Last updated on  31 JUL 15



31 JULY 15: ITS Deployment case: The contempt case filed by SNEA (I), BSNLEU and AIBSNLEA on the issue of deployment of ITS officers came up for hearing today in the Hon Delhi High Court. Detailed arguments took place for more than one hour but inconclusive. The case will again come up for hearing on 18th November, 2015. 


31 JULY 15: AGM Estt Mumbai calls for corrections in revised seniority list No. 6 & 7 of SDEs in Maharashtra Circle. New spell of DE LA arrangements will be issued as per this revised list. Letter <<<>>>  List <<<>>>


31 JULY 15: BSNL CO calls for VCs & APRs of SDE Electrical for preparatory works of promotions as EE Electrical.  Letter for VCs  <<<>>>    For APRs  <<<>>>  List  <<<>>>


31 JULY 15: AGM Estt Mumbai calls for VCs as on 07/08/2007 of 13 SDEs who have passed LDCE 2007 for fixation of their seniority.  Letter <<<>>>


31 JULY 15: AGM Admn Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter calling nominations for national Awards for Persons with Disabilities.  Letter <<<>>>


31 JULY 15:  Understanding signed between BSNL & Unions leaders for change of designations of TTAs, TOAs, TMs & RMs respectively as JE, OS/OA, TT & TA .  Letter <<<>>>


30 JULY 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for looking after arrangements of posts of GMT Aurangabad & GM EB Mumbai and Com. Nitin Mahajan, GMT Dhule/Jalna  will look after charge of GMT Aurangabad.  Order for GMT Aurangabad <<<>>>    EB Mumbai <<<>>>


30 JULY 15: CAO FC Mumbai issued modification in transfer orders of two AOs under transfer due to  “Hopeless Bhaskar Transfer Policy” and issued one more transfer from Nagpur to Gadchiroli.  Letter <<<>>>

    It seems that GM Fin Mumbai has come out of Hopeless Bhaskar Transfer policy for these two AOs and has started to understand the BSNL’s transfer policy at least to some extent as modification of both the officers is issued at “Own Cost” and has taken first step to responding to the requests of individual officers. Both the officers have personally represented their cases very strongly and are able to get modification. It is fact that the said officers have sent information to the unofficial “Chamcha” to Mr. Bhaskar and warned that strong steps will be initiated by the said  officers against harassment including “hunger strike” and/or ”Approach to court”  and on this basis of such threatening information the modification have been issued to save the skin. That means who is ready to fight will get justice and who continues to be under pressure and fear will have to work with total injustice just to prove that transfer orders issued under hopeless Bhaskar transfer policy are correct. This modification is positive sign for all other Finance wing officers under transfer & who having genuine family/medical problems to accept this pick and choose transfers and who are ready to fight this deliberate harassment due to poor knowledge of Mr. Bhaskar CAO FC Mumbai and blind faith of Mrs. Marina George on her blind follower Mr. Bhaskar.  In similar manner, other finance wing officers under transfer will also will get justice if they keep fighting spirit and wait with patience and continue their struggle for justice for sometime more and especially if they do not come under repeated threatening orders for forced relieving.  


30 JULY 15: CAO FC Mumbai issued third threatening reminder for forced relieving of Finance wing officers under transfer by 31/07/2015. Letter <<<>>>

ü While issuing this reminder Mr. Bhaskar, senseless CAO FC Mumbai officially agrees that shortage due to these transfers will be adjusted against the new JAOs who will be joining BSNL Maharashtra Circle with 12-13 weeks. Thus the adamancy in wasting BSNL Money by Mrs. Marina George, Sr GM Fin Mumbai is crystal clear and it proves that when about 200 new JAOs are joining BSNL in very short period, there was no need of such mass transfers that to be in the interest of service causing loss of lakhs of rupees to BSNL and it was need of time to consider only requests transfers which were deliberately delayed by Mrs. George due to total lack of proper HR approach and adamancy in dealing HR issues.

ü We have taken up matter with Shri. G.K.Upadhaya, CGMT MH Circle and he also has called compliance for two times within weeks period on complaint made by SNEA (I) MH on such mass transfers and wastage of money. But we find that Shri. Upadhay CGMT also do not want to act directly against violations of transfer policy by Mrs. George and important time & money is being wasted and distributed among certain selected officers.

ü Meantime it is understood that the issues raised by SNEA(I) MH in welcome letter addressed to CVO BSNL has reached to Maharashtra Circle during last week and compliance has been called on all the issues raised by SNEA(I) MH including misuse of authorizes and mass transfers by Mr. Bhaskar CAO FC & Mrs. Marina George Sr GM Fin Mumbai.

ü SNEA (I) MH will continue its persuasion at all levels till the issue of pick and choose mass transfers is not set right properly and in tune with transfer policy issued by BSNL and we are confident that the comrades under transfer who continues to fight with patience will surely get justice and relief from the present harassment tactics adopted by violating transfer policy guidelines. 


30 JULY 15: As per orders issued by AGM Staff Mumbai hence work of allotment of staff quarters in Mumbai which is presently under control of GM L&B Mumbai will be now under control of GM HR/Admn Mumbai.  Letter <<<>>>


30 JULY 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued list of Holiday Homes & Inspections Quarters in Maharashtra Circle.  Letter <<<>>>


29 JULY 15: JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon High Court, Ernakulam: After argument for an hour, the cases is posted to 05-08-15.


29 JULY 15: SNEA (I) had the first formal meeting with DIR (HR) on 28.07.2015 on the following agenda submitted by the Assn last week. Sr GM (SR), GM (Pers) and GM (Estt) also present in the deliberations. GS, President and AGS Com. V. M. Wankhede attended the meeting.

1.      Finalization of HR plan and approval of major HR issues in the Board.

2.      Promotions in different cadres: JTO to SDE promotion, SDE to DE promotion, issues related to DGM promotion, finalization of syllabus for LDCE to SDE (TF).

3.      Pay anomalies: a) Recovery /reduction in pay and Committee on Offtg pay fixation, b) Antedating of increments, c) Senior drawing less pay than the juniors -- generalization of Hon Supreme Court order, d)  increment @ 3% of current basic pay on promotion.

4.      Issues related to Membership verification among Executive Assns – restoration of trade union facilities and making amendments in the new Recognition Rules.

Detailed discussions take place on all the issues.

·         On HR plan, it is under consideration and before the presentation to Board, it will be discussed with the Assn. Assn promised to submit its views in a couple of days.

·         On promotions in different cadres, the preparatory work at BSNLCO reviewed thoroughly. The impact of recent Chandigarh Tribunal judgment staying all promotions with reservation without following the judgment on Nagaraju case also briefly discussed. DE promotion work is going on, DGM promotions will be considered for the DEs whose name is not disputed. The promotions in other cadres will be expedited. The LDCE to SDE (TF) seriously discussed and DIR (HR) directed GM (Pers) and GM (Estt) to clear the issue urgently and settle the issue.

·         On pay anomalies, DIR(HR) appreciated the arguments placed by the Assn being an officer familiar with FR SR. DIR(HR) directed to examine all the pay anomaly cases in view of FRSR and the clarifications issued on EPP, other pay anomalies etc will be examined. Pay anomaly meeting is fixed for 04.08.15.

·         On membership verification, restoration of trade union facilities, modifications to the recognition rules and court case on untenable provisions of the rules like regn under societies act etc will be examined by SR section.


29 JULY 15: CAO FC Mumbai issued orders cum instructions for pre-appointment Training of DR-JAOs allotted NATFM Hyderabad & RTCC Nagpur training Centers. Letter <<<>>>


29 JULY 15: BSNL CO endorsed order by Dept Of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Govt of India, for provision of writer to during examination to persons with disabilities. Letter <<<>>>


28 JULY 15:SNEA Maharashtra pays tribute to unbeaten Hero of India, Ex President of India, Bharat Ratna, his Excellency Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, on his heavenly exit while addressing student at IIM Shillong at the age of 83 years. His sudden exit has caused heavy loss to the entire nation. May departed soul Rest in Peace. 


28 JULY 15:   Grand and Highly Successful District Conference of SNEA (I) Beed:  {Report by Com. R. S. Kolapkar, CWC Member SNEA (I) MH}: The District Conference of Sanchar Nigam Executives Association (I) Beed was held on Sunday, 26/07/2015 at 1100 hrs at Conference Hall Telephone Exchange Beed. Com. B.A.Pawal, DP SNEA (I) Beed presided over this Conference. The meeting was attended by:

1.     Com. V. B. Kokate, Vice president SNEA(I) MH,

2.     Com. S. R. Kalmegh, Assistant Circle Secretary (E) SNEA(I) MH,

3.     Com. V. P. Sanap, Joint Secretary Marathwada SNEA(I) MH,

4.     Com. R. S. Kolapkar, CWC Member, SNEA(I) MH,

5.     Com. B. A. Pawal, District President SNEA(I)Beed

6.     Com. A. A. Kulkarni, District Secretary SNEA (I) Beed.

7.     Com. K. M. Giram, District Secretary SNEA (I) Parbhani.

8.     Com. V. N. Kularni, Ex-DS SNEA (I) Parbhani.

9.     Com. S. J. Kulkarni, ADS SNEA(I) Parbhani

Ø Meeting started with two minutes silence for departed souls.

Ø All the guest and dignitaries were given warm welcome by comrades of SNEA (I) Beed.

Ø Com. A. A. Kulkarni, District Secretary SNEA (I) Beed at the beginning submitted his DS report for the last tenure and the same was approved by house with loud claps. He extended thanks to Circle body for execution of transfers of comrades at Beed. His brief report include the points of participation of CEC meeting at Yavatmal,  Persuasion of various local issues with TDM & it’s resolution, shortage of material and problems faced thereof by executives of Beed and his personal efforts for execution of local transfer orders. He also put forth the resolution passed in GB meeting of SNEA (I) Beed that “Beed SSA shall be made tenure station in Maharashtra circle for engineering staff transfers like account wing executives”. 

Ø Com. R.S. Kolapkar, CWC Member SNEA (I) MH assured them full co-operation on platform of SNEA (I) for their issues. He appreciated the disciplined work of Beed SNEA under the leadership of DP & DS. He gave information to the house regarding current corporate issues related to JTO to SDE promotion case, SDE to AGM promotions in-process, updates related to ITS repatriation and appealed house to raise their issues to be discussed in CWC, AIC Jaipur and also added that in AIC “we have to hoist flag of Maharashtra in New Delhi” He addressed house about difficulties in front of us due to shortages of staff, material & funds and importance of CHQ calls, agitation programs for our survival. New BSNL Absorbed CMD has introduced a new plan of free calling from 9 pm to 7am, due to which waitlist as well as expectations of subscribers from us are increasing and now it is our turn to fulfill them and simultaneously increase our market share. He briefly mentioned about past glory of BSNL, enjoyment of monopoly in nineties, BSNL,s number one position till 2006 and reasons of losses due to dispassion of government as well as ITS officers and current issues like merger with loss making companies, formation of subsidiary companies for our profit making services, HR issues. He stressed on strengthening SNEA and stood united to fight with the policies against BSNL. Government has announced to give fund for 25000 new towers and Wi-Fi services, there is a great white hope but it also a fact that they have not returned us our money against spectrum charges. He also added that, technological upgradations & quality of service along with our boosted moral will play important role to bring back the glory of BSNL. 

Ø Com V.P.Sanap, Joint Secretary Marathwada SNEA (I) MH, addressed house that Beed is like home place to him. All 8 DS in Marathwada are working so cordial way that there are no any serious issues pending. Everybody should work to bring BSNL in profits. SNEA is enough strong to take care of all your HR issues and all should concentrate for BSNL Development. He stressed on shortage of material.

Ø Com Giram District Secretary SNEA (I) Parbhani  addressed house that hard work by each individual is required to bring BSNL in profit and everybody is working in that streamline but shortage of material is restricting us and if that issue is resolved definitely BSNL will be in profit. Internet demands from rural area is increasing, he was concerned about call drop problem and told that USO towers are still to be handed over due to which bringing them in service has become difficult. He added that due to hopeless Bhaskar policy Com Dabale AO Parbhani became ‘Bali ka Bakra’ and got transferred to Raigad. His order was issued at own cost in place of in the interest of service and requested for justice to Com Dabale.

Ø Com S.R.Kalmegh Assistant Circle Secretary (East) SNEA (I) MH, was very pleased as he came to Beed at first time in his tenure. He addressed house that SNEA Maharashtra has made a very good impression in front of management and Maharashtra SNEA portal is regularly seen by everyone in India. Administration is also taking cognizance of news flashed on our website. He gave examples of resolving issues of Yeotmal, issues related to EPF, ERP and mobile merger. CGM MH at then also appreciated SNEA MH for resolving ERP issue. SNEA is always giving stress on formation of policies and SNEA’s working is also as per the policy. Transfer policy made by SNEA is proven benefited to all tenure & non tenure transferee executives. Gadchiroli and Sindhudurg SSA have become all India Soft tenure because of persuasions by SNEA only. SNEA raised the issue of GSM card shortage and replacement is now been given against RNP Cards. He narrated that Battery shortage issue will get partially resolved in Project Phase VII. Everybody should raise issues related to services and development and should stress on rectification of faults so that connections will increase and disconnections rate will come down. E1A to E2 and E2A to E3 issue are resolved by SNEA. At the time of absorption of executives in BSNL, SNEA demanded the legitimate pay scale to the executives through sustained agitation programs and legal fights and continued its fight till standard pay scale to the executives of BSNL. He also stressed that all taluka head quarters should be equipped with 3G services so as to increase the data flow and in turn to increase our revenue. For the sake of government policies we are extending our LL, BB & Mobile services to remote and rural, non profitable areas, so government should compensate us for those losses. As per corporate office order Maharashtra was the pilot circle to implement Deloitte Committee recommendations but due to the strong resistance from SNEA, administration dropped implementation in MH Circle. Asset transfer from DOT to BSNL is still pending. NGN and Wi-Fi hotspots are very aspiring projects. In view of BSNL absorbed CMD he told that BSNL have got a good, energetic and talented CMD and in coming AIC should get a good GS too. 

Ø Com V.B.Kokate Vice president SNEA(I) MH, expressed his strong & affiliated bounding with Beed and was remembering his golden memories since opening our association branch at Beed when he was Joint Secretary. He also told house about association unification at Kanyakumari.  He strongly appreciated to tenure transfer policies due to which so many Ahmednagar executives were transferred back, who were suffering for more than 6 years at non tenure places. Also appreciated the comrades of Beed for completing work of NOFN as they have successfully carried out this work without any dedicated staff. He stressed on reducing operational expenses by converting MBM less than 1000 line to RSU and RSU’s to ANRAX simultaneously reducing E/A and A/C capacities. Everybody should be alert to stop revenue leakages. Due to the free calling scheme from 9pm to 7am, connections are increasing. Regarding shortage of drop wires, batteries he added, as the drop wires are issued as per provision of NTC, we should peruse circle office accordingly. Every SSA should prepare and update scrapping report of batteries to circle office so that Circle office can raise requirement of funds to corporate office.  On associational matters he explained importance of agitations and every member should observe it seriously. He gave examples of results of sincerely & devotedly observed agitations that; we traveled from basic of Rs.1640 till Standard pay scale, 22.2M tender in 2007 and many more. On HR issues he added that DPC executives are awaiting for promotions since a long, SNEA did our best for it but number of litigations is restricting our promotions. Seniority list 6 & 7 is finalized and DE L/A order will be issued as per revised list. We got a BSNL absorbed CMD. We have lot of expectations from him.

