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Circle Conference Pune 22 to 24 Jan 16


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Day III: Election Proceedings <<<>>>

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Video of last Address by Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao. <<<>>>

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29 Feb 16:  The news/Photos of highly successful Kokan tour of CP/CS SNEA MH and District Conference of SNEA Ratnagiri on 26/02/2015, District Conference of SNEA Sindhudurg on 27/02/2015, District Conference of SNEA Goa on 28/02/2015 will follow.


29 Feb 16: SNEA MH Circle congratulates, Com. G. P. Lahim, AGM Kalyan & Com.  D.V. Kulkarni, SDE Solapur on their retirement today, 30/10/2015 and wish him & his family members A Very Happy, Peaceful & Long Retired Life.

      Com. G P Lahim, {9423080109} opted for VRS after 35 years of Glorious service working in Technical as well as Administrative Sections. He Started his career in CTO Mumbai as Telegraphist in 1981, then as JTO at CTO Mumbai till 2000. Thereafter he served as SDE Tech, CO Bhiwandi, SDE Ext Dombivali, SDE MM Kalyan, AGM MM Kalyan and before VRS, he was working as AGM Admn & MIS Kalyan. He was active member of SNEA throughout his career and has always taken part in all the association activities of SNEA Kalyan. He is soft spoken and very human in approach and has helped many comrades in resolving their grievances.

      Com D.V. Kulkarni {9421021094} started his carrier as RSA at carrier station Barsi in Solapur in Oct 1981. He became JTO in 1996 and posted as JTO Gr Murgud in Kolhapur SSA. He was transferred back to Solapur in Nov 1997 and worked as JTO Ext Solapur and on SDE promotion worked as SDE Gr Tembhurni, Commercial , Ext and completed two years tenure at Goa and before retirement he was working as SDE Ext Solapur. He is dedicated and loyal member of SNEA throughout his career Because of his obedient and cooperative nature he could handle these tasks smoothly. He has worked as district office bearer as District President, ADS in earlier district body of Solapur Branch of SNEA. He was always an active participant in all programs of SNEA. He was one of the active organizer in CEC Solapur held in Aug-2015.

       SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection Com. G P Lahim & & Com. D.V. Kulkari towards BSNL & SNEA and on behalf of thousands of Comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle, we wish both the comrades and his family members A Happy, Peaceful, Healthy & Long Retired Life


29 Feb 16:  Editorial March 2016 <<<>>> 


29 Feb 16:  In Looking Arrangements of finance wing, Com. B. N. Bagve is posted as IFA to Pr CE Civil and CE Elect Mumbai. Letter <<<>>> 


29 Feb 16:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued re-allotment of training centre for Offg JTOs for their JTO Phase-I training. Letter-I  <<<>>>  Letter-II <<<>>> 


29 Feb 16:  Meeting with GM(Estt): GS met GM(Estt) on 29.02.2016 and held discussions on conduction of LICE from TTA to JTO and posting of officiating JTOs completed the training:

On conduction of LICE from TTA to JTO, GM(Estt) informed that legal opinion is received regarding which RR to be operated for the LICE for the vacancy years 2013-14 and 2014-15. As per legal opinion, JTO RR 2014 is in force and already operated for the SRD as well as for the regularization of Offg JTOs. Further new RR stipulates that all the future examinations will be held as per the new RR. Efforts are being made to conduct the LICE for the 3 vacancy years one after the another within a gap of two to three months each without waiting for the result of the earlier LICE. This issue has to be further discussed with Rect section.

On the posting of officiating JTOs, GM(E) informed that Circles are asked to assess the vacancy position for 2015-16 against which they are to be posted. As per information, sufficient vacancies are there to accommodate all the officiating JTOs. GM(Estt) informed that adequate care will be taken to protect the seniority of the JTOs recruiting for the years 2013-14 and 2014-15 through LICE.


27 Feb 16:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for DE looking After Arrangements for 180 days period from 02/03/2016 in respect of 85 SDEs who are already working as DE LA. Letter <<<>>> 

The file for additional DE LA is under process and orders are expected shortly.


27 Feb 16:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued reminder letter to different SSA Heads for missing APRs of SDEs for E4 to E5 and last date for submission of missing APRs is 02/03/2016. Letter <<<>>> 

Letter further states that if missing APRs are not received in time, the names of concerned officers will not be considered for DPC for TBP which is under process and hence all DS/COBs and individuals concerned are requested to look into matter personally.


26 Feb 16:  GM EB Mumbai writes some of the SSA Heads on achievement of EB vertical during year 2015-16. Letter <<<>>> 


26 Feb 16:  GM Fin Mumbai issued third reminder to SSA Heads for details of stipend paid to BSNL recruited employees during Pre- induction training. Letter <<<>>> 


26 Feb 16:  AGM SP/CP Mumbai calls for requirement of PIJF cables for Development as well as maintenance works. Letter <<<>>> 


25 Feb 16: Good News: GSM Nano SIM Cards are available now: It has been reported by many of the SSA about acute shortage of Nano SIM Cards and now shortage of overall Cards in some of SSAs and it was badly affecting monthly targets of SIM Sale. But it is to inform that as per PO placed by Maharashtra Circle for total Five Lakh GSM SIM Cards, first lot of 20000 Smart SIM Cards & 20000 Nano SIM Cards are received in Goa & Pune Stores (i.e. 10000 Smart SIM Cards & 10000 Nano SIM Cards in each stores) and SSA wise allotment is being issued by Marketing Cell Mumbai today. The remaining supply of SIM cards is expected shortly and thus there will be sufficient availability of Nano SIM cards as well as Smart SIM Cards with filed units.       


25 Feb 16:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued clarification on the basis of forwarding letter by GMT Nashik on request of 25 Offg JTOs from Nashik SSA for cancellation/ postponement of JTO Phase I Training in demand of regularisation as JTO since 2001-02. Letter <<<>>> 

 The representations submitted by all 25 Offg JTOs from Nashik for cancellation/ postponement of JTO Phase-I are disposed off by giving clarification as above.

 This letter clearly states that the Offg JTOs who will not attend this Phase I training, their seniority will be affected and will be decided later as per the extant rules and orders of BSNL. 

 In earlier JTO training orders itself, it has been mentioned that if candidate fails to join this JTO Phase I training, his/her name will be deleted from the list of selected candidates for Regularisation as JTO.

 Thus there are chances that Offg JTOs who will not join this JTO Phase I training, he/she may have to appear for selection Examination i.e. fresh LICE for same if they do not get relief from the Hon Court as being pleaded in CAT Mumbai.

 If they are regularised as JTO since 2000-01demanded in Hon CAT Mumbai by overruling Hon. Supreme Court orders on the subject,  then and only then it is possible that he/she will become JTO regular and chances for this are rare.

 Otherwise, this is best Opportunity to appear for training with TA/DA instead of working in filed units and to become JTO Regular and close the long pending issue of Offg JTO, then reversion after every 90 days and move an important step towards to become JTO and getting time Bound Promotions in Executive Cadre.

 If one becomes JTO Regular before Pay revision due in Year 2017, then he/she will get pay fixation in executive cadre as JTO , otherwise his/her pay will be again fixed in TTA Cadre, which ay cause heavy loss to individuals.

 One has to understand that due to such court cases, thousands of JTOs who have qualified in Year 2013 have become regular JTO, all these Offg JTOs who are qualified before them year together are till Offg JTO and are basically TTAs and if same dilemma of court cases continues they may become Junior to the TTAs/others who are going to appear in JTO LICE which will held with 3-4 months.    

 It is seen that some of Offg JTOs are till under misunderstanding and are away from the facts and real difficulties in becoming JTO Regular since 2000-01 and in such misconception they are refusing only chance given by BSNL to become JTO Regular as immediate option which is adopted by about all Offg JTOs throughout India except few ones.

 Others who are willing to join Phase I JTO training, may not come in this trap and keep in mind that if anyone is given JTO Regularisation from 2001-01 by any of Hon Court including CAT Mumbai, then same can be made applicable to all such Offg JTOs.

 But if anyone does not undergo JTO Phase-I training, he/she cannot become Regular JTO at par with others who have undergone JTO Phase I Training and doors of becoming JTO regular may be permanently closed for such candidates.

 SNEA MH again appeals all 122 Offg JTOs throughout Maharashtra Circle, not to believe and not to be dependent just on the information being spread by individuals by creating fear factor of reversion, transfers out of SSA by hiding real facts about the burning issue, to understand the issues to the depth and take decision on joining or refusing this JTO Phase I training only after self analysis of the issue and understanding facts and realities of this prolonged pending issue to correct depth.

 SNEA MH conveys best wishes to all 122 Offg JTOs who are willing to become JTO Regular either through JTO Phase I Training or even others who are willing to become JTO Regular through court case.

 Our main aim is every Offg JTO in Maharashtra Circle should become Regular JTO by giving them clear idea about the issue and we will continue our efforts in this direction.     


25 Feb 16:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for reversion of Offg JTOs as TTA before reporting to training centres for Phase I  JTO Training. Letter <<<>>> 

        It is nothing but routine order and there is no meaning to the hypothetical fear created in minds of some of Offg JTOs that with this order they are reverted permanently.

        This is formality completed as per the routine procedure and recent orders by BSNL CO and there is nothing new & special as all Offg JTOs were revered and promoted every 90 days and this time formality is completed as all are being deputed for training and as official formality everybody is revered before going to attend higher promotion training. 

        In such reversion from Offg promotion before Regular promotion, there are always issues of pay fixation and here also same are expected as that of every reversion after 90 days and we will have to look into issues to the depth, but this should not be fear factor for prolonged dream of becoming JTO Regular which will be the permanent solutions of pay losses by all these Offg JTOs.


25 Feb 16:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for SDE Looking after arrangements for 67 JTOs working in different SSAs of Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>

        This SDE Looking After Arrangement is issued after prolonged wait of SDE Regular promotions which is still held up in different court cases.

        Though matter was initiated in Sept 2015, the administrative delays and delay in finalisation and approval of proposal, the issue is cleared now, wherein 67 JTOs are given SDE LA arrangement by posting them in their working SSA itself.

        This is of no use except some satisfaction to the executives who are working as JTO even after completion of more than 17 years as JTO and all these JTOs will be satisfied fully only after their SDE Regular promotions.

        Anyhow, this order will give some relief to executives waiting for functional up gradation for prolonged period and will meet shortage of SDEs in different SSAs/Units.


24 Feb 16: Grand Felicitation of Newly elected MH Circle Office Bearers by SNEA CO Mumbai. {Report by Com. S.B. Bhosale, JS HQ SNEA MH}: As notified by Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai, the special General   Body Meeting of SNEA Mumbai was held on 18/02/2016, 15.30 Hrs at Second Floor Conference hall, BSNL, Admn Bldg, Juhu Road, Santacruz (West) Mumbai for felicitation of newly elected Circle Office Bearers of SNEA Maharashtra and discussion on important issues of SNEA Mumbai.

Com. Prashant Jadhav, District President SNEA CO Mumbai presided over the proceedings of Special General Body meeting. The following prominent SNEA leaders attended and addressed the General Body meeting.

1.    Com. M. S. Adasul, DyGS SNEA CHQ,

2.    Com. S. R. Kalmegh, CP SNEA MH Circle,

3.    Com. V. B. Kokate, CS SNEA MH Circle,

4.    Com. S.V. Bhad, Executive Member NCOA MH,

5.    Com. M.N. Kotambe, ACS(W), SNEA, MH Circle,

6.    Com. N. S. Harpalkar, Circle Treasurer SNEA MH Circle,

7.    Com. S.B. Bhosale, JS HQ, SNEA MH Circle,

8.    Com. Om Prakash, JS Account & Finance SNEA MH Circle,

9.    Com. M. A. Wase, JS NRU SNEA, MH Circle,

10. Com. P. N. Patil, Ex-Auditor SNEA, MH Circle,

11. Com. D.S. Kamble, CEC Member SNEA CO Mumbai,

12. Com. D.K. Upadhyay, CEC Member SNEA CO Mumbai,

13. Com. P.A. Shah, CEC Member SNEA CO Mumbai,

14. Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai.

15. Com. Sameer Shinde, DS SNEA Civil/Elect Mumbai,

Meeting started with two-minute silence for departed souls and mainly for paying homage to Veteran Leader Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao.

Then the house felicitated newly elected Office Bearers Com. S. R. Kalmegh, CP, Com. V. B. Kokate, CS, Com. M.N. Kotambe, ACS(W), Com. N. S. Harpalkar, CT, Com. S.B. Bhosale, JS HQ, Com. Om Prakash, JS A/F, Com. M. A. Wase, JS NRU were felicitated by offering a bouquet of beautiful flowers with shall and shriphal. All other guests were also given warm welcome by offering a bouquet of beautiful flowers with shall and shriphal.

Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai gave warm welcome to all the Comrades and the dignitaries present for this special GB meeting in the Conference hall. In his welcome address gave brief about the meeting and initiatives by SNEA Mumbai during Circle Conference Pune. He elaborated house about need of urgent persuasion of Rule-8 transfer issues and its settlement.

Com. M. A. Wase, Joint Secretary NRU SNEA MH, in his address conveyed thanks the entire DS of MH Circle for electing him as Joint Secretary NRU & becoming the first person from Civil/Electrical Wing to be elected in such a prestigious post. He also specially thanks Com M S Adasul, DyGS SNEA CHQ for always helping him in solving Civil/ Electrical issues & inspiring him for carrying out association work. He mentioned that the SNEA Comrades have formed different WhatsApp Groups &helpful to all in discussing technical issues as well as field difficulties. He stated that all the wings whether it is WTP, WTR, QA, TF, Telecom, Accounts, ITPC or BBNW are playing equal important role in BSNL. As per as Civil/Electrical wing is concern it is equally playing an important role & the lands & building are really going to be the back bone of BSNL. The commercial exploitation of lands & buildings has already started indirectly generating revenue for BSNL. Civil & Electrical wings are also taking external projects & are generating revenues for BSNL. Electrical wing is specially working on reducing the cost of Electricity bills & has succeeded in most of the places. He stated that Com M S Adasul Dy. GS has played a vital role in bringing all the different wings under one banner that is SNEA. Regarding the issues, he said that Civil & Electrical wing executives are still waiting their notional fixation from 01/10/2000 which needs to be taken care by CHQ & was optimistic to get it soon. He stressed for proper transfer policy at par with Telecom. Promotion aspect at par with Telecom, Sr SDE C/E should get the promotion of Executive Engineer irrespective of Qualification. Also he informed that in recent GB Meeting Com. Sameer Shinde, JTO Elect Mumbai has been elected as the new DS of Civil/ Electrical Branch Mumbai. In conclusion of address, he conveyed thank Circle office DP Com Prashant Jadhav& DS Com Anil Dubey for inviting him & felicitating him.

Com. Om Prakash, Joint Secretary Accounts/Finance SNEA MH in his address briefed about working pattern of Com Adasul as CS and how Com Adasul worked himself in system not in symptom and motivated all the comrades for association work. He explained the works taken care by SNEA MH and how the DS & Circle Office Bearers are very active and in touch with each other. He specially mentioned that initially there were less no of account executives in SNEA however the strength of SNEA has increased considerably and now we have 225 account executives in SNEA out of about 450 working executives throughout Maharashtra Circle. He also stated that pick and choose policy in account and finance wing has now been abolished by the strong step taken by SNEA MH Circle. He assured the house that though he is new to association activities and such address in the meeting, he will try his level best to resolve issues of all comrades and especially the issues of Finance wing comrades. He expressed total pleasure over being elected on prestigious post of JS SNEA MH and conveyed thanks to all the comrades of SNEA Mumbai for such valuable support.

Com. S. B. Bhosale, Joint Secretary HQ SNEA MH in his brief address gave warm welcome to all the dignitaries of SNEA MH at Head Quarters. He congratulated all the newly elected Office Bearers of SNEA MH. He conveyed thanks to all the comrades and leaders of SNEA CO Mumbai for giving him opportunity to work as CT and now as JS HQ. He elaborated his two years works in association and shared his experience. He also mentioned the growing graph of SNEA throughout Maharashtra in terms of its membership and explained how the members joined SNEA over the period and assured that in years to come SNEA MH will be the only active association in BSNL with highest membership. He conveyed thanks for felicitation by his home branch and giving patience hearing.

Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS (W) SNEA MH in his speech conveyed thanks to all the delegates and observers in Pune Circle conference for electing him as ACS (W) SNEA MH and reassured that he will render his best for resolving issues coming to him. Though it is rather difficult to work like Com Adasul but we will see there wont be any injustice to anyone. SNEA MH circle is biggest circle in India in terms of membership which is about to cross 3500. It is because of day night efforts of Com M S Adasul, his complete devotion for association without any expectation and his fight against odd for resolutions of various issues of comrades of SNEA MH. He appreciated the work of Com Om Prakash Joint Secretary Account and Finance and requested him to look after some of the pending issues of Account & Finance executives of Kalyan SSA.

Com. S.V. Bhad, Executive Member NCOA Maharashtra in his special style addressed the gathering and described the functioning of NCOA. He shared his experience since introduction of Com. M.S. Adasul as AGS SNEA CHQ and how the day night efforts of Com. Adasul have fruitfully resulted by increase in SNEA membership. He added that when every Circle and every association is facing heavy reduction in membership due to retirement /transfers only membership of SNEA MH has increased sharply. He added that since 2009 when he as CP & Com. Adasul as CS had taken over SNEA MH, they have given first priority for BSNL development works and continues in same spirit with recent resolutions of allotment of stores. He mentioned that in seventh pay commission, there will be 14% hike in salary which is less in comparison to that 40-50% in sixth pay commission. He told that although committee for pay revision is formed however one shall be always ready if there is delay in its execution. He congratulated all the newly elected office Bearers of SNEA MH and conveyed them best wishes and assured then total co-operation. While concluding his speech he conveyed thanks for inviting him in presence of such huge gathering for special GB meeting at short notice.

Com. S.R. Kalmegh, President SNEA MH in his speech mentioned the importance of having strong team of SNEA at Mumbai HQ as it reflects the working of association and motivations for others at field. He told that SNEA MH is pride to have strong team of SNEA at CO Mumbai lead by Com Anil Dubey which is having huge membership of more than 260, having members from all wings, grades including PGM level officer as its member. CHQ calls of agitations are always made successful by team and been watched all over in MH and source of inspirations. He appreciated the supporting role played by Com. Prashant Jadhav, Com Bhandirge, Com. Bhosale and others. He mentioned the dedication, devotion and day night efforts of Com Adasul DyGS in making SNEA CO Mumbai as one of the strongest branch in MH. He told that Com Adasul knows more than 80% of SNEA members in entire Maharashtra and attends all the calls of all members at any time and his efficiency as CS is remarkable. Com Kalmegh also congratulated Com. M. S. Adasul, for his numerous achievements as CS SNEA MH including Executive Transfer Policy, achieving record break membership oppose to biased attitude and favouritism like "Black Magic" and "Hopeless Bhaskar Policy". He congratulated Com Bharat Sonawane DS SNEA Pune and his entire team for making Pune Circle conference successful and memorable one. While depicting the various incidence in Pune Circle conference, he narrated the splendid speech of late Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao, his jolly mood however he expressed deep grief by his untimely exit just after seven days. He told that SNEA MH has lost a great visionary leader who was supporting the activities of SNEA MH in true spirit. After a gap of 15 years, BSNL has got good CMD who has changed corporate scenario within BSNL and boosted the moral of every employee in BSNL by his own initiatives and actions. He told that we have got dynamic directors in BSNL board who are delivering their best. He mentioned the importance of success of 100 days programme of SWAS, Service with a Smile which is going to decide the further turnover of BSNL and making it profitable. He urged all to work unitedly and assured the house that SNEA MH Circle will work with same enthusiasm and zeal so that there will not be any injustice with anyone.

