.K.Chauhan, Wardha SSA, Com.  Shakeel, Kalyan SSA, Com. Rakesh Pethare, Sangli SSA, Com. Shivaji Patil Jalgaon SSA & Com. Smt. Mahajan from Jalgaon SSA

       SNEA (I) Maharashtra congratulates this entire athlete team of Maharashtra Circle and especially all three winners on their great achievement and keeping flag of Maharashtra Circle high.

PHOTOS <<<>>>


5 MAR 15: JTO to SDE Promotion case at Hon. High Court of Ernakulam: As there is no sitting of Bench today the case is posted on 09-03-2015.


5 MAR 15: SNEA (I) Maharashtra Congratulates Com. V.N. Shedge  SDE MIDC Satara on receipt of Prestigious  Award  " MAS Udyog Mitra". The Manufacturers' Association of Satara (MAS) recognizes the sincere efforts & best telecom services provided by Com. V. N. Shedage towards Satara Industrial Sector by awarding him “MAS Udyog Mitra Award”. This award was handed over to Com. V.N. Shedage on occasion of "MAS Vardhapan Day” celebrations held at MAS Bhavan Satara.  SNEA (I) Maharashtra feels proud to mention that Com. V.N. Shedge is very active member of SNEA (I) Satara and has always given best for BSNL. Photos <<<>>>  <<<>>>  


5 MAR 15: BSNL CO issued orders for cancellation of DE Regular promotions by some of SDEs/DEs as per refusal submitted by individuals. Order I <<<>>> Order II <<<>>>


 SNEA (I) MH wishes all



 5 MAR 15: AGM Staff Mumbai published list of 100 longest stayed SDEs in Maharashtra Circle and calls for corrections in stay particulars if any from individuals as well as SSA administrations latest by 16/03/2015. Letter <<<>>>

    This list will be mainly operated for posting substitutes for considering request transfers of SDEs working at All India Tenure Stations outside Maharashtra Circle. As per transfer policy guidelines unwilling female executives are not posted to All India Tenure Stations and hence all female candidates in this long stay list which are unwilling for posting to Tenure Stations should submit such written unwillingness within prescribed time to AD Staff Mumbai.


 5 MAR 15: BSNL CO writes Circle Heads to celebrate “International Women’s Day” by organizing different event from 08/03/2015 to 13/03/2015 at Circle as well as SSA level. Letter <<<>>>


5 MAR 15: BSNL CO calls views of PCE Civil & CE Civil  on restructuring of Civil Wing units in view of ERP implementation. Letter <<<>>>


 5 MAR 15: AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for 6 week Phase II Training for 7 JTOs at BRBRAITT Jabalpur w.e.f. 30/03/2015. Letter <<<>>>


 4 MAR 15: Contempt case filed by SNEA (I), AIBSNLEA and BSNLEU relating to deployment of ITS in BSNL in Honble Delhi HC came up for hearing today, the Hon. Judge recused to hear this case under the plea that he was a standing counsel for Govt. of India earlier and directed for hearing by a different bench, the case is posted on 23-03-2015.


 4 MAR 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued TTA to JTO Offg Orders for 122 TTAs for 180 days from 05/01/2015. Letter <<<>>>


 4 MAR 15: AGM Admn WTR Mumbai issued request transfer order of six SDEs working in different units of WTR. Letter <<<>>> <<<>>>


 4 MAR 15: AGM Admn Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter for separate Liaison Officer for OBC employees in BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


 3 MAR 15: It is understood that the Review petition filed by DoT in Hon. Delhi High court  against the Hon. Delhi High Court order  for  repatriation of un absorbed  ITS officers from BSNL / MTNL   is dismissed.  DoT filed the review petition after three years of the original order. Contempt case filed by SNEA (I), AIBSNLEA and BSNLEU relating to deployment of ITS in BSNL in Honble Delhi HC is listed for hearing tomorrow.


 3 MAR 15: CE Electrical Mumbai issued transfer orders of 11 SDE Elect in Maharashtra Circle posting many of them as per choice given by them. Letter <<<>>>


3 MAR 15: CE Electrical Mumbai issued posting Orders for  5 SDE Elect joined Maharashtra Circle from MP, Gujarat & Chhattisgarh Circles giving choice posting to about all. Letter <<<>>>


 3 MAR 15: DGM NWO CM Mumbai, writes SSA Heads informing that Advance Purchase Order for the repairs of 2G GSM BTS Cards has been placed with M/s Communications Test Design Pvt Limited. Letter <<<>>>

        This is another important step towards the improvement of GSM services by Maharashtra Circle, because due to adamant stand taken by M/S ITI in repairs of faulty cards & mainly cards of BTS purchased under 2M & 3M GSM project were not at all attended by M/S ITI for months together which has badly affected GSM services provided by BSNL throughout Maharashtra Circle. This letter states that the detail procedure of repairing of 2G BTS faulty cards is being intimated, but it will be centralized process under control of GM NWO CM Pune and all the field units will have to handover faulty cards to vendor through office of GM NWO CM Pune and till the procedure is being finalized all field units can list out all the faulty cards, keep it ready for sending for repairs, immediately on intimation of procedure which will be declared within 2-3 days.   


