Last updated on  31 JAN 18    


31 JAN 18: Photos of First Day of Satyagrah in Maharashtra Circle <<<>>>


31 JAN 18: Update on status of fresh orders for AGM & DGM Looking After Arrangements: The proposal for DGM LA orders has been approved by CGMT MH yesterday 31/01/2018 and most probably orders will be issued today 31/03/2018. Same is case with DE LA, but CGMT MH has again asked some information and with that the file has been sent to CGMT MH again for fresh DE LA orders and hopefully it will be or may have been approved by CGMT MH.  If nothing goes wrong the hopefully DE LA orders will also be issued today.


31 JAN 18:  SNEA MH Circle congratulates, Com. D. S. Kamble, AD Mumbai, Com. M.S. Jadhav  SDE Jalna successful completion of long services in DoT/BSNL and on their peaceful superannuation retirement on today, 30/12/2017.

Com. Dilip Staram Kamble, AD RTI Circle Office, Mumbai, {9423082371} has started his carrier as Time scale clerk in 1977 in Mumbai City Division and in 1998 he was promoted as JTO. On his first posting he has worked as JTO at Tarapur in Kalyan SSA and even in most difficult period he has served best and his sincere & fully devoted works were highly appreciated by the public and Govt organisation like TAPs. Then on his SDE promotion in 1998, he was posted in Sangli SSA for short period. Then he was posted back on transfer to Kalyan SSA wherein he has served as SDE Ext Badlapur, SDE Tech Ulhasnagar for long period. As SDE Tech Ulhasnagar he was handling many of the works of Area Manager and also handled public complaints to majority extent. In year 2008 he was transferred to Circle office Mumbai and served as AD Recruitment, AD Staff A and till his last day of retirement he is sincerely working as AD RTI Mumbai with full devotion and dedication. He never refused any work and whoever and whatever responsibility is given to him he was always accepting it happily and even though he do not have high technical background, he has completed all tasks assigned to him very successfully by just way of smooth persuasion and has set an example for all of us that we should not focus on our shortcoming but should focus of our strengths and do best possible efforts and success will be waiting for you. For such excellent nature he was popularly known and calls as Deva in BSNL Kalyan. While working as AD Recruitment, he has successfully completed works for recruitment of more than 1000 JTOs/JAOs/TTAs in BSNL Maharashtra Circle and has done excellent work in conduction of different departmental examinations. He also has done great work in settlement of about 170 cases of Companionate appoint grounds (CGA) and has given relief to the family members of the late comrades of BSNL.

During Natural Calamities and Disaster due to heavy flood in Year 2006, he has done excellent work by co-ordination among all the officers and offices and he has served duties for one week without going to home for single minute and has done commendable work in restoration of badly affected telecom services in shortest possible time as entire ground floor of Ulhasnagar Exchange was down the water and such devotion has been widely appreciated by one and all.

Com. D.S. Kamble has been instrumental in overall activities of SNEA and he is the founder member of SNEA Mumbai who has taken pains to start branch of SNEA in Circle office Mumbai and for strengthening it by table to table approach and with such devotion he is popularly known as “SNEA ke Sir” among all young comrades n Mumbai. Since formation of SNEA Mumbai branch n 2008 till today he is leading SNEA Mumbai as CEC Member and representing all District level issues at Circle level n SNEA MH. He has been instrumental in adding more and more members in SNEA Family due to his helping nature and co-ordination skills to resolve individual grievances.

Com. D.S. Kamble, has taken sincere efforts in strengthening SNEA by taking active role in each and every SNEA activates and by extending helping hand to SNEA members in different office as well as association capacities. He is well known for his management skills and mainly for maintaining harmonious relations with all including bosses of any type and was always seen as prominent smiling face that is ready to face any situation or difficulty for its proper resolution. He has played very important role in success of SNEA in Membership verification during last year and due to devoted efforts by SNEA activist like Com. D. S. Kamble, SNEA has been recognised as Majority Association in BSNL.

Com. D.S. Kamble is instrumental in implementation in one of the important resolutions passed in SNEA Circle Conference at Pune for formation of BSNL Officers Co-operative Credit Society and with his sincere efforts this society has been formed and functioning smoothly and he is Operative Credit Society Mumbai and its entre credits goes to Com. D. S. Kamble as “Founder Chairman” of this Credit Society. SNEA Maharashtra feels proud to have such devoted and dedicated diamonds in its strength and due to such dedicated leaders SNEA is getting space in hearts of majority of executives in BSNL.   

Com Madhukar Shrirangrap Jadhav, SDE PRO/Comm Jalna SSA, {9422201012} is very well known as Daji in his social life, has started his career with BSNL in year March 1979 as Time Scale Clerk at Aurangabad and was later promoted as RSA in Nov 1980 in Aurangabad SSA. On his promotion as JTO in 1988 he was posted to Bhiwandi in Kalyan SSA till Oct 1989 and then transferred to Jalna SSA and on second transfer he has works as JTO O/D Aurangabad and as SDE Mktg/CSC Aurangabad. He has also served in Vapi SSA of Gujarat Circle and on transfer back to Maharashtra he has served at Parbhani and again he was finally posted to Jalna in 2015 and till today he is serving as SDE Comm and PRO Jalna with full devotion and dedication. During his entire working life He has achieved many goals in social life and n office life particularly his skills in marketing & EB activities in BSNL are excellent as he has implemented many innovating tricks, ideas & events to promote BSNL services successfully. From the early stage of college life, he has actively participated in many national social activities & also has deep study in spirituality & Varkari Sampraday. He is having keen interest in Abhangs also and has written & published a book named as Abhang Madhu” which includes his own Abhanags.

Com. Jadhav is Die-Hard and one of founder Members of SNEA and since the foundation of SNEA he is active in SNEA and has always taken initiatives for since formation of SNEA Branch in Aurangabad SSA and as silent but active member he has contributed in many activities of SNEA thereby strengthening SNEA family. Wherever he worked, he has always taken active part in SNEA activates and has specially extended helping hand for smooth functioning of SNEA and hence is most popular among the BSNL executives.

SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by  Com. D.S. Kamble &  Com. M.S. Jadhav towards BSNL and SNEA and on behalf of thousands of Comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle, we wish them and their family members “A Happy A Happy, Peaceful, Healthy & Long Retired Life”



31 JAN 18: Consideration of Inter SSA Request transfers of Telecom wing:  Staff Section has published waiting list of request transfers in JTO, SDE, AGM & DGM Grade and detail news on it has been uploaded on SNEA MH website on  04/01/2018. Waiting list DGM <<<>>>    DE <<<>>>    SDE <<<>>>    JTO <<<>>>

·        As per these letters today i.e. 31/01/2018 is last date to confirm the request and anyone who want to change of requested station, who want to cancel more than one SSAs/Requested or who wants to cancel request transfer and hopefully all such individuals have taken care to send their requests.

·        Apart from this anyone who has not applied for transfer till now and is in need of request transfer has to apply fresh and last date for all such applications is also today i.e. 31/01/2018

·        Though the decision on date up to which the break or completion of two years tenure on transfer is not clear, names of all the executives who may be completing two years at transferred SSA by April 2018 may apply for transfers and hopefully all such requests may be considered.

·        As per the discussions held in Formal Meeting by SNEA with CGMT MH on 19/01/2018, it has been decided that all the requests inducing request in waiting list and fresh request received till 31/03/2018 i.e. application received after publishing waiting list will be considered for request transfers.

·        It was also decided that due to financial health of the BSNL, all request transfers will be considered at Own Cost and executives who want request transfer in the Interest of service should be opt for working at Tenure stations as all such request also are considered at Company cost. 

·        Once transfer orders are issued then there will not any modification issued and hence all the officers who have requested for transfers are once again appealed to check the correctness of request and he/she should be ready for own cost transfer to the placed requested for as once order is issued no changes will be incorporated

·        As such the executives who is not in need of transfer and has applied just for excluding name from long stay list has to think twice for it and cancel request at this stage itself and once transfer order is issued no request for cancellation of request transfer, will be considered as it is wastage of time of the staff section and due to such unwanted request the officer in chain of transfer is made to suffer unnecessarily.

·        It may be fact that some of executives may not have applied or may not have requested for change/modification till today and it will take time to send it through proper channel, then in such cases,  individuals may send direct copy by email  to concerned  AD staff i.e. As per the discussions held in Formal Meeting by SNEA with CGMT MH on 19/01/2018, it has been decided that all the requests inducing request in waiting list and fresh request received till 31/03/2018 i.e. application received after publishing waiting list will be considered for request transfers.

·        It was also decided that due to financial health of the BSNL, all request transfers will be considered at Own Cost and executives who want request transfer in the Interest of service should be opt for working at Tenure stations as all such request also are considered at Company cost. 

·        Once transfer orders are issued then there will not any modification issued and hence all the officers who have requested for transfers are once again appealed to check the correctness of request and he/she should be ready for own cost transfer to the placed requested for as once order is issued no changes will be incorporated

·        It is further desired that Executives in SSA or Circle long stay list who are due for transfers out of SSA and are in need of retention for some period on genuine grounds like medical issues of self or family members as defined in transfer policy, education of wards studying at 10th & 12th Standards, Immunity as Office Bearers of association etc may submit his/her request in advance and once order is issued such applications may not be entertained and hence at most care needs to be taken for advance request through proper channel with genuine supporting documents.

·        After issuing transfers this waiting list will be closed and applications  received after 31/01/2018 will be registered in the fresh waiting list which may be operated in Feb-March 2019 and hence the executives who are in need of transfers in this year should apply today itself.

·        Further , the orders which may be issued by end of February 2018 or start of March 2018 will be implemented in April 2018 including force ERP relieving and all executives in need of transfers and others in long stay list are requested to be alert and officer in need of transfers may should be ready for transfer at any of the place where he has requested for and officer who is long stay list has to be opt in advance for any nearby SSA or otherwise should be ready to work at any of the station/SSA as per the administrative needs probably as substitute against request transfers.

·        The request from tenure stations will be considered on point to point basis e.g. A has requested from Nashik to Pune then B who is longest stayed executive in that cadre n Pune SSA will be posted as substitute of A.

·        The request from tenure stations is considered by posting circle level long stayed officer from any SSA as substitute and not from the SSA to which request is submitted. e.g. X at Goa has requested for Pune, then Y who is longest stayed officer in any of non-tenure SSA including Pune will be transferred as his/her substitute,

·        SNEA MH appeals  all its comrades to be alert and active and take timely action to avoid the transfer at odd and inconvenient location/SSA as transfers oon the basis of request received by 31/01/2018 will be issued by end of Feb 18 or by Mar 18 and implemented by April 2018.



SATYAGRAHA for 5 days from 30.01.2018

Indefinite Work According to Rule from 30.01.2018

March to Sanchar Bhawan on 23.02.2018

All Activists Make extensive preparation for the Satyagraha and Work According to Rule from 30.01.2018, in coordination with the leaders of all Unions/Associations. Conduct door to door campaign and joint meetings in all the Exchanges/offices and make all the employees to participate in this do or die battle to protect the company, settle 3rd revision and other issues

Charter of Demands

(1) Settle:

(a) 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment from 01.01.2017.

(b) Settle pension revision.

(c) Settle leftout issues of the 2nd PRC.

(2) Roll back the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

(3) No reduction in the retirement age to 58 and no VRS.


29 JAN 18: Formal Meetng by MH Circle Management with recognised Association SNEA MH: As notified by DGM Admn Mumbai the formal meeting to discuss the agenda points submitted by CS SNEA MH was held on Friday, 19/01/2018 at 6th Floor Conference Hall, BSNL Admn Bldg, Santacruz West Mumbai. The meeting was chaired by Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle and From Management side the Meeting was attended by following officers.

1.     Shri. Kumar Manoj, CE Civil Mumbai,

2.     Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CE Elect Mumbai,

3.     Shri. Amana Jaiswal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai,

4.     Shri. Vivek Mahavar, GM Fin Mumbai,

5.     Shri. B. A. Patil, DGM HR Mumbai,

6.     Mrs. Ashwini Bhonge, DGM FC Mumbai,

7.     Shri. B. P. Tambat, AGM Staff Mumbai.

8.     Shri. N. G. Nikam, AD Staff A Mumbai

9.     Shri. V. J. Bhandirge, AD Staff B Mumbai

   The following delegation of SNEA MH attended meeting

1.     Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH.

2.     Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH

3.     Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS W SNEA MH,

4.     Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS NRU SNEA MH,

5.     Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH. 

·        The Formal meeting started sharply at 1030 hrs in the morning and concluded at 1900 hrs in the evening with lunch break for an hour. All the agenda issues submitted by SNEA MH to GM HR/Admn Mumbai were discussed point by point and agenda points submitted to CE Civil, CE Elect and GM Fin Mumbai were discussed only on the issues which were not cleared by these officers and intervention of CGMT MH was required.

·        Delegation of SNEA MH has given detail feedback on each and every issue and about all the issues are concluded with mutual agreement except 2-3 issues.

·        Though SNEA MH has given detail and justified feedback in support of stand by SNEA MH, till due to disagreement from both the sides, CGMT MH Circle escalated these issues to BSNL Corporate office wherein GM HR/Admn Mumbai will call for clarification in writing by quoting discussions held in formal meeting and final decision on these issues will be taken on the basis of the clarification and till time present arrangements will continue.

·        The minutes of this Formal meeting held purely on HR issues of Executives in Maharashtra Circle will be issued by Management shortly.

·         Due to time constraints, the development and growth related agenda points could not be discussed and CGMT MH informed that GM HR/Admn Mumbai will call for detail feedback from concerned officers and then these agenda points on development and growth will be discussed in separate meeting for same.




26 JAN 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting orders in respect of 38  newly recruited GATE JTOs after completion of four weeks Field training and all are posted at same SSA except one request transfer from Sindhudurg to Gadchiroli SSA. Letter <<<>>>


26 JAN 18:  Update on status of fresh orders for AGM & DGM Looking After Arrangements: As discussed in the formal meeting, the proposal for AGM/GM Looking After Arrangements is finished as on 25/01/2018 on as it is where it is basis till end of March 2018 and sent to CGMT MH for approval and orders will be issued after approval of CGMT MH. Though the strategy for Looking After arrangements was finalised in formal meeting of recognised Association SNEA MH with CGMT MH held on 19/01/2018, but it could not materialise due to Parliamentary Committee Meetng on 22 & 23/01/2018 and MP Meeting on 24/01/2018 and proposal has been finalised on 25/01/2018. Let us hope at least this time nothing will happen wrong and fresh orders for AGM & DGM LA are issued without any further delay. 


26 JAN 18:  By endorsing old orders on the subject, DGM Admn Mumbai issued orders for compliance on “No Work No Pay” principle and deduction of salary against two days strike as on 12 & 13 December 2018 and here compliance has been asked on salary deduction including cancellation of leave applied on 12 & 13 Dec 2018, may it be it be sanctioned before or after the Strike Period. Letter <<<>>>

·        Maharashtra Circle, Circle Secretaries and prominent leaders of all Unions and Associations have taken up matter with CGMT MH for stopping Salary deduction during last month and CGMT MH has responded positively by stopping it for moth and has taken stand that if no revised instructions are issued for stopping salary deductions, he will go ahead with salary deduction by next month. Copy of Letter <<<>>>

·         Unfortunately, no instructions have been issues by Corporate office and hence salary deduction will take place for all staff and officers who have participated in two days strike including the staff and officers who have applied for leave during the strike period.

·         When ‘n’ number of options is available to deal with the Strike Period and we have requested to go ahead with any of the options available, management seems to be adamant on the stand of Salary deduction and going ahead with only option of salary deduction which will create unrest among the active and mass workforce of BSNL.

·         Now, time has come to tell management that we agree for principle for “No work No Pay” but at the same we need “Extra work Extra Pay” principle in similar lines as many of the officers and staff are compelled to work after office hours, on holiday and on Sundays for different activities and no single penny has been paid for such extra work.

·         Here Pay revision is denied quoting status of financial health of BSNL and the senior officers are giving all benefits of Pay Revision and when affected employees and officers raise their voce, efforts are made to supress the voice and this s dangerous situation in BSNL.


26 JAN 18:  BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi issued modification in the posting order of DGM to GM promotions for which order was issued one day before i.e. 24/01/2018. Letter <<<>>>

·        Earlier one of the newly promoted GM Shri. Rahul Rane was earlier posted as GMT Jalgaon, but already Shri. Singh is working as GMT Jalgaon and another SSA in Jalgaon BA area is Dhule and Dhule SSA also is having separate GM.

·        May be after understanding above facts, this order is modified yesterday and now Shri. Rahul Rane is posted as GMT Ahmednagar. But in Ahmednagar SSA also one very efficient and active GMT is already posted and giving his best to BSNL. Further Beed SSA which is part of Ahmednagar SSA is also having separate SSA Head as TDM Beed is efficiently working as SSA Head Beed.

·        Thus none of GM/DGM level officer in any of the Four SSAs in two BA areas is shifted or relinquished from charge of SSA Head, but one more GM level Officer is posted at these SSAs.