Com. V. B. Kokate, Circle Secretary SNEA MH in his speech congratulated Team SNEA Circle Office Mumbai for very nice arrangements in all respects of meeting and conveyed that Circle office is the first branch in Maharashtra who has taken the chance of the felicitation programme of Circle office bearers. In his speech he discussed the happenings of CWC Kolkata and shared about the points raised by him in his speech about Main HR issues, Joint committee recommendations, Implementation of standard pay scales E2-E3, first TBP after 4/5 years, 30% superannuation, etc and appealed house to participate in agitation programme declared by CHQ in future to get these demands. He shared his experience of work with Com M S Adasul, then CS MH circle and Com S V Bhad, CP MH Circle and updated the house that tireless and sincere efforts of Comrade Adasul has strengthened the association in MH circle and updated that due to his special qualities even SNEA CHQ changed the constitution at AIC Jaipur and made Com Adasul the very first DyGS of the association. He further narrates that he has never seen such a dedicated leader in last 20 years of associational experience. Regarding HR issues, he elaborated Rule 8 Transfer issue and conveyed that total 110 cases are pending and out of which 52 cases are for MH to AP circle. He assured that SNEA is taking this agenda on priority and requested to bear some time to resolve this issue. Regarding Account and civil/Electrical wing membership he informed that at present about 50%membership of account wing and 60% membership of Civil /Electrical wing is with SNEA Maharashtra. He also updated that it is not possible for some of the SSAs to switch over to NGN technology due to non-availability of MPLS edge router and appealed the DyGS to look into the matter to fulfil the requirement soon. He thanked the Circle management especially AGM (NOW-CM) Com. K.S. Jha for fulfilling the minimum requirement of battery sets and updated house how vigorously SNEA MH Circle under the leadership of Com Adasul pursued for the issues. He congratulated CMD BSNL for taking good initiatives like SWAS program, but updated that such programs will be successful only if the requirement of store items like drop wire is fulfilled on priority. If fulfilled, he added, it will lead to more customer satisfaction and definitely there will be a considerable growth in LL / BB segment. He put the example of Ahmednagar SSA and updated the house about the activities that are being carried out like, conversion of MSUs to RSUs, RSUs to AN-RAXs, Master-Slave AN-RAXs to Master only AN-RAXs, closing of BMs from MBM switches, BM Compression, Downsizing of Engine Alternators, closing of AC Plants etc. So he updated that by doing so Ahmednagar SSA is saving up to Rs. 42 Lakh per year. He informed house regarding target achieved by different SSAs by SIM sale and conveyed that there is more potential in this field and requested to concentrate on less traffic area. He also added that at present around 200 BTS are not working which is causing revenue leakage. In his speech he shared house about contribution of Late Com. W Sheshagiri Rao for SNEA comrades, about his motivated speech delivered in Pune Circle conference. He conveyed that demise of Late Com Rao is irreparable loss to SNEA India. In last he conveyed that SNEA membership is growing day by day and in future he appealed to reach SNEA MH membership to highest figure of 5000.

Com. M. S. Adasul, DyGS SNEA CHQ in his address conveyed thanks to all comrades of SNEA CO Mumbai, WTP and Civil Elect Branch for arranging such beautiful felicitation function. He informed house that as decided in CC Pune house Com. Kokate New CS will be member of Circle office Mumbai branch very soon. He expressed pleasure over strongest unity of executives in SNEA MH and unity of all DS of SNEA MH for electing circle office body unanimously. He appreciated comrades of SNEA Pune/ITPC for making Pune circle conference grand success. He shared difference between technical approach of BSNL officers in earlier days and present approach and how it is great technological loss to BSNL and how BSNL is wasting cores of money on AMCs of simple matters and how BSNL talent is being wasted just in compiling and consolidating different unwanted routine reports. He shared his expertise and BSNL staff and officer are being treated with respect by public and how he answers their queries most satisfactorily by contacting the experts in the said field.  He specially stressed to give satisfactory services to customers as unsatisfied customers are making negative impact on other customers as well as on overall growth of BSNL. He explained that many of personalities are giving their life earning and life for social services and we BSNL employees are lucky that we are being paid salary for giving such social services.  For better output officers have to keep his/her staff highly motivated and such motivated staff can do wonders for BSNL as well as for enlightening personal life. He stressed for punctuality in office and for Self-motivation & self-discipline even when boss is not in office. He explained importance of Service with A Smile, (SWAS) and assured for pursuing matters of additional allotment of Battery sets and New/ repaired GSM cards. He elaborated facts about extra deduction of Rs 10,000 crore of BSNL and its refund from Income Tax & how it will be supportive to BSNL at this crucial stage. He also added about refund of spectrum charges and other issues pursued by SNEA CHQ. He stressed for special efforts on proper check of payment of. Electricity bills, Samudra Manthan for disposing off all Scrap in office/exchanges and adding its money to BSNL. He explained facts behind Hopeless Bhaskar Transfer policy in pick and choose manner and how continuous efforts of SNEA MH for justice to Finance wing comrades and how our efforts have resulted in cancellation of wrong transfers and how the finance wing officers will also get the benefits of uniform transfer policy equally. He conveyed that Mr Dhage GM Finance Mumbai has assured in Pune conference that for Finance wing transfer policy will be at par with existing transfer policy for Telecom wing and its possible only due to continuous struggle by SNEA MH for period of last one year. He added that the work of collection of stay particulars and working strength has been started by FC section and after completion of this work and implementation of uniform policy few left out cases of account wing will be resolved at the earliest. Regarding Rule 8 transfer he conveyed that SNEA has taken this issue on Top priority and appealed comrades not to panic and requested to have some more patience as SNEA is working for consideration of pending Rule 8 transfers in one stroke and not some pick and choose transfers. He also added today also Com. Kokate CS and other COBs have detail discussions with GM HR/Admn Mumbai and he is also keen about this issue and in process to resolve this issue at the earliest. He appealed all to accept any new things and changes in work culture and give their best for BSNL and definitely BSNL will continue to give its best to every employee. During his speech he became sentimental while talking about late veteran leader Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao & remembered as great hero of SNEA. He conveyed that Com. Rao has given direction to him in his association activities and he was fatherly figure and guiding force for him and his sudden heavenly departure has created vacuum in SNEA. He acquainted the house about unforgettable achievements done by Late Com Rao for SNEA comrades and also briefed about his last speech delivered in Circle conference Pune and highlighted Late Rao Sirs last message to SNEA comrades "Be United strongly and work for growth of BSNL. He informed house about proposal of formation of BSNL officers credit society for BSNL Executives and idea behind it and how Com. D.S.Kamble & Com. V.J.Bhandirge are on job of completion of official formalities for this proposed Society. He informed that Rs 600 is the initial amount to be paid for membership of the society and conveyed that Mumbai District will be initial operational area of the society and then it will be extended to other SSAs of Maharashtra. In his speech he appreciated Com. K.S. Jha, AGM NOW CM Mumbai for help extended by him in day today activities and also conveyed thanks for giving freedom to complete his task of office as well as association activities. He specially appreciated the activity of Com. K.S. Jha and Com. Anil Dubey for participation in Marathon every year. He also appreciated the efforts taken by Com. P N Patil, Ex Auditor SNEA MH for his tireless efforts for preparation of Diary for SNEA comrades continuously for seven years. He also conveyed sincere thanks to Com. V.J. Bhandirge AD Staff, Com. R.R. Yadav AGM Staff, Com. D.D. Pardeshi AD Staff A, Com V.K. Dethe AD ERP, Com. P.M. Joshi, AD HRD-I, Com. A.R. Akhade AD HRD II and Com. D.S. Kamble AD Rect all the officers in Staff section and active members of SNEA for their co-operation extended him in resolution of about all HR related issues. He conveyed thanks to all MH comrades for showing faith in him, giving so much love and affection to him and assured to continue his services to SNEA comrades. Finally, in conclusion he appealed all comrades to send their grievances, difficulties in day to day functioning and issues related to growth of BSNL by email and assured to take care of all such issues for better future of BSNL and its employees.

Com. Prashant Jadhav. District President SNEA CO Mumbai, in his Presidential speech summarised activities during CC Pune and todays Special GB Meeting. He conveyed thanks to all guests and comrades of COB for their active participation in this special GB Meeting. He specially conveyed thanks on behalf of him and CO Mumbai branch to Com M. S. Adasul DyGS SNEA HQ, Com S.R. Kalmegh CP SNEA MH Circle, Com V. B Kokate CS SNEA MH Circle, Com S.V. Bhad Executive Member NCOA, and other prominent COBs for accepting initiation and guiding the house. He also conveyed special thanks to Com V. J Bhandirge Ex JS HQ, Com S. B Bhosale, JS HQ, Com Anil Dubey DS CO Mumbai, All the District Office Bearers SNEA Circle Office Mumbai who made this function successful by their grand and mass presence.

The entire proceedings of this special GB meeting were nicely anchored by Com. V. J. Bhandirge   Ex, JS HQ SNEA MH.

Thus the Felicitation Programme by Circle office Mumbai branch for newly elected circle office bearers started at 1530 Hrs lasted for Three hours and finally concluded at 1830 Hrs with National Anthem and slogans of unity and BSNL Zindabad.

PHOTOs <<<>>>


24 Feb 16: Meeting with GM(Pers): GS, CHQ President and Jt Sec met GM(Pers) and Jt GM(Pers) and held discussions on the following subjects:

a)    Proposed Board memo on E6 scale for Executives working as DGM(Adhoc): GM(P) informed that a proposal is under the consideration of BSNL Board to extend E6 scale to the Executives working as DGM(Adhoc) in E5 scale. Assn explained that as per EPP, Executives working as DGM(Adhoc) is eligible for financial upgradation to E6 scale and it is extended to so many Executives as they are reaching E5 scale on DGM(Adhoc) promotions. Since it is an inbuilt provision in the EPP order dated 18.01.2007, there is no requirement of separate Board decision. As per EPP, financial upgradation is given from one scale to the next higher scale, after 5 years, irrespective of which grade they are working. Financial upgradation is given as per EPP order and not as per BSNLMS RR for the Executives. Any Circle is having doubt in this regard, suitable clarification can be issued to that particular Circle.  If such Board decision is taken and orders are issued now on a prospective date, the Executives already got the benefit under EPP so far will face problems. After discussion, GM(Pers) assured to re-examine the case immediately as Board meeting is scheduled for 04.03.2016.

b)   Promotion from SDE(C/E) to EE(C/E) for the Diploma holders as per the new clarification issued by MHRD: Assn requested management to examine whether the clarification to BSNLMS RR issued in July 2015 making Diploma holders with 10 years of service equivalent to Engg Degree will create problems, due to the new development. It is understood that MHRD intimated DoT that the clarification of 1977 is not notified in the gazette and hence it cannot be taken into consideration.  Assn requested to take necessary corrective steps, if required immediately.

c)    Pending request transfers for the last quarter: Assn told management that the transfer is streamlined by issuing the transfer orders in every quarter. Those Executives gone on promotion to different Circles are eagerly waiting for the transfer after 2 years. After discussion GM(Pers) assured that the cases will be processed and orders will be issued in the first week of March.

d)   Relieving AGMs from the tenure Circles especially NEII Circle: Assn told management that CGM/NE II made tenure transfer a mockery by not relieving the officials after completion of their tenure period. This type of situation we are witnessing for the first time. Such stand of CGM will make things complicated as Executives will not be encouraged to go to tenure Circles. Since it is a tenure station, they are not supposed to continue there for even a single extra day. After discussion, GM assured that the matter will be discussed with DIR(HR) after she is coming back after foreign tour on Monday.


23 Feb 16: Meeting on implementation of Joint Committee recommendations on E2, E3 pay scales: GM(Estt) called a meeting of SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA to discuss the Joint Committee recommendations on standard pay scales. Since the terms of reference was with respect to implementation of standard pay scales replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A, the committee recommended E2, E3 pay scales only. So naturally all the remaining pay scales will remain as it is as all other pay scales are standard pay scales. No other pay scales face demotion also. As a result SDE and Sr SDE and equivalent grades will remain in E3 pay scales. On pay fixation on promotion from same scale to same scale, which DoT didnt allowed for E9 scales, Assn told management that DPE will allow the same and Assn had already discussed the matter with DPE.  On date of implementation, GS made it clear that since it is the replacement scale of E1A and E2A, it has to be implemented from 01.01.2007. The concept of notional pay cannot be considered. After discussion, management was clear on the committee recommendations and hopefully the proposal will be further processed soon. GS and CHQ President attended the meeting.

24 Feb 16: Court cases at Hon CAT, Chandigargh: The court cases related to JTO to SDE, JAO to AO, SDE to DE and AO to CAO promotion was listed for hearing today. Since the division bench was not sitting, all the cases postponed to 14.03.2016.

24 Feb 16:Court case at Ernakulum on JTO to SDE promotion --Filing of reply: Based on the input given by BSNLCO, the draft reply to be filed in the Hon HC has been prepared by the lawyer and sent to BSNLCO for vetting. GS met GM(Pers) and discussed the matter. GM(Pers) informed that the reply has been received on Friday evening and by tomorrow, it will be send back to KRL Circle after vetting and reply will be filed this week itself. On DGM promotion, GM(Pers) assured that efforts are being made to issue the promotion orders at the earliest as per the new SDE seniority list 1 to 17 as old 1 to 5 seniority list cannot be operated now. The issue of 147 officers will be decided soon as per the present seniority list.


23 Feb 16:  CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for Looking After arrangements in DGM Finance Cadre. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 16:  As informed earlier, CAO FC Mumbai issued Own Cost Request transfers of 15 newly joined JAOs to their choice station. Letter <<<>>>

This was one of the important issues pursued by SNEA MH and especially Com. Om Prakash, newly elected Joint Secretary Account/Finance SNEA MH was behind these request transfers for last one and half month. Finally, the requests of all newly joined JAOs have been given consideration in historical manner. This is possible due to very positive HR approach by Com. V.N. Dhage, GM Fin Mumbai, and his FC section team namely Mrs. Shridevi Arya, DGM FC Mumbai, Com. H.K. Joshi, CAO FC Mumbai and Com. Mrs. Laxmi Ganeshan, AO FC Mumbai. SNEA MH conveys thanks to this team with very positive attitude and human approach towards the HR issues.

We feel proud to mention that with this new FC Team has resolved about all individual requests of Finance wing officers and we are sure that few left out cases which are in single digit will also be settled in similar manner.

Thus GM Fin Mumbai and officers in FC Section have done their job and now it is responsibility of the entire Finance wing Officers throughout Maharashtra Circle to give their best to BSNL.


23 Feb 16:  BSNL CO issued reminder for implementation of transfer orders of Finance wing officers. Letter <<<>>>

This reminder letter clearly states that no further requests will be entertained by Corporate Office, and directs officers under transfer to join designated circles without fail. Further letter states that further delay in joining new stations by concerned executives will be viewed seriously.


23 Feb 16:  BSNL CO issued re-allotment retention and cancellation of out of Circle transfers issued in respect of seven AOs wherein request of two AOs from MH Circle is considered. Letter <<<>>>

MH Comrades namely Com. K.G. Dhabale AO Raigad and Com. Prem Chand Agarwal, AO Circle Office Mumbai have earlier given requests for transfers respectively to TF Mumbai and Gujarat Circle, but after issuing transfer orders have changed decision and later submitted fresh request for cancellation , which was not considered by BSNL CO and both were forcibly relieved through ERP.

The fresh request for cancellation of transfer order of both comrades out of Maharashtra Circle was pursued by Com. Om Prakash, newly elected Joint Secretary Account/Finance SNEA MH and matter was Com. Om Prakash, newly elected Joint Secretary Account/Finance SNEA MH was strongly supported and pursued by Com. Sudha, Advisor SNEA CHQ New Delhi and finally request of both the comrades have been given consideration with tireless persuasion by SNEA and Com. K.G. Dhabale is retained in Raigad SSA and Com. Prem Chand Agarwal is retained at Mumbai with modification of his posting from CO Mumbai to Telecom factory Mumbai.

SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to Com. Sudha, Advisor SNEA CHQ and other CHQ leaders for successful persuasion of both the requests and giving them justice.


23 Feb 16:  BSNL CO calls for details of AOs/Sr AOs for finalisation of seniority list and last date of submission of said information is 26/02/2016. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 16:  BSNL CO issued reminder to PCEs/CEs calling for vacancy position and long stay list of SDE Civil for consideration of transfer posting in SDE Civil cadre. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 16:  BSNL CO writes PCEs/CEs for not forwarding request for deputation till finalisation of BSNL deputation policy for which work is going on at BSNL CO and letter further asks for comments for finalisation of BSNL deputation policy. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 16:  BSNL CO calls for details of additional qualifications in respect of EE Civil and above cadres for better utilisation of potential among executives in Civil wing. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 16:  BSNL CO issued orders for installation of ten Cash Recycling machines in ten different CSs and one such machine will be installed at Bajirao Road, CSC at Pune. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 16:  BSNL CO issued directives to CGMT Chennai for floating tender for RF optimisation works through out India. Letter <<<>>>

RF optimisation is important work for improvement of GSM quality of service and should have been under control of BSNLs own team, but now this work also will be done by vendors and the BSNL Officers will be left only with work of certifying the bills of the vendor carrying out RF optimisation.

As seen in GSM installation this will also one more official way of additional payments to vendors thereby keeping the team of BSNL officers in ideal condition just for clerical works of sending reports and signing such bills arising out of tendering process.


22 Feb 16:  The news & photos of Special General Body Meeting of SNEA Mumbai held 18/02/2016 for felicitation of newly elected Circle Office Bearers of SNEA Maharashtra will follow.


22 Feb 16:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for posting of three SDEs for tenure area of Raigad SSA. Letter <<<>>>


22 Feb 16: Delegation of SNEA MH Circle met Shri. U. K. Upadhyay, CGMT MH Circle, Shri. Sandeep Agrawal GM HR/Admn Mumbai and Shri V. N. Dhage GM Fin Mumbai on 18/02/2016 and had introduction meeting of prominent Circle Office Bearers. The details are as follows.