Ø Thereafter the existing District body was dissolved and election for new office bearers for the next term was held. In unanimous elections, Com. B.A. Pawal, Com A. A. Kulkarni & Com. R. V. Sanap were elected as District President, District Secretary & District Treasurer respectively. Com V.B.Kokate Vice president SNEA (I) MH gave oath to unanimously elected new executive body of SNEA Beed.

Ø Com. A.A.Kulkarni has nicely and effectively conducted the whole district conference. Thereafter Circle office bearers answered to the queries raised by members.

Ø The meeting adjourned at 18.00 hrs. with vote of thanks by Com. G.S.Thakur.

Ø  GB was concluded with National Anthem. Delicious food was served for all the guest and comrades.                                                                          

Ø  New District Body <<<>>>                         Photos <<<>>>


28 JULY 15:  BSNL CO issued reminder letter to left out circles including ITPC, WTP, WTR for sending long stay list of SDEs. Letter <<<>>>


28 JULY 15:  CMD BSNL writes DO letters to all CGMs to maximize Landline & GSM connections by popularizing “Free Calling for landline” & “Free National Roaming on Mobile” schemes launched by BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


28 JULY 15:  BSNL CO issued promotions of EE Civil to CE Civil and Shri. Kumar Manoj Addl CE Civil Mumbai is posted as CE Civil Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>


28 JULY 15:  BSNL CO issued procedure for calculation of requirement of battery sets. Letter <<<>>>


28 JULY 15: BSNL CO issued orders for pre-appointment training of 11 weeks in respect 28 Direct Recruit JAOs of Maharashtra Circle & this training batch  will start from 17/08/2015 at BRBRAITT Jabalpur.   Letter <<<>>>  Annexure <<<>>>

 With this majority of JAOs of Maharashtra Circle are being sent to training centres and SNEA(I) MH has played important role for pursuing this matter at different levels for early and at same time training to all JAOs. This will help all JAOs in First TBP, Date of increment and will be seniors as compared to JAOs being recruited in other Circles under same recruitment.


28 JULY 15: BSNL CO issued addendum to pre-appointment training of Direct Recruit JAOs clarifying that Hostel faculity is available for trainees ar respective training centres.  Letter <<<>>> 


27 JULY 15: Joint Committee meeting: Deliberations on implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy started today in the Joint Committee. GS explained the following points to the committee.

a)      As per the terms and conditions of absorption in BSNL, Time Bound functional promotion from JTO up to SGJAG was assured between 4 to 6 years of service.  

b)      However, the EPP implemented by BSNL followed two types of promotion, financial upgradation and post based promotion.

c)      The bench mark for future promotions to be finalised giving weightage to the performance.

d)     New Designations are already followed in BSNL CO, it can be uniformly implemented in the field units also.

e)      The Executives working in different scales are to be fitted into the new mechanism without disturbing the already availed grade/scale.

f)       The apprehension of Management on huge number of executives can be addressed by changing the duties, responsibilities and reporting system.

g)      However, the new promotion policy has to be worked out 1) without disturbing the existing 5 promotions and 2) residency period should be kept between 4 to 6 years as per the terms and condition. Next meeting will be held on 05.08.2015, 11 AM.


27 JULY 15: JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon High Court, Ernakulam: Final hearing continued today. Our lawyer, BSNL lawyer and lawyer from one of the applicants argued today. The arguments from the lawyer representing another case will be made on Wednesday and Hon Court decided that the final arguments will be completed on Wednesday, 29.07.2015.


27 JULY 15: Core Committee of the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations meeting with CMD, DIR(CFA) and other officers on 24.07.2015: CMD and DIR(CFA) held  discussions with Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations to review the implementation of recently launched “Free Night Calling from BSNL Land lines” and “Free Roaming for incoming calls on BSNL mobile connections”. GS attended the meeting as core committee member. GM (NWP-CFA), GM (NWO-CM), GM (PP, S&M and Infra) were also present in the meeting.

ü CMD initiated the discussions with opening remarks that till these schemes are introduced, all operators are almost in the same footing. Now BSNL got an edge over all other operators and this is a golden opportunity which we may get very rarely, “once in a life time”.  CMD and other Directors are strongly monitoring and reviewing the progress. CMD mentioned that the sole purpose of conducting the meeting to have a joint effort for revival of BSNL. CMD impressed upon to organise Melas, campaigns, improve quality of service to attract more and more customers to BSNL. Each and every employee should involve in this initiative for revival of BSNL.

ü DIR (CFA) informed that 4 lakh WiFi modems are available with BSNL and the cost is now reduced to Rs. 1500/-. It should be utilized to provide connections whoever is demanding Wi-Fi modem and increase the revenue. In the case of DNP, the incoming facility allowed for 60 days instead of earlier 30 days. But by 31st August, they have to be made active by reconnection and special efforts are to be made for this purpose.

ü Certain Circles made good initiatives. UPE, MP, RAJ, CHTD Circles and Nagergovil SSA in TN are taking the lead. GS explained the issues in the field units like shortage of drop wire, 5 pair cable, OF cable, labour problems etc and requested management to release more fund for cable repair so that cable fault can be rectified and more areas can be made feasible. Due to shortage of fund, cable faults are not getting repaired and faults are set right by changing the cable pair. Focus can be given to hostels and other concentrated areas to popularize these schemes. Special teams are to be deputed to these places with an assurance to after sale service also. Delay in SIM activation is also to be resolved. New connections should be activated within 2 to 3 hours by our IN.

ü CMD and DIR (CFA) suggested monitoring the performance of the Retailers and Franchises so that sales can be further improved. Proper monitoring will improve the sales.

ü Concerned GMs reported the progress during the last two months. Last year BSNL was providing 8.6 lakhs mobile connections per month. During May, June, 2015 it increased to 11.6 lakhs per month, an increase of 36 %( including MNP). In July BSNL already crossed 11 lakhs by 23rd and we are expecting that we will cross 15 lakhs.  Still there is good scope of further improvement in this segment.  In MNP port out was higher but that also changed and now more or less equal. 

ü On landline sector, before the launch of the scheme, the net disconnection was 1.20 lakh per month. Now up to 15th July 2015 the net disconnection is reduced to 11,000 per week or 40 to 45 Thousands per month.

ü Good news is that ten Circles come positive in net landline connections i.e. A & N, Assam, Chennai TD, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Haryana, J&K, NE-I, Punjab and Rajasthan Circles.

ü Core Committee leaders appraised the actual status of implementation of these schemes in field units and the initiatives taken by the Forum in this regard. But the response from Circles and SSAs are not encouraging hence Circles/SSA Heads should be directed to hold meeting with the Circle/SSA level Forum leaders to mobilize and involve the employees for the success of these schemes. They also apprised about the scarcity of material in some circles.

ü DIR (CFA) informed that he himself or concerned GMs can be apprised regarding shortage of material, if any in Circles/SSAs through SMS or in person by the members of the Core Committee.


27 JULY 15: Meeting with CGMT MH: Com. S.B. Bhosale, CT SNEA (I) MH & CS SNEA(I) MH had meeting with Shri. G. K. Upadhay, CGMT MH inn his chember at 1630 hrs on 24/07/2015 to discuss some urgent HR & development issues of Maharashtra Circle. The details of discussions are as follows.

Ø Starting discussions, CGMT MH informed us about the discussions in his recent visit to BSNL CO & concern raised by different senior officers in BSNL CO towards poor progress in revenue generation by MH Circle. CGMT MH specially mentioned the condition of Kalyan & Raigad SSAs and stressed for special efforts by all to improve situation.

Ø He informed that situation of Kalyan SSA needs to be given top priority as it has major contribution to Maharashtra Circle. He directed us to have some special efforts on platform of SNEA (I) and Joint Action Committee Kalyan for generation of more & more revenue with improvement of services and whatever support required from his side will be given by his office as a special case. We have details discussions on reasons for present poor condition of Kalyan SSA & we apprised him how the condition of Kalyan SSA can be improved. We also assured him to contribute on part of SNEA (I) members and to have strong initiatives on platform of JAC by bringing more awareness among the staff & executives of Kalyan SSA.

Ø Regarding Raigad SSA, CGMT MH informed that performance of Raigad SSA is at the bottom in all sections. CGMT MH further added that GMT Raigad has informed him that due to non posting of substitutes and shortage thereof the performance of Raigad SSA is worst. CGMT MH also expressed that due to transfer policy he is unable to post additional executives and there is oppose from associations. We made it clear that it is neither transfer policy nor oppose of associations, but the criteria of justified strength adopted by his office in posting of executives, has stopped posting substitutes to Raigad SSA. On the contrary many of the executives have submitted own cost requests for posting to Raigad SSA and are waiting for their posting for last one year and some of them are posted to other SSAs in the interest of service  as Circle office did not show any vacancy in Raigad SSA. CGMT MH specially asked us to get 4-5 SDEs/JTOs who can devotedly work in rural area of Raigad SSA so that he can post them on priority to Raigad SSA by putting aside executive strength formula and on the basis of the actual requirement of Raigad SSA.

Ø  CGMT MH was also of the opinion that due to tenure transfers at regular interval the condition of Raigad SSA has deteriorated. We have made it clear that it is not tenure transfer at Regular interval, but it is fact that SSA Head of Raigad is seating in Mumbai away from Raigad SSA and the entire workforce of Raigad SSA is seating at Panvel or at other remote locations. This is continued for years together as it was special arrangement made by his office to safeguard transfer of GMT Raigad from Mumbai to Raigad at Panvel. If SSA Head was & is rightly available at Panvel HQ, there was/will not be such worst situation as expressed by CGMT MH and as being seen presently. We also informed him that many of the staff & officers in Raigad SSA have expressed need of SSA Head at Panvel or all the staff & Officer at Mumbai i.e. where to GMT Raigad is posted. We brought to his notice tenure transfers are issued at regular intervals from all Five tenure SSAs i.e. Gadchiroli, Sindhudurg, Goa, Ratnagiri & Raigad and the condition of all other SSAs is much better as compared to Raigad SSA and hence tenure transfer at regular interval is not only reason for worst condition of Raigad SSA and other reasons needs to be taken care on priority. We also elaborated him other reasons for deteriorating condition of Raigad SSA and steps needed for its improvement.

Ø CGMT MH expressed that more stringent & special steps are required for improvement of Raigad SSA & appealed us not to take matters with him if he or his offices taken action against non performers or the officers who are not punctual in their duties. We have informed him that SNEA (I) MH never support officers who are not performing their duties up to the mark and he can initiate such steps but after giving them minimum required stores and manpower to meet day to day requirement and such action should be initiated against all “Non Performers” from Top to Bottom.  

Ø CGMT MH expressed that frequent transfers needs to be stopped and we should concentrate on development issue by banning transfers for certain period. We made it clear that if management is seriously concerned about development and needs to have ban on all transfers for period of one year, we have no objection and our members will contribute it if it is equally applied for all. But one side management is issuing mass transfers in the interest of service in Finance wing and some individuals are being favoured by giving special posting to choice of popular stations, and in such condition we cannot agree with him for ban on transfers for one year period.  

Ø On HR issues from our side, we have reminded Shri. G.K.Upadhay, CGMT MH about further adamant stand taken by Mrs. Marina George, Sr GM Fin Mumbai on pick and choose transfers of Finance wing officers and now how she is threatening to officers under transfer by issuing warning letter to accept these wrong transfer orders before 31/07/2015. We brought to his notice that by creating pressure, GM Fin will forcibly implement these wrong orders and then will come to him with facts that all orders are accepted by individuals and will create totally wrong picture as if there is no base in complaints made by SNEA (I) MH and transfers orders issued by her are correct. We also narrated him that many of the officers under transfers have expressed that if these wrong orders not corrected then they will not join new assignment and are thinking on to represent matter for justice to higher level or even to court of law.  

Ø We clearly brought to notice of CGMT MH that it is much disgusting that when he as CGMT MH has asked detail data about violations of transfer policy guidelines and deliberate wastage of BSNL Money, instead of taking corrective action on issues raised in this letter and as per individual representations, GM Fin Mumbai continues with gross violations of transfer policy and threatens the concerned officers under transfers and their controlling IFAs for taking serious action against non implementation of transfer orders by 31/07/2015 and mercilessly rejects about all genuine requests from individual for retention for certain period on family & medical grounds, change of station at own cost even for stations having vacancy or applying criteria of transfer policy and long stay etc. 

Ø On this Shri. Upadhay, CGMT MH asked us fresh copy of the Tabular format complaint made by SNEA(I) MH, which we have again submitted him along with all relevant orders and second time CGMT MH marked it to GM Fin Mumbai for compliance and assured to have corrective action.

Ø We made it clear that here either GM Fin Mumbai & CAO FC Mumbai will be right or we will be right and as Head of Circle it is his responsibility to correct  either one with proper justification and we have no issue if we are explained how we are wrong and how GM Fin is right. If we are made to understand, how transfer policy is not violated, how it is not pick and choose policy by GM Fin Mumbai to safeguard some long stayed officers in her good book then we will also support GM Fin Mumbai & will also explain it to concerned comrades under transfer and will guide them to follow the transfer order.

Ø But SNEA (I) MH cannot be mute spectators of such pick and choose transfers and intentional harassment of certain officers with gross violations of transfer policy and if nothing corrective action is taken on this subject, then we should not be blamed for taking up matter at different platform for justice to our comrades & then entire responsibility lies with his office. CGMT MH expressed that he will take up details from GM Fin Mumbai and will elaborate us on this issue shortly.

Ø For consideration of transfer orders of executives in Telecom wing from Non tenure stations, he again directed us to take up matter with Shri. Praveen Malhotra, Sr GM HR/Admn Mumbai and as CGMT MH he will approve all such justified proposals by GM HR/A Mumbai within no time and he will concentrate more on growth of BSNL in Maharashtra Circle. We have brought to his notice about the pending file of request transfers of SDEs from tenure stations, CGMT MH immediately approved the file without going to much details.

Ø In conclusion of meeting, Shri. G.K. Upadhyay, CGMT MH expressed that it is unfortunate that whenever we are meeting we are discussing only transfer posting issues and he has more expectations from the majority association like SNEA (I) on development issues of BSNL. He further added that he is eager to discuss & resolve the issues related to growth & development and asked us to come with such proposals and assured to resolve it on priority.

Ø We have informed him that SNEA (I) MH has always ‘Top Priority’ to Development & Growth related issues as our comrades are actively involved in it. But in different meeting with him, which are short in time period, we are compelled to limit our discussions. We also made it clear that we have not discussed with him any transfer posting issue of Telecom, Civil, Electrical wing as issues are taken care by concerned officers with total responsibility and we have discussed with him only issues of transfer posting in Finance wing and it is mainly due to adamant stand taken by GM Fin Mumbai and as she continues with more threatening to executives in field units to hide mistakes due to poor knowledge of Mr. Bhaskar CAO FC Mumbai about transfer policy of executives & overall working of Maharashtra Circle.