·        It seems that Personal Cell of Corporate Office New Delhi do not bother about views and ideas of CGMT MH Circle even in posting of GM level SSA Heads and some deliberate attempts are being made for disturbing working of Maharashtra Circle.

·        When Personal Cell of BSNL Corporate office is so careless even for posting of GM level officers working in E-9 scales which is top most scale in BSNL, what we expect for other works by Personal Cell and this is how HR of BSNL is going on wasting critical manpower and not taking proper rather minimum level of efforts required for proper utilisation talent even in case of officers in Top Management.

·        Let us hope again this order will be modified and excess GM level officer will be utilised at any of the SSA where post of GMT level SSA head is vacant i.e. Kalyan, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Akola, Bhandara/Chandrapur etc.   


26 JAN 18:  GM NWO CFA BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi issued directions for measures to be taken to improve performance on front of Gross LL connections during Year 2017-18. Letter <<<>>>

·         This letter is nothing but one official formality and nothing will happen by suing such letters, but efforts are required for improvement of quality of service by extending helping hand for maintenance activity of landline and by giving attractive tariffs.

·         One side the most popular schemes like Night & Sunday free calling are withdrawn without any substitute plans and its seems that efforts are being taken so that landlines connections which is only sector wherein till BSNL has more than 90% Market share and other side such official formality of issuing letters are being completed and hence there are no chances of any improvement in Landline sector and it seems that BSNL s fast moving towards closing of landline business which has major revenue share in BSNL’s total revenue.

·         When BSNL has already invested crores of rupees in CFA, there is need of its proper maintenance and no active support is extended to field units. In many Cites of many SSAs, PIJF Cables are damaged totally and no support is extended by Circle Office or by corporate office.

·         As Classic example we can see in Yavatmal City thousands of connections are down due to cable damage during heavy road digging for Water supply pipeline and about 70% connections are dead and instead of extending supporting and by supplying material for restoration of network or for making alternative arrangements so that BSNL network continues its services, Circle office is busy in collecting cable diagrams and data of affected numbers and many of telephone connections are dead for months together.

·         There is need of immediate and concrete Acton for saving landline business and it cannot be done just by such paper formality and there is need of practical solutions and supporting hand by supplying stores and material required for maintenance of Cable network.

·         Not only Yavatmal, but in about all cities, the situation of External plant is as that of Yavatmal, and even though field staff/officers are taking sincere efforts, due to poor support and supply of spares by Circle management, all is in vain and situation is worsening day by day and only time will now decide faith of landline.


25 JAN 18:  CAO FC Mumbai issued transfer deputation of AO & JAO from Nagpur to Gadchiroli and this order is issued without TA/DA and it is really matter of concern. Letter <<<>>>

·        This deputation order is specially issued to meet acute shortage of Account Personnel in Gadchiroli SSA as he officers under transfer from Goa to Gadchiroli are kept on hold as per directions of CGMT MH Circle.

·        Both AO & JAO deputed now, have recently completed two years tenure at Gadchiroli and are again posted on deputation to same place and it is injustice to them as both are deputed without at own cost.

·        Such own cost deputation has been issued in respect of one more AO from Kolhapur to Ahmednagar and it seems that it will be trend n days to come.

·        It is really matter of concern that many of the officers who have worked at same place for more than 25-30 years of services at single place without any transfer are allowed to work at same place, but these AOs/JAO who have completed tenure are again compelled to work at Tenure station and needs immediate corrections and SNEA MH will take care of it.

·        Also at many places Account Personal are working excess than the sanctioned posts and as per accounting principles and guidelines salary cannot be drawn if officers are working in excess than the sanctioned post and hence the posts were diverted in earlier days.

·        But nowadays the account section itself do not bother for sanctioned posts and the limits to draw salary up to limit of sanctioned post and unfortunately many of the SSAs have Account Personnel more than sanctioned post and many SSAs even do not have minimum required Account Personnel and this s real disparity among the Account Personnel and fresh review of work load is required.

·        Many officers are wasting lakhs of rupees on TA/DA for day to day works and same is denied for these executives and it is really unfortunate and on the basis of representations by individuals, the matter will be pursued further for grant of TA/DA for entire deputation period.

·        It is disgusting and most disappointing to disparity that here the officers who are even deputed for single day for any important and casual works, officers and staff deputed for tournaments and even as so called coach /assistant of such sports team are allowed to claim TA/DA for two days in place of one day deputation and officers deputed for month’s period that to be for office works depending on their expertise are deprived of TA/DA and we will definitely take matter for review by GM Fin Mumbai.

·        SNEA MH has taken up matter for equal justification of officers  and this has been discussed in detail in recent formal Meeting by SNEA MH with CGMT MH Circle wherein GM Fin Mumbai also was present and it has been assured to equalise the officers at least to fill up minimum required posts by calling willingness from the Account Personnel working at SSAs/Units having excess Account Personals viz. Circle Office Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur and Nagpur SSA and longest stayed officers from these SSAs needs to  be transferred to SSAs facing acute shortage of Account Personnel in Gadchiroli, Buldhana, Beed, Jalna, Latur , Jalgaon , Dhule etc.

·        Let us hope that in days to come all such deputations will be stopped , stopping thereby harassment of tenure completed officers and FC section will post the long stayed officers from the SSAs having excess Account Personal to SSA having acute shortage of Account Personals. 


25 JAN 18:  BSNL Corporate office issued Promotion orders in respect of BSNL recruited 42 DGMs and all are promoted as GM and posted as SSA Heads. Letter <<<>>>

·        All these 42 officers are promoted notionally from 04/11/2017 and actually from the date of date of assumption of charge to settle anomaly created due to promotions of BSNL absorbed GMs and promoted on 04/11/2017.

·        On this fast track promotion all are posted as SSA Head and given responsibility of prominent posts including that of Business Area Head.

·        SNEA Maharashtra congratulates all these promoted officers and conveys best wishes for grand success in new assignment as SSA Heads.

·        With this order, Maharashtra Circle got two SSA/Business Area Heads as two officers are posted at Solapur and Nanded. There was unrest among the officers at Nanded that since formation of Business Area, no BA Head was posted and post was vacant since its creation before one and half year. Same is case with Solapur BA Head as it is vacant since retirement of earlier GMT Solapur before about one year SNEA MH has raised this issue during formal meeting with CGMT MH wherein it was assured to fill up BA Head post and with this at least all BA Head posts in MH Circle will be filled up.

·        In typical Govt working style, now Jalgaon SSA will have two SSA Heads as already one GM level SSA Head is posted and working and now one more GM is posted as per these orders, perhaps one may be posted as BA Head.

·        In similar manner Business area Sangli, Amravati have more than one GM level officers and many of the post of SSA Heads are vacant.

·        When Jalgaon SSA will have two GMs, SSAs like Akola, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Chandrapur, Bhandara etc are vacant and hopefully orders will be modified accordingly to fill up these SSA Head posts.

·         This order proves that BSNL also has fast track promotions as these officers recruited in E-5 Scale will now get E-9 scale and during 6-7 years of their recruitment as DGM, they have been earlier promoted as Jt GM, Add GM and now given GM promotions.

·         This shows that BSNL management can go for any promotion if so desired and it is unfortunate that when some absorbed ITS officers are getting huge pension and BSNL salary on same basic after absorption in BSNL, some officers are getting fast track promotions from DGM, Jt GM to GM within span of 5-6 years.

·         Here thousands of BSNL recruited and absorbed officers are compelled to work in same cadre even after 20-25 years of service on the same post and this is really ridiculous and disgusting and hope BSNL management will take care of the mass unrest among executives of BSNL due to such biased approach towards its own officers and discrimination thereof.


25 JAN 18:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued directions to all SSA Heads in Maharashtra Circle for timely conduction of DPCs for Time Bound Promotion of executives and to examine the cases of Executive Promotion Policy in accordance to EPP guidelines and  issue certificate that instructions issued on Executive Promotion policy has been strictly followed. Letter <<<>>>


25 JAN 18:  CAO FC Mumbai issued transfer orders of two AOs in which one is change of posting and both the orders are issued at Own Cost.  Letter <<<>>>


25 JAN 18:  DGM NOW-I CFA BSNL Corp Office issued directions to all CGMs to follow time to time guidelines issued on Fire Safety of the Exchanges.  Letter <<<>>>


25 JAN 18:  DGM NOW-I CFA BSNL Corp Office issued guidelines regarding closure of Landline connections which were not restored due to technical reasons.  Letter <<<>>>


25 JAN 18:  BSNL Corporate office authorises Circles to procure Biometric devices for e-KYC activation of SIM Cards and Maharashtra Circle is authorised to procure 2230 devices. Letter <<<>>>


24 JAN 18:  Status of proposal for Group Term Insurance Scheme for Maharashtra Comrades: With road accident at Chandrapur and loss of young comrade by BSNL has stressed for immediate need of Group Term Insurance Scheme for all willing BSNL officers and employees and specifically for all the BSNL recruited staff/ officers who are not having option of family Pension.

·        Com. Amit Kulkarni, CWC Member SNEA MH, Com. Tejas Tadsare, CWC Member SNEA MH, Com. Ankit Gangar JS NRU and Com. Datta Dubilye Ex CP SNATTA MH and now active member of SNEA Aurangabad have done basic study of the GTIS approved by MP Circle and made basic works for processing and implementation of this scheme in Maharashtra Circle. 

·        In this regards, it is to inform that SNEA MH has already discussed this issue with Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle and he has given kind consent to go ahead with such proposal in Maharashtra Circle and only concern he has shown is checking availability of option of National Pension scheme and go for most suitable option in the interest of BSNL staff and officers and their family members.

·        We had some preliminary discussions with earlier GM HR Admn Shri. Kumar Manoj and present GM HR/Admn Mumbai Shri. Aman Jaiswal and both have agreed to implement GTI scheme in Maharashtra Circle.

·        After this tragic accident of Chandrapur, yesterday evening Com. Abhay Kesarkar JS NRU SNEA MH and Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH had meeting with Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai and  elaborated him on need of Group Term insurance scheme in Maharashtra Circle as being successfully implemented in BSNL MP Circle.

·        GM Fin Mumbai has responded very positively and has even come forward with readiness to join this Group Term Insurance Scheme. He suggested that instead of going through agents it is better to approach directly to LIC Head office in Mumbai, call for competitive proposals from other companies in this business in group insurance and to get attractive proposal of GTIS for entire Maharashtra Circle.

·        Thus matter will be first taken with LIC directly by avoiding agents and BSNL is trying for getting more Benefits for members rather than paying commission to agents. As such proposal for Group Term Insurance is under consideration and will give final shape as early as possible after completion of the formalities.

·        Copy of orders of approval of GTIS by BSNL MP Circle for 500 members is made available here for awareness among the executives in Maharashtra Circle and to take decision in participating in this scheme. GTIS approved by MP Circle <<<>>> GTIS Rules <<<>>>


24 JAN 18:  CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for reallocation of duties of IFAs of Beed and Osmanabad SSA due to lagging behind in achievement of targets of Project AISHWARYA and OGIBBAR Targets of Year 2017-18.  Letter <<<>>>

·        With such special posting orders, new trend has been introduced in monitoring /pursuing of targets of finance wing and officers who were unable in achieving targets are released from all other responsibilities of IFAs, kept on side track and are now directed to achieve the said lagging targets in focused approach.

·        The responsibilities of IFAs, earlier hold by these officers is now given to the junior officers with hopes that seniors will take care of targets and juniors will hold respected post of IFAs and will enjoy all facilities and powers of IFAs.

·        It is understood that this has been done with specific intention to improve working of IFAs as expected by Circle Management.

·        Earlier such idea has been implemented in Telecom wing at DGM/GM levels as many of DGMs and GMs are posted as DGM/GM TF (Task Force) in different SSAs meaning that no specific work is assigned to these officers and they are given posting for name sake.

·        This order issued by CAO FC Mumbai is also has some resemblance with this Task Force idea but here instead of keeping these officers without any work, the officers are given specific works in which Circle management thinks that the said officer was lagging.

·        All the officers in the field units have to understand that days have changed now and everybody has to keep focused approach on the day to day works and achieving targets and hence one has to be ready to respond such orders with facts and figures.

·        To safe guard himself/herself, one has to update to higher officers and mainly to officers in Circle Management on genuine difficulties in achieving targets that to be well in advance and get timely solutions for achieving targets.

·        It is fact that there are many problems and genuine difficulties in field units but majority of the officers are hiding/keeping these genuine difficulties with them under fear that higher officers in Circle Management or even in middle/lower level officer will be annoyed.

·        We have to understand that officers  in Circle Office will be annoyed if either targets are not achieved or one has informed hardship in achieving these targets well in advance to officers in Circle management and got it resolved with intervention at higher level and if not so then it is being counted as failure.

·        Everybody will have to be alert and smart enough to analyse his own working and monitoring the working of staff and officers under his/her control and also update Circle management on difficulties in achieving targets and it needs to be done in advance action and not after queries from Circle office. 

·        After seeing this order of reallocation of works of IFAs, SNEA MH had discussions with Shri. Vivek Mahavar,  GM Fin Mumbai and he has updated us that some of SSAs are far away from achievement of Financial targets and he has lot of pressure from higher up and BSNL Corporate office for improving overall performance of Maharashtra Circle.

·        GM Fin Mumbai also added that BSNL is passing through critical conditions and hence under such compulsions, he has taken decision to start with even though personally he do not want to be so tough against individuals, but accountability of achievement of targets  has become must and everybody has to put on his/her efforts.

·        He also suggested that filed units should come forward with difficulties and he and his office will try to resolve all such issues related to growth and development of BSNL and manly revenue earning for BSNL.

·        This was stand of management and till the views of field units are to be understood and consolidated by SNEA MH with facts & figures and why the IFAs/ SSAs are lagging in achieving the said targets and where such action is justified or not.

·        After getting feedback from all District Secretaries of SNEA MH, if required and deem fit, then this matter will be again discussed with GM Fin Mumbai for review of this new trend and some encouraging ideas to achieve targets as well as to maintain minimum level of respect being an officer in Government organisation.



24 JAN 18:  CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for grant of immunity to one Office Bearers of NFTE BSNL Nagpur, SEWA Solapur and AIBSNLEA Mumbai and retention at working SSA.  Letter <<<>>>

·        Normally in any order for retention including some recent past retention orders, the retention period is mentioned and here FC section direct controlling officers for relieving of these office Bearers on completion of retention period which is not defined in this order.

·       It is understood that the officers in FC section are under confusion in calculating exact retention period due to certain ambiguities noticed by FC section in one out of three cases of grant of immunity approved in this order and it seems that immunity is granted for unlimited period and it is one of clever idea of uncertainty in such cases.

·       Hopefully such unlimited period immunity will be granted for all the Office Bearers of all Unions/Associations at all levels.


23 JAN 18: Unfortunate road accident in Chandrapur SSA causes life of one JE and serious injuries to JTO while both were on duty:  In an very unfortunate and tragic road accident in Varora in Chandrapur District on 22/01/2018 at about 1630 hrs, BSNL has lost one Newly Recruited JE and one JTO has been seriously injured while both were travelling for office works on motor cycle. In unfortunate turning of motorcycle, another motorcycle in speed collided with the motorcycles of the BSNL duo and accident was so serious that Com.  Gyanchand Prajapati JE Varora passed away on the spot & Com. Abhishek Dhantole, JTO Varora has met with critical with head injury. 

·        Com. Abhishek Dhantole was immediately admitted to Govt Hospital Chandrapur and later in midnight he was shifted to Nagpur for further treatment.

·        In Nagpur Com. Abhisjek Dhantole was first admitted in Shushrut Hospital Nagpur and then shifted to Neuron Hospital Nagpur and is undergoing further medical treatment. The condition of Com. Abhisjek Dhantole is stable and he is responding positively to the medical treatment but till not totally out of zone of dangerous.

·        SNEA Maharashtra prays for early recovery and good health of Com. Abhishek Dhantole JTO Varora.

·        Though life of Com. Abhishek Dhantole is being saved, unfortunately life of Com. Gyanchand Prajapati, travelling with him could not be saved.

·        Com. Gyanchand Prajapati, left heavenly on the spot before chance of providing any medical assistance to him. Com. Gyanchand Prajapati,was recently recruited JE and he has joined BSNL just before four months i.e. in Oct 2017 and has attended  his engagement at his home town Dhanbad in Chhattisgarh Circle just before 20 days & his marriage was scheduled in April 2018. Com. Gyanchand lost his father in early childhood and has completed his studies with much difficulty and is survived by mother and brother.

·        On behalf of all its comrades, SNEA Maharashtra conveys deep condolences to aggrieved family members of Late Com. Gyanchand Prajapati and we pray almighty to give courage to his family members to overcome this most difficult and critical period of life and may departed soul rest in heaven with Nobel peace.