22 Feb 16: Meeting with Shri. Sandeep Agrawal GM HR/Admn Mumbai Delegation of SNEA MH consisting Com. M.S. Adasul Dy GS SNEA CHQ, Com. S.R. Kalmegh CP SNEA MH , Com. V.B. Kokate, CS SNEA MH, Com. S.V.Bhad, Executive Member NCOA, Com. N.S. Harpalkar, Circle Treasurer, SNEA MH, Com. S.B. Bhosale, Joint Secretary HQ SNEA MH, Com. Om Prakash, Joint Secretary, Account/Finance SNEA MH, Com. M. A. Wase, Joint Secretary NRU SNEA MH, Com. Prashant Jadhav, DP SNEA CO Mumbai and Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA CO Mumbai and had meeting introduction meeting with Shri. Sandeep Agrawal, Sr GM HR/Admn Mumbai.

      It was preliminary meeting of CS/CP with GM HR/Admin after the grand Pune Circle Conference and unanimous election of new set of circle office bearers.

      At the very outset Com. M. S. Adasul, DyGS SNEA CHQ gave introduction of newly elected CS/CP and other Circle Office bearers.

      On behalf of comrades of SNEA Maharashtra present in CC Pune, we conveyed thanks and gratitude to Shri. Sandeep Agrawal, Sr GM HR /Admn Mumbai for his presence and valuable speech in the CC Pune.

      Shri. Sandeep Agrawal, Sr GM HR /Admn Mumbai was also glad to meet new Circle Office bearers & extended thanks for inviting him for Pune Circle Conference by giving him opportunity to express his views in Open Session. He congratulated the new office bearers and assured to extend full support to the newly elected Circle Office Bearers of SNEA MH Circle on all policy matters and on the issues related to development of MH Circle. During discussion, Shri. Agrawal, added that his working will be fare and well within the policy guidelines and he will see that HR issues are taken care by uniform policy manner applicable to all.

      We also conveyed him special thanks for inaugurating the New Year Diary 2016, printed by SNEA MH. Shri. Agrawal appreciated the efforts of SNEA MH Circle in incorporating contents like telephone numbers/ other technical details of diaries which in turn will be useful in day to day references. We informed him that it was possible due to day night efforts dedicated efforts by many of the active SNEA comrades under leadership of Com. P.N. Patil.

      As it was introductory meeting, we have discussed only important & prominent issues. The details of which are as follows.

1.    Settlement of issues related to Phase I Training to Offg JTOs: We conveyed special thanks and gratitude to Shri. Agrawal Sr GM HR/Admn for is dedicated efforts in finalization of all the issues with JTO Phase-I Training and finally issuing orders for Phase-I training of all Offg JTOs of Maharashtra Circle and giving them relief from continuous tension. Shri. Agrawal told that delay was due to uncertainty in view of pending court cases and issues thereof and as certain clarifications were to be taken from BSNL CO, the matter was delayed. He further added that the matter has been settled to better extent and all 122 Offg JTOs will be sent for JTO Phase-I training in one lot in there training centers Jabalpur, Nagpur and Pune.

2.    Rule 8 Request Transfers of JTOs: We conveyed thanks to GM HR/Admn Mumbai for his initiatives for consideration of Rule 8 transfers. We had detail discussions on JTO Rule 8 transfers and unrest among the JTOs in Maharashtra Circle. Sr GM HR/Admn informed that his office is on job and in order to resolve this issue, already letters have been written all concerned circles and till now response is received only from 4-5 circles, which also is not supportive and none has informed about availability of substitute. He stressed that it is difficult to consider all 110 requests without substitute and further problem is that of majority transfers i.e. 52 out of110 are only to AP Circle. We have requested to have relook at entire issue in view of joining some of ESM JTOs already joined in SSA on completion of JTO training and with possibility of 122 Offg JTOs which will be available on resolution of deadlock in JTO Phase-I Training and probable availability of 550 JTOs for proposed LICE for JTOs. Thus in days to come sufficient JTOs will be available in Maharashtra Circle as substitute for all 110 Rule 8 request transfers. We further added that if Maharashtra Circle asks confirmation from the concerned Circle in all 110 cases and by the time the consent is received by the concerned Circles for accommodation of these JTOs and till the practical relieving of JTOs requesting for Rule 8 transfers, sufficient substitute JTOs will be available in Maharashtra Circle and there is no issue in getting confirmation from all Circles. We further added that all 110 will not accept rule 8 transfers and some of them may refuse it once transfer order is issued if they may not get posting to Popular/choice SSA or even if they get post at odd places as compared to their present working place. We further added that some of JTOs are working at such places that substitutes are not required and their works can be managed by local arrangements. Hence there will not be need of exact 110 substitute, JTOs and just availability of some more additional JTOs will solve this issue. We again put on record that many of the JTOs waiting for Rule 8 transfers have genuine family and office issues and hence needs sympathetic consideration and it is quite possible when HR unit of MH Circle is headed by best officer like him. We also discussed some priorities to transfer to Circles like Rajasthan from where substitute has already joined Maharashtra Circle, to Circles having extreme shortage of JTOs as compared to MH Circle, requests on genuine medical/spouse working grounds and mainly rule 8 transfers of JTOs continuously working at Tenure/Most difficult SSAs etc. Shri. Agrawal has patient hearing on all our suggestions and added that he is also aware of these ideas but as matter needs to be reviewed from all angles and his office needs some more time. But he firmly assured that his office is sincerely working out with the strategies so as to give consideration to all pending Rule 8 transfers that to be in time bound manner and appealed to ask these JTOs to keep some more patience so that all requests are considered without any complaint. GM HR/Admn added that after settlement of issues of Offg JTO, now Rule-8 request transfers of all JTOs in MH Circle is his Top Most Priority and fully resolve all bottleneck issues related with it and assured that if nothing goes wrong all the Rule 8 request transfers will be considered very shortly.

3.    Supply of Executive/Non-Executive Diary 2016: We again reminded GM HR/Admn for clearing the file for Diary 2016 as it is already late. Shri. Agrawal informed that he is on job, but we brought to his notice that even after repeated assurances since long time there is no action from his office to resolve the deadlock. Then Shri. Agrawal informed that he is waiting for orders from BSNL CO for issuing Diary 2016. We informed him that already order has been issued and calendars have been printed by Mktg section. But Shri. Agrawal informed that there should be specific order as issued in earlier years. We made it clear that no such order will be issued by BSNL CO at this stage when two months of new year are passed and there is no meaning in waiting for this order. When BSNL is doing expenditure in cores of rupees on different unwanted issue, such genuine demand of Diary for day to day use is delayed on different names creating uncertainty among minds of all. We made it clear that such unwanted dilemma is of no use and if he & his office has decided not to supply Diary 2016, then such clear instructions should be issued to finish uncertainty over last four months. We also made it clear that many of SSAs supplied Diary 2016 and due to this uncertainty created by his office, the Dairies are not supplied in Circle office Mumbai and some of SSAs as they are always following the steps followed by Circle office Mumbai. We also made it clear that there is no relation between supply of Diary 2016 to executives and Non-Executives and if he has some complaints from some associations, then decide the matter of executive Diary later, but settle matter of Non-Executive Diary on priority wherein no complaint received. After elaborate discussions, Shri. Agrawal informed that he will review matter in context of last year procedure and within 3-4 days matter will be cleared. Let us hope GM HR/Admn keeps this promise and settle the notable silence on this subject and take clear and final stand on supplying of Dairy 2016 for executives as well as non- executives.

4.    Review of posting of some SSA heads: We brought to his notice the problems faced by some SSAs like Chandrapur, Nanded, Satara, Buldhana and hardship to the executives working in that SSAs, customers, overall difficulties in office work, delay in execution of tender, delay in taking administrative as well as technical decisions, delay in file movement as many of the SSAs are being looked after by GM by sitting at distant SSA. We tried to explain the various difficulties being faced when a SSA is looked after from distant SSA. We are unable to fetch desired amount of revenue from Chandrapur SSA, having industrial belt because of not having sitting SSA head at Chandrapur. Likewise, we have requested to make review of all such SSAs in MH Circle having potential for revenue and post suitable SSA head at that headquarter. Shri. Agrawal Sr GM HR/Admn Mumbai assured to look after this issue in month of April 2016 i.e. in new financial year and assured to have review for better performance and working atmosphere in all SSAs.

5.    Space for proposed Co-Operative Credit Society: We have also discussed with Sr GM HR/Admn Mumbai the proposal of BSNL Officers CO-Operative Credit Society with Head Quarter at Mumbai and updated him about the progress and need of mandatory consent from BSNL for allotment of space and for facility of salary deduction from BSNL. Sr GM HR appreciated the proposal and added that it will be used for the officers in BSNL and assured for Co-Operation for functioning of this Society as & when required. He further added that this Co-Op Society should be made useful for all. We have informed him that it will be operational by online method and none will have to physically visit to Mumbai as entire transactions i.e. individual requests, sanctions and payments and about everything will be by online method.

The introductory meeting concluded with thanks and assurance of full co-operation from both side and it was finally decided to have meeting with all new Office Bearers in first or second week of March 2016.

22 Feb 16: Meeting with Com. V.N. Dhage GM Fin Mumbai: Immediately after meeting with GM HR/Admn, the entire delegation of SNEA had meeting with Com. V.N. Dhage, GM Fin Mumbai in his chamber at 14.15hrs.

      Com. M. S. Adasul, Dy GS SNEA CHQ introduced the new team of SNEA MH Circle to GM Finance Mumbai. We conveyed him sincere thanks for attending Circle Conference of SNEA MH at Pune and his valuable guidance to the house. We informed his that his assurance in CC Pune to deal with all transfer posting of Finance wing officers well within transfer policy issued by BSNL CO and at par with Telecom wing. We conveyed thanks to him for resolving most of the account and finance related issue raised by SNEA since the day he has taken over as GM Fin Mumbai.

      We had detail discussion on the pending request transfers of some finance wing officers which needs sympathetic review and consideration of their requests. We brought to his notice the request of about 15 newly joined JAOs for change of station due to some personal problems and elaborated him how these transfers are possible if some small chains are operated with some new postings.

      We also had discussions on pending request of two JAOs and three AOs for change of station of for repatriation to home SSA as these orders are not issued as per transfer policy guidelines and these officers also have genuine family problems and difficulties. Shri. Dhage informed that it is difficult to incorporate these changes before completion of two years stay. But we have brought to his notice that these officers are not transferred on long stay basis and transferred on pick and choose basis. We further added that some of them have not taken any TA/DA and even submitted written willingness for change of station/repatriation to difficult stations like Beed/ Sangli/Satara/Amravati i.e. SSAs having shortage of executives and their request are at own cost and no money is involved in such corrective transfers and giving justice to the only few left out comrades.

      After detail discussions Com. Dhage informed that though it is difficult to change the stations of newly joined JAOs, their request will be reviewed on the basis of feedback given by SNEA and possible changes will be incorporated without any cost to BSNL.

      On request of working JAOs/AOs, Shri. Dhage informed that these comrades have already completed period of 6-8 months at transferred places and some have taken TA/DA and are presently doing good job in new SSAs. He appealed that let them complete two years at these places, and firmly assured that after completion of two years, the request of all these officers will be considered on priority for posting to their parent SSAs. We brought his notice that issues faced by these comrades are genuine and transfers issued are also not as per transfer policy and long stay criteria and stressed for review of at least own cost requests with refund of TA DA where long stay criteria are not followed. We made it clear that we will not insist for review of transfers which are well with long stay criteria. Finally, GM Finance assured to review all these cases as per transfer policy and if there is no cost to BSNL.

      We further requested to review the SSA wise strength of account and finance wing staff. There are some SSAs which are facing acute shortage of AO/CAO and at the same time Kolhapur & Pune SSA have more than required Executives of Finance wing. SSAs like Amravati/Akola are facing difficulties with single or no AO, no regular CAO moreover existing AO will be retiring soon.

      Com. V.N. Dhage GM Fin Mumbai informed that he is aware about the excess executives in both these SSAs and matter is under his active consideration. He added that already BSNL CO has called for details of SSA wise executives of Finance wing and his office also has called for detail justification from all SSAs. Com. Dhage assured that on receipt of the working details, stay particulars of executives his office will have review of SSA wise working strength. He further added that if officers are found excess than the requirement of that SSA, then excess officers will be shifted to SSAs having shortage by calling willingness by declaring SSA wise vacancy and assured that to the extent possible everybody will be accommodated to his choice place at shortage SSAs. This will help in proper utilization of Finance wing manpower and meeting shortage of executives in many of the SSAs and for smooth functioning of SSAs.

      Com. V.N. Dhage, GM Fin Mumbai again reminded us about his target to close accounts by May 2016 and appealed to bring awareness among comrades in all SSAs to take sincere efforts for closure of accounts of FY 2015-16 by end of May 2016.

      Lastly we had discussions on the mandatory consent for deduction of subscription of proposed BSNL Officers Co-operative Credit Society Mumbai from salary. GM Fin Mumbai assured that such consent letter will be issued within 2-3 days.

      We had fruitful discussions and the meeting concluded by conveying thanks to each other and best possible co-operation for better working of BSNL and resolution of HR issues of executives in uniform policy manner.


22 Feb 16: Meeting with Shri. U. K. Upadhyay, CGMT MH Circle Mumbai: After the GB meeting of SNEA CO Mumbai, the delegation of SNEA MH consisting Com. M.S. Adasul Dy GS SNEA CHQ, Com. S.R. Kalmegh CP SNEA MH , Com. V.B. Kokate, CS SNEA MH, Com. S.V.Bhad, Executive Member NCOA, Com. M.N. Kotambe, ACS West, SNEA MH, Com. S.B. Bhosale, Joint Secretary HQ SNEA MH, Com. Om Prakash, Joint Secretary, Account/Finance SNEA MH, Com. M. A. Wase, Joint Secretary NRU SNEA MH, Com. Prashant Jadhav, DP SNEA CO Mumbai and Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA CO Mumbai and had meeting introduction meeting with Shri. U. K. Upadhyay, CGMT MH Circle. DyGS CHQ made introduction of all the newly elected Circle Office Bearers present in the meeting and gave brief idea about CC Pune.

Shri. U. K. Upadhyay, CGMT MH Circle, congratulated entire team and assured to extend support to SNEA in resolving all HR issues and for betterment of BSNL. He expressed that SNEA is having important role in overall development of BSNL and he has much expectations from SNEA in speeding different development works. He categorically mentioned that while working as Office Bearers of responsible association like SNEA, all are requested to extend every sort of support to Circle management as well as SSA heads so that we will earn good revenue for BSNL. He added that in turn if somebody is creating hurdles in doing so, please bring it to his notice for timely corrective actions. By stressing availability of stores to some extent, CGMT MH appealed to work together for achieving desired targets set by BSNL CO and for better services to BSNL customers in MH Circle. He assured full co-operation for resolution of different HR issues of executives and requested to reciprocate same in development issues. The short introduction meeting which was held at late office hours concluded with firm assurance to have total co-operation on both the sides, and to have meeting to discuss some of pending agenda points in presence of all newly elected Office Bearers of SNEA.


22 Feb 16:  BSNL CO calls for willingness for posting to Bihar Circle by offering facilities of NE tenure Circles and this offer is valid only for limited period of three months and last date for submission of willingness is 18/04/2016. Letter <<<>>>

This is how BSNL do not have its own stand and it is biased under outside influence. One side the facilities of soft Tenure stations like Gadchiroli which is most affected Naxalite area are withdrawn in backdoor attempt and Bihar may be being home Circle of Hon MoC, and may be under pressure from his office to post more officers to his home Circle such tenure facilities are being extended specially to posting in Bihar Circle including prominent places like Patina. We have no objection for such out of turn extension of tenure facilities to specific Circle, but BSNL management should not play with the life of executives working at these most difficult stations and at least SSAs like Gadchiroli which are badly affected by Naxalite activities needs to be given such hard tenure facilities and BSNL management should not force all such affected comrades to approach to political leaders in similar manner for such genuine demand.


22 Feb 16:  BSNL CO issued orders for review of tenure period of Rajouri & Udhampur SSAs in J&K Circle along with double HRA on posting to these SSAs. Letter <<<>>>

This is possible due to continuous persuasion by SNEA CHQ and feedback by active comrades of SNEA MH like Com. R. S. Bhalerao, then SDE Aurangabad presently in working at this location, who had brought all these difficulties to notice of CHQ in strong support of Com. S.K. Bali, CS SNEA JK Circle and finally matter is resolved and many of executives working in both the SSAs and who will be joining these SSAs will be benefitted by this order and their duties at these hard tenure stations will be properly recognised.


22 Feb 16:  BSNL CO calls for willingness from retired as well as serving executives with additional qualifications for Faculty Support Team in different training centre of BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


22 Feb 16:  BSNL CO issued long stay transfers of Finance wing officers and this will be one more step towards uniform application of transfer policy equally to all. Letter <<<>>>


22 Feb 16:  BSNL CO issued guidelines for filling up integrity column in APRs and procedure to be followed before making entry about doubtful integrity of any official/officer. Letter <<<>>>


22 Feb 16:  BSNL to install Wi-Fi Hot Spots at 118 Coffee Cafe Day centres at different SSAs in Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>



20 Feb 16:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for four week JTO Phase I training for 122 Offg JTOs in BRBAAITT Jabalpur (Two batches), RTCC Nagpur (One Batch) & RTCC Pune (One batch) w.e.f. 29/02/2016.

BRBRAITT Jabalpur <<<>>> RTCC Nagpur <<<>>> RTCC Pune <<<>>>

      This is important step in fulfilling more than 15 year dream of all these offg JTOs to become JTO Regular after recent past amendment in JTO RR.

      It is possible due to prolonged struggle of years together by all these comrades as matter was delayed due to different court cases and unwanted issues thereof.

      Even though Offg JTOs in all other Circles have completed JTO Phase I training and have become Regular JTO or undergoing filed training as final step to become JTO Regular, none of 122 Offg JTOs in Maharashtra Circle could even go for Phase I training due to one of the court case in Mumbai and administrative issues thereafter for last 3-4 months.

      SNEA MH was continuously pursuing this matter with different officers and offices and finally the matter has been settled and now orders for Phase -I JTO training of all 122 Offg JTOs has been issued.

      It is understood that till some comrades are planning or already approached the court of law to stop these training orders and it will be one more hurdle to full fill prolonged dream of all these 122 Officers to become JTO Regular but it will not be deadlock as the issue is crystal clear and we are confident that if all the facts are rightly put before honourable court, there is no any fear in getting stay on this training orders.

      Let individuals may fight their legal battle as they dim fit without demanding stay on Phase-I training of JTO Offg who are willing to join JTO Phase training.

      SNEA MH will monitor this issue so that willing Offg JTOs will not be deprived of JTO Phase-I Training and Offg JTOs who are unwilling will not be forced to join training and they are allowed to exercise option of their unwillingness.

      It is understood that some of these Offg JTOs who are willing to join Phase-I Training are being misguided by individuals for not joining this Phase-I training and being directed to approach hon court for Regular JTO promotion from back date effect.

      We have no objection for action by individuals, but one should understand at this stage that due to extreme approach of court cases only these officers are working as Offg JTOs for years together and if anybody deeply studies this issue he/she will find that there are very few chances of getting such retrospective JTO Regular promotion and present procedure as per amendment of JTO RR is only legal way to become JTO Regular.