 3 MAR 15: Shri. M.K. Jain, CGMT MH Circle writes SSA Heads for commissioning of 1330 Lease circuits pending throughout Maharashtra Circle which are pending either for BSNL reasons or for customer reasons. Letter <<<>>>


 3 MAR 15: Shri. M. K. Jain, CGMT MH Circle writes SSA Heads about store management and utilization of unused equipments. Letter <<<>>>


 3 MAR 15: Shri. M.K. Jain, CGMT MH Circle writes SSA Heads of Pune, Kalyan, Nagpur, Goa & Aurangabad SSAs on slow fault clearance of broadband faults. Letter <<<>>>


 2 MAR 15: JTO to SDE Promotion case at Hon. High Court Ernakulam, postponed to 05-03-2015 as Hon. High Court was hearing another case which will continue for two more days.


28 FEB 15: BSNL CO calls for APRs of Year 2013-14 & left out APRs for period 01/04/2008 to 31/03/2014 in respect of 310 AOs & Sr AOs for CPC to be conducted for CAO Adhoc promotions. Letter <<<>>>  List <<<>>> 


28 FEB 15: BSNL CO issued orders for revised reporting & reviewing structure of Executives working in Civil & Electrical wing of different SSAs. Letter <<<>>> 


28 FEB 15: BSNL Managements continues to play gimmick with posting of CGMT Maharashtra Circle:  BSNL Management created mockery on posting of CGMT Maharashtra Circle by issuing repeated orders within one week’s period & by posting two different Officers as CGMT Maharashtra Circle. Revised CGMT MH Order <<<>>>

Ø It seems that it has been firmly decided by BSNL management to shift Shri. M.K. Jain as CGM WTP Mumbai, without giving him sufficient times to explorer his talent as CGMT MH Circle. This is approach of BSNL Management towards posting of Head of the biggest Telecom Circle of BSNL and repeated orders and non joining of officers on transfers, giving LA after charge in intervening period and forcefully transferring working Officer to vacant post having practically very less work is best example how careless BSNL management is about posting of Head of biggest Telecom Circle.

Ø In total unfortunate and unwanted approach, the BSNL management continues to play with posting of CGMT MH Circle as since years together  no CGMT is given time of more than one year to function as CGMT MH Circle. In total disappointing manner, the CGMT MH Shri. M.K. Jain was suddenly shifted and posted as CGM WTP Mumbai and Shri. Prabhash Singh, present CGMT ITPC Pune was posted as CGMT MH Circle on 21/02/2015.

Ø But within eight days time, same order has been cancelled and revised order for posting of CGMT MH is issued wherein Shri. Prabhash Singh continues as CGMT ITPC Pune, transfer order of Shri. M.K. Jain present CGMT MH continues as CGMT WTP and Shri. G.K. Upadhayay present CGMT Haryana Circle is posted as CGMT MH Circle.  

Ø Thus BSNL management is creating mockery which is clearly visible from the facts as till there is uncertainty about joining of Shri. G.K. Upadhay as CGMT MH Circle because the Looking After charge of CGMT MH Circle is given to Shri. K.K.Saxena PGMT Pune with immediate effect.

Ø It is important to note that Shri. K.K Sexena has reasonably failed to control even Pune SSA as PGMT Pune as he has not shown much control or involvement in the development & growth of Pune SSA as PGMT Pune which he is heading for last ten months. Many of the officers in Pune SSA did not pay heed to his instructions and so many matters are running in files. Due to his failure to take overall proper control as PGMT Pune, just recently on 26/02/2015, Joint Action Committee Pune had gone for Protest March against PGMT Pune & hold strong protest outside office of PGMT Pune to stop the corrupt practices in Pune SSA. If these are the results as PGMT Pune, how BSNL management expects from Shri. K.K. Saxena to control Maharashtra Circle as CGMT MH in better manner than that of Shri. M. K. Jain is now ‘Star’ Question.  