23 JAN 18:  AGM Estt-I BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi endorsed revised of IDA rates and now revised IDA will be applicable 126.9% and t will be applicable form  01/01/2018.  Letter <<<>>>   DoPT Letter <<<>>>


23 JAN 18:  CGM NCNGN New Delhi writes to all Circle heads to follow briefing day on every Thursday between 0930 hrs to 1030 hrs wherein CSC in charge will brief CSC Staff, DE/SDE/JTO External will brief Line staff and CGMs will brief PGMs/GMs in Circle Office on new tariff plans, new services launched or any modifications with BSNL services. Letter <<<>>>


22 JAN 18:  Shri. Narottam Prasad Shrivastava, beloved father of Shri. Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL passed away at the age 86 while he was hospitalised at Bhopal in MP Circle.  

On behalf of all its comrades, SNEA Maharashtra conveys deep condolences to Shri. Anupam Shrivastav, CMD BSNL and his family members on sad demise of his father. We pray almighty to give courage to members of Shrivastav Family to overcome this most difficult period of life and may departed soul rest in heaven with Nobel peace.


22 JAN 18:  SSA Wise Executive Strength of Telecom Wing. <<<>>>


22 JAN 18:  AGM Admn BSNL CO issued transfer order considering Own Cost  request transfers of 17 JTOs and deputation of three SDEs to from Maharashtra Circle to WTR Circle. Letter <<<>>>

·        Since last one year, no request transfer for Non-Recruiting units was considered but newly recruited JTOs were directly posted to NRUs including WTR as per the directions of BSNL CO.

·        This has caused much unrest among the executives mainly JTOs who have applied for the request transfers from MH Circle to WTR Circle and many have expressed their strong willingness for working in WTR Circle.

·        The matter was repeatedly raised by Com. I. A. Ansari, DS SNEA WTR Mumbai, Com. Nitin Kapadnis, DS SNEA Kalyan, Com. Ajit Kumar DS SNEA WTP Mumbai, Com. Sameer Khare, DS SNEA Nagpur, Com. P. H. Koli, DS SNEA Sangli, Com. S.A. Aga DS SNEA Goa, Com. V.V. Pimparkar DS SNEA Ahmednagar and Com. Amit Kulkarni CWC Member SNEA MH to post some SDEs/JTOs to WTR from list of request transfers to meet acute shortage of executives in WTR Circle.

·        The matter was strongly pursued by Com. Ankit Gangar JS HQ SNEA MH and Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS NRU SNEA MH, Com. M.N. Kotambe ACS West SNEA MH, Com. Sachin Sarode ACS East SNEA MH & Com. Bharat Sonawane CP SNEA MH and it was one of the agenda discussed by SNEA MH in pre-formal held with Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai held on 06/01/2018 and in formal Meetng held with Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle held on 19/01/2018 and it was agreed to consider request transfers to WTR in two phases.

·        The present orders is first phase order as per the waiting list of request transfers excluding names of the SDEs/JTOs working on the crucial and important portfolio as their transfers at this stage may affect the targets of year 2017-18 and till any individual has any difficulty whose request is not given consideration for posting to WTR Circle , he/she may represent it to GM HR/Admn Mumbai with recommendations of SSA Heads and its copy may please be sent to DS SNEA concerned and SNEA MH will again pursue for it. 

·        The second phase order will be issued for considering left out request transfers as per the present waiting list including left out cases which will be considered along with other request transfers probably in Feb/March 2018.

·        The substitutes against these transfers will be posted from the JTOs undergoing filed training and/or from the batch of JTOs undergoing Phase-I training and will be posted for field training w.e.f. 08/02/2018.

·        SNEA MH congratulates all the JTOs/SDEs who have got request transfer to WTR and assure other comrades missed in the list of request transfers that their request for will be taken care in Month of February/March 2018 in second phase  order.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to Shri.  Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH, Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR/Admn Mumbai, Shri. B.A.Patil, DGM HR Mumbai, Shri. B. P. Tambat, AGM Staff Mumbai and Shri. V. J. Bhandirge AD Staff-B Mumbai who have taken sincere efforts for giving final shape to these orders in short period.


22 JAN 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai writes SSA Heads/ Unit Heads calling for data of stay particulars in particular SSA and n Maharashtra Circle of officers in JTO, SDE, DGM & Add GM Cadre for preparation of long stay lists. Letter for JTO SDE <<<>>>          Letter for DGM/Add GM <<<>>>

·        Similar letter for calling stay particulars in DE Cadre will also be issued shortly.

·        The Circle level long stay list of SDE/DE/DF+GM/Add GMs will be operated for posting substitute to officers working at All India Hard Tenure stations and requesting for  transfers in different SSAs/Units of Maharashtra Circle during Year 2018-19.

·        The SSA level long stay list of all cadres will be operated for posting substitute to officers working at Circle Tenure stations and Non-Tenure stations and requesting for transfers in different SSAs/Units within Maharashtra Circle.

·        For Tenure stations request transfers, the substitute is posted from officers in that cadre having highest stay in any Non-tenure SSAs in Maharashtra Circle and for non-tenure SSA request transfers, substitute s posted from the longest stayed officer of that particular SSA and particular cadre.

·        For counting break in service in particular SSA/MH Circle, that officer needs to have completed minimum two years’ service out that SSA/MH Circle , otherwise his/her stay will be counted from the date of entry in that particular SSA/MH Circle.

·        The officers who will be completing 55 years of age as on 31/03/2019 will be excluded from transfers to all India Tenure stations and officers who will be completing 58 years of age as on 31/03/2019 will be excluded from the Circle Tenure list as well as non-tenure list, but data needs to be sent to Circle office Mumbai in each case.

·        Female executives are not posted to tenure stations except their willingness but their names will be considered for posting as substitute at Non tenure stations/units.

·        The last date of submission of information by SSA/Units is 03/02/2018.



22 JAN 18:  Sr CE Electrical Mumbai issued transfer order of EEs wherein the officer for whom willingness has been called for post of SE Electrical  is posted as EE Electrical Mumbai and another officer who has not completed even one year and has done excellent work s shifted and SNEA MH has raised concern on this wrong postings in the formal meeting with CGMT MH Circle held on 19/01/2018 and CGMT MH has directed CE Electrical to look into matter and has directed SNEA MH to discuss this issue again with Sr CE Elect Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>


22 JAN 18:  Shri. B. Sunil Kumar, PGM CM Mumbai issued revised SSA wise Targets for new BTS installation under Phase V.4 project and directs Field units for keeping ready infra for early installation of new BTS sites including 4G sites Letter <<<>>>


22 JAN 18:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued letter for sending APRs of seven years of SDEs/DEs as preparatory work for DE Regular promotions DPC and last date of submission of the scanned copies APRs of all executives in seniority list 5, 6 & 7 by email on is 08/02/2018 . Letter <<<>>>


22 JAN 18:  DGM Admn NATFM Hyderabad calls for volunteers from CAO/AO/ JAO  having aptitude of teaching and willing to work for three years  as “Faculty Members” at NATFM Hyderabad and last date of submission of applications is 30/01/2018. The executives working as Faculty members get 11% Training allowance in addition to regular salary. Letter <<<>>>


22 JAN 18:  AGM Admn BSNL CO issued instructions for observance of silence on 30/01/2018 in the memory of those who have given lives in the struggle for India’s freedom. Letter <<<>>>


22 JAN 18:  DGM CA ERP Mumbai calls for additional justification and information for considering new request for grant of temporary advances. Letter <<<>>>


20 JAN 18:  AGM A& E BSNL CO issued longest Circle Tenure list of SDEs in Electrical wing for rationalisation of executives in SDE Electrical cadre in all Circles and for consideration of request transfers which is under consideration. Letter <<<>>> List <<<>>>

·        The executives in this list will have to give three choices for transfer to preferred Circles latest by 11/02/2018 and executives who are not giving any option executives will be posted at any Circle as per administrative connivance.

·        Discrepancies in stay particulars if any are also to be represented through proper channel. 

·         CEs will have to check list for its correctness and missing names if any and send correct list by 15/02/2018.


20  JAN 18:  Final Decision on Looking After Arrangements taken in the formal Meeting: In the Formal meeting by SNEA MH held yesterday i.e. 19/01/2018, with CGMT MH Circle and other officers in Circle Management,  the matter of Looking After Arrangements and humiliation of the executives in the middle management  due to careless and casual approach by Circle management has been discussed to the depth and SNEA delegation led by Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH Circle , has strongly expressed the feelings of the comrades and demanded for immediate orders for DE & DGM Looking After arrangements as per the options called.

·        On management side Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR/Admn Mumbai expressed that past s past and his office will take review of the entire issue as fresh and fresh orders for AGM/DGM LA will be issued after completion of spell and asked to give some time for fresh review.

·        We have brought to the notice of Management how our executives have feeling of humiliation by action of Staff section by calling repeated options every time and then without any action issuing extension of the old orders continuously for three times  which is illegal and unethical and it has caused embracing situation of the executives and we also conveyed decision that f fresh orders will not be issued by Republic Day i.e. 26/01/2018, all the executives will refuse Looking After arrangements in all Cadres.

·        We further added that SNEA has already agreed for giving some time for fresh SDE LA as no options have been called so far, but for AGM/DGM LA arrangements nothing is left and everything is ready and final action of taking decision is pending with Circle management.

·        Finally, it has been decided that fresh orders for AGM Looking After arrangements as per the Circle seniority will be issued immediately on “as it is where it is basis” by cancelling earlier extension of DE LA orders.

·        In case of DGM LA arrangements also additional orders will be issued to fill up 22 vacancies declared earlier by calling options and here also orders will be issued on “as it is where it is basis”.

·        The transfer due to Looking After arrangements as per options given by individual officers will be given consideration by end of March 2018 or by start of April 2018 by fresh Looking After arrangements after counting of vacancies and requirements by different SSAs after mainly after consideration of the request transfers which will be taken care in month February 2018 or by March 2018.

·        For SDE Looking After arrangements, the process will be initiated by calling options, preparation of the list of the officers under zone of consideration, calling VCs etc and by taking into consideration the request transfers in JTO/SDE Cadre, fresh orders for SDE LA will be issued by end of March 2018 or in first week of April 2018 to fill up all existing vacancies of SDEs.

·        SNEA MH conveys thanks to all comrades who have come forward for fight against injustice and mainly deliberate humiliation of the officers in middle management and with this decision  the entre dilemma and uncertainty on Looking After arrangements will come to end once for all and if n coming days if CPSU Cadre hierarchy is approved by BSNL Board and if it is implemented before any court matter then this process of Looking After arrangements will be automatically condemned and will be of no use.

·        The detail news on Formal meeting by recognised Association SNEA and discussions thereof will be uploaded shortly.


20 JAN 18:  DGM CA/ERP –FICO Mumbai issued new & detailed guidelines for settlement of Temporary Advance in SAP after GST implementation Letter <<<>>>


17 JAN 18:  Final call of “Mass Refusals in Looking After Arrangements” in SDE, AGM & DGM cadres for  respect and dignity of the executives in middle management as  protest of deliberate and prolonged  humiliating treatment being given by Circle management on flimsy grounds : Many of the comrades are making queries about the orders for fresh AGM/DGM Looking After arrangements and worried where fresh orders  will be issued or not and under pressure as till they are  uncertain about the time by which fresh orders will be issued  as they are compelled to hold responsibly and work load of these posts unfilled by management.

·        In this regards, it is to inform that CGMT MH has earlier taken stand that no transfer orders will be issued in LA arrangements as it may affect targets and hence the DE LA Orders have been illegally extended for three times to avoid dislocation of 15-20 SDEs even when each and every time options are being called for fresh DE LA.

·        Same is the case with DGM LA orders and here everything was finalised and entire matter was proposed in file for filling up 26 vacancies for which options were called for but at last moment CGMT MH has stopped the proposal and approved only partial DGM LA orders wherein only 7 DE are given DGM LA orders out of which 2- have retired on same day of the order and thus many vacancies are unfilled as on today.

·        Since last 2-3 month SNEA MH has vigorously pursued this matter from table to table and officer to officer and before one month we had detail discussions with CGMT MH and we have convinced him that no one wants transfers and there should not be any fear of transfers on Looking After arrangements.

·        We have no objection for “No Transfers on LA Arrangements”; rather we will be pleased to see that all orders in Looking after Arrangement to fill up AGM as well as DGM vacancies are issued on where it is as it is basis as being done for GM/PGM level officers without counting vacancy position.

·        We have elaborately informed CGMT MH that management is disrespecting, humiliating these executives by calling options every then and now and then not issuing orders on flimsy grounds every time and just showing that AGM & DGM LA orders are at mercy of management and we have made it clear that if humiliation continued further, all executives will refuse DE LA arrangement is mass protesting humiliating treatment by the management.  

·        CGMT MH has principally agreed and directed GM HR/Admn Mumbai for immediate orders for AGM & DGM LA arrangements where it is as it is basis till March 2018 and in any SSA any extra officer is given LA orders more than Justified posts, he/she will continue to work same work of AGM with DGM LA and SDE as AGM LA till March 2018 and all such extra posting will be adjusted /cleared after March 2018 and mainly after considering request transfers so that matter will be clear once for all.

·        But since then there are changes in officer in post of GM HR/Admn Mumbai and time of about three weeks has been taken by officers in staff section to work on proposal where it is as it is basis Looking After arrangements and then time of about two weeks has been taken by new GM HR/Admn Mumbai in understanding whole case and issues exaggerated in giving Looking After arrangements thereof and it is but natural as he is new to Maharashtra Circle as well as to HR issues.

·        SNEA MH has discussed this matter with old as well as new GM HR/Admn Mumbai on number of occasions and also it was one of important agenda of pre-formal Meeting of SNEA MH with GM HR/Admn Mumbai wherein it has been principally agreed by all that AGM & DGM LA orders will be issued for 179 days instead of 90 days being done now days.

·        It was also decided that all the officers will be posted in the working SSA itself as it is where it is basis and excess officers will be posted to shortage SSA after April 2018   so that it will not affect the achievement of targets of Year 2017-18 as pointed out by CGMT MH which is given as reason for illegal extension of old DE Orders and issuing partial DGM LA orders keeping many important portfolio including post of some SSA Heads vacant for months together which has caused unrest among executives.

·        On SDE LA arrangements t was decided that fresh proposal for filling up about 500 vacancies in SDE cadre will be processed but it will take some time and SNEA also agreed and it was finally decided that after issuing request transfers in Feb- March 2018, the orders for SDE LA arrangements will be issued to full up total vacancies as some more work is involved in it to issue orders for about 500 posts against present only 80 SDE LA orders.  

·        SNEA MH has expressed feeling of executives about such negligent approach by Circle management in filling SDE/AGM/DGM Looking After arrangements and we have continuously pursued for fresh AGM/DGM LA Orders, but the officers in Circle management are moving in “Tortoise speed”.

·        After continuous persuasion for 2-3 months with AD Staff C Mumbai, AGM Staff Mumbai, DGM HR Mumbai, GM HR/Admn Mumbai and CGMT MH Mumbai , the now matter of AGM LA is being given final shape and file for approval of DGM LA is at final stage of approval.

·        It is to inform that the proposal for DGM LA to fill up 22 vacant posts out of more than 26 declared vacant post of DGMs against more than 50 vacant post as per sanctioned strength , as some of eligible candidates have retired during intervening period, the proposal is finalised after detail study by officers in staff section  and with recommendations of GM HR/Admn Mumbai  has been sent to CGMT MH for final approval, who is on office tour and this proposal for Fresh DGM LA Orders will be finalised on return of CGMT MH, and if approved by CGMT MH most probably orders will be issued in this week itself. 

·        Further, in case of AGM Looking After Arrangements, it is to inform that the entire process of collecting, rectifying and purifying data for issuing Fresh DE LA Orders has been completed by dedicated efforts over the period of last two months by officers in staff section and proposal is almost ready , but unfortunately proposal is not yet processed in the file since last fortnight as preliminary discussions are not hold on subject for different reasons by officers in Staff section with GM HR/Admn Mumbai and no question of approval of CGMT MH Circle even though he has principally agreed to approve the proposal before period of one month.

·        Hopefully these discussions will be hold n coming 2-3 days and proposal will be processed in file after understanding the issues by all and most probably the proposal for fresh AGM LA Orders will be approved by CGMT MH by end of this week and orders may be issued by end of this week or at least by next week.

·        It is really panic and painful that even for such routine orders which are need of management, we have to pursue for months together and burn the md night oil along with certain officers in Circle management and this is efficiency of the management and matter has reached to worst position.

·        It will not be exaggeration if we can say if the work of calculating vacancies, preparation of list of eligible officers, calculation of vacancies , deciding posting within same SSA or in different SSA, etc and time taken by staff section and Circle management to clear proposal can take top position in “ Book of world Records” under category of delay in issuing any orders from start of preliminary works to final output of orders by typical red tape procedures by wasteful works of calling options and issuing partial or no orders.

·        From the above facts, it is clear that Circle Management is deliberately delaying orders for SDE, AGM & DGM LA orders just to keep we officers at “toes” and want to show that even these looking after arrangements are at the mercy of the management, but fact is that looking after arrangements is not the mercy of Circle management but it is need of management and we are fools who are carrying extra load of other posts.