Ø We firmly assured him to submit concrete proposal on issues related to growth & development of BSNL in Maharashtra Circle and we will start from Kalyan SSA as he has raised serious concern on working of Kalyan SSA and continue it with other SSAs step by step in Time bound manner.

Ø We informed him that in coming Circle Executive Meeting of SNEA (I) MH which is scheduled at Solapur on 8th & 9th August 2015, we will have elaborate discussions on the issues related growth & development of each SSA and will submit him the real problems in field units and steps required from Circle Office to improve the quality of services provided by BSNL and generation of revenue thereof.  Meeting concluded with thanks and more positive actions on both the sides.


27 JULY 15: After prolonged gap of about one year, AD Staff Mumbai published SSA wise Strength of executives in different SSA/Units in Maharashtra Circle. Copy <<<>>>

             This time strength is published on new name as ‘rationalised strength’ by replacing earlier word ‘Justified Strength’ but formula and method of calculation is same. The calculations of rationalized strength in done on the basis of working lines as on 31/03/2015 and working executives as on date and Executives under transfer as per transfer orders issued by MH Circle are counted at transferred SSA. All DS & COBs are requested to check data of executive strength in respect of their SSAs and difference if any may be please intimated to Com. V.R.Choudhary, Joint Secretary Pune, SNEA (I) MH by email on Mob 9422025500.    


26 JULY 15: As updated earlier, AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer order of SDEs who have completed tenure by QE June 2015. Letter <<<>>>


26 JULY 15: AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for Phase II training for 14 JTOs and training will commence at BRBRAITT Jabalpur w.e.f. 28/09/2015. Letter <<<>>>


26 JULY 15: AO FC Mumbai calls for fresh VCs of JAOs for looking After AO arrangements as the earlier VCs called have been expired as no orders were issued in time. Letter <<<>>>


26 JULY 15:  DE Nodal Nagpur issued SSA wise allotment of New GSM BTS cards and procedure to be followed in collection and utilisation of these cards for SSAs in Nagpur Area. Letter <<<>>>


25 JULY 15: Meeting with CGMT MH: Com. S.B.Bhosale CT SNEA (I) MH & CS had meeting with Shri. G. K. Upadhay, CGMT MH at 1630 hrs in his chamber to discuss some urgent HR & development issues of Maharashtra Circle.

             The details of discussions on different issues will be uploaded shortly. It is to inform that during conclusion of discussions, we have brought to his notice the pending file of SDE tenure transfers due to his official tour to Delhi, in very positive response, CGMT MH immediately approved the file and SDE tenure transfer orders are expected by today evening.


25 JULY 15: Congratulations!!! The long pending issue of pay fixation of JAOs (Deptl - 40% quota) of 2010 Batch arising out of Non-Executives  Wage revision orders dated 07/05/2010 and subsequent clarification dated 18.5.2011 settled Letter <<<>>>

      SNEA (I) was pursuing this issue for quite long time. SNEA (I) extends heartfelt thanks to CMD, Director HR and all Committee members for settling this case.


25 JULY 15:  BSNL CO endorsed the DoT orders for repatriation of ITS officers in BSNL/MTNL. Letter <<<>>> 


24 JULY 15:  CAO FC Mumbai Mr. Bhaskar creates pressure on the IFAs to implement transfer orders issued under his “Hopeless Bhaskar Transfer Policy”  by issuing instructions to implement these biased and pick and choose transfer orders by 31/07/2015. Letter <<<>>>

ü As expected, instead of redressing the grievances raised by the individual comrades, hopeless CAO FC Mumbai Mr. Bhaskar issued “warning” instructions to IFAs for compliance of all these transfer orders by 31/07/2015 & to look into matter of “non Compliance” seriously.

ü This happens, when CGMT MH has called for compliance on complaints made by SNEA (I) MH about violations of transfer policy guidelines and wastage of BSNL money on unwanted and avoidable transfers and nothing has been done since last one week by GM Fin Mumbai.

ü When GM Fin Mumbai herself is not following instructions of CGMT MH, how she and her hopeless CAO FC Mumbai Mr.  Bhaskar expects same from the IFAs and here IFAs are also free to follow the footsteps of GM Fin Mumbai for non compliance on instructions of superiors.

ü This letter is poor attempt to create picture in minds of Finance wing officers that Mrs. Marina George, Sr GM Fin Mumbai is “Supreme” in finance wing transfers and CGMT MH has no value in transfer posting of Finance wing officers.

ü It is funny to see that this letter stress to ensure “relief” to these officers as per orders under reference and what relief is expected by Mr. Bhaskar is not clear as nothing has been mentioned in this letter. Normally ‘relief’ is provided to the victims of natural calamities like flood, storm etc and here Mr. Bhaskar is providing ‘relief’ to the officers transferred due to his hopeless transfer policy.

ü It is unfortunate that till today Mr. Bhaskar has proved his lowest level of knowledge about transfer policy & related rules of BSNL by actions and now he is making further attempts to prove that his level of knowledge of language is also very poor and it may be fact that in blind approach to follow his boss, he has forgotten difference between ‘relief’ and ‘relieve’.

ü It may be fact that Mr. Bhaskar agrees that these officers under transfer are victims of harassment by his “Boss” and he want to give them relief, but is unable to say something openly in fear of losing mercy of his ‘Boss’.

ü One side officers under transfers are named as victims in need of relief and other side nothing has been done to resolve the problems faced by these executives being transferred at mid academic session and randomly as per wish of GM Fin Mumbai & intentionally neglecting the BSNL transfer policy.

ü None of request of the officers even for own cost transfers at places where vacancy exists and where other officers are being transferred in the interest of service are given consideration and in poor attempt to prove wrong action of FC section as “right”, now pressure is being created on IFAs for relieving these officers under transfer. It is fact that on implementation of these transfers under pressure, CGMT MH will be informed by GM Fin Mumbai that all the officers have followed the orders and it is proof that the transfer orders issued by her are/were correct.

ü Now it is up to individual officers under transfer and IFAs concerned, where they want relief from this harassment by fight against injustice or they are ready to join hands with dictators to harass their own officers first by issuing wrong transfers and then by relieving them under pressure created by this letter and support Mr. Bhaskar CAO FC Mumbai and Mrs. Marina George, Sr GM Fin Mumbai in their poor attempt to prove that the transfer orders issued by them are correct.   


24 JULY 15:  DE Nodal Pune issued SSA wise allotment of New GSM BTS cards and procedure to be followed in collection and utilisation of these cards. Letter <<<>>>

       This is allotment for SSAs in Pune area and allotment of cards for Nagpur area is under process and same also may be issued today. This is first lot of cards received by BSNL and further cards are being supplied by the vendor and distribution will be issued on its receipt, but cards needs to be used with priority to revenue and services to customers. For any difficulties in allotment & collections of cards from Pune area, the concerned field officers can contact Com. R. L. Vyavahare, SDE Mobile Pune (9422925450/020-24470070).    


24 JULY 15:  BSNL CO issued instructions to conduct  P&T audit at Circle level in all 29 ERP implemented Circles and to stop present practice of SSA level P &T Audit. Letter <<<>>> 


24 JULY 15:  BSNL CO invites material i.e. article, poem, stories etc for annual Hindi Magazine “Sanchar Sarika 2015”. Letter <<<>>> 


23 JULY 15:  JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon Kerala High Court: Today, after partial hearing the case was adjourned to 27/07/2015 (Monday).  


23 JULY 15: BSNL CO issued orders for pre-appointment training of 11 weeks in respect 134 Direct Recruit JAOs of Maharashtra Circle & this training will start from 03/08/2015 at RTCC Nagpur (36) , NATFM Hyderabad (37) and from 17/08/2015 at RTCC Hyderabad (31) & at RTCC Pune (30).   Letter <<<>>>  Annexure <<<>>>


23 JULY 15:  Good News:  It really good news for field officers & staff facing customer complaints due to non availability of cards for replacement of faulty /life expired GSM BTS Cards that after prolonged period of 2-3 years and first time, the field units in Maharashtra Circle will get “New GSM BTS cards for maintenance works” because as per PO issued by Maharashtra Circle, yesterday, New cards are received by office of GM NWO CM Pune. Further distribution of these new Cards will be done as per the requirement from different SSA to GM NWO CM Pune and field units have to be in touch with concerned officers of GM NWO CM Pune.

Ø It is fact that hundreds of BTS including some high revenue BTS are down for months rather years together for want of replacement of faulty/life expired GSM BTS cards. The works of maintenance of GSM BTS was mainly affected due to poor quality of repairing works done under AMC signed by BSNL with M/S ITI & ALIL & failure of certain officers in BSNL to extract works from these vendors. Many of the field officers raised their voice against poor quality of works by these vendors but their voice was always suppressed by pressure from these vendors in support of some of officers in BSNL itself and BSNL money & mainly time was wasted on repeated repairing of cards. Poor repairing of faulty cards & Non availability of spare cards for replacement of faulty /life expired cards is one of the important & major reasons for more down time of BTS in Maharashtra Circle.

Ø  On the basis of feedback from field officers, SNEA (I) MH has strongly raised this issue with Shri. M. K. Jain, then CGMT MH and Shri. Anupam Shrivastav, then Director CM BSNL Board & present CMD BSNL & continuously pursued matter at different levels. With strong initiatives by both of these prominent officers and after taking official time of about 10 to 11 months for completing tendering & other formalities, Maharashtra Circle is now getting these new Cards practically and this will great relief to all the field officers and BSNL customers.

Ø  All the officers/Staff in GSM section of different SSAs in Maharashtra Circle are appealed to initiate immediate steps for collection and replacement of faulty/life expired cards from office of GM NWO CM Pune without any further delay on their part. It is further requested to use these new Cards with optimum utilisation & with top most priority to High Revenge BTS for generation of maximum revenue by improvement in Quality of GSM services and to get benefit of “Free National Roaming scheme” recently launched by BSNL for its all GSM customers. .   


23 JULY 15: Good News: Dept of Expenditure, Govt of India issued revised classification of Cities for grant of HRA to Central Government Employees and now cities will be classified as “X”, “Y” & “Z” cities. Letter <<<>>>  Annexure <<<>>>

           In Maharashtra Circle, Pune has been upgraded as Call “X” City and Amravati, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nashik, Bhiwandi, Solapur, Kolhapur, Vasai-Virar, Nanded- Waghala & Sangli Municipal Corporation areas have been upgraded to Class “Y” cities.


23 JULY 15: BSNL CO reminder calling for APRs of SDEs/DE Adhoc for DE Regular Promotion for which DPC is scheduled shortly. Letter <<<>>>

 In first phase APRs of all executives in OC & SC Category in Seniority list no. 5 & 6 and for ST category in list No. 5, 6 & 7 are to be sent on priority. This copy of APRs will be retained at BSNL CO and hence, Circles have to keep another copy with its custody and perhaps Xerox copy with SSA as in Maharashtra Circle APR cell at Circle office Mumbai is centrally maintaining APRs of all executives.


23 JULY 15: GS SNEA(I) CHQ writes to DIR(HR), BSNL regarding proposed amendments in SDE RR 2002 pending before BSNL Board – delinking it with approval of HR plan as there is no connection between the proposed amendments and HR plan. Letter <<<>>>


23 JULY 15: AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for total 20 weeks JTO training (Three weeks Pre basic, Three weeks Basic, Ten weeks Phase-I & Four week Field Training)  for 19 Ex-serviceman TTAs qualified in recent TTA to JTO and training will start w.e.f. 27/07/2015 at RTCC Nagpur. Letter <<<>>>


23 JULY 15: BSNL CO calls for details of outstanding dues/claims to be recovered from DOT for fortnightly review meeting by CMD BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


23 JULY 15: AGM Vig Cell, BSNL CO endorses the BSNL CO orders for e-tendering process and as per this letter the procurements costing Rs Five lakhs and above is to be done only through e-tendering process at all levels i.e. Corp Office, Circles, Units & SSAs  with immediate effect and from 1st April 2016 procurement with cost Rs. Two lakhs and above is to be done e-tendering process. Letter <<<>>>


22 JULY 15: BSNL CO issued instructions to all Circle Heads regarding Safety from Fire Incidents. Letter <<<>>>


22 JULY 15:  AGM Estt Mumbai calls for missing APRs of executives from Satara, Pune & Kalyan SSAs for E4 to E Time Bound promotions. Letter <<<>>>


22 JULY 15:   BSNL launches Online portal for RTI activities and it has started functioning w.e.f. 20/07/2015. Letter <<<>>>


21 JULY 15:  Message and greetings from Mrs. Sujata Ray, New Director BSNL Board on her assumption of duties as Director HR. Letter <<<>>>


21 JULY 15:  BSNL CO calls for VCRs & APRs for SDE to EE Civil promotions. Letter for VCRs <<<>>>   APRs <<<>>>

        This is immediate step initiated by BSNL CO after amendment in BSNLMS RR for promotion of Diploma holders to EE posts in Civil/Elect and this will restore respect of many of Executives of Civil/Electrical wing Maharashtra Circle who were reverted from post of EE under Looking After Arrangements and now all will be promoted on regular posts of Executive Engineer. This is possible due to detail feedback from Civil wing Comrades in Maharashtra Circle and its vagarious persuasion by Com. A. Chandrasekhar, AGS SNEA(I) CHQ and other prominent CHQ leaders. 


21 JULY 15: GS SNEA (I) CHQ writes to CMD, BSNL regarding incorporations or modification of important provisions in the New Recognition Rules, 2014 before membership verification and for restoration of trade union facilities extended to SNEA (I) till uncertainty created due to legal hurdles to conduct membership verification is over. Letter <<<>>>


20 JULY 15: JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon Kerala High Court was listed for final hearing today. Since one of the lawyer from applicant was not present due to illness, final hearing didn’t take place. There are 3 cases clubbed together. On initial arguments from our lawyer, Hon court was inclined to vacate the stay. However the applicants lawyer strongly opposed it on the plea that once case is posted for final hearing, no interim direction may be given. Finally for the convenience of all, the case posted for final hearing on 23.07.2015, Thursday. 




18 JULY 15: CAO FC Mumbai Mr. Bhaskar continues with his special Hopeless Bhaskar Transfer Policy” in total shameless attitude and today issued revised posting of Com. A.K. Mondal AO Akola who as per order dated 07/07/2015 was under own cost transfer to Nagpur and within fortnight now he is posted at Jalna in the Interest of service. Letter <<<>>>

Mr. Bhaskar now transfers Com. Mondal to Jalna SSA intentionally by neglecting own cost request of other comrades to Jalna SSA and continues to waste BSNL Money on unwanted transfer posting. This is only “Hopeless Bhaskar Transfer Policy” which can justify that officer posted to Nagpur just before one week at “Own Cost” is needed at Jalna SSA on more hopeless funda of “Administrative Convenience”.  We are confident that Mr. Bhaskar also does not know what administrative convenience is at Jalna that is not available at Nagpur and he just continues to blindly follow his “boss”. It is clear that Mr. Bhaskar was either doing wrong in earlier transfer order issued on 07/07/2015 or he has issued this fresh order of Com. Mondal wrongly. But as he is given full shelter by GM Fin Mumbai, he will continues to make all such deliberate blunders and executives in Finance wing will continue to suffer under this “Hopeless Bhaskar Transfer Policy” with deliberate wastage of BSNL Money. This hopeless attitude will continue to waste BSNL Money till Mr. Bhaskar & his boss are taken to task by CGMT MH or other concerned officers at BSNL CO & we are sure that in days to come Mr. Bhaskar will have to reply for all his wrong doings & blind followings.