      Some of Offg JTOs have expressed fear of transfer after becoming JTO Regular and there is no base for this fear as sufficient vacancies of JTOs exists in about all SSAs/Units and only in some of SSAs there is issue of JTO vacancy and that also will be settled as many of the JTOs from these big SSAs are waiting for rule -8 transfers and on consideration of these Rule 8 transfers there will be more than sufficient vacancies of JTOs in every SSA/unit where these 122 Offg JTOs are presently working and hence chances of posting of about all JTOs in same SSA/units are more.

      It can be seen that about all left out Off JTOs throughout India have completed JTO Phase-I training and have become or just to become JTO Regular just after completion of left out few weeks filed training and how only some Offg JTOs only in Maharashtra Circle, will get retrospective effect promotion needs to be critically analysed and then only decision on joining or refusing of this opportunity to become JTO Regular needs to be taken and not on mere assumptions of individuals.

      Every Offg JTO is free to take decision and opt either to become JTO Regular or refuse JTO Regular promotions as this is last opportunity as the names of Offg JTOs not joining Phase -I Training will be delated from the list of selected officers.

      In case, for which chances are less, anybody gets JTO Regular Promotion from

      SNEA MH appeals all these Offg JTOs not to come in trap laid by some individuals with personal assumptions but to have self and critical analysis of this issue and take decision on joining/refusing this JTO Phase I training which seems to only and last option to become JTO Regular.

      Rest everybody is free to take decision of his own future and our appeal is not binding on any of the off JTO and if anyone is unwilling for JTO Phase I training due to genuine reasons, we will see that he/she is not compelled for joining this training.

      Let us hope that all 122 Offg JTOs in Maharashtra Circle join this JTO Phase-I Training and all will become Regular JTO and all the issues related to Offg JTOs will be closed once for all.


20 Feb 16:  AGM S&M Mumbai issued extension of 180 days for Student CUG plan which is under high demand in market and our officers & staff in field units are taking efforts for adding more and more customers to this plan. Letter <<<>>>


19 Feb 16:  While emphasizing efforts being taken for resolving issues on pendency of 2317 Lease Circuits in different SSAs, Sr GM EB Mumbai writes all SSA Heads for special review of each pending case and to have roadmap to provide all pending LCs by 31st March 2016 and depute concerned officers for review meeting in Mumbai on 26/02/2016. Letter <<<>>>

This is good initiative for providing large number of LCs and hence SSAs should put forth their difficulties mainly requirement of stores and field units should grab this opportunity to get rid of different pending issues and for providing all pending LCs which will definitely generate good revenue for BSNL.


19 Feb 16:  BSNL CO writes CGMs for proper utilisation of Account Finance officers throughout India after implementation of ERP as working pattern has been changed from manual to Online and five GMs of Finance wing are made in charge of five zones. To monitor this work. Letter <<<>>>

      It is good initiative by BSNL CO and should be implemented for smooth working and equal distribution of works.

      But discrimination as Directly Recruited and Promoted officers on quality of works is highly objectionable and it seems that BSNL Corporate office has not taken any lesson from past.

      It is seen that there is nothing highly technical in ERP that promote AO cannot look into issues and we know that many of the TTAs, Telecom Mechanics and even DAs are performing excellent in ERP and some highly talented executives are not showing interest in ERP as it is just routine job and nothing is technical there.

      No doubt, that there is always difference in in update knowledge of candidates from fresh market and from offices but everyone can take care of every issue if supported by experts on the subject and BSNL management should take lesson from past experience and stop such discrimination among its own officers/offices and create & maintain healthy and harmonious atmosphere in offices. Let us hope It may not be aim of this letter and it will be implemented only for utilisation of excess manpower at proper place.


19 Feb 16:  BSNL CO issued orders for furnishing APRs for full period without any gap of even 2-3 days and calls for details of gap reported in earlier APRs as these partial APRs are not being considered by DPE for promotions of different officers. Letter <<<>>>


19 Feb 16:  BSNL CO issued orders for reorganisation of QA & Inspection Circle after their merger with detail plan for reutilisation of manpower and infrastructure after merger of two Non-Recruiting Circles. Letter <<<>>>


18 Feb 16:  As notified by Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai, the special General Body Meeting of SNEA Mumbai is scheduled today i.e. 18/02/2016 at Second Floor Conference hall, BSNL Admn Bldg, Juhu Road, Santa Cruz (West) Mumbai for felicitation of newly elected Circle Office Bearers of SNEA Maharashtra and to discuss important issues of SNEA Mumbai.

The meeting will be attended and addressed by Com. M. S. Adasul, DyGS SNEA CHQ, Com. S.R. Kalmegh, CP SNEA MH, Com. V.B. Kokate, CS SNEA MH, Com. S.V. Bhad, Executive Member NCOA MH, Com. N. S. Harpalkar, CT SNEA MH, Com. M.N. Kotambe, ACS West SNEA MH, Com. S.B. Bhosale JS HQ SNEA MH, Com. Om Prakash JS Account Finance SNEA MH, Com. M.A. Wase, JS NRU SNEA MH.

Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai appeals all the comrades of SNEA Mumbai and nearby districts/units to participate in this special GB meeting in mass and make it grand success.


18 Feb 16:  CAO FC Mumbai issued Own Cost Transfer orders of three AOs and 11 JAOs from different SSAs. Letter <<<>>>

      First time all requests are considered at Own Cost and this firm step towards uniform application of transfer cost to all executives in different wings i.e. Telecom, Civil, Elect and now in Account wing also.

      This is how new Finance management is taking care of long pending HR issues of executives and SNEA MH conveys thanks to all the officers in FC section and Com. V.N. Dhage GM Fin Mumbai for such best possible HR approach.

      As informed earlier, this is first phase of request transfers and second phase of request transfers in JAO cadre are also being pursued by SNEA MH and orders are expected shortly.

      Though there are excess Account officers in Kolhapur SSA, some more are posted as per request transfers of these individual officers and the equalisation and proper utilisation of excess staff will be taken care shortly.


18 Feb 16:  As promotional offer, BSNL CO issued orders for waival of 100% installation charges for Landline/Broadband and FTTH connections which will be provided during month March 2016. Letter <<<>>>


18 Feb 16:  In further attempt to promote poor quality of Broadband Modems supplied by M/S Terracom and increase sale of modem sale, BSNL CO issued promotional offer for sale of Wi-Fi Modems with 100% Cash back Offer @Rs 100 per month and Five Year Warranty by BSNL. Letter <<<>>>

      This is one more attempt to increase sale of poor quality Modems purchased in Year 2010 and lying idle/unutilised in the different stores of BSNL as many of the customers have refused to accept these modems due to poor quality.

      BSNL needs to take up matter strongly for replacement of all such poor quality modems from M/S Teracom and then promote it in such strong manner by giving cash back offer and five-year warranty.

      As letter do not clarify where the five Year Warranty cost will be paid by BSNL or it is free service being provided by Vendor M/S Teracom, there are doubts on further wastage of BSNL money on poor quality supply by M/S Teracom if this cost is to be paid by BSNL

      Though this letter says this is attractive scheme to increase customer base, and to increase Wi-Fi Modems in BSNL network, this will not be effective till efforts are taken for improvement of quality of Wi-Fi Modems supplied by Vendors which are not giving Wi-Fi range even up to corners of the same room or in next room.

      This will be one of the attempt to save face of officers and audit paras on procurement of poor quality modems in large quantity and its keeping it unutilised for years together by blocking huge amount of BSNL.


18 Feb 16:  BSNL CO published the Calendar of different Examinations to be held for Direct Recruitments /Departmental Promotions to be held during Year 2016-17. Letter <<<>>>

      This is good initiative and it will be definitely one positive step towards timely recruitment of fresh talent from market as well as for giving scope to the in-house talent by timely conduction of different departmental examinations for fast track promotions of working staff & officers.

      Let us hope that BSNL management keep keen watch on this schedule and see that this schedule is followed without any manmade hurdles.

      In many of cases, this schedule is disturbed due to failure of Legal Cell of BSNL in dealing with different court cases and if legal cell shows its at least 50% efficiency and use 50% of talent available in BSNL, then there should not be any issue in conduction of all these outsider/departmental examinations as per schedule otherwise this calendar of examinations will be just one of the formality completed by BSNL and such good initiative will be in vain.

      Concerned comrades, eligible for different departmental/outsider examinations may take note of the tentative dates of different examinations and start preparations for grand and first attempt success for fast track promotions in BSNL.


18 Feb 16:  BSNL CO writes CGMs that Director Enterprise has taken serious note of poor visits by KAMs (Key Account Managers) of EB Gold team to old as well as new customers and directs CGMs to review the performance of KAMs and to focus on addition of new business as well retaining existing business. Letter <<<>>>


17 Feb 16:  AGM Vig Mumbai endorsed BSNL letter for writing full name while submission of any Vigilance Clearance. Letter <<<>>>


17 Feb 16:  AGM Staff Mumbai calls for willingness from Regular DEs in different SSAs /units for posting as DE TAX Thane under PGM OP Circle Office Mumbai. The last date for submission of willingness through proper channel is 29/02/2016 Letter <<<>>>


17 Feb 16:  With critical analysis of C-Top up Revenue, CGMT MH Circle writes SSA Heads to personally monitor the monthly progress of revenue generated through C-Top up with warning that failure to meet monthly targets will be viewed seriously. Letter <<<>>>


17 Feb 16:  CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for four-week Phase II Training of 23 JAOs at NATFM Hyderabad commencing w.e.f. 22/02/2016. Letter <<<>>>


17 Feb 16:  AGM Vig Mumbai endorsed BSNL letter for writing full name while submission of any Vigilance Clearance. Letter <<<>>>



16 Feb 16:  AGM Vig Mumbai endorsed BSNL letter for timely completion of Disciplinary Proceedings/Departmental Inquirers. Letter <<<>>>

It is fact that in many of the Departmental Proceedings/Inquiries, the charged official is kept under trouble and mental tension by delaying Departmental Inquiries mainly due to negligent / Careless approach on part of Inquiry/Presenting Officers and charged officers is indirectly punished before findings of Inquiry. Let us hope that the IOs/POs in all such cases take note of these instructions as per directives of On Court and complete all proceedings/Inquires with them within time schedule.


16 Feb 16:  CGMT MH Circle congratulations all SSA Heads in Maharashtra Circle for achievement of SIM Sale Target of 1,90,000 for month of Jan 2016 and appeals for further efforts for achieving overall targets of FY 2015-16. Letter <<<>>>


15 Feb 16:  By taking note of court case for on conduction of court case on conduction of LDCE for JTO of three years vacancies on single date, BSNL CO keeps on hold this LDCE. Letter <<<>>>

      Similar case was earlier reported in SDE LDCE and first LDCE was kept on hold and later examination was conducted for single year and till results are not declared due to further court cases. Here also the LICE will be hold for single year vacancy with fresh notification. In Maharashtra Circle total vacancies for three years are about 975 and eligible candidates are only 550 and it is quiet chance that all the candidates appearing for LICE and just successful will become JTO.

      But it is unfortunate that in each and every LICE/LDCE our own comrades are approaching courts with their own reasons and thus delay overall process. When such individuals are creating hurdles in such fast track promotions for eligible candidates, BSNL CO supports such hurdle creators with its careless approach as it has not taken note of similar case and issued notification for single year.

      Let us hope that revised notification is issued for single year vacancies and LICE for left out vacancies is conducted with span of one or two months and all the eligible candidates are promoted as JTO.


13 Feb 16:  By declaring SSA wise vacancies of DEs, AGM Staff Mumbai calls for willingness for DE LA arrangements and last date for submission of willingness /unwillingness is 16/02/2016. Letter <<<>>>


13 Feb 16:  AGM Staff Mumbai calls for willingness from SDEs in different SSAs /units for posting as AD Disciplinary Cases Mumbai with certain condition of eligibility. Letter <<<>>>

The eligible SDEs who are willing to join Circle office Mumbai and work for at least for period of four years in Mumbai may submit their willingness through proper channel latest by 20/02/2016. This special posting on selection basis and SDEs in waiting list of request transfers to Circle office Mumbai needs to apply fresh if they are willing to work as AD DC Mumbai.


12 Feb 16:  BSNL CO writes Circles for sending pending APRs of 124 JTOs from different circles for SDE promotions under 67% seniority cum fitness quota and last date of submission is 25/02/2016. Letter <<<>>>


12 Feb 16:  CAO FC Mumbai issued posting orders of five JAOs after completion of 11 week filed training. Letter <<<>>>

SNEA MH is pursuing for consideration of request transfers in JAO Cadre and we are hopeful that all such own cost requests will be considered shortly.


11 Feb 16:  AGM Estt Mumbai calls for VCs for DGM Regular promotions. Letter <<<>>>


11 Feb 16:  AGM Estt Mumbai calls for pending APRs for E4 to E5 Time Bound promotions. Letter <<<>>>



11 Feb 16:  By endorsing guidelines on sensitive posts, AGM Staff Mumbai calls for compliance on it. Letter <<<>>>



10 Feb 16:  BSNL CO writes Circles for sending pending APRs of 336 Regular DEs from different circles for their DGM promotions and last date of submission is 10/02/2016. Letter <<<>>>


10 Feb 16:  By cancelling extension issued for JTO Offg order, AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for fresh spell of JTO Offg. Letter <<<>>>


11 Feb 16:  SSA wise justified Executive strength as on 5th Feb 2016. Letter <<<>>>




10 Feb 16: CIRCLE CONFERENCE PUNE: DAY- III: 23rd Jan 16: {Report by Com. S. A. Sarode, ACS East SNEA MH Circle continued}: After mind boggling discussions during Open Session on DayII, disciplined comrades of SNEA MH Circle again gathered in the Conference Hall of Progressive Education Society s Modern College, Shivajinagar, Pune for third day deliberations of Circle conference Pune at sharp 10:00 Hrs of 23/01/2016. As per agenda the proceedings of third day started with submission of Balance sheet of Accounts of SNEA Maharashtra Circe.

      At the beginning of proceedings, Com. Nitin Rokade, Jt. DGM WTR Mumbai and Com. P. B. Vispute DGM Nashik, both the members of SNEA were felicitated and given warm welcome in Circle Conference Pune.

      Com. S. B. Bhosale, Circle Treasurer, SNEA MH Circle submitted the Treasurer Report for the period between Fifth Circle Conference at Goa in September-2013 and Sixth Circle Conference at Pune in Jan 2016. He updated the house about various quotas and donations that are collected under various heads and its distribution and further utilization. He also updated about the expenses incurred in various Circle Level activities like, CECs at Yavatmal and Solapur, Printing of Diary, AIC Fees for Jaipur AIC, Website maintenance, arrangements for Pune Circle Conference etc. Com A.R. Manani, a delegate has raised certain doubts on collection of the Delegate Fee & Observer fee for AIC and its accounting in Circle Balance sheet, on HQ expenses and also raised concern to have Auditors Certificate. It was clarified him that AIC Delegate & Observer fee was centrally collected and handed over to CHQ and hence same has been accounted in MH accounts at par with CHQ Quota. It was further clarified that the accounts have been certified by Internal Auditor as well as External Auditor and both have signed on it. If he insists for separate certificate, same can be taken care in future. About the HQ expenses it was informed that it was decision of CEC Ratnagiri, confirmed by Circle Conference Nanded, & Goa and till no single rupee has been paid to CS in this tenure and let it be decided by house. The matter was put before house and the house unanimously confirmed the resolution for HQ expenses passed in CEC Ratnagiri and further confirmed in Circle Conference Goa and only two delegates namely Com. A.R. Manani, WTR Mumbai & Com. S. K. Ghuge Raigad SSA have expressed their opinion against it and Com. Manani requested to keep his opinion on record.

      After clarifying all the doubts and queries, the house unanimously passed the SNEA MH accounts submitted Com. S.B. Bhosale with thundering claps.

      Com. B. A. Shendurkar SDE Cable Akola specially requested to have five minutes time to share his experience and he informed the house the difference between approach of SNEA and other association of which he was member. He expressed total pleasure on only on his part but on part of his family members that without visiting to Circle office or any other officers his all grievances were settled by SNEA and it was just beyond his imagination. He specially conveyed thanks to Com. Adasul CS SNEA MH for timely helping hand he has extended to him and his family members in very difficult period. He further & specially added that when his all problems have been settled by SNEA none of leader from his Akola District or from SNEA MH Circle has approached him for any donations and entire works were taken care only on just becoming member with subscription of Rs 70 per month, which was totally new experience to him.

      He further added that by taking note of the support he and his family has received from SNEA and as per strong suggestion of his wife Mrs. Shendurkar, he informed that he and his family members have at own decided to donate salary of fifteen days to SNEA and announced Rs. 51000.00 donation for SNEA Maharashtra as token of love and affection. He further added that it is just to reciprocate the helping hand extended by SNEA leaders during very difficult period of life without any pre-conditions except of becoming member of SNEA as basic condition for persuasion of grievances of members.

      Com. S.B. Bhosale CT SNEA MH and other Circle leaders accepted the cheque of donation of Rs. 51000 (Rupees Fifty-One Thousands Only) handed over by Com. Shendnurkar. The entire house gave standing aviation to Com. S.A. Shendurkar SDE Akola and appreciated his feelings and expressions towards SNEA with thundering claps. SNEA MH conveys thanks and sincere gratitude to Com. S.A. Shendurkar SDE Cable Akola and active member of SNEA for such highest individual donation among all the donations received by SNEA MH.

      Com. M.A. Wase, JTO Civil, Delegate Mumbai specially expressed the feelings on behalf of Civil Electrical wing SNEA Comrades and raised pending issues of Civil & Electrical wing comrades and specially requested to CHQ leaders to look into issues of Civil/Electrical comrades. He conveyed special thanks to Com. Chandrasekhar AGS CHQ for his helping hand to Civil/Electrical wing Comrades and conveyed gratitude towards SNEA MH leaders for taking Civil/Electrical wing comrades n main flow by resolving all the issues of comrades.

      Com. Om Prakash AO & Delegate Mumbai also shared his experienced being executive in Finance wing and how he has seen difference in working of SNEA and others. He narrated his experience and difficulties faced by the Account & finance wing comrades and elaborated the feelings of Account wing comrades on the uniform persuasion of issues based on transfer policy and how majority of account wing comrades are inclined towards SNEA and its working style. He added that in earlier days Account wing executives were not part of SNEA and they were misloaded with wrong updates. He expressed his pleasure that over last 4-5 years entire picture has been changed and many of Account wing members are joining SNEA. He added that it is not only limited to becoming member of SNEA, but many of them are playing active role in SNEA and shared that it is matter of pride that more than 15 executives of Account wing from different SSAs are delegates for Circle Conference Pune and having taken active part in overall deliberations. While expressing thanks to Com. Sudha, Advisor SNEA CHQ at BSNL Corporate Office Delhi for her support in resolving issues of Finance wing comrades in Maharashtra Circle, he requested CHQ leaders present in the hose to further concentrate on the different issues of Account/Wing comrades and add more confidence to all the account wing comrades. He firmly assured that with such great, tireless and mainly fearless efforts of SNEA, majority of account wing comrades will be with SNEA. He conveyed thanks to all for patience hearing for issues of Finance wing officers.