·        Now time has come to convey Circle management in clear words that “Enough is Enough” and if no concrete action is taken by the management by 26/01/2018 i.e. Republic day, all the officers or at least members of SNEA in Looking After arrangements will submit his/her refusal for Looking after arrangements n mass and will continue to work in original cadre and let the Circle Management run the show and understand that we are not at mercy of the Circle management.

·        Further the officers in regular arrangements will not hold extra charge of any post and then and only then real vacancies and workload will be well understood by Circle management otherwise management will continue to “fool” us by giving different reasons and we will not tolerate it anymore.

·       Let us hope for some concrete Acton by Circle Management and otherwise please understand and convey this message of “Mass refusal” of Looking After arrangements to all the comrades for maintaining respect and dignity of the executives in middle management and see that all are ready to respond positively by mass refusals of all Looking After arrangements after 26/01/2018.  



16 JAN 18:  AGM Pers I BSNL CO issued orders for consideration of request by Com. K.B. Upasani AGM ITPC Pune for change of Circle from A&N Circle and posting within ITPC but n territory of other Circle i.e. at ITPC Hyderabad in territory of Telangana Circle. Letter <<<>>>

·        Request of Com. K.B.Upasani was strongly pursued by Com. Vijay Kokare, DS SNEA ITPC Pune and Com. Bharat Sonawane CP SNEA MH Circle and finally Com. K.B.Upasani gets justice and under policy of retention of talent n Non Recruiting units on recommendations of CGM ITPC Pune.

·        When some of the executives at ITPC Pune have taken selfish decision to change the association and take shelter unethical immunity by getting nominated/elected at post of DS/ADS/DT of any ITPC branch of any association , Com. K.B. Upasani, de-hard member of SNEA ITPC Pune kept faith on SNEA and has submitted his request even after his transfer was issued to A&N Circle and SNEA has given justice to Com. K.B. Upasani by pursuing his request for change of Circle and getting retention in  ITPC Circle at Hyderabad instead of ITPC Pune.

·        This is eye opener for selfish leaders who change their loyalty just for sake of the avoiding self-transfer thereby depriving other executives in ITPC Pune from their right just to maintain tradition of certain leaders to enjoy at same place at cost of members even though leaders are in longest stayed list and members are not in the long stay list.

·        SNEA will continue to give justice to members equally with leaders rather in SNEA members are given priority over the leaders and this order of retention of Com. K.B. Upasani in ITPC Circle is its classic example of it.

·         One has to understand that transfer on long stay basis is must for one and all and just holding post eligible for grant of immunity in any association will not avoid transfers but the loyal members will continue to get justice with support of recognised association SNEA.  



16 JAN 18:  Shri. Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL in appreciation DO letter to Shri. Ashok Purohit, CGM WTR Mumbai appreciates efforts of executives and employees of WTR for achieving overall improvement in Core Network Backbone link and DO letter further states that with this improvement issues raised by concerned circles and customers are reduced considerably Letter <<<>>>

SNEA Maharashtra congratulates Shri. Ashok Purohit, CGM WTR  Circle, Mumbai  and his entire team of officers and staff of WTR Circle for such extra ordinary contribution for improvement of the OFC network.



16 JAN 18: Congratulations!!!  Com. Mrs. Kamini Singh ADOL (Rajbhasha Adhkari) Circle Office Mumbai has successfully anchored Prestigious National Level Program i.e. Western and Central Region Official Language (Rajbhasa) Conference held on 12/01/2018 in RCF Chembur Mumbai which was arranged by Department of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs.

·        The Chief Guest of this conference was Hon. Governor of Maharashtra and it was attended and addressed by Hon. Home Minister for State, Govt of India, Chairman SBI, and many other dignitaries.

·        The programme was anchored by two anchor one from Door Darshan Mumbai and second was Com. Mrs. Kamini Singh, ADOL BSNL Mumbai and her anchoring was specially appreciated by Rajbhasa Vibhag New Delhi.

·        SNEA Maharashtra Congratulates Com. Mrs. Kamini Singh, ADOL (Rajbhasha Adhkari) Circle Office Mumbai for such excellent work in National Level Conference.

·        SNEA Maharashtra feels proud that Com. Mrs. Kamini Singh is member of SNEA and has always taken active part in anchoring different meetings, programmes, conferences and functions arranged in BSNL and made it highly successful by her style.

·        PHOTOs <<<>>>  <<<>>>  Video <<<>>>



16 JAN 18:  EE EP Mumbai issued list of request transfers of JTO Elect , SDE Elect in Maharashtra Circle , thereby calling for any missing name in this list request transfers within Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>

·        This list is prepared on the basis of the information received by EE EP Mumbai as in response to his office letter dated 03/01/2018 which was not uploaded on MH Intranet but was circulated via internal emails. Copy <<<>>>

·        This is not only request transfers but it is list of stay particulars of all 90 JTOs and 48 SDE Elect working in Maharashtra Circle and request by individual if any is written in the last column and if any officer has not given any request, this column is kept blank.

·        In clever idea, the stay particulars of all JTO Elect & SDE Elect has been published on MH intranet on name of list of applications of request transfers and any of the officers have become panic that it is indication of mass transfers in Electrical wing.

·        Publishing of Circle/SSA Stay particulars is not matter of mass transfers , but it’s matter of transparent working of Electrical wing as demanded by recognised association SNEA, so that individuals understands his/her position and plan for transfer at suitable post.

·        We already have discussions on this issue with Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CE Elect Mumbai and brought to his notice guidelines on not issuing mass transfers and making it minimum to request transfers and he also has assured to keep the transfers minimum.

·        As such JTO Elect & SDE Elect working at places where incoming request are pending from non-tenure stations and who have completed maximum stay in that SSA and Executives coming in Circle level longest stay are requested to go through the list and opt for any of the locations suitable to him/her from where request is pending for his/her present SSA.

·        If he/she who is long stayed officer at any place and is willing to work at any of place on transfer as substitute to incumbent request, then there is no need to worry but there are certain issues and he/she do not want posting at odd place, faraway place then he/she should opt in advance and such orders may be issued at Own Cost, but inconvenience caused on transfers at odd locations will be avoided by such early initiatives.

·        Normally for request transfers from tenure stations , substitutes are posted from Circle Long Stay list i.e. from the officer who is having longest stay in particular SSA and for considering request transfers from non- tenure stations substitute is posted from the SSA long stay list.

·        As on today, Goa, Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Raigad, Gadchiroli SSAs  and Nandurbar District of Dhule SSA  are Circle tenure stations and all other stations including non-popular stations like Solapur, Osmanabad, Beed, Latur etc are part of non-tenure stations for Electrical wing.

·        SNEA MH is discussing for review of tenure stations as per the requirement of the Electrical wing and we had preliminary and agreeable discussions with Sr CE Elect Mumbai but till matter is yet to be discussed and finalised in formal Meeting with CGMT MH Circle and it will be finalised shortly and changes if any will be effective for future transfers and not to present transfers.

·        Earlier many of Electrical wing officers have given options for odd location also at Own Cost due to certain compulsions and rumours of transfers at long away stations and this year nobody should become panic, but try to understand transfer policy, analyse the request transfers from tenure as well as Non-tenure stations and if he/she is due for substitute transfer to anybody during this year then & only then should opt for suitable station f he/she do not want transfer at odd locations.

·        As per latest guidelines the transfer and posting are to be proposed the concerned wing and these are to be approved by CGMT MH after scrutiny by GM HR/Admn Mumbai for its adherence to Transfer Policy and hence instead of become panic, it is required by individual to understand the transfer policy with respect to request transfers submitted by others, his/her position in SSA/Circle Long stay list and act accordingly.

·        All the comrades may please note that female candidates are not posted to tenure stations till he/she opts for transfers to Tenure station and the officers with age of 58 years as on 31/03/2019 will be excluded from the list of SSA/Circle long stay list.

·        Further, any of the officer in SSA/Circle Long Stay list is having genuine issues as mentioned in transfers policy, may apply in advance with supportive documents for removal of his name from long stay list.

·        Any of the officer who has earlier opted for request transfer but do not want transfer in this year, should withdraw his/her request as once transfer order is issued it will not be cancelled.

·        Officers under retention want any change of posting may also opt for such changes and their request may be considered at Own Cost.

·        SNEA MH appeals all the comrades of Electrical wing to go through the list of applications of request transfers cum Circle/SSA long stay list published by EE EP Mumbai and understand transfer policy and take steps accordingly.

·        If anyone has any doubt about transfers policy, want copies of transfer policy or has any query on the transfers may contact directly to EE (EP) % CE Elect Mumbai or  Com. Abhay Kesarkar, Joint Secretary NRU SNEA Maharashtra Circle  {Mob 9423085023} or write by email on       


16 JAN 18:  CAO FC Mumbai calls for VCs and certificate of successful completion of E2 to E3 TBP Examination for next TBP upgradation from E3-to E4 in respect of six AOs. Letter <<<>>>


15 JAN 18:  Presentation “Why BSNL” <<<>>>


15 JAN 18:  In Akola SSA, a "Special SIM Sale Mela" was organised form 12/01/2018 to 14/01/2018 on "Haldi Kumkum" Program organised on occasion of Makar Sankrati wherein one free SIM has been given ad a gift to Ladies with EKYC activation with FRC. In this Mela about 100 BSNL SIM Cards are sold and more than 80 SIM Cards are activated on the spot.  In this “Mela” most of executives/non-executives have taken active part by working for Mela even on holidays. Com. S. K.Chatane, DP SNEA Akola & Com. S.J.Gurav DT SNEA Akola have taken initiatives in active support of Com R. D. Wankhade, Com. Kalaskar, Com. Vipin Deshmukh, Com. Mrs. Umap & other staff.

SNEA MH congratulates all the members of this special team of Akola for such extra ordinary devotion towards BSNL and adding about 100 customers to BSNL by grabbing this opprtunity. Photo <<<>>>  <<<>>>  <<<>>>  <<<>>>


15 JAN 18:  Shri. N. K. Mehata, Director CFA BSNL Board in appreciation DO letter to Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle appreciates excellent team work for commissioning of 1489 lease circuits and also appreciates able leadership of Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle. Letter <<<>>>

SNEA Maharashtra congratulates Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle and entre officers and staff of EB team Maharashtra for excellent work done in commissioning of Lease Circuits thereby adding more revenue to BSNL. 





13 JAN 18:  Posting of PGM level Officer for Nagpur SSA: DGM Pers BSNL CO New Delhi issued orders for posting of PGM level officer as SSA Head Nagpur wherein Shri A. K. Bajpai, PGM NWP CM Raipur, CG Circle is posted as PGMT Nagpur and Mrs. Namrata Tiwari GMT Nagpur presently working as SSA Head Nagpur is re-designated as GM and she will work under new PGMTD Nagpur. Letter <<<>>>

·        With the posting of PGM level officer as SSA Head Nagpur, the present crises at Nagpur among management headed by Mrs. Namrata Tiwari and Joint Forum of BSNL Executive’s Associations and Non-Executive's Unions Nagpur, fully supported by staff and officers at Nagpur will be settled to certain extent but it may not be final solution for the mass unrest.

·        Joint Forum of BSNL Executive’s Associations and Non-Executive's Unions, Nagpur is demanding for transfer of Mrs. Namrata Tiwari GMT Nagpur since last one year and many times such grievances has been represented to CGMT MH Circle, but nothing concrete was done on the matter except completing formality of calling compliance that to be from GMT Nagpur. Copies of letters by Joint Forum Nagpur I <<<>>>  II <<<>>>  III <<<>>>

·        On the basis of complaints written by Joint Forum of BSNL Executive’s Associations and Non-Executive's Unions, Nagpur District, CGMT MH has first called for report from GMT Nagpur and it was delayed by GMT Nagpur by calling compliance from the leaders of Joint Forum of BSNL Executive’s Associations and Non-Executive's Unions Nagpur, who have signed the memorandum to CGMT MH giving details of harassment of staff and officers by Mrs. Namrata Tiwari as GMT Nagpur.

·        When this matter was not given consideration then Forum has issued reminder letters on the subject expressing unrest among staff and officers of Nagpur SSA and during discussions with Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle by CS SNEA MH it was informed that Shri. Kumar Manoj then GM HR /Admn Mumbai was specially deputed to Nagpur for checking complaints by Joint Forum of BSNL Executive’s Associations and Non-Executive's Unions Nagpur against Mrs. Namrata Tiwari and he has reported that everything is OK in Nagpur and hence the compliant by Forum of Unions & Associations at Nagpur was closed with one sided inquiry.

·        But, we have brought to the notice of CGMT MH that the information given by Shri. Kumar Manoj, then GM HR/Admn Mumbai is far away from the facts as he has collected information from the officer against whom the Joint Forum has given complaints and no information was collected from leaders or from staff and officers in Nagpur SSA who are directly or indirectly affected by vindictive actions by Mrs. Namrata Tiwari GMT Nagpur. 

·        We also have brought to notice of CGMT MH that leaders of Joint Forum of BSNL Executive’s Associations and Non-Executives Unions, Nagpur District, are not aware about the visit of Shri. Kumar Manoj for inquiry against their representations on vindictive actions by Mrs. Tiwari GMT Nagpur and there is no meaning in one sided inquiry conducted by GM HR/Admn Mumbai

·        Finally CGMT MH has assured to have relook on the complaints by Joint Forum of BSNL Executive’s Associations and Non-Executive's Unions, Nagpur District, if some complaints with strong base supporting documents were submitted to him and also assured to forward the representation given by CS of BSNLEU, NFTE BSNL, AGETOA & SNEA to competent authority about checking long stay particulars of Mrs. Tiwari and action thereof.

·        Apart from GM HR/Admn Mumbai and CGMT MH the matter of prolonged stay of more than 23 years of Mrs Namrata Tiwari GMT Nagpur at Nagpur SSA only and issues creating unrest among the staff and officers in Nagpur SSA, was raised with PGM Pers, Director HR and CMD BSNL and everybody has assured to look into it.

·        Later on request of Joint Forum of BSNL Executive’s Associations and Non-Executives Unions, Nagpur District, Circle Secretaries of BSNLEU MH, NFTE BSNL MH, AIGETOA MH & SNEA MH have represented grievances of staff and officers at Nagpur SSA and written letter to CGMT MH and its copy was sent to all concerned officers in Dec 2017. Copy <<<>>>

·        Further, CS BSNLEU MH & CS NFTE BSNL MH have raised this issue unrest among staff and officers in BSNL Nagpur in recent CCM meeting held at Mumbai and CS SNEA MH has raised this issue in pre-formal meeting with GM HR/Admn has made it one of the important agenda point of formal meeting with CGMT MH Circle.

·        Thus the efforts by Joint Forum of BSNL Executive’s Associations and Non-Executives Unions,  Nagpur District , over the period of more than year has given some fruitful results as new PGM level, separate Officer is posted as PGMTD Nagpur and Mrs. Namrata Tiwari will be GM working under PGMTD Nagpur.

·        As such, the number of staff and officers under direct control of Mrs. Namrata Tiwari will be reduced and hence many of the staff and officers who will not be under direct control of Mrs. Tiwari will get some relief.

·        Let us hope others will also get some relief with this temporary arrangement as their issues if any will be listened by the PGMT Nagpur and will not be unaddressed as happened in absence of separate PGMT Nagpur.

·        SNEA MH congratulates all the leaders specially District Secretaries  of Joint Forum of BSNL Executive’s Associations and Non-Executive's Unions, Nagpur District and their members for their prolonged patience and peaceful, successful fight against injustice to the staff and officers in Nagpur SSA and getting some relief and positive results from their prolonged struggle of more than one year.

·        Hopefully majority of issues raised by Joint Forum of BSNL Executive’s Associations and Non -Executive's Unions, Nagpur District, will be resolved with new PGMTD Nagpur and till this forum and its members at Nagpur has any grievances which will not be resolved even after taking up with new PGMTD Nagpur, same also will be taken care by the concerned CSs and SNEA MH being recognised association in BSNL will take leading role for giving justice to Nagpur comrades.     


13 JAN 18:  DGM Pers BSNL CO New Delhi issued orders for posting of PGM level officer as SSA Head Pune wherein Shri K. K. Saxena, CGM NE-I Circle is posted as PGMT Pune. Shri. K.K. Saxena has long experience of working in Maharashtra Circle and before posting to NE-I Circle he was posted as PGMT Pune and earlier also he has rendered his services as GMT Pune and GMT Sangli for period of more than seven years. Letter <<<>>>

12 JAN 18:  AGM  Staff Mumbai published list of stay particulars of DGM/Add GMs working in Maharashtra Circle calling for corrections, modifications if any latest by 18/01/2018. Letter <<<>>>

·        This is combined list of all DGMs/GMs working in Maharashtra Circle and many of them are retiring in coming two-three years and hence are out of zone of transfers out of Maharashtra Circle.

·        It would have been better on part of staff section that names of officers who are out of zone of transfers out of Maharashtra Circle, or the names would have been added at the bottom or as separate list just for information of all.

·        Also female officers are not posted to All India Tenure stations and their names also should have been excluded from the long stay list or noted separately.