It is to inform that CGMT MH has taken note of detail submission by SNEA (I) MH vide letter dated 14/07/2015 & he has asked for report from GM Fin Mumbai on this complaint about violation of transfer policy guidelines, deliberate wastage of BSNL money by unwanted transfers & overall harassment of Fin Wing executives.      


18 JULY 15: A meeting of the Forum was held on 15.07.2015. Comrades who participated in the meeting elaborately discussed the issues and finally took the following decisions.

1.     The Core Committee of the Forum should immediately meet the Secretary, DoT, and discuss the issues on which the two day strike had taken place.

2.     The issue of 30% superannuation to the Directly Recruited Employees of BSNL should be seriously taken up with the BSNL Management.

3.     CMD BSNL has already assured to hold a discussion with the Forum, on the HR plan of the Company. Together with this, the recommendations of the Deloittee Committee should also be discussed with the CMD immediately.

4.     The Hon Minister for Communications has so far not met the representatives of the Forum to discuss the demands connected with the revival of BSNL. Hence, the meeting directed that serious efforts should be taken to have a meeting with the Hon Minister of Communications, to discuss the issues.

5.     On the issue of transfer of assets to BSNL, it is learnt that most of the circle administrations in BSNL, have not completed the basic ground work required for the transfer of assets. Hence, it is decided that Forum should write to the CMD BSNL, seeking expeditious action in this regard.

6.     It is observed that the advantage of the ‘Night Free Call’ could not be taken in many places. The reason is that, new landline connections could not be given due to ‘non feasibility’. Hence, it is decided to write to the CMD BSNL, demanding to overcome this short coming.

7.     On the issue of revision of pension to the BSNL retirees, it was assured in the meeting held on 01.05.2015, with the Secretary, DoT, that the matter would be referred to the 3rd PRC.

However, the Forum strongly felt that the DoT should also take steps for referring the matter to the 7th CPC, which is dealing with the revision of government pension. Letter <<<>>>


18 JULY 15: DoPT, Govt of India issued steps for conducting inquiry in case of allegation of Sexual harassment.  Letter <<<>>>


18 JULY 15: Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations New Delhi writes to CMD, BSNL on Night Free call and Free roaming.  Letter <<<>>>


18 JULY 15: BSNL Unions & Associations New Delhi writes to CMD, BSNL on 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees. Letter <<<>>>


18 JULY 15: Reconstitution of the committee to consider issues related to EPP, pay fixation and pay protection on officiating promotion, raised by SNEA(I). Letter <<<>>>

       The committee reconstituted with Sr GM (SR) as Chairman, GM (Pers), GM (Estt), GM (FP&PF) as members and DGM (Pers) as convenor. The committee to submit the report by 31.08.2015.


18 JULY 15: GS SNEA(I) CHQ writes to CMD, DIR (EB), DIR (HR), ED (NB) and other senior officers thanking them for issuing clarification in BSNLMS RR 2009 making Diploma holders with 10 years of experience eligible for promotion to EE posts in Civil/Elect etc wings, ending 20 year old discrimination. Further requesting them for expeditious action to fill up all the EE posts in Civil/Elect etc wings on war footing. Letter <<<>>>


17 JULY 15: Circle Executive Committee {CEC} Meeting of SNEA(I) MH at Solapur: The Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA(I) MH will be held for Two days on 08/08/2015 and 09/08/2015 In Conference hall, Dr. Nirmalkumar Phadkule Pratisthan, Near Shri Siddheshwar Temple Solapur.   Notice <<<>>>        Circular <<<>>>     

Ø It is mandatory to each and every District Secretary, Circle Office Bearers, CWC Member, CEC Member to attend the Circle Executive Meeting. 

Ø For journey details, accommodation & stay etc please contact Com. B.N.Kore JS South SNEA (I) MH {9423065988}, Com. S. P. Paspule DS SNEA (I) Solapur {9422648333}.

Ø As per constitution of SNEA (I), observers are not permitted for CEC meeting as it increases expenditure on lodging and boarding and hence no observers will be normally allowed except prior written permission from Com. S.V.Bhad CP SNEA (I) MH and all such permitted observers will have to pay Rs. 1500 each as observer fee.

Ø All DS are requested to conduct the General/Executive Body Meetings of their districts before scheduled CEC meeting, discuss the HR/Development issues, organisational matters and send resolutions passed in meeting to ACS concerned, collect the monthly subscriptions up to August 2015, pending Circle donations, Legal Fund contribution and SNEA (I) Bhavan donations from all the members and handover it to Com. S. B. Bhosale, CT SNEA (I) MH well in advance.

Ø It is seen that about all districts have good number  of unpaid members and some of them are approaching association with quota when they are in need of association support for personal grievances which is not health practice for our association. Hence all DS/COBs/CEC Members are requested to approach all such unpaid members personally, listen their grievances if any , but see that at any cost there should not be any paid member in any district for any reason. While submission of Quota all DS are requested to submit update paid membership list to Com. S. A. Sarode,  JS Vidarbha  SNEA (I) MH by email before CEC Meeting i.e. by 02/08/2015 and to submit hard copy in the CEC Meeting.

Ø All DS are further requested to send resolution pertaining to the Organizational/HR issues& agenda points for discussions duly approved in the General/Executive Body meetings of Branch/Districts to Com. S.R. Kalmegh, ACS East SNEA (I) MH & Development Issues & agenda points to Com. S.R. Bhise, ACS West SNEA (I) MH latest by 06/08/2015 for consideration and inclusion in the schedule of CEC Meeting.

Ø Circle conference of SNEA(I) MH is due by Sept 2015 and due to AIC Jaipur scheduled in same month it will be held in month of Oct /Nov 2015 and all DS/COBs/CEC members are requested to come with proposals for holding Circle Conference as we will have to finalize Venue of Circle Conference in this CEC Meeting.

Ø All are requested to make full preparations, collect feedback from members and share it in meeting and make this CEC meeting grand success by active participation.


17 JULY 15: Sr GM Fin Mumbai endorsed the clarification issued by BSNL CO on EPF higher pension option issued in April 2015. Letter <<<>>>  


17 JULY 15: AGM Estt Mumbai calls for fresh VCs for E4 to E5 TBP DPC and last date for submission of VCs is 18/07/2015. Letter <<<>>>  


16 JULY 15: Congratulations: Amendment in BSNLMS RR for promotion of Diploma holders to EE posts in Civil/Elect etc wings released today. By this clarification, one of the long pending demands of SNEA (I), i. e. “Parity in promotions in all wings” and the assurances given to the Comrades of Civil/Elect etc wings materialised. The Kanyakumari All India Conference of SNEA (I) in 2003 decided to demand parity for all cadres and continuously pursued for that. Parity in TBP is already implemented. This was one of our demands in the agitation during April/May, 2015 also in which assurance was given to us by CMD and DIR (HR). Letter <<<>>>


16 JULY 15: Meeting with Sri Rakesh Garg, Secretary DoT on 16.07.2015: Core committee members of the Forum met Sec/DoT and had a review meeting of the issues raised in the agitation notice and the discussions held on 01.05.2015.

·        On payment of USO subsidy, Secretary informed that Telecom Commission in the last meeting approved the proposal of payment of Rs. 1250 Crores recommended by TRAI for 2012-13. Now the proposal will go to the cabinet for effecting the payment. We thanked him for the settlement of this issue as assured to us.

·        BWA spectrum refund: The proposal of refund of Rs 830 Crores for which budget allocation received from Finance Ministry is under process for reimbursement to BSNL. By this all the payments up to 2013-14 will be completed and the total reimbursement will be Rs 930 Cr including the earlier payment of Rs 100 Cr. BSNL didn’t paid licence fee etc due for 2014-15 which comes around Rs 2200 Crores.

·        Proposed merger of BSNL and MTNL, media news: Secretary informed that Govt not taken any decision in this regard and in case Govt takes a decision for merger, the concerns raised by the employees will be addressed and no decision will be taken which is harmful to BSNL or MTNL.

·        78.2% benefit to Pensioners: On this matter, Secretary immediately spoken to Member (Fin) and directed to send DO letter to concerned Secretaries under the signature of Secretary, DoT.

·        Reimbursement of salary etc from TERM Cell etc: Secretary informed that it is under process.

·        On the proposal of referring pension revision to next PRC, meeting with Member (Services) will be held on Monday.


16 JULY 15: In continuation to discussions held with Shri. G. K. Upadhyay, CGMT MH Circle on 09/07/2015 on single point agenda of mass transfers of finance wing officers, CS SNEA (I) MH submits details in  “Tabular Format” as desired by CGMT MH showing point wise & case wise violations of BSNL transfer Policy guidelines and how BSNL money is being wasted by Mrs. Marina George Sr GM Fin Mumbai for benefit of certain officers by giving them choice posting at BSNL cost on pick and choose basis and how certain executives are harassed by issuing their transfer orders intentionally at odd places. Letter exposes how Mrs. George  has violated about all clauses of Executive Transfer Policy and even the reminder letters issued by BSNL CO and also orders issued by her own office, just to avoid long stay transfers of certain officers in her good book and harassing other executives by issuing mass & arbitrary transfer in middle of academic session. 

Letter <<<>>>            Tabular Format Annexure <<<>>>              Enclosures <<<>>>


16 JULY 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer order of JTOs who have completed tenure by QE June 2015. Letter <<<>>>

       These are tenure transfer of only JTOs & for tenure transfer of SDEs the file is under process and transfer orders in respect of all SDEs who have completed tenure by QE June 2015 are expected by today evening or tomorrow.


16 JULY 15: AGM Admn Mumbai conveyed approval of competent authority for payments of Rs. 650 for executives and Rs 480 for Non executives in lieu of supply of towel, soap, glass, pen & refill for year 2015. Letter <<<>>>  


16 JULY 15: BSNL CO issued transfer order of SDE mainly to All India Tenure stations in which six SDEs from Maharashtra Circle are transferred to J& K Circle and all are request transfers. Letter <<<>>>    


15 JULY 15: Amendment in BSNLMS RR for promotion of Diploma holders to EE posts in Civil/Elect etc wings: As reported earlier, the proposal to issue necessary clarification based on the court judgment, Govt of India and DoT orders gone to competent authority for approval with the comments from Sr GM(Legal). BSNL management agreed to issue clarification last month itself and the process was going on. The clarification is expected in a couple of days. By this clarification, one of the long pending demands of SNEA (I), i.e. “parity in promotions in all wings” will be materialised. This was one of our demand in the agitation during April/May, 2015 in which assurance was given to us by CMD and DIR (HR).


15 JULY 15: Night Free calling facility to landline customers & Free roaming to mobile customers: All out efforts are to be taken to popularise these two schemes introduced by BSNL which gives BSNL an edge over any other operator. Regular meeting of the Forum at Circle/SSA level and meeting with the Circle /SSA administrations is to be made and strategies to be worked out. Maximum publicity is to be given. It is the time to go all out and utilise the opportunity and add more and more customers. The next PRC is in our doorsteps and just 18 months away. We have to bring our company out of red in this 18 months time in order to get Pay revision in 2017.

BSNL Management is sincerely trying to address the important HR issues like E2, E3 pay scales, CPSU cadre hierarchy and streamlining promotions, addressing pay anomalies, amendments in RRs etc. So Comrades, let us focus only on the single agenda of revival of BSNL for the next PRC in 2017

15 JULY 15: Reconstitution of the Committee on Officiating pay fixation: Competent authority reconstituted the committee with Sr GM (SR) as Chairman. GM (Pers), GM (Estt) and GM (FP) are the members of the committee. The committee is directed to submit the report before 31st August, 2015. Earlier committee was almost completed the work. However as almost all the committee members transferred out of BSNLCO including the Chairman which compelled the reconstitution. This was one of our demand in the agitation during April/May, 2015 in which it was agreed to complete the work in a time bound manner.

15 JULY 15:  DGM CSC Mumbai writes reminder letter to all IFAs in Maharashtra Circle to send correct email for payments submitted through ERP. Letter <<<>>>

ü This letter certifies failure of ERP to majority extent in Maharashtra Circle, as after ERP implementation for last two years period, when it was expected that many of works will be completed online and in time bound manner, the works are delayed for one or another silly and avoidable reasons.

ü This is mainly due to poor ERP services provided by M/S HCL and failure of responsible officers from BSNL to extract works from M/S HCL. It is fact that ERP has been implemented in many of the circles and such “Thump Rule” & extra procedures are not created in other circles, but are used specially in Maharashtra Circle to shelter failures on part of M/S HCL or to shelter failure on part of concerned officers in Maharashtra Circle to extract works from M/S HCL.

ü One can understand use of such useless procedures and extra security outside ERP, when ERP was totally new to BSNL and such extra procedures needs to be scrapped when about two years have been passed after official opening of ERP in Maharashtra Circle. When other circles which have entered in ERP after Maharashtra Circle are able to extract works through ERP without such actions outside ERP, Maharashtra Circle also needs to take initiatives and make it practical ERP and not handicapped ERP in need of outside support.

ü Let us hope that at least in days to come, such “Thump Rules” are scrapped by certain early action on part of M/S HCL and by concerned officers working on ERP & that to be without any further delay and all executives and staff will work with full faith only through ERP and participate in true digital India movement by making it paperless office working and DGM CSC need not write such reminder letters under fear phobia of extra security & care delaying the official works in ERP.    


14 JULY 15: EPF ACCOUNTS UPDATED WITH INTREST UPTO MARCH 2015: It is good news for all EPF account holders as EPF Office, Bandra, Mumbai has updated interest in all EPF accounts up to  31/03/2015 and one can check his/her details by online visit. It was seen that last three years EPF accounts were not updated and particularly EPF interest was not updated to any EPF account of BSNL executives and employees and it was reason for mass unrest among the comrades. Now this issue has been resolved as interest is updated as on 31/03/2015.

Let us hope henceforth it will be regularly updated every year. Individuals who do not find his /her data or interest updated may take up case to EPF Nodal officer and its copy to Com. Prashant Jadhav, President SNEA(I) Circle office Mumbai, {9423988666} who will pursue cases with EPF Nodal Officer, Mumbai and EPFO Bandra Mumbai to get it updated.   


14 JULY 15: Procurement of Jelly & PVC Tapes decentralized: AGM SP/CP Mumbai issued orders for decentralization of procurement of Jelly & PVC tapes & Field units can procure these daily use items for attending cable faults. Letter <<<>>>

   This is really good and economical decision taken by Shri. G.K. Upadhay CGMT MH Circle as centralization of these items at circle office Mumbai has created more problems and in many cases our field comrades have informed that expenditure of transportation was more than the cost of material and it was difficult to get these emergent items to attend the Cable faults.