      Com. S. V. Bhad, Circle President SNEA MH Circle in his concluding speech, summarized entre proceedings of Circle Conference Pune. He conveyed thanks to all the comrades who attended the Circle Conference and made it grand successful. He thanked all comrades for maintaining the decorum and listening the deliberations very patiently. He also conveyed gratitude and sincere thanks to all SNEA MH comrades for giving him an opportunity to work as Circle President of Maharashtra continuously for three terms and expressed proud feeling to lead membership wise largest Circle of SNEA. He expressed his pleasure and overall satisfaction for peacefully completing the third consecutive tenure as Circle President.

      The sincere and tireless efforts of members and leaders of different committees of arrangements for Circle Conference Pune from host branch SNEA Pune & co-host branch SNEA ITPC Pune were highly appreciated by each and every comrade present in the conference and all these active members of different committees were felicitated by offering bouquets SNEA Pune. Further details will be uploaded separately.

      In conclusion of deliberations of the Circle Conference, the house finally discussed the different issues and unanimously passed the following resolutions. Com. S.R. Bhise ACS West SNEA MH consolidated the resolutions as per discussions in the Circle conference.

      Resolutions <<<>>>

      Com. V. R. Choudhary, Joint Secretary Pune SNEA Maharashtra conveyed Vote of thanks. He conveyed thanks to all the honourable Guests, CHQ Leaders, COBs, DS, CWC/CEC Members, delegates and observers from different corners of Maharashtra & Goa for their active presence and making the Circle Conference Pune a grand success. He conveyed thanks to comrades from Pune TD and ITPC Pune and members/chairman of different Committees who directly or indirectly worked and cooperated for the very successful execution of the sixth Circle Conference of SNEA at Pune. He specially conveyed thanks caterer Shri. Popatkar who arranged the quality food and snacks throughout the circle conference and rendered best catering services for all the three days.

      Thereafter house the house unanimously elected Com. A. D. Kulkarni, delegate & SDE Gadchiroli SSA as Election Officer and Com. V. G. Thakur, delegate & CAO Buldhana SSA as Asst Election Officer.

      Thereafter existing Circle Body was dissolved by the Com. S.V. Bhad, Circle President SNEA MH and election proceedings started at about 1240 hrs.

      By keeping the glorious tradition of unanimous elections for Circle Office Bearers of SNEA MH continuously for third term, the delegates from all over the Maharashtra, unanimously elected new Circle Office Bearers of SNEA MH for 2016-2018. The names of New Circle office bearers and CWC members are as follows:







Com. S.R. Kalmegh

SDE Amravati


Vice President

Com. V.M. Patil

SDE Sangli


Circle Secretary

Com. V.B. Kokate

SDE Ahmednagar


Asst Circle Sec East

Com. S.A. Sarode

JTO Chandrapur


Asst Circle Sec West

Com. M.N. Kotambe

AGM Kalyan



Com. N.S. Harpalkar

SDE WTP Mumbai


Joint Sec HQ

Com. S.B. Bhosale

SDE CO Mumbai


Joint Sec NRU

Com. M.A. Wase

JTO Civil Mumbai


Joint Sec Accounts/Fin

Com. Om Prakash

AO Mumbai


Joint Sec Kokan

Com. S.S. Nagwekar

SDE Ratnagiri


Joint Sec South

Com. N.P. Kulkarni

SDE Satara


Joint Sec North

Com. T.R. Patil

SDE Dhule


Joint Sec Marthwada

Com. S.R. Kulkarni

SDE Latur


Joint Sec Vidarbha

Com. S.K. Chaitane

SDE Akola


Joint Sec Pune

Com. R.A. Londhe

SDE Pune


CWC Member

Com. T.B. Wankhade

AGM Nagpur


CWC Member

Com. R.S. Kolapkar

SDE Aurangabad


CWC Member

Com. J.D. Charwekar

SDE WTR Nashik


CWC Member

Com. N.S. Gadre

SDE Yavatmal


CWC Member

Com. S.F. Shaikh

SDE Nanded


CWC Member

Com. S.D. Muragi

SDE Kolapur


CWC Member

Com. Prayag Pisal

JTO Pune


CWC Member

Com. A.A Kulkarni

JTO Jalgaon



Com. A.R. Paspule



      The above list of new Circle Office Bearers of SNEA MH was proposed by Com. Sandeep Rathi, DS SNEA Jalna and seconded by all District Secretaries of SNEA MH except DS Nashik.

      On declaration of the new Circle Body by Election Officers, the entire house approved it with thundering claps and slogans of SNEA Zindabad, Our Unity Zindabad.

      Com. Rakesh Mehta , Joint Secretary West SNEA CHQ and CHQ observer gave oath of alliance to the newly elected Circle Office Bearers of SNEA MH in presence of Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao, Veteran Leader, Com. K. Sebastin, GS SNEA CHQ, Com. M. S. Adasul, DyGS SNEA CHQ, Com. M. Gopinatahn Ex CS SNEA CHQ. The complete proceedings were witnessed by the hundreds of the SNEA comrades of Maharashtra Circle and CHQ leaders.

      Com. A. D. Kulkarni, Election Officer and Com. V. G. Thakur, Asst Election Officer felicitated and congratulated for smooth conduction of election proceedings by offering bouquets.

      All the newly elected Circle Office Bearers, CWC Members & Auditor were felicitated by the hands of Senior CHQ leaders with beautiful bouquet. Then Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao, Veteran Leader, Com. K. Sebastin, GS SNEA CHQ, Com. M. S. Adasul, DyGS SNEA CHQ, Com. M. Gopinatahn Ex CS SNEA CHQ in short address to house guided newly elected office Bearers for strongest unity of SNEA comrades and showered blessings and best wishes and full support to this Circle Body from CHQ.

      Com. V.B. Kokate, newly Elected CS SNEA MH and Com. S.R. Kalmegh Newly Elected CP SNEA MH addressed the house on behalf of all newly elected office Bearers and conveyed sincere thanks for giving them opportunity to held responsible position in the association and assured to deliver their best for growth of SNEA and for betterment of executives in BSNL Maharashtra Circle.

      Com. S.V. Bhad, Ex CP SNEA MH conducted proceedings of felicitation of new office Bearers and addresses of CHQ leaders for blessing and support to newly elected Circle Office Bearers. He also congratulated host branch SNEA Pune & Co Host ITPC Pune for their daylight efforts for conduction of Circle Conference Pune and house supported it with thundering claps.

      Com. Bharat Sonawane, DS SNEA Pune conveyed thanks to Election Officers, CHQ leaders, all the comrades throughout Maharashtra and especially to the comrades of SNEA Pune & SNEA ITPC Pune for smoot conduction of entire election proceedings and overall arrangements and conduction of Sixth Circle Conference Pune.

      Thus the highly successful, grand, attended by all District Secretaries, Circle office Bearers, Delegates and Observers from entire Maharashtra Circle was very special, unique Circle Conference of SNEA MH Circle concluded at 1700 Hrs Pune the house was adjourned by the National Anthem and loud slogans of unity.

      Photos <<<>>>

      Videos <<<>>>



5 FEB 16:DAY 2 CIRCLE CONFERENCE, open session: {Detail Report by Com. Sachin Sarode, ACS East &Com. S.R. Bhise, ACS West SNEA MH}: On second day of Circle Conference Pompous, orotund, bombastic, highly spectacular OPEN SESION was held from 1530 hrs was the main attraction of second day of Circle Conference of SNEA MH Circle at Pune which was attended by the loads of top leaders from various telecom associations and management side senior officers. This splendid program was witnessed by hundreds of executive members from all corners of Maharashtra in very enthusiastic environment in Jam Packed Auditorium of Progressive Education Society, Modern College, Pune.Com. S. V. Bhad, Circle President, SNEA MH Circle presided over the entire proceedings of Open Session which was attended and addressed by following signatories and guest.

1.    Late Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao, Veteran Leader SNEA CHQ,

2.    Shri. M. K. Jain, CGM WTP Mumbai.

3.    Com. G. L. Jogi, Chairman SNEA CHQ New Delhi,

4.    Shri. Sandeep Agrawal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai.

5.    Com. A. A. Khan, President SNEA CHQ,

6.    Shri. V. N. Dhage, GM Finance, MH Circle,

7.    Com. K. Sebastin, GS SNEA CHQ

8.    Shri. Dr. P. K. Hota, PGMT Pune.

9.    Com. M. S. Adasul, DyGS SNEA CHQ.

10. Com. Rakesh Mehta, Jt. Secretary West, SNEA CHQ

11. Shri. Nitin Mahajan, GMT &SNEA Member.

12. Com. Gopinathan, Ex-CS SNEA Tamilnadu Circle.

13. Com. Nagesh Nalawade, CS BSNLEU MH Circle.

14. Com. V. V. Gosavi, ACS, NFTE BSNL, MH Circle.

The proceedings of Open Session started with Dias formation with claps and loud slogans of SNEA Zindabad, BSNL Zindabad in which all the dignitaries were escorted to the Dias by the Circle Office Bearers and CWC Members of SNEA MH Circle. The Open Session started in traditional way with Saraswati Pooja and Deep Prajwalan by hands of the prominent guests.

All the guest, dignitaries and comrades present in hall were given warm welcome by very pleasant Saraswati Stavan by three lady comrades of SNEA Pune team namely, Mrs. Aarati Joshi, JTO NIB Pune, Com. Mrs. Pragati Gramopadhyay, JTO MPLS Pune and Com.Mrs. Remya Satish Kumar, JTO NIB Pune.

Thereafter all the dignitaries, guest on the Dias were given warm and grand welcome by the hands of various Circle office bearers and CWC Members of SNEA MH Circle by offering Shawl, Shriphal and beautiful bouquet of Flowers with loud claps

SNEA was once recognized as association of only JTOs and now picture has been changed as it is now representing to all cadres and disciplines except CGMT level officer and it is matter of pride that as on today 27 DGMs are members of SNEA throughout Maharashtra Circle. The following DGM level officers and members of SNEA present in Open Session as special invitee were felicitated & given warm welcome as token of love by offering beautiful Bouquets.

1.    Com. T. D. Meshram, DGM (East), Pune,

2.    Com. J.A. Budavi, DGM Chinchwad,

3.    Com. Manoj Hedau, DGM Mobile Pune,

4.    Com. L. B. Rawate, DGM EB Pune,

5.    Com. V. N. Savadekar, DGM Kalyan,

6.    Com. P. D. Rade, DGM Nashik,

7.    Com. N. T. Shinde, DGM Fin Mumbai,

8.    Com. G.R. Thorve, DGM WTP Mumbai.

9.    Com. M.B. Dhanave DGM Fin Pune.

10. Com. N. D. Barde, DGM Jalgaon,

House also gave warm welcome to the Ex member of SNEA Com. R. B. Chalwadi, Director Operation MSEDC, with beautiful bouquet for his love and affections towards BSNL and specially with SNEA even after holding such prestigious position in State Govt.

House the appreciated efforts of Com. Om Prakash, AO CSC Mumbai for his helping hand to the comrades of SNEA Maharashtra for during crises period of ERP, then for smooth operations of ERP and mainly for his special contribution for the services he has rendered to Finance wing executives for resolving their day to day grievances and bring many of the executives in the streamline of association by enrolling many of them as member of SNEA. House appreciated his efforts with thundering claps and reciprocated to his concern towards BSNL and specially towards SNEA and its members.

In short but special function as part of the Open Session, BSNL Executive Diary 2016 printed by SNEA MH with special and dedicated efforts of Com. P.N. Patil, Auditor SNEA MH was inaugurated by hands of all the guest and signatories on Dias. After inauguration of BSNL Executive Diary 2016 everybody appraised Diary and efforts taken by Com. P.N. Patil & Com. Jayant Adawade, DT SNEA Nashik for printing of such beautiful Diary.

In next step of the Open Session and by taking an opportunity of presence of all dignitaries and houseful of comrades, Com. S. V. Bhad, Circle President SNEA MH Circle made the official announcement about progress and proposal for having separate Co-operative Society with the name BSNL Officers Co-Operative Credit Society, Maharashtra with State/Circle Level Operation area with its headquarter at Mumbai. He also mentioned that the proposal is processed as per resolution passed in CEC Solapur and after completion of official formalities of permissions its functioning will start shortly. This announcement was appreciated and supported by all the comrades present in the house with thundering claps.

Before start of the proceedings of Open Session address, Com. S.R. Kalmegh, ACS East SNEA MH read out message of Shri. Pravin Malhotra then Sr GM HR/Admn and present PGM NWP OP Mumbai which is as follows.

Sorry Dear, this time also I am not able to attend SNEA Conference. My best wishes are with you all for this conference. Please convey all comrades they are having strength to convert BSNL into Profit making organization as it was. Only thing required is 1. Desire to Change, 2, Focused approach, Killer Instinct to remove obstruction on way of progress if any also,3. Non-Supporting Corrupt practices at any level if come on way. God Bless you all. His greetings & short message was appreciated by house with oud claps.

Com. M. S. Adasul, DyGS & CS SNEA MH in his key note and welcome address in the Open Session gave warm and grand welcome to all the dignitaries on dais from management and various unions and the glorious mass gathering of SNEA comrades from different corners of Maharashtra and Goa state, Persons from Press & Media and touched about important HR & Development issues which needs immediate attention of the BSNL management.

He expressed extreme pleasure on the presence of hundreds of comrades in the house and presence of many of the dignitaries present on dais and grabbed opportunity of presenting pending HR & Development issues of executives in Maharashtra Circle.

He appreciated the cooperation of earlier GM HR/Admn Mumbai, Shri Praveen Malhotra and recalled the work that is done by Shri Malhotra for streamlining the issues of executives of MH circle including executive transfer policy and issuing of request transfer orders for both tenure and non-tenure stations, quarterly display of request transfer waiting lists etc. He also added issues of transfer policy uniformly applicable for all and how Shri. M.K. Jain as CGMT MH has played important role in it. He reminded house about keen persuasion of Shri. M.K. Jain and his role in procurement of battery sets, spare BTS mtce cards and allotment of laptops to GSM BTS Mtce teams of all SSAs as pursued by SNEA MH. He added that when Shri. Jain was CGMMT MH everybody including GMs were alert as he was having depth of issues and was pursuing hard, but now scenario has been changes and even GMs also leave office during lunch hours when CGMT MH is out of HQ or on tour and physically not in the office. He expressed that though Shr. Jain has taken care on these issues as CGMT MH, some special efforts are required for the extreme damages to the OFC network of BSNL by contractor of L&T and stressed that WTP should take immediate action to recover the penalties imposed on the contractor and due to non-imposition of penalties how the contractors are deliberately damaging the BSNLs network in totally negligent manner and how the BSNL management at WTR is under trouble due to lenient view taken by WTP. Com. Adasul specially added that if Shri. Jain takes care of this issue of damages of BSNL network by L&T contractor, then it will most important task for BSNL and to get third PRC otherwise all be in vain. He requested to have action for laying new OF cable of BSNL in trench of Defense by L&T and its contractor for better stability of OFC Network.

He added that today CGMT MH was expected and at last moment he has changed his programme due to OSD of CMD just for visit to Kalyan SSA and expressed displeasure that when CGMT has given time he should have managed it and given preference to have some motivational words for hundreds of comrades resent here and nothing is possible in Kalyan SSA, when prominent executives of Kalyan are present in this august house, what both have done by visit at Kalyan can be just imagined and how it is wastage of time.

While addressing the issues of Pune Comrades, Com Adasul updated the house about the history of great achievements by Pune SSA which individually generates more than 20% of total revenue of MH Circle. He added that Pune must be the SSA generating highest revenue as a single unit in BSNL pan India. For achieving more and more, he expressed his best wishes to Pune team which is working under able guidance of Shri P K Hota, PGMT Pune and appealed PGMT Pune for the fulfillment of resources and various staff requests in fatherly gesture. He requested PGMT Pune to motivate the officers by asking the difficulties faced by them and by resolving difficulties faced by them and just scolding in harsh words will not give desire results. He added that Pune SSA has acute shortage of executives and there is waiting list for transfers to Pune and requested GM HR/Admn to consider all requests to Pune TD as one time major to fill up shortage.

He gave warm welcome to Shri Sandeep Agrawal as GM HR/Admn Mumbai and assured full cooperation from SNEA MH in dealing with different HR issues of executives in uniform policy manner. He appreciated efforts taken by Shri. Agrawal by clearing files even by seating in office till 0700 hrs. He stressed for sympathetic consideration of various pending HR related issues and pointed out towards two prominent issues as JTO Rule 8 Transfers and regularization of offg JTOs. He elaborated special efforts being taken by Shri. Sandeep Agrawal, Sr GM HR/Admn Mumbai in consideration of rule 8 transfers and how all the Rule 8 transfers will be settled in days to come. He also elaborated status of Offg JTO and their pains and efforts taken by SNEA for regularization of all these Offg JTOs.

He updated the house that since last Circle Conference at Goa, his team was continuously insisting for the fulfillment of various store requirements out of which the requirement of battery sets was of the prime importance and which is considerably fulfilled by the time now. Further he added that, all comrades of entire MH Circle took day night efforts and commissioned all the battery sets in time now which shows the concern of comrades of MH Circle towards growth and revenue generation. He added that the comrades of MH Circle are always ready to reciprocate positively to every positive move of Circle administration and appealed administration for considering growth related inputs which are provided time to time by the association. He reminded the gathering about the various demands successfully raised by the SNEA MH circle like mobile handsets to the executives, free Mobile Connection, CUG facility on GSM connections especially for the executives of Maharashtra and grant of 3G facility to all executives as raised in Goa Circle Conference.

Continuing same tradition, he requested Shri Sandeep Agrawal, Sr GM HR/Admn Mumbai also representing CGMT MH for this Conference for the procurement of Laptops for the office use of executives of MH Circle instead of present Desktop PCs listing its advantages as less power consumption, less maintenance cost, handy, and even enabling the executives to work from home after office hours.

He further requested the GM HR/Admn for clears clouds on allotment of Diary 2016 which is a symbol of BSNL as a brand for both for executives as well as non-executives. He added that BSNL staff should not use the diaries provided by the other companies and must carry BSNLs own diary which is helpful to market the brand of BSNL and reminded that decision needs to be taken without further delay.

While addressing the issues of the executives of accounts and finance wing, he congratulated Com. V. N. Dhage, GM Finance Mumbai for closing the chapter of Hopeless Bhaskar Transfer Policy and updated the house that by the good initiatives of present GM Finance, the HR related issues of the executives of Finance wing mainly their transfer and relieving cases are almost resolved and except two cases of Ahmednagar SSA are pending which also are assured to resolve after completion of account closing. While elaborating Human HR approach by Com. V.N. Dhage, Com. Adasul appealed house to appreciate efforts taken by Com. Dhage and his FC section new team for setting right the manmade grievances of Finance wing comrades and expressed that same spirit will continue for better future and stability of Finance wing officers and demanded that if transfers are to be issued then it should be issued well within the transfer policy guidelines.