·        With the names of these officers who are out of zone of consideration of transfer orders and names of female officers, the list seems to be long and it may create confusion among the officers who are practically due for transfers.

·        This is list of DGMs/Add GMs working in Maharashtra Circle and names of DGMs/Add GMs from WTR, WTP, Inspection Circle, ITPC , BBNW etc Non Recruiting units within territory of Maharashtra Circle are called for and will be added in the final long stay list of DGMs/Add GMs.   

·        This list will be operated for posting for substitute to DGMs/Add GMs who are working at all India Tenure stations and will be requesting to Maharashtra Circle on completion of two years tenure and DGMs/GMs in this list who are below age of 55 years will only be considered for posting substitute and others who have completed 55 years of age as on 31/03/2019 will be excluded from the long stay list. 

·        As such DGMs/GMs below age of 55 years as on 31/03/2019, are requested to check their position by excluding the names of officers who will be completing age of 55 years as on 31/03/2019 and names of female comrades and access when their name will be considered for posting out of Maharashtra Circle and make advance planning accordingly.

·        If he is willing to join all India Hard Tenure Stations, then no  problem and if there is reluctance on his part in joining at  All Training   Hard Tenure stations, then he may opt in advance to All India Soft Tenure stations namely Gadchiroli and Sindhudurg SSA in Maharashtra Circle or nearby Circle of his choice.

·        This is list of Add GMs/DGMs and such long stay lists of SDE & DE are under preparations and will be published shortly.

·        When the long stay list of SDE, DE , DGM & Add GMs is prepared and operated regularly, such long stay list of GMs is not being prepared and operated regularly otherwise some of GMs would not have been transferred frequently out of Maharashtra Circle and some of GMs like Mrs. Namrata Tiwari, GMT Nagpur would not have been allowed to work continuously Maharashtra Circle for period of more than 23 years and that to be only in territory of Nagpur SSA since 1994 i.e. from the time of her initial posting as ADET with deputation of one and half year to Jabalpur.

·        SNEA MH will take up matter for correct list of longest stayed DGMs/Add GMs including names of the officers in Non-Recruiting Circles and by excluding names of female officers as well as officers who will be completing age of 55 years as on 31/03/2019 i.e. long stay list of only DGMs/Add GMs who are due for transfer out of territory of Maharashtra Circle and also matter will be taken for preparation and operation of long stay list in GM cadre also.      



12 JAN 18:  AGM  Staff Mumbai issued orders for reliving of AD HRD Mumbai on his transfer to Karnataka Circle and no substitute s posted in his place. Letter <<<>>>

·        Earlier two AD HRDs were working and during last month, AD HRD-I was transferred and then AD HRD-II Mumbai was re-designated as AD HRD Mumbai and now he also is transferred and with this the work of Establishment section which looks after trainings of new JTOs, LICE passed JTOs, Time Bound Promotions, seniority list, pay anomalies and manly APRs of all executives in Maharashtra Circle etc will be badly affected due to such abrupt reliving of AD HRD.

·        If Staff section is not able to take care of such important portfolio affecting works related to many of the executives then how it will take care of the other sections is under question.

·        Even though different options like local arrangements, giving additional charge to any other SDE, posting one among the many SDEs/JTOs who have opted for request transfer to Mumbai and in need of transfer, posting one of SDE/JTO under transfer to Mumbai but not yet relieved by concerned SSA etc, but none of option is exercised and entire HRD is kept on hold and newly posted AGM Estt Mumbai is compelled to take care of this section.

·        Let us hope immediate action will be taken to fill up post/s of AD HRD Mumbai so that works of executives do not suffer much,


12 JAN 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued order for change of posted SSA as per request of individual and this request has been successfully pursued by SNEA MH  Order <<<>>>


12 JAN 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting order of SDE who has completed two years at All India Tenure Station in NE-I Circle on his posting back to Maharashtra Circle and he is given choice posting to Ahmednagar SSA.  Order <<<>>>


12 JAN 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for relieving of SDE on his transfer to NE-I Circle who is posted as one to one substitute to SDE who has completed two years All India tenure in NE-I Circle.  Order <<<>>>


 12 JAN 18:  “BSNL Happy Offer – 43% extra validity and 50% additional data” BSNL to offer extra validity and extra data for same price for select STVs. Letter <<<>>>


 12 JAN 18:  “New prepaid tariff  - Validity of popular STV 429 changed to 81 days“ Corporate Office has again issued new changes in STV in prepaid GSM services. Letter <<<>>>


 12 JAN 18:  CGM  MH writes to all SSA Heads to personally monitor faults in broadband / landline / FTTH and other elements in order to improve the quality services. Letter <<<>>>


12 JAN 18:  AGM S&M Mumbai conveys availability of BSNL Calendar 2018 and calls for collecting it from his office. Letter <<<>>>


12 JAN 18:  AGM S&M Mumbai endorses letter issued by BSNL Corporate Office for non-closure of landline & Broadband connections for pending payments till 31/03/2018. Letter <<<>>>


11 JAN 18:   In response to call given by CHQ of all Unions and association, Massive Lunch Hour Demonstrations held throughout Maharashtra Circle protesting formation of Separate Tower Company. Photos <<<>>>


11 JAN 18: End of uncertainty on transfers of Account Personals in Maharashtra Circle: CAO FC Mumbai issued modification in the transfer orders issued in respect of Account Personnel who were transferred and relieved from ERP and now some officers under transfer to Gadchiroli are retained at their working SSA and one left out request has been given consideration while request of eight officers who have requested for change of station has been considered. Letter I <<<>>> Letter II <<<>>>

·        The transfer orders were issued by the FC section before two months and same were not implemented for various obstacles created in this process wherein officers who have given request transfers were held up.

·        With this modification order, the dilemma created on transfers of account personals and rumors thereof will be closed once for all.

·        Then SNEA MH has taken up matter for ERP relieving and accordingly all officers who were not relieved by IFAs/SSA Heads were force relieved through ERP on 30/12/2018 and all these officers were also relived and have represented for change of station, retention on genuine grounds.

·        SNEA MH office bearers namely Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS NRU SNEA MH, Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH, Com. Hrushikesh Kesale JS AF SNEA MH, Com. Harsh Sable, JS Marathwada, Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai Com. Prashant Jadhav, DP SNEA Mumbai have pursued all such cases for last one week and we had series of discussions with concerned officers.

·        Earlier management has taken firm stand that these officers have not submitted options when it was called by FC section and hence none of request was been given consideration.

·        But SNEA MH has strongly pleased that this was not deliberate mistake on part of these officers as they were misguided by some individuals that there will not be any transfer, transfer order issued will be cancelled by CGMT MH on name of change tenure station, in account section transfer policy cannot be implemented, transfers beyond 100 Kms will be cancelled etc and no firm clarification was issued by FC section on these rumors which has compelled these officers to believe on the rumors and hence they have not submitted options. We pleased that on only  mistake of these comrades   was they have not taken care for timely submission of option as called by FC section mainly to wrong feedback from certain individuals and they should not be punished for such odd location/difficult place transfers

·        Finally Shri. Vivek Mahavar, GM Fin Mumbai with very positive approach towards Account Personal has taken pro-active stand, responded positively to persuasion by SNEA MH and has given human consideration for the revised request of these individual matter has been resolved in favor of this comrades.

·        SNEA Maharashtra conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai, Mrs Ashwini Bhonge, DGM FC Mumbai Shri. K.R. Patro CAO FC Mumbai & Mrs. Supriya Gedam JAO FC Mumbai for considering the request of these comrades sympathetically and responding persuasion by SNEA MH for justice to these comrades who could not submit their options in time due to misguidance by some individual.

·        In pre-formal meeting by recognized association SNEA with Shri. Vivek Mahavar, GM Fin Mumbai  held on 09 & 10/11/2017 , it has been discussed and decided that henceforth transfer orders of Account Personnel will also be issued in Month of March and its implementation will be done on completion of account closing.

·        Accordingly for transfers in March 2018, options will be called in Feb 2018 by publishing waiting list of request transfers, stay particulars of all the officers and this will reduce the difficulties faced by the Account Personnel due to mid-term transfers as being seen on each and every transfer of account personnel in Maharashtra Circle. 

·        As such, SNEA MH appeals all comrades not to believe on rumors and plan for the transfers f they are n SSA/Circle long stay list and give option accordingly to avoid problems as being faced by these comrades for no mistake on their part.


11 JAN 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued request transfers of the SDEs/DEs on completion of two years tenure at Circle tenure station by Quarter Ending Dec 2017. The proposal for request of tenure completed JTOs is also approved and orders will be issued today. SDE Order <<<>>>  DE Order <<<>>>

·        Presently the Tenure transfers are being issued on Quarterly basis and in discussions by SNEA MH with GM HR/Admn Mumbai during pre-formal meeting, management has proposed for issuing these quarterly transfers also on yearly basis.

·        We have conveyed that we have no objection on such proposal rather we welcome it but it may be implemented after Management is able to send these executives to tenure station only once in year and present quarterly transfer orders for all the officers who have joined and presently working at Tenure station should continue till last officer sent to tenure station in md term is considered for his/her transfer on completion of two years let it be midterm.

·        We have also informed that we will welcome such move from transfer due from QE March 2018 and the officers transferred on this yearly basis will be given transfer on completion of their Tenure March 2020 and then every tenure order also can be issued on yearly basis and till time this quarterly practice should be continued.

·        With yearly tenure transfer orders will reduce/avoid hardship to our executives due to mid-term transfers.

·        These are only preliminary discussions on change of tenure transfers from quarterly to yearly and the matter will be finalized in formal Meeting with CGMT MH Circle.


 11 JAN 18: Pre-formal meeting with Shri. Vivek Mahavar, GM Fin Mumbai: In continuation of series of pre-formal meetings, fourth and final pre-formal meeting by SNEA MH for discussions on Finance wing issues was held with Shri. Vivek Mahavar, GM Fin Mumbai in his chambers on Monday, 09/01/2018 at 1700 and after discussions up to 1930 hrs the meeting continued on 10/01/2018 in the morning hours till completion of entire agenda.

·        Mrs. Ashwini BhongeDGM FC Mumbai  was present from management side and from SNEA Com. Santosh DeshpandePresident SNEA ACE Pune Branch,  Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, Com. Abhay KesarkarJS NRU SNEA MH, Com. Ankit GangarJS HQ  SNEA MH attended this pre-formal meeting of recognised association and delegation has detail discussions on each and every point.

·        GM Fin Mumbai was very keen on each and every point has responded the issues in very positive approach.  Discussions were very healthy and many issues raised by SNEA MH were given final shape by GM Finance and formal minutes of the meeting will be issued shortly.

·         With this all pre-formal meeting by SNEA MH are completed and after getting minutes of these meetings SNEA MH will submit fresh agenda on left out HR issues and development issues for formal meeting with Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH Circle which will be held shortly and most probably in month of January 2018 itself.

·         Agenda Points of Finance Wing <<<>>>.


 11 JAN 18:  GM Vig Mumbai calls for the names of the officers with lavish life style, having membership of costly clubs, celebrating weddings in lavish scales and persons with whom the officers is frequently meeting at his residence and out of office etc and this information is required for preparations of the “agreed list” of the suspected officers with doubtful integrity to strengthen vigilance and anti-corruption activity. Letter <<<>>>


 11 JAN 18:  AGM Admn Mumbai issued instructions for reimbursement of Telephone Bills/New Paper bills and bills up to last two quarters/six months can be  only  reimbursed and old bills will be rejected. Letter <<<>>>


 11 JAN 18:  AGM CMTS Infra I BSNL Corporate office issued guidelines on rent enhancement of leased out BSNL Passive infra. Letter <<<>>>


 10 JAN 18: Directions of CGMT MH for reduction of expenses and need of its practical applicability by all starting from Circle Office Mumbai: DGM Admn Mumbai writes reminder letter to all SSA/Unit heads for review and rationalisation of security guards and calls for compliance in time bound manner with warning that forthcoming allotment of funds will be based on this compliance report.  Letter <<<>>>

·        It has been seen that many of the officers in field units have taken this letter as instruction for reduction of Security Guards at all locations and the security of some important installations have been removed without any proper substitute arrangements causing direct threat to the valuable property and assets of BSNL and manly direct threat to restriction on access to Govt Premises by public.

·        It was proposal by Circle management that the payments of Security guards is very high when same are available at lower rates and also BSNL is not able to utilize their services to full strength and many of Security Guards were found sleeping during night hours even though such high amount was being paid and there is nothing wrong in the decision but its abrupt implementation on pick and choose basis is really matter of concern.

·        As such to reduce expenses, the first step was to replace the Security Guards by the BSNL officials who are not able to move in the field units due to health/age issues and can complete task of Security Guards with ease and comfort.

·        Then second option was to utilize the Security Guards available at cheaper rates in Market wherein monthly charges are less as compared to charges being paid now so BSNL money can be saved.

·        Third option was to use watch and ward services wherein concerned person will take care of Security as well as all technical issues like starting DG sets, reporting faults, issues of AC Units, power plants as per directions of concerned JTO/SDE.

·        Fourth step was to review the need of security guards being deployed in different offices/units and remove the unwanted security guards and stop unwanted expenses.  

·        But, unfortunately many of the officers have interpreted it in all wrong way and have removed security guards abruptly without any substitute arrangements and its cause of concern.

·        Any loss to BSNL due to non-availability of Security Guards will be charged against the concerned officer in charge as lapses on his/her part and not on the part of officers who are issuing directions for random reduction of Security Guards.

·        If it was matter of reduction of Security Guards, the requirement would not have been doubled in Circle Office Mumbai as we have seen now in place of earlier one security guards; two security guards are deployed at Entrance Gate of Circle Office Mumbai.

·        When DGM Admn Mumbai is writing all SSAs for reduction of Security Guards, in Circle Office instead of one Security Guard earlier now two guards are deployed and it’s really surprising that when everybody has to reduce security guards then why only the office issuing such order has doubled the expenditure on security guards, this is contradiction with orders on the subject.

·        May be fact that in recent past when Fire Incident took place on 6th Floor of the Circle Office Mumbai, one security Guard on duty was sleeping and this time Circle management may have taken care for one Security guard to sleep and one has to be awake as Security guards else what can be justified reason for it?

·        Or maybe this clever idea of removing security guards at other staff colonies on name of reduction of expenses and using such extra posted security guards for the colony of the officers wherein many of the influential and intelligent officers in Circle management are staying in the adjacent staff quarters.

·        Now days, we are finding many decisions of Circle Management which are against the directions of CGMT MH Circle for reduction of Expenses , some officers under direct control of CGMT MH Circle are deliberately wasting money on unwanted works and deploying two Security Guards in place of one Security guard earlier and  expenditure of more than Rs 35 lakhs on the well maintained Tar Road in the campus of Circle Office are classic examples of it and we have many more such examples of direct wastage of BSNL Money when BSNL is facing extreme financial crunch.

·        When we go through details of expenditure being made by certain officers then we find that many contradictory decisions are being taken wherein money of BSNL is wasted and that to be when CGMT MH is repeatedly stressing that if situation do not improve, the Monthly salary of employees may stopped at any instance and one has to understand the message of CGMT MH to the depth and not as per his/her will and wish as being done now.

·        Let us hope CGMT MH tightens such officers in Maharashtra Circle, may he/she at on any post , any location or any position, if he/she is working against directions of CGMT MH  to reduce expenses and thereby give clear signal that there is no difference in what he say and what his followers needs to do/understand  and the  instructions of expenditure curtailment are  implemented not only in field units and by lower officers /staff even by affecting services of BSNL but officers at senior level also needs to follow.

·        SNEA MH is confident that at least henceforth, the implementation of the orders of expenditure curtailment by CGMT MH will be rightly understood by everybody and its implementation starts from Circle Office Mumbai and examples are set for the field units for following these directions with practical approach and true spirit and there will not be any need on part of recognized association of BSNL “SNEA MH” to raise such issues.


9 JAN 18: Pre-formal meeting with Shri. Kumar Manoj, CE Civil Mumbai: As decided earlier, the third pre-formal meeting by SNEA MH for discussions on civil wing issues was held with Shri. Kumar Manoj, CE Civil Mumbai in his chambers on Monday, 08/01/2017 sharply at 1500 hrs.

·        CE Civil Mumbai was accompanied by Shri. Mohmad, ZaheerEE Admn Civil Mumbai and Shri. Govind RajanAD Staff Civil Mumbai and given detail feedback to CE Civil on required points till the meeting concluded at 1800 hrs.

·        The SNEA delegation led by Com. Santosh DeshpandePresident SNEA ACE Pune Branch, along with Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, Com. Abhay KesarkarJS NRU SNEA MH, Com. Mangesh WaseEx JS NRU SNEA MH Com. Santosh Bhalerao DS SNEA ACE Pune Branch, has attended this pre-formal meeting of recognised association and delegation has detail discussions on each and every point.

·        On the basis of feedback given by SNEA leaders, about on all agenda points, we have reached to conclusion and only few points are left for discussions with CGMT MH Circle and the discussions started from1500 hrs continued up to 1800 hrs.