14 JULY 15: BSNL CO issued orders for merger of QA Circle & Inspection Circle and new CGM of merged circles will be designated as CGM QA/Inspection and its Head Quarters will be at Jaipur. Letter <<<>>>


14 JULY 15: Form -16 for Year 2014-15 are available on MH intranet: After prolonged delay of three months Form-16 for Year 2014-15 have been issued today for all executives and non executives in Maharashtra Circle and now both the parts of Form-16 are available on MH intranet & one can check it by entering his pan card number.  Link <<<>>>

ü Since last year i.e. implementation of ERP in Maharashtra Circle, it has become tradition to delay Form 16 which is evident from repeated delay as last year Form 16 was issued on last date of submission of IT Returns i.e. on 30/07/2014 and in somewhat efficient style this year it has been issued on 13/07/2015 thereby reducing delay by 18 days. This is really efficient working after implementation of ERP and before ERP we use to get Form 16 in Month of April every year.

ü SNEA (I) Maharashtra was continuously pursuing this issue and this year response from ERP team was positive to certain extent and it was informed that in third week of July 2015, Form 16 will be available and accordingly this ERP team has kept word and Form 16 are made available in start of 3rd week of July 2015.  

ü It is seen that Form-16 are issued as on 08/06/2015 but practically these forms are made available to employees on 13/07/2015 i.e. after period of one month five days from generation of these forms .

ü When we see at the dates of generation of Forms, it is seen that Part A was ready on 08/06/2015 and Part B was ready on 05/06/2015 and as such Form 16 should have been distributed at least by 15/06/2015, but we should not expect much from so called efficient officers in ERP & Nodal Officer of ERP for Maharashtra Circle  and it is clear that this one month delay is either on part of BSNL or on part of ERP Vendor M/S HCL.

ü No doubt there is neither possibility of fixing responsibility on any staff/officer responsible for intentional delay nor chance for imposition of penalty on ERP vendor, and due to such lethargy such delay will be repeated every year and we all should practice to accept such delays as we are working with so called efficient officers.

ü Anyhow, we all have received valid Form-16 with sufficient time in hand and one can file his/her income tax returns well before last date of filing Income Tax returns.     


14 JULY 15: Furnishing of VC for JTO to SDE promotion: BSNLCO already alerted the Circles vide letter dated 08.07.15 to send the VC as all the VCs expired. Since the case is posted for final hearing on 20.07.2015, all OFFICE Bearers and activists are requested to ensure that the VC reaches BSNLCO latest by 20.07.2015 instead of 27.07.2015 as mentioned in the letter. We should not land in a situation as in January, 2015 again, where the case was disposed in our favour but promotion order could not be issued due to VCs.

BSNL CO letter<<<>>>  MH Letter<<<>>>


14 JULY 15: FR 22 (1) (a) (1) fixation to officiating JTOs: The list of SNEA(I) members not yet received from the following Circles so far: AS, BR, CHG, HP, HR, JKD, J&K, NE I, NE II, NTR, OR, PB, RAJ, UPE, UPW, UKD and TN. If the list was mailed earlier by these Circles, it may be mailed again and confirmed with CHQ. CHQ received the list of members from AP, CHTD, CTD, GUJ, KTK, KRL, MH, MP and WB Circles. CHQ is in the final stage of filing the case as reported earlier. In case no information is received from the above Circles within two days, the case will be field with the lists CHQ already received.


 13 JULY 15: CS SNEA (I) MH writes to Shri. A. N. Rai, Director HR BSNL Board New Delhi conveying sincere thanks for cancellation of wrong orders to ITPC Pune, repeated wrong transfer orders being issued by Pers Cell BSNL CO, request for cancellation of transfer order of Mrs. Jyoti Yelne, SDE on similar ground, request to stop misuse of political pressure/outside influence in transfer posting of executives or if it is not possible to stop such outside influence then to make it general so that same can be used by all other executives for managing their transfers. Letter <<<>>>


12 July 15: Meeting with  Shri Arvind Patil TDM Bhandara on long pending Development & HR issues in the SSA:  {Report by Com. K.A.Nisar DS SNEA(I) Bhandara}: The Meeting of Sanchar Nigam Executive Association (I) Bhandara  was held with Shri. Arvind Patil TDM Bhandara on Wednesday, 08/07/2015 at 12:00 hrs in the chamber of TDM Bhandara. The meeting was a held to review the agenda points raised by SNEA (I) Bhandara in the meeting dated 28/04/2015. The meeting was attended by:

1.     Com. V.C.Sonkusare, DP SNEA (I) Bhandara.

2.     Com. K.A.Nisar, DS SNEA (I) Bhandara.

3.     Com Sandeep Sonwani, VP SNEA (I) Bhandara.

4.     Com Imran Khan, ADS SNEA (I) Bhandara.

5.     Com Dinkar Kumar, DT SNEA (I) Bhandara.

6. Com T.L.Chaudhary, Executive Body Member SNEA (I) Bhandara.

7. Com Pramod Rathore, Executive Body Member SNEA (I) Bhandara.

8. Com Vivek Chawla, Executive Body Member SNEA (I) Bhandara.

There is a huge unrest in the executives of Bhandara SSA due to the biased attitude of TDM Bhandara who is giving shelter to wrong doings of some officers in the SSA & also violating all the guidelines in transfer & posting specially in sensitive posts in the SSA and by taking note of such actions delegation has raised the following issues firmly.

Ø Com. Imran Khan, ADS Bhandara raised the problems of mobile coverage in the SSA, in regards to which TDM Bhandara told that the BTS uptime in the SSA for last month is about 89%, on which the association raised the question that how come the BTS uptime is 89% when a BTS in Bhandara town (Jahnvi Brass) is down for more than 14 hours a day, if there is a power cut the battery is having zero backup due to which the BTS is switched OFF & it is restored only on the next day when a RESET is given through OMCR, the BTS of Gondia MIDC, DTO Gondia are also having same problem with the battery, we can imagine the condition of rural BTS by this where there is heavy load shedding daily up to the tone of 10 hrs. Also how come the BTS uptime be 89% in a month when on an average a BTS is down for more than 10 hrs a day we pointed out that due to this reason only the working connections have reduced from approx. 1.62 lakhs in March 2014 to 1.12 lakhs in March 2015 i.e. approx.  50,000 or one third disconnections in a single financial year.

Ø In this regards TDM Bhandara told that the BTS uptime report is being taken from the OMCR link & also instructed SDE (Mobile) Bhandara to provide the necessary data so as to substantiate the BTS- Uptime report.

Ø Com. V.C.SonkusareDP Bhandara raised issued of immediate action on pending relieving of 2 of our ladies comrades: i) Com. Mrs. M. U. Badade SDE (DTO) Gondia II) Com. Mrs. A.A.Dongre SDE (QOC) Bhandara both own cost transfer to Nagpur, who have served in rural areas in the SSA since 2010, the association has also raised the issue that when a SDE Mrs. V.G. Rahate joined from Nagpur why she was posted by creating an extra post of SDE (mobile) Bhandara when reliving of Com. Mrs. M.U.Badade  & Com. Mrs. A.A.Dongre was due also the Case of Shri S.P.Shende who was posted in Bhandara TD on spouse ground transfer from Gujarat circle was discussed how TDM Bhandara has complicated the case & demanded immediate redressal of the issue. In this regards TDM Bhandara assured that the relieving of the above said executives would be effected shortly.

Ø Com. Sandeep SonwaniVP Bhandara told that Gondia district is always ignored while issuing the transfer & posting orders  &  demanded for immediate posting of SDE (phones) Gondia, as there is only one JTO in Gondia outdoor without any TTA so it is impossible for him to manage the field related works as well as to handle the customer complaints who are visiting his office, he also raised the issue of biased attitude of AGM (Planning) in issuing stores to Gondia district, out of 10km drop wire received in the SSA only 2km was issued to the whole Gondia District, he demanded that the stores should be issued equally in Bhandara & Gondia Districts. TDM Bhandara agreed with the proposal & instructed AGM (Plg) to issue the remaining 3Km Drop wire to AGM (CFA-II) Gondia immediately, & also issue the store equally to Bhandara & Gondia Districts.

Ø Com. Sonwani also raised the issue that while carrying out the NOFN work many of the local cable has been damaged by the agencies for which the demand note was issued & asked about the status of payment of those demand notes or weather any recovery has been made from the bills of the above said contractors, AGM (NOFN) was instructed by TDM Bhandara to provide the details to the association.

Ø Com. Pramod Rathore, raised the issue of pending DPC of JTO’s in the SSA which is due from 2013 for which HR section Bhandara is giving the excuse that the CR’s of phase-I training are pending due to which the DPC is not conducted, the association demanded why no action was taken for the last 2 years to complete the DPC by obtaining the CR’s.

Ø  TDM Bhandara informed us that he is trying his level best to conduct the DPC as soon as possible & he gave necessary instruction to AGM (Admin) for speedy redressal of the matter.

Ø Com T.L.Chaudhary raised the issue of conditions of CSC’s in the SSA most the CSC’s in the SSA are working as just bill collection centers & some are totally closed due to non-availability of Staff, The other CSC’s in the  SSA are just giving CM products, they are not giving WLL or NTC, BB or plan change facilities to the customers. The main CSC of Bhandara CSC Bhandara is just working from 10 am to 3pm only which is causing problems to the customers coming from nearby SDCA’s as the Two CSC’s  Bhandara CSC & DTO Gondia are only having Kenan-FX terminal in them. Recently Two CSC’s in the SSA namely DTO Bhandara & DTO Gondia are being awarded Swarna awards, but these CSC’s are not working full fledge then how come they are being awarded these awards is the question to be asked?

Ø In this regards TDM Bhandara told that due to acute shortage of Sr. TOA the functioning of various CSC’s have been affected he also assured that user-id for Kenan-FX will be issued to all the CSC’s shortly & facilities like SIM replacement will be started in each SDCA. In regards with Swarn Awards queries TDM Bhandara couldn’t give any satisfactory answer.   

Ø Com. Dinkar Kumar, DT Bhandara demanded immediate action for seizing the TRC  club room situated in the ground floor of TDM office building Bhandara within 2 days, which has become a den of gambling, smoking etc. right under the nose of TDM Bhandara in which some of the employees are sitting from 1 pm till 9pm in the night daily, who are disturbing the staff working in TRA & CMTS section in office hours by making loud sound of Television, Carom boards etc. the association has raised this issue in every meeting but each & every time TDM Bhandara has diverted the matter & NO action has been taken by him, Recently an incident came into light in which Shri L.M.Katre SDE who is well known for his inefficient working style & a habit of being not present in the office for most of the office hours, who is also the most active member of this TRC club forced the contract worker to turn ON the engine alternator of TDM Building Bhandara during power cut for gambling in the TRC club room after office hours on two separate occasions, the first one on 17th  June from 6:45 PM to 7:45 PM (1 Hr) & on 20th June the engine was ON from 4:50PM to 8:25PM (approx. 2.5 Hrs after office hours)

Ø This is only because of the adamant stand of TDM Bhandara & the overall negligent approach in this issue that Shri L.M.Katre’s defiant attitude has grown this much that he is openly misusing the TDM office engine for gambling in the office premises. The association strongly demanded that immediate action as per departmental rules should be taken against the above said officials or else we have to approach at circle level for punishment to the culprits.

Ø In this regards the response of TDM Bhandara was as usual timid, & he was trying to avoid any fruitful discussion on taking action against the above said misuse, but he instructed AGM (Admin) to take immediate action to seize the TRC room.    

Ø  Com. K.A.NisarDS Bhandara raised the issue about how Shri L.M.Katre SDE is being treated with kid gloves by TDM Bhandara for the last four years, firstly he was posted as SDE (Udaan) with one TTA & one Sr. TOA while on the other hand only one SDE Shri A.P. Singh was posted for Marketing, Sales & EB section that too without any subordinate staff, then someone year back Shri L.M.Katre SDE was posted as SDE (Commercial & Store) with one JTO (Shri W.H.Vaidhya transferred from Gadchiroli ) posted directly under him who has to look after the store & commercial sections so that Shri L.M.Katre SDE can enjoy the office hours in the TRC room, we further demanded an answer as to why was the transfer order of Shri W.H.Vaidhya to Mobile provisioning section Bhandara not implemented.

Ø  The Irony of the matter is that TDM Bhandara is always giving the excuse of staff shortage for posting in Gondia or elsewhere but why this royal treatment is being given to Shri L.M.Katre SDE the association demanded an answer, TDM had no reply for the same & tried to avert the matter as he has done in the past meetings also.

Ø The association also raised the most important & serious issue which is the violation of CVC guidelines by TDM Bhandara in posting of staff in sensitive posts in the SSA. As per CVC guidelines the staff in the sensitive posts are to be rotated within the SSA compulsorily within 2-3 years, in this regards we asked as to why Shri V.P.Jadhav was not transferred from Planning section for the last SIX years which is more than double the tenure prescribed by CVC as AGM (planning) is the most sensitive post in the SSA after TDM because he has to deal with all the tenders EOI’s, contractor bills of maintenance, AC repairs, Vehicles card repair etc., the matter does not end here again by the grace of TDM Bhandara Shri V.P.Jadhav was given addition charge of AGM (NOFN) again a work which involves substantial amount of Contractor bills, Tenders etc. Also the other staff in the planning section dealing with processing of contractor bills have been posted for the more than the prescribed limit, which is again the violation of the CVC guidelines. 

Ø The association firmly demanded the justification for this gross volition of CVC guidelines on which TDM Bhandara had no answer but, he instructed AGM (Admin) to do the needful for transfer of staff posted in sensitive posts with immediate effect.

Ø On conclusion of the meeting at 5 PM the association once again reiterated TDM Bhandara that the favorism as stated above & any other, also violation of CVC guidelines will not be tolerated by the association anymore & the immediate implementation of the assurance given should be done by the administration in Toto within the stipulated time frame. The association is of the opinion that the issues raised in the meeting are to be taken up at circle level individually & correspondences for the same will be initiated shortly.


11 JULY 15: All India Conference Notice:  XXIX All India Conference of Sanchar Nigam Executives Association(India) will be held in accordance to the provisions of the constitution of the Association at Utsav Shri Maheshwari Samaj Janaupayogi Bhawan, Sector -2, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan on 05th, 06th and 07th September, 2015.The delegate fee for this AIC will be Rs 1250/- per head. Resolutions duly approved by the Branch/District/Circle Executive committee should reach the Central Headquarters latest by 15th August 2015. Notice <<<>>>


11 JULY 15: JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon Ernakulam High Court: After preliminary hearing, Hon Court posted the matter to 20.07.2015 for final hearing and disposal. Our lawyer and BSNL pleaded for vacation of stay or disposal of the case as there is no merit in the case. 4 or 5 officers are opposing the promotion of thousands of JTOs, our lawyer pointed out. The applicants lawyer opposed it on the plea that they are questioning the policy and hence matter has to be heard in detail. According to the convenience of all parties, the matter posted to 20.07.2015 for final hearing and disposal.

11 JULY 15: Our agitation and struggle in February/March, 2014 and April/May, 2015 started yielding results by settlement of long pending and important HR issues. The joint committee reconstituted on 06.05.2015 after our agitation, today decided to recommend standard pay scales of E2 and E3 replacing E1A and E2A w.e.f. 01.01.2007.We are very close to the settlement of our decade old dream of standard pay scales of E2 and E3.