While praising the efforts of SNEA CHQ leaders, he reminded the assurance made by Com. G. L. Jogi, Chairman in his Gadchiroli visit along with Com. K. Sebastin, GS for All India Hard Tenure facilities for Gadchiroli SSA.

He expressed that many of MH comrade issues are pending and GS has to give more attention of MH comrades. He also expressed that the CHQ President Com. Khan is giving helping hand in few cases with positive result and requested him to support more to MH comrades.

By elaborating issues faced by different SSAs in Maharashtra Circle, he then raised kind attention of GS for long pending demand of equal distribution of area for CAF verification and related issues by TERM Cell offices at Pune, Nagpur & Mumbai as per the convenience of various SSAs in Maharashtra Circle.

Com. M. S. Adasul expressed gratitude towards Com. W. S. Rao, for being driving force for him in overall association activities and elaborated house about the fact how he has become AGS in AIC Bangalore and started functioning after inspired and motivating address by Com. W.S. Rao in first meeting as AGS by SNEA Pune and how he till continued to be blessed by guidance of Com. Rao. He conveyed gratitude to Com. Rao for such valuable guidance and support for his candidature for representation at SNEA CHQ. He explained how Com. Rao has attended each and every meeting of SNEA MH and addressed gathering by keeping aside his personal problems and always shown his love and affection towards Maharashtra Comrades.

Com. M. S. Adasul, further appreciated the cooperation extended by the non- executive unions at MH Circle namely BSNLEU, NFTE & SEWA by the formation of Joint Action Committee(JAC) and the united efforts of which has made possible to resolve many complicated issues like 78.2% IDA fitment. He appreciated Com. Nagesh Nalawade, CS BSNLEU /Conveyer JAC MH and Com. Vijay Gosavi, ACS NFTE BSNL MH for strengthening JAC at Maharashtra.

He further added that due to great cooperation of these leaders of non-executive associations, SWAS program is getting proper shape at MH Circle and MH Circle is doing extra-ordinarily well. He further appreciated the great efforts of Com. Nalawade and his team at Pune for putting SWAS banners everywhere in Pune SSA thereby publicizing the SWAS program. Under the leadership of very Dynamic CMD, he added that BSNL is turning around and congratulated the finance team for bringing back Rs. 10000 Crores from Income Tax department which were deducted in excess against TDS from BSNL.

For getting optimum revenue results and throughput from SSA teams, Com. Adasul urged for full functional powers to various SSA heads of MH circle. For the ease of work, he requested to streamline the reporting structure of the SSA heads to nearer GMs. At the same time, he updated the house that many SSAs like Chandrapur, Aurangabad, Jalgaon, Satara etc. are without fulltime SSA heads and performance of such stations will increase considerably if the full time and efficient SSA heads are posted.

He expressed gratitude and thanks to special guest of SNEA MH Com. Gopinathan Ex CS Tamilnadu Circle for his all time and valuable guidance/ support for SNEA Maharashtra and reminded house his affection towards Maharashtra Comrades in resolution of many issue. He expressed that Com. Gopainathan is strong supporter of SNEA MH in AIC Nanded & AIC Jaipur and it was his unconditional support that has resulted that SNEA MH has got representation at newly created post of DyGS with amendment of constitution. Not only Com. Gopinathan as then CS, but entire SNEA comrades of Tamilnadu have supported SNEA Maharashtra and reminded slogan of Com. Gopinathan after AIC Nanded i.e. Jai Bhavani, Jai Shivaji, Jai Maharashtra, Jai Tamilnadu.

He concluded his key note /welcome address by conveying thanks to all for their valuable presence and making this conference grand success.

Shri. Dr. Shri P K Hota, PGMT Pune while addressing the august house in open session thanked for inviting him and giving an opportunity to address a very big gathering of SNEA at Pune. He reminded the house that for the period from year 2004 to 2008 he was working as GM Consumer Mobility for Pune SSA and again after 8 years the love of Pune has brought him back as PGMT Pune. But, he added, the things are changed now. Now as a PGMT Pune he has to work as a facilitator and the staff only can fulfill the expectations by their hard work and devotion to the duties. He explained the importance of Pune SSA in BSNL and updated that up to 10% of total revenue of BSNL is earned by the MH Circle in which the revenue of Pune is very crucial in data and mobile sector. He stressed upon the improvement of Broadband services and to increase the revenue share of MH circle from 10% to 20% in near future as it is the mightiest circle in all respects. He shown his concern about the BB revenue of Pune SSA which is only 4 to 5% of total BB revenue of MH Circle and appealed to take all possible efforts to raise it more than 10% which is the average revenue of MH Circle. While commenting on mobile services he updated that Pune SSA is having approximately 770 GSM BTSs and approximately 5 Lakh GSM customers, but the revenue is less in terms of ARPU. He has shown his deep concern towards CM revenue of Pune SSA and insisted for all out efforts to increase the revenue along with the market share. He said, the same time is the Best and the Worst; Only our attitude matters to progress and to achieve desired results. He added now BSNL is moving from selling era to marketing era and hence appealed all unions and association to walk in tandem with the management on the issues of development. On concluding remark, with best wishes, he added growth leads to stability and stability further leads to prosperity. He also congratulated the SNEA for holding open session on the birth day of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and inviting him.

Com. Nageshkumar Nalawade, Circle Secretary BSNL Employees Union, in his address updated the house, the failure of Service with a Smile (SWAS) program and shown his disappointment on the expectations from BSNL management for fulfilling the basic store requirements. He added that workers cant work without store items and hence for desired revenue outputs, store requirements should be fulfilled first. He further stressed upon the MELAs being conducted under SWAS program and insisted BSNL CSCs to conduct more and more MELAs. He updated the house that 20% of total revenue of MH Circle comes from Pune SSA but Pune finds shortage of all engineering executives to progress further. He added that the requirement of Cable Fault Locator is not fulfilled by the management yet because of which cable restoration takes a longer time. He further stressed upon the upkeepment of BSNL establishments like IQ and shared his bad experience with IQs at Goa. On the matter of diaries for non-executives, he added that cash reimbursement is not acceptable to his comrades but BSNL diaries should be distributed as it will provide very useful technical information to the non-executive cadres like TTA and TM. While narrating modified story of Rabbit and Tortoise, he gave the important message that only united efforts of executives and non-executives is the need of time.

Com. Vijay V. Gosavi, ACS NFTE MH Circle in his speech updated the house with the activities of Joint Forum and added that Com. Adasul gives the cutting edge to the activities of joint forum. He gave best wishes to Com Adasul to become GS soon. Then he praised the efforts of CMD BSNL to save BSNL and appealed that everybody should work hard and may concentrate on self-contribution to the company. He praised the efforts of Com. Nitin Mahajan while holding the responsibility of five odd districts of Maharashtra. Finally, on the matter of diary requirement for non-executives he added that if staff is provided with the diaries, it will increase the technical knowledge of non-executive staff and also will work as corporate brand. He insisted for the BSNLs own diaries for non-executives and demanded for the fulfillment of the requirement without further delay.

Com. Gopinathan, Ex Circle Secretary, SNEA Tamilnadu Circle, thanked the house for calling and giving him an opportunity to address the gathering. He gave Com. M S Adasul his best wishes and said that he is confident for Com. M S Adasul to perform best as Dy. GS as well. Pointing at the mass gathering of lady comrades at the hall, Com. Gopinathan informed the house that Maharashtra is the place of Great Maratha Worrier, Shri Shivaji Maharaj who was directed in a right way by his mother Jijabai and he resembled all the present lady comrades with Jijabai. Com Gopinathan also stressed upon the fulfillment of stores requirement and gave his best wishes to SWAS program. He further added that high revenue generating Pune SSA is the right place for SWAS program to earn a lot with wider scope. He appreciated the Maharashtra comrades for their dedication towards development & revenue generation and appreciated leadership of Com. Adasul. He said whole India should follow Maharashtra on these fronts. Further he added that Tamilnadu has great affection on with Maharashtra and he is feeling like a home at this gathering in Maharashtra. Further he recipocrated SNEA Maharashtra Comrades with the slogan Jai Bhavani, Jai Shivaji Jai Maharashtra, Jai Tamilnadu.

Com. Nitin Mahajan, GMT Dhule, member of SNEA, who is holding additional charge of Aurangabad, Buldhana, Jalgaon and Parbhani SSA has given voice to problems of difficult & small SSA as narrated that more staff and officers are required at these small SSAs as compared to Pune SSA. Com. Mahajan stressed that more revenue can be generated from the small SSAs and officers should be ready for posting in these SSAs. He specifically mentioned that all ITS officers are interested only for posting at Mumbai or Pune and not ready to work at small SSAs and hence some of officers like him are overloaded. While stressing for use of harsh language for outcome in offices, he demanded more freedom to issue transfer orders beyond the policy. He also stressed that association should not come in some transfers issued by management. While commenting on various HR and development related issues Com. Mahajan added that while working as the GM of 5 districts of Maharashtra, he is observing very acute shortage of staff as compared to Pune. He added, Dhule, though small in all respects and less versed with GSM BTSs, is earning a big revenue of Rs. 2.7 Crores while Pune is earning only 4 Crores with more than the double infrastructure capacity. He urged the house to work hard, to increase operational revenue and then only think for pay revision. Com. Mahajan also appealed the SNEA comrades to be ready for working at small places and give their best for BSNL so as to increase BSNL profits. He stressed that BSNL profit should be One Lakh Crore and not just Rs 25 Crore. He added operational revenue can be increased by optimum utilization of resources. For progress, he added, we require a change of mindset and to think big, accomplish big and take a risk to accomplish much more big. He appealed to give up the defeated mindset by quoting the lines Koshish Karanewloki har nahi hoti. While insisting on killer instinct attitude, he stressed to follow Bachange to aur bhi ladhange and this is need of time. Com. Mahajan compared Com. M. S. Adasul with Shivaji Maharaj and said he is Shivaji Maharaj of BSNL and has set a great benchmark while executing his duties towards association. He added that Com Adasul will definitely flag saffron high at CHQ Delhi.

Com. V. N. Dhage, GM Finance Mumbai in his short but sweet address conveyed thanks to SNEA MH Circle for inviting him to address the open session. He further added that he has never attended such a big gathering before and he is not a great orator and added that be believes in works more than speaking. On transfer policy of finance wing he stated that whatever happened in past is past and now FC section under his control will follow all transfer policy guidelines as being applied in telecom wing uniformly applicable to all as a base line and no deviations will be allowed He added he will try to deploy a uniform transfer policy like engineering wing transfer policy. Further he added that he has kept the target to complete the finance and account closing by May 31st, 2016 and everybody should cooperate on the matter. He appealed that every executive should work as a brand ambassador for BSNL and try to en-cash the potential opportunity while marketing the brand BSNL. He firmly assured that BSNL is going in positive direction and everybody has to contribute it.

Shri. Sandeep Agrawal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai in his speech first informed that due to all of sudden changes in programme of OSD of CMD for Samudra Manthan Shri. R.K. Upadhyay CGMT MH could not attend this Conference, but has given message for SNREA comrades and read out message of CGMT MH Circle and on behalf of CGMT MH Circle he extended the best wishes for circle conference.

Message of CGMT MH <<<>>>

Shri Sandeep Agrawal added that BSNL is marching toward positive growth and we require to work in a single direction with synergy. He informed that by the positive steps of BSNL CO now we are reaching the operational profit which is a good sign and we have to add growth of BSNL with our united efforts. He shared his experience while working in Delhi and in Gujrat Circle. While elaborating importance of synergy, he stressed for need working with synergy at all levels. He elaborated that at TOP level there is good team and co-operation and it needs to supported from lowest level also. He informed that Maharashtra Circle is positive and stressed for continuous efforts by all to maintain it. On HR issues he informed that due to the change of technology there is a change in justified and sanctioned staff strength and added one should think on this direction to complete tasks with minimum staff/officers and give their best. Further he added that the private companies are having less staff as compared to BSNL. He stressed for use of latest technologies and was optimistic that staff shortage can be reduced with the use of technology. So he added that BSNL needs to change the definition of sanctioned strength and work on the new directions. Endorsing opinion of CGM WTP, Shri. Agrawal insisted to have the ownership of the assets of the BSNL. By elaborating important schemes of BSNL like MKS, he appealed to have self-retrospection and to have focused approach with atomization. While conveying thanks for inviting him to this conference of SNEA, he conveyed best wishes for the grand success of Conference.

Com. Rakesh Mehta, Joint Secretary West, SNEA CHQ, in his address appealed to concentrate on internal marketing. He opined that for the success of external marketing first of all we should improve our internal marketing. We should make our own people happy first then only we can make our customers happy. He added for the success of SWAS program which is an external marketing program we should satisfy our staff first. We may fulfill their requirements first. He further insisted for the improvement in execution process. He insisted not to give instructions only but to take regular follow ups by keeping active involvement in the development process. He added Samudra manthan is a good project and should be executed properly by all the units. He stressed for more interaction among the executives and non-executives for growth and development of BSNL. He conveyed thanks for inviting him and witnessing such mass gathering of SNEA comrades.

Shri. M. K. Jain, CGM WTP Mumbai while addressing the gathering at open session shared his great experience of working on various important posts in Maharashtra including GM Nasik, PGM Pune, CGM Maharashtra Circle and finally now as CGM WTP. He said he always tried to give justice to his every post and always remained unbiased. Thus, was successful to satisfy the staff. He further added that he never found the respect that he received from the Nashik team and he is quiet happy with his past experiences. While stating his various achievements, updated the house that Maharashtra was the first circle to finalize the tender of 18 Lakh SIM cards. He further narrated the house how he was successful to deploy NOFN, NGN and CCTNS projects in MH Circle when he was CGMT MH Circle. He appreciated work culture in BSNL as compared to private companies and quoted example of Mangitungi project which is completed WTP within record period of one month. He congratulated Pune EB team for their excellent work in CCTNS project. He updated the house about his efforts for the upkeep of outdoor plant mainly rehabilitation of Pillars and DPs which require more attention of outdoor field staff to minimize the faults. He talked about the belongingness and ownership. He said feel like an owner of your outdoor entities like pillars, DPs and even BTS. If we own BSNL assets, then we will be in the position to rehabilitate them better and thus we can increase their life and efficiency for a longer period. He appealed the gathering that every individual executive should own a BTS by his own and BSNL can achieve great results. He added that he is eying on the expansion of transmission network and at the same time requested to maintain proper records of cables to minimize the faults. Then he further informed about the Optical Transport Network (OTN) Project which is being deployed to replace the existing transmission network by 100% packetized transport system. He appealed all comrades to accept challenges, to work hard and achieve results. He added the staff of Maharashtra is very capable and he trust them for their hard work and the ability to yield results. He added he is fully confident that with the positive approach of the staff of BSNL, soon we will be in the position to completely wipe out the losses. On penalties to the contractor of Defense project for BSNL network damages, he agreed that penalties are pending at his office and same will be implemented while processing bills. He also expressed concern about BSNL network and blamed BSNL itself for not having proper record of OFC routes and hence the OFCs are being damaged. But finally assured to take care of all issues with the Defense project and to safeguard BSNL network with top priority. Finally, he added Pune SSA has a great potential and if asked for any support or assistance from WTP then it will be extended. He assured to recover entire penalty while bill payments of L&T are processed. He further added that he is always with comrades of Maharashtra Circle and assured to give his best for Maharashtra Circle and conveyed thanks for inviting him for such mass gathering of SNEA comrades.

Com. A. A. Khan, President, SNEA CHQ in his address informed that he was visiting Maharashtra Circle first time after AIC Jaipur and thanked MH Circle comrades for inviting him to address such huge gathering. He informed that SNEA is working on various policies of department and taking up the various matters with the CMD BSNL. He added that BSNL is quiet fortunate to have CMD like Shri Anupam Shrivastava who is very good listener. He listens both the HR and development issues very actively. He further added that at present BSNL is having a very vibrant board of directors and this good team of board of directors is really doing very well at BSNL CO. He added that by the new calculation methods, depreciation is becoming very less and operational profits are increasing day by day. So it is possible to wipe out the losses very soon. On the matter of third pay revision, he added that SNEA is actively working on the platform of NCOA and taking various meeting with secretaries of respective departments. He added that with pay revision, pension revision should also take place. Then he updated the house about the achievement of the association to minimize the work experience criterion from 7 years to 5 years for the TTAs to become eligible for JTO LICE. Further he added along with the LICE, BSNL is also planning for external recruitment for TTA and JTOs. While praising the efforts to bring back the Rs. 10,000 Crores from the Income Tax Department, he appealed the BSNL CO to take prudent decisions for the investments and appealed to rehabilitate the obsolete 2G network of different zones of BSNL so that these zones can also excel revenue wise. Thus he suggested management to take prudent decisions on capital investments. Com Khan, further added that at present BSNL is greatly dependent on the vendors and hence follow the vendors blindly. This needs to get changed. BSNL must learn the technology from the Vendors and then take its own decision to improve the systems. He also added that Wi-Fi is a great tool to compete with rival operators, but it should be used properly. Current revenue sharing model with M/s Quadgen needs to get changed with suitable suggestions. Finally, he added that SNEA will always fight for the viability issues of BSNL and appealed for cooperation.

Com. K Sebastin, General Secretary, SNEA CHQ in his address informed that now BSNL as well as association, both are having a very special focus on the revival of BSNL. Growth is only possible if employees of a company come forward. We need to delight our customer and hence we should have a focus on customer oriented and customer desired activities. Association fought for the filling up of the board level vacancies and by the time now all posts are filled up. At present we are having a visionary CMD with equally visionary Director HR. Now we need to reciprocate by our duties and business achievements. He added with a visionary board of Directors now the procurement process is streamlined and we are having ample stores at various offices. Further he added that CMD is taking lot of marketing initiatives and even national media by taking note has started the discussions on BSNL matters. So the image of the company is improved. In addition, Shri Ravishankar Prasad, Minister of Communication is also taking good efforts to increase the brand value of BSNL. So results are coming slowly slowly. So after a gap of 6-7 years BSNL has produced operational profits of Rs. 672 Crores for the 2014-15 as compared to the loss of Rs. 691 Crores of previous year. i.e. in one year we have made the additional revenue of Rs. 1363 Crores. By this positive energy is coming in the comrades and the company as well. So we are getting confident to yield positive results. By adding on the operational profit Com. K Sebastin appealed that 100% employees need come forward to participate in development process then only we can earn the desired revenue of thousands of Crores of Rupees. He further added that department is planning to fully replace the legacy switches by the NGN switches by 2017. This is very ambitious project of the BSNL which needs to complete it successfully. He added, by the deployment of NGN, service quality will definitely improve and operational expenditure curtailment will be possible. Further he added that company is in a process to procure 232 MPLS PE routers and by the deployment of these routers waiting list of MPLS circuits can be definitely be wiped out. Thus it will be possible to earn handsome revenue by MPLS role out. He further added that additional routes of about 24000 Km are to be laid and department is planning to procure about 48000 Km of OF cable. So in near future sufficient OF cable will be available. He further added that on the front of MNP also the company is showing positive sign and trends are reverting from negative to positive. The negative trend of -35000 which was persisting till May-2015 is now changed and in last 2-3 months we are with +1 Lakh port in cases. Further added that SWAS is a good program to keep same momentum and thus it will be possible to wipe out complete losses in coming 2-3 years. He appealed to work for the growth of BSNL and further added that Maharashtra Circle has to play key role in the development process of BSNL.