·        The minutes of the meeting will be issued shortly.

·        Fourth and final pre-formal meeting by SNEA MH before formal meeting with Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH Circle will be held with Shri. Vivek Mahavar, GM Fin Mumbai on 09/01/2018 for discussions on issues related to Finance wing.

·         Agenda Points of Civil Wing <<<>>>.



 9 JAN 18: Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT  MH Circle appreciates the exemplarily  performance by Bhandara SSA in acquiring all 28 Non BSNL BTS sites to be installed under Phase VIII GSM Expansion project in a special appreciation letter addressed to  Shri. Arvind PatilGMT Bhandara and BA Head Chandrapur. Letter <<<>>>

·        Letter states that Bhandara SSA has completed all the necessary activities in acquiring all its 28 nos. of NBSNL sites along with other site readiness activities and appreciates planning activities as well as co-ordination with other units.

·        The letter also appreciates the work done by Chandrapur, Gadchiroli and Wardha SSA which are part of Chandrapur Business Area headed by Shri. Arvind Patil GMT Chandrapur.

·        SNEA Maharashtra also congratulates Shri. Arvind Patil GMT Chandrapur and  all the officers and staff of Mobile Teams of Bhandara SSA, Chandrapur SSA, Gadchiroli and Wardha SSA for their timely actions motivating other to complete the works under this project  

·        It is worth to mention that Phase VIII.4 Mobile project is very much important for the growth and sustainability of BSNL in near future to come.

·        With this expansion project Phase VIII.4, the reach of BSNL will reasonably increase for better GSM services and this expansion is being done after period of 7-8 years and now customers will get 3G services at many prominent locations and 2G services will be expanded beyond present reach of BSNL.

·        This project will also roll-out the most awaited 4G services on pilot basis in SSAs like Buldhana, Jalna and Parbhani and hence SNEA appeals all comrades to take all initiatives and complete all works in time bound manner so that this expansion project is completed in the Financial Year 2017-18 and BSNL starts generation of more revenue on its investment of crores of rupees on this project.



 9 JAN 18: DGM CA III BSNL Corporate Office issued guidelines for implementation of BSNL Board Decision to increase in existing rate of employer’s contribution from 3% to 5% of Basic plus DA towards Super Annuation Pension (SAB) Scheme for direct recruited employees in BSNL and this will applicable from 01/04/2017 with directions to implement it from Salary of Jan 2018 and finalisation of arrears by 10/02/2018Letter <<<>>>


 8 JAN 18 : Compulsions for purchase of pre-printed Lucky Coupons/lottery tickets of TWWO Mumbai by certain senior BSNL officers and unrest among staff and executives thereof: SNEA MH has received some complaints from executives and non-executives in different SSAs/units that their controlling officers and mainly some GMs and DGMs are compelling staff and officers under their control for purchase of some pre-printed Lucky Coupons cum lottery tickets of TWWO (Telecom Women Welfare Organisation)  Mumbai printed on name ofMela being arranged at Mumbai.

·        It is understood that these tickets are being sold for generation of fund for special Mela for members of the TWWO in campus of BSNL Administrative Building Santacruz Mumbai and it is expected that all the staff/officers and contractors should contribute it liberally, and hence willing staff/officer may contribute if willing for it but not under compulsions being created by some controlling officers. Lucky Coupon/Lottery Ticket <<<>>>

·        It has also been reported that compulsions are being created by some DGM/GMs to purchase at least one Coupon/ticket by each and every employee regardless of his/her membership of the TWWO, which is not ethical and correct.

·        In this regards, it is to inform that there is no compulsion for any executives and non-executives who are not member of TWWO to purchase even single ticket and no officer can compel the staff & officers under his control or otherwise for purchase of such coupons/tickets.

·        The office Bearers of TWWO may compel that to be only to members of TWWO to purchase such tickets of any amount they desire & decide mutually, but no one including Office Bearers of TWWO should compel staff and officers who are not members of TWWO to Purchase of such Lucky Coupons/lottery Tickets.

·        SNEA MH appeals all such officers who have taken/received these Lucky Coupons cum lottery tickets in bulk to refrain from compelling the staff and officers who are not members of TWWO and if he/she has taken/received tickets in bulk under compulsions created by his/her seniors then either he should resist or make payment of tickets at his own depending on his/her will and wish as with such actions the chances of opportunity to win the prizes by him/her will be more and we convey advance best wishes for winning this lucky lottery. 

·        SNEA MH further appeals,  all the officers who are members of SNEA MH who are  compelling his/her staff for purchase of sale for any reason , not to do so and till any one is willing to do so under whatever circumstances/compulsions  he should do it at his/her risk and SNEA MH cannot and will not support him/her on any complications later on compulsory sale of Lucky Coupons cum lottery tickets of the organisation of which he/she is not member and there is no harm in sale of such tickets by officers who are members of SNEA as well as TWWO to the members of TWWO.


 8 JAN 18: Meeting with Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai: In continuation to the agenda submitted by CS SNEA Maharashtra Circle for formal meeting with Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle, second meeting for preliminary discussions was arranged by Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai in his chambers at 1100 hrs on Saturday 06/01/2017 and all the agenda points on Telecom wing agenda were discussed to full length.

·        The delegation led by Com. M.N. Kotambe, ACS West SNEA MH along with Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS NRU SNEA MH, Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH have attended this pre-formal meeting of recognised association and delegation has detail discussions on each and every point.

·        On the basis of feedback given by SNEA leaders, many of the points have reached to conclusion by mutual agreement. The delegation has submitted required documents and given categorical examples in support of the issues raised by SNEA and Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR/Admn Mumbai was kind enough to agree with all such justified views by SNEA MH Circle.

·        From management side this meeting was attended by Com. N G Nikam, AD Staff C Mumbai Com. B. P. Tambat AGM Staff Mumbai and Com. B. A. Patil DGM HR Mumbai and Shri. Aman jaiswal GM HR Admn Mumbai and we have seen that first time team of these officers was fully prepared on the agenda points and due to such preparations issues have come to conclusion.

·        The concern shown by team SNEA MH was accepted in about all points except some issues wherein only Head of Circle or higher officers/offices have to take final decision.

·        The discussions started from1100 hrs continued up to 1500 hrs without break and as GM HR /Admn was having some pre assigned meeting at 1530 hrs, the meeting was adjourned  and our discussions again started at 1730 hrs and continued till 2000 hrs wherein  the discussion on each and every point of agenda was completed to the depth.

·        GM HR/Admn Mumbai has arranged for noting of minutes of meeting and decision on each point has been noted in meeting itself and formal minutes will be issued shortly. 

·        Such third pre-formal meeting by SNEA MH, for preliminary discussions on agenda points of Civil wing is scheduled today 08/01/2017 at 1500 hrs with Shri. Kumar Manoj, CE Civil Mumbai, GM L&B Mumbai and CE Ext Projects Mumbai.

·         Copy of agenda on Telecom  wing issues <<<>>> Annexure <<<>>>


8 JAN 18: Tower Subsidiary Formation: Countrywide Protest Demonstration on 08.01.2018: Govt going ahead with the formation of Tower subsidiary formation irrespective of the strong opposition from the employees. It was told that it will be subsidiary of BSNL but Govt appointed a Chairman Cum Managing Director for the new Tower Subsidiary Company, making its intentions clear, day by day. As an immediate response, all Unions and Associations will be holding demonstration throughout the country on 08.01.2018.The meeting of all the Unions and Assns are scheduled for 08.01.2018 for further steps


5 JAN 18: Meeting with Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CE Elect Mumbai: CS SNEA Maharashtra Circle has submitted agenda for formal meeting with Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle in four parts i.e. separate Agenda for Telecom, Account, Civil and Electrical wings. 

·        As requested in this letter by SNEA MH, CGMT MH has directed GM HR/Admn Mumbai, GM Fin Mumbai, CE Civil Mumbai and Sr CE Electrical Mumbai for having detail discussions on these agenda points before final discussions with CGMT MH and resolve the issues at their level and issues not settled by these officers along with understanding/decisions on important agenda points will be discussed with CGMT MH for final outcome of Formal Meeting.

·        Accordingly such first meeting for preliminary discussions on Electrical wing agenda was arranged by Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CE Elect Mumbai.

·        The delegation led by Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS NRU SNEA MH along with Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, Com. M. S. Hannure, DP SNEA ACE Mumbai, Com. Sameer Shinde DS SNEA ACE Mumbai have attended this pre-formal meeting of recognised association which was held from 1530 hrs on 05/01/2018 and with details and fruitful discussions on each point till 1815 hrs, the meeting was adjourned and will continue again today form 1530 hrs to have further discussions on left out agenda.

·        In same lines, the pre-formal meeting on agenda points of Telecom wing is scheduled today i.e. 06/01/2017 with Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai from 1030 hrs.

·        Copy of agenda on Electrical wing issues <<<>>>


 5 JAN 18: All Unions and Associations in BSNL Maharashtra Circle writes to Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle for Timely intervention on demoralising action initiated due to advance letter by DGM Admn Mumbai on untimely and unjustified salary cut. Letter <<<>>>


5 JAN 18: CAO FC Mumbai issued  posting order of five JAOs who have successfully passed LICE under 40% departmental quota and now completed four weeks Phase- JAOs training. This time as per orders from BSNL CO, except one JAO all are posted to Non-Recruiting Circles. Letter <<<>>>



 4 JAN 18:  DGM  SEA  issues posting order for JAOs on probation under 40% departmental quota for SC/ST candidates on completion of their 4 weeks induction training. Letter <<<>>> List <<<>>> <<<>>>


4 JAN 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai published waiting list of the request transfers in various cadres viz. DGM, DE, SDE and JTOs working in different SSAs of Maharashtra Circle. Waiting list DGM <<<>>>    DE <<<>>>    SDE <<<>>>    JTO <<<>>>

·        This waiting list is prepared by excluding request for Mobile wing of any SSA as posting to Mobile unit of any SSA will be done by concerned SSA and all such executives willing for any Mobile unit may request for transfer to Mobile unit to the SSA Head of that mobile unit.

·        SNEA Maharashtra has submitted agenda for formal meeting as recognised association and consideration of request transfers from non -tenure stations is one of the important agenda.

·        Earlier waiting list was published on different days/weeks , but this is first time that Waiting list of all cadres in telecom wing is issued on same day there making everything clear to one and all.

·        Request for cancellation of the request transfers if any may be submitted latest by 31/01/2018 and hence all executives who have want to cancel/modify the request before 31/01/2018 and such request for changes will not be entertained after issue of orders which are expected by end of Feb 2018.

·        SNEA MH appeals all comrades who have submitted request to confirm it or get it cancelled before 31/01/2018 by ascertaining the family and personal requirements and it will be difficult to cancel request transfer once issued.

·        It is seen that many of the executives give request just for name sake and then pressurise SNEA for cancellation and we also have helped such comrades earlier but it may not be possible always and hence one who has submitted request with one or more options should continue his option it if he/she is willing for that particular SSA, otherwise he/she should withdraw his request well within time and save his time, association time and hardship at later stage.  

·        The request/applications received by 31/01/2018 will be considered for the transfers to be considered in Month of March-April 2018 and hence all executives who are in need of transfer are requested to submit their request by 31/01/2018.

·        As per transfer policy the substitute for non-tenure transfers is being posted from SSA long stay list of concerned SSA and hence officers in SSA long stay list may also take care and plan accordingly.  

·        The request for modification/cancellation or new requests if any are to be submitted through proper channel by email latest by 31/08/2018.


 4 JAN 18:  Special General Body Meeting of SNEA Pune ACE Branch at RTTC Pune:  {Report by Com. Santosh Bhalerao, DS SNEA Pune ACE Branch}: The Special meeting of ACE Pune was held at RTCC Chinchwad, Pune on 04/12/2017 arranged by Pune ACE branch at RTTC Pune at 1745 hrs and it was presided over by Com. Santosh Deshpande, President SNEA ACE Pune Branch and meeting was attended by the following leaders.

1.     Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH & DS SNEA Pune.

2.     Com. M. S. Adasul, Ex-DyGS SNEA CHQ & CS SNEA MH.

3.     Com. Abhay Kesarkar, Joint Secretary, NRU SNEA MH.

4.     Com. Prayag Pisal, Joint Secretary Pune, SNEA MH.

5.     Com. Sameer Shinde, DS ACE SNEA Mumbai.

6.     Com. Santosh Bhalerao, DS SNEA Pune ACE Branch.

7.     Com. V. M. Wankhede Ex AGS SNEA CHQ.

8.     Com. M. A. Wase, Ex Joint Secretary NRU SNEA MH

·        All the dignitaries on Dias as well as prominent leaders and guest from other units were given warm welcome by ACE Pune.

·        The house specially felicitated Civil Executives Com. Sushil S. Kukade JTO Civil Pune & Com. Umesh G. Kulkarni JTO Civil Pune for their bright performance in Pune EB business for grabbing 500 Cr Business for Pune SSA, house congratulated both the comrades with loud claps.

·        Com. Santosh Bhalerao, DS ACE Pune in his welcome address gave warm welcome to all the executives of ACE wing from different divisions of west zone present in the special meeting at Pune.

·        Com. Sameer Shinde, DS ACE SNEA Mumbai in his introduction speech gave brief idea about the purpose of this special Meeting at RTCC Pune. He further gave warm welcome all leaders & executives present in the meeting and conveyed thanks for attending this special meeting at Pune. He congratulated Com. Santosh Bhalerao, DS ACE Pune for arranging such beautiful meeting and grabbing opportunity of presence of the many executives of ACE wing for TBP examination at RTCC Pune. He further expressed feeling that there is need of moral boosting action by Circle management for electrical executives who are trapped in Solapur Temporary Advance vigilance case due to biased investigation of the case and main culprit Account officer in this Temporary Advance scam is given free hand. He narrated details about innocence of the all 27 executives and how they are unnecessarily trapped in the case by issuing major charge sheet for 20 officers and minor charge sheet for 7 officers. He also pointed out recent Fire incidence occurred at 6th floor C-wing in BSNL Admin Bldg. Juhu and unwanted suspension of the officers who has taken the charge just before two month and without understanding his side. He requested to CS/CP SNEA MH to look into this matter & discuss with CEE/ CGM on priority to give justice to deprived comrade. He concluded his address with giving confidence to all the comrades that SNEA will work hard for respect of the Executives working in ACE wing and assured to best on his part.

·        Com. Abhay Y. Kesarkar, Joint Secretary NRU SNEA MH expressed his views on long pending demand of ACE executives Notional pay fixation w.e.f. 1/10/2000 for which our management not given any attention even after 17 years. He pointed out that if Telecom & Accounts executives get the benefits from 01/10/2000 then why not for ACE executives and requested CS /DYGS to take up this issue on priority in CWC Meeting at Bhubaneshwar. JS NRU also given attention of house for development & work issues of ACE family for betterment of BSNL & all executives. In ACE family all executives are now above 40 years  & due to current panic working conditions, huge work load with less manpower of executives doing all works of peon, clerical jobs like couriers, record findings, diary, dispatch, preparing estimates, letters of correspondence, maintaining all Technical registers like Tender, Work order PE/DE/ Store accounts  and many more but same is not recognised by the BSNL management and ACE wing executives are not getting due respect of their devoted works. He further expressed that our management not following equal HR policy in ACE wing at par with Telecom wing and also pointed out recent vigilance & departmental enquires against sincere officers making their working Stressful & Panic. He also demanded for declaring Separate Tenure Stations for Electrical executives where executives are reluctant for joining the duties due to atmospheric conditions. At the stations like Nandurbar, Beed, Parbhani, Osmanabad, Solapur & Nanded SSA/Divisions/Sub Divisions, none of Electrical wing officers are willing to join as on transfers at these locations their request is not being considered after completion of two years for want of substitute. He further added that stay of ACE executives working at Raigad, Kalyan, Mumbai Circle office is to be considered as per transfer policy by treating it as part of different SSA, thereby giving justice to ACE officers working at remote places of Kalyan & Raigad SSA. We request to CP/CS to take up this matter with Circle management so that all further transfers will be issued accordingly. Com Kesarkar JS NRU also raised issue of need of dedicated vehicle for Civil & Electrical wing in every SSA for monitoring BTS & Exchanges on day to day basis for infrastructure maintenance activities & for attending urgent breakdown faults. He also stressed for non-availability of vendors for AC maintenance in Raigad, Pune, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg & Goa SSA which badly affects BSNL services. He requested to review of present Maintenance works procedures & make new combine AMC of Basic Electrical infrastructure attending urgent faults/ Preventive maintenance activities for maintain Uptime of BSNL BTS & Exchanges services. He also requested to adopt new market trends like use good backup Battery Banks for BTS Exchange maintenance minimum 24 to 48 hrs battery backup per site without DG sets thereby saving Capex & Opex expenditure on DG sets only for main BTS/BSC/MSC only to save fuel, manpower & services. He also suggested for use of outdoor Type BTS to save Capex & Opex expenditure on AC units. In conclusion he added that

·        Com. Prayag Pisal, Joint Secretary Pune SNEA MH, in his heart touching address gave warm welcome to all COBs at Pune who have come Pune 1st time after Circle Conference Nagpur. He appreciated BSNL Pune Civil team for repairing of manholes in Pune & PCMC area in short time & very good quality maintained for these manholes while construction and also demands for recruiting clerical staff in contract for ACE for doing office works which reduces extra workload. He further demanded for new Recruitment of JTO in ACE family and conclude speech with raising many issues of ACE wing.