Ø All these actions and evidences, put big question on integrity of BSNL management about posting of CGMT MH and it will be matter of investigation that how the BSNL management expect best performance of Maharashtra Circle by replacing Shri. M.K.Jain, a reasonably active Circle Head, who was having deep knowledge of working of Maharashtra Circle, who was taking lead on many of development & maintenance issues of Maharashtra Circle and who has taken command on many of issues with desired result to certain extent even though he has very short span of time period of ten months as CGMT MH, with Shri.  K. K. Saxena, as CGMT MH.

Ø Anyhow comrades, we Maharashtra Comrades will have continue our struggle for “Acche Din” and for posting and practical functioning of good and commanding CGMT MH Circle and at this stage we have no option other than to watch & wait this gimmick.


28 FEB 15: SNEA (I) MH Circle congratulates, Com. M. V.Kapadne, DE Nashik, {9423968866} Com. S. S. Khambore, DE Nashik {9422274188}, Com. N.S.Gonewad, Sr SDE Aurangabad {9422201747} , Com. A.L.Gattani, Sr SDE Aurangabad {9422201011} , Com. S.N. Ingale SDE Kalyan {9423984044}, Com. A. R. Alkari SDE Kalyan {9422073802} , Com. S. G. Shinde, SDE Nashik {9423967390}, Com. N. G. Nanotkar, JTO Offg Buldhana on their superannuation retirement on today, 28/02/2015 and wish them and their family members “A Very Happy, Peaceful & Long Retired Life”.  

Com. M. V. Kapadane, DE City Nashik is a senior & die-hard member of SNEA (I) Nashik and was always ahead in each and every activity of SNEA. He significantly contributed much more for growth of association from JETA to SNEA (I) & played magnificent role for increasing membership of SNEA (I). He has long services of 39 years and 10 months in DoT & BSNL in different cadres like TO (A), PI, JTO, SDE & DE and has served in Jalgaon, Goa, RROC Mumbai, Kolhapur & Nashik SSAs. Even on last day of his retirement he is continues is duties with same dedication & sincerity.

Com S.S. Khambore, DE Trans Nashik is active & die-hard member of SNEA (I). His contribution in development & maintenance in transmission network is very remarkable. He started his carrier as Telephone Operator and further served as JTO, SDE & DE and completed 40 years of service in Dot & BSNL at Nashik SSA.

Com. N.S.Gonewad, Sr SDE MDF Aurangabad has entered in DOT as Technician in Year 1984 and since 1995 he has served DoT as well as BSNL as JTO in Goa SSA &in different capacities of SDE in Aurangabad SSA and at last he was working as SDE MDF Aurangabad. He is very active member of SNEA (I) and has always contributed his best in association activities. 

Com. A.L.Gattani, Sr SDE Chikhalthana Aurangabad, joined DoT in year 1979 as RSA in Aurangabad SSA and served DoT/BSNL as RSA, JTO,  SDE & AGM Offg in Aurangabad & Buldhana SSA. He has completed 35 years of long service and at the retirement he was working as SDE Chikhalthana Aurangabad. He is fully devoted member of SNEA (I) and has always taken lead in association activities.

Com. V.R.Alkari SDE Admn Kalyan  & has served DOT & BSNL with devotion and dedication for prolonged period wherein he  Joined as technician on 19 June 1979  in Pune SSA  and  appointed as JTO in Kalyan SSA on 14th Nov’1991. He is die head member of SNEA (I) and has always taken active part on all activities on the platform of SNEA (I).

Com. S.N.Ingale, SDE CO Bolinj Virar and die-hard member of SNEA (I) Kalyan. He joined duties in DoT in 1975 as Telegraphs at CTO Mumbai and then as ASTT in June1991. He was working in Kalyan SSA as a SDE since January’2001.

Com.  S. G. Shinde, SDE Ext Nashik City is die-hard& loyal member of SNEA (I) Nashik. He started his carrier as Telephone Operator in 1974 and rendered his long services to DOT & BSNL for 40 years in capacity of PI, JTO & SDE. He is die head member of SNEA (I) since long time and has always taken active part on all activities on the platform of SNEA (I).

Com. N.G.Natonkar, JTO Offg Buldhana entered in DoT as TTA in year 1998 and served in Buldhana SSA throughout the life and presently working as JTO Offg. He remains loyal & dedicated member of SNEA in every odds. His hardworking kept Wardha SSA lowest in penalty against CAF by VTM cell. He anchored superbly each & every functions in Wardha. He also served as Secretary in Telecom Society Wardha, TRC Wardha & union of TTAs.