Com. G L Jogi, Chairman SNEA CHQ, in his address stressed that the CHQ is having a great focus on development. Further he praised PGMT Pune Dr. P K Hota and congratulated Pune comrades for having such finest officer as their SSA head. While talking about MH Circle, he said that it is a gigantic circle of SNEA and entire CHQ is proud of the MH Circle. It is vibrant, strong and very powerful circle and thus has to play a great role. While praising Com. Adasul for his deliberations as CS SNEA MH Circle, he added that he has set very high benchmarks and his successor will have great challenge as forthcoming leader of MH Circle and one has to work equally hard and help the SNEA comrades and maintain the strongest ever unity. He added that the MH Circle has an ability to turn around the situation of BSNL and the energy of Maharashtra comrades need to get channelized so as to translate the decisions of the management into results. He mentioned that unfortunately Maharashtra Circle has never got good leadership as that of Shri. Kuldeep Goyal and todays CGMT also is poor performer and there is need to have best and versatile CGM to this biggest Circle of BSNL. He added, right now management and workers are on the same wavelength and hence very good projects like NGN, ERP, CDR etc are being initialized or deployed successfully. He elaborated efforts being taken by SNEA on constitution of third PRC,30% superannuation benefits, standard pay scales, CPSU cadre hierarchy etc and elaborated about the different struggles by SNEA and stressed that now the commitment of ourselves is required to come out of the present crisis. Its time to give back to the company, he added. He further added that GS SNEA is playing vital role in various talks with the Secretaries of GoI on the platform of NCOA for constituting the 3rd PRC. He appealed for total, unqualified and unconditional support to all CHQ calls in future and to focus on the growth of company by putting our total energy.

Com. W Sheshagiri Rao, Ex-GS SNEA, in his very inspirational & interesting speech he started with the issues pursued by his time. He elaborated how the pension was secured by the efforts of TEOA with 60:40 formula without depending on revenue generation by BSNL and how all retired employees of DoT absorbed in BSNL including he and Com. Jogi will get secured pension and stressed for such strategic and visionary works. He explained with example how LDCE and promotions were related and explained that if some of JTOs would decide to marry only after SDE promotions, then they would have to be bachelor and how he would have been another real life Jogi if he would have taken such decision. He appealed the house not to relate promotions with monetary benefits and appealed to work for a growth of a company. By elaborating the facts during situation in earlier days about the promotions and how everybody was following promotion orders with relocation and how the presently executives have mindset to avoid transfers even by forgiving promotions. He pointed that such transfers are invisible in Govt Services and one should readily accept it. He nicely pointe that BSNL executives are ready send their children to different parts of world and not ready to even change floor even on promotions is wrong and all will have to change mindset and accept transfers & changes in life. He also narrated that over the year salary of the staff & officers of BSNL has been increased and everybody is getting good salary as compared to his old days when they were compelled to manage family expenses either by GPF advance or from Credit Society loan and nicely elaborated it as classic example of parallel rail tracks without which it was difficult to survive. He pointed out about old pay scales of JEs Rs. 420 and how TEOA has taken strong stand and continuous persuasion and have achieved the present pay scales which are the best as compared to then DoT salaries. By giving his own example, Com. Rao stated that he never got the salary more than Rs. 40000 But now the staff is getting even pension more than that of last salary. At his time, executives never got an opportunity to become even Regular SDE, but now executives are becoming DGMs and how the Five Time Bound promotions are secured by efforts of SNEA for all executives. So the scenario is changed now. We need to work hard to bring back the glory of BSNL. We need to think with broad vision and in the interest of the company. He conveyed thanks to Maharashtra comrades for giving Cm. Adasul, a militant leader for CHQ as Dy GS and was optimistic that he will perform the best for the executives. Finally, he gave Com. Adasul his best wishes as DyGS and appealed to work united with Com. Sebastin GS and Com. Khan President. By doing so he appealed to bring cheers for all the BSNL community.

It is most unfortunate that this highly motivating and inspiring speech of Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao is last public address of his life as after this address just within weeks time, he has taken heavenly exit and till last moment of his life, he was associated with SNEA and its comrades. Such Great leader of SNEA. Hats off to him and his dedication, love and affection towards SNEA comrades.

Com. S V Bhad, Circle President SNEA MH Circle, in his brief presidential speech, appealed the CHQ leaders to deal with the issues of young executives on priority. He appealed to resolve LDCE related issues on priority and informed that the comrades of MH are always ready to relocate on transfer and to work hard but promotions should be in time. He praised the working of Com. Adasul for last 6-7 years as Circle Secretary of MH Circle in which he was never issued any trade union notice and no single issue of Maharashtra comrade is pending. Thus he added that Com Adasul is militant lion of SNEA and has handled all issues very peacefully and has added the strength to the SNEA and conveyed him best wishes for similar actions as CHQ. He elaborated earlier days of no transfers and how present situation has arrived of transfers due to non-recruitment of JTOs and delay in either by DPC or by LDCE. He appealed all to keep positive mind set and approach in day to day works and give their best for BSNL which has become commercial organization and one has to work in this direction. He compared BSNL earlier to 2005, then from 2005 to 2015 and elaborated picture after 2016. He further elaborated the NGN works and new culture in BSNL and how this project will change the landline working. He was optimistic that with the introduction of NGN landline will have again good days as the customers will get better services than GSM services from landline. He shared good moments with Shri. M.K. Jain as GMT Nashik and CGMT MH with strong result on persuasion of all issues by SNEA.

Just before conclusion of the Open Session Com. M. S. Adasul declared that SNEA MH has taken efforts for curtailment of expenditure in the arrangements of Circle Conference as no Guest or Delegates were presented Momento/Gifts and even the copies of CS report also were not printed or Xerox was not taken and it has been decided by SNEA MH that the amount saved from such avoidable expenditure in CC Pune and received from individual donations but minimum Rs 1,00,000.00 (Rupees One Lakh Only) will be donated to Chief Minister relief fund. He further informed GM HR/Admn that the JAC MH had discussions with CGMT MH on such contribution from all the willing staff & officers in Maharashtra Circle and requested him to take initiatives from administration side as it will give benefit in Income TAX for all such willing comrades and good amount will be collected for a good social cause if initiatives are taken by management. Com. S. R. Bhise ACS West SNEA MH has announced Rs 10000.00, Com. M. S. Adasul DyGS CHQ has announced Rs. 5000.00, Com. Mrs. Alka Ghatge & Com. Miss Meena Kanginkar from Kolhapur SSA have announced Rs. 1000 each as their individual contribution to Chief Minister Draught Relief Fund which will part of contribution being paid by SNEA MH. He specially conveyed thanks to Shri. Sanddep Agrawal, Sr GM HR/Admn Mumbai and Shri. Dr. P.K. Hota PGMT Pune for being present till the last moment of Open Session and witnessing entire proceedings of the Open Session. He also conveyed that some speakers have just delivered their speeches and just left house without understanding what is public opinion and hence the speeches of some of them were one sided and away from the facts. He elaborated some of examples how the speeches and the working style of some of speakers is different and cleared the doubts cleared by such misleading points in some of addresses.

While summing up the entire proceedings of the Open Session Com. V B Kokate, Vice President SNEA MH Circle conveyed vote of thanks to all guest, leaders, press, media, delegates, observers for attending the open session and making it grand success.

The Stage/Hall Committee members namely Com. Meena Londhe, VP SNEA Pune, Com. Mahanand Gaikwad, ADS SNEA Pune Com. Anuradha Kamde, Com. P S Kinikar, Com. R S Dalvi, Com. M E Gajool, Com K S Vairagkar, Com. Ajeet Narkar took sincere & devoted efforts for the successful conduction of the open session.

Com. Mukesh Wadhawani, JS Kalyan SNEA MH, Com. Girish Sonar, Com. D R Bhogade, ADS SNEA Pune, Com. Shailesh Dhande SNEA Nashik & some other comrades have made sincere efforts for covering events of photography and Video shooting of the entire Open Session.

The ambience of the hall and decoration outside the hall with beautiful Rangoli was prepared by Com. Pragati Gramopadhyay, Com. Anuradha Kamde, Com. Meena Londhe and Com. M. M. Dudhane.

Com. Dilip Jagdale, DS NFTE Pune who is well-known artist also and Com. Prayag Pisal, SNEA Pune took special efforts to give great corporate look and to arrange beautiful flex banners, podium stickers, and stylish name plates on the Dias.

The Food Committee under Chairmanship of Com. L.U. Choudhary, JS Pune SNEA MH and members namely Com. R. D. Fernandez, Com. Dr. S. D. Alandkar etc have made excellent arrangement of delicious and testy dinner for all the guest and delegates attending the Circle Conference.

Com. S.M. Chand , DP SNEA Pune, Com. Bharat Sonawane, DS SNEA Pune, Com. V.M. Kokare DS ITPC Pune, Com. S.P. Sonanwane, CWC Member, Com. B.N. Kore JS SNEA South have special role in making this function a grand success.

Thus the open session of Sixth Circle Conference of SNEA MH Circle at Pune, which started at 1530 Hrs lasted for Six hours and finally concluded at 2130 Hrs.

After Open Session Com. K. Sebastin GS SNEA CHQ addressed the delegates session and elaborated house about the status of different HR issues and answered the queries of members till 2215 hrs

Photos : Open Session <<<>>>

Videos: Open Session <<<>>>


4 FEB 16:  News on further proceedings of Circle Conference Pune will continue. Extremely sorry for delay on Reporting on Open Session and Election Process of Circle Conference, Pune.


4 Feb 16:  AGM Staff Mumbai endorsed the list of officers/officials working on sensitive posts on R/M to Add GM and directed to shift them from present sensitive posts and send compliance latest by 12/02/2016. Letter <<<>>>


4 Feb 16:  AGM Staff Mumbai calls for SSA/Circle stay particulars of the long stayed officers working at different SSAs. Letter <<<>>>

      The concerned officers/DS/COBs may personally look into matter and see that stay particulars are sent accurately in respect of all comrades as this data will be mainly used for posting substitutes for considering request transfers from Al India Hard/Soft Tenure stations, Requests from Circle tenure stations on Circle long stay basis and Requests from Non-tenure SSAs on point to pint basis.

      Many of the individual officers complains at later stage and mainly after issue of transfer orders that his/her stay particulars are counted wrongly and many times it causes difficulties in updating data and cancellation of transfer orders one issued.

      As such everybody should be alert and look into data of stay particulars and see that all SSAs are sending correct and accurate data latest by 20/02/2016.



4 Feb 16:  Due to undue delay in settlement of issues with sending Offg JTOs for JTO Phase-I Training, AGM Staff Mumbai issued extension to of 90 Days for JTO officiating orders without any break or reversion as TTA and thus these JTOs Offg continuously for more than 180 days will be able to have their claim for JTO Regular even on such extended orders. Letter <<<>>>


4 Feb 16:  As per orders issued by DGM HR Mumbai, Com. D.B. Varhadkar will DGM Admn Mumbai and Com. A.M. Shah will be DGM HR Mumbai. SNEA MH Congratulates and conveys best wishes for both the officers for their grand success in their new assignments. Letter <<<>>>


4 Feb 16:  BSNL CO calls for comments on guidelines for outsourcing of maintenance of UG Cables. Letter <<<>>>

      This is how BSNL and its staff & officers will be out step by step from all important works. BSNL CO has already spoiled the entire procurement process by making it centralised at BSNL CO and it is known fact that it is controlled by certain vendors under support of some officers in BSNL. In recent past the tender for outsourcing of Broadband Mtce has been floated wherein it is found that rates of tender are ten times higher than the present rates of BB Mtce and important point is that the amount of such AMC for BB Mtce is related to Revenue/earnings of BSNL in that particular SSA @ 3% of annual Revenge.

      One can understand what will it benefitted to BSNL and to vendors if revenue of BSNL increases and how the vendors having direct approach at BSNL CO will respond to these tenders and how they will neglect works by giving sub-contracts to small vendors and how the money of BSNL will be looted. When there is acute shortage of materials for maintenance stores like EPBT, UG Cables, Jointing Kits and none of issue is being taken care by BSNL Management to proper depth except assurances that ample store is available, then what will be use of the outsourcing of mtce of UG cables that to be to in centralised manner to selected vendors, needs serious investigation and review for better future of BSNL.

      Anyhow these are suggestions and all comrades are requested to email their views on this subject to Com. Sachin Sarode, ACS East & Com. M. N. Kotambe ACS West and SNEA MH will submit our consolidated views. The last date of submission is 1/02/2016 and hence all are requested to email their suggestion immediately.


4 Feb 16:  BSNL CO issued instructions for operations as per PMS Module to be followed by SDE & AO in charge of CSCs to avoid misappropriation of funds collected at CSCs. Letter <<<>>>


4 Feb 16:  Shri. G.K. Upadhay, CGMT MH writes specially to SSAs heads with negative Revenue Growth in GSM and request taking special efforts to change it the trend. Letter <<<>>>


4 Feb 16:  DGM NWO CM Mumbai issued guidelines for scrapping of A/C Units installed for GSM BTS infra. Letter <<<>>>


2 FEB 16:  Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao Amar Rahe!!!!! Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao takes Heavenly Exits:

      Comrades throughout India are murmuring on sudden exits of Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao. It is impossible to believe that the man who addressed the Circle Conference of SNEA Maharashtra with full humour and enthusiasm on 24/01/2016 is no more within seven days of time.

      The last rites of Com. Rao were carried out at Bengaluru in presence of SNEA comrades and leaders from different part of Country at 1600 hrs on 01/02/2016 and Com. W.S. Rao takes final & Heavenly exits with great and highest respect from SNEA comrades and with slogans Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao Amar Rahe, Com. Rao, Long Live, long live.

      Com. W.S. Rao who retired on superannuation from Office series in Year 2005 but was never retired from association service. After retirement for last twelve years and when he was age of 72 years in year 2016 also he was not retired from association activities and contributed to SNEA till last breath of his life and just before six days of his heavenly exit, he has attended the Circle Conference of SNEA MH in the same spirit as that of his earlier days. Throughout life, he has rendered his services to executives in DoT and then in BSNL in different capacities of office Bearers at District, Circle and CHQ. He has led TEOA in capacity of President from 1992 to 1994, then 2003 to 2006 and general Secretary from 1994 to 2006. His sudden departure has really created vacuum SNEA and everybody is of the opinion that no can take his place and Com. W.S. Rao, was one and only one to have such great achievements and personal touch with all comrades.

      Com. W.S. Rao has space in minds and hearts of executives in BSNL and especially members of SNEA. Comrades expressed their feelings like they have lost their father in association, GOD of Executives in BSNL & so on. Whenever anybody has any issue and was not settled, he was approaching to Com. Rao and it was fact that Com. Rao has solution for every problem not only because he was leader for years together, but it was especially because he has concern about each and every member of SNEA. He has extended his helping hand throughout life and till last day he was in touch with comrades and he was pursuing such individual cases. He has put every drop of his blood for SNEA comrades and till day before his heavenly exit, he was pursuing for all such issues of SNEA Comrades.

      Com. W.S Rao, the so called Mahatma of executives in BSNL, has enlightened life of each and every executive in BSNL. Everybody has feeling of lifetime loss as Com. Rao has personal touch with many of the comrades and he was mass leader of officers for years together. He has made so many personal scarifies for betterment of executives of BSNL, Group B status, Change of designations from JE to JTO with increase in basic pay, mass DPCs for different promotions, Absorption in BSNL as per predefined conditions, rather it was his initiatives which has made all of us to reach this prestigious life as compared with others. His role in revision of pay during each pay commission has been commendable and his visionary leadership has given much to all of us. He tremendous achievement cannot be expressed in words as it has every milestone achievement. His actions & achievements will be written in Golden words in SNEA history and history of Unions/Association in BSNL & DoT.

      Com. Sheshagiri Rao has special attachment for SNEA Maharashtra Circle Comrades and he has never missed any CEC Meeting, CWC Meeting of SEA Maharashtra. He has visited about each and every SSA and that to be during difficult times when transportation was not such comfortable. He was not only attending the Conferences/Meeting but he was always available from start of the meetings to end of the meetings and has always taken special pains for growth of SNEA in Maharashtra Circle. He was especially present in our Circle Conference Pune for all three days and was present in house till completion of final step of election process and giving oath to newly elected office Bearers. He has felicitated newly elected Office Bearers of SNEA MH and showered his blessings on this Circle Body. We were not aware that it was his last Conference and everybody is stunned to know now about the great address he has delivered in Circle Conference Pune and it was the final message of great Hero of SNEA Com. Sheshagiri Rao.

      Video of last Address by Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao. <<<>>>

      Comrades throughout Maharashtra have conducted Condolence Meetings today and paid Homage to their great leader and shred moment of sorrow by sharing their experience. Com. W.S. Rao has given us lot and we will have to work on footstep given by him. We will have to work hard to fulfil left out dreams of this great Hero, Father, Mahatma and God of SNEA and it will be true homage to the legend.

     Com. W. Sheshigiri Rao Amar Rahe!!! .

     Some Memories of Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao <<<>>>


1 FEB 16: With Deep Sorrow it is to inform that our beloved veteran leader Com. W. Sesahgiri Rao, is no more. In morning hours of 31/01/2016, Com. Rao was admitted in hospital and by 0100 hrs on 01/02/2016, he left for heaven as efforts of doctors failed to save his life. This is biggest loss to SNEA and its comrades.

Its shocking to all comrades of Maharashtra Circle who have witnessed his address in Circle Conference Pune in his original style of motivation and guided house for unity of SNEA comrades and especially for focused approach for growth of BSNL. Last Monday 25/01/2016, he left from Pune and today after just one weeks time, all off sudden he has left for heaven.

SNEA has lost its great leader who has always shown concern to its comrades, and who was actively involved in association activities till his last breath. SNEA MH pays homage to this great legend of SNEA, Com. W. Seshagiri Rao and prays almighty to give peace to the departed soul in heaven and courage to his family members and many of the SNEA comrades to overcome this saddest moment


30 JAN 16: SNEA (I) MH Circle congratulates, Com. Smt. A.N. Phaltane, SDE Ahmednagar, on her superannuation retirement on dated 30/01/2016 and wish her & his family members A Very Happy, Peaceful & Long Retired Life".