·        Com. Vivek Wankhede, Ex. AGS SNEA CHQ   expressed that how ACE executives doing important role while completing IN project in time bound manner in Pune SSA in difficult situation by various parameters. He also told that all BSNL executives are facing same problems of manpower, material & vendors and now all works of BSNL are only through vendors & vendor’s payments is main issue to be resolved. He also expressed that in current situation revenue generation is not possible, but we maintain our customer base /services & save money by reducing energy charges, contract demand charges/ fuel i.e. to save a penny & then we earn money. He expressed that our CGM expressed his views in Brainstorming session that to make revenue by doing extra business/ maintain the services

·        Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH/DS SNEA Pune expressed his views by warm welcome ACE family members at Pune and informed house that he feels proud that 90% Civil wing comrades at Pune have joined SNEA. He congratulated ACE Pune for arranging this special meeting. He further conveyed facts about difficulties arrived after handing over Maintenance of MBM/Main exchanges in every SSA while maintaining Electrical services like Wiring faults, water pump-sets, Fire System. He expressed that main exchanges in city area of MBM exchanges in at taluka level in every SSA should be maintained by Electrical wing only for better services. He also appreciates quality work done by Civil wing while construction of manholes in Pune & PCMC area  while road construction, He elaborated different HR issues of executives in ACE family and concluded his address with assurance to do best on part of SNEA for resolution of these issues.

·        Com. M.A. Wase, Ex Joint Secretary NRU SNEA MH expressed his views by appreciating ACE family for Bldg. maintenance & Asset/Estate Management role carried by ACE  wing very good manner by doing the minimum expenditure with good quality works. He further appreciate ACE Family for bring 16 Crs business for BSNL through external project. He demanded for dedicated vehicle for Satara Civil Sub-Division for Ph-VIII Projects works and already CE Civil/GM HR Shri. Kumar Manoj given approval for all other subdivisions in his area. He congratulated and appreciated Com Santosh Bhalerao, Br. Secretary ACE SNEA Pune for his extracurricular activates and in conclusion he expressed happiness on growing string of ACE family and stressed for resolution of pending issues of ACE family.

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, Ex-DyGS SNEA CHQ/ CS SNEA MH expressed his views in huge gathering of ACE family first time in Pune SSA after electing as CS MH Circle. He appreciated all MH ACE family for such nice gathering & congratulated all for passing Online TBP examination successfully. He narrated fire incidence at BSNL Admin Bldg. Mumbai  12/11/2017 and how immediate suspension action taken by Sr. CEE on SDE E Juhu without even preliminary investigation of reasons of fire and without finding who is responsible for it. He added that already SNEA MH had taken up matter with Sr. CEE Mumbai and registered protest about unwanted action for suspension of SDE on name of non-working of fire Alarm system, Water Pumps which are faulty from years together and this SDE has just taken over this mtce work before 3-4 months and informed that SNEA has demanded for revocation of the SDE at the earliest and matter is under consideration of Circle Management. He added that SNEA MH is also keenly watching in burning issue of Solapur Temporary Advance case in which more than 27 Electrical executives are wrongly sufferer and SNEA MH will extend total support to its members who are unnecessarily victimised by the wrong investigation of case thereby giving scope for escape of man culprit of this fraud and SNEA will not tolerate this injustice. He elaborated facts about Solapur case and explained how He assured that this matter will be taken up with CGM and all concerned officers and bring the facts to the notice of these officers for giving justice to the innocent executives trapped in this case. He also narrated how the wrong decision by CE Elect Mumbai to hand over case to Vigilance instead of booking known culprits has created issues for Electrical wing executives and how one of the culprit is enjoying duties and cases needs to be closed when main culprit in the case has passed away. He expressed that SNEA will take up this matter up to CO office to given justice to innocent executives who are in depression/demoralised situation. He added that building up moral of executives in Electrical wing is necessary to complete the upcoming Phase VIII GSM BTS expansion project works as per the timeline. He also narrated the examples of biased approach of investigations in complaints against Civil & Electrical wing executives by vigilance team and harassment of ACE Executives thereof. On HR issues, he expressed that notional pay fixation w.e.f.  1.10.2000 will be taken up with CHQ but the response till today is not yet positive & needs more pressure on it with stronger unity of ACE Executives. He informed that SNEA MH has taken up matter of uniform, fair & Transparent Transfer policy for all ACE   executives which presently is not followed by management. He also added that SNEA MH is pursuing with management to prepare station seniority list, call willingness for request transfers and also options from long stay list officers, for tenure stations & also for zonal transfers for Civil & Electrical executives. In today’s scenario Pick & Choose transfer policy adopted in Civil & Electrical wing is not good in the interest of BSNL and its executives and elaborated how one SDE has managed his transfer on pick and choose basis from Goa to Pune by managing different officers. He appreciated HR concern by earlier CEE Mumbai Mrs Singhal who has given written commitment for repatriation after two years but same has not been followed later.  He also elaborated on two transfers managed by two leaders by giving wrong justification in recent past and these issues will be discussed in the formal meeting of SNEAA with CEE & CGMT MH. He added SNEA MH has already protested such actions taken by CEE Mumbai & conveyed clear message to consider all request in transparent and fare manner by respecting Transfer policy. He appealed house to have discussions on need of tenure stations for Civil & Electrical as per scarcity of executives or make separate Tenure station for Civil & Electrical as  no one is willing to work at Non Popular Stations Beed, Osmanabad, Latur, Parbhani, Solapur, and Nandurbar as being followed for executives in account wing since 2011. He appealed all executives to ready for transfer with proper planning as transfer is part of our Government service & no one can escape from it but we should enjoy it with proper planning. The transfer is part of service & we should plan & move for betterment of our self & our company progress wherein in we can enjoy our service & also see the culture of that area /region of our BSNL family/Social life of the concerned public. He also appeals all executives to work and think for expenditure curtailment by providing Solar Power plants, Free Cooling & BTS without DG sets which are new ideas of generation of revenue. He further appealed to adopt current market practises of better quality works in less time with proper management at affordable costing as BSNL is undergoing fund problems. He further appealed to all ACE family executives to earn revenue for BSNL in today’s competition in telecom sector and stressed for retention of present customer base by maintaining our services in good condition by timely maintenance with proper & timely planning activities. He also narrated purpose behind Brain Storming session started by CGMT MH Circle and requested all to respond it positively. He added that all executives should know at least some of our marketing plans or be in touch with concerned officer for update knowledge for better customer satisfaction. He concluded his address by conveying thanks to Com. Deshpande DP, Com. Santosh Bhalerao DS ACE Pune and entire team of ACE SNEA Pune for arranging such wonderful gathering of ACE family and assured to do best for settlement of pending issues of ACE family. .

·        In Presidential address Com Santosh Deshpande, District President SNEA ACE Pune summarised the addresses by all dignitaries pointed out scrapping out of CPWD procedural practises in BSNL Civil wing to adopt current PSU or our own BSNL working procedure as per current market scenario to make good quality works in fast procedure as per current market scenario. He added that ACE executives done lot of work  as one handed/single man army by doing planning, execution, supervision, billing, clerical, Store accounting & heavily work loaded and all executives are now more than 40 years & health issues. He elaborated that every JTO having area more than Area Manager/DGM and heavy overloaded with official works & there is no personal life for them and stressed for need of work redistribution and reorganisation for ACE family. He stressed about need to recruit new JTOs for ACE especially for Civil & Electrical otherwise proposal for merger of Civil/Electrical wing with main stream may be approved to overcome all HR & work related issues. He said that to overcome all the pending issues we need strong support of SNEA platform and conveyed thanks to SNEA leadership for extending it support time to time. He demanded for early resolution of very long pending issue “Notional Pay fixation w.e.f. 1.10.2000” which has been discussed in every meeting agenda, taken in District, Circle, CEC, CWC & AIC, but not resolved till today.  He expressed that resolution of this issue will  benefit all executives in ACE wing for which they are eligible as same is extended to Accounts wing executives two years before & already given to Telecom executives since formation of BSNL. He added that ACE comrades in large have always kept faith in our  SNEA & will continue in future with more unity and will support by all means for resolving issues of ACE family and conveyed full faith on SNEA leadership.

·        Thereafter, in Open House Session Com Sanjay Kshirsagar SDE Civil Pune expressed his views about paperless work policy should be adopted if we use ERP/SAP system for Billing & HR works. Same Sap will be utilised for Preparation & sanctioning of Estimates and approval of competent authority uploaded by scanned copy & is to be authenticated.  Many other comrades also raised certain queries and clarification and all such queries were satisfactorily replied by leaders. 

·        In conclusion of the special meeting Com S.N. Birhade expressed his views with Vote of Thanks to all CHQ, COB & leaders of SNEA Pune and all the executives of ACE family who have especially came from Mumbai, Satara, Kolhapur &  Goa etc and made this meeting grand success.

·        The special General Body Meeting of ACE Pune started at 1700 hrs concluded at 2030 hrs with National anthem and slogans of unity thereafter.

·       PHOTOS <<<>>>


3 JAN 18:  Sad News: With deep sorrow it is to inform that Com Milind Dhandar, JTO Rural Group, Amravati SSA (Age 37 years) has passed away in morning hours of 03/01/2018 at his residence at Amravati. While he was in residence with family members, Com. Milind Dhandar got severe chest pain and he was hospitalized in the Pawankar hospital in Amravati, however he immediately succumbed to death before he was given medical assistance by doctors. His untimely exit is big loss to his family, BSNL Amravati as well as to SNEA Amravati. We have lost very devoted & die hard member of SNEA.

Com Milind Dhandar was loyal and active member of SNEA Amravati and was holding the post of Organising Secretary in SNEA Amravati. He was recognised in BSNL Amravati as expertise in C-DoT technology. He had always shown his eagerness in attending the faults in the exchanges and never say no to whosoever had called him. He joined in the department as TTA at Ratnagiri in 1999 and afterwards transferred to Amravati as TTA. He became a JTO through LICE & got posted as JTO at Amravati.  His dedication and devotion for BSNL will always be remembered.   

SNEA Maharashtra prays Almighty to give courage to bereaved family members of late Com Milind Dhandar at this very crucial and hard moment of life and pray for heavenly peace and space for departed soul of late Com Milind Dhandar.


 3 JAN 18:  Welcome of Shri. Aman Jaiswal new GM HR/Admin Mumbai by team SNEA Maharashtra: The delegation of SNEA Maharashtra led by Com. S. K. Ghuge, CWC Member SNEA MH consisting of Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH, Com Tejas Tadsare,  CWC Member SNEA MH, Com Amit Kulkarni CWC Member SNEA MH,  Com Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Circle Office Mumbai, Com. S.N. Shulka VP SNEA CO Mumbai Com. Y.F.Prajapati AGM L&B Mumbai and Com. Vivek Dethe AD ERP Mumbai gave warm welcome by beautiful bouquet to  Shri Aman Jaiswal who has taken over charge of  GM HR/Admn Mumbai on 18/12/2017 and congratulated him on taking over as HR Head of biggest Circle of BSNL. 

·        Shri Aman Jaiswal takes over the charge of GM HR Admn Mumbai since 18/12/2017 from Shri. Kumar Manoj earlier GM HR Admn Mumbai and with this change over in portfolio of GM HR/Admn Mumbai Shri. Kumar Manoj will continue as CE Civil Mumbai and concentrate on Civil Works as earlier he was overloaded with four assignment of GM HR/Admn Mumbai, CE Civil Mumbai, CE External projects Mumbai and also GM L&B Mumbai.

·        Shri. Aman Jaiswal is highly qualified Civil Engineer as he has completed his higher education from IIT Mumbai and is also well aware about working of Maharashtra Circle as earlier he has worked in Maharashtra Circle as AE Civil Pune, EE Dombiwali in Kalyan SSA and EE Mumbai before his posting as SE Civil in AP Circle at Hyderabad. 

·        Now, from Hyderabad in Telngana Circle, he is specially transferred to Maharashtra Circle to take over the charge of GM HR/Admn Mumbai.

·        Shri. Aman Jaiswal will be youngest GM HR/Admn Mumbai to hold the responsibility of HR Head of the biggest Telecom Circle and hence Maharashtra Circle has high expectations from this young HR Head.

·        Shri. Aman Jaiswal seems to hold good HR approach because on day one itself he has taken self initiatives to meet all the senior officer of Circle Management on his own to have good interaction with each other and hopefully he will maintain same harmonious relations with all and everybody focus on the development by forgetting ego conflicts as happened with GM HR/Admn Mumbai many times earlier. 

·        Though it was his first day of his joining, it was late hours and it was just welcome meeting, till Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR/Admn Mumbai was kind enough to spare ample time for discussions with delegation of SNEA Maharashtra and was enthusiastic in knowing about HR working pattern in Maharashtra especially about HR Admn units under him in circle office, some of the critical issues and to get idea about today’s Maharashtra Circle.

·        We have shared with him many of the issues and experience while he also was kind enough to share his experience and elaborated us how he will keep most concern to clear HR issues in time bound manner thereby keeping executives highly motivated for concentrating on growth and development of BSNL. 

·        Shri Aman Jaiswal also shared his working experience he had during his tenure in all other circle like North East, Punjab, Kolkata and Telngana circles and mentioned that Maharashtra circle really has a good working mechanism and it will help him in giving his best.

·        The introductory meeting was very much positive and we are hopeful that with posting of new and separate GM HR/Admn Mumbai, many of the HR issues struck off due to time constraint and hence lack of focused approach will be resolved in days to come.

·        Photos <<<>>> <<<>>>    



 3 JAN 18:  Meeting with Shri. Kumar Manoj, CE Civil Mumbai and GM HR/Admn Mumbai: On 18/12/2017 afternoon hours , the delegation of SNEA Maharashtra led by Com. S. K. Ghuge, CWC Member SNEA MH consisting of Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH, Com Tejas Tadsare,  CWC Member SNEA MH, Com Amit Kulkarni CWC Member SNEA MH,  Com Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Circle Office Mumbai, had meeting with Shri Kumar Manoj CE Civil Mumbai and conveyed him sincere thanks and gratitude on behalf of thousands of SNEA Comrades and leaders of SNEA Maharashtra Circle for services he has rendered as GM HR/Admn Mumbai for resolving HR issues of executives in BSNL Maharashtra Circle.

·        We have discussed with him some issues which he has assured for SNEA MH to complete on priority like issues created on DE & DGM Looking after arrangements, some issues in posting of JE to JTOs, some critical individual cases which were under process but could not get final conclusion and Shr. Kumar Manoj was kind enough to discuss these issues in details and assured to have word with new GM HR/Admn about the pending HR issues and critical individual cases.

·        Shri. Kumar Manoj also shared with us that he has very happy time as GM HR/Admn Mumbai but he was overloaded with four portfolios and now he feels relaxed. He further added that though he was overloaded and was working in very odd conditions being first officer from Civil wing posted as GM HR/Admn Mumbai, but he has got very good experience as GM HR/Admn Mumbai and he is fully satisfied with it. He also conveyed thanks for team SNEA for kind co-operation and feedback he has got from SNEA MH in taking concrete decision on critical issues so that matter could be resolved in the interest of SNEA.

·        We also remembered that before one and half year when Shri. Kumar Manoj has taken over charge of GM HR/Admn Mumbai, it was really tough task for him as he was with Civil background unaware about HR rules and regulations, he was having four portfolios at time viz. GM HR/Admn Mumbai, CE Civil Mumbai, CE External projects Mumbai and also GM L&B Mumbai and being from Civil wing he was not co-operated by many other officers in Circle management.

·        Though he has to start from Zero as he was not having deep back ground of HR management required to handle HR of biggest telecom Circle of BSNL, but over the period Shri. Kumar Manoj has taken over the command of GM HR /Admn Mumbai in full swing and he has taken many of the long lasting decisions which will have impact on Maharashtra Circle.

·        As GM HR/Admn Mumbai, Shri. Kumar Manoj has very strong bonding with Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle and hence could deliver some extra ordinary on individual cases. It will not be exaggeration if we say that he is the only officer who was successful to get 100% confidence and faith of Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle.

·        CGMT MH has informed in public meeting also that he has fully authorised Shri. Kumar Manoj GM HR/Admn Mumbai to deal with all HR issues and we have seen in many cases that once matter is made clear to Shri. Kumar Manoj GM HR/Admn we do not have to meet CGMT MH but once matter is not clear to him or Shri. Kumar Manoj GM HR/Admn Mumbai is not convinced then we have to take lot of efforts for convincing CGMT MH Circle.

·        SNEA MH really appreciates the HR approach of Shri. Kumar Manoj has shown in many genuine individual cases and hundreds of SNEA Comrades are benefitted by his positive HR approach.