 This was our dream since 01.10.2000 when SNEA (I) (erstwhile TEOA) demanded E2, E3 -- scales for JTO, SDE, -- and equivalent grades. We went on agitation for days together in 2002 with this demand since BSNL offered only E1, E2, E3, -- pay scales and a negotiated settlement reached with E1A, E2A, E3 ----- scales. But we didn’t lost our sight or left the issue there, continued our struggle for E2, E3 scales during 2nd PRC also. Now we are very close to the settlement of this issue after 15 years.

Even though official side maintained the stand that pay will be fixed notionally from the current date, the strong stand of the members from Assn side for the arrear payment ultimately resulted in the recommendation for arrear payment once company become profitable.

After the recommendation, the issue has to go through the MC, BSNL Board and then DoT for issuing presidential directive.

 By implementation of E2 scale, the basic pay of the Executives whose basic pay is fixed as E1+5 will be hiked by Rs 1580 (Rs 20600-19020) and pay will be hiked by about Rs 3500 (where HRA is 20%) per month. Further the benefit will continue in E3 scale also.

 By this, the commitment given by SNEA (I) to the Executives of BSNL especially to the JTOs of 2007, 2008 batches and the JTO/JAOs recruited in 2010, 2013, 2014 and the future recruits will be fulfilled.


10 JULY 15: Congratulations to one and all:

ü The Joint committee meeting today on Implementation of standard pay scales of E2 and E3 replacing non standard pay scales of E1A and E2A come to a historic decision to recommend standard pay scales E2 and E3 replacing non standard pay scales of E1A and E2A w.e.f 01.01.2007 for the basic cadres of JTO/JAO, SDE/AO and equivalent cadres.

ü Arrears will be paid once company become profitable. The official side strongly opposed any cascading effect as it is not in the purview of the committee and having huge implications in the future even though all Associations demanded for the same.

ü By this, one of our major demand for standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO is nearing resolution and further we could stop the proposed move to demote the basic cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO by reducing the pay scales.

ü The Jt committee was reconstituted on 08.05.2015 as a result of the SNEA (I) agitation in April/May, 2015 and the fruitful discussions held on 06.05.2015.

ü The next meeting of the Jt committee will be held on 27.07.2015 for discussing CPSU cadre hierarchy and first TBP uniformly after 4 years.

ü We extend our heartful gratitude to all our comrades who supported us to resolve the issue


10 JULY 15:  SINGLE POINT AGENDA meeting with CGMT MH CIRCLE : By taking note of serious & repeated violations of transfer policy guidelines by Mrs. Marina George Sr GM Fin Mumbai, we had urgent meeting with Shri. G.K.Upadhay, CGMT MH Circle especially to discuss wastage of BSNL Money and violations of transfer policy guidelines by FC section Mumbai.

Ø We have brought to his kind notice all the issues related to mass and biased transfers of Finance wing executives and adamant stand taken by Mrs. George, Sr GM Fin Mumbai and its blind support by Mr. Bhaskar CAO FC Mumbai over the period of two years and intentional harassment of Finance executives in Maharashtra Circle by issuing mass transfers by direct & intentional violation of transfer policy guidelines.

Ø Shri. G.K.Upadhyay, CGMT has given patience hearing to all the issues and concern raised by SNEA (I) MH and he also was surprised to know about this intentional wastage of Money and violation of transfer policy guidelines. CGMT MH mentioned that issuing unwanted transfers is “Crime” and he is of the opinion that there should not be any transfers. We informed him that such “crime” is being repeatedly committed by GM Fin Mumbai and CAO FC Mumbai and no action has been taken by his office on the letters by SNEA (I) MH and majority of executives in finance wing are under terror of GM Fin Mumbai.

Ø CGMT further asked our opinion, who is doing these intentional mistakes or deliberate attempts to violate BSNL guidelines, either CAO FC or GM Fin Mumbai. We have made it clear that Mr. Bhaskar has no idea about transfer policies in BSNL and he lacks in basic knowledge in adopting creative ideas in saving money in transfer posting as done by Sr GM HR/Admn, Pr CE Civil & CE Electrical. As nothing creative is put up on part of Mr. Bhaskar, no concrete & creative action is being taken by Sr GM Fin Mumbai, who works with behavior that what she is doing is always right and there is no authority in BSNL to control her any of act. 

Ø CGMT MH asked that when SNEA (I) MH is giving this much feedback, why Mr. Bhaskar is not in position to put up all the rules and regulations in file, for approval and knowledge of GM Fin Mumbai. We have elaborated why Mrs. George GM Fin Mumbai is unhappy with SNEA (I) MH due to issue of Sanchar awards and how Mr. Bhaskar continues as CAO FC with such boneless and senseless attitude at level of post of CAO for want of mercy of GM Fin Mumbai for his relieving without any delay on his forthcoming transfer to his home circle.

Ø CGMT MH again asked us for more details on why we have not discussed these issues directly with Mrs. George Sr GM Fin Mumbai and Mr. Bhaskar CAO FC Mumbai. We have informed him that Mrs. George has taken adamant stand not to discuss any issue with SNEA (I) MH and earlier days when we have met Mr. Bhaskar CAO FC on this subject for hundreds of time. But Mr. Bhaskar in capacity of CAO FC & unofficial capacity of DGM FC Mumbai was to welcome us only with smiling face & patience hearing for hours together, but without any action on issues raised by us. In lower level & childish attitude of Mr. Bhaskar does not act on any issue till he gets instructions for his “Boss’ but he dares to acts even on illegal instructions of his “Boss”.

Ø After elaborate discussions on this subject CGMT MH informed that though he has received complaints of SNEA (I) MH, but he has not gone through the contents thoroughly or in detail as he was not aware of such criminal violations. He further asked us to submit fresh details in tabular format so that concrete & to the point corrective action can be taken on the issues raised by SNEA (I) MH. He assured to have action on our this fresh letter in next week i.e. after his return from official tour to BSNL CO Delhi and directed us to submit details with relevant documents before Monday.

Ø In conclusion of this single point agenda meeting we have brought to notice of CGMT MH about undue delay in issuing Form-16 to all comrades in Maharashtra Circle and repeated failure & inaction by Mrs. Marina George, Sr GM Fin Mumbai to extract timely works from M/S HCL ERP vendor or the concerned ERP officers under her control. Shri. Upadhay, CGMT MH was surprised to know that till today Form 16 has not been issued to employees of Maharashtra Circle. On the contrary he shared that he has received his Form 16 from HR Circle long back and assured us to take up matter for early issuing of Form 16 by reviewing situation in Maharashtra Circle.

Ø We also have some discussions on the officers approaching to him for managing their transfers by using political pressure, by using personal relations and how it will be injustice to all other comrades who have followed transfer orders. We made it clear that if such officers approaching different officers in Circle office for their choice of posting are given consideration then in similar approach all other comrades should be given choice posting and if such approach is adopted by Circle management uniformly to all, SNEA (I) MH will not object for it. But if requests of only to influential executives who are not performing duties and wasting their time in circle office Mumbai or in meeting with outsiders sources & political leaders for managing their transfers then SNEA(I) MH will oppose it strongly and we cannot tolerate such biased treatment to our esteemed comrades. CGMT assured to take care of all request well within transfer policy guidelines and no one will be given undue consideration even though some of officers have approached his office for same. 


10 JULY 15: CAO FC Mumbai continues with his own created “Hopeless Bhaskar Transfer Policy” and Mrs. Marina George Sr GM Fin Mumbai continues wastage of BSNL Money for issuing Interest of service transfer and choice of station to certain executives. Modification Order <<<>>>  Retention Order <<<>>>

ü In this order one AO under transfer from Kolhapur to Goa is now given choice posting at Sindhudurg in the interest of service and working AO from Sindhudurg is transferred from Sindhudurg to Goa.

ü In another order one AO is retained at Pune till 31/03/2016 by give name of administrative reasons, and when ‘n’ of AOs and CAOs are transferred out of Pune , what this single AOs is going to give output in the interest of service is only known to Mr. Bhaskar as nothing has been mentioned in this order. Mr. Bhaskar also failed to mention to which circle this office was transferred as he has just mentioned as ‘Circle’. 

ü This is insult of GM Fin Pune specially posted for Pune SSA and many of the CAOs, AOs & JAOs working in Pune as it proves that none of them are capable to take responsibility of works handled by this AO and on names of such retention on administrative grounds this AO is specially retained at Pune and others are transferred and relieved without any mercy.  

ü Thus the hopeless attitude in wasting BSNL money on transfer posting with direct violation of orders from BSNL CO continues by Sr GM fin Mumbai in unconditional support of her blind follower Mr. Bhaskar CAO FC Mumbai , who does not have basic knowledge of transfer policy guidelines issued by BSNL CO or if he has some idea, he is so boneless and under fear of Mrs. George SR GM Fin Mumbai that he just cannot think on such BSNL orders for saving BSNL Money and continues to follow instructions of GM Fin Mumbai in total blind and senseless approach at level of CAO post.


10 JULY 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued force relieving of SDEs under transfer to ITPC Pune with immediate effect i.e. from today 10/07/2015. Letter <<<>>>

ü As per relieving orders issued by MH, the SDEs under transfer to ITC Pune were to be relieved by 25/06/2015, but none is relieved till today and hence this force majors for relieving through ERP has been taken by Circle office Mumbai as the services of these SDEs are urgently required at ITPC Pune.

ü Similar action for forced relieving through ERP is expected for relieving of all executives under transfer as per different inter SSA transfers. These officers are not relieved by SSA Heads, even though CGMT Maharashtra Circle has issued special letter with his signature to relieve all the officers by 30/05/2015 with warning to communicate displeasure on non compliance of the order.

ü It is unfortunate that many of SSA Heads dares to disobey the strict and binding instructions of Circle Head for period of one and half month and suffers are the executives working at tenure stations.

ü Anyhow, all these officers under inter SSA transfers will be also forcibly relieved through ERP probably by next week may with action against concerned SSA Heads for noncompliance of order as directed by special letter written by CGMT Circle on 21/05/2015.        


10 JULY 15: BSNL CO calls for fresh VC in respect of all eligible JTOs for SDE DPC as earlier VCs sent by all circles expired and last date for submission of fresh VCs in 20/07/2015.  Letter <<<>>>

       All District Secretaries, Circle Office Bearers and activists may take note of it and act accordingly for timely submission of VCs in respect of all eligible JTOs.


10 JULY 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for keeping his office order dated 17/06/2015 for rejection of refusal of DE LA arrangements in abeyance till further order. Letter <<<>>>  Earlier Order <<<>>>

      This decision seems to be taken in view of revision of seniority list No. 6 & 7 and changes in the names of eligible officers and mainly to save expenditure on within SSA transfers on such L/A arrangements. It would have been best decision to cancel this order and take initiatives for fresh DE LA orders for next spell which is due from 17/07/2015.


10 JULY 15: AGM Staff Mumbai calls for copy of undertaking from taken all Officiating JTOs in Year 2004 before proceedings to JTO Phase-I training which is required for submission to Hon CAT Mumbai. Letter <<<>>> 


 9 JULY 15: Department of Public Enterprise, Govt Of India issued orders for increase in IDA w.e.f. 01/07/2015. Letter <<<>>>


 9 JULY 15: BSNL CO issued list of holidays to be observed in BSNL during Year 2016. Letter <<<>>>


 9 JULY 15: Joint Committee meeting on 09.07.2015 which was reconstituted on 08.05.2015 as a result of SNEA(I) agitation: GS and AGSs met ED(NB)/ Chairman of the Joint committee, ED(Fin) and GM(Estt) and held discussions on the joint committee meeting on 09.07.15 and requested them to conclude the meeting on the first agenda of standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc replacing the intermediary pay scale of E1A and E2A for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc, the cadres facing demotion. We requested for early decision as it will render justice to the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007, i.e. in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2014 and the future recruits. It is also important to ensure that the five time bound promotions or grades which was extended by EPP to the Executives is also not disturbing or reducing. Since the deadline of 15th August is fast approaching, once pay scale demand is settled by finalising the recommendations, Jt committee will be able to deliberate on the other important issue, Time bound functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy and first TBP after 4 years from the next meeting onwards.

The Jt committee which was dead almost 3 years since February, 2012 was reconstituted on 08.05.2015 as a result of the SNEA(I) agitation in April/May, 2015 and the fruitful discussions held on 06.05.2015. Both CMD and DIR (HR) assured us that the committee will complete the task within 3 months and will meet at least once in a fortnight.


 9 JULY 15: Meeting with DIR(HR) on 08.07.2015: GS and AGSs met DIR(HR) and held discussions on the JTO to SDE Promotions, reconstitution of the committee on officiating pay fixation as almost all the committee members transferred from BSNLCO etc.

 9 JULY 15: Meeting with GM(Pers) and DGM(Pers) on 08.07.2015: GS and AGSs met GM(P) and DG(P) and held discussions on the JTO to SDE Promotions, reconstitution of the committee on officiating pay fixation, modifications and transfers in SDE and DE cadres. The committee was reconstituted last week as per the discussions held earlier but one of the member is to be changed. GM (P) informed that the alternate name is already proposed and file is moved for the approval of DIR (HR).


8 JULY 15: Hopeless Bhaskar Policy for finance wing executives continues with minor corrections and with more adamancy: CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for cancellation, modification and some fresh transfer orders of Finance wing executives & threatening instructions for relieving of all officers under transfer by 31/07/2015.


Cancellation/Modification order <<<>>>        New Transfers   <<<>>>        Instructions for Force relieving   <<<>>>


Ø In this cancellation/modification order the CAO FC has issued cancellation of transfer order of one CAO, three AOs & two JAOs which was issued on 08/06/2015 and 24/06/2015 & he has confirmed that his office has issued these orders wrongly.

Ø In order dated 24/05/2015, five AOs were given change of station to choice posting in the interest of service by direct & intentional wastage of BSNL Money and now also two more executives are transferred in the interest of service.     

Ø This is second modification order as in earlier order dated 24/06/2015 already cancellation was issued five Officers and thus transfer order has been cancelled in respect of 11 Finance wing officers and it is indirect acceptance of blunders by Mr. Bhaskar CAO and his hopeless working under guidance of Mrs. Marina George Sr GM Fin Mumbai.

Ø In these cancellation one own cost perhaps request transfer of Com. S.K. Gujar from Akola to Nagpur, has been also cancelled and this may create more trouble to Com. Gujar if he is in need of transfer. Thus over all 11 transfer orders have been cancelled and this will save lakhs of rupees of BSNL on unwanted transfers of officers.

Ø SNEA (I) MH has raised voice on such wrong transfers, and we have categorically given critical analysis of wrong doings of Mr. Bhaskar CAO FC under valuable guidance of GM Fin Mumbai.

Ø In this modification orders this time no change of station has been issued, but cost of transfers has been withdrawn in case of three AOs transfers and again in senseless approach the cost has been withdrawn in respect of officer.