Com. Smt. A.N. Phaltane, SDE Plg Ahmednagar {9422220405} has started his carrier in Ahmednagar Telecom & has rendered services in different capacity of TOA, JTO & SDE in Ahmednagar & Raigad SSA. While working as SDE Planning Ahmednagar SSA, her work was appreciated by all in ERP implementation. Com. Smt. A.N. Phaltane, is very punctual & hard worker of their duties & is taking full responsibility of any given work. She is die- hard member of SNEA (I) and has always taken active part on all activities on the platform of SNEA (I) Ahmednagar. 

SNEA (I) MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection Com. Smt. A.N. Phaltane towards BSNL and SNEA (I) and on behalf of thousands of Comrades of SNEA (I) Maharashtra Circle, we wish him and his family members A Happy, Peaceful, Healthy & Long Retired Life.


30 JAN 16: CIRCLE CONFERENCE PUNE: DAY- I: 22nd Jan 16, Post-lunch session: {Report by Com. S. A. Sarode, ACS East SNEA MH Circle continued}: After lunch, the delegates assembled again in the hall and the deliberations were started with the reports from Assistant Circle Secretaries.

Com. S R Kalmegh, ACS East SNEA MH Circle while presenting his report congratulated the host branches Pune TD and ITPC Pune for taking initiatives to have a Circle Conference in the historic city of Pune and excellent arrangements made by the host branches. Then he congratulated all the COBs, DSs, CWC members from Vidarbha and Marathwada for their active support in various associational activities only because of which he was able to give justice to the post of ACS East. He updated the house that all associational activities in his area of jurisdiction were very successfully organized due to unconditional and vigorous support from these people. Com Kalmegh also congratulated Com. M S Adasul, CS SNEA MH Circle for his numerous achievements including Executive TFR policy, achieving record break membership, timely intervention and resolution of ERP issues, declaration of Gadchiroli and Sindhudurg as AI Soft tenure locations, provision of 3G facility to all executives of MH Circle, strong oppose to Deloittee committee recommendations, diversion of SGSN traffic to Chennai, resolution of ITPC transfer issue. He also thanked CS for daily update of SNEA MH Circle website and keeping members up to date thereby making all members prompt and alert for various activities related to their services as well as association. He praised the calm, quiet and patient approach kept by the CS and his team while facing very difficult NCSC case and explained how the team of Maharashtra remain united when such fake charges were imposed on the top leadership of SNEA. He thanked all SNEA comrades for their unconditional support on the matter only because of which all leaders got exonerated for charges. Further he congratulated the CS MH Circle for raising various requirements of stores at various occasions and thus getting ample store including battery sets, UG Cables, laptops for mobile maintenance teams. But added that still there is much more requirement of store items and updated the house that so many leased circuits are pending due to non-availability of MLLN Modems, there is no availability of drop wire for LL maintenance work and TSF kits for cable jointing. He appealed the management for the early fulfilment of these store items so that quality and timely services can be rendered to our esteemed customers. He further narrated the house about the incident of land encroachment that happened in Amravati where a big portion of land of BSNL was encroached by one builder cum MLA. He narrated how Joint Action Committee Amravati and SNEA Amravati in particular took timely initiatives under his leadership and had a meeting with local management, Collector of Amravati and Supdt. Of Police at Amravati and saved Crores of Rupees of BSNL. Further he stressed upon the requirement of full time SSA heads for various districts of Vidarbha and Marathwada and particularly at Chandrapur which is very important for quick decisions and actions on the part of management and further development of the SSA. He added that the recent schemes launched by BSNL like Free Night calling and free roaming are attracting the customers but added that there should be more number of free calls for LL plans so that more lucrative offers can be given to customers. Further, he added that the tariff of various plans needs to get revised and it is a requirement of time. He stressed upon the optimization of GSM mobile network and various mobile services. He added that the data speed of GPRS, EDGE, 3G services needs to get upgraded and hence added that there is a great requirement of bandwidth which can be fulfilled by upgrading existing transmission systems. While touching CHQ related issues, Com Kalmegh added that SNEA works on policy and force management to follow the standard framework of various policies. He congratulated Com. M S Adasul for getting elected as Dy. GS unanimously at SNEA CHQ. While defending the issues of Comrades of Vidarbha and Marathwada, he urged SNEA CHQ to consider and resolve the transfer related issues of LDCE qualified SDEs in sympathetic way and insisted to immediately resolve such cases. He added that the issues of Direct Recruits including 30% superannuation benefits, Rule 8 transfers may be given priority and hence may get resolved immediately. Finally, he gave best wishes to the SWAS program initiated by the CMD BSNL and appealed the august house to cooperate fully on the matter. He gave his best wishes for the timely implementation of 3rd PRC.

Com. S R Bhise, ACS West SNEA MH Circle in his brief report thanked for giving an opportunity to address the house. He praised the way with which Com. M S Adasul handled all the associational activities and increased the faith of the comrades in SNEA. He praised for increasing the membership beyond 3000 and elaborated how he was successful as ACS West MH Circle by actively participating in various activities like CECs, District Conferences & GB Meets and also calls given by SNEA CHQ. He added under leadership of Com Adasul association has flourished more & more and now MH has a single voice of Com Adasul which is proudly obeyed by all comrades of MH Circle. Com. S R Bhise ACS West added that as per the instructions of CS, he has launched the WhatsApp group for all COBs, DPs, DSs by the means of which many issues which require immediate attention of office bearers are conveyed and worked out very efficiently. Finally, he thanked the house for giving him an opportunity to work as ACS West and extend his active participation in association activities.

Com. V B Kokate Vice President SNEA MH in his speech congratulated Team SNEA Pune and ITPC for very nice arrangements in all respects including transportation, accommodation, selection of very nice venue etc. He praised the efforts of Pune team for coming forward and having such a wonderful gathering. He shared his experience of work with Com M S Adasul, CS MH circle and Com S V Bhad, CP MH Circle and updated the house that tireless and sincere efforts of Comrade Adasul has strengthened the association in MH circle and updated that due to his special qualities even SNEA CHQ changed the constitution at AIC Jaipur and made Com Adasul the very first Dy GS of the association. He further narrates that he never has seen such a dedicated leader in last 20 years of associational experience. While concentrating on development issues Com. Kokate mainly pointed out the immediate requirement of one BNG and one MPLS PE router for Ahmednagar SSA. He updated house that due to non-availability of these high end equipments, the BB subscribers of the area are badly affected; moreover many leased lines are pending. He also updated that it is not possible for the SSA to switch over to NGN technology due to non-availability of MPLS edge router and appealed the CS to look into the matter to fulfil the requirement soon. He also appealed CS to fulfil the requirement of DXC expansion at Ahmednagar as more than 100 new leased lines are pending with the SSA. He thanked the Circle management for fulfilling the minimum requirement of battery sets and updated house how vigorously SNEA MH Circle under the leadership of Com Adasul pursued for the issue since last Goa Circle Conference in sept-2013. But he added that still more number of battery sets are required as almost all sites are being deployed with only one set of battery and many other sites are yet to get even a single set. He updated the house that because of the fulfilment of battery requirement now up time of our BTS sites is increases and it is further resulted into the savings by the means of less diesel consumption by DG sets. He congratulated CMD BSNL for taking good initiatives like SWAS program, but updated that such programs will be successful only if the requirement of store items like drop wire is fulfilled on priority. If fulfilled, he added, it will lead to more customer satisfaction and definitely there will be a considerable growth in LL / BB segment. He also updated that Circle management now has delegated the power to SSA for the purchase of items like tape and Jelly and requirements of these items can now be fulfilled locally. He requested to delegate the power in similar way to procure U-Y Connectors, modular strips for early restoration of cable faults and further added that CGMT MH Circle has found it justified while his visit to Shirdi at Ahmednagar. On revenue and profit matters Com Kokate added that to have more and more revenue we should concentrate on curtailment of our operational expenditure. He put the example of Ahmednagar SSA and updated the house about the activities that are being carried out like, conversion of MSUs to RSUs, RSUs to AN-RAXs, Master-Slave AN-RAXs to Master only AN-RAXs, closing of BMs from MBM switches, BM Compression, Downsizing of Engine Alternators, closing of AC Plants etc. So he updated that by doing so Ahmednagar SSA is saving up to Rs. 42 Lakh per year.

Com. Sachin Sarode, Jt. Secretary Vidarbha SNEA MH Circle while addressing the gathering updated the house that HR and development are the two sides of a BSNL coin and this precious coin needs to be kept in proper shape for jingling melodiously. He updated that SNEA is the only association which can keep this coin in proper shape by the cooperation of management. He added we cant ignore on any front if we want to progress further and make positive growth, hence updated that we have to keep optimum balance of HR and development requirements. While elaborating his role as Joint Secretary Vidarbha he informed about the opportunities given by association to handle various issues and his contribution thereby. He thanked Circle Secretary and his team for visiting all districts of Vidarbha every year and extending moral support to the members of all 9 districts of Vidarbha. He updated the house that only because of the support of Maharashtra SNEA comrades and CS SNEA in particular, the issue of EPF was successfully streamlined and resolved before any other circle in BSNL. He informed the house that only because of the proper inputs on time, 1 out of 6 BNGs at Kolkata was successfully diverted to Nagpur. In this regard he added that, if the requirement of BNG which is persisting right now for many other districts of Maharashtra was possible to get fulfilled if it was raised at right time because only due to the inputs from SNEA MH Circle total 5 BNGs from Kolkata were diverted to various circles of BSNL. Thus, only because of our inputs four more Circles were benefited including Maharashtra. He further added that he was successful to fulfil the requirement of one BB Tier-II switch of Buldhana SSA in very short time by diverting it from Chandrapur to Buldhana for BNG traffic migration activity and cascading of OCLAN switches. On activities related to association, he added he was very successful to organize various tours of Circle President, Circle Secretary and other COBs at various districts of Vidarbha and added that only because of the love and affection of CS towards Vidarbha it was possible to arrange the tour of CHQ leaders at various districts of Vidarbha. He praised his vibrant team of 9 districts of Vidarbha and praised all DS of Vidarbha for their active support on every matter taken by association. He praised Com. N S Gadre, CWC members along with DS Yavatmal Com. Suraj Bansod for arranging a grand successful CEC at Yavatmal in April-2014. He reminded the promise made by top CHQ leaders for declaring Gadchiroli a hard tenure location and insisted for early action in this regard. He further added that the problem of traffic congestion at Gadchiroli SSA is not resolved by the implementation of LWE project as the BSC is dedicated for the LWE project BTSs and these are the BTSs other than the commercial BTSs deployed by BSNL. He added that the GSM traffic of Gadchiroli is better and much more as compared to many bigger SSAs and hence the requirement of one GSM BSC of make Alcatel Max may be fulfilled immediately to increase mobile revenue share for Gadchiroli in particular and for MH Circle in general. Then he narrated the incident that happened at Bhandara SSA where one executive association spread rumours about dissolution of Bhandara SNEA Branch. False news in this regard was spread and it was intimated that the SNEA DS of that time along with his all members has left the association and has joined that association. So considering the need of time as directed by Com CS, he arranged one General Body meet at Bhandara SSA which was attended by all prominent leaders of Vidarbha region and increased the Bhandara membership for undoubted majority to give right answer to the mischievous act of that association. Also updated that now Bhandara branch is very stable and is doing very well with the membership of about 41 members out of 54 posted executives. Finally, he thanked Com. S V Bhad, Circle President for giving an opportunity to present his report.

Com. V J Bhandirge, Joint Secretary HQ SNEA MH Circle explained his very good experience with the vibrant team of SNEA MH Circle and Com. M S Adasul, CS in particular. He updated the house that in his very smooth tenure of last three terms he issued about 660 transfer orders of the executive which was only possible due to timely intervention of SNEA and that also by suitably fitting all cases in the transfer policy norms implemented by MH Circle. He further added that being a staff section executive of Circle office there was a great responsibility on his shoulder not to become biased to any association but to give justice to each and every individual case. He added that SNEA was never biased for any individual on HR related issues. He added that he got the opportunity to play a very vital role while dealing with HR related activities like uploading quarterly request transfer waiting list, SSA wise justified and sanctioned strength of executives, allotment of NOCs for the issue of passport to executives. He further added that he in coordination with Com Adasul tried to work out maximum grievances & that also very satisfactorily.

Com. Yogesh Bhongale, Joint Secretary Konkan SNEA MH Circle while addressing the house demanded for early implementation of 30% superannuation benefits for DR executives. He insisted the CHQ leaders to pursue the issue to get complete 30% of the benefits. He further demanded for early declaration of JTO to SDE LDCE results and conduction of TTA to JTO LICE. Considering the inconvenience observed by the SSAs of western Maharashtra he also demanded for the TERM cell office at Pune for CAF verification. To increase the demand of BB connections among the people who want to take BB connection without landline connection, he suggested that BSNL may think to launch suitable plans. Further he touched various issues like early role out of GSM phase -8 Project, replacement of faulty and poor quality Teracom modems, replacement of faulty FWPs, installation of 3G node-Bs at all SDCA headquarters. Finally, he added that it is very difficult to manage small modifications in subscriber database of CSR software like the name change of married female subscribers and to avoid such complexities he suggested the need of little flexible provisioning software.

Com. Mukesh Wadhwani, Joint secretary Kalyan SNEA MH Circle while submitting his report informed about his efforts in very important task of daily updating SNEA MH circle website which is a great tool of interaction with all comrades of SNEA MH circle. He added not only the members of MH Circle but members from all over the India observe the website of SNEA MH circle for latest updates. So it has become very popular. Further he narrated the house about the resolution of Security Deposit refund issue of DR JTOs in which he played very active role till settlement of the issue. He also explained his role on demanding E1+5 increments for the JTOs recruited after year 2007 and 2008 batches.

Com V P Sanap, Joint Secretary Marathwada SNEA MH Circle in his very brief report praised the working of Circle Secretary and added that due to very active and quality DS at Marathwada region along with very dynamic CS at Centre his job is very limited and he is satisfied with the resolution of various issues of Marathwada comrades.

Com. S M Sahare, Joint Secretary NRU SNEA MH Circle during his report added that the concept of the post of joint secretary for Non-Recruiting Units (NRU) came into an existence only because of the great vision of the Com M S Adasul which provided a tool to handle the very genuine issues of the comrades from various wings like WTR, WTP, ITPC, Civil and Electrical. He added as the issues of these comrades are little different from the telecom wing comrades such post was very much necessary to increase the level of confidence and work satisfaction among these executives and due to tireless efforts of Com Adasul the fruits are coming very sweet. He added that recently it was possible to open a branch of Civil and Electrical wing at Circle office Mumbai which has got the initial membership of 35 executives, but very soon it will cross the half century due to right directions given by Com CS. On development matters, he stressed for the immediate action by management for the rectification of frequent cable cut problems occurring in NFS project and demanded to impose of penalty on the culprits of cable damage.

Com S C Vete, CWC member, SNEA MH Circle at Goa in his brief address thanked CP for giving an opportunity to express his views. Com Vete shown his concern over the delayed results of JTO to SDE LDCE examinations and expressed that artificial problems like various court cases are creating obstacles in the path of speedy carrier progression of competent executives. He further stressed upon total internal recruitment for MT and DGM cadres and demanded association to take legal actions in favour of its members. He added its a need of time to have quick promotions for competent executives to give right direction to the growth of BSNL.

Com. M P Pandhare, CWC Member SNEA MH Circle from Nagpur raised the very genuine issue of first time bound promotion for the executives of 1993-94 batch and added that every executive must get first TBP in four years uniformly and not in five years or six years. Com. Pandhare explained how leasing out of towers owned by BSNL is very significant and how BSNL can earn the revenue of Crores of Rupees every year. He updated that leasing out of one GBT makes the revenue of Rs. 35000/- per month against feasibility charges (rent of the site) and additional Rs. 15000/- per month against energy charges. In case of RTT he updated that these figures are Rs. 21000/- and 15000/- per month respectively. In both cases these are the figures for first year with annual increment in rent of 2.5%. He further updated that there is a provision to share a single tower with multiple operators if required and informed that there is a locking period of Seven years if any private operator enters into an agreement with BSNL. Thus added that MH Circle, if fulfils the complete demand of private operators of 400 towers, can earn a handsome revenue and can early come in profit. He also demanded for the deployment of 3G node Bs at all SDCA headquarters.

Com. R S Kolapkar, CWC Member SNEA MH Circle from Aurangabad updated upon the MNGT (MPLS-based Next Generation Transport System)/ NGN project that new PE Routers are coming shortly and thus almost all SSAs can clear their waiting lists of pending MPLS VPN circuits. He by giving the example of conference of Vigilance Officers at Aurangabad added that CVO has put severe objections on unused and idly laid store materials. So he suggested that while placing tenders they should be placed as Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning (SITC) and only after SITC reports bills should be released. He further added that BSNL should display the list of blacklisted, bidders on Intranet portals which will be helpful to avoid further complications and legal actions.

Com. G G Karape, CWC Member SNEA MH Circle from WTR Nasik expressed his views on the working of CS Com Adasul and explained how association flourished at various divisions of MH Circle. He added only because of increased membership he got an opportunity to become sixth CWC member of MH Circle since last Circle Conference.

Com. N S Gadre, CWC Member SNEA MH Circle from Yavatmal in his report congratulated for very successful organization of 6th Circle Conference at Pune. He further reminded very successful organization of CEC Meet at Yawatmal in April-2014 which was attended by SNEA CHQ President Com. Jogi and GS SNEA Com K Sebastin and all CoBs, DSs, CWC Members of MH Circle along with Com. S V Bhad, CP SNEA MH Circle and Com M S Adasul, CS SNEA MH Circle where GS SNEA assured for the retention of all out of Circle posted LDCE qualified SDEs of Yavatmal SSA at Yavatmal itself but not fulfilled the promise yet. He informed the house that his recent visit to Delhi got in vein due to negative approach of CHQ. Hence, added that such happenings at CHQ demoralize the common members and Circle leaders remain in no position to answer the members.

Com. S. P. Sonawane, CWC Member SNEA MH Circle at Pune, Com. V R Choudhary, Jt Secretary Pune SNEA MH Circle and Com B N Kore, Jt secretary South SNEA MH Circle, all TRIO leaders being the members from host branch were very busy in various arrangements and their respective committees and hence did not find time to express their view. No doubts, that this TRIO has done n number of things for strengthening of SNEA and have lot of to report to House, due to their engagements in Preparation of Circle Conference in capacity of Chairman of different Committees, house could not listen their valuable speeches.

Though the reports from all above COBs and CWC members took a time beyond 1800 hrs in the evening the patience of the audience in the hall was quiet appreciable as everybody in the hall was listening very actively and was participating the deliberations one after the other.

After the reports from various COBs and CWC members Com. S. V. Bhad, Circle President, called the names of various district secretaries one by one to present their reports and share their views on HR and development matters. Discussions on various brain storming issues took place. These DS reports were also continued on day 2 of Pune Circle Conference till the beginning of open session in which all DS have submitted their reports.

Copies of Reports submitted by District Secretaries <<<>>>


The report of Open Session on day-2, Report by Com. S.B. Bhosale CT SNEA MH Circle & Proceedings for Election of new Circle Office Bearers of SNEA MH Circle will follow in two phases.



29 JAN 16:  News on further proceedings of Circle Conference Pune will continue ...


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