·        On persuasion by SNEA MH, he has played instrumental and major role in taking historic decisions like declaration of Nandurbar District which is part of Dhule SSA as Circle tenure station thereby giving big relief to the comrades working in remote and tribal area of Dhule SSA.

·        He also has taken very positive stand while posting of JE to JTO LICE passed JTOs and about all 150 JTOs are given choice posting and assured to issue corrigendum n two left out cases. Shri. Kumar Manoj has easily handled this task by meeting JTO requirements of all SSAs except few and at the same time giving consideration to choice given by these JTOs   and in similar approach he has taken initiatives in posting first batch of GATE JTOs thereby Meeting individual choice as well as requirement of SSAs.

·        It is fact that may be due to fact that he was totally new to HR/Admn some issues like not taking any decisions on request transfers from and to Mumbai, transfers of few JTOs/SDEs on new funda of “Non-Performers” were taken during his period mainly due to blind belief of CGMT MH and he as GM HR/Admn Mumbai on certain SSA Heads and their feedback without accessing ground realties.

·        But on many other individual cases and in overall HR approach he has delivered the best possible results as per his background, abilities and experience on HR working. He has always shown positive approach on many of the issues and on detail feedback from SNEA Maharashtra he has changed his official stand on different issues like Gadchiroli transfers and adamant stand by then TDM Gadchiroli, Issuing Tenure orders in time bound manner on quarterly basis, settlement of individual cases, new funda of retention by the way of own cost deputation on joining by individual at new place of posting etc and it has long lasting effect on working of Maharashtra Circle.

·        Shri. Kumar Manoj as GM HR/Admn Mumbai was brain behind “Brain Storming” Concept introduced in Maharashtra Circle and has taken lot of efforts for arranging Brain Storming Sessions in different SSAs and has played active role for motivation of all executives and non-executives throughout Maharashtra Circle and it has really changed mind set of many of the officers and staff and have changes working their pattern.

·        Shri. Kumar Manoj as GM HR/Admn Mumbai has taken special efforts in reducing of expenditure on hired vehicles and security guards and on feedback from SNEA MH, one Security guard provided at A Wing sixth floor of CGMT secretariat for years together was removed by him in consultation with CGMT MH.

·        May be due to fact that he was junior most officers, Shri. Kumar Manoj, could not control extreme misuse of the vehicle by some officers and may be due the fact that he was not able to concentrate on Civil works, avoidable expenditure on unwanted works increased during last one year period and perhaps he will get some time to curtail such unwanted expenditure after getting freed from workload of GM HR/Admn Mumbai.

·        Thus Shri. Kumar Manoj will be remembered by executives in Maharashtra Circle in General and SNEA members in particular as GM HR/Admn Mumbai for his good results and helping hand to majority of executives as well as some issues creating long lasting impact on working of Maharashtra Circle.

·        After sharing past experience, Shri. Kumar Manoj CE Civil Mumbai  expressed that he has lot of works in Civil wing and now he can concentrate on critical  issues like mutation of land, changing names on 7/12 extract of many lands which and transfer of assets on name of BSNL and so on. He assured to have same approach in dealing with HR issues of civil wing executives and we also conveyed thanks again and assured him full co-operation in dealing with Civil wing issues as CE Civil Mumbai.

·        In conclusion of the meeting, we have reminded and requested Shri. Kumar Manoj CE Civil Mumbai for some special efforts in his style in getting occupancy certificate for more than 35 Staff Quarters ready since last ten years but not utilised due to non-getting occupancy certificates and many of the officers and staff are compelled to stay in old and damaged staff quarters and he assured to something concrete on this issue.


 3 JAN 18: Shri. N.K. Mehata, Director CM BSNL Board writes DO Letter to CGMT MH Maharashtra on poor performance in IP-fication of 3G BTS. Letter <<<>>>

·        It is worth to mention that 3G BTS on IP media caters faster data speed and good quality of service.

·        Please keep in mind that Data is now our Bread and butter and when other are providing good quality services with high speed data we at BSNL needs to give such competitive speed and for that IP-fication is must for each BTS.

·        SNEA MH appeals all our comrades involved in this process to take more and devoted efforts to see that all 3G BTS are converted on IP media at the earliest by overcoming the issues and hurdles thereof.

·        For any difficulty in IP-fication of any 3G BTS, please feel free to contact DS SNEA concerned for his intervention and till issues are not resolved, please contact Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai {942399174} who is also SDE Mobile, Circle Office Mumbai.


 3 JAN 18:  BSNL Offers 2 GB Free data with 30 days validity as promotional offer to 3G/Android/Smart phone users  customers who have not used BSNL GSM data services previously and this offer is valid for 90 days w.e.f. 05/01/2018 and free data will be offered once during the promotional period. Letter <<<>>>


 3 JAN 18:  DGM Estt BSNL Corporate Office issued order for increasing annual limit of Medical reimbursement with vouchers for outdoor treatment in respect of all  executives and non-executives and from 01/04/2018 the annual limit of medical vouchers will be calculated on IDA Basic pay of 78.2% fixation for up to 23 days. Letter <<<>>>


 3 JAN 18:  TRAI has issued figures for October 2017 which indicates this reduction and also states BSNL’s achievement of 4.80 Lakhs during October 2017. Tele density has been reduced to 4.98 million for wired connections and 4.84 million for wireless connection in October 2017. Letter <<<>>>


 2 JAN 18:  ERP implementation of pending Transfer orders of Account Personals: In continuation to earlier order for reliving of all officers under transfer by 23/12/2017, now DGM FC Mumbai issued orders for direct relieving of all accounts personnel who were not relieved by IFAs/SSA Heads by 29/12/2017 by forced reliving through ERP. Letter I <<<>>> II <<<>>>

·        With this order all the officers under transfer are struck off from their present stations and will now join at new place of posting.

·        This is important step towards the implementation of all the transfer orders issued well within transfer policy guidelines issued by BSNL Corporate Office and it gives clear message that locally fabricated transfer policy has no meaning in today’s scenario and it has been given full stop, once for all.

·        Due to locally fabricated transfer policy many of the Account Personal have been troubled and harassed over the years and some few officers enjoyed its benefits at cost of other Account Personals and there was mass unrest against such wrong issuing and implementation of transfers.

·        SNEA Maharashtra has received many complaints and since last two months we were continuously pursuing these issues with different officers from JAO FC to CGMT MH and all the confusions created to deviate from transfer policy has been cleared by team SNEA MH.

·        Since last two months from the issue of transfer orders, GM Fin Mumbai has given time for representing the grievances of any officer under transfer and same have been given consideration and matter has been cleared once for all by considering such genuine requests and rejecting all request without genuine grounds and just showing reasons like taking care of old age parents which is command in about all such representations.

·        After exhausting all the possibilities and taking time of two months for consideration of representations,  finally this order has been implemented through ERP for all left out officers and some of officers have taken wise decision by respecting this ERP Order as they have relinquished charge at old SSA and have joined at their place of posting on 01/01/2018 and assumed charge of new assignment and some others are on the way to join and till few officers are confused by the ideas of their controlling officers and some individuals that they will take efforts for their retention by using office relations and SNEA MH strongly believes that chances for it are less as all such possibilities have been discussed within period of last two months and then only this decision has been taken by GM Fin Mumbai with concurrence from CGMT MH.

·        The ERP relieving by FC section will not only settle the said unrest among Account Personnel about pick and choose transfers but it will also give full stop to the rumours being discussed among different officers and on What’s app groups confusing these officers under transfer.

·        These orders from Transfer posting to its implantation through ERP has given directions to all Account Personal that henceforth one should plan his/her transfer in advance or at least when the option are called by FC section.

·        One should not believe on rumours spread by some individuals about their managing skills about transfers and should understand that timely response to willingness /appeals for option by FC section has certain meaning as t is seen that who have given options well in time as called by FC section are benefitted by transfer at choice or suitable posting and others who believed on rumours and did not gave any option are posted at places unwanted to them.

·        Let us hope at least henceforth every Account Personal will understand that everyone has to follow transfer policy and all long stayed officers are bound for transfers and everybody will believe only on official letters and not on rumours being spread and with timely action on his/her part by giving options, he/she will get posting at place suitable for him/her and not at extremely odd place as happened in some the cases in this transfer orders.

·        On part of recognised association SNEA Maharashtra, for issuing transfer orders as per transfer policy and its implementation for relief to all the officers waiting for their choice posting on request transfers/options sincere efforts have been taken by Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS NRU SNEA MH, Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH, Com. Hrushikesh Kesale JS AF SNEA MH, Com. Harsh Sable, JS Marathwada, Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai Com. Prashant Jadhav, DP SNEA Mumbai and SNEA Maharashtra feels proud of such devoted leaders who have given justice to the account Personals by implementing transfer first time in the history of FC section well within transfer policy and have built up the confidence among all executives that henceforth transfers in account will also be issued as per transfer policy only.

·        SNEA Maharashtra conveys best wishes to all the officers under transfer and wishes them grand success in new assignment.

·        There may be some difficulties for officers who have not given choice of station and presently posted to odd location/places and SNEA MH have full sympathy for these officers, but it was result of their own actions by believing on rumours and not submitting timely options.

·        SNEA Maharashtra assures all such officers on long stay transfers that as henceforth all the transfers will be implemented as per transfer policy and who are joining new assignment will be given posting back to the request place by individual after completion two years at present transferred post and as recognised association SNEA MH will strongly pursue for it.

·        Till anyone want to believe on rumours and waste his/her time in so called managing transfers , they are free to do so but chances of successful results  are less because for cancellation of one transfer one another new transfer will be issued and it will affect the next Account Personal who will be definitely one of our colleagues.   

·        SNEA Maharashtra conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. P.N.Punde then GM Fin Mumbai who has been instrumental in issuing transfers orders well within transfer policy, Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai who has taken decision to implement the transfers after through discussions with different officers and manly with concurrence of CGMT MH about implementation of transfers through ERP, Mrs Ashwini Bhonge, DGM FC Mumbai who has taken interest to understand the transfer polices to the depth and has made sincere efforts in making transfer posting in transparent manner and well within transfer policy guidelines, Shri. K.R. Patro CAO FC Mumbai & Mrs. Supriya Gedam JAO FC Mumbai who have taken pans for collecting data of stay particulars about each and every officer from Account wing from SSAs and consolidating after verification of its authenticity.  


 2 JAN 18:  DGM VAS CO Delhi has issued letter for printing BSNL Wallet inserts on bills. BSNL has tied up with wallet partner M/s Mobikwick Solutions for providing wallet services which enables subscriber of any operator for payment of all online recharges/ Top-Ups/ DTH/ Bus booking etc. This service is said to have good revenue potential and needs more penetration so as to reach to masses. Letter I <<<>>> II <<<>>>





 1 JAN 18:  SNEA CHQ Editorial <<<>>>


30 DEC 17:  New Year Greetings by Mrs. Sujata T. Ray, Director HR BSNL Board. <<<>>>


30 DEC 17:  BSNL Offers free PRBT  as New Year Gift to all post-paid GSM customers except CUG customers. Letter <<<>>>


30 DEC 17:  One side decisions like reducing night Free calling for landline are taken directly affecting growth of landline and other side Director CFA writes Circle Heads about disconnection of Landline connections. Letter <<<>>>


30 DEC 17:  BSNL Corporate Office takes decision to reduce Night Free Calling by Two and half hours per day and now it will be applicable from 2230 hrs to 0600 hrs instead of 2100 hrs to 0700 hrs applicable earlier. Letter <<<>>>

·        Many of the officers mainly working in field units in BSNL have expressed displeasure on such untimely decision that to be with very short period notice and in the beginning of New Year 2018 as this decision may call for excess billing complaints and drastic reduction of landline connections.

·        It seems that BSNL has decided to move towards the closing Landline Business as such decision is taken when there was need to give some additional facilities like free calling with SDCA/SSA.

·        SNEA MH will take up matter with Circle Management and SNEA CHQ for restoration of this decision or making some alternative arrangements to retain BSNL customer base.



 30 DEC 17:  SNEA MH Circle congratulates, Com. N. D. Barde, DGM Dhule, Com. A.K. Tiwari  DGM Mumbai & Com. K.S. Jha, AGM Mumbai for successful completion of long services in DoT/BSNL and on their peaceful superannuation retirement on today, 30/12/2017.

Com. N. D. Barde, DGM Dhule {9423193999} has joined DoT in 1984 as JTO and was posted in Dhule SSA and for first ten years he has served as JTO in different capacities in Dhule SSA.  In year 1994 he was promoted as SDE and in year 2005 he was promoted as DE and then also he was continuously posted in Dhule SSA till his transfer to first Raigad for few months and then to Jalgaon on his request. In Jalgaon SSA, Com. Barde has served as DE, DGM and also has successfully handles the responsibilities as GMT Jalgaon for period of more than six months. On his DGM Adhoc Promotion, he was posted to Dhule again on his request and since then he is working as DGM Dhule. Com N.D. Barde, is very active member/leader of SNEA and has rendered his services to SNEA comrades in capacity of Vice President SNEA MH and Joint Secretary North SNEA MH. He has taken sincere efforts in strengthening SNEA by taking active role in each and every SNEA activates and by extending helping hand to SNEA members in different office as well as association capacities. He is well known for his management skills and mainly for maintaining harmonious relations with all and was always seen as prominent smiling face that is ready to face any situation or difficulty for its proper resolution.  SNEA Maharashtra recognises his devoted services as Circle level SNEA leader and we will remain graceful for such great contribution to SNEA activities while holding the higher post in office administration also. He is very energetic and by maintaining good health, he continues his duties till last date of his superannuation retirement with same energy. Not only as SNEA leader, but he has been instrumental from the part of management side also in getting settlement of issues in favour of SNEA comrades and by his actions and activities he is popularly known as Barde Nana” among all SNEA Comrades.

Com. A.K. Tiwari  DGM CPC, Circle Office Mumbai {9423892333} has completed his Engineering graduation n Year 1980 and after service for two years in private he has joined  and since March 2017 he is posted as DGM CPC Mumbai and n period of just seven months he has successfully handled more than 19 tenders. He has done wonderful job in different capacities manly due to high technical and administrative knowledge and very good Managerial skills and soft spoken attitude. He has successfully handled many projects like BB, NGN, Wi Fi Hot Spots implemented in Maharashtra Circle. Even though, Com. A.K. Tiwari is part of the management, he is die-hard member of SNEA and has always taken active part in SNEA activities. He is known for his devotion and sincerity to office work and was always sharing information with SNEA on growth & development of BSNL as well as some technical issues and he continues his duties in same spirit till last date of superannuation retirement.

Com. K.S. Jha, AGM NWO CM Circle Office Mumbai {94227660501} has joined DoT as Senior Time Scale Clerk in CTO Mumbai in Year 1979 and was promoted as ASTT through Competitive Examination in Year 1985. On his Regular promotion as Asst Director in Year 2012 and earlier as Officiating Asst Director he has rendered services in office of PGM Dev Mumbai n different Sections and later he was posted as AD Vigilance Mumbai for long period of six years, then as AD HRD and since Year 2012 he is promoted in LA Arrangements as AGM NWO CM and since then till his retirement today, he is working on same post with full satisfaction. He also has rendered services on deputation to TCIL with India for about four years. He is one of the few officers who have completed entire services in area of Mumbai city. Com. K.S.Jha has always extended helping hand to all his subordinates and has always taken proactive action in guiding the BSNL executives as well as Non-Executives on different issues, works, disciplinary cases, Vigilance cases and played successful role as IO/PO in departmental Inquires. At the age of 56, he has taken dare decision to participate in the Marathon and since then with continuous efforts and hard work over the period, he has successfully completed more than 15 Half Marathon Runs. In this current year, at age of 60, he has successfully completed four Half Marathon Runs and set example for others how to be energetic and healthy at the age of retirement. In office activities also, he is very active and always seen very supportive and helping to subordinate officers/staff without any barrier of post. In eyes of the all superiors in his present assignment as AGM NWO CM Mumbai, he is known as very good officer completing any task assigned to him without any complaint or resistance thereof. He has balanced relations with all and he has successfully managed to keep all his subordinates happy and at the same time to keep the Bosses also happy and it is one of his abilities he has achieved over the period. He is known for his smiling face and one to one healthy relations with everybody. Com. K S Jha is die Hard Member of SNEA and has played vital role in strengthening SNEA in Mumbai and is instrumental in overall growth of SNEA in Maharashtra Circle. He has always taken active part in SNEA activates and has specially extended helping hand for smooth functioning of SNEA on day to day basis and SNEA MH will remain graceful to him for such great contribution towards SNEA. On the date of superannuation retirement also Com. K.S. Jha is sincerely continuing his duties with full dedication & dedication as Role Model for others by maintaining harmonious relations with all, efficiently handling the office work and also taking part in Marathon Runs with full energy and completing it successfully. .  

SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by  Com. N. D. Barde, Com. A.K. Tiwari,  Com. K.S. Jha towards BSNL and SNEA and on behalf of thousands of Comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle, we wish them and their family members “A Happy A Happy, Peaceful, Healthy & Long Retired Life”



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