Ø When it is matter of “reducing cost” of transfers, Mr. Bhaskar has intentionally increased cost of transfers as two AOs namely Com. Mrs. J.P.Phopale AO under transfer from Solapur to Latur & Com. Mrs. K.K.Khondre AO under transfer from Pune to Satara which were earlier transferred at “Own Cost” are now transferred in the “Interest of service” and given choice posting also.

Ø When cost of transfer is specially granted to two above comrades along with choice of station, in most shameful attempt  Com. J.B. Dhabale AO Parbhani, who has completed Circle Tenure of Finance wing at Parbhani for four years in place of prescribed period of two years mainly due compulsions created by Mr. Bhaskar by not issuing his transfer on completion of two years tenure. Instead of rewarding for such dedicated work, Com. Dhabale is now punished by withdrawing cost of transfer. This happens when in the letter dated 16/09/2011 issued for Circle Tenure of Finance wing it is written in “Bold  & Capital letters“ that transfer after completion of years Circle tenure will be issued “IN THE INTREST OF SERVICE” Copy  <<<>>>. 

Ø Now, question is, does Mr. Bhaskar CAO FC Mumbai knows about his own office letter or he has intentionally issued modification on cost of transfer to create more trouble to Com. Dhabale who has not met requirements as desired by Mr. Bhaskar, which seems to be fulfilled by all other comrades, who are favored by interest of service transfers as well as choice or most suitable station/s.

Ø In this same letter of tenure stations, at last sentence, it is written that “maximum tenure shall be ten years as per transfer policy,” but in the present “Hopeless Bhaskar transfer policy,” officers with stay less than two years are also transferred and officers having stay more than 20-25 years are specially favored and retained at same SSA.  

Ø It is seen that in this order Mr. Bhaskar, CAO FC Mumbai has taken care of writing Shri/Smt before name of officers under transfer as it was objected by SNEA(I) MH, but it seems that he has some personal enmity with Com. Dhabale as Mr. Bhaskar CAO FC Mumbai has withdrawn cost of transfer only in respect of Com. Dhabale and in only his case Mr. Bhaskar has not written “Shri” and it seems that Mr. Bhaskar is taking open revenge with Com. Dhabale, and intentionally creating problems for Com. Dhabale, even though he has not opted for popular stations like Pune, Nagpur, Kalyan, Nashik and he has opted for non popular & difficult SSA like Raigad which is also not adjacent SSA for Parbhani SSA.              

Ø With this it is proved that while posting of Mr. Bhaskar as CAO FC and unofficially promoted as DGM FC Mumbai by Mrs. George, GM Fin Mumbai has not seen his HR approach and only qualification seen was blind “Yes Boss” attitude of Mr. Bhaskar in mercy of personal benefits in days to come. Otherwise such blunders in mass cannot be done or tolerated by a responsible officer having at least some basic HR knowledge.

Ø Now it is some relief of sign for these 11 officers as they will be now out of horror & terror of transfers & immediate relieving without addressing their grievances which is created by Mr. Bhaskar CAO FC Mumbai & Mrs. George GM Fin Mumbai.

Ø As Mr. Bhaskar do not know about transparency, he has not mentioned reasons for cancellation of any transfer order and it is but natural on his part, how can he openly agree with such blunders and lack of basic knowledge to deal with HR issues of his own colleagues.

Ø When the transfers of 11 Officers are cancelled, no substitute is posted against these cancellations except one and it clearly shows that there is no need of officers at these locations and the transfers were issued just to create pressure or keep certain executives under tension. If it was really requirement of BSNL, then substitutes should have been posted from other officers on criteria defined by BSNL CO, but same has not happened and the dictatorship by GM Fin Mumbai and her blind follower is clearly visible from this act.

Ø Mr. Bhaskar has created miracle by changing gender of an officers while cancelling transfer as in transfer order dated 24/06/2015 at Sr 24 transfer is issued in respect of Smt. S.S. Agawane, JAO Aurangabad to Buldhana and while cancelling transfer order at Sr No. 4, Mr. Bhaskar has written as Shri. S.S.Agawane JAO. Such insulting, hopeless & careless actions are the outcome of full liberty, useless upper hand and unwanted freedom & unofficial DGM FC promotion given to Mr. Bhaskar by Sr GM Fin Mumbai and if he was given proper training under strict & proper administration such senseless actions would have been never seen.   

Ø When transfer order of one female JAO from Aurangabad is cancelled, two JAOs from Aurangabad are transferred in her place and one male JAO in transferred at Buldhana nearby station and female JAO is transferred at Akola which is far away from Aurangabad.

Ø As per BSNL CO orders, substitute to tenure stations is to be posted from Circle Long stay, but here against cancellation of transfer of one JAO from Aurangabad on basis of long stay criteria, another JAO from Aurangabad itself is transferred to Buldhana, just to safe guard other Circle level long stay JAO by direct & intentional violation of BSNL guidelines on this subject.  

Ø When request of some special officers are considered on pick and choose basis for cancellation of transfer order, genuine request of many of comrades with personal pleading to Mr. Bhaskar & GM Fin Mumbai are shown dust bin and the said officers are threatened for forcible relieving and unwanted pressure is being created on the concerned officers. In further step of threatening to these officers for creating pressure on them to follow totally wrong orders, Mr. Bhaskar has issued special letter for relieving all these officers under transfer by 31/07/2015. Copy <<<>>>

Ø In Hopeless & intentionally wrong attitude, Mr. Bhaskar in writing caste of officer in transfer order even though caste is no way related to transfer of any officer.

Ø Same approach is continued in marking copies of transfer orders to District Secretaries in place of Circle Secretaries without marking name of specific districts  and we cannot not expect more from the person like Mr. Bhaskar such corrective actions.

Ø It is unfortunate that many of officers under transfer are calling and informing that it is injustice to them and are well aware about legality of stand adamant stand taken by GM Fin Mumbai and her FC section in issuing such transfer orders, there is lack of courage in many of these officers to fight against justice and except few all are under tension and fear and preparing to join new assignment so as to avoid unwanted trouble in future by the same administrator.

Ø No doubt, some of comrades are ready to fight injustice with full preparation and representing their cases to GM Fin Mumbai, which are being rejected in case of majority comrades, but some of the comrades are ready to fight injustice at higher levels and some of comrades are shown their readiness for hunger strike in Circle office Mumbai and even to approach court of law.

Ø Comrades, we will not suggest comrades to approach court of law as it cost lakhs of rupees to BSNL and it is not advisable to approach court till all the official channels are not exhausted.

Ø Regarding Hunger strike also we will not advise any member for same as there is no chance in adamant stand of GM Fin Mumbai and hopeless attitude of Mr. Bhaskar CAO FC till the matter is seriously taken by higher officers.

Ø SNEA (I) MH had short & preliminary discussions on this subject with the controlling officer of Mrs. George Sr GM Fin Mumbai i.e. Shri. G.K.Upadhay CGMT MH Circle and we have given him brief idea about the unrest among the executives on such baseless mass transfers.

Ø CGMT MH was busy with his office schedule and has asked 3-4 days time for accessing the details. Day before, yesterday also we have requested and reminded for intervention wherein he has asked us, why we are not discussing this with GM Fin Mumbai. We have made him clear that we have no hesitation to discuss these issues and we have detail feedback on our say, but it is adamant stand of GM Fin Mumbai, not to discuss rather not to even accept letters of SNEA (I) MH and she and her office continues mistakes after mistakes. Finally CGMT MH has asked us further for more tow days time and very shortly we will have detail discussions with CGMT MH.

Ø We are hopeful that CGMT MH will definitely understand the difficulties faced by executives in Finance wing due to intentional harassment of certain executives & undue favor to selected executives by Mrs. Marina George, with direct violations of transfer policy guidelines in blind approach of Mr. Bhaskar CAO FC Mumbai. We will have discussions on all relevant issues with CGMT MH and comrades representing their cases with fact & supporting documents will definitely will get justice if they continue persuasion with more patience, & if they are really and practically ready to overcome fear factor & pressure created by CAO FC Mumbai and GM Fin Mumbai for relieving the officers transferred under compulsions.

Ø If the issues are not resolved at CGMT MH level, SNEA (I) MH will pursue these cases with higher officers & offices at BSNL CO, but we will not deprive our comrades from their right & justice within transfer policy guidelines.   


8 JULY 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued waiting list of inter SSA request transfers received by Circle Office up to 30/06/2015 in JTO, SDE & DE and corrections, modifications or cancellations of requests is to be done by email latest by 18/07/2015 by JTOs /SDEs and 25/07/2015 by DEs .

Waiting list    JTO Cadre <<<>>>            SDE Cadre <<<>>>         DE Cadre <<<>>>


8 JULY 15: AGM Admn Mumbai invites applications for grant of Book Awards during year 2015-16 to school going children of BSNL employees studying STD II to XII on their performance during Year 2014-15 . Letter <<<>>>


8 JULY 15: AGM Estt Mumbai calls for Vigilance Clearance of 08 Adhoc DEs for their Regular promotions and last date for submission of VCs in 08/07/2015. Letter <<<>>>


8 JULY 15: AGM Estt Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter on disposal of representation challenging revised seniority list No. 6 & 7 published in April 2015. Letter <<<>>>


8 JULY 15: GS SNEA (I) CHQ writes to CMD BSNL regarding move to waive off LD charges to M/s Huawei in Phase V GSM expansion. Letter <<<>>>


7 JULY 15: CS SNEA (I) MH writes to Shri. Pravin Malhotra, Sr GM HR/Admn Mumbai to review present stand by his office to withhold Rule 8 request transfers of JTOs & to consider all rule 8 requests in one stroke by counting JTO plus SDE stay or at least in phase  manner with certain priorities. Letter <<<>>>


6 JULY 15: Declaration of result of written Examination of Direct recruitment for the post of DGMs (Telecom Operations / Telecom Finance) in BSNL held on 20/10/2013. Letter <<<>>>


6 JULY 15: CGMT MH visit at Nashik {Report by Com. S.A Bhadane DS SNEA(I) Nashik}:  The delegation of SNEA(I) Nashik comprising of  Com. Sangale M.B. Jt. Sec(W) CHQ, Com. Warungase S.V. DP, Com. Chavan S.A. CEC member, Com. Bhadane S. A. DS, Com Jayant  Adawade DT, Com. Nikam N.G. Area Sec, Com. Joshi M.M E.E.(Elect), Com Kulkarni A.R. SDE(Elect), Com Smt Mandlik M.D. JTO (Elect), Com. Smt Varsha  Ahire. SDE (Niphad), Com S.N. Medhane SDE (LC), Com P.G.Khule SDE (MDF& PP) & Com M.G.Nagpure JTO (Civil) met Shri. G. K. Upadhyay, CGMT, MH Circle, during his visit to Nashik for inauguration of Wi-Fi services at Nashik & Trimbakeshwar for providing fastest data services during the mega event Kumbhmela.

        The delegation welcomed CGMT with beautiful flower bouquet at Canada corner Inspection Quarter, Nashik. After warm welcome there was a short meeting with CGMT in which some important development issues were discussed. At the beginning CGMT has appreciated the working culture of Nashik and also   appraised that the Nashik has large potential as far as Telecom services are concerned & appealed to all Executives to take more efforts to increase customer base in land line as well as in mobile sector by taking the opportunity of golden schemes have been launched like Free land line calling during 0900 hrs to 0700 hrs and Free National roaming charges. CGMT MH has specifically mentioned that to work hand in hand with our Franchisee being a business partner to increase mobile connections and in turns to increase in revenue. Our delegation assured to CGMT that as per our tradition we will work hard and committed to provide best services to customers during Kumbhmela as mega event shortly commencing at Nashik-Trimbakeshwar .In the meeting we have discussed about provision and procurement of material required for provision and mtce. of services. PHOTO <<<>>>


6 JULY 15: Meeting of SNEA (I) delegation with Hon. Shri. N.K.Gupta, Director (CFA) BSNL at Nashik:  {Report by Com. S.A Bhadane DS SNEA(I) Nashik}:  The Delegation of SNEA(I) Nashik comprising Com. M.B.Sangle, Joint Sec. (W) SNEA(I) CHQ, Com. S.V.Waurgase DP Nashik, Com A.R.Akhade  Ex DP, Com. S.A.Bhadane, DS Nashik, Com S.A.Chavan CEC Member, Com Jayant Adawade Dist.Trasurer, Com S.R.Kapadnis, Org.Sec, Com S.R.Shardul ADS, Com. P.B.Vispute Ex.ADS(U), Com R.R.Mahajan ADS, Com S.S.Pawar Executive Member welcomed  Shri. N.K.Gupta, Director (CFA) BSNL with beautiful flower bouquets on his visit to Nashik on the occasion of inauguration of “Wi-Fi Hotspot services” at Nashik & Trimbakeshwar for providing fastest data services during the mega event Kumbhmela.

           The delegation of SNEA(I) Nashik , met Director(CFA) BSNL By taking the opportunity of opening ceremony of  “ Wi-Fi Hotspot services” at Nashik & Trimbakeshwar at Panchavati Exchange and submitted memorandum on different  development issues wherein Shri. G.K.Upadhyay, CGMT Maharashtra, Shri Satya Narayan Sr.GM NWP CFA Mumbai, Shri Manikam, GM (BB) New Delhi & Shri Suresh Babu Prajapati, GMT Nashik were also present. On behalf of  Comrades of SNEA(I) Nashik Com M.B.Sangle, Joint Sec. (W) SNEA(I) CHQ, conveyed sincere thanks to Director(CFA)BSNL for his special efforts to provide  “Wi-Fi Services”  to some area of Nashik & Trimbakeshwar and it will be useful to customers and in turn our revenue will be increased.  

           Shri. N.K.Gupta, Director (CFA) BSNL was in very pleasant mood while meeting SNEA (I) delegation and discussed some of the prominent issues. While accepting our warm welcome Shri. N.K.Gupta, Director (CFA) BSNL has expressed that during the finical crunch of BSNL; the executives & employees should apply more efforts to bring back past glory of BSNL & our motto should earn maximum revenue only. 

     We also conveyed sincere thanks for sparing time in granting meeting to us and detail discussions on prominent issues raised by SNEA (I) Nashik. The detail issues addressed in the memorandum submitted to Hon. Director (CFA) in the meeting.

Memorandum <<<>>>  Photo <<<>>> 


6 JULY 15:  Next Joint Committee meeting will be held on 09.07.2015 instead of 07.07.2015. The joint committee was reconstituted after our agitation in April/May, 2015 for the implementation of  standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc, Time bound Functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy up to DGM, first TBP uniformly after 4 years w.e.f. 01.10.2000 etc.  

The committee was reconstituted by the CMD, based on our discussions with CMD, DIR (HR) etc on 06.05.2015 during our agitation. The committee is working on fast track and supposed to submit the report by 15.08.2015. SNEA (I) agitation in April/May, 2015 revived these issues once again and put on fast track.

On implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc, we will upgrade the pay scales and stop the demotion of the basic cadres JTO/JAO and SDE/AO and give relief to the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007, i.e. 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2014 and the future recruits. In CPSU cadre hierarchy, we are trying to find an everlasting solution to the promotion related issues for all the cadres delinking it with existing seniority. Now the promotions in almost all the cadres are blocked due to litigations.

Once the Jt committee is reconstituted and committee started working on fast track, as per the assurance given by CMD to SNEA (I), the committee members are to deliberate the issue in its totality and arrive at a conclusion at the earliest; this is the need of the hour.