SNEA (I) MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection Com. M. V. Kapadne, Com. S. S. Khambore, Com. N.S.Gonewad, Com. A.L.Gattani, Com. S.N. Ingale, Com. A. R. Alkari, Com. S. G. Shinde, Com. N. G. Nanotkar, towards BSNL and SNEA (I) and on behalf of thousands of Comrades of SNEA (I) Maharashtra Circle, we wish them and their family members “A Happy, Peaceful, Healthy & Long Retired Life”.


28 FEB 15: Forum decided to postpone the indefinite strike from 17/03/2015 and decided for 2 Days Strike on 21 & 22 April 2015 as first phase on Revival of BSNL. Make extensive preparations by conducting Branch /SSA and Local level meetings. Fresh notice will be issued 6 weeks prior to the strike.


28 FEB 15: BSNL CO issued instructions to make SSA level consignee in Purchase Orders for replacement of Battery sets. Letter <<<>>> 


28 FEB 15: BSNL CO issued instructions to CGMs for maintaining timelines in sending GPF cases of retiring employees to CGA. Letter <<<>>> 


28 FEB 15: General BODY Meeting of SNEA(I) Buldhana: {Report by Com. P.D.Saoji DS Buldhana} The Special  General Body meeting of SNEA(I) Buldhana Division was held on 24/02/2015 at 1700 Hrs in Conference Hall, office of GMT Buldhana  at  Khamgaon. Almost all the comrades of SNEA (I) Buldhana attended & participated in this Special General Body Meeting. The meeting was conducted under the Presidentship of Com. B.B. Kendre. Firstly the new members  joined  to SNEA (I) Buldhana namely  Com. V.G.Thakur (AO), Com. Kadam (AGM), Com. Juwar  were welcomed  by offering Bouquet.

 The main local issues which were discussed in the meeting  are- UG & OF cable maintenance, shortage of material  like jointing kits for OFC & other material  for  maintenance work, Delayed Tenders, Required more staff in NOFN , DPC for time bound promotions & other local issues.

   With elaborate discussions, house once again passed resolution for posting of Regular TDM & Regular CAO at Buldhana. It is also decided to conduct a special meeting in the month of March, at Khamgaon with   the presence of   SNEA (I) MH & CHQ leaders.  

  Com. V.G.Thakur AO Buldhana is elected unanimously as ADS of SNEA (I) Buldhana on transfer of our Ex ADS Com Kangane to Nashik.

   Com.P.D.Saoji DS SNEA (I) Buldhana, Com, B.B.Kendre District President sum up overall activities of SNEA (I) Buldhana with a concrete agenda to be given to GMT  Buldhana for development & for smooth functioning of Buldhana SSA.


28 FEB 15: AO FC Mumbai issued E4 to E5 TBP orders in respect of 28 AOs in Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>> 


28 FEB 15: AGM Staff Mumbai writes SSA heads for reliving of all Executives under transfer to tenure stations within Maharashtra Circle by 03/03/2015. Letter <<<>>> 


28 FEB 15: BSNL CO issued promotion order in missing cases from DE Adhoc /SDEs to DE Regular promotions wherein four officers from Maharashtra Circle are promoted as DE Regular. Order <<<>>> 


28 FEB 15: Details of discussions in SNEA (I) CS/CHQ office bearers meeting held at New Delhi on 26.02.2015




Ø The meeting reviewed the CHQ quota and legal fund payments. All Circles assured to clear the dues shortly.

Ø SNEA(I) urgently to focus the HR issues of E2, E3 pay scales, new HR plan and TB functional promotion at least up to AGM/DE level as proposed by the consultant, 30% superannuation benefit, 1st TBP uniformly after 4 years from 01.10.2004 etc. Since new CMD has taken charge and the issues are brought to his notice by the Assn, we are waiting for the positive response from the new CMD and DIR (HR). If positive results are not coming, the agitation programmes already decided will be started by mid April. Ground level preparations to start now itself. Since management given repeated assurances but never met the same, serious preparations to be made for the agitation so that the issues are to be decided once for all.

Ø The proposed norms in HR plan are too stringent. Norms has to be framed analysing the ground realities and operational requirements.

Ø JTO to SDE DPC, LDCE to SDE(T) and SDE(TF), SDE(C/E) to EE(C/E), JAO to AO and AO to CAO promotions to be expedited.

Ø Pending amendments in JTO RR, BSNLMS RR and SDE RR to be expedited.

Ø Since no decision is coming on membership verification, all trade union facilities to be restored to SNEA (I). Subscription from salary deduction to be implemented as done in the case of others sections without waiting for the verification. Contentious issues in the recognition rules to be addressed comprehensively.