6 JULY 15: Hat-Trick of swaran award by Akola SSA: (Report by Com. S. K. Chaitane, DS SNEA(I) Akola) :Heartily Congratulations of Akola SSA team for  making of Hat-trick of winning  of Swarna Award for CSC Category I in 2014-15. In the function held on 24/06/2015, Swarna Award Certificate for fourth Quarter is distributed at the hands of Shri Sanjaybhau Dhotre, Hon. MP Akola in presence of Shri A. K. Tripathi, Sr GMT Akola to Miss V.P.Umap, JTO (CSC), and active member of SNEA. As per Field Performance Management System (FPMS) parameters, in 2014-15, three times this prestigious Swarna Award is grabbed by Civil Line CSC Akola by scoring 100% Marks. Civil Line CSC is well facilitated to have corporate look under special supervision of Shri. A. K. Tripathi, Sr GMT Akola. Before declaration of these awards, team headed by AGM from Circle Office inspected the Civil Line CSC and by observing all norms and facilities available in CSC. For making grand success of winning hi trick of Maharashtra Circle Level Swarna award to Civil Line Category I CSC, continuous efforts are taken by Miss V.P.Umap, JTO, Shri R.V.Bihade, SDE, Shri A.A.Khan, DE (Urban) all active SNEA Members and Shri A. K. Tripathi, Sr GMT Akola. Photo <<<>>> <<<>>>


6 JULY 15:  Comparison of BSNLMS RR 2009 with ITS RR 1992 for promotion from SDE to DE to DGM: The BSNLMS RR 2009 notified on 14.07.2009 made drastic changes in the promotions from SDE to DE and above. Whatever hurdles faced by SDE to DE promotion during DoT period is removed one by one, by the continuous efforts of the Association. In DoT or earlier BSNL period up to 2009, SDEs are eligible for promotion to JTS equivalent to ADET/Sr SDE grade, equal to the number of ADETs recruited through UPSC. For example if 75 ADETs are recruited in a year, 75 SDEs will be promoted to JTS. If no ADET rect took place in a year, then there will be no promotion also. Promotion from SDE to JTS will take place for previous vacancy years and promotion will be given for those who are eligible at that time. Actually at the time of promotion, almost all will be retired. After BSNL formation, ADET rect stopped and hence only Adhoc promotions were given to DE posts till 2009.  

In 2009 RR, 50% DE posts are reserved for regular promotion directly from SDE to DE removing the decade old bottleneck of JTS (ADET) grade. Remaining 50% posts are reserved for MT against which DE promotion on Adhoc basis was made eligible. Practically SDEs made eligible for promotion up to 80% to 90% of DE posts (10% to 20% reserved for MT), 50% on regular basis and remaining 30% to 40% on Adhoc basis.  It was major breakthrough in two ways, we could remove the JTS or ADET or Sr SDE grade, getting direct promotion from SDE to DE and 50% posts are exclusively reserved from direct promotion from SDE to DE, which one could not imagine earlier.

Continuation of Adhoc promotion was the major drawback of the 2009 RR. SNEA (I) continuously struggled to remove this Adhocism and ultimately on 20.08.2013, CMD BSNL agreed to the demand of SNEA (I) to end Adhocism in DE promotion, by raising the quota from 50% to 75%. BSNL Board approved the proposal in January, 2014 amending the RR. SNEA(I), not only made the RR amended in 2014, made it sure that all the 75% posts up to 31.03.2014 are filled on regular basis by the promotion order dated 20.08.2014 (within one year of assurance of CMD on 20.08.2013), thus making the DE promotions current. This substantial increase of quota from 50% to 75% is happened in Telecom Engg side only and it was a significant achievement of SNEA (I) for the cadre. Now 3978 DE posts are reserved for direct promotion from SDE irrespective of MT rect. SNEA (I) struggling for the other cadres for the similar benefit.

In the BSNL MS RR, it is very clear that irrespective of MT recruitment is happening or not, 75% of DE posts (3978 numbers) and DGM posts will be filled by promotion from the Executives. There is no link between DE/DGM promotion and MT rect. Seniority will be fixed in the ratio 1:1 to the extend MT rect taking place. Both are delinked at all levels ensuring the Executives promotions, minimum up to DGM and sufficient service is left, Executives can move up in the ladder up to GM/CGM. Our next struggle is to considerably increase the DE and DGM promotional avenues, exclusively in the promotion quota.

4 JULY 15:  CS SNEA (I) MH writes to Shri. G. K. Upadhay, CGMT MH Circle regarding uniform application of transfer “cost for request transfers” of executives in Maharashtra Circle & for “Removal of disparity” among the executives of Telecom, Civil, Electrical & Finance wing in granting cost of transfers.  Letter <<<>>> 


4 JULY 15: AGM Staff Mumbai endorsed the letter for showcasing outstanding work done during service by retiring Govt employees in software application as “Anubhav”. Letter <<<>>>


3 JULY 15: In Time Bound Functional promotions or CPSU hierarchy, the promotions will be regulated from JTO/JAO -->SDE/AO-->Sr SDE/Sr AO -->DE/CAO -->DGM -->SG DGM, if it is implemented in true spirit. Nobody can jump the in-between grades and go to a higher grade like JTO -->Sr SDE/DE or SDE -->DE/DGM. In that also to meet the future requirement at top management level, fast track promotion with lesser years of service is required which involve very tough screening as thousands will be eligible in each grade and among them 25 to 50 are to be selected. The screening mechanisms and other criteria are to be worked out. Implementation of CPSU hierarchy is a big challenge which involves lot of discussions with vision, commitment and strategy. The screening in each grade will be very tough and there is a possibility of dropping of hundreds, which is to be addressed. It sho    If it was so simple as propagating, it would have implemented long back, our comrades should understand. Mgt is almost agreeable promotions up to SDE/Sr SDE but not above that! Our sincere efforts are to see that some brainstorming discussions are happening from this month in the jt committee at least in a weekly basis to evolve a mechanism as we desire. We will try our level best to conclude the discussions on standard E2, E3 pay scales by the next meeting on 09.07.2015.


2 JULY 15: Form 16 for Year 2014-15: This year also Form-16 has been delayed for all employees in Maharashtra Circle and it seems that concerned officers in ERP section and Nodal Officer for ERP Mrs. Marina George Sr GM Fin Mumbai have not taken any lesson from past year worst experience and ERP team continues with delay procedures as if this is only official procedure. As per prevailing guidelines Form-16 is to be issued by second week of April every year or in worst case by end of April. When matter of prolonged delay was strongly raised by SNEA (I) MH during last year, it was taken in other way and after continuous persuasion by SNEA (I) MH Form 16 of year 2013-14 was issued on 30/07/2014 just one day before last date of filing Income Tax Returns. This year also we have reached to July 2015 and till today Form 16 has been not issued to single employee including CGMT MH. This is really shameful for any responsible officer as such intentional mistakes are repeated every year creating more and more problems for the staff & officers in absence of valid Form 16. When all other circle including WTR where ERP has been implemented just last year are able to complete this work in time bound manner and have issued form 16 well within time, the officers in Maharashtra Circle continues with tortoise speed and in total careless approach.     

        But there is some positive sign seen this year, with improvement in working style of ERP team on job of Form 16 as there are chances of reducing delay this year by 15 days. When we have inquired about status of Form 16 for this year, it is being informed that the work of downloading Form 16 is in progress and it is about to complete for 50% employees in Maharashtra Circle and entire work of down loading forms will be completed by next week. Thereafter Form 16 will be available on MH Intranet probably from second/third week of July 2015. Thus reducing delay by 15 days in comparison with last year will big achievement on part of our ERP team working on generation Form 16 and on part of poor Nodal Officer for ERP Maharashtra Circle. It will be great surprise for all of us and grand success on part of ERP team if they could complete work and issue Form 16 in this week itself.  Let us hope that all comrades in Maharashtra Circle will get Form -16 from at least in second week of July 2015. 


1 JULY 15: Short Meeting with CGMT MH: Com. S.B. Bhosale, SNEA (I) MH & CS had short meeting with Shri. G.K. Upadhaya CGMT MH Circle in his chamber on 30/06/2015 wherein we first conveyed thanks for giving consideration of some request on Telecom Side, intervention for consideration requests of Finance wing executives, settlement of issue of posting of SDEs to ITPC Pune & some other HR issues.

Ø While accepting thanks, CGMT MH informed that “Digital India Week” is starting from 01/07/2015 and all the executives & staff of Maharashtra Circle should take active part in it, starting from attending the video address of Hon. Prime Minister of India on this subject from 1600 hrs on 01/07/2015 for which arrangements will be made at every SSA and in Circle Office Mumbai arrangements will be made at 2nd Floor Conference hall.

Ø He also appealed that all the staff & officers should concentrate on the increase in revenue in general and specially stressed for generation of more & more revenue from sale of top up vouchers targeting BTS area and improvement of quality of service. He also stressed to take the franchises into confidence for sale of vouchers and other business of BSNL.

Ø He specially appealed to convey his message to all the staff & officers in Maharashtra Circle to come up with innovative and creative ideas for better quality of service and generation of more and more revenue. He further informed that there are certain issues with the stores and equipments like spare cards and his office is on job, but there are many fronts in which BSNL staff & officers can focus for better results.

Ø As it was last day of month, CGMT MH informed that he is busy with some important works and informed that he cannot have detail discussions on all the points and shortly he will have separate meeting for detail discussion. We informed that there are some important & critical issues which need his immediate intervention and we will like to draw his attention towards these issues so that he can have some initiatives before we have detail discussions.

Ø We listed important issues like stand of Circle management on pick and choose transfer of Mrs. Yelne SDE Pune TD to ITPC Pune, issuing pending request transfers of executives in telecom wing, issue of wastage of BSNL Money & total violation of transfer policy guidelines in transfer orders of Finance wing officers which have created mass unrest among the executives.

Ø On pending request transfers of Telecom wing, CGMT directed us to take up matter with Shri. Pravin Malhotra, Sr GM HR/Admn Mumbai, who is rightly taking care of all HR issues of Telecom wing executives. We have informed him that Shri. Malhotra has definitely taken care of about all issues raised by SNEA (I) MH, but he has expressed certain difficulties in considering the pending request transfers. CGMT MH informed that he will have discussions with him, but again informed us to have detail discussions on this issue only with Sr GM HR/Admn Mumbai.  

Ø During discussions, he pointed the complaint written by SNEA(I) MH to CVO BSNL CO & informed that he has no objection on such complaints, but it was better if matter was discussed with concerned officers and if not resolved then should have taken up with such higher authorities. We informed him that it is not complaint and we have taken the opportunity of availability of CVO BSNL in Maharashtra Circle for some scheduled meeting and narrated some of long pending issues and adamant stand of certain officers and wastage of money. We also informed all these issues have been already taken up with concerned officers, but till no amicable solution has been reached, on the contrary some of officers have taken adamant stand on these issues raised by SNEA (I) MH and hence we have drawn attention of CVO BSNL on these issues related to loss of BSNL money.             

Ø On pick and choose transfer of Mrs. Yelne SDE Pune TD, he informed that his office has taken clear stand, but for same the corporate office has not responded and her order are not cancelled & hence Maharashtra Circle has issued her relieving order. We informed him that this act of Mrs. Yelne supported by BSNL management is violation of BSNL CDA rules as we have doubt that Mrs. Yelne has approach political leaders and has created pressure on BSNL Corp office. On this CGMT informed that his office cannot control such actions and we cannot stop such selected cases. We informed him that if Mrs. Yelne is allowed to take political support for her illegal retention at Pune TD then all other ten officers whose order is cancelled also should be allowed to approach to political leaders. SNEA (I) cannot tolerate such biased approach when Hon. Prime Minister of India has given clear instructions for not having any political influence. We informed him that till this order is cancelled at par with other ten SDEs, SNEA(I) MH will not keep quiet and if required we will approach to office of Hon. Prime Minister of India and then we should not be blamed for such acts and mainly on name of spoiling image of BSNL.

Ø On wastage of money and violation of transfer policy guidelines CGMT MH informed that there are no. of letters/orders and guidelines on transfer posting and when one want to have smooth functioning of office, these many orders cannot be followed. He also stressed on some liberty to management to have some hand for proper working of all offices. We conveyed him that we have no objection on having certain liberty to management to run the offices and it may be true that all rules cannot be followed strictly or to 100%, but in case of the transfers of Finance wing officers, these orders 100% violated, rather even no single order is followed and this is objected by SNEA (I) MH in writing. We also expressed that the certain officers in Finance wing have taken adamant stand and have issued transfer purely on pick and choose basis and there is nothing like transfer policy of BSNL executives and this has created mass unrest among the executives in Finance wing itself. We also informed that there is major issues of wastage of BSNL money on transfer posting and issuing orders at cost of BSNL. CGMT MH informed that his office has received letter by SNEA (I) MH and he will look into issues raised in the letter. He also informed that he will take up details on these issues and assured to have further discussions on these issues very shortly.

Ø On conclusion of this short meeting Shri. G. K. Upadhay, CGMT MH he reminded us to concentrate awareness among the staff & executives for the improvement of Quality of Service and generation of more revenue by participation of all executives and non executives in Maharashtra Circle. 


1 JULY 15: Sr GM HR/Admn Mumbai writes SSA Heads for observing Digital India Week & conduction of different events during digital India week starting from toady 01/07/2015.. Letter <<<>>>


1 JULY 15: AGM Admn Mumbai writes SSA Heads for conduction of One Week Cleanly drive from 29/06/2015 to 04/07/2015. Letter <<<>>>


1 JULY 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer & posting orders in DGM Cadre. Order I <<<>>>   Order II <<<>>>


30 JUN 15: SNEA (I) MH Circle congratulates,  Com. D. P. Singh, SDE Kalyan, Com. B.V. Kodgire, JTO Parbhani on their superannuation retirement as on today, 30/05/2015 and wish them and their family members “A Very Happy, Peaceful & Long Retired Life”.

Com. D. P. Singh, SDE Vasai, Kalyan SSA {9423987922} joined in DOT as a Telephone Inspector in 1975 at Karjat in Raigad SSA and thereafter he worked in Mumbai & Kalyan SSA as JTO since 1993. In 2003 he was promoted as SDE & worked at Tarapur, Vasai, Virar & on date of retirement he is working as SDE Vasai.  He served in DOT & BSNL with devotion and dedication.  He is die- hard member of SNEA (I) and has always taken active part on all activities on the platform of SNEA (I). 

Com. B. V. Kodgire, JTO Parbhani {9423136900} have rendered his services to Nanded SSA and Parbhani SSA. His special contribution & Specialisation was in switching. He is die-hard comrade of SNEA and have played vital role in strengthening SNEA (I) with his active support. He has contributed actively towards the growth of BSNL during their lifelong services rendered earlier in DoT and now in BSNL.

SNEA (I) MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection Com. D.P. Singh,  &  Com. B.V. Kodgire towards BSNL and SNEA (I) and on behalf of thousands of Comrades of SNEA (I) Maharashtra Circle, we wish them and their family members “A Happy, Peaceful, Healthy & Long Retired Life”.


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