Ø The AIC venue and timing of next AIC will be announced by 15th March.

Ø FR 22(1) (a) (1) fixation for offtg JTOs and JTOs officiated earlier will be pursued and if required, case will be filed next month.



Ø The meeting reviewed the Parliament March and preparations for the indefinite strike. The Parliament March was a grand success. Conventions in the remaining Circles will be held at the earliest. SNEA (I) has to take initiatives for the success of the strike.

Ø It is reported by several CSs that AMC penalties are waived off in large scale and BSNL is losing crores of rupees in this regard. Most of such decisions are taken at corporate office. When field units are struggling for fund for operations and maintenance, the vendors are paid waiving the penalty for which they didn’t extended any AMC support. Very old cases are reopened and payments made by waiving the penalty. Large scale corruption is suspected in the case. Assn to take up the matter at appropriate level.

Ø Transfer of Assets and mutation of land in different Circles are at very slow pace. Assn to focus of this issue of land mutation.

Ø Posting of CGM/SSA Heads to be transparent and performers only should be given the responsibility. Non performers should be shifted immediately based on their performance during this financial year.

Ø Sharing of tower and 2G BTSs/Antennas to be encouraged. OF, MPLS, 3G and FTTH network to be expanded.

Ø Subsidiary formation and merger of BSNL and MTNL without addressing the contentious issues to be opposed strongly.

Ø OF cable shortage to be addressed. Modem, data card, EPBT etc procurement to be discouraged and direct purchase by the customers from the vendors to be encouraged from the QA empanelled lists.

Ø Issues related to TERM cell and payment due from TERM cell for the BSNL staff on deputation will be taken up with DoT/BSNL.




Ø Holding National Convention at Kalyan & Aurangabad in presence of CHQ leaders. 

Ø All India Hard Tenure for Gadchiroli SSA as per assurance given in GB meeting of SNEA (I) Gadchiroli.

Ø Arbitrary Transfer of CGMT MH Circle, wrong policies adopted thereof and its impact on growth of BSNL.

Ø Posting of regular PGMT for Pune SSA.

Ø Manmade issues created by GM Fin Mumbai with her egoistic behavior, poor control over function of Finance wing, undue delay in transfer posting and its overall impact of her actions on growth of BSNL Maharashtra Circle.

Ø Pick and choose orders issued by BSNL CO and aggrieved actions and pressure for its implementation from BSNL.  

Ø Posting of DEs out of Maharashtra Circle during DE Regular promotions and its impact on growth of Maharashtra Circle.

Ø JTO to SDE DPC under 67% SCF quota, feelings of Maharashtra Comrade and advance action for posting of all promoted SDEs in Maharashtra Circle or its territorial Circles by counting vacancy position of JTO plus SDE.

Ø Acute shortage of executives in Finance wing of Maharashtra Circle and equal distribution of Finance wing officers among different Circle.

Ø Issues related to Generalization of Pay Fixation orders for JTO Offg and need of action by SNEA (I).

Ø Grant of five advance increment of JTOs recruited under PH quota and JAOs recruited after year 2009.  

Ø Issues related to Diploma Holders of Civil & Elect wing.

Ø Unrest among the executives of Maharashtra Circle due to last minute cancellation of LDCE for SDE promotions under 33% competitive quota and need of early action to hold LDCE by overcoming legal matters.

Ø Undue delay in cancellation, change of station of some of long pending requests of Maharashtra Comrades.

Ø Inter Circle Request transfers of executives and action by SNEA (I) CHQ.

Ø Equal area distribution to for CAF verification of Term Cell at Nagpur, Pune & Mumbai & undue delay on part of CHQ to address this issue.

Ø Utilization of BSNL manpower by Term Cell and difference of penalties imposed on BSNL and other private operators.

Ø Aggrieved actions of some of TERM cell officers & Rotation of officers/staff posted to TERM Cell.

Ø Non reimbursement of different payment viz. salary of officers and Staff of BSNL on deputation to different units of DoT, rent of BSNL accommodation, HRA of different BSNL/DoT officers and staff staying at BSNL Staff Quarters.

Ø Poor performance by vendor M/S HFCL in Cor DECT  CDMA AMC and undue pressure from BSNL CO for waiving of penalty of Rs 22 Crores and releasing payment of about Rs. 44 Lakhs by reopening old case closed case of year 2007 to 2009 and steps for releasing payments in year 2014-15 creating loss of . 

Ø Review of different AMCs on basis of its usefulness